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Vellore, to be ready 10 be forwarded to the England for the Europeans, and those army, when I shall be satisfied with the fe- entertained at Bombay for the native batcurity of our communications.

talions, I hope we shall be nearly completed

to the establish:nent. I am, with great esteem and regard,

Your most obedient,

and humble servant,

A true Copy.
(Signed) George Perry.

Air the Annual Meeting of the Royal Ading Deputy Secretary. Society of Edinburgh, for the election of of

fice-bearers for the ensuing year, on MonExtract of a Letter from Earl Cornwallis to day the 28th of November, the following

Sir Charles Oakley, Bart. dated at gentlemen were made choice of
Soleur, July 2. 17)1:

The Duke of Buccleugh, Prefodent, I SHALL move on the 4th towards Ban

Lord Dunsinnan, galore, from whence the arrival of Captain Rt. H. Hen. Dundas, Š

} Vice Presidents Read's convoy will enable me to proceed in

Professor John Robifon, Secretary. a very few days to Oussore.

Mr Alexander Keith, Treasurer. The disposal of the Maratta armies during the rains is not finally arranged; but Counsellors from the Physical Class, I believe it will be settled at a conference Mr Benjamin Bell, Dr Gregory, which I shall have with the chiefs to-mor

Mr Greenfield, Dr Rutherford,

Mr Geo Fergusson, Professor Ştewarte I cannot conclude without assuring you, that I shall ever retain the moc grateful Counsellors from the Literary Class., sense of your exertions to refit this army, Professor Ferguson, Lord Dreghorn, and that I feel myself fortunate, in this im- Gen. Fletcher Camp- Commillioner Edgare portant juncture. in seeing the government bell, of Fort St George in such able and respec- Mr Mackenzie, Lord Elliock, table hands.

Presidents of the Physical Classy Extract of a kiter from Major-General Aber- Dr Black,

Dr Home, cromby to Earl Cornwallis, dated Tilli- Dr Hutton,

Dr Munro. cherry, June 19.

Professor Playfair, I had the honour of writing on the 14th Dr Walker, instant, by one of your Lord'hips hicarrahs, acquainting you with the arrival of the Prefilents of the Literary Class. coras at their several cantoninents. Before Mr Baron Gordon, Principal Robertson, the end of the month I am in hopes to have Sir William Miller, Dr Hugh Blair. the men under shelter; which I am the most Mr Fraser Tytler, anxious to haften, as they require much refitment from the late fatiguing duties they have been engaged in. The difficulty of ROYAL COLLEGE OF PHYSICIANS, procuring materials, and the full employfaent we find in erecting buildings for the Royal College of Physicians, for election of

Dec. I. At the annual 'meeting of the men, mutt prevent my alfisting the officers, their office-bearers, the following Gentle “and will, I fear, oblige them to remain in

nien were chofen into office for the ensuing tents most, if not all the monsoon. This,

ýcar : with the lofs they have sustained, from the

Dr Duncan, President. inclemency of the weather and the badness

Dr Black, Vice President. of the roads, in their baggage, their cattle,

Dr Mopro, and their camp equipage, the latter of which,

Dr Hay, on this side of ludia, is their own property,

Dr Gregory, Secretary.. together with the dearness of almost every

Dr Spens, Treasurer. neceffary of life from the increased consump

Dr Thomas Spens, Librarian. tion, has determined me to continue the

Dr Cochran, Fiscal: And, troops on Batta, until I receive your Lord

Mr Robert Boswell, writer to the fight fhip's directions respecting them.

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} Secretaries.

Profeffor Dalzet," } Secretaries.

} Censors.

Notwithstanding the facigues we have undergone, I am happy to acquaint you that our lick have not increased in the propora At the meeting of the Royal College of tion I had reason to expect. In a few weeks, Physicians, the following Gentlemen were I am persuaded, we fhall be well refitted; received Extraordinary and Ordinary Feb and, with the recruits to be expected from lows of the College, viz.

net, Clerk.

