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Elizabeth.. .R. Wright, Esq....... Cutter .. 35 .. Southampton
H. G. Hopkins, Esq.

13 .. Southampton Flirt.. .C. A. Brooke, Esq..

.Cutter ..

Grand Turk .T. W. Fox, jun. Esq.....Cutter . 15 .. Plymouth
.F. Berkeley, Esq. .. Yawl

24 Malta Gipsey..

W. F. Moore, Esq. Cutter 10 Plymouth Ganymede .J. H. W. Pigott, Esq.... Cutter 69} .. Southampton Harriet

Lord Viscount Ranelagh. Cutter 68] .. Southampton Julia

Hop. Capt. Hare... Cutter 21) ..Plymouth Janette. . Earl of Egremont

...... Schooner Leveret

..Jobn Hare, Esq. Cutter... 36 .. Plymouth

..J. B. Glegg, Esq.. Schooner 10 .. Torbay
C. T. Janverin, Esq. Cutter ...

18 .. Portsmouth Midge ..J. Petre, Esq.....

Cutter.... 25 .. Cowes
H. D. Barton, Esg. .Cutter

14 . Exeter
Captain Douglas Cutter

57 Bristol Nelson..

. Sir C. Ibbotson ........ Cutter 93 .. Cowes Osprey.

Thomas N. Allen, Esq... Cutter 52 .Portsmouth Peri..

. Captain C. Bulkeley, V.C.Schooner 59 .. Plymouth
Queen of the Isle ..R Holland, Esq. .Lugger... 154 .. Hastings
..J. Brooke, Esq.

. Scbooner


.. London Sunbeam .S. Wardell, Esq..


16 . Weymouth Swan R. Wake, Esq.


24 Exeter San Souci

..H. Studdy, Esq .Cutter 161 ..Dartmouth Union .O. Lloyd, Esq.

Cutter 45.71.94 ..Cardigan Will-o'-the-Wisp.... Captain Williams .Cutter Young Queen......J.W.C. Whitbread......Cutter 12.63.94 .. Plymoutb

The Regatta is appointed to take place at Plymouth, on Tuesday, August 2.

THE ROYAL THAMES YACHT CLUB. A very full meeting of the Members of the above Club took place at their Club-house in Cockspur-street, on Thursday, May 5th. The Commodore (W. H. Harrison, Esq.) in the chair. After the minutes of the last meeting had been read and confirmed, the entry of Yachts for the forthcoming match on Saturday, June 4th, commenced, when the names of the following Yachts were given in, and their station at the starting place will be thus :


[blocks in formation]


THIRD CLASS. 1 Brilliant

8....... .H. Fowler, Esq. 2 Sea Nymph

C. Wheeler, Jun, Esq. 3 Rival ..


W. Sawyer, Esq. The only difference in the prizes this year is, that the principal prize will consist of a very handsome silver tea service instead of a salvor as formerly. I should also mention that the first yacht coming in, of

whatever class, wins the principal prize; that the second yacht coming in of the two remaining classes wins the second prize; and the first yacht coming in of the remaining class wins the third prize; the distance will be as usual from buoys moored off Greenwich Hospital, down to Coal House Point, below Gravesend, and back again. The Royal Sovereign Steamer is engaged to convey the officers of the club, the members, and their fair friends, and should the day be propitious a large and fashionable company will no doubt assemble on board.

It is fixed that the match for the Grand Challenge Cup shall take place on Tuesday, July 5. It was won last year by Mr. Wanhill in the “Champion," which he afterwards sold to Mr. H. Gunston, consequently, if the Champion wins again this year, Mr. Gunston will carry off the prize.

. The last match of the season is fixed for Monday, August 1st.

The members of the club are raising a subscription to present their Treasurer (-- Wheeler, Esq.) with a handsome piece of plate in token of his past services and of the high respect they entertain for him. I have no doubt but that a large sum will be raised, as every member will feel a pleasure in contributing towards a fund for such a purpose.

The annual ball is fixed to take place on Tuesday, August 16, and the dinner on Thursday, the 18th. Her Majesty's Cup will be sailed for on Wednesday, August 17th, by Yachts of the 7th class, (above 115 tons.)



