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382 Oxfordbucks & Berks.

[May 1, Prisicl; vicar of Congresbury, in the nent medical, as well as other distinguished connty of Somerset; and one of his Ma- characters of his time. The latter part of jesty's chaplains and justices of the peace lis life was spent in retirement, but not in for the county of Gloucester. In him so mactivity. ciety lias lost a gencions and useful memBarthe church an able minister and the Married.] W. Jones, esq. of Stadhampcounty of Gloucester an uprighi and active ton, to Miss Jane Jordan, of Pembrokeniagistrate. As he lived inuch beloved, so siire. he died equally lamented by all who knew Mr. Francis Lambourn, to Miss Eliz.' him.-- 11 the Hotwells, 10, Daniel, eldest Palmer, both of Oxford. sin of the Rev. Daniel Lysons, rector of Mr. Jas. Batten, of Ewelme, to Miss Ana Rolaiton.-—95, Mrs. Page, in Doke-st. Jones, of Oxford. - Mis. Plartha Viartin, in Castic-st.--64, Dieu.] At Oxford, 32, Mr. Jas. East. Mrs. And Wood, of College Place.--Mrs. 80, Mrs. Frank.--Mr. Jas. Crozier.-SndNízry Adams, of 'Tracy Park.–88. Mrs. M. denly, Mir. Bliss, painter.----Mrs. Field; of Imer.---'irs. James, Castle Greenl.---At St. Peter-le Bailey. - Mrs. Winstanley, Chiton, W. G. Williams, esq. of Remp. wife of the Rev. Dr. W. principal of St. Stone.-35, Mr. W. Windsor, of the Horse Alba!’s Hall, deservedly lamented.–42, I'air. Ir. Jas. Curtis, of Temple-st. Mr. H. Deil.-Mrs. Rous, of Jericho dirs. Wliite, of Castie-st.-Wr. Watkins, House. Wine-st.-- A. M. Attwood, of Somer At Witney, 69, Mr. Thos. Taylor.-At sete.--12, Nr. Clia. Williams, in Portland Ascot, Mr. Thos. King.–At Standlake, How, inch lamented.--ilis. Done, in Drs. M. Nalder. --At Aston Rowant, 69, Kirg's...---- Miss Hiros, of bilder-st. -75, Mr. R. Rixon.---At Great Coxwell, Chas. Mis. Dires.--Nr. P. G. Lacy, locksmith. Little, who was killed by a gun bursting -- r. R. Gohil, of the house of Edwards under his arm.--At Roiherfield Grays, the ant Co.--üă, váss. Aun Relhy', of St. Phil. Rev. J. B. Moulding, B.D. late fellow and 11,78.-li. L. Bryan, of Clarence Place, tntor of Trinity College.--At Headington, priser.

355, Mrs. Harbor-4t Ensham, Mr. T. C. At Gloucester, Mrs. Helps.- 41, Mr. Artwood, solicitor. --- At Henley, Mrs. W. Rogers.-Nir. S. Hicks.--Mrs. Turner, Chipp, of Paradise Farm. wife of J. T. est. — D'Irs. Wilbraham, wise of the Rev. Dr. W.

Died.] Ai Abingilon, 31, Mrs. Burden.. fi Cleronlian, 74, Mr. Richard Leigh, - 55, Mr. T. King, of the corporation.-formerly of Atherstone-M". John Morris. 99, M. W. Petty.-15, Mr. John Guinle,

i wkesbury, 68, Mrs. Gammon.-- surgeon, much lamented. Mirs. Prek, vicepiy inmented tvirs. Spils. Mt Rearling, Mrs. LetchiTortlı.--The burg, vificil. S. !).

Rev. J. C'ope, the only son of Sir J. C.At leveot, 80, choror, ese-it 02, 1.lizabeth, wife of Jas. Mace Gigger, IringarStanley, Sam. Hebron, esc. 'S&. and daughter of the late Thos. Mallie, Hortulli, 10, niiss Mary Crestrice.--At M.D. Surgeon and Inspector General of his Tin lirs. Turner--t Nailsworth, majesty's forces in the West Indies.-45, Pr. lt, Bamfield, chutirer.--Atstrke W. Bligh Monrk, esq. late of Bath. Disop, Louis Fid-r, *39.; and a few At Buckingham, 88, Mirs. Mary Hinton. Wieks tier, lus site', Mrs. Lewis Fisher: -67, Mrs. A, Forster, wife of Adj. F. At Rotbury, Mrs. Whilard; and on the At Hedge Mill, near High Wycombe, 64.12 day, at Dursley, her sister, Mirs. Mrs. Spicer, daughter of the Rev. T. Gage: Blackwell.

