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the grand nord Cornwallis had advan- face of the country afforded an alarming my moved, with all poffible on the ar fequences attending it, gave us the greata

THE tibilis

Monthly Regifter 9'30d


East INDIA AFFAIR $. ; in force, a few miles on the left flank

of the army. Partics of horse approachWhitehall, Sept. 6.

ed very near the line, and some guns THE letters from the East Indies, of were opened upon its rear, but at fo concxtracts, were received on Sunday lagt tarded the progress nor did any material by the Hawke's one of the Company's injury to the troups. -Thips:

Lord Cornwallis encanıped within

'fight of Bangalore in the evening of the Extract of a letter from the President and sth, and on the 7th in the morning the

Council at Fort St George, in their polić Petran was carried by affavit. It was a tical department, to the Court of Di. fortunate circumftance that a confiderrectors, dated April 14: 1791. able quantity of dry forage was found Our last "communication respecting in it, as Tippoo had destroyed all the vil

advised your Honourable lages around the fort, and the barren Court, that ced as far as Vellore, and that he hoped prospect for the support of our cattle., to reach Bangalore on the işth or 6th of

The successful attack which had been March.

made on the Pettah, and the happy conIn of

, & towards the Moglee Påss, and encamoped sincerely lament the lofs fultained on that on the table land of Mysore on the auft occalion, by the death of Lieutenant of February, without any material diffi- Colonel Moor kouse, whose military chaculty, or the left interference on the racter was fa nuuch diftinguished, and part of the enemyona, 2016707 E' whole long, active, and zealous services

Tippoo, in the mean time, remained to the Conipany ileserved the highest near Gingee, apparently waiting the mo- applause. tions of Lord Cornwallis ; but he no foon In order to testify our sense of such er discovered Abejse object, than he relin- conspicuous merits, we came to the fol hope of carrying on having received

death of the Changamah pats, for the preserva- Lieutenant Colonel Maorhodle, wha tion .

was killed in the affault of the Pettah of After halting two days, for the pur- Bangalore the qua intiants-Relolved, as pose of muttering the bullock , &c. Lord a testimony of respoct to the memory Cornwallis marched forward in the di- of an officer who ferved the Company rection of Bangalore. The forts of Molo many yorts with diftinguished zeal, ipi. waggle, Colar, and Ouscotahy succeffives rit, and ability, that his remains ber ly felt on the approach of our army.“ with the permition of the miniflers and Forage and water were found in abusz- church wardens, publicly interred in the dance on the line of march ; and fuch church of Fort St George, at the Comwas the confidence of the inhabitants, pany's expence, and a marble tablet fixthat they voluntarily fupplied the camp ed over his grave, with a suitable inferip. with every article of provision.

tion, in commemoration of his meriis: In the morning of the 5th of March -Resolved, likewilė, That a letter be the enemy appeared, for the full time, written to Éul Cornwallis to inform him Ii?


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of this intention, and to request his Lord country, had collected a large quantity Thip will be pleased to direct, that the of grain, and a great number of cattle, body of the late Lieutenant Colonel for the use of the army, within fifty Morhrufe be removed to the Preliden miles of B:ngalore. cy so soon as the situation of affairs will His Lordship added, that he could permit."?

not then firm a precise ju 'çment wheWe are assured your Honourable Court ther he muld be able to ait mpt the rewill be pleased to find that proper reo duction at Seringaratam b-fore the rains, fpect has been paid to the memory of or whether he must limit his views to one of the best officers that ever served the Oyfore, and an estab ishment in that Company; and we are cor fid. nt this part of he Myfore couv ry; but that he pubic teftimory will be grære fuily re couli afsure us that nothmg but ablolule ceived by the whole army.

neccfli'y thould make him abandon his Since the assault of the Pertah no of former plan; Thai, with a view to exficial advices of the fiege have reached petite the re-equipment of the heavy arus from Lord Cornwallis. Bui by means till ry, he had appointed Colonel Duff of the public Tappals dispatched from to command in Bangalore, into which camp, as opportunities offered, many pri place he had put the oth regiment and vate letters of undoubt:d authority have Three native battalions: That the quanbeen received; and from these we learn, tity of military forts of all forts found that the first batteries were opined on in it was astonishing; and that there was, the i arh, fènd that the approaties were in parricular, more gunpowder than we carried on 'with unremitting, affiduity, could posibly have occasion for during and in the face of lippoc's who e ar

the present war: my: That on the arft at night, about The second letter from Lord Corn. eleven o'clock, the storın began, and wallis is slated the ed inftant, and ado

was crov ner with the moft complete and vild us that he left his camp to the south1 brilliant luccels. The garrison gave

ward of Bangalore, on the 28th ult. and way on all ficles; and though the loss of on that day fell in with the rear of the the ene.y on this orcafir. was confider enemy's line of march at Elevancum : able, we have the fatisfaction to oblerve, Thui, although our infantry could not that ours is stated at a very small num come up, in time to gain any material ber.

