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Retr spect of Spanish Literature...Botany.

loi B. Nolin, Geographer to the most Chrif- the Carthagenians and Romans, until the tian King, presented to his Catholic Ma- time of the Emperor Adrian. jesty, &c. This print represents a very

AGRICULTURE AND HUGBANDRY. correct and interesting view of the city “ Tiempo de la vendimia, modo de and fortress of Mantua, and the Austrian hacerla con utilidad y economia, &c." camp, during the last liege of the place, On the time of ihe Vintage; on the means in consequence whereof it surrendered to of making it in an economical and useful the Iinperial troops, under the orders of manner, &c. One Volume in 4to. This Field-marshal Lieutenant Kray.

useful work gives a very latistactory ac" Tratado inftructivo y práctico del count of the most proper time and means arte de la tinrura y regras, experimentadas of gathering the grapes, and of the most y metodicas para tintar seda, lana, &c. profitable method of inaking and preferv.

12 estampas, que demuestran las ing all forts of wine. operaciones de estas ob:as; un tumo en " L'á vendimia y agricultura de las folio." An instructive and practical Vinas, modo y tiempo de hacerla, con Treatise on the Art of Dying, and me- utilidad y economia con respecto al vino thodical rules, deduced from Experience, blanco y tinto, &c. 'n tomo en 4". On for dying Silk, Wool, &c. with 12 plates, the Vintage and Culture of the Vine, the representing the operations described in most proper method and time for the fime, this work; one Volume in folio. its utility and economy in regard to white

“ Coleccion de eltampas de asuntos and red Wine, &c. One Volume in 4to. caprichosos, inventadas y grabadas por

BOTANY. D. FRANCISCO DE GOYA, &c.” A - Fundamentos Buranicos de Carlos Collection of Caricatures, invented and Linneo, que en torma de Aforismos exengraved by Francisco de Goya. The poner la teoria de la ciencia Botanica, author of this interesting collection has traducidos por D. ANGEL GOMEZ MARvery laudably devoted his talents for lu.

TIN Y ORTEGA, &C." The Rudiments dicrous and latirical drawings, to ridicule of Botany, of Charles Linnæus, which in such na:ional prejudices, absurdities, and the form of Aphorifins explain the theory extravagancies, as deserve the lash of pub. of the Science of Botany; iranslated by D. lic censure.


" Flora Peruviana et Chimeneis, five de“ Memoria de la Real Academia de la scriptiones et icones plantarum Peruvian. Historia sobre la inscripcion hebrea de la arum, et Chilensium; Tomus 11. autoIglesia de Ntra Sra. del Tránsito de la ribus. Hippolyts Ruiz et Josepho Pa. Ciudad de Toledo, &c.” A Memoir of

VON, &c." This fecund volume of the the Royal Hiftorical Academy, on the highly

valuable Peruvian Flora, &c. Hebrew Inscription of the Church of our

contains 257 descriptions of plants, and Lady del transito, in the City of Tokdo.

216 plates, representing 203 non-defcript

plants, in their natural lize, Mape and co. BIOGRAPHY.

lours ; among these plants are 9 non-de“ Resumen de la vida de Sta. CASILDA, script fpecies of the genus of Cinchona or aboyada contra la enfermedad del Fluxo de true species of the Peruvian bark-treesangre, esterilidad, caidas, &c. con al- from the mountains of Peru, of wisich gunos de sus milagros, &c.”. A Sun- the authors ftate to have received 6 draw. mary of the Life of St. Casilda, the

guar- ings of as many new fpccies, which are dian Saint against the bloody Flux, Ste- to be published in the third volume. rility, Falls, &c. with some of her Mi- Among thern is one fpecies, which by racles, &c.

means of an incision, gives a retinous, “ Vidas de Santos para todos los dins gummy tubstance, resembling il.e culour del ano, &c.” The Lives of the Saints of lac, which may be of very considerable for every Day of the Year, &c.

wie in medicine as well as dying. Mugeres ilustres de Espana : Obra “ Casimiri Gomezii Ortegae, Botan, original, por el P. F. ALFONZO AL- Profefforis primarii, pharmac p. et medi. VAREZ, &c." Tomo 1. &c. The Il- cii Regii honorarii, &c.