Tops, Port, Admiralty Yacht.. First Lord of Admiralty.... Cutter


.. London Adelaide .. Hon. R. F. Walker . Cutter 124..Galway Alarm

.Joseph Weld, Esq.. Cutter 193.. Southampton Amazon .. Sir J. B. Walsh, Bart ..... .Cutter

75.. Cowes Ann.... Hon. Wm. H. Hare........ Cutter 42.. Southampton Antelope Viscount Powerscourt...... Cutter

90.. Portsmouth Ariel Earl of Coventry

. Cutter

71.. Cowes Ariel . Almon Hill, Esq..

.. Scbooner

....118.. Cowes Ariadne Wm. Peareth, Esq.


85.. Dover Arrow Lord Godolphin..

..Cutter 84.. Southampton Arundel William Henbam, Esq

.. Yawl .210.. Cowes Aurora.. William Beach, Esq........Cutter 40.. Cowes Albatross .Jas. C. Blackett, Esq. . Cutter

75.. London Brilliant

G. H. Ackers, Esq.. Schooner .393.. Southampton Breeze Thomas Legh, Esq..

.. Cutter

55.. Portsmouth Camilla

.T. Hallifax, Jun. Esq. Schooner . 147.. Cowes Charm

John Meiklam, Esq........ Cutter 73.. Cowes Circassian Wm. Lyon, Esq......

... Schooner .. Portsmouth Claude... ...T. M. Gibson, Esq, M.P... Yawl 30. London Corsair .John Congreve, Esq........Cutter....... 84.. Cowes Columbine ..J. H. Smyth Barry, Esq.... Yawl 90 .Cork Crusader R. B. Sheridan, Esq.... . Schooner ....127.. London Cynthia Richard Frankland, Esq.... Cutter 40.. Cowes Dolphin Earl Grosvenor..

.217.. Southampton Dream

George Bentinck, Esq.. ... Cutter ......100.. Portsmouth Edith

..Joseph C. Ewart, Esq ....Cutter.... 70..Liverpool


.... Scbooner.


... Cutter

.. Yawl



Tong. Port, Earl St. Vincent.. Sir H. Rivers, Bart.... Cutter 41.. Southampton Elizabeth Hon. Aug. Moreton

65.. Cowes Emerald .I. L. Symonds, Esq. .. Cutter

58.. Cowes Eudora.. Ricb. W. Cooper, Esq .Cutter

59.. Cowes Falcon .. Rev. Denis George.. Yawl

60.. Southampton Fanny ..Sir E. Scott, Bart


75.. Cowes Flirt

.Sir B. R. Graham, Bart . Schooner 132.. Cowes Flower of Yarrow. Viscount Exmouth. ..Schooner 141.. Portsmouth Flower of Yarrow. Marquis of Conyngham. Cutter . 145.. Portsmouth Forest Fly Wm. Hornby, Esq

Cutter 36.. Southampton Gazelle

T. P. Williams, Esq. .Cutter....... 87.. Beaumaris Galatea

.C. K. M. Talbot, Esq.. ....Schooner 190..Southampton Gem Marquis of Ormond...

Ditto ....125.. Portsmouth Gossamer ..R. W. Gaussen, Esq...... Cutter 35.. London Gitana

E. N. Harvey, Esq.... .... Schooner ....168.. Cowes
Ganymede.. .J. H. W. P. S. Pigott, Esq..Cutter 69.. London
.C. Brett, Esq......

Schooner 31.. Southampton
Andrew W. Čorbet, Esq.... Cutter

68.. Cowes Harriet. ..John Beardmore, Esq... Schooner 102.. Cowes Heron .. Captain W. B. Ponsonby

46.. Cowes Hind George C. Call, Esq. Yawl

21.. Plymouth Hussar. T. P. Williams, Esq.

....Schooner ....120.. Beaumaris Intrepid

Earl of Tyrconnel. Cutter 55.. Portsmouth Iris .. Sir R. B. W. Bulkeley.. .Cutter

75.. Cowes Janette.. . Earl of Egremont...

..Schooner ...141.. Shoreham Jack O'Lantern .. Earl of Orkney

Schooner .140.. London Julia . Simon Yorke, Esq..

