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EAST INDIES his country, before it was pollikle för him

to give us the least obstruction.

The forts of Colar and Quscottah lay in from the London Gazette Extraordinary bur route to Bangalore, and surrendered to of D&ober 56 we have the following them were in a tenable condition nor at

us without relistance; but as neither of · Lettets.

that time of any value to us, I left them un

occupied, after difarming and dismisling their To the Honourable Court of Directors for af- small garrisons, fairs of the Honourabk the United Company noon af the sth of March, and on the 6th

I arrived before Bangalore on the after: of Mercbants of England, trading to the Eaft the engineers were employed in reconnoio Indies.

tring place both in the morning and HONOURABLE BIRS,

on their latter excurfion Leut.

Col. Floyd, who escorted them with the IS

SHALL not trouble your Honourable whole cavalry, discovered the rear of Tips

Court with an explanation of the nature poo's line of march, spparently in great of the inceffant exertions both of body and confusion, and unfortunately fulfered him mind which are required by the various du- felf to be tempted, by the flattering prospect ties of my present situation; nor should i of striking an important blow, to deviate have alluded to them, but I am under the from the orders he had received from me indispensable neceflity of stating them, as and to attack the enemy. His fuecess at the cause of my being obliged, on this oco first was great, but the length and ardour of cafion, instead of eatering into a detail of the pursuit threw his squadrons into great particulars, to limit myself to a concise and confufion. In this ftate they were charged general account of our late operations, and by Tippoo's cavalry, and, being out of the of my future intentions.

reach of all fupport, they were obliged to Our preparations for the campaign ha retire with great precipitation, and with the ving been completed at Madras, the army loss of 200 mien and zco norses. Leut. Col. marched from Velhout on the 5th of Fe- Floyd received a very fevere wound in the bruary; and having reached Vdlore on the face, frotii which, however, I bave the pleari Itth, we halted there two days, for the sure to add that he is now persedlý rocom purpose of drawing from thence a fupply to vered. my stock of provilions, and an addition that The ill success of our examination, the had been prepared to the battering train, fear of losing time, and many other cirand of receiving some ftores and recovered cumstances, of which the hopes of obtaining men front Arnce.

a fupply of forage was not the least, indux I bad, prévious to mý arrival at Vellore, ced me to determine immediately to attack employed every means in my power to ob- the fort irom the Pettah side. The Pettah tain accurate defcriptions of the different was accordingly assaulted, and carried on passes that lead into the Mysore country; the morning of the 7th, und the siege of the and having found fufficient grounds to be fort,whichwasrendered angularly atdugulsnoć confident that the Moogly, pass could be eam only by the scarcity of forage, and strength fily rendered practicable, I turned off to the of its works 3rd gatriion, but allo by the right at Vellare, and not only ascended the presence of Tippoo and his whole army, pals without much difficulty, but, by ha- was hapuiiy terminated by an assault on the ving taken à route that Tippoo does not night of the 21st, in which the Kellidar, feem to have expected, I was also lucky eas and a great number of his garrison, were Hough to advance a confiderable way into put to the fword, and our loss, in propor


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tion to the nature of thc enterprise, was ex. would effectually prevent Tippoo from ime tremely inconsiderable. I cannot, however, tercepting them, or even from disturbing help exprefling, on this occasion, my sincere their march; but although I was at great regret for the death of that brave and va- pains to point out the safety of the march luable officer Lieut. Col. Moorhouse, who to Rajah Teigewunt, and to encourage him was killed at the affault of the Pettah, on to proceed, the effects of my recommendathe 7th of March.

tions and requests were but dow; and, after I have not yet been able to ohtain correct waste of time, which at this late season of lifts of the ordnance, or of the different ar the year was invaluable, and which almost ticles that were found in the magazines of exhausted my patience, the junction was the place; and I can therefore only say in not made till the 13th instant. general, that there were upwards of one It is not easy to afcertain the number of hundred serviceable pieces of ordnance, near the

corps with precifion, but I fæppose it to fifty of which were brass, a large quantity amount to fifteen or fixteen thousand horse; of grain, and an immense depot of military and though they are excremely defective in Atores.

