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history, hiftory and philosophy, relating cerning education and the treatment of to the structure of the human body. The domestics, are not new, but nevertheless fourth part contains a very appropriate highly important. The psychological extract from Celfus, calculated for the observations which this volume contains, instruction of students in surgery: possess more novelty, than intrinsic merit.

“Bemerkungen über das Nervenfitber, The stile is correct and lively, and the &c. &c. in den Jahren 1790, 1797, 1. tout-ensemble extremely well calculated 3798, von Dr. CH. W. HUFELAND." both for a inusement and instruction. 1999. pp. 199. Obfervations on the “ Erholungen, Herausgegeben von Nervous Fever and its Complications, in Becker. Band I. u. 11. 1798, 8vo." the Years 1796, 1797, and 1798. The Recreations, collected by Becker, Two principal object at which the learned au- traets, contributed by Professor GARVE thor aims in this volume is, to describe on Disappointed Expectations, and on the the proceedings and the spirit of the Cli. Beauties of several mountainous Districts; nical institution at Jena, in the treatment and two by ADELUNG on Northern Li. of this disease; to furnish young practi. terature, render thefe volumes particutioners with just ideas and principles larly interesting and instructive. concerning the cure of this nervous fever, " ADELSTAN's Jovialisch Politische fo generally prevalent in our times; and, Reise durch Italien, &c. &c. 1798. pp. finally, to place the important doctrine of 400; 8vo." Adelstan's Jovial Political complications, which has been confused so Journey through Italy, during the Cam. much by Brunoniavism, in a proper point paigns of Bonaparte. Adelftan, the of view, in which he, in our opinion, has hero of this bachantic excursion to the been completely successful.

vineyards of Italy, traverses all the revo“ Von der Macht des Gemüths durch Jutionary regions in a high jovial glee, den bloßen Vorfaiz, &c. &c. von J. and after having met with numerous ri. KANT.” 1798. pp. 54. 8vo. On the diculous adventures, at last enters Rome Power which the Mind possesses to check by the Porta del Popolo, abandoning him. diseafed Sensations by Means of mere Re- self at that revolutionized city, to the effolution. The venerable philosopher com- fusions of numberless pointed sarcasms municates in this tract his observations at the holy father and his adorers, and made upon himself with regard to diet, entertaining his readers with the lively and relates instances of his own life which fi&tions of his glowing fancy, and with are highly interesting, as they enable us caricatures of the most ridiculous and ex. to form an idea of the uncommon energy travagant appearance. As for ourselves, of his mind, and of the greatness of his we must confefs that the numerous falhes genius.

of genial humour, and the great variety MISCELLANIES.

af original characters with which we have “ Kleine Schriften zur Vnterhaltung, met in this motely production, has afforded von G. G. FÜLI IBORN.” 1798. pp. us no small degree of entertainment'; but 248. 8vo. Misceilanies for Amusement. we do not pretend to maintain that there Mr. F., who has a variety of knowledge will be many readers who will relish the at his command, and is as much at home tendency of this fingular composition. in ancient literature as in that of modern “ Músarion, die Freundin weiser Ge. times, has prepared in this volume men- felligkeit, &c. &c. von Aug. LINDEtal food of various descriptions, fuiting MANN, 1799. pp. 316 ; 8vo. Mulaas well the palate of the lover of Greek rion, the Friend of wise Sociabišity, and philosophy, as that of the votary of the domestic Pleasure. A periodical work amorous and sportive muse.

for ladies. Number I. II. III. Tales “ Meine Freuden und Leiden als Gat- and poetry occupy the three firft numbers tin und Mutter, &c. &. von AMALIA of this periodical work, of which a num. WILL.” &c. &c. 1798. pp. 415. 8vo. ber, consisting of six sheets, is to be pubMy Pleasures and Sufferings, in the State lished monthly. The principal object of of a Wife and a Mother, &c. &c. This the Editor feems to confift in the diffusion interesting volume is an excellent guide of virtuous principles, and in affording for the fair sex and ours. The observa rational amusement to his readers. Miss tions which the authoress makes on the Melville in the second, and the afters in rapid encrease of luxury', deserve the most the third number, are particularly caleuferious consideration. Her maxims coné lated to effect that laudable purpose.


Retrospect of Spanish Literature... Medicine.


Retrospect of the Progress of Spanish Literature during the

Year 1799.


