Painful questions: an analysis of the September 11th attack

E. Hufschmid, 2002 - 154 páginas
This respected classic contains over 100 color photos and diagrams, and the analysis to prove that the World Trade Center towers and Bldg. 7 were demolished with explosives. These were placed in the buildings in advance of the 9-11 attack - and the official story is a fairy tale. The book has been used by people around the world to support their accusations that elements in the US Government were the primary conspirators in the 9-11 attack. For example, David Ray Griffin references it in his book "The New Pearl Harbor," and Andreas von Bulow, a retired German government minister, in his book "The CIA and 9/11." If you still believe Osama bin Laden attacked us without our government's assistance, why not find the flaws in this book, put these accusations to rest, and help restore America's credibility? If you already know the attack was conducted by the U.S. government, this book will help you educate your fellow citizens on the unbelievable corruption in our world.

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