At Maidenhead Bridge, 62, Lady Herne, At 'Tetbury, M:. Thompson, surgeon. wife of Sir W. H. 51, Mr. James Harris.--49, Mrs. Chamber At Burnham, Thomas Thornton, esq. Jina---Mrs. Newcomb«, of Bath.--11, 1r. author of a work, entitled, “The present V. Walii.

State of Turkey.” He had resided fourAt Clifton, Mrs. Diana Agar, aunt of teen years in the British factory at ConLords Clifden aud Morinanton.

stantinople, and about fifteen months at At Shinten Moyne, Mrs. Martin.- At Odesca, on the coast of the Black Sea. He Cirencester, 70, vis. Rr.berts.-At King- na'le several excursions to the provinces stanley, S1, Richard Clutterbuck, f59.-At of Asia Minor, and to the islands of the Upton, 78, Niis. Thenas.-- 41 Olland, Archipelago. He had particnlarly viewed Mrs. Ann Jones.--At Farfield, Mr. John the 'Troard with a critical eye; and he made Bennett.

some remarks on that subject, in one of the On Kingsdovn, 8.3, Samuel Barry, esq. periodical journals, which the most pro. M.D, formerly of Dowiy-square, Hrvells, food schvlar need not have blushed to at which place for many years he was in a own. Though he had been educated in superior line of practice as an apothecary, mercantile habits, his mind was of a higlier Ilis sterling inl. grity and great practical cast than those liabits are usually fonnd ta kuowiedge, promured fiim the affection as supply. He was fond of literary researcb; well as the confidence of all liis patients; and was not satisfied with a desultory of Hong whom were many of the most emi. superficial inquiry after truth. If he was


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ever led into error, it was never for want of resolving not to outlive the reverses of patient investigation. His “ Present State Bonaparie, put a period to his existence by of Turkey,” which is altogether the best cutting his throat ! book ever published upon that country, Died.) At Cambridge, the Rev. Humwil bear ample testimony to the extent of plrey Sumner, D.D. provost of Kingos. his knowledge. Most travellers take only college, and recor of Copdock, in The a cursory view of the countries which they county of Suffolk. He proceederi B.A. describe; and they usually substitute the 1767; M.4. 1770; and D.D. 1783. Dr.S. second-hand information, which they ac was elected provost in 1797, on the death quire by reading, for that which is the re of the Rev. Dr. Cooke, He served the sult of personal experience and actual ob office of vice-chancellor for the years 1793 servation. Bni Mr. Thornton liad resided and 1802. many years in Turkey, and liad studied the The Rev. W. Preston, of Emanuel and civil and religious institutions, the manner3

Great St. Andrew's.---61, Mr. W. Redhead. and customs of the people, with a very vi- -85, Mrs. H. Brookes, late of Safiron gilaut and philosophical eye. A few months

Waldon. before his death, Mr. Thornton had been Ai Roysten, Mr. Thomas Phillips, con.appointed consul to the Levant Company, mon brewer. Helaad been confined to his and was about to take his departure for þed for several weeks, in consequence of Alexandria, when a pulmonary complaint, living one of his loes broken by being ra which hadi for some time previously to his against by the Newcastle coach, and thrown decease assumed a menacing appearance, from his horze; it was found necessary to plunged him into an untimely grave. Whilst amputate the linıb, and lie vitimately lost at Constantinople, he had married the hus ble from the circumstance; leaving a danghter of a Greek merchant, who ac widow and a large family. compauied him to this country, and by

At Ciamlingay, 85, Nir. Henry Page.--whom he has left a numerous family.

At Witcham, Richard DI'Cormick, esq.