Dr Augustus Gottlieb Richter, Professor purpose of founding a professorship, and enof Medicine at Goccingen--and,

couraging the study of the Irish or Erfe lan Dr John Gottlieb Walker, Professor of guage, for purchasing MS3. and books in Anatomy at Berlin,-Extraordinary Fellows. that language, and in the classical and mo

Dr John Coakley Lettson of London, dern languages, and fix annual premiums

Dr Nicholas Bindow, reliding at present for the belt compositions in prose an: verse in Edinburgh,

of the Irish, Greek, Latin, and English Dr Thomas Arnold of Leicester-and, languages.

Dr John Yule of Edinburgh, Ordinary 3. Miss Margaret Brown, daughter of Fellowus.

the late William Brown, Esq. of Ellicstoun.

4. Thomas M'iver, Esq. late of Dacca, in Dec. 13th, the Caledonian Hunt elected the kingdom of Bengal, merchant. their office-bearers for the ensuing year, viz. Mr Grant Seton, eldest son of the late

Right Hon. Earl of Hyndford, Preses, James Seton, banker in Edinburgh.

Wm. Hamilton, Esq. of Wishaw, Trea- 6. James Stewart, Esq. of Crossmount, surer,

Ayrshire, aged 104. Mrs Stewart of CroffRE. Hon. Earl of Hume,

mount having died on the 3d, aged 85. Geo. Ramsay, Elq. young

Both retained their faculties and health to

Counsellors. er of Barnton,

the latt.

- Mrs Sinclair of Barrock. It was also settled that the Hunt should 7. Mrs Isobel Cheap, widow of Mr Hen. hold their next meeting at Dumfries. ry Knox, late merchant in Dunbar.

10. Sir Alex. Dunbur, of Northfield, Bt. MARRIAGES.

-- Mrs Helen Forbes, wife of Mr Alex.. Dec. 5. Mr John Bennet, writer in Glaf- Mitchell, merchant in Aberdeen. gow, to Miss Agnes Wilson, of that place. 12. The Rev. Wm Auld, minister of

9. William Bell, Esq. fen. of Leith, to Mauchline, aged 85. Miss Margaret Higgins, of Higgins Neuck. Lady Mury Campbell, relict of DouWilliam Ramfa;, jun. q. banker

in gal Campbell

, E66, of Glenfa ddle. Edinburgh, to Miss Bethea Hamilton, of 14. Mrs Jean Scott, relict of Mr John Wifhaw.

Clughorn, brewer in Edinburgh. 10. Mr Alexander Beveridge, farmer at Mrs Elizabeth Dinwiddie, wife of Weft-Bogie, to Miss Mary Constable. the Rev. John Lockhart, of. Cambufnethan.

12. At Ardwall, Johnston Hannay, of 15. At Fleurs, Robert Smith, Efq. Torrs, Esq. to Miss Penelope M'Culloch.

Miss Isobel Durham, fiiter of the late John Peter Wade, Elij. M. D. in the Adam Cunningham Durham, of Bonningservice of the East-India Company, to Miss ton. Carruthers of Holmains.

Alex. Campbell, Efq. of Ballochyle, 15. James Heggie, Erą jun. of Pitleslie, aged 81. to Mifs Isabella Berry, of Tayfield.

I?. In the parish of Cruden, Alex. Dickic,

aged 101 --He recained the use of all his BIRTHS.

fenses to the latt, and never had (us he was Dec. 1o. Mrs Turing, wife of John Tur- wont to express it) either a fore bed or a fick ing, Esq. merchant in Middleburg, deliverheart.-His first wife, Chritian Boghouse, ed of a fon.

died about fifteen years ago, in the roth - Mrs Hamilton, of Orbison, of a year of her age. He married a second wife daughter.

in his 85th year, who survives him. 11. Mrs Dundas, of Dundas, of a daugh- Miss Eizabeth Murison, of Dunbrac. ter.