. Cutter.

42.. Southampton Kestrel Earl of Yarborough

..202.. Cowes Louisa

Sir Hyde Parker, Bt.... . Schooner 123.. Cowes Lufra

Lord J. Scott, M.P. ...... Cutter 81.. Cowes Mary

Lt.-Gen. Sir W. Johnstone.. Cutter 62.. Souihampton Medora .Edward H. Bryne, Esq.. Cutter

47.. Cowes Merlin .

Wm. Lyon, Esq.... Schooner ....104..Portsmouth Menai

Lord F. Egerton, M.P. Brigantine ..175.. London
Capt. F, Holcombe.. Cutter

42.. London Midge... Jobo Peter, Esq.


35..Cowes Mischief ..Sir J. Hawley, Bt. Scbooner ....221.. London Naiad .....John Quantock, Esq.

70..London Nancy

....Jobo H. Leche, Esq. Cutter ...... 59.. Chester Nautilus ........ Earl De Grey

..Cutter ......103.. Cowes Nettle ..........J. Devonport, jun., Esq. ..Cutter ...... 57.. Bristol Norna

Stephen Challen, Esq. .... Scbooner 46.. Dartmouth Nymph

. Sir J. Bayley, Bt. ...Cutter. 31.. Dover Osprey Capt. G. Keane


...... 45.. Cowes Owen Glendower.. Earl of Desart...

.Cutter 113.. Cowes Pearl

. Marquis of Anglesey .Cutter .....130.. Southampton Petrel Earl of llcbester..

Cutter 98..Southampton Phæbe..

Capt. A. L. Corry, R.N....Cutter. 33..Cowes Phantom

Sir W. Curtis, Bi. .Cutter 56.,Ramsgate Psyche. Charles Pratt, Esq... . . Cutter 60.. Southampton Reindeer. .John Moore, Esq.

. Cutter ....107.. Cowes Resolution Duke of Rutland.. .. Schooner

....143.. London Romulus Lord Wharncliffe.


30.. London
Rostellan... T. G. French, Esq.. .. Schooner. 70.. Cork
James Brooke, Esq. . . Scbooner

....142.. London Rowena George Simpson, Esq. ... Cutter

33.. Southampton Sapphire Lord H. Cholmondeley ....Cutter 70.. Cowes Sea Mew .. Hon. H. Upton

... Schooner 35.. London Spider .. .F. S. Greville, Esq. ..... Cutter

83.. London Sparrowhawk .... Thos. Hallifax, Esq.

14.. Cowes Stormfinch ......E. H. Chad, Esq. ....Cutter

63.. Southampton Syren .... ..Sir T. M. Wilson, Bt. ....Cutter 45.. London


Cutter ......



3 E



Tons. Port
D. Macdonald, Esq. ... Cutter

Talisman Robert Meiklam, Esq. ... Cutter

87.. Cowes Therese Earl of Desart..

..Cutter . 121.. London Turquoise .Lord Lovaine

..Cutter 78.. London Turk

Capt. J. Keane, R.N.. . Cutter 44.. Soutbampton Water Lily ..Jobn Hibbert, Esq...


31.. Cowes Wave

Capt. J. Keane, R.N. . Cutter 54.. Southampton Wanderer Benj. Boyd, Esq.

. Schooner 141.. London Witch ...H. Oglander, Esq. . Cutter

70..Cowes Will-o'-the-Wisp..Capt. C. H. Williams.. .Cutter

Earl of Wilton....

Scbooner .... 175.. Cowes
-J. Fleming, Esq., M.P. .. Schooner .160.. Southampton


. Cutter

... Commodore Lord Wharncliffe Remus .. Cutter

... Vice Commodore Capt. Sheriff, R.N. Wanderer Schooner

Benjamin Boyd, Esq.

.Henry Gunston, Esq.

.Henry Gunston, Esq.

Robert Hope, Esq.

Lord Alfred Paget

Hon. Colonel F. Greville

.J. G. Ruding, Esq.

Hon. Henry Upton
Jack Tar

.T. Lloyd, Esq.

