History of the Conquest of Mexico: With a Preliminary View of the Ancient Mexican Civilization, and the Life of the Conqueror, Hernando Cortés, Volumen 3

Harper and brothers, 1844

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Página 117 - ... teocalli. In an instant, the flying Aztecs, as if maddened by the blast, wheeled about, and turned; on their pursuers. At the same time, countless swarms of warriors from the adjoining streets and lanes poured in upon. the flanks of the assailants, filling the air with the fierce, unearthly cries which had reached the ears of Cortes, and drowning, for a moment, the wild dissonance which reigned in the other quarters of the capital.
Página 360 - They could not suppress their wonder as they beheld the Cross, the sacred emblem of their own faith, raised as an object of worship in the temples of Anahuac. They met with it in various places; and the image of a cross may be seen at this day, sculptured in bas-relief, on the walls of one of the buildings of Palenque...
Página 337 - ... Crusades. For every Spanish cavalier, however sordid and selfish might be his private motives, felt himself to be the soldier of the Cross. Many of them would have died in defence of it. Whoever has read the correspondence of Cortes, or, still more, has attended to the circumstances of his career, will hardly doubt that he would have been among the first to lay down his life for the Faith.
Página 113 - Cortes divided his force into three bodies. One of them he placed under Alderete, with orders to occupy the principal street. A second he gave in charge to Andres de Tapia and Jorge de Alvarado ; the former a cavalier of courage and capacity, the latter, a younger brother of Don Pedro, and possessed of the intrepid spirit which belonged to that chivalrous family. These were to penetrate by one of the parallel streets, while the general himself, at the head of the third division, was to occupy the...
Página 386 - That its mysterious import will ever be deciphered is scarcely to be expected. The language of the race who employed it, the race itself, is unknown. And it is not likely that another Rosetta stone will be found, with its trilingual inscription, to supply the means of comparison, and to guide the American Champollion in the path of discovery.
Página 192 - Aztecs, a generous graft on a vicious stock, and could have brought no fruit to perfection. They ruled over their wide domains with a sword, instead of a sceptre. They did nothing to ameliorate the condition, or in any way promote the progress, of their vassals. Their vassals were serfs, used only to minister to their pleasure, held in awe by armed garrisons, ground to the dust by imposts in peace, by military conscriptions in war.
Página 129 - ... were stretched, one after another, on the great stone of sacrifice. On its convex surface, their breasts were heaved up conveniently for the diabolical purpose of the priestly executioner, who cut asunder the ribs by a strong blow with his sharp razor of...
Página 429 - ... contentamiento de los naturales de la tierra, porque como es señora en todas sus cosas e amiga de los cristianos, por su respeto y ejemplo más quietud e reposo se imprime en los ánimos de los mexicanos.
Página 403 - Conahuatzin ; que es de toda esa gente ? sus voces ; ¡ agora acaso ! ya están en la otra vida, este es el caso.
Página 407 - Tenayocan que fue la cabecera del imperio de los chichimecas y de esta alberca salía un caño de agua que saltando sobre unas peñas salpicaba el agua, que iba a caer en un jardín de todas flores olorosas de tierra caliente, que parecía que llovía con la precipitación y golpe que daba el agua sobre la peña.

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