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Lord Grenville, to the Governor of the EXTRAORDINARY SUICIDE. ,
Russian Company, to inform him, that from
the accounts brought by Mr. Lindsay, who

arrived this morning, of the result of the ne-
gociations at Petersburg, his Majesty's fer-

A little before one o'clock, as his Majefvants are of' opinion, that there no longer ty was passing in his carriage through the exists any reason why the Ruffian merchants Park to St James's, a Gentleman dressed in hould not proceed in the usual course of black, standing in the Green Park, close to their commerce, without any apprehenfion the rails

, within a few yards of Mr Copbf interruption.

ley's pavilion, just the carriage came opI am, Sir,

posite where he stood, was observed to pull

a paper hasily from his pocket, which he Your very obedient servant, Ituck on the rails, addresled to the King's

(Signed) J. B. BURGÉS. throw off his hat, discharge a pistol in his W biteball, 14th August 1791.

own boom, and instantly fall. Though fur.

rounded with people, collected to fee the 35 m. pat 6, P. M.

King pass, the rath act was so suddenly per

petrated, that no one suspeded his fatal pur FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE,

pose till he had accomplished it. He expired immediately. In his left hand was a

letter, addressed « To the Coroner who shall WHITEHALL, Aug. 16.

take an inquest on James Sutherland.”

This unfortunate Gentleman was Judge Ministerial Notes have been delivered at Advocate at Minorca during the Governor St Peterburgh by Mr Whitworth and Mr fhip of General Murray, with whom he had Fawkener and Count Goltze, on the part of

a law-suit, which terminated in his favour. his Majesty and of the King of Prunia, and The General, however, got him suspended by Count Osterman, on the part of the Em, and recalled home. This, and the failure prefs of Russia, relative to the terms of paci- of fome application to Governmení, had fication between Russia and the Porte. In these Notes, the Ministers of his Ma- genteelly drefied, but had only two pence

greatly derairged his mind. He was very jesty and the King of Prussia agree, on the and some lecters in his pockets; the letters part of their respective Sov reigns, that their

were carried to the Secretary of State's OfMajefties will propose to the Porte to con

fice. The was conveyed to St Mar. clude a peace with Ruflia on the terms of tin's Bone house. the cellion of the district of Ockzakow, from . In the letter addressed to the Coroner, a the Bag to the Dniester; her Imperial Ma

copy of the following letter was inclosed : jesty engaging not to disturb the free navigation of the latter river, but to favour and

« TO THE KING. Protect it ; (to which condition the Porte is to be equally and reciprocally bound :)And her Imperial Majesty being also to restore to the Porte, at the conclusion of the leaving it, I express my forrow, that you

" In the moment that my heart's blood is peace, all other conquests whatever. The have allowed yourself to be imposed upon, Minister of her Imperial Majefly agrees, on and that you thould fill persist in retaining the part of his Sovereign, to make peace on such prejudices against me. With fpirited these terms; and the Ministers of his Mac and dutiful appeals, and humiliating fupplijesty and the King of Prusita agrée, on the cations, I have addretied you and your Mipart of their respective Sovereigns, that, if nisters. Allegiance and protection are conthe Porte should decline to enter into nego. Ritutionally reciprocal ; and as the former ciation on this basis, their Majesties will

never was forsaken by me, I had a right to leave the termination of the war to the expect that you would afford the latter. course of those events to which it may lead. The idea of a stake being driven through

my body has not terror to make me will The Court of Pruflia will be extraordi- that the act which I now perform should be nary {plendid in the month of O&ober. At considered in any other light but that of de a grand dinner, given lately at Monbijou, liberate reasoning. the Queen, after announcing the intended “ Instead of going abroad (the means of muptials of the Duke of York and the Prin- which were not left me), I have long incess Frederica, gave notice, that, at the same tended to shoot myself. I did not merit de time, would be celebrated the marriage of gradation; my conscience told me was in the Hereditary Prince of Orange with the titled to honour, favour, and reward. Ifor. second Princess of Pruffia; and that of the give General Murray, but cannot resist, even Hereditary Prince of Dessau, with the at this time, the wish I have to set your Ma. daughter of Prince Ferdinand:

jefty right with respect to myself. The subVOL, XIV. No. 8o.



