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INTELLIGENCE FROM VARIOUS visible in broad day-light, the sun shin

PARTS OF THE COUNTRY. ing at the time in great splendour. Jan. 12. A party of gentlemen met - The same meteor was seen at Swaffat dinner on the occasion of presenting a ham, in Norfolk. Piece of Plate and Subscription to Mr. G. Feb. 19. The useful and beautiful Stephenson. After the customary toasts, Chain Bridge lately erected over the the Chairman, C. J. Brandling, esq. in a Tweed at Dryburgh Abbey by the Earl neat address presented a massy silver of Buchan, was entirely blown down by tankard, upon which was the following a tremendous gale. inscription :

Feb.28. Several of Mr. Kemble's friends “ This Piece of Plate, purchased with in Edinburgh, anxious to express their a part of the sum of a subscription of admiration of his talents, by requesting 10361. raised for the remuneration of his acceptance of some memorial of their Mr. GEORGE STEPHENSON, for having affection and regard, requested the hodiscovered the fact, that inflamed fire- nour of his company to dinner. The damp will not pass through tubes and party was fixed for this day, and several, apertures of small dimensions; and hav. of the first noblemen and most distin. ing been the first to apply that principle guished characters of Edinburgh were in the construction of a safety lamp, cal- present. The chair was taken by F. culated for the preservation of human Jeffrey, esq.; Mr. Kemble taking his life in situations formerly of the great- seat on his right hand, and Professor est danger,' was presented to him at a Playfair on his left; and he was most general meeting of the Subscribers." ably assisted in croupiers by Walter

The Chairman then observed, that it Scott, and John Wilson, esqrs. After never had been the wish of those who dinner, and the usual loyal toasts, Mr. supported the claims of Mr. Stephenson, Jeffrey proposed the health of Mr. Kemto injure the fair fame of any man, or ble, and in the name of the company deprive an eminent individual of the me- "requested his acceptance of a gold snuffrit to which he was justly entitled. Un- box, to bear the following inscription : der this impression, he felt no besitation “ To Juhn Philip Kemble, esq. in the in rising to give the health of Sir H. first year of his retirement from the Davy, for the ready manner in which be Stage, this Box was presented by Francis came forward to lend his aid to the cause Jeffrey, esq. in the name of fifty Fuha. of humanity, and for the great and dis- bitants of Edinburgh, as a slight token interested services he had rendered to the of their sense of those important services coal-trade, and to science in general. which his taste and his example bave This toast was received with great ap- rendered to the British Drama ; in grateplause. The Earl of Strathmore con- ful remembrance of the exquisite delight cluded an excellent speech with a senti- which they have received from his talents ment, “ Rivalry in science without Jea- as a performer; and as a testimony of lousy, and may every one engaged in their high esteem and regard for his priuseful researches reap the benefit of bis vate character. 28th of February, 1818." own labours." The cheerful and convi. Mr. Kemble expressed his sincere and vial spirit displayed by the Chairman grateful thanks for the honour done soon infused itself into the company, and him. Among other toasts in the course rendered this meeting, from its com- of the evening, the health of Mrs. Sid. mencement till its close, a scene of fes- dons, introduced by an animated and tivity and good humour seldom wit- eloquent address from Mr. Walter Scott, nessed; and a general wish seemed to was received with great respect and prevail that all animosity should from delight. that day cease between the contending March 4. Anotber great house was in parties.

imminent danger of increasing the cataEdinburgh, Jan. 30.' St. Paul's Cha. logue of those destroyed by fire. Some pel, York Place, was opened for the pur- plumbers were at work at Gorhambury, pose of being consecrated. The cere- near St. Alban's, the seat of the Earl of mony was performed by the Right Rev. Verulam, who went to dinner, leaving Bishop Sandford, assisted by the Rev. A. thereon a charcoal fire, which, before Alison, and R. Morehead, Ministers of they returned, communicated to the the Chapel.

rafters; but, being providentially discoFeb. 6. At 2 o'clock p.m. a large and vered in time, men were sent up, who luminous meteor was seen descending cut away a large portion of the rafters, vertically from the zenith towards the and prevented the fire from burning into Northern part of the horizon, in the the house, which it was rapidly threatneighbourhood of Cambridge. It was ening to do.