ON presenting to our readers the last re- “ Vida alegre y Christiana, ó Máximas

у trospect of Spanish literature, -we ex- para sutrit con serenidad todo género de pressed our concern, tha1, from the inter- lucesos, &c. par D. Fr. Lopez Porrupied intercourse with Spain, and the TILLO, &c." The happy and Christian want of perodical Spanish publications, Life, or Maxims for meeting with a legiving a critical account of recent literary rene Mind, Events of every Description, compositions published in that country, &c. by D, Fr. Lopez Portillo, &c. ' The it was not in our power to do full justice author endeavours to thew, that we ought to the productions of Spanish genius and to make ourselves happy in every fituation erudition, which we had to announce. wherein we are placed, however unfortuWe at the same time expresied a hope,

nate it may be, without envying the power- , that the brilliant fuccelles, obtained by ful and the wealthy. the allied armies arer the republican "Dolores de Maria Santisima historia troops, would bring on a fpeedy restora- ados, por F. DIEGO DE SANTIAGO, &c.” tion of the former relations of amity and An historical Account of the Sufferings friendship between this country and Spain, of the holy Virgin Mary, by F. Diego de whereby we might be enabled to establish Santiago, &c. a literary correlpondence, productive of Reglas y

Observaciones para entenmore ample and more satisfactory infor- der las lantas Escrituras, especialmente el mation, relative to the state and progress libro del Apocalipsis ficrito por S. JUAN, of Spanish literature, than we are able to


Dr. D. MANUEL ROSELL, &c." draw from the sources of intelligence, Rules and Obfervations to facilitate the which are open to us in the present fitụaUnderstanding of the Holy Scripture, and tion of public affairs. In this hope, how. elpecially of the Apocalypse, written by: ever, we have been unfortunately disap. St. John, &c. by Di. Manuel Rotell, &c. pointed. Still

" Sermones varios, por D. ANTONIO Mailed Mars doth on his altar fit; PEREZ, &c." Sermons on various suband still we are obliged, in a great mea. jects, by D. Antonio Perez, &c. sure, to confine ourselves in our present retrospect to the mere enumeration of the " Curso completo de Anatomia del cutitles of recent Spanish publications, and erpo humano, &c. por el Dr. D. JAYME to defer to better tines the performance BONELLO y el Dic. D. Ignacio Laof the grateful talk of analizing the pe

CABA, tomo 4 en 8o.”

A complete culiar merits of many, an important work, Course of Lectures on the Anatomy of of which, at present, we can only an- the human Body, by Dr. Jayme Bonells, nounce the existence. Yet however scanty and Dr. Ignacio Lacaba, in 8vo. vol. the may

be our present sources of information IVth. This volume of the valuable respecting the actual state of Spanish lite- work contains the neurology, and part of rature, what little we know will bear us {planchnology. The neurology is divided out in asserting, that it shares not in the into two sections, the first of which treats general decay which withers the once of all the parts of the brain and of the proud honours of the Spanish empire. medulla ipinalis, and the second of all the The department of botany has received nerves which arile in those parts. The two brilliant accessions in the second fplanchnology, which is commenced in volume of the Floria Peruviana, and two this volume, will be concluded in the new decades of Ortega's highly valuable fith, which is to complete the whole description of the plants, cultivated in the work. royal botanical garden at Madrid; and “ Memorias sobre las enfermedades, works of considerable merit have been que se deben tener por la itas : por D. published in the departments of history, PEDRO BRUNEL, Cirujano da Camara political economy, medicine, &c. y partero de la Reyna nuestra Senora : un

toino en 4o.” Observacions on such dif“ Diálogo Christiano entre el Entendi. easts, as must be deemed lactecus Dira miento y la Voluntad hecho, por 'D, RA- tempers, by D. Pedro Brunel, Surgeon MON TORBE, &c.” A Christian Dia. to the King, and Man-Midwife to her logue between the Understanding and the Majesty; one vol. in 4to. Will, by D. Ramon Torhé, &c.

I Division de las enfermedades, hech3 MONTHLY MAG, LIY.