almost every point of military discipline ; Although” Tippoo approached our posi- yet, as the men are in general well nounta tion, and even cannonaded the camp, both ed, and the chiefs have given me the strongon the 7th and i7th, yet on these occasions, est assurances of their disposition to do eveand on all others during the fiege, he took my thing in their power to promote the suchis measures with so much caution as to put. cefs of our operations, I am in great hopes it effeclually out of my power to force him that we fhalt derive material advantage from to risk an action; and on the night of the their affisance. affault he retired, in great haste, from the This junction being accomplished, 1 south side of the fortress, where he was then Harched on to effect my next object withposted, immediately upon his being ac out loss of time; and being arrived at my quainted with its fall

. After giving some present camp on the 18th, and ordered the repairs to the breaches, making a number, arost expeditious meafures to be taken for of necessary arrangements, and leaving the transporting the stores from the head of train of heavy artillery to be refitted during the pass, I fhall commence my march again my abfence, I moved from Bangalore on the to the westward on the 22ds and, after 28th, with the design of securing a safe and calling at Bangalore for the heavy artillery, Speedy junction with a large body of caval. I trust that i thall find it practicable to ty that the Nizam had promised to fend to reach Seringapatam before the sath of next me, and receiving a reinforcement of troops month. and a fupply of provisions and stores, which No useful purpose could be promoted by I had some time before ordered to be in rea my enumerating the difficulties which I have diness to join me, by the way of Amboor, already encountered in carrying on the opefrom the Carnatic, considering

those as ne rations of this campaign, and it would be ceffary, preliminary measures for enabling equally unprofitable to enlarge at present me to proceed to the attack of Seringapa. upon the obstacles which I foresee to oud tam; and I, at the same time, communica- future progress; they are, however, of fo ted my intentions to General Abercromby, weighty a nature, that ander difcrent cirand directed him to use every exertion in cumstances "I hould undoubtedly act with his power, that might be consistent with more caution, and defer the attempt upon the safety of the corps under bis command, the enemy's capital till after the ensuing to prepare

himself in the manner that I pre- rains; but, acquainted as I am with the un fcribed, to give me effcctual allistance when fettled situation of political affairs in Eui Mhould reach the enemy's capital. rope, and knowing that a procrastinated

Tippoo having made a niovement to the war would occafion almost certain ruin to westward on the same day that I marched our finances, I consider it as a duty which i from the neighbourhood of Bangalore, I fell owe to my station and to my country, to difin with his rear at the distance of about regard the hazard to which my own milia eight or nine miles from that place; but, tary reputation may be exposed, and to profrom the want of a fufficient body of caval., fecute, with every species of precaution that ty, it was found impracticable, after a pure my judy menț or experience can fuggeft, the fuit of confiderable length, either to bring plan which is most likely to bring the war him to adion, or to gain any advantage o to an early decision. ver hin, except that of taking one brass I have, at the same time, been the more gun, which, owing to its carriage breaking encouraged to persevere in the execution of down, he was obliged to Itave upon the my original intentions, as both the Nizam road.

and the Mahrattas have of late thewn an My first object being to form a junction uncommon alacrity, in fulfilling their en with the Nizam's cavalry, I made such gagements, which, by the smallest appear hievements, or took such positions, as I knew ance of backwardness on our part, would be


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frimediately cooled, and which, I trust; will, ticular pleasure in communicating to you, in addition to our own efforts, effentially for his Majesty's information, a detailed acBontribute to counteract many of the difach count of the operations of the army under vantages which the difficulty of the march, my conmiand lince the opening of this camthe risk of scarcity of provisions and forage, paign; but the various branches of buliness, and the approach of the rainy season, pre- which require immediate attention and disc fent against the undertaking; and if thofe patch, engross so much of my time in the obstacles can be overcome, the capture of field, that I am under the unavoidable

neo Seringapatara will probably, in its confe- ceflity of postponing a communication of quences, furnifh an ample reward for our that nature to a future opportunity : 'I hall, labours.