March 16. The annual sale of the The Bishop of Carlisle some time since linen manufactured from the yarn spun intimated to the Earl of Lonsdale, that by the poor women employed by the West it would essentially serve the Established Ham Spinning Institution, was held at Church if the costly education at one the house of the Treasurer at Upton, in of the English Universities could be Essex, when table linen, diaper, sheet avoided, and gentlemen intended for a ing, &c. to the amount of upwards of clerical life could obtain it nearer home. 1001. were disposed of among the ladies His Lordship, with his accustomed pubwho patronize the charity.—This useful lic spirit, adopted the hint, and has institution bas afforded employment at caused the chancel of St. Bees abbey, their own houses to between 30 and 40 which has been upwards of 200 years poor women during the winter, who without a roof, but the walls of which but for this assistance must have be- were still found to be substantial, to be come with their families dependent on fitted up for the purpose, at his own the parish. They are supplied with flax expence, under the superintendance of from time to time as they require it, and Mr. Peile. The work is now finished, are allowed to purchase their wheels by and forms one of the noblest structures small weekly instalments. The charity for academic studies which this or any has now been established sixteen years, adjacent county can boast. The Free and each return of winter affords the Grammar School of St. Bees has also ladies who conduct it fresh proof of the been lately repaired at a considerable advantages which result from the plan expence by the same munificent nobleof furnishing the poor with suitable work, instead of relieving them with money at The exterior of tbe grand public Muthe door.

'seum, in the College at Edinburgh, is In our last volume, p. 463, we noticed now finished, and is allowed to be one the atrocious murders perpetrated at of the most beautiful and chaste pieces Theddlethorpe on the 7th of October. A of architecture in Scotland. Preparaman named John Raithby being appre- tions are making for fitting up the intehended on strong suspicion, and com- rior according to the classical plan conmitted to Lincoln Castle, confessed the ceived by Mr. Playfair jun. Col. Imrie, crime with every mark of sincere repent: well known to the publick by his mineance. Ever since his committal his agony ralogical writings, has been the first to of mind, accompanied with visions of set the example of contributing to this horror, continued day and night, till na- establishment. He bas presented to ture at length sunk under the conflict. the Museum the valuable collection of The verdict of the coroner's inquest was, minerals he made in Greece and the Died of excessive grief.

Greek Islands, and has accompanied The Spanish chesnut - tree, under this interesting donation with a splen. which the unfortunate Duke of Mon- didly-printed catalogue, and engravings mouth and his party dined before the of classical Grecian scenery, made from battle of Sedgemoor, is still standing in original drawings, and engraved at his Dillington Park, near Ilminster. It now own expence, by one of our most emimeasures 26 feet in circumference, and nent artists. annually produces a large quantity of nuts.

A great sensation has been created at OCCURRENCES IN LONDON AND Bath, and indeed throughout the king

ITS VICINITY. dom, by a Protest read by the Archdea

Windsor Castle, March 7.-His Macon of Bath, at a meeting convened for - jesty has passed the last month in great the purpose of establishing a Church Missionary Society in that City; the Bi

tranquillity, and continues to enjoy a shop of Gloucester in the chair.

good state of bodily health ; but his Ma. Mr. Gladstone, of Liverpool, has built jesty's disorder is unchanged.” and endowed, at his sole expence, two

Sunday, March 28. churches, St. Andrew's, in Renshaw- This morning, about 6 o'clock, a fire street, and St. Thomas's, at Litherland,

broke out in the house of Mr. Wheater, near that town. He has also built, en

grocer, in the Strand, which was totally dowed, and will shortly open, a charity

consumed, as well as seven houses ad. school, in Slater-street, where 270 chil- joining; and Mrs. Wheater, J. Sturgeon dren will be educated. At Litherland, the apprentice, and J. Tasker the shophe has, moreover, built a school and a man, were burnt to death. Mr. Wheater master's house, which he has also en.

with much diffieulty saved his life by dowed, and in which about 80 children dropping from the window, after having at present receive the benefits of edu- in vain sought for Mrs. Wbeater,--Mrs. cation.