The miscarriage of Lord Corn. advantage, his Lordship pursued him wallis's official advice of the capture of closely for several miles, and obliged kim Bangalors, will justitý our transmitting to relinquish the chject which he app arà private cnpy of the general orders is. ed to have in view, of getting between fued to the atiny a day after his success; our army and the corps of the Nizain's and we beg leave to conclude this ae cavalry: That Tippoo retired to Perii. Evunt by tendering our fincereft congra. balaboram, leaving behind him one brass tulations to your Honourable Court on nine pounder, and that he had since an event fo glorious to your arms, and moved towards Sheveganaga. fo important to your interefis in this Lord Cornwallis, in his letter, comcountry.

plains of the inactivity of Rajah FeijeWe have been honoured with two leto wunt, to whom he had written, that if ters from Lord Cornwallis since the fall fie heard of any more delays and excuses, of Bangalore, which we fend as nurz he should procred with his own troops bers in the packets one dated the 27ch to the execution of ḥis future plan of of March, advising us, ihar as he has operations. received intormation of the acival marh la:ţer part of the letter is of fo of Rajah Feijewunt(the Nizam's Gine pleasing a nature that we hall give it in tal) with a considerable bocy of cavalry his Lordship's own words: “ We have towards him, and being fenfible of the been most plentifully supplied with forgreat importance of securing the junction age since we left Bangalore, notwithof this firt, and the probability that Tip ftanding the attempts of the enemy : poo would use every means in his power busnii, and this day fome Banjarres of to harrafs' and obftruct their march, he


s country brought to camp above four had determined to move to the north thousand bullocks, half of them loaded ward, in the direction in which ihe' Ra., with rice, and the other half with yrain, jah was expected; and that he was fur: doll, ghee, and other Bazar arucits.” ther induced to adopi this measure froin Lord Cornwallis having received a let, the assurances which he had rrceived that ter from Tippoo the 27th of March, the friendly Poligars, in that part of the making an overture for a 'feparate ac



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commodation with us, replied, “ T at lery Jepartment, and his exertions, and he could encourage no

to propulition that those of the oiher officers and the foldid not include our allies.” Copies of diers of that corps in general, in te ferthe iciter and the answer having been vice of the batieries, are entitled io his transmitted to us, we forwarded them a$ Lordship’s tugheit approbation; to which numbers in the packet.

he defires to add, that he th nks niinreif A large force having been left to the much obliged to Lieutenant Colonel fouthward at the time General Mcdows Geils for the able manner in which he moved from Trichinopoly, Lord Çorn- directed the fire during the day of the wallis expreff d to us his defire that it 21st. might be order«d to Amboor. 'Instruc Lord Cornwallis is so well acquain ed tions were in confequence to that effect, with the ardour that pervades the whole and we have the pleasure to add, that aray, that he would have been happy the decachment reached its place of deiti- if it had been practicable to have allowe nation on the 22:4 ult. By a letter from ed every corps to have participated in Lieutenant Colonel Oldham, who com the glory of the enterprise of last night; mands it, dated the 6th instant, we are but it muft he obvious to all, that, in advised, that, in confequence of orders forming a disposition for the aflauit, a from Earl Cornwallis, he was to move certain portion of troops could only be from Amboor the next day, and to ad. employed. yance to the bead of the Ghauts, where The conduct of all the regiments which he was to take poft until he heard further happened in their tour to be upon duty from his Lordihip: This detachment, that evening did credit in every respect, with the re inforcement fent from hence, to their fpirit and discipline i bui his confifts of 700 Europeans, 42co natives, Lordshịp desires to offer the tribute of and 450 cavalry.