however, in the mean time, chickly rely for A few days after our success at Bangalore, my apology úpon a continuance of that Tippoo repeated his propositions to open 'a cious indulgence from his Majesty, which negotiation for terminating our differences; kave fo frequently experienced at his hands.. but whether with a fincere dcfire to obtain The fame reasons have also obliged me peace, or with the insidious hopes of excit- to confine myself to a very concife statement ing jealouses in our allies, by inducing me of the principal occurrences, in my letter to to listen to his advances, is not certain. the Court of Directors of the East India The line for my. conduct, however, was Company; but, by the means of that letter, clear; and, conformable to our treaties, I and the copies of my correfpottence with declined, in civil and moderate terms, to re- the Residents at the Courts of Hydrabad ceive a person of confidence on his part, to and Poona, and of my late letters to the discuss the separate interests of the Compa- Government of Fort St George, which will ny; but informed him, that if he should no doubt he transmitted to you from the think

proper to make propofitions in wris India House, you will have it in your power ting, for a general accommodation with all to convey to his Majesty a general knowthe members of the confederacy; I fhould, ledge of the present situation of our affairs after communicating with the other powers, in this country and you will have the fa-, transmit our joint sentiments upon them. tisfa&ion to obferve, not only that our fuc

l hail refer you entirely at prefent to the cess has already been considerable, but that accounts that you will receive from the dif we have a reasonable prospect of being able

ferent governments of the details of their to humble ftill further a Prince of very una respective business; and thall only add, that common ability, and of boundless ambition, the personal attention that I have experien- who had acquired a degree of power, in exa ced from the members of the Supreme tent of territory, in wealth, and in forces, Board, and the zeal they have manifested that threatened the Company's poffeflions in knce I left Calcutta, in promoting the pub- the Carnatic, and those of all his other neigh lic good, have given me very particular fac bours, with imminent dauger. tisfaction.

Our success at Bangalore has tended to. The Swallow packet will remain in establish in the general opinion of the nas readiness to be dispatched in August, of tives, the superiority of the British arms fooner, if it should be thought expedient and it has, in particular, made an impresa and I shall, by that opportunity, have the fion upon the minds of our allies, which, 1 honour of writing to you on feveral of those am persuaded, ' will contribute to induce subjects on which you maft no doubt be then to use vigorous exertions in prosecuta anxious to receive minute information. I ing the war to an honourable conclufion, cannot, however, conclude this letter, with. At present, we can only look for the acm out hearing most ample testimony to the complifliment of chat defircable obje, by acal and alacrity which have been uniform• proceeding 'to atrack the epeniy's capital, ly manifefted by his Majesty's anil the which I clearly foresee will, from the near Company's troops, in the performance of approach of the feason of the periodicals the various duties of fatigue and danger in rains, and the danger of a scarcity


pro the course of this campaign, and assuring vifions and forage for the large bodies of you that they are entitled to the most die troops that are to be employed, be ata itinguished marks of your approbation. tended with fo many difficulties, that, upon T have the honour to be, with the greatest any other occasion, I should have thoughs respect, Honourable Sirs,

it adviseable to have deferred tlié aitemps, Your most obedient and most humble fer« till the end of the ensuing monsoon. vant,

CORNWALLIS. Having, howcver, been informed of the Camp at Venkettigherry, April 21. 1791. critical situation of political affairs in Eun

rope, and being sensible that the finances Camp at VenkITTIGHERRY, 24 miles" eeft of the Company require the adoption of of Amboor; April 21. 1791.

those measures that are most likely to bring Sir,

the contest to an early decision, I have I thould have had, on this occafion, a par. thought it iny dury to bazard the underta.