Jackson, the wife of Mr. Jackson, book


binder, of Villiers-street (who was among damage was done to the shipping in the the first persons attracted to the spot), River. A young man named Job Lint, has since died in consequence of the belonging to Erith, who was coming up fright occasioned by this calamitous the River in a Gravesend boat, was event.

forced overboard, and every effort to Wednesday, March 4.

sąve him proved ineffectual.-The effects This night, the Metropolis was visited of the storm were also very severely exby a Storm more violent than any re- perienced in various parts of the counmembered for some years past. The try; as well as by the shipping on the • wind began to blow from S. to $. W. coast. about 8 o'clock, a perfect hurricane, The amount of the Public Funded accompanied with rain, and at times Debt of Great Britain, distinguisbing with lightning; and raged with increas- the redeemed and unredeemed; together ing fury until near 1, when a temporary with the annual charge thereon, and the abatement took place, which was fol- Sinking Fund applicable to the discharge lowed by occasional squalls till between thereof, on the 5th of January, 1818. 3 and 4 o'clock. The house of Mr. Great Britain, including Ireland, l'unded Thatcher in Union-street, Chelsea, fell- therein, consolidated per 56 Geo. III. in upon bim as he was seated by his c. 98. fire-side reading, and he was buried in Public Funded Debt* .£1,106,759,615 the ruins. The neighbours having re- Debt Redeemed

358,557,624 moved the rubbish, he was got out alive, Debt unredeemed .... - 748,201,991 but very seriously injured. At the East end of the town several shells of houses, Charge, exclusive of Sinking and some nearly finished, but of slight Fund, estimated at. . 27,868,439 construction, were levelled with the Sinking Fund, estimated at. i 13,847,137 ground. Three unfinished houses in the New Cut, leading from Rev. Rowland Total Annual Charge, estiHill's Chapel to Lambeth, fell with a mated at....

. 41,715,576 tremendous crash a few minutes after a By the 57 Geo. III. c. 48, the Sinking lady and gentleman who had taken refuge Fund Accounts terminate on the 5th of tbere had left the spot.-Several trees January in each year, instead of the 1st were blown down in St. James's Park and of February as heretofore. in other quarters; and the streets in all The rapid increase of Saving Banks parts of the, town were strewed with throughout the Kingdom must afford fragments of chimneys, tiles, &c.-_Mr. great satisfaction to every benevolent Kinnaird, one of the magistrates of the minı. By returns lately made to the Thames Police, was sitting in his back House of Commons it appears that from parlour, at his house in Holborn, with Aug. 6, 1817, to Jan. 5, 1818, 325,0511. his family, when a stack of chimneys has been received by the Commissioners fell in upon them. They had just a for the reduction of the National Debt, moment's time, and a moment ouly, from the Trustees of the Saving Banks for escape. The chair in which Mr. Kin- in Great Britain, to be applied to the naird was sitting was broken into shivers, purchase of Scock for the subscribers. as well as the flap of the table on which This sum has purchased 376,7331. 3 per be was leaning. The assistant also, who cents. was sitting in the counting house, narrowly escaped with his life.- Between

THEATRICAL REGISTER. 10 and 11 o'clock, a kitchen at the back

New Pieces. of tbe bouse of Lady Hayes, in Somerset-street, was rendered one mass of

Covent Garden Theatre, ruins by the falling-in of a large wall.