Novarum et Jultrious Women of Spain: an original variarum plantarum horti Reg. Bətan. Work, composed by P. Fr. Alfonzo Al. Madrid, descriptionum decades, cnm non varez, &c. Volume the First. The first pullarum iconibus. This volume of Oivolume of this biographical work begins tega's matterly description of the plants with the fabulous times, and contains the cultivated in the Royal botanical garden lives of those illustrious Spanilh women, a: Madrid, comprises the 7th and 8ih de. who flourished under the domination of cades, and contains a considerable number


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of non-descripts, as satisfactorily described tions for the purposes of the arts, trade, as they are beautifully represented in the and commerce ; and the 3d. treats of the annexed plates.

mode of preparing and managing the naGEOGRAPHY.

tural productions of the different parts of Tres cartas esféricas, que compre- the globe, and of preventing their dissoluhenden las islas Antillas, las de St. Do. tion and corruption. mingo, Jamayca, Cuba, canales, viego y “ Viage á los bànos de Arnedillo con la nuevo de Bahama y las costas de todo el análisis de suo aguas termales, dado á feno Mexicano, contruidas de orden del luz por D. LUIS DE TRESPALARIOS Y Rey, &c.” Three (pherical Charts, con- MIER, &c.” A Tour to the Watering, taining the Antilles, St. Domingo, Cuba, place of Arnedillo, with an analysis of the Old and New Bahama Channel, and its Waters, published by D. Luis Tresthe Coasts of the whole Gulf of Mexico, palarios y Mier, &c. This work condrawn by command of His Majesty, &c. tains advice for travellers, relative to a

“ Carta Geographica de la Provincia journey to that place, to the best mode of de Quito'y pailes adjacentes, &c. pub- taking the waters, and to the diseases, licada de orden de S. M.” A Geogra- against which they may be used to adphic Map of the Province of Quito, pub. vantage. The analysis, made by an able lished by command of His Majesty. chemist, shows the component parts of the This valuable map is drawn according to waters, whence an inference may be the astronomical öblervations, made by drawn, in what cases they are likely to the French academicians, and Messrs. D. , be most useful. Jorge Juan, and D. Antonio de Ulloa, El Viagero 'universal ó noticia del commissioned to measure the degree of mundo antiguo y nuevo: obra recopilada the meridian, contiguous to the equator. de los mejores viageros, por D. PEDRO

“ Mapa Nuevo de Extremadura, divi. ESTALA, Presbytero, &c.” An Unidido en sus partidos, &c." A New versal Collection of Travels, or IntroducMap of Eftramadura, divided into Dif- tion to the Knowledge of the Ancient and tricts, &c.

Modern World, compiled from the best TOPOGRAPHY.

Travels, &c. by D. P. Eftala, Presbyter. Brere descripcion de la ciudad de The numbers of this voluminous comJerusalen y lugares vecinos como extaba pilation, which have been pullished en tiempo de Christo, &c. con el viage de the course of last year, contain desc in Jerufalen que hizo y escribió FRANCISCO tions of the United States of AmeripDE GUERRO, en que se ve la differencia Canada, and New Spain, or Mexico, rica, que hay en esta ciudad de acquel tiempo al de ahora, &c." A Briet Deícription of La Cifra : Opera jocola en dos Altos, the City of Jerutalem and the Neigh- par D. LUCIANO COMELLA,” &c. The bouring Places, as they were at the time Wisher, a comic opera, in two acts, by of Jesus Christ, &c. with the Journey to D, L. Comella. Jerusalem, made and described by Fran- “ Polixêna Tragedia en un Acto, facil cisco de Guerrc, which shows the altera- de executarse en qualquiera Casa particutions made in that City since those Days lar, por estar arreglada para quatro Perto our prefent time, &c.

onas, y entre ellas una sola Mager." VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. Polixena, a Tragedy in one act, which « Compendio de Observationes de un may be easily performed in any private viagero Politico y Filosofo, dividido en houte, as it is contrived for four persons, tres partes, &c." Compendium of Ob. am ng whom is but one woman. Yervations of a Political and Philofophic “ Zenobia y Rhadamisto: Tragedia Traveller, divided into three parts, &c. en tres actos, par D. GASPAR ZAVALA The utt. part of this well written compo- Y ZAMORA, &c.". Zenobia and Rha. firion treats of the utility of travelling damiltus, a Tragedly in three acts, by D. firit through the provinces of the king- Gafpar Zavala y Zamora, &c. dom in which we are born, and afterwards EDUCATION AND MORALS. through Europe; of the origin of the “ Nuevo método para enfener la geoarts, and of the economy of the animal, grafia â los nịnos, &c. par D. FERNANvegetable, and mineral kingdon ; the ad. DO ROMERO DE LEIS." A New Meexplains the duty of the traveller, his thod of initructing Children in Geogra. political sentiments, his philosophy, en- play, &c. by D. F. Romero de Leis. quiries and knowledge, relative to agri. This method is the same with that proculture, and the vie inade of its produc. poled and followed by P. Almeyda, a



Retrospect of Spanish Literature....Miscellanies.



