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I bave struggled, and hardly, with Hate and with

Malice ; In the dews of affliction my heart hath been steeped; I have dregged the last drops of Misfortune's dark

chalice, And from seeds of delight only mournfulness

reaped ; Yet, ʼmid all my wild wanderings, a halo was cast On the gloom of the present-by thoughts of the



When Detraction's keen arrows were rushing around

me, And, though Truth was my buckler, had branded

my name ; When the friends who long years firm and faithful had

found me Were the first to upbraid, and o'erwhelm me with

blame ;

What said I?-Conviction will strike them at last ;They once loved me ;-I'll turn to the thoughts of the



I have sought in the wine-cup a Lethe for sorrow,

And quaffed its warm tide till my spirit grew light; But that mockery of mirth always fled ere the morrow,

Leaving nothing behind it but blackness and blight! And 'twere well :—who would wish that oblivion to last, Which with bitter, must banish sweet thoughts of the



Like the bubbles of brightness which mantle and

sparkle, When the juice of the grape in the goblet is gushing, And but shine for a moment, then sullenly darkle,

So the joy wine creates may as gaily be flushing O'er the pale cheek of woe—but it fleeteth as fast :Is it so is it so with sweet thoughts of the past ?


No ;-the garland of Memory new beauty discloses,

When chastened by sadness and mellowed by years ; And though thorns but too frequently mix with the


Whose stems have been watered and reared by our

tears ; Let them circle the brow;—sure the pain is surpassed By the gladness we gather from thoughts of the past !


Then believe me, dear Zillah, there needs not a token

To bid my heart dwell on the dream it loves best ; For each pulse must be withered, each chord must be

broken, Ere the stamp of thy loveliness fade from my breast. Yes! I'll think of thee, gentle and kind as thou wast, And the joy of my grief' shall be thoughts of the

past !


'Twas thine, when dark Fate, one by one, had been

stealing Each hope I most cherished and clung to on earth, To unchain with thy glance the chilled fountain of

feeling, And restore its locked tide to light, sunshine, and

mirth. Gloom again is upon me ;-my soul is o'ercast ;But there's balsam and bliss in the thoughts of the past !


When we met, thy young brow with deep sadness was

clouded, Yet though pensive thy smiles, they were grateful to

me; And the bud Woe's long winter had icily shrouded,

Burst to bloom in an instant when glanced on by thee: Though the Simoom hath sped, and hath breathed its

hot blast, There are blooms still unwithered the thoughts of the

past !

Is the friendship sincerer—the love more enduring,

years of probation alone can create, Than that which springs up, with a moment's maturing,

In bosoms with passion and feeling elate ? Surely not !-If it is--what care I, so thou hast Pleasure, thrilling, as I have, in thoughts of the past.!


But it never may be! In souls ardent as ours,
When the seeds of affection have once been im-

planted, A morning's bright sun-shine will call up the flowers, And prove, plainly, 'twas warmth and not ages they

wanted ;And though clouds burst above them, their blossoms

will last, And gain freshness and strength from the thoughts of

the past !

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