Feb. 21. Zuma, or The Tree of Health, After some time the body of Mary Maun

a Comic-Opera, in three Acts, by Mr. tie, the cook, was taken out, the head Dibdin, the Music by Braham and Bidashed to atoms, and the body greatly

shop. disfigured; she was quite dead. The

March 12. Rob Roy; a Musical Drabodies of the house-maid and laundry

formed out of the celebrated novel

under that title. mnaid were also dug out, but some signs of life were apparent in both, although

DRURY LANE THEATRE. they were most dangerously bruised. March 2. The Castle of Glendower; One had her thigh broken, and was a Comedy in five Acts. burnt about the shoulder; the other March 25. Rob Roy the Gregarach ; was much worse burnt, but had no limb a Romantic Drama. fractured. - Many other accidents oc- . curred, though none of so serious a * Exclusive of £1,900,000 Irish 5 per nature as the preceding.-Considerable Cents. payable in England,






Rev. William Wilmott, M. A. Trinity Whitehall, Feb. 21. The undermen- Church Perpetual Curacy, Halifax, vice tioned Koights Commanders, to be Knights Knight, resigned. Grand Crosses of the Bath : Adm. Sir C. Rev. Gunton Postle, Wereham Perpe: M. Pole, bart. vice Adm. Sir R. Curtis, tual Curacy, with Wretion annexed, Nor. bart. deceased ; Rear-adm. Sir T. F. folk, Freemantle, vice Adm. Sir J. T. Duck. Rev. William. Doncaster, B. A, Winterworth, bart. deceased ; and Rear-adm. Sir borne Basset R. Wilts. G. Cockburn, vice Adm. Sir R. Onslow, Rev. T. Ashley, B. D. West Shefford bart. deceased.-Gasette.

R. Berks, vice Wilson, deceased, Mr. Isaac Hadwen, Russian Consul at Rev. T. Pearce, M. A. Hawkinge R, Gibraltar. -Gazette.

Rent. Rev. John Pattinson, Master of the Rev.John Pattinson, Dendron Chapelry, Grammar School at Dendron, co. Lancaster. co. Lancaster.

Rev. William Parker, B. A. Skipwith V.

co. York, vice Nelson, deceased. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS.

Rev. George Rennell, Greystead R. Rev. Charles Turnor, M. A. and F.S. A.

Northumberland, vice Jones, resigned. Vicar of Wendover, Bucks, and one of his

Rev. William Jones, one of the ChapMajesty's Justices of the Peace for the

lains of Greenwich Hospital. same County, to a Prebendal Stall in Lin

Rev. Charles Andrews, Flempton cum coln Cathedral, vice Dr. Charles Burney.

Hengrave R. Suffolk.
Rev. William Aldrich, B. D. Hintlesham
R. Suffolk.

Rev. Robert Eyves Landor, B.D. Vicar Rev. J. W. Morgan, M. A. Si, Giles R.

of Hugheudon, Bucks, Domestic Chaplain

to the Prince Regent. Colchester. Rev. Samuel Jones, Briningham Curacy,

Rev. J. Brett, M. A. Mount Bures R.

Essex. Norfolk.

Rev. H. Tacey, Bylaugh Perpetual Cu. Rev. W. Tournay, D. D. Prebendary of Westminster, vice Wheler, dec.-Gazette.

racy, Norfolk. Rev. P. Scott Fisher, M. A. Burbage V. Wilts.

DISPENSATION. Rev. Dr. Andrew Bell, Prebendary of Rev. Thomas Davis, Idmistun V. Wilts, Hereford Cathedral.

with St. Martin R. Sarun.