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joined extract will sufficiently explain to liberally, were of the choicest kindsMadeiyour Majesty my innocence. Parliament ra which had crossed the line twice, high, accepted the petition of General Murray, flavoured claret, &c. To see a branch of but repeatedly threw out mine; for the stern the ancient and respectable house of Lochiel commands of prerogative were obliged to established in this delightful country, was yield to the milder ones of influence. truly pleasing. An English gentleman fung

“Let me recommend, Sire, to you to col. “Lochaber no more," wonderfully well; lect the letters written by me to Mr Ste. and Mr Boswell, one of the counfel upon phens of the Admiralty ; you will there the circuit, who made one of this jovial comsee the abufe of authority and irregularity pany, gave the following toast, which was of Gen.

I did not at that received with three times three cheers, and time know that none should reside in the hearty acclamations : "May there be a corisland of Minorca but such as pleased the dial, generous, and permanent union beGeneral. But I was willing to sacrifice eve tween the Highlands of Scotland and the ry thing but justice and honour to keep him Hundreds of Effexi' Yesterday the same quiet. At his instance I filled up but one liberal hospitality was continued; and this commission instead of two, for two priva- day, when the assizes ended, the High Shea .teers to cruize against the two states we riff entertained a select party in the most were then at war with, by which I was some agreeable manner. hundreds of pounds out of pocket.

Donald Cameron, Esq. the present High « I had long determined that my diffolu. Sheriff of the county of Effex, is son

of Ara tion should take place in the same manner chibald Cameron, of whom M Boswell and on the same spot that I now fall,' When makes such honourable mention in his Life my hard case shall be published, how will of. Dr Johnson. the world be shuddered to bear that huma

Angulo. nity had deprived me of every resource but

Advices, which have been received this death. 6 Yet, in the midst of all my misfortunes, Gudowitch has defeated a large body of

day, state, that the Russian General de I subscribe myself your Majesty's loyal sub- Turks stationed' near Anapa, and that he ject,

has even taken poffeffion of the fortress, and " JAMES SUTUERLAND. made the garrison prisoners, which confift« Written on the 13th, though dated the ed of fixty thousand men. The magazines, I7th of August, 1791, it being the day on and every thing else in the place, even the which I intend to shoot myfelf in the Green vessels in the port, have fallen into the hands Park, as the King paffes, to the Levee." of the conquerors. Some accounts state the

number of the garrison at 14,000 men. Mr S. has leftfa wife, two daughters, and Thus has this General completed the reduc. a fon (a Lieutenant in the army). In his tion of the Cuban, by seizing the only pocket, among other papers, was found a ftrong place of which the Ottoman forces will, bequeathing all he did or might even were in possesion. tually poffefs, to his wife and daughters. As the deceased was a man of great probity,

WINDSOR, August 13. highly respected by all who knew him and against whom was never heard a fyllable Prince of Wales (which completed his

The birth-day of his Royal Highness the like an imputation of immorality, we hope twenty-ninth year), was celebrated here yer the benignity of his present Majesty, and the terday, with such marks of attention and willingness of the present Administration, respect, that while it boṣe a most honoura. to ac liberally where liberality is due, will ble testimony to the loyal attachment of the convince his family, that he had no real people, afforded likewise a most pleasing cause to despair of justice.

proof of the concord sublifting between the

branches of the Royal Family. CuelMSFORD, August 5. No aflizes in the kingdom, I will venture

WORCESTER, "August 11. to say, exceeded ours at this time. Donald Cameron, Esq. our worthy High Sheriff, TRIAL OF THE BIRMINGHAM RIOTERS. made his procession on Monday into the county town, followed by fixteen carriages. On Monday last the Affizes began here, Next day he was attended at dinner by about before the Right Hon. Baron Eyre, and the two hundred gentlemen, amongst whom Hon. Justice #eath; of which we have been were twelve East-India captains connected favoured with the following account : with him. Turtle, venison, and every other viand of the best fort were served up in

BARON, EYRE'S CHARGE TO THE JURY, abundance. The desert, consisting of ices, as About twelve o'clock, Baron Eyre, with pine-apples, and other fruits of the season, Mr Justice Heath, entered the Court, and af was delicious; and the wines, which flowed ter swearing the Juries for the county and


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tity of Worcester, opened the business by a

