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lect seven Justices of the Peace to be Com when they unanimously made choice of the
missioners along with others mentioned in Right Hon. James Stirling, Lord Provost,
the act, for building and maintaining a to be their preses, and John Gray, Esq. one
Bridewell and House of Correction for the of the principal City Clerks, to be their
City and County of Edinburgh, and for ex Clerk.
ecuting such of the powers as are entrusted The Meeting, afterwards, upon the mo-
to, or directed to be executed by them, when tion of the Lord Advocate, adjourned to the
the following Gentlemen were chofen : Council Chamber, where they made choice
Andrew Wauchope of Niddry, Efq;

of the following Committee to manage the John Wauchope of Edmonton, Efq;

business till the firs Monday of July next, Mr Baron Cockburn,

viz. James Rocheid of Inverleith, Efq;

The Lord Provost, James Clerk of Bonnington. Efq;

David Milne, Efq. Firft Bailie, Captain James Durham,

Donald Smith, Esq. Dean of Guild, Robert Trotter of Bush, Esq;

Mr Alexander Reid, Convener,

Mr Baron Cockburn, These Commissioners, agreeable to the ac

James Rocheid of Inverleith, Esq: of Parliament, are to continue in office till

Mr Sheriff Pringle. the Michaelmas meeting of Freeholders 1792, when a new election is to take place, and those then chosen continue for two years. the ensuing Autumn Circuits :

The following are the appointments for New elections are appointed to be made at the Michaelmas meeting at the end of eve North-LORD JUSTICE Clerk and LORD ry second year; but, at every such election,

HENDERLAND, not more than five of the Commissioners of

Perth, Wednesday, 9th Sept. the former are to be re-elected; and, in case

Inverness, Wednesday, 14th Sept. of the death or refignation of any one or Aberdeen, Wednesday, 21st Sept. more of the Commissioners, the Freeholders are authorised to meet, and fupply such South Lords Eskgrove and SWINTON. vacancy or vacancies.

Ayr, Friday, 9th Sept.
The Commissioners named in the act are : Dumfries, Thursday, 15th Sept.
The Lord Provost of the City of Edin Jedburgh, Wednesday, 211 Sept.

The Members in Parliament for the City Wes-Lords Hailes and StoneFiELD.
and County of Edinburgh,

Stirling, Saturday,

Ioth Sept. The four Bailies of Edinburgh,

laveraray, Thursday,

Isth Sept. The Dean of Guild of Edinburgh,

Glasgow, Tuesday, The Convener of the Trades of Edin. burgh,


HIGHLANI 'The Admiral of Leith,

Edinburgh, July 8. The Baron Bailie of Canongate,

A General Meeting of this Society, agreeThe Baron Bailie of Portsburgh,

able to their charter, was held here, when, The first resident Bailie of Leith,

after a ballot, as required by the laws of the The first resident Bailie of Canongate, The Sheriff depute of the County of E- Society, before proceeding to other business,

the following new Members were dulyelectdinburgh; and,

ed, and admitted, viz. The Sheriff-fubstitute of the County of

Most Hon. the Marquis of Huntly, Edinburgh, all for the time being.

The Rt. Hon. Earl of Hopetoun, The Commissioners, thus appointed and

Sir John Belsches of Fettercairn, Bart. elected, any nine or more of whom are de

Hector Macneil, Esq. of Ugadale, clared to be a quorum, are appointed to meet Allan Cameron, Erg. of Erracht. annually in the Parliament House, upon the

John Græme, Efq. Clerk to the Signet, first Monday of July, to elect a Preses, who

Colin Lauder, Esq. Surgeon in F.dinburgh, is to have his own, as well as a cairing or Lauchlin Mactavish, Esq. of Dunardry, decisive vote, in case of an equality ; and

Neil Macgibbon, Esq. Stroneskan. thereafter they are authorised to elect fix of their number as a Committee to continue

And on motion, for one year, which Committee is to have Sir Thomas Blacket, was unanimously. the same powers as are vested in the whole elected an Honorary Member. Commissioners, provided that two of the fix The proceedings of the Committee of are Juftices appointed Commiflioners by the Managers and Directors since last General Freeholders of the county of Edinburgh.