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ing; and, having received the strongest af mon exertions, their labouts to fender the surances of exertions from the chiefs of the roads practicable for guns, provisions, &có Nizam's cavalry that are now with me, Success attends their efforts; as, fince our and the Mahrattas having also promised an last accounts, two fix-pounders, field-pieces; hearty co-operation against the common with their tumbrils, &c. complete, have enemy, I am encouraged to entertain fan- been dragged up in addition to the small guine hopes that all obstacles will give way

train that had been already brought up ini to our efforts, and that the enterprize will the parls, consisting of four twelve-poun. fucceed.

ders, and four fix-pounders, field-pieces, I have, on all occasions, had the greatest with four 5 inch howitzers, with their reason to be satisfied with the behaviour of tumbrils and stores, are still at the foot of his Majesty's troops serving with this ar the Ghauts, waiting until the road is finish my; but the effects of their courage and ec', which was expected would be sufficienta difcipline were eminently conspicuous in ļy practicable in a few days; but a month the assault of the fortress of Bangalorė, and longer tinse will be requiáte for the batters will ever reflect the highest honour upon ing guns, themselves and upon his Majesty's fer Such has been the fecrecy with which vice.

this army has hitherto moved, that several I am persuaded that the zeal, which ge- of our Hircarrahs, who have lately come in nerally prevails in this army to promote the

to the General, say, that Tifpoo's Bazar honour and interests of Britaisi, has never people know nothing yet of our present ram been exceeded; but, amongst thoi officers pid progress in this country; should Tippoo who have had an opportunity to render himself be equally ignorant (which, how distinguished services, I must particularly ever, is hardly to be supposed) much good mention Lieut. Col. Maxwell and Major work may yet be done without any inter's Skelly, the first having conducted the afo 'ruption. fault which was intrusted to his dire&ion The 14th Madras battalion, Captain with great spirit and ability, and the latter Ward, arrived on the 12th, from Paulia having, on that occasion, led the European gautcherry; and accounts have been rem grenadiers and light infantry of the army, ceived, that the other division of the 73d aad highly contributed, by his own animat- had arrived at Cannanore. ed example, to their success.

Captain Dancer was then employed int I likewise feel myself much indebted to making a stockade with two companies of Lieut. Col. Stuart for the able asistance fepoys, at one of the passes from the Ghaut; which I constantly derive from his great mi-. the Cooiga Rajah had undertaken to defend litary experience, and his anxiety to pro

it. mote, by, every means in his power, the Some ferious apprehenfions were entergood of the fervice; and the friendly sup- tained when these advices came away, that port which I receive from General Mea our troops would not be able to maintain dows-must command my lasting esteem and their poft at the Ghauts, owing to the great gratitude.

fcarcity of coolies, and the want of bullocks; I have the honour ta be, Sir, your most their wants have been, however, we trust, obedient and most humble servent, long since plentifully supplied.



had not been able to lay a

store of three days provisions on the table, Right Hon. W. W. Grenville,

notwithstanding the most inceffant labour one of his Majesty's Principal:

and application; in case á reinforcement of Secretaries of State.

cattle and labourers did not speedily arrive, The above letters were received by the they had come to the resolutioti of establish Warren Hastings.

ing their niagazine so low down as Iffacore,

7:05. diftant from the top of the Ghauts twenty BOMBAY, April 16.

miles. (By the Eliza East Indiaman.) The advanced guard is strongly posted Advices from Cochin nuention, that the about a mile on the other side of the King of Condina had declared war against Ghauts; it consists of part of the 73d and the Dutch, and that the most vigorous prc. 75th regiments: The Aank battalion is comparations were making by both parties. manded by: Capt. Dunlop, and consists of WESTERN ARMY.

his battalion of grenadiers, with the 7th Summit of the Corga Ghaut, or Pondichea regiment of native infaptıy. rum Pass.