August 12. most excellent charge. His Lordship apolo Early yesterday morning, Baron Eyre was gized for having occasion to trouble the gen in Court, for the special purpose of trying tlemen of the county, which he should not the rioters. have done, had not the late unfortunate riots Robert Cook, after a fair and long trial, in Birmingham rendered it necessary to say was capitally convided, for riotously affemsomething respecting that dreadful event. bling with divers others, and feloniously deHe commented on several acis of Parliament, molishing the house of William Russell, Esq. made for the preservation of the public peace

at Showell Green. and unity, and showed in what the late dis Mary Cox was tried on the same charge turbances differed from the crime of high but was acquitted. treason. He recommended to the Magis Thomas Coley, charged with the like oftrates by all means in their power to fup-' fence against the house of Thomas Cramer, press riotous proceedings on their first ap-, was also acquitted. pearance, by venturing their persons; in procuring the means which the law authori At the Warwick Allizes, Francis Field, Zes for the defence of the respectable and John Green, Bartholomew Fisher, and Wni orderly part of the inhabitants, by putting Hands, received sentence of death for being arms in the hands of responsible persons for concerned and activeinthe Birmingham riots. their protection, and for the suppression of tumults. His Lordship declared, that every A very high compliment has lately been Englishman was in duty bound, at the 'ha- paid by the Empress of Russia to Mr Fox. zard of his fafety, or even personal injury, to The Empreis, on the back of a letter, or protect his neighbour. His Lordship repro on a flip of paper, wrote a note in French, bated the treasonable and inflammatory with a pencil, from her country palace, and hand-bill, which he called a feditious, fcundal- sent it to ber Secretary of State, at Peters

and abominable libel, that not only attack- burgh, in which the desired him to write ed the Church and King, but every part of

to Woronzow (her Envoy Extraordinary, the Legislative Body.

and Minister 'Plenipotentiary here in Eng“ His Lordship observed, however, that land,) and bid him procure her a bust of " he thought much of the mischief was ow

Karl Fox in white marble, which fhe in“ ing to the assembling of those who met to

tended to have put up in her gallery between * celebrate the French Revolution on the the bults of Demofthenes and Cicero, as a « 14th of July.” That rumour had said the mark of her esteem for a man whose eloauthor of that vile and treasonable publica- quence and wisdom had prevented a war tion, was a partizan of the Established between Great Britain and Rullia, which Church; but that could scarce, he observed, must have proved ruinous to both countries. be credited for who could say what part the Emprefs, and submitted it to her confia

The Russian Secretary of State waited upon the lower ranks of people would take !--T. celebrate the French Revolution, whilst par

deration, whether the best thing she could ticipating of the blessings of the British Con- do, would not be to fuffer him to retrace ftitution, a constitution that has stood the with a pen the words written by her Matest of ages, was certainly indiscreet.-Men jesty, and transmit the original note to of every description, however, continued his Count Woronzow, at London. Her Mar Lordship; were under the protection of the jesty gave her Secretary of State leave to laws of the land; and no provocation could

act as he thought' proper. The pencil-wrijustify the burning of houses, or wanton

ting was in confequence retraced in red ink, enormities of any kind.-A multitude af- and the Emprefs's original note transmitted sembled, and tumults once begun, easily lead

to Count de Woronzow, who sent it to Mr

Fox as soon as he received it, in whose to rapine and mischief, and drcadful sacrifices must follow to atonc for the injury to indi

hands it now remains. The expression in viduals, and as examples to deter the popu

the note is peculiarly elegant.
lace from future acts of violence and out-

{It is impossible to do justice to the B4-
ron's fine appeal to the human feelings.]


The General Quarter Sefions having this His Lordship was particularly pointed day heard a complaint at the inttance of the on the impropriety of publishing any article Treasurer to the Trustees of the Turnpiketo enfiame or keep animosity alive between Roads, against one of the Tollgatherers of this parties, and before he concluded, warmly re county, for imposing upon a gentleman from commended every kind and conciliating en London, and anoịher from Manchester, by deavour to eradicate the unfriendly render- refusing a ticket, which cach of them had brance of the late unhappy violence. paid for and obtained at the last Turnpikce




bar, and making them pay toll a second to Miss Lloyd, of Berth, in the county of
time, contrary to the initructions granted Denbigh.
by the Trustees, they unanimously found the Arthur Nicholson, Esq; younger of Loch-
defender guilty, and fined him in twenty end, Shetiand, to Miss Màry Innes, of Aber-
fhillings Sterling; granted warrant summa- deen.
rily to imprison the defender in the tolbooth Robert Baird of Newbyth, Esq; to Miss
of Haddington until payment; and refol- Ilearfy Gavin of Langton.
ved, that every tollgatherer who shall be con Robert Bogle, Esq; of Jamaica, to Miss
victed of imposition for the future, shall be Margaret Bogle, of Glasgow.
excluded from bidding for any of the tolls of Mr Thomas Manners, writer to the sig
this county in time coming.