his parecular and warmest praise to the General Abercromby, with the Bom- European grenadiers and light infantry bay army, took poflession of the Coorg of the army, and to the join, 72d, and Pais on the 27th of February. The ad- 96h regiments, who led the attack, and yance under Lieutenant Colonel Hartley, carried the fortress, and who, by their strongly posted on the top, and the Ge behaviour on that occasion,, furnished a neral was busily employed in fending up conspicuous proof, that disciplined vafupplies ; since that time (as we are in- lour in foldiers; when directed by zeal formed by private advices) the and capacity in officers, is irresistible. division of the 7.3d regiment, sent from The activity and good conduct of hence in your fhip the Queen, and the Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell, in the 34th Carnatic battalion of nauve infantry, command of the Petlah for several days have joined, and rendered General Aber. previous to the afault of the fort, was, cromby's force very respectable. The in every respect, highly commendable; Coorg Pass is about so niles from Serin; but his Lordship delires that he will acgapalain.

cept of his pareicuiar thanks for the ju

dicious arrangements which he made for HEAD QUARTERS.

the assault which was committed to his Camp at Bungalore, March 22, 1791. direction, and for the gallantry which

he displayed in the «Xavtion of them. G. A. O.

He likewise returns his warneft acLord Cornwallis feels the mott fenfic knowledgements to Major General Skelble gratification in congratulating the of. ly, who underiook ihe cominand of the ficers and foldiers of the afriy en the corps that commenced the attack of the honourable issue of the fatigue and dan- bre ct, who, by animating them by his gers which they underwent during the own example, contributed essentially to arduou: jiege.

our important fucceis. Their alacrity and firmness in the exe. L utenant Colonel Stuart may be afa cution of their varjous duties has perhaps furet that Lord Cornwa lis will ever itnever been ixceeded ; and he hall not tain the most graterul remembrance of only think it incumbent upon him to re the valuable and steady lupport which present their meritorious conduct in the that ifficer affords him, by his military lirongest colours, but he shall ever re- experience and conftant exertions to primember it with the fincereft sentiments mote the public fervice; and although of eitcem and adiniration.

his Lordship is unwilling to find GeThe judicious arrangements which werál Medovis's delicaty, by attempting were made by Colonel Duff in the artil; to express his full sense of the able and


* A true copy

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Amboor, without being obliged to go to the li arch of airthalties. I am forry,

friendly aslistance which he uniformly powder than we can poffibly have occa experienced from him, he cannot avoid lion for during the present war. declaring, that it has made an impref I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Tion on his mind that can never be ef- your moft obedient humble servant, faced.


A true copy',

from a private copy,
(Signed) W. Ć. Jackso), Sec.

Camp at Bangalore March 27, 1791.

GrÓRGE PARRY, Affing Dep. Selo,
Sir CHARLES OAKLEY, Bært, Senior, Meme

ber, ani Council of Fort St George.

Sir CHARLES OAKLEY, Bart. Senior Mem

? ber and Council.
HAVING received the information from
Lieutenant Stuari' of the actual march

of Rajah- Feijewunt, and being serfiblensI LUFt my camp, to the southward of
of the great importance of securing the Bangalore, on the 28th ult. and that day
junction of ft confiderable a bruly of fell in with the rear of the enemy's line of
cavahy, and of the probability that Tipo march at Elevancum; and although our
poo would wife every means in his power infantry could not come up in time to

and any have determined to move to the north fued them clolely for feveral miles, and ward, in the direction in which they obliged them to relinquith "the object may be expected ; and I am further into which they appeared to thaye in view, duced to adopt this measure from the, of getting between out army and the 2Murances which I have received that the corps, of the Nazan's cavalry, which friendly Poligars in that part of the was expected to join us from Gunjecotcountry have collected a large quantity gah. Tippoo retiça do Pedibalaboram, of grain, and a great number of scattleleaving behind him mone brass nine poundfor the use of the army, within fifty er, which broke down, and he has since miles of this place.

troved towards Sbeveganga:" In pur. After the acquifition of Rajah Feijer, fuance of the plan which I mentioned in wunt's cavalry, I hope to cover fo large my letter of the 27th alev I came on, by a tra&t of country, as to prevent the dif, the way of Dionelly, to this place, where trefling effects at least of a partial fires 1 Tall probably remain a few days, as brand, and enfure the march of Lieute, our fituation here is well calculated for nant Calore! Oldham's detiehment from preventing the enemy from difturbing the head of the padies to meet him mit however, tò add, that Rajah Feijewunt,

Whether I Mall be :ble to attempt the op ihe pretence of the most ablurd açd reduction of Seringapatam before, the ill-founded reportă, has lialted at Wimto Cysere, and an efablishment in this Lide of Gunjecottah, and declared country, will depend on circumftances that he will rept proceed (onless he thould of which it is impossible for me at pres receive pofitive ordered for that purpose sent to form a precise judgment; I cane frem his matter) until I informed him however, most truly affure you, that nee that I will fendia Attachment to meet thing, but absolute' receflity shall make him at Chitämuttypăit. The fall of me aburdon my former plan.