18. Mr William Beation, flipmaster, 13. Mrs Douglas Maclean Clephan, of Leith. Carflogie, of a daughter.

Mrs Christian Graham, relict of Tohu 17. Mrs Wood, wife of Dr James Wood, Stewart, fq. of Dalguise. physician in Newcastle, of a daughter. 21. John Liston, M. D. son of Mr John

20. The Lady of Sir R. Burnet, Bart. of Piston, solicitor at law. Leys, of a daughter.

22. Mrs Isobel Guthrie, spouse of Mr

John Redford, merchant in Banff.

23. Mis Menzies, relict of Jas. Menzies, Fuly , At Madras, Neil Campbell, Esq. Esq. of Invergowrie. of Duntroon.

24. Mr Jas Rae, surgeon in Edinburgh. Dec. 2. James Somervell, Esq. merchant in 27. Mrs Margaret Sinith, wife of George Glasgow.

Olwald, of Auchencruive, Esq. Henry Flood, Esq. at Farmly in the . Mr James Hill, fen, writer in Gialcounty of Kilkenný. After the death of gow. his Lady he has left the whole of his landed 28. Miss Henrietta Kinloch, daughter of property, amounting to more than 49001. a- the deceased Sir James Kinloch Nevay, Bt. year, to the Univerdity of Dublin, for the

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IX, the Archbishop of, answer to English History, directions for the study


America, proofs of its being first disco- Eleusis, account of the festivals and
vered by the ancient Britons,

9 mytteries there,
Archery, anecdotes of,

197 Features, on the natural difference of,
Aikburnham, Lord, direcions to a stu-

in perfons of various countries, 394
dent of law,

Forests, on their original state, 283
Auchendinny-bridge, defcription of, 272 Fox, John, his letter to Queen Eliza-
Authors, impositions of,

beth on toleration,

Bamborough Castle, signals made there Gardenstone, Lord, his historical ac-
when sips are perceived in distress, ' 389 count of Marseilles,

Bath, Cold, method of using it to ad-

, remarks on French dra.

matic authors,
Bernis, Cardinal de, character of, 486 Ged, Mr William, his narrative of his
Bolingbroke, Lord, letter to Monf. invention of block printing,

Pouily de Champeaux, with remarks German Literature, the laté King of
on it,

Prossia's remarks on,

Boswell, James, Esq. memoirs of, 23 Gilpin's anecdotes of remarkable trees, 215

his life of Johnson, review of, 61 on the original ftatc of forests, 283
Buffon's natural history of the Canary

account of the officers of New
3, 91 Forest,

Burke, Mr. his observations on an an-

the present state of
swer to his book,

its inhabitants,
his letter to the Archbishop of

the method of treat-

ing hogs there,

Cagliostro, Count, anecdotes of,


remarks on the horse of New
Camper, on the difference of features in

persons of different countries, 394 Grecians, ancient, their marriage cere-
Carmel, Mount, description of,


Carnicobar, description of,

361 Henry VIII. instance of his tyranny, 203
Charcoal, its purifying quality, 360 Henry, Dr. Robert, memoirs of his
Charlemont, Lord, acconnt of the cus-


toms of the Island Metelin, 488 Highiand Fishing Village, its proper
Classics, on the Delphini editions.


Cold Bath, method of using it to ad- Hinzuan, account of, by Sir William


321, 384, 479
Cooke, Capt.effects of his voyages to the Hindoos, the principles and spirit of
277 their religion,

Corte, Father, on the temperature of

m, their manners and customs, 134
different latitudes,

390 The Hirchberg Tailor; a Tale,
Covetousness its own punishment; a History, English, directions for the

333 ftudy of,
D'Angeau, Abbé, anecdote of, 96 Hogs," method of rearing them in
Delhi, Revolution at, account of, 311 Hampshire Forest,
Derhy, account of the filk mills there, 410 Horie; remarks on the practice of dock-
Diflenters of Yorkshire, their address ing and cropping,

to the people of England,

291 Horsemen, inexperienced, directions
Dominica, remarks on lome remarkable for,

infects there,

484 Hudson's Bay, present state of its fur
Emperor, an historical account of that


139 Jacchæus, Do Gilbert, Memoirs of 282





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in the 16th century

358, 449



Dr. Johnson, dialogue between him and Register Monthly, 73, 161, 251, 339, 425,
Mrs Knowles the Quaker,