At Stilton, the Rev. J. 'Tavlerson. At the Northampton assizes, Richard Lock was indictet for steaiing a silver The Norfolk Agricultural Socirty litaly watch in the of E. Giedri, lield their annual genleial meeting at the of Middleton. The fact bez provel, and

Maid's lead in Norisich: present THOMAS the prisoner having been called upon for WM. COKE, esq. prosikat, Lori Hume, his defence, he address d the judge nearly &c. &c.-- silver cup of 101. raine wai as follows:-" It is usual for persoas placeri presented, boil president, to M:. Soatiin similar circumstances with myseli to en well, of wrham, for a crop of swedish deavour to extennate their ofiences; to that turnips, growiny at Lükenaan in 1812; I shall not presume. I have forfeited my and a similar cup was also vcted to the life, which has been a continuation of cap. president for a crop of Suolish turnips, tivity and misery. The only thing of shield growing at Hollan in 1813.--Willy two I have had any thought or consideration for pens of Shearlins wethers were shova, the last sis months has been deatii,

and sharese were of the Southdown brecha weary of life, and I hope for a heiter in The first prize of 7!. was a rarded to Mr. another world; and I request that your

Thomas Heath, of Burhaybull; and thi. lordsirip will pass sentence on me, and flat second prize of gl. to Yri J. Lurner, of it may be executed as speedily as possible." Maibarion. --- I've bulleeks were shewn; He was found guilty, ansi sentence of death Ule tivo ulivi gained the pheniums were having been passeci upon him, he exclaimed, Tiereford steers, and belonged to Mr. Tho" this is the happiest day I have seen for mas Ileath, of Buriidi-ir. Francis twenty years!"

Churchi, of Florion, sained the prerrian Married.] Mr. Cha. Longstaff, of Nor for the stal 00.--Two candidates sert cera thampton, to Miss Schofield.

tificates for keeping bees is 1813, and 4!15. Dicd.] At Northiannpries, Chas. Smithi, cach were veted them.---MIr. Paví, of Siars. esq. a respeciable magistrate, and treasurer ton, near Farlesto!, na le sole ori al of the Infirmary.

observations upon the wire-worm, whicla At Helmden, 41, the Rev. Jolm Browne, will be conmunicated to the public as soon rector of that place, and late Fellows C. as his experiments are completel. C. College, Otoru.--At Thornby Grove, Harried.] The Rev. George Stracey, of Mrs. Roberts. A i Bizneil, 81, Mr. Jolin Blackheath, to Miss S. A. Mapes, of RolCox, an opulent grazier.---Ať Banbury, lesley-Hall. 100, Mis. Butcher.

R. Money, esq. of Downliam, to Miss E. CAMBRIDGE AND HUNTS.

Cubits, of Norwich. Many divisions of French prisoners, on Stephen Bately, esq. of Tunstall, to Miss hoistmg the white cockade, have been Harriet Crow. marched from Norman Cross barracks, Dud.] At Norwich, 78, Wirs. Mary and will be immerliately liberated.-A Beever, wife of Dr. Beevor, sincerely láFrench gencrai cticer, at these barracks, muted.26, Miss Emily Smith, of $t.

3D 2 Stephen's.

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[May 1, Stephen's.-99, Mrs.Bl gg, of St.Clements. thority this cruel traffic. He was a zealous --43, Mr. Tho. Tilyard, of St. Swithin's. supporter of the established church, but yet Miss A. Davy, of St. Giles's. -62, Mr. W. a genuine friend to toleration. He amused Goning, of St. Peter's.-81, the Rev. Tho. himself occasionally in the latter part of his Paul, tifty years rector of Banningliam, &c. life by composing in Latin poetry, in which -Mr. N. Stewardson.-Mrs. Foster, of St. lie displayed great taste as well as classical Stepheni's.

accuracy. He was lively in his conversaAt Yarmonti, 36, Ir. T. Youngman. tion, which he rendered yet more agree86, Mr. H. Akridge--56, Mrs. Carter.- able by the facility he had of introducing 6), Mrs. Stamar:l.

apt quotations from those anthors of emiAt Lynn, Wis. Nlarshall, wife of Dr. J. neice, both ancient and modern, which he Narhail.-03, Mr. Edward Pait.

had read. He was of a calm, yet cheerful At liimoneilmini, Mr. Parsons, surgeon. spirit; his heart overílowed with benignity;