Bangalore and the march of our army, I have, with

a view to expedite thee to the northward, with the affurances I re:equipment of the heavy artillery, an; have given hin that I will most attenpointed Colone! Duff to the command tivelyohlerve the movements of the enein Bangalcre, into which place I have my, will probably relieve him from his put the 76th regiment and three native years, and induce him to come forward, battalionisip

if he ferioufy intends to join us ; buc i The quantity of military fores of all have acqkanted him, that, if I hear of forts that we have found it it is a stonith,

onih voany more delays and excules, I shall ing, and there is in partículas more Fucus more, MG5..prgceed with our owo troops to the exer


on this


moderation 7th of March 1791.)

be forwarded for the refidents at Poonah liften as favourabi me, and I should

> "311.87 343 to the terms pronto the

cution of my future plan of operations. friendship, and must act in a manner
We have been moft plentifully supplied that peace may take place between us,
with forage since we left Bangalore, not the disagreement existing be removed,
withftanding the atrempts of the enemy and the happiness and quiet of mankind
to burn it; and this day fome Banjarres be eftablished.
of this country brought to camp above

Dated 22d Rubany Saul Sutty 1918
4000 bullocks, half of them loaded witha

• Mahomed, or the 20th Rejeb rice, and the other half with grain, doll,

1205 IIejery, 27th March 1991. ghee, and other Buzar articles.

I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, your very obedient humble servant,

(Signed) CORNWALL.13.

Written March 27. 1791.
Camp at Chinabalaboram,
April 26-1791.

I HAVE received and Nave understood
A true copy,

the contents of your letter (recapitulate

that received the GEORGE PARKY, Afting Dep. Sec.

which always marks

the character of the British governmenty To W. CwJackson, Esq. Secretary at Fort

and my own personal disi fition and St George.

feelings, unite in saking nie with most

earnestly for the restoration of the blefa.

li fu ling of peace, as soon as a just repara-
I AM directed by Lord Cornwallis to stion can be obtained lor the injuries and
transmit to you copies of a letter re- lofts-that the Company, and its allies
ceived from Tippoo Sultan, and of his have suffered.
Lordship's answer to it.

If the two Circars alone were engaged
His Lordship defires that copies of in the present war, I thould not object:
them in English and Perian (for which to receive the perion of confidence whom
purpose a Persian copy is also inclofed) defire

to your propofitions: and at Hydrabad. I ara, Sir,

as the düry of my station would admit; Your moft humble fervantg

axbut fo, direct and expeditioue a mode of

viegociation 13"not now in my power
(Signed), G. F. CHERRY, Persian Boys for when I found that, by your disregard

terpreter to the Governor to all my conciliatory, offers, I mult nem

General. rssi 10 1 cellupily be forced to engage in a warg
Comp west of Džounilla,

ist sold ist. Lentered into the most bolemn treaties
March 29. 1791.
so be!: heaviset ty

with Nizam Ally Khan and with the
wi T. 161342 Peltiwa, declaging that we would aliift
A true copy, 34 9 13 til each'other, and that no one of the powo:
GEORGE PARRY, A'ring Dép: Sec. ers would liften feparately to any advan-

ces the without
FROM TIPPOO SULTAN.995, ) fideration and approbation of the differ-
Received March

ent parties of the confedoraes.
27: 1791.

I cannor therefore, confiilent with hoSome time ago your Lordlfhip desired nour and good faith, rective, in the first that several matters should be replied to instance, a person of confidence from in writing, and sent to you. I embrace you, «for the purpose of adjusing the fethis opportunity of writing, that in matd parate terms of peace between you and ters of great importance, the fecrets of the Corrpany:

ny: but if you should think
the heart cannot be known but by the proper to transmit to me, in weiting, the
verbal communication of a perfon of

propofitions thaty
confequence, nor can affairs be adjusted as a foundation upon which negociations

you are willing to make,
Therefore, if your Lordship pleafes, ! may be opened, for the relloration 06
will nominate a person of confidence, and peace and friendfhip between the Com-
vesting him with full authority, will send pany, the Nizam, and the Peshwa, on
him to your presence, in order that by one fide, and your Circar, on the otherg
personal conversations our ancient friends Ithall, on
thip may gain daily AtrengthYour Lord serious consideration, and, after commu-

my part, give them the most
hip must consider me desirous of your pication, with the other members of the


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