Portuguese priest, who is said to have scritos de casa del Marques Capilupi de taught a young man geography within Mantua, compuesto por el abate D. five months, who had lost his eye-light JUAN ANDRES, a la qual accompana at the age of eight years. By way of una carta del mismo autor á su hermano appendix is added to the work the del- D. Carlos Andres, en que manifiesta la cription of a new astronomical machine, utilidad de semejantes catálogos, &c." composed under the direction of the said Account of a Catalogue of the Manu. Almeyda, and designed to teach children fcripts in the poffeffion of the Marquis astronomy in an easy and am way.

Capilupi of Mantua, composed by the “ Conversaciones Morales para la Abbé D. Juan Andres, accompaniert by buena educacion, impresas en dos colu- a letter from the same to his brother D.

en espanol y Frances, par el D. Carlos Andres, wherein he shews the uti. FRANCISCO FERNANDO DE Flores, lity of the like catalogues. This cata. &c.” Moral Dialogues tending to pro- logue was printed at Mantua in the year mote a good education; printed in two 1797, and gives a full account of all the volumes, in Spanish and French. manuscripts in the possession of the Mar.' MISCELLANIES.

quis Capilopi. In the letter, annexed to “ El Experimentado cazador y per- the above perforinance, the author fhews feéto tirador, compuesto par D. J. M. the advantage to be derived from the G. N.” The Experienced Hunter, and publication of similar catalogues, as complete Marksman, by D. J. M. G.N. being the only means of communicating

"Gazeta de los ninos ó principios to the public a notice of the literary treagenerales de moral, ciencias y artes, aco- fures, huried in the archives and libraries modas á la inteligencia de la primera of noble and other private families. edad, par D. Joseph Y D. BERNABE " Pirotecnia entretenida ó arte do co CANGA ARGÜELES: ano primero." heteria &c, un tomo en 8o." PirotechThe Gazette for Children, or general nical Amusements, or the arts of FirePrinciples of Morals, Sciences, and Arts, works, &c. I vol. in 8vo. In addition adapted to the faculties of children, by to a great variety of prescriptions for D. J. and B. Canga Argüelles : first making all sorts of fire-works, this work year. This well written work contains, contains a very instructive chapter on the besides the fundamental principles of dy- composition and force of gun-powder, namics, astronomy, botany, natural hif- and on the best method of restoring that tory, and agriculture, a variety of moral which is damaged or spoiled, and carrytales, and bingraphical sketches of illus- ing gun-powder in general to a higher trious aud celebrated persons.

degree of perfection than what it has hị. “ Noticia de un catálogo de los manu- thefto attained.



for placing the plates. The Athenæum, Liverpool,

to face page 432. Mr. Galton's Experiments on Colours

512 Mr. Wilkinson's Patent Boiler


The Numbers of the Monthly Magazine ure always dated on the day on which they are published. The Number for January 1800 is dated February 1, 1800 ; and the Number for December 1799 is dated January 1, 1800, being the days on which thofe Magazines were respectively published. Should any difficulty arisé, however, from this mode of dating the Numbers, the Binder can attend to the Number of the Yeries; the present Supplement is Number 54, and the first Number of the year 1800 will be Number 55." These Numbers have advanced in regular order, 1, 2, 3, OC &c. from the commencement of the Magazine,

IT is

T is not without reluctance that we feel ourselves obliged to conclude the

present year with announcing to our readers an advance of price in the future numbers ; but we flalter ourselves that the propriety, and even neceflity of such a measure, will appear so manifest on a candid confideration, that we shall lose none of that public support which we account our greatest honour. Indeed, our of apology might be rendered very easy, by resting the whole upon the concurrent examples of the Editors of all the cther reSpectable publications ; but it is our wish to enter into a more satisfactory explanation.

No one conversant in business can be ignorant of the great rise in the wages of workmen, and in commodities of every kind, which has taken place within a few zears. This we, in common with others, have contentedly borne, as a deduétion from usual profits, to which it was our duty in some meusure to submit; but the late enormous advance of paper, amounting to full 40 per cent of the price, has brought on a crisis in the bufiness of a publijker; and it is now become absolutely necessary to call upon the public for their allifance in bearing the burden.

We are further to observe, that the Periodical Publications of this country have long been the cheapest works issuing from the press, in proportion to the quantity of their matter; far exceeding in this point even the Journals of foreign countries, where the expences attending them are so much less.

With respect to the relative value of our matter, it does not become us to be the estimators either of cur own, or of other productions. We may,

however, be permitted to say, that conscious as we are of sparing no cost in procuring many of our materials, and of receiving the voluntary favours of many excellent Correspondents, we should te unreasonably diffident, did we not Suppose we p Deleda real title to the unparalleled encouragement with which we have been honoured.

The advanced price will enable us to take a still wider range in our efforts to gratify our readers of every class, of which they may be allured we shall not fail to avail ourselves to the full extent.

T. Gillet, Printer. Saliibury-square, Fleet-street.


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