At Mattishall, 76, Mrs. Porter. - It and he possessed an uncommon softness and Durch Apton, 63, Tiomas Cooke, (sq.-- suavity of manners. He was the model of At New Buckenham, Mrs. Kaynes.--At a man, a gentleman, and a Christian. Swanton Morley, 89, 7rs. Sus, Browne.- At Yarmoutli, Mr. Wm. Alexander, upAt West Lyon, 75, Mr. Crampton.-At wards of fifty years resident in Woodbridge, Testerton-house, 19, Mr. P. M. Case.-At but during tlie last five at the former place. Dersingham, Mr. John Sturley.--At Mor He had entered on the 82nd year of a life ton-ball, 88, Mrs. Le Grys:--At Sutton, 19, marked by strict integrity, unaffected piety, Mr. Tho. Bush. ---At Swansizton, 16, Iliss and a spirit of pure benevolence. Ann Howleti.--At Cawston, Mr. T. Hold venerable man of great moral worth lately rich.—At Kenninghall, 50, Mr. John Steel. deceased, it may also be truly said, "his ---Åt Wells, 31, Mr. Roht. Haycock.-åt life was innocence; lis end was peace." Attleborough, Mrs. Kiddie.-át Drouke, 49, Mr. S. Neeche.

Married.] The Rev. C. Tower, of Brent

wood, to Miss F. Hibbert, daughter of Married.] At Beccles, J. Hancock, esq. Geo. H. esq. of Clapham Commun. to Miss Cartwright.

At Bocking, W. Rayner, jun. esq. of Major Benjafield, 67th, to Miss Hill, of Stradleshall-place, to Miss Frances English, Tarrant Abbey, Dorset.

At Burnham, Mr. J. Durrant, to Miss Died.] At Bury, 18, Jolin Woodward, Hews. esq. while on his return from Bath.-- Mrs. N. Garland, esq. of Michaelstown Hall, Betts.-40, Mrs. Woodgate.--56, Mrs. to Miss Anna Cope, of Drumilly. Pizey, deservedly regretter.

At the Quakers' Meeting, at Kelvedon, At Woodbridge, Mr. W. Ninter, broker. E. Gripper, of Layer Breton Hall, to Mary

At Beccles, 29, MIT. M. Sheeve.-31, Mr. Colehy, of Kelvedon. F. Shreeve.

At Colne Engayne, the Rev. J. R. RelAt Ipswich, 78, Ir. Geo. Kerridge.- ton, of Queen's College, Oxford, to Sophia, Mr. J. F. Brady, auctioneer.-40, dir. R. youngest daughter of the Rev. J. Boyer, Fulcher, a respectable timber-merchant. rector of Colne Engayne aforesaid.

At Buxhall, 81, virs. Fulleri-At Lin Dicii.] At Chelmsford, 23, Miss Hannah stead Magna, 84, Mr. R. Girling.–At Ma. Meggy, second daughter of Mr. M. bookningtree, 68, Mr. W. Leeci.--At Earl seller. Soham-lodge, 77, Mrs. Carpenter.-At At Mapleslead-hall, 17, Sampson, seventh Bromeswell, 43, Mr S. Barthrop.-- At son of Jolm Sewell, esq.--At Great Par. Little Barton, Mrs. Whistler. - At Meten, don, 24, Miss Jane Mary Johnson.-At 64, Mrs. Collins.-- \t Needham-market, Great Coggeshall, J. Thompson, esq.-At 57, Jo! Hines, exq.-ii Ilalesworth, 65, Enviels, Little Laver, Mr. S. Perry.-At Mrs. Baxter.---At Gro:01, 68, Nirs. Ediz. Rochford, ihe Rev. J. Wise.--At Somerly strutt.-At Birmingham, 63, Mrs. N. Hall, 78, Mr. W. Coote.-At Ashdon, Mr. artin.--.t Norton, 38, Nárs. Bethel.-- J. Fiost. At Whepsteati, surienly, 118, R. Clarke. At Euston, 37, Mr. T. Potsford.

