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were it proper that elegant fancy should take place of matters of fact.

The stream issuing from Brownrigg's Well is called Whelpside Gill; it runs first south west, then west, in which latter direction, it is formed into numerous cascades in its progress towards Wythburn.

The best line of descent from Helvellyn to Wythburn, is to keep Whelpside Gill upon the right, and pass to a peat road under High Crag. Down this peat road, though steeply, I made my way, having long in sight the Inn at Wyth


This peat road is over the middle tongue, and it is a rough tongue, with Whelpside Gill upon the right, and Forest Syke upon the left.

At the foot of the hill, the peat road enters some pleasant pastures, and joins the turnpike road a short distance from the Inn. Thence I returned to Ambleside, to which place, from Wythburn, my half walk, and half ride furnished a plesant day's excursion.


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