His letter to Mr Elphinston

287 Review,

61, 151, 237, 328, 412, 496
Insects of Dominica, remarks on 484 Riches, Turgot's reflections on,

Intromiffion, vicious, Dr Johnson's opi- Robertson, Dr, his account of the prin-
nion of

20 cipal articles imported from India by
Jones, Sir William, his account of the the Romans,

ifland of Hinzuan
321, 384, 479

Remarks on the mode in
Jofeph II. late Emperor, anecdotes of 304

which the ancients conducted their
Journals, literary, their origin
444 diseoveries,

Kaimes, Lord, memoirs of his life 179

account of the ancient and
Ker, Andrew, his account of sheep- high civilization of India,

farming in Scotland


account of the caravans that
The Good King, a Tale

visit Mecca,

Knowles, Mirs, Dialogue between her Roman Catholic Sernion in 1746 at
and Dr Johnson


Larch tree, utility of
213 Rollin Chapel, account of,

Leander and Adelisa, a Tale 155 Rundle, Bilhop, his letter to Mrs San-
Leopold II. Memoirs of


Letters, men of, their amusement 443 Scaligers, observations on the,

Liege, Account of the Revolution there Scotland, memorial of the most rare
in 1789

and wonderful things in,

Literature, State of, among the fair sex Sheep-farming, ftate of, in Scotland, .227

276 Sierra Leona, account of [the new co-
Macintosh, Dr, Remarks on the impof- lony there,
fibility of rendering the l’rench Con- Slave Trade, review of the evidence
stitution similar to the Bri: 42

42 for its abolition,
$t Magnus's Church in Orkney, Ac- Sheridan, on in proprieties in writing
count of

the English language,

Mansfield, Lord, his directions for a Society, elegant, the pleasures of, 53
course of study in law


Solomon's islands, on the existence of
Marseilles, historical account of 467 them,

Metelin, illund of, remarkable manners Statiltical account of Scotland, extraaš.
and customs of the inhabitants


Millill;»pi fchime, account of its rife Surville, his transacions at Port Prallin, 143
and deitruction

403,406 Switzerland, picturesque description of, 19L
Montgomery, Caroline, a Tale

66, 155, 241, 333, 415, 501.
Nazadeth, account of,

130 Temperature of different degrees of la-
New Forest, Hampshire, account of its titude,

officers and government,

365 Tiberias and Mount Tabor, account of, 130
of the present state of its in- Tobermorry, observations on the pro-,

ceedings at,

of the horse as a native 46% 'Toleration, letter on, from John Fox
Ogilvie, Dr, his letter concerning Mr to Queen Elisabeth,

Bofweil's misrepresentation of Trees, anecdotes of remarkable oncs, 215

conversation with Dr Jehufun, 355 Turgot's reflections on the formation
Para eliduńi, experimvents.on

and diftribution of riches

Painters of the Old School; scale of their Ullapool, observations on the proceed-

307 ings at,
Pelew Hands, account of,

317 Vida, account of his writings, 326
Plurality of Worlds, philosophers who Views-Glames Cartie, p. d. Kilchurn
have believed in the doctrine,

II2 Calle, p. 89. Loch Lomond, p. 177,
Poetry, 72, 158, 247, 337, 421, 510 Auchendinny Bridge, p. 267.

Port Praslin, account of its productions, 147 Magnus's Church in Orkney, p. 355.
Port Royal Society, account of, 447 Dunira,

Priestley, Dr, account of,



501 Tales,

I 22


273 Villainy brought to light; a tale, 241
Printing, block, Ged's invention of, 450 Washington, General, anecdotes of,

Prufia, the late King of, his remarks Wilson, John, the Euglish botanist ac-
on German literature,

count of,

Reflections on the late prospect of a Wood, Mir, his account of the rise and
war with Rullia,

203 destruction of the Mifflippi ichenie,
Register of the W'cather, p. 2,90,158, 266,

354, 442

403, 406

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