A gentleman, says the Kentish Chronicle, [Sir Wm. Doiben, whose death we an has just returned from an excursion to nounced in our last, was educated at West- Calais, who states, that all kinds of prominster-school. He went from thence to visions are plentiful and cheap there. The Christ-church, Oxford, where he continuerl best beef and mutton is sold at 5d. per Ib. his studies with the reputation ot' an clegant bread 14... per lb.; and poultry and eggs and sound scholar. It tell to his lot after- in superabundance. wards to represent the university, of which The artificers of the several dock-yards he had been thus a member, in Parliament, are not to be suddenly reduced in the where lie sat between forty and fifty years. event of peace. The Board of Revision On the first agitation of the great question have ordered that the dock-yards shall of the abolition of the slave trade, le came reduce themselves. This will prevent disforward, with Mr. Wilberforce and others, gust, and the enigration of valuable work. and was the first to bridle by legislative au It is expected that the diminution





of 21.


of numbers bý deaths, superannuation, Nance.--At Provender, Mrs.A.C. Knatch: discharges for idleness, bad behaviour, &c. bull, the lamented wife of E. K. esq.--will soon bring the yards to the peace Lieut. Geo. Best, of Chilston Park.-At establishment.

Acol, Miss Sarah Siduers.-At Sevenoaks, There is now in the possession of Mr. 83, Mrs. Nash.---At Birchington, 25, Mr. Kingsland, of Smeeth, an ewe which has James Neame. At Leigh, 79, Mrs. regularly yeaned three lambs for seven Fai rant.--At Breadhurst, 80, Mr. John successive years, and hrought up 19 out Roxe; and it Newington, 84, Mr. Stephen

Rose.-At Willsborongh, Si, Mr. John Married.] Mr. Charles Rootes, of Elham, Fowler. son of the late Mr. C. R, surgeon, to Miss Rose, of Acrise.

Died.] At Chichester, Mr. Smith.-Mr. At Dover, Lient. Prior, 551, to Miss Edmund Pasco.-T. Valentine, esq. forAlice Molland.

merly storekeeper of 11. M. victualling At Margate, John Chas. Carter, es. department, Portsmouth. R.N. to miss Laura Clapman.

At Westdean, 34, Nir. Charles Cohden. H. Russell, esq. of Maidstone, to Mrs. At Battle, 82, Mr. M. Bishop, a respecSnoad, of Brookland.

table attorney.-J. H. Sampson, esq. Died.] At Canterbury, 42, Mrs. Ann At Brighton, Mrs. Lukin, relict of the Clark.-MIr. Geo. Prince. -52, Mr. Banks, late Dea: of Wells. of Key-street.---68, Mr. J. Wood.

HAMPSHIRE. At Margale, Mrs. Staner.--In Union An institution has been formed at PortCrescent, 71, much and wiversaily la sea on Dr. Bzil's plan, for the education of mented, Sir Horatio Mann, bart. some

150 giris. years since, and during five successive par to intimations, says the Hampshire Tliaments, representative for the town and legraph, liave been given which indicate the pori of Sandwich : the memory of whom speedy return of the French prisoners home; will ever be held dear by the inhabitants vet such an expectation has led crowds of Margate, as having long been one of its of persons to the prisons, to purchase their best friends and promoters.

ingenious manntactures ; and the FrenchIn Wincheap, near Canterbury, 64, Nira, men have noi failed to take advantage of Sarah Highmore. She was the second the improved state of their markets.unmarried daughter of Dr. Anthony au About 1100 Italians, Sardinians, and GiAnne Maria Highmore, of the same place. noese, have been taken from among the Her mind was riclily endowed with liberal prisoners of war at this depôt, who are in and religions knowledge. She bequcallied be sent by the first conveyance to their a legacy of twenty ynineas to the lying-in OW! countries. charity established in Canterbury.

Marrie..] Hanway Bigge, esq. of Burton, At West Malling, Sarah, the wife of the to Charlotte, youngest danghter of the laté Rev. Richard Husband, aye:1 83; and also, Rev. James scott, rector of St. Lawrence, the said Rev. Richard Hashand, vicar of Southampton. West Malling, and rector of Stouting, in Died.] At Portsmonth, much esteemed, his 79ih year.

Mrs. Viljams, mother of Lient.-C:). Rich. At Chatham, suddeniy, Mrs. E. Rean- W. ülld of Major W. of the Royal Marine mont.Mrs. Knolt.

Major Bamford, Corps.467, Mrs. Griffin, of Portsea.-M. R.M.--Mr. Claff.