R. T. Meeson, Esq.

.C. Pigou, Esq.



The Newmarket First Spring Meeting contrasted favourably with the Craven in all its features,--the Gurney agitators were laid to rest, the list was up to the mark, the weather glorious, and the town full. In one respect only was there a perceptible falling off, and that was in the betting, which proved Alat on every race, but the Two Thousand, on which some of the regulars received a dressing they will not soon forget.

The racing commenced on Monday, April 25.-The length of the programme made an early commencement indispensable, at twelve o'clock, therefore, there was a general move for the Heath, and in another half hour, seven horses, out of eight entered, appeared at the post for a Handicap Sweepstakes of 20 sovs. each, T. Y. C.; they were, Hawk's-eye, 4 yrs. old, 7st. 9lb. ; Rover, 3 yrs. old, 6st. 71b. ; c. by Mulatto, dam by Middleton, 3 yrs. old, 6st.; Menalippe, 5 yrs. old, 9st. 4lb. ; Mountain Sylph, 5 yrs. old, 8st. 71b. ; Astronomer, 3 yrs. old, 6st. 7lb.; and c. by Retainer, dam by St. Patrick, 3 yrs. old, 6st. Betting, 7 to 4 agst. Hawk's-eye, who waited on Rover all the way, came at the last moment, and beat bim by a head; the Mulatto colt and Mountain Sylphi were well up, the handicapping therefore was good. Nat being still disabled by his fractured collar bone, Chapple appeared in the Peel colours.

A Filly Stakes of 50 sovs, each, p. p., over the same course, was a middling race between two bolters, and a bad one,– Don't-say-no had the best of the race for half a mile, but rather than keep it, swerved right across the course; the Ladye of Silverkeld Well, and Eusebia, fought it out, and the former, after looking very hard at the ropes, scrambled through by half a length, -had she run straight it would have been a length. Scott rode the winner. The betting was 6 to 4 agst. Eusebia, 7 to 4 agst. Don', and 2 to 1 agst. the winner.

A three-year-old Sweepstakes of 10 sovs. each, T. Y. C., the winner to be sold for 200 sovs. &c., was won by the Derby colt, by Wiseacre, out of Zany's dam (Rogers), beating Robin Marshal, Biron, and the following not placed :-Patchwork (a good fourth, but not placed), f. by Buzzard, out of Emma, f. by Ishmael, out of Balance (now the property of Mr. Goodman Levy, who is constantly adding to the length and badness of his string), Astronomer, and c. by Emilius, out of Benefit's dam. The Wiseacre colt ran the fastest all the way, and won by a neck-had he been less impetuous at starting, he would have won by a couple of lengths.

A second 50 sovs. stake was run across the Flat, and proved, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that John Day must have made some unaccountable blunders with his Derby nags. Eleus was beaten at Batlı, “ because" Johnny Howlett was not strong enough to handle him, and“ because" there was nothing to force the running for him (so said the papers), whereas the real truth is, that he is a mere coach horse in speed, appearance, and action, and wanting in every thing that is generally supposed to constitute a race-horse. With John Day on his back, and the Balance filly to make running, he cut a most contemptible figure, and was beaten a head in a short run in, by Rosalind, a mare just good enough to run a deadheat with Iole. The betting was 6 to 4 on Eleus, and 2 to 1 agst. Rosalind.

Old Flambeau, with a doubtful leg, won a couple of races, beating Ballet (an Oaks filly), for a 20 sovs. Stake, over the D. M. in the first, and E. O. and Florence, for a £50 Plate, last three miles of B. C.,he was the favourite for both, and won easily, Robinson riding.

Three matches for 200 each were run,-the first was won in a canter by Oakley, 7st. 10lb. (E. Edwards); beating Garry Owen, &st. 61b.; T. Y. C.: the second by the Duke of Rutland's f. by Dr. Syntax, out of Ruth (J. Day), beating Lord Chesterfield's f. by Muley Moloch out of Young Petuaria, by half a length, R. M., even weights : and the third by Ralph, 8st. 101b. (Robinson); beating Proof Print, 6st. 4lb. by half a length, A. F. Tuesday.-At any time the 2,000 Guineas Stakes would have ensured

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