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No. 251.]

FEBRUARY 1, 1814.

[1 of Vol. 37.

As long as those who write are ambitious of making Conyerts, and of giving their Opinions a Maximum of

Lofluence and Celebrity, the most extensively circulated Miscellany will repay with the greatest Ettect the

Curiosity of those who read, whether it be for Amusement or for Instruction. - JOHNSON Sir Joshua Reynolds, on being questioned in regard to the cause of the inferiority of counterfeits and imitators,

answered, that their being copyists was of itself a proof of the inferiority of their powers, and that while they continued to be 90, it was impossible for them to attain superiority. "It was like a man's resolving, to go behind another, ang whilst that resolution lasted, it would be impossible he should ever be on a par with him."NORTHCOTE,


of inan,

For the Monthly Magazine.

tify the public. The object speaks for

itself so emphatically and perspicuously, DESCRIPTION of the STRUCTURES for that we presume we need add no persua.

PUBLIC OBJECTS, now BUILDING, or sion to stimulate those to whom this invi. RECENTLY FINISHED, in the METRO

tation is given, to perform a duty which

they will perhaps feel to be obligatory on T merits notice among the Phenomena them, not less as Britons, than from sen

of these times, that during a long, tiinents of local attachment, blpody, and expensive contest, the inter

THE THREE NEW BRIDGES. nal improvements of Great Britain have not apparently been interrupted; and that from 1000 till 1750, when Westminster

London bridge remained the only one renown in the atchievements of war, and

bridge was finished, and, iu ten years, that glory in the arts usually appertaining to

of Blackfriars was called for and under. peace, have in an equal degree charac

taken. In consequence of these improve ierised this empire, during the last twenty

ed communications, the marshes of Lam. years.

beth and St. George's Fields have been Anxious to gratify the just pride of our

covered with houses within the memory country, and to exhibit its Trophies on

and this suburb now merits from subjects which create no suffering and admit of no equivocation, we have deter. its size and population, to have its anmined to dis ay, in this Magazine, the the more appropriate one of Souti

cient name of South-work, changed into several magnificent public buildings in

LONDON. progress, or recently finished, within the

The vast increase of this division of metropolis. In perforning this pleasing duty, we shall, without doubt, excite much the metropolis, and its capabilities of surprise in foreigners who were unaware

further enlargement, have recently led of the energy of our national character,

to the projection of other bridges; and and much proper exultation in British the inducements which lead to the forma. patriots, who will see in these great sanction of an Act of Parliament, have

tion of joint-stock companies, under the works the germ of many others, and the

occasioned no less than three new pledge of their country's continued prose bridges to be projected within these perity. We have, therefore, in this number

seven years. In justification, it is stated, drawn a rich harvest of interesting novel.

as the result of observation, that there ties, from the recent undertakings in pass, every day, over each bridge, as London only; but it should be understood

BLACKFRIARS' LONDON that the country at large keeps pace with

BRIDGE, BRIDGE. the metropolis, and that, in new bridges, Foot Passengers

61,069 89,6410 churches, hospitals, courts of justice, im Waggons...


769 proved prisons, exchanges, public works, Carts and Drays.. 1,502 2,944 manufactories, and mansions of nobility, Coaches.


1,-40 several hundred recent erections, hitherto Gigs & taxed Carts 50

485 undepicted, will in like manner claim our Horses

822 early publication. We therefore invite Which traffic, at a moderate rate of the attention of architects, artists, pro- toll, would yield respectively per annum, prietors, and committees, tó our design; 107,6471, and 265,551l, a fair proporand earnestly request them to assist us in tion of which will, it is alledged, pay paying this tribute to the genius, industry, ample interest to the adventurers in these public spirit, and glory of the country, and new concerns; and it is calculated that to transmit to us sketches of their new that which is nearest to London bridge erections and improvements, with such will be likely to pay in a higher propose brief descriptions as niay inform and gra- tion than others more distant. MONTELY MAD. No. 251,



under ;


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