Gray, iimber masiei's assistant at this dockAt Teuterden, 71, Mr. J. Vood.-M:s. yarı. - Yliss Lee, daughter of Captain L. Siedman.--Mrs. Milstearl.--23, Mr. K. A Newport, in the Isle of Wight, Mrs. Elphick.---23, Mr. W. Blackmore, much Fullanar, ielict of the late Jolm Fullagai, lamented.--85, Mr. John Martin.

esų. of Fligham Hill, and of Hackney. At Ramsgate, 60, the lion. Mrs. Fernor, 1. Norili-sireet, Gosport, 109, Jolin daughter of Lady Coniughan).-- Irs. M. Jonings. He was entered as a boatswani's Minter.

boy in the last year of Queen Anne, and Ai Folkestone, 10, Miss R. Culen.- curtinted in the service till he was super78, Mrs. Mary Milton.

annuated in 1799. He married at the age At Gravesend, Mrs. Marriott.--61, Mr. of 58, and his wife is still living. Joha Gillet.

At Nottlestone, L-le of Wight, at an At Rochester, Vr, Jolin Chaplin. advanced age, the Rev. Henry Oglander,

At Faversham, 7?, Mr. S. Minier, gun brother to the late, and uncle to the prener of Gibraltar during its famous sige. sent Sir Wm. Oylander, bart. He was

At Dover, Mrs. Paite.--Mr. Knatchbull, rertor of S1. lleler's, in the Isle of Wiglit, :-46, Mrs. Hatherden.

an ? Fellow of Winchester College. At Lydd, 35, Mr. R. Maynard.

At Windliester, the Rev. N. Nortlı, At Maidstone, 31, Mrs. S. Culeman, of vicar of Lisbrooke, in the coruty of Ruts Chart-place.-86, Robi. Kingsmill, gent. land, of Great Glen, in Leicestershire, and

At Lenham, 75, Mr. W. Wilkins; Mr. of Aswarby, ia Lincolnshire.- MIss Maria J. Harding --At Brompton, 88, Nr. R. Barlow, youngest danghter of the late Stephens. - At Ashford, the Rev. W. Gen. B.- lle Soke, Nico Painier, wité




386 TVilts-Somerset-Dorseta Devon--- Cornwall. [May 1, of Mr. P. maitster; and a few days after, At the Bell Inn, Gloucester, suddenly, Mr. Painter.—Drs. Jonville, late of the Robt. Payne, eso. of Glastonhary. At Sun Inn.-Mrs. Mooriy, wife of Mr. M. Castle Cary, Mr. Edw. Ross, and, 38, Mr. brewer.-Mr. J. Cante, former:y sheriff's Jas. Turner.--4t Buckshaw House, 38, officer in this city-Drs. Havistuck, wife of Min. D'fhent --At Bathrwick Poorsir. B. of Upper Brookastrect.

house, 110), Brs. Mury Lumý.-At ilminAt Southampton, Colore Baretti, of ster, 77, the Rev.C. Giffarel, nearly 50 years Mount Pleasant.

the independant vini-ter ar 'Chaid. At At Hiill, Bliss Daniels, sister to the late Marshtield, 8., Nir. Robt. Cox.--At WinMir. D.-70, Nir. Julm Eccoil, larrier. borne, Mrs. Dean.

Al Farehari, till of years and good Al Famion, 45, Mr. Geo. Chaffey. works, Burs. Bargus, relict of R. B. esq. Ai Bridgwater, wiss Amerson, of Henmany years ail upright biagistruite-it lat!c. Midhuvioit-place, Drostord, Eri, P. Par Miss A. 1. Atwoorl, nf Milverton.-At tot, es4}. Imany years au aciive magistrate. Yeovil, i?, Mr. Thos. Hurper. di Wachiran, Aliss Mary Ann More. -At Hayling Island, jir. George Royals, The strong easierly wind of late has salt proprietor. --At Bishop's l'altliam, cleared all the western ports of the nameMrs. Walters.--00, Mr. Jolin Candy, vt rous outwardl-bernd. Fishermen repost Alington.---At Milford, Mis, Dodd, nite having not scen, during many years, such a Of W. D). est.- The 1101. Mis. Payne, body wif shipping, of all descriptions, bound wife of J. Droxford.