9 B



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segun los principios del sistema de Brown the small-pox, should not be the same ó Nosologia Browniana, con un Discurto which is pointed out by the author, yet preliminar sobre las nolologias y dos his anethod cannot but be attended with grandes tablas que presentan la Classifica- the most advantageous results, both for cion causas y método curativo de las en- mother and child. fermedades, &c. por

D. VICENTO MIT. Preceptos generales sobre las operaJAVILLA, A Classification of Dil- ciones de los partos, par D. JOSEPH VENcafes, made According to the Principles of TURA Pastor, Cirujano que fué en esta the System of Brown, or the Brownonian corte, &c." General Rules and ObservaNosology, with an introductory Discourse tions respecting the Operations of Midon Nosologies, an:1 two large tables which wifery, by D. Joseph Ventura Pastor, late exhibit the Classification and Causes of Surgeon in this place, &c. This work Diseases, with the method of curing them, contains a full explanation of the art of &c. by Dr. V. Mitjavilla.

midwifery, and description of all the dif“ Prontuario Anatómico teorico-prac- ferent species of births, with observations tico del cuerpo humano: primera parte; extracted from the best authors on this de los huesos del esqueleto de un adulto; subject, and a great variety of practical repor D. IGNACIO LACABA, y D. ISIDORO marks. The whole is illustrated hy 24 DE ISAURA.” A Manual theoro-practical plates, representing, with the utmost exof the Anatomy of the human Body; actness, the preternatural positions, in Part the First, treating of the Bones of which the foetus appears at the time of a grown male Person; by Dr. Ignacio its birth, and pointing out the most proLacaba, and Dr. Isidoro de Isaura. The per manner in which it is to be extracted, first number of this valuable work con. tains nine plates, representing, with the " Adiciones a la Practica universal greatest exactness, copied from nature, forense de los tribunales superiores y the first, the substances of the bones, and inferiores de Espana y Indias, por D. PE. the other eight all the bones of the head. DRO BOADA DE LAS COSTAS Y FIGUEEach bone is represented, in every point RAS, 2 tomos." Additional Remarks on of view, necessary to understand its vari- ' the universal Practice of the higher and ous parts, extension, and use.

inferior Courts of Spain and India, by “Carta fobre el uso de los medica- D. P. B. de las Costas y Figueras ; 2 vols. mentos aplicados al exterior para curar “ Practica é instruccion de agentes y muchas enfermedades internas ; escrita en pretendientes, ilustrada y apoyada con Frances por el Dr. J. TOURDEs, mé. leyts, decretos y Reales resoluciones, pubdico del exercito de Italia : traducida en licadas ahora, &c." Practical Instructions Caitellano, &c.” A Letter on the Use of for Solicitors and Claimants, illustrated Medicaments, applied externally, for the and supported by the Laws, Decrees, and Cure of internal Diseases, written in royal Resolutions hitherto issued on this French by Dr. J. Tourdes, Physician of subject, &c. the Army of Italy; translated into Spanish, &c. The author of this letter en- “ Memorias historicas sobre la Legilladeavours to prove,

that medicaments ex- cion y Govierno del Comercio de las ternally applied are, in many cases, suffi. Espanoles con sus Colonias en las Indias cient for the cure of internal diseases, and occidentales, por D. RAFUEL ANTUNEZ confirms the experiments and observations &c.” Historical Memoirs on the Legis. made on this subject by the celebrated tion and Government of the Trade of the Spalanzani.

Spaniards to their Colonies in the West “ Disertacion firico - medica inédita Indies ; one vol. in 4to. The author of sobre la posibilidad de precaver las virue- this valuable and instructive work, who las, sin que la Experiencia haya el mas li- is a member of the Council of India, has gero peligro, '&c.". A phyfico-medical divided it into five parts. In the first he Treatise on the Possibility of preventing treats of the ports authorized to carry the Small-pox, without the Experiment this trade, viz. Seville and Cadiz in Spain, being attended with the least danger, &c. and of those in the Canaries; in the leThe plan, proposed by the author of this cond, of the ships employed in that trade; treatise, yet unedited, having been care- of their construction, tonnage, and other fully examined and enquired into by the circumstances relative to the voyage to universities of Salamanca and Valladolid, the said illands; of fleets and convoys; was declared by them to be altogether of advice-boats and packets, and of the original; and they gave it further as their register-fhips failing for Buenos-Ayres; opinion, that if the cause, which produces in the third, of the cargoes which it is

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Retrospect of Spanish Literature.... Mathematics.

