Retrieving the Ancients: An Introduction to Greek Philosophy

Wiley, 18 jun. 2004 - 248 páginas
Retrieving the Ancients tells the story of the first philosophers in the West.

  • A clear and engaging introduction to ancient Greek philosophy.
  • Tells the story of the first philosophers in the West, from Thales to Aristotle.
  • Has a strong sense of narrative drive.
  • Treats the history of ancient Greek philosophy dialectically, as a conversation in which each thinker responds to and moves beyond his predecessors.
  • Argues that the works of the ancients are as valuable today as ever.

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Sobre el autor (2004)

David Roochnik is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Boston University. His previous publications Of Art and Wisdom: Plato’s Understanding of Techne (1996) and Beautiful City: The Dialectical Character of Plato’s Republic (2003). In addition to his scholarly work in the field of ancient Greek philosophy, he has also published a short story and has recently completed a novel.

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