to most parts of the world, pass down the WILTSHIRE.

channel. Married.] Henry Charles Daubeny, esq. arrix!.] Nr. W. Lushi, of Horsington, son of Archdeacon I). to diary Chauman, to liss Hooper, of Blandford. oldest daughter of Thomas Mannes, esq. or Did.] si Stohe Bishop, Mrs. L. Fisher. Godalmus

-At Syiling, virs. Devenish.--At MontaAi Cloppenham, Mr. P. Eilwards, to cute, , Biss Kees.--At Highan, 87, Irs, hiss Caroime Singer,

A. Windsor; and, 90, Mrs. R. Hill.
Mr. Jebu Dark, of Melk ham, to Miss
Naiv Winkworth, of Wartch.

Altric.] Capt. Jas. Bevem, R.N. to Miss
Dide} At Salisbury, Mirs. Slaton, wite Serrante, of Bainstaple.
Of dit. Il. 1.-Jabe, second daughter of Mr. l'm. Butcher, to Miss Fry, both of
slie Rev. Dr. Price, canon of the cathedral. Parustaple.

Eurzaletli, zdow of the Rev. Henry Lieut. G. S. Richards, R. N. to Miss Ilawes, reel of Little Langford and Emma Harvey, of Torpoint. Diiteridge, and youngest daughter of ihre Nii. Tucker, of Plymouth D. Y. to Miss late Rev. luchart Barry, "C'lor of Uprton Gese. Seudamore-Alr, Theuns Bailey, il respec. Nr. Wm. Colson, of Exeter, to Miss table farnier, of North Tidmore.-bir. Hoplins. John Waters, ui mesirmy.

Mr. Tho. Lavors, of Kingsbridge, to Miss At Brokenbrott, James Bartlett, aged Vincent.

; and in iwo dla 's afier, his wife Mary, 'The Rev. S. H. Peppin, to Miss Langacti89. They had been married 55 years, don, of i;ampton. and were buried together.

The Rev. Hugh Bent, to Miss Lane, of At Christian Malior, 66, Mr. John Sandford, Daria.-At Bradford, Miss Mary Nicholls. Did.] At Exeter, suddenly, Mr. Ri: --îl Trowivridge, Henry Bythesca, esq. chard Edwards.--Major Gen. -Burn, E. I. Much regiet!vd.

Comp. service.--21, Mr. John Force.

Mrs. Woo: man.--In London, C. Fanshawe, Dlarried.] A1 Bath, Capt. Alex. Skene, esą. Recorder'.--76, Mr. J. S. Taylor.-47, R. N. tu lliss C. Fordyce.

Capt. Temple Hardy, R.N.son of Sir C. H. At Bathi, Hampton «itzgerald), esq. to Mrs. Elliott, widow of $11. E. Lady Charlotte Rawilon, sister to the pre At Blackford, Mrs. Chapinan.--At Hcasent Governor General of India.--Lieut.. vitree, Miss Adams.-At Cullampton, 60, Gen. F. Grose, colonel of the 102d, to lirs. Robt. Baker, esq.--19, Mr. J. Owen.-27, Paterson.

Mr. R. B. Max.--At Alphington, 22, Niss Jobin Sanders, esq. of Knutsfund, to Miss Pering.-- it Colyton, Nr. W. Rettoricky Densham, of Uptou Pyne.

an ingenions meclianic.-t loodbine CotDied.] At Bath, Mrs. Mary Plunket, of tige, licar Honiton, Adim. Sir Tho, Graves, the Circus.---24, 1r. Jos, Callaway.--La'iy K.P.--At Exmonth, Geo. Cullum, esq. of Wilson, wife of Sir A. W.--49; the Marquis Hounslow.--t Sidmouth, Miss Bucknall, de Soinmery,--Jolm Stone, 'Sq of Ken danglier of the late T. D. B. esq. M. Psington Place.-Paul Amsiek, esq. master At Tiverton, 69, Mr. J. Owen.At Bideof the ceremonies at Tunbridge Wells, of fore!, Jolm Mill, esq. from an accident which place lie lately publisieil a instory, while shooting. and a very anıiable and intelligent mallos 98, Mrs. S. Nors, late of Brushford. Jacob Francis, of Banlam, near Laun




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