Meeting were taken under confideration of This day, July 4, at one o'clock, a meet the Meeting, and in general approved of : ing of the Commissioners accordingly took and some particularly fo for their unreservplace, in terms of the Ad of Parliament, ed attention to the objects recommended by


20th Sept.

the Society, as contained in the advertise- o'clock, which Mr Cully's clipper performments made by the Directors, offering Pre- ed, and was much praised. The wool of miums for the introduction of Manufac- the various breeds was exhibited, with latures, improving the breed of Black Cattle, bels denoting the kind and peculiarities of for encouraging proprietors to establish and its texture. During the Theep-fhearing, a build Inland Towns and Villages in the band of music attended and played a great Highlands of Scotland, and to the Authors variety of favoutite Scots airs adapted to of Essays of Merit and useful Communica- the occasion. tions on the subject of the Fisheries, and o The ladies were in general dressed in ther articles connected with the plan of this white muslin, with flowers aod various coinstitution, and also for promoting of Agri- loured ribbons, and each boje a shepherdess culture, and for improvements in the mode crock decorated with taste and fancy. The of manufacturing and making Kelp. day being favourable, the appearance on

The Meeting also approved of the Re- the green, of so much beauty and elegance, port of the Committee of Directors as to afforded a spectacle at once pleasing and enthe purchase which they have made of a terraining: and here none was more distinHall on the South Bridge for their meetings, guished than the venerable patriotic Coun10 which they have been encouraged by the rofs Dowager of Dundonald, whose hat was exertions of the Directors in carrying for- decorated with a bandeau of wool from her ward the plan of this institution, and there own flock, and dyed by herself, of various by promoting the prosperity of the Society. beautiful vivid colours, which had a fine

It gave much satisfaction also, to learn by effect. Several of the gentlemen were pre. a letter from Mr Nicholson younger of sented by her ladyship with cockades, and Lochend, to Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster, other ornaments of this material. 'The one of the Vice Presidents, that the premi- gentlemen were dressed variously, as taste ums for the production of fine-wool'd Shet- and fancy suggested. Some of them appearland tups, at the exhibition to be sooni held ed in cloth made from their own flocks, there, have excited a spirit of exertion and with crooks on their buttons, &c. and some emulation among all ranks ; so that the in- of the ladies in gowns of their own spintention of this Society, by their offer of pre- ning: miums for improving the fleece in these Å little after four o'clock, the company idlands, so remarkable for fine wool, will, it left the garden, and sat down to an elegant is hoped, have the desired effect, and tend entertaingient in a large room adjoining to greatly to the public benefit, as well as to the inn. The first toast, given by Sir John the private advantage of that part of the Sinclair, who was in the chair, was, " the country.

Royal Shepherd of Great Britain, and suc

cess to his Hock." A signal was then madę SHEEP-SHEARING FESTIFAL.

to the Hind frigate, which lay at anchor at

a little distance, and a round of twenty-one Friday, July 1.

guns was fired in honour of so popular a This festival was held at Newhall's inn toast. A number of other loyal and patrionear the Queensferry. About 30 ladies and tic toasts were afterwards giver, and the 70 gentlemen of rank were present, who amor patriæ appeared to glow so much in were received, as they arrived, by Sir John every breast, that no assemblage could have Sinclair, the Chairman of the Society for exhibited more harmony and happiness than the improvement of British wool. The com- appeared on this occasion. After tea and pany began to assemble abont one o'clock, coffee, the ball was opened by the Countess and were conduced to a grass plot in a gar of Hopetoun and Sir John Sinclair, and conden belonging to Mr Dundas öf Dudding, tinued till near twelve, when the company stor., adjoining to the inn. in the centre separated, highly pleased with the day's enof the green a pole was erected, with cross tertainment. Their country is much in. branches, on which were suspended speci- debted to the Noblemen and Gentlemen for mens of various kinds of wool, and in par promoting fo very important objects; and ticular, some dressed skins of the Shetland in this instance of the festival they have breed of sheep, with the wool adhering, pleasantly united the dulce cum utili. which were greatly admired. Latin in It is impofsible to give the namesof all the fcriptions appeared on a tablet fixed at the respectable and distinguished characterswho top of the pole, applicable to the occasion were present on the occasion ; but we may of the meeting. There were theep of vario mention a few, viz. the Marquis of Hunt, ous breeds and countries collected in the ly, the Earts of Morton and Buclian, the garden, and on the neighbouring banks Dowager Countess of Dundonald, the Earl viz. Spanish, English, Scots, and Shetland : and Countess of Hopetoun, 1.ady Hopes, and to add to this group, Mr Dundas of Lord and Lady Elibank, Lord Macdonald, Dunda fent there some sheep from Abys; and the Hon. Mr Macdonald; the Hon. finia. The sheep-fhearing began about two Captain and Mrs Cochran, Mr Heron, and