net, tó Miss Juliana Hope, of Edinburgh.
Mr William Scott Moncrieff

, merchant The eitate of Hatton, in Mid-Lothian, in Glasgow, to Miss Elizabeth Hogg, of belonging to the Earl of Lauderdale, was Edinburgh. lately sold to the commissioners for ntana Mr Allan Dalziel, merchant in London, ging the estate of Miss Scott of Scotstarvet to Miss Jane Denholın, of Gulyhill. for eighty thousand guineas!

William Pagan, Esq; of the land of Do

minica, to Miss Katherine Hart, of EdinE DIN BURG H.


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August 6.


July 30. Mrs Falconer of Woodcot, delier PUGILIS M.

vered of a fon. On Saturday last a boxing march took

Aug. 1. Mrs Maclean of Lochbuy, of a place in this city between two professors of

fon. the science. The one, a native of this city,

Mrs Edwards, of a son. and the other a black.

3. Mr3 Nicholson of Carnoch, of a font. It lasted about an hour, when it terminat 6. The Lady of Sir Henry Hay Macdou ed in favour of the black, his antagonist be- gal, Baronet, of a daughter. ing feverely hurt in the face and other parts

8. Mrs Blair of Blair, of a daughter. of his body, and having had some of his ribs

10. Mrs M'Neil of Barra, of a daughter. 'broken.

12. Mrs Neil Ferguson, of a son. This is the first regular battle that has

22. Mrs Dundas of Arniston, of a daugh, taken place, it is believed, in Scotland.

ter. The inhabitant of this place, however,

DEATHS. claimed the victory, on account of foul play, July 29. Mr. Andrew Honyman, fifth

son to Patrick Honyman, Esq; PRINCE OF WALES' BIRTH-Day. Alexander Farquharson of Balfour, Efq; i

Miss Sarah Irving, daughter of the late
August 12.

George Irving of Newton, Efq;
Being the anniversary of the birth of his

31. James Gordon, Esq; of Ardmeallie., Royal Highness George Prince of Wales,

Aug. 3. Mrs Margaret Alexander, wife Prince and Steward of Scotland, when he of Mr James Reid, surgeon in Peebles. “entered into the goch year of his age, in 6. Robert Waddell, Esq; of Crawhill. the morning the flag was displayed from 7. The Rev. James Wilson, Minister of the Castle, at roon the mufic bells were set Gamrie, in the 97th year of his age. a ringing, and the same was likewise ob

14. Mifs Jean Gordon of Cluny. served as a holiday at the banks and other

Dr David Wilson of Peterhead. public offices.

15. John Campbell, Esq; of Achalader.

Mrs Christian Edmondstone of Cam. MARRIAGES.

buswallace. July 27. Lieut. William Fraser, of the 18. Mrs Home Rigg of Morton. 42d Regiment, to Miss Eliza Robertson of 19. L'eut. John Guthrie of the Engineers, Kello.

in the service of the East India Company. Aug. Mr Archibald M.Brair, merchant, 20. Mrs Jean Mitchelson, wife of Mr Glasgow, 'tó Miss Elizabeth Millar.

Georre Cairneross, agent for the Church. Abraham Leslie, Efq; of Finraffie, to Miss 21. Mr John Wood, late merchant in E Jean Leslie, of Edinburgh.

dinburgh. Alexander Ewing, Esq; of Nether Balloch, 23. Miss Elizabeth Elphinston, daughter to Miss Lindsay, of Glasgow

of Alexander Elphinston, Esq; advocate. Mr William Wilkie, merchant in Had. - Mrs Möllwrath, wife of William M : dington, to Miss Elizabeth M Queen, of llwrath, Efq; Preiton-kirk.

25. Mrs Maxwell, widow of the late A. The Hon. Jchn Campbell, of Stonefield, lexander-Maxwell, merchant in Edinburgh one of the Senators of the College of Justice, 28. Mrs Glendonwyn of Glendonwyn.

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