Life and Adventures of Ben Thompson: The Famous Texan

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Commemorating the 132nd anniversary of the death of Austin's famous gunfighter Ben Thompson, and commemorating the publication of his biography The Adventures of Ben Thompson: The Famous Texan, by William M. Walton published in 1884, comes this special annotated edition from Lisa Lach. Major William Walton was a master of the English language, leading criminal defense lawyer of his day, and wasn't afraid to express himself. Walton delighted in his ability to cut an opposing lawyer's argument to ribbons in the courtroom. Walton was a supremely self confident man - who else would title his own autobiography The Epitome of My Life? Ben Thompson possessed similar traits of self-confidence, bordering on hubris; after all, it was Walton who lived to write about Ben's life and death. This fresh edition with new facts, corroborating new research from both the Thompson and Walton families, photos, and discoveries, shares insight into the life, times, and character, of Ben Thompson. "I was amazed and interested in all the new information provided. The corrections, annotations, and photos, change the dynamic of the book and I'm sure Major Walton would give his approval." Gena Richards, one of Major William M. Walton's great-granddaughters "I knew Ben had lead an adventurous life, but I had no idea he was known in and ventured to so many states. The family is excited to have some correct and new information on the market about Ben Thompson. Anne Beck, great-granddaughter of Ben Thompson

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