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Lady Elizabeth Heron ; Hon, Lieut. Mur Meff. Robert Young, ray, the Lord Chief Baron, his Lady and

# Charles Kerr, family; the Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Sir

# John Robertson. Thomas Blacket and family ; Sir Gilbert

# George Sinclair, Elliot, Sir John Inglis and family; Sir Mi

# J. Learmouth, jun, chael Malcolm, Sir John Henderson, Sir

İThomas Gladstones, James and Lady Foulis; Sir William Ram

# George Brown, say, Sir John and Lady Sinclair ; Lady

#Robert Anderson.
Clerk, Mark Pringle, Esq; M. P. Mr and Those marked thus $ are newly elected,
Mrs Belsches; Capt. and Mrs Mackay ; the others continued.
Mr Ramsay of Barnton; Mr Askew of
Pallinsburn, &c. Sir Thos Blacket, Mr

Askew, &c. came from England to attend
this pleafing festival, which we are happy July 18. The City of Edinburgh's Plate of

L. 50 was won by Mr Spence's to find is to be celebrated annually hereafter.

bay mare Gipsey--An excellent CHAMBER OF COMMERCE,

19. His Majesty's Purse of One Hun.

dred Guineas was gained by Mr July 11. This day came on the election

Paird of Newlyth's b.filly Louisa. of Chairman, Directors, and Office Bearers

-This race afforded excellent of the Chamber of Commerce here for the

sport. ensuing year, when the following gentle 20. The Noblemen and Gentlemen's were unanimously chosen :

Subfcription Purse of Fifty.Cuineas William Ramsay, Esq. of Barnton, Chair

won by Mr Fowler's grey horse

Neil M‘Vicar, Efq. Senior Deputy Chair 21. The Hunter's Purfe of Fifty Gui-

neas won by Sir Archibald Hope's * Robert Allan, Esq. Junior Deputy Chair

bay horse Arniston.

A Sweep takes of Twenty-five George Kinnear, Treasurer,

Guineas won by Mr Hamilton of William Creech, Secretary.

Wishaw's Star.

- A. Hack Race won by Mr DrysAUDITORS OF ACCOUNTS

dale's grey mare. Meil. Andrew Bonar,

22. The Noblemen and Gentlemen's
John Hay,

Subscription Purse of Fifty Guineas
William Simpson,

won by the Duke of Hamilton's
James Rennie,

bay colt Spanker.
David Ramsay.

The Lady's Subscription Purse of
Robert Walker, Chaplain.

Fifty Guineas won by Mr Fowler's

Robert Cameron, Clerk.

23. The Vintners and Innkeepers

Subscription Purse of Fifty Guineas
Mesf. George Hay,

won by Mr Baird's horse Rattler,
Thomas Williamson,
John Sligo,

Glasgow, July 22.
James Dickson,

Tuesday last, between two and three
Charles Robertson,

o'clock afternoon, we had a heavy rain,
Join Hutton, Leith,

which lasted about fifteen minutes, and inThomas Elder,

undated many parts of the city to such a deSir John Henderson,

gree, that for some tinie there was no para George Leslie,

sing along the pavement.

Soon after the
William Creech,

rain, the expanie became amazingly clear,
John Hutton, Edinburgh, and the sun shone uncommonly bright, at-
William Sibbald,

tended with great heat. About that time Archibald Geddes,

an appearance was seen in the heavens, reJames Morrison, jun.

sembling a serpent, flying in the direction of J. Stirling, Lord. Provost, from west to east. The horizon being pero William Caddel,

fectly clear in that direction, it was visible Alexander Somervaill,

for some minutes, and then seemed to part James Donaldson,

in a great many pieces. Before its separaJohn Scougal,

tion, it was to appearance at least two hunJohn Horner,

dred yards long, and its motion resembled Francis Sharp,

that of a ship's pendant displayed at the mast David Steuart,

head in a gale of wind.