BIRTHS. Jan. 12. At Naples, the lady of the Alexander Anderson, a dan.-At Fort Wil.' Commander-in-Chief Prince Nugent, a dau. liam, Bengal, the lady of Sir T. M.Mahon, 28. At Madeira, Rt. Hon. Lady E. Per- Adj.-gen. to the Forces, a son. At Bancival, a daughter.

galore, the wife of Gen. Hare, a son. Fei. 3. The lady of his Royal Highness March 1. In Hertford-street, the Coun. Don Carlos of Spain, a son. – 14. At tess of Clonmell, a son. -2. At Eaglehurst, Avoch house, co. Ross, the lady of Sic Hants, the Countess of Cavan, a son.Alexander Mackenzie, a son and heir. 3. At Eden house, Tunbridge Wells, the 21. The wife of Joseph Feiiden, esq. of wife of Alexander John Wynch, esq. a Witton house, co. Lancaster, a son.-23. dau. —5. At Meltou Mowbray, Lady In Upper Grosvenor-street, the wife of Elizabeth Norman, a son. - -6. At EdPaul Methuen, esq. M. P. a son.-24. In winstowe, Notis, Hon. Mrs. Boothby, a Weymouth-street, the lady of Hon. Thos. - 13. At Wickham Bishops, Essex, Orde Powlett, a son. - The wife of W. the wife of the Rev. Thomas Leigh, a Ponsonby Johnson, esq. of Walion house, son.At Noseley. hall, co. Leicester, the co. Cumberland, a son.-27. At Richmond lady of Sir Arthur Grey Hesilrige, bart. a house, the Countess of March, a son and son —15. In Grosvenor place, the wife of heir.

Henry Hobhouse, esq. a son. — 16. In Lately. — At Exeter, the wife of Col. Burlington - street, the Marchioness of Payne, a sun.-At Edinburgh, Lady Ogil. Anglesey, a son. —20. In Highbury place, vy, a dau,-At Duniker house, Scotland, the wife of Humphrey Ballard, esq. a dau. Lady Oswald, a dau. At Glebe, near -The lady of Adm. Sir C. H. Knowles, Dungannon, the wife of Capt. Hugh Ed- bart. a son. - 23. In Albemarle-street, wards, a son and heir.-At Paris, the wife the Countess of Waldegrave, a dau. of Alexander Baring, esq. M. Po a son. 25. In Wimpole-street, Rt. Hon. Lady At Viseu, in Portugal, the wife of Colonel Bridport, a daughter;

MARRIAGES. MARRIAGES. 1817, Aug. 19. At Bombay, Rev. Geo. At Carlisle, Thomas Reeves, esq. Cape Barnes, b. Ď. Arehdeacon of Bombay, to tain in the 54th foot, to Alice, only dau. Harriet Penelope, fourth dau. of the late of the late William Dacre, esq. of Kirk. James Rivett Carnac, esq. formerly Mem. linton-ball. ber of Council at that Presidency.

Rev. J, C. Fisher, of Merton, Devon, Sept. 8.

At Baroda, V. C. Kemble, to Harriet, third daughter of Richard Litchesq. of the East India Company's Esta. field, esq. of Torrington. blishment, to Miss Shaw.

Rev. J. W. Sinclair, to Elizabeth, third Déc. 15. At Malaga, Cipiano Palafox, daughter of the Rev. R. Bligh, rector of Count of Jeva, to Maraquita Malvina, Donaldkirk, Yorksbire. eldest daughter of William Kirkpatrick, At Madras, Rev. William Malkin, A. B. esg. of Malaga.

Chaplain to the East India Company, to At the Bermudas, Sir Charles Thomas Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Sir Samuel Jones, kpt. Captain of his Majesty's ship Toller, Advocate General, Madras.. Harrier, to Jane Helen Melville, only March 4. By special licence, Sir Chas. child of Gilbert Sutton, esq. Collector of Egleton Kent, bart. of Little Pouton. his Majesty's Customs.

house, co. Lincolo, to Lady Sophia Lygon, 1818, Feb. 9. James Dempster, esq.

dau. of the late Earl of Beauchamp. M.D. 93d Highlanders, to Elizabeth Ma. Rev. Edward James Townsend, Rector ria, only daughter of John Carroll, esq. of of Rawmarsh, co. York, to Mary CatheNewlawn, co. Tipperary.

rine, only daughter of John Hambrough, 12. Major Hugonin, 4th Drag. only son esq. of Hereford-street, Park-lane. of Lieut..gen. Hugonin, 10 Catherine, el- 5. Visc. Newport, eldest son of the dest dau. of James Cogan, esq. of Walt- Earl of Bradford, to Georgiana Elizabeth, hamstow.

only daughter of Sir Thomas Moncrieffe, 16. Lieut.-gen. the Hon. Sir C. Colville, bart. of Moncrieffe, co. Perth. G.C.B, to Jaue, eldest dau. of W. Mure, 6. Olawell Puxwell, esq. of Galway, to esq. of Caldwell.