1099 lawful to carry out to the above colo- &c." A Treatise on intermittent Springs, nies; in the fourth, of the duties to be and on the cause of their flowing and paid on the ship and cargo; and in the stopping, &c. by a Monk of the Congrefifth, of the persons entitled to this trade. gation of St. Benedict of Valladolid; one At the end of each part, the ordinances, Volume in 4to. edicts, and regulations, are enumerated in

POLITICAL ECONOMY. a chronological order, which have been “ Ensayo sobre la policia general de issued since the discovery of India down los granos, sus precios y efectos de la to this present time, relative to the objects agricultura: obra traducida del frances; treated of in the respective parts, and an observaciones sobre ella y an analisis del appendix is added which contains several comerio de trigo, &c.” por D. TOMAS documents referred to in the work, and, ANZANO. An Essay on the general Poamong others, a report of the Board of lice of Grain, its Price, and the tffects of Trade to the King, stating, that in the Agriculture, translated from the French, year 1610, the operation of dulcifying or with additional Observations on the same, purifying sea-water, and rendering it pot- and an analysis of the wheat trade, &c. able, was performed before the Board. by D. Tomas Anzano.

“ Historia cronologica del Pueblo He- “ Ensayo economico sobre la monedabreo, de su Religion y gobierno, &c. por papel y fobre et credito publico: por D. el Dr. D. JOSEPH RIGUAL, presbitero: Joseph ALONZO ORTIZ.” An econoun tomo en 80." A chronological and mical Essay on Paper-money, and Public historical Account of the Hebrew People, Credit, by D. Joseph Alunzo Ortiz, 1 their Religion and Government, &c. by vol. in 4to. The author of this ingeDr. Joseph Rigual, Presbyter ; one vol. nious composition treats of the origin, in 8vo.

use, and differences of paper-money, of “ Historia cronologica del Pueblo de the inconveniences and advantages of this Dios hasta el Nacimiento de nuestro Senor system, and the precaution with which it Jeluchristo, y Explicacion del Mapa geo- is to be adopted. He has added a partigrafico de la Tierra de Promision, escrito cular chapter on public credit and its dey delineado por F. JUAN PENALVER, &c. cline; and interspersed several just and apun tomo en 4o.” A chronological and propriate reflections on public debt. historical Account of the People of God, “ Discusso sobre la verdadera libert ad down to the Nativity of our Lord Jesus natural y civil del hombre, traducido del Christ, with an Explanation of the geo. tuliano," por D. VENTURA SALZAS, graphic Map of the Land of Promise, un tomo en 8o. A Discourse on the written and delineated by F. Juan Penal- Civil and Natural Liberty of ver, &c. The author of this work, a Man; translated from the Italian by D. Franciscan monk, in order to give an ex- Ventura Salzas. act description of the land of promise,

MATHEMATICS. examined it liimself on five different voy- “ Tratado completo de aritmética o ages to that country, and has, upon the método para aprender á contar por prinwhole, acquitted himself well of his task. cipios, por D. JUAN GERARD, Presby

". Biblioteca nueva de los escritores tero.” A Complete Treatise on ArithAragoneses, que floriéron deide et áno metic, &c. by D. Juan Gerard, Pref1500. hafta 1599. por el D. D. FELIX byter. This work, which appears to LATASSA Y ORTIN, &c. tomo 10." be very useful, especially for youth, 'who A New Catalogue of the Arragonian devote themselves to commerce, embraces Writers, who flourished since the Year all the different branches of simple arith1500 down to 1599, by D. F. Latassa metic, and concludes with a table of all y Ortin, &c. Volume the first.

the coins and species of money current in the principal ftates of Europe, and their

respektive value in Spanish currency. “ Carta Africana, que comprehende " Tratado general y mathematico de una exàéta narracion de los terremotos, reloxeria dividido en dos partes &c." por acaecidos en Oran la noche del 8. and 9. D. MANUEL DE CENELLA E ICOAGA, de Octubre del ano de go, &c." An reloxero de camara de S. M. é individiro African Letter, containing a correct Ac. de la Real Soricdad de Madrid.”. A Gecount of the Earthquake which happened neral and Maiheinatical Treatise on the at Oran, in the night between the 8th Art of Watch-making, divided into two and 9th October, 1790, &c.

parts, &c. by D. Manuel de Cenella é " Tratado de las fuentes intermitentes Icoaga, Watch-maker to his majesty, y de la causa de fus Auxos y supresiones, and fellow of the Royal Society of Maу




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drid. This very interesting and useful English Tongue, as' an example of all the work treats of all the branches of the art ref, by Colonel D. J. G. Tories de Naof watch-making, and explains the ma- varra. This ingenious composition conthematical principles on which that art is tains, in ihree sheets a Comparative founded, in a simple and luminous style, Grammar in twelve tables, a Dictionary, and in a manner which reflects great and a dozen passages, abstracted from the credit on the talents of the author. best English writers, with a translation NAVIGATION.

and grammatical analysis. 66 Nautica laconica ó régimen de hal.