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and who uniformly assured him, that, at an

average, the causes there tried cost 301. to

the plaintiff, and 201. to the defendant, in-
The Court of Session, some time ago, set- cluding the expence of the ordinary prelimi-
tled the costs given against the defenders in nary steps in Westminster Hall.
the process of reduction of the election of

His Lordhip concluded with observing,
Magistrates of Lochmaben, at Michaelmas that if the Scots Judges were ten times
1790. The account came to about 4001. longer lived than the English Judges, and
Sterling, but was restricted to 300l.

Scots litigants ten times richer than litigants
Upon this occasion Lord Swinton lamenta in England, there might be some reason for
ed the form of our proceedings in taking so much waste of time and money here; but
evidence in writing upon commission in

as it was well known such was not the case, cases of this kind, both in regard of the it was matter worthy consideration to proheavy expence which it drew upon the vide fome remedy for so clamant an evil. parties, and in regard to the loss of time N. B. Upon these remarks made by the which it occafioned to them and others con- learned Jurige, comparing the cost of the law cerned.

in Scotland with those in England, we have He observed, that in this case the printed to obferve, that from an authentic account proof, consisting of the deposition of no few

we had of the Allizes above alluded to, there
er than seventy-eight witnesses, filled about were lixty causes tried in one week by Mr
two hundred quarto pages of print, altho' Juñice Culler, including the taking of the
all that was material to the issue of the proof in all of them, which, at sol. each,
caufe might have been confined to the evidence would amount to 3000l, made by the law in
of eight or nine witnesses, and comprised in the fourth part of the time spent judicially
less than twenty pages: That these witness upon the Lochmaben cause. From whence
ses were brought all the way from Lochma we draw this conclusion, that the practi-
ben and neighbourhood (about fixty miles) tioners of the law would be no lofers by
to Edinburgh to be examined ; and it ap-

shortening the time, and letlening the ex-
peared from the account produced, that the peace spent in law proceedings.
taking the proof had lasted a whole month,
though taken before the Sheriff, a gentie-

Edinburgh, July 19.
man of unquestionable ability : That it had The Annual Competition for Prizes given
taken three days in hearing in the Court of by the Highland Society of London, to the
Seiion, besides the time spent by the Judges three best performers on the bagpipe, was
in reading the papers at home; and it mi rht held in the Circus on Tuesday laft, in pre-
be fairly computed upon the whole, that sence of a Conunittee of Judges and Di-
this cause alone had truly cost above twen rectors, appointed by the Highland Society
ty-four days or four weeks judicial work; of Scotland, and a very numerous and gen-
and near four score labourers, tradesmen, teel alienably who honoured the competition
and manufacturers, brought from their em with their attendance.
ployment, and kept to long idle in Edin The first prize, being a pipe, with 40
burgh. What a loss was this to the people merks in nioney, was adjudged to Donald
in particular, and to the trade and manufac- M Craw in Applecross, and delivered to him
ture of this part of the kingdom in general, by the Prefes of the Committee, in presence
besides about soolcosts to the parties, mere-

of the audience, with general applause.
ly for law proceedings!

The Committee met on Wednesday to de-
He next stated a comparison of the pro termine the other two prizes, when the sea
ceedings in this case with the method of pro cond being 30 merks, was given to John
ceeding by juries in our neighbouring king. M'Gregor fronı Ereadalbane; and the third,
dom, where a trial of such a kind at the being allo 30 merks, was given to Duncan.
Alizes, in place of four wecks, would not Stuart, piper to the Rt. Hon. Lord Mount-
have stood above six weeks, including the ftuart; and by order of the Committee, the
time of taking the proof, by examining per money arising from the sale of tickets, was
haps eight or nine witnesses in presence of distributed among the other competitors,
the jury, and where the total expence of and the dancers of Highland reels.
both fides would not have exceeded sol.
The first he averred, viz. relative to the Mr Bisset, an ingenious artist of Birming,
time, from his own observation, having had ham (originally from this country) had
occafion to be present at the last Spring Af painted fome emblematic ornaments for the
fizes in York. The second, with refped to room where the Revolutionists dined, which
the costs, he gave upon the concurring infor were greatly admired. The central piece
mation of eminent persons in the law, of was a finely-executed medallion of his Ma-
Thom he was curious to nzake the enquiry, jesty, euci cled with a Glory, on each side of