Mrs. O'Brien, widow of the late Ulick 17. At Paris, T. Finnimore Hill, esq. O'Brien, esq. of Waterview, co. Galway, to Lucy Frances, second dau. of T. Lewis, and younger sister of Lord Clanmorris. esq. and grand-daughter of Sir Harry Gor- 9. Charles Gordon Ashley, esq. to the ing, bart.

Hon. Jane Newcomen, 19. Francis Onslow Trent, esq. young. 10. William Symonds, esq. to Elizaest son of the late John Trent, esq. of Dil- beth Mary, eldest daughter of the late lington-house, Somerset, to Judith, eldest Adm. Carteret, and niece of Sir John Sil. dau. of the late W. S. Loher, esq. of the

vester, bart. Polygon, Southampton.

Henry Robert Carden, esq. only son of 21. George Allwood, esq. of the Lea- Sir J. C. Carden, bart. to Louisa, only sowes, Shropshire, to Mary, day. of T. daughter of Frederick Thompsov, esq. of Kinnersly, esq. of Clough.ball, co. Stafford. Dublin.

26. Lieut. col. C. W. Crookshank, 33d At Edinburgh, John Munsie, esq. surreg. son of the late Judge Crookshank, of geon, Thornbill, to Miss Anna Torrię, Newton Park, Ireland, to Charlotte, se- daughter of the late Captain Torrie, R. N. cond dau, of Rev. Charles Johnson, vicar 14. Jobn By, Major in Royal Engiof Southstoke, and Prebendary of Wells. neers, to Esther, heiress of the late John

28. W. L. Lowndes, esq. of Lincoln's- March, esy. of Harley-street, Cavendishinn, to Eliza, fourth dau. of S. C. Cox, square. esq. one of the Masters iu Chancery. William Henry Feilde, esq. only son of

29. Al Seroor, Major Ford, of the Ma- W. H. Feilde, esq. of Netherfield-house, dras Establishment, to the eldest dau. of Herts, to Miss Georgiana Martha Pybus Robert Eastwick, esq. of Warfield, Berks. Fairfield, of Gloucester-place, Portman

Lately. Dep.-assistant Commissary- square. gen. Turner, to Susan, eldest dau. of P. William Blasket, esq. to Eliza, third Delanney, esq. of New Bond-street. dau. of the late Alexander Caldcleugh, esg.

Charles Chaplin, esq. Professor of For- of Broad Green-house, Surrey. tifications at the Royal Military College, 18. Rev. Dr. Butler, Head-master of Farnham, to Sarah, eldest dau. of W. Harrow school, Rector of Gayton, co. Parsons, esq. of Prospect-house, South- Northampton, and of Calverton, Bucks, ampton.

to Sarah Maria, eldest daughter of Joba W. Green, esq. of Coddenham-hall, Suf- Gray, esq. of Wembley-park, Middlesex. folk, to Charlotte, eldest dau. of T. Cooper, 23. Charles Telfair, esq. to Annabella, esq. of Langenhoe-hall, Essex.

eldest dau. of the late Adm. Chamberlaype. Mr. D, T. Egerton, artist, of Lexden, 28. George Collings, esq. of HampEssex, to Georgiana, dau. of the late John stead, to Mrs. Rhodes, widow of Captain Dickens, esq. Judge at Prince of Wales's Rhodes, of the East India Company's serIsland,


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