Provision of all kinds is exorbitantly

dear, and indeed fo great a scarcity at preAdvanced Brigade.

fent prevails throughout, that the Bazars The several divisions of General Abere afford nothing but falt fish. A pretty tole wombic's army hill continues, with uncom. rable idea may be formed of the price of


poft articles, when we are told that a com We beg leave further to offer our conmon candle is sold for a rupee.

gratulations on the success of your arms at

Darwar, which, after an unexpectedly long FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. fiege, capitulated to the English, in con

junction with the Mahratta arms, on the OCTOBER 8.

sth inftant, We have not yet received the

particulars of the surrender; and can only To the Honourable the Secret Committee of the acquaint you, that Colonel Frederick, of Court of Directors for the affairs of the United your Bombay.c{tablishment, died before the Company of Merchants of England trading to place, after a short illness, when in command the Eaft Indies.

of the dotachment; from which period it

dovolved to Major Sartorius, of your enHonourable Sirs,

gineer corps. Since our dispatches, which were forward- the fame itation as when we last had the ho.

Gencral Abercrombie's army is still in ed in the Worcester Indiaman, under dare

nour of addresling you, where he still proof the 23d of March, we have received accounts of the furtner operations of Lord poses to renaain until the nearer approach Cornwallis’s army, and take the opportuni- fon on this fide of India is now near at

of Lord Cornwallis ; but as the rainy sea, ty of the Danih fhip Eliza, touching a: tliis hand, General Abercrombie will be under port for a few hours, and bound for Europe, the necellity of cantoning the troops, so as to communicate to you the particulars.

to form a chain of communication between On the 5th ult. the grand armò arrived this place and the Coorja Ghaut, which at the strong fort of Bangalore, without meeting any opposition from the enemy in leads into the Myfore dominions. He proascending the Ghauts, or on their fuble poses ftrengthening Bombay with one regi. quent march to this place. His Lordship tip the Queen, Capt. Douglas, about the

ment of Europeans, who will go up in your immediately laid fiege to this important end of this month; and Bombay, we appre fort, and on the 13th March carried the hend, will be further Irengthened by such Pettah by storm. During the attack, Lieut.Colonel Moorhoufe, of the artillery on your spared for garrisoning that

part of the Darwar detachment as can be Madras establishment, and Capt. Delaney, of his Majesty's 36th regiment, were killed, are, with the greatest respect, with some few private Europeans, and se

Honourable Sirs, poys. The next day Tippoo's army ap Your very faithful humble servants, peared in sight, aud he made two separate

Rob. TAYLOR. attempts to drive the British troops from this station, and was repulsed in each with

(Signed) LAU, SHaw.

SAM, INCE. very great Naughter. On the 22d, the

Tellicherry, April 22. 1791. breach, though scarcely practicable, Lord Cornwallis determined,

without further delay, to form the fort, as he was beginning Extract of a Letter from the Governor and to run short of provisions. The storming Council at Madras, in their Political Deo party consisted of the 36th, 720, 76th, partment, to the Court of Directors of the King's regiments, two battalions of sepoys, East India Company, dated April 29. 1791. together with the European grenadiers and

We have great pleasure in acquainting light infantry of the army; and the whole you, that on the 23d instant we received commanded by Major-General Meadows. advice from the resident at Poona that the They were obliged to descend and ascend fort of Darwar had surrendered to Major the ditch with fcaling ladders; and in two Sartorius on the 3d of that month; and by hours from the commencement of the af- letters from the resident at Hydrabad, we fault the British colours were seen flying on learn that the Killedar of Copul was in the rampart. The garrison consisted of treaty for the delivery of that fort to the Niabout 3000 men; 1500 of whom were al. zam's General... most instantly and inevitably put to the

Lord Cornwallis, having effected his bayonet. Among the killed was the Kille- junction with Lieutenant-Colonel Oldham's dar, an old man, and nearly related to the detachment, moved on the 22d instant from Sultan. Great quantities of grain, we un- Venkettegherty in the direction of Bangam derstand, were found in the fort and Pet lore, tah; and, we are happy to add, that this glorious enterprize was effecied with the

AMERICA. Joss only of about twenty men killed and wounded on our side. Bangalore is reckoned among Tippoo's strongest hoids in the Philadelp#ra, Aug. 8. Mysore country, and consequently its loss It is reported, and generally believed here, must be feverely felt by him.

that in consequence of Irong representations



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