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which was an alabater obelisk ; one exhibit early infancy, and unaslifted by the advaning Gallic Liberty breaking the bands of tages of fortune, his genius, notwithstanding Despotism, and the other representing Bri- these unfavourable circumstances, fhone out tün Liberty in its present enjoyment. Such, in various productions both in verse and however, was the mifrepresentation of the prose. He was an excellent classical scholar, mob, that the paintings were said to he, “ A and well vered in most of the other branfigure of Liberty trampling on a Crown, ches of literature. As a poet, a philosopher, and a King without a Head !"-His Ma- and a divine, a great share of merit will not jesty having expressed a desire to see these , be denied him by those who are acquainted paintings, they have been sent up to London with his writings. His poetical works are for his inspection.

maiked with such an elegance and force of

diction, such a glow and propriety of deMARRIAGES.

scription, and such an ardour of sentiment, June 30. Mr James Bruce, Accountant

as affect the feelings of every reader of taste, of Excise, to Miss Gloag, daughter of Mr and have accordingly been admired by the John Gibag, merchant in Edinburgh.

heft judges in Great Britain. His muse was July 1. Mr Hotchkis writer, to Miss

ever the friend of virtue, for he himself was Gardner, daughter of the late Richard Gard- the friend of human kind. The whole of ner, Esq. of the Cuitcms.

his private life was an amiable example of William Reynell, Esq. of Ireland, to Miss unaffected piety towards God, and undiffemMontgomery, daughter of the late Sir Wilo bled good-will to men. His conversation liam Montgomery, of Macbeehill, Bart. was animated, entertaining, and instructive. 7. James Cleghorn Professor of Anatomy

His wit, of which he possessed no small share, in Dublin, to Miss Agnes Home, daughter often gave pleasure, but never pain. “ Mula of the late Mr Alexander Home, coach- tis ille pebilis occidit!-Such was the mild maker.

nefs of his temper, the benevolence of his 16. Archibald Fletcher, Esq. advocate, to heart, and the elegance of his mind, that it Miss Eliza Davidson of Tadcaiter.

was impoflible to know him and not love

him; and it may truly be said, that he never BIRTHS.

lost a friend, nor made a foe. July. 1. Mrs Christie of Durie, deliver- own poems, occasioned by the death of an

The following lines, extracted from his cd of a fon.

intimate friend, may be applied, with much 5. The wife of a labouring man at Lauri

truth, to himself. fon, of two boys and a girl, ail doing well. 23. Mrs Riddel of Ardnamurehan, of a

“ Hiin Nature with no common care dedaughter.

fign'd :26. Mrs Patrick Crichton of a son.

« O! with wliat ardour did his piercing


“ Through every maze of Nature Truth DEATHS.

pursue; June I. Lieutenant-Colonel David Muir- “ Sacred to Virtue and the Muse, his breast head of the East India Company's service. • With Heaven's own loveliest image was

2. Dr James Gillespie, Principal of St imprest: Mary's College, St Andrews.

“ Like Heaven's eternal goodness, uncon$. 'Lientenant Colonel David Hepburn.

find, 14. Major Charles Edmonfione. “ His soul, with one fond wish, embrac'd 20. Sir Francis Elliot of Stobs, Bart.

Mankind.” 22. Miss Agnes Steuart of Bailechin.

Miss Mary Millar, daughter of John Mil26. The Countess Dowager of Aberdeen. lar of Millhéugh, Professor of Law at GlasSir David Murray, Bart.

gow. 29. Mrs Gardner, wife of Dr Gardner. 36. The Rev. Duncan MFarlane of Dry- writer to the fignet.

July 10. Patrick Kerr, Esq. of Abbotrule, men, aged 84.

13. The Rev. Thomas Sharp, minister of July 1. Mrs Janet Clark widow of Mr Corstorphine. William Alfon, writer to the fignet.

19. Mrs Threipland, danghter of the late 6. John Lord Doune, fon to the Earl of Sir David Threipland of Fingask. Moray.

Mrs Ogilvy, widow of Mr James Ogilvy, 7. After a fliort illness, the Rev. Dr Tho

senior, Leith. mas Blacklock, a name well known in the

20. Dr Campbell of Smiddygreen. learned world, and which will long survive him. He was an extraordinary perfon.

25. John Mitchelson, Efq. of Middleton.

Mr Patrick Crawford, late merchant in Though totally deprived of fight from his Edinturgh.

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