POETRY. lar la Longitud en el mar por los rumbos “ Ensayo de un Poema de la Poesia, y variacion de la aguja, &c.".

The dedicado al Exc. Sr. Principe de la Paz." Nautical Summary, containing rules how A poetical Essay on Poetry, dedicated to to find the Longitude at Sea by the points the Prince of Peace. This Poem is die of the Compass and the variation of the vided into three cantos; the first of which Magneric Needle, &c. The author pur- explains the idea of versification; the fepoles in this finall tract, an easy method cond treats of sacred and dramatic poetry, of finding the longitude at sea, the exact- and the third of the epopee and lyric ness whereof, however, appears at least poems. doubtful.

“ La casa de Campo : Poema en verso “ Memoria sobre los métodos de hallar Castellano, traducido del Latin del P. Ja Longitud en'el mar por las Observa- VANIERE, &c.” The Country-Seat, a ciones Lunares, su autor Alférez de Na. Poem in Spaniil Verse, translated from vio, D. FRANCISCO LOPEZ Roro : the Latin of P. Vaniere. seguida de un apéndice, por D. GA- “ Poecias cogidas de Lope de Vega BRIEL DE CISCar, Capitan de Navio de Carpio ; con un discurso sobre la oda por lu Royal Armada.' A Treatise on the MARMONTEL,' &c. Select Poems of Methods of finding the Longitude at Lope de Vega Carpio, with a Discourse Sea by Lunar Obfervations, by D. Fran. on the Ode, by Maimontel. cisco Lopez Royo, Enlign of the Navy; 66 Elementos de Poetica por el P. JEAN followed by an Appendix, written by D. CAYETANO LOSADA, &c." Elements Gabriel de Ciscar, Captain of the Royal of Poetry by P. Jean Cayetans Losada, Navy. This valuable work, printed by &c. The author of this performance, command, and at the expence of the king intended for the use of young persons, has" of Spain, is the result of an incessant ap- endeavoured to explain in a correct and lu. plication of its author, and of his wish to minous style ihe fundamental principles of diffuse through the Spaniih navy the aftro- the art of composing poems, chiefly extracte nomical knowledge he was postelied of. ed from the works of Luzan. Cascales, BatThis composition being the firtt fruit of teaux, anu Boileau, and illustrated those his uncominon genius, renders it the more principles by extra&os from the works of a matter of fincere regret, that he was cut the best Latin and Spanish Poels. off by a premature death on the 30th “ Poesias del Mtro. GONZALEZ, del April, 1799, on board the frigate la orden de S. AGUSTIN ;. un tome en 80." #jcencion, then stationed off Surinam. Poems by M. Gonzalez, of the order of The new method here proposed will be St. Augustine ; one volume in 8vo. This found extremely useful on all occalions, volume contains all the lyric poems of where brevity is preferred to the nicest that celebrated writer, who haş deservedly exactness, which is generally the cale at obtained a distinguished place among

the sea,

favourite author's (f the Spanish nation. CLASSICAL LITERATURE AND CRI- “ Las naves de Cortés deitruidas : TICISM,

canto épico, obra poftuma de D. NOCOLA9 6 Ensayo practico de simplificar el es- FERNANDEZ DE MORUTIN; ilustrado tudio de lenguas escritas, hasta el grado por el editor, con notas criticas."

The de poder qualquiero aprenderstas por fi folo Ships of Cortes deltroyed ; an Epic y en pocos dias verificado publicamente Poem, being a Pusthumous Work of D. en esta cortę sobre el edioma ingles para Nicolas Fernandez de Morutin; with exemplo de los demas por el Coro- explanatory Notes by the Editor. nel D. JOSEPH GONZALEZ TORRES DE ARTS AND MANUFACTURES. NAVARRA, &c." A practical Eflay to “ Vista de la Plaza de Mantua, sacada fimplify the Study of written Languages de la que presentó Mr. L. B. Nolin, Geoin such a degree, that every one may learn grapho del Rey Christianissimo á, S. M. then without a Valter, and in a few days, Caiólica, &c." View of the Fortress of publicly proved in this place with ihe Mantua, copied from that which Mr. L.

B. Nolin,

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