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sprained, and was otherwise much bruised; July 29. This day Mr. Sadler ascended John Smith, of Newark, upwards of 70, in a balloon from Norwich, at 35 minutes had an arm broken; Ryder, of the past thrée o'clock, in the direction for the same place, chairmaker, had a shoulder sea; but, there being two currents of air, dislocated; Serjeant Brogden, of the Nothe so managed his machine as to take tinghamshire Militia, had a leg brokeng advantage of it, and after manæuvring a - and the cap of his knee displaced; and little, returned, and descended in the pre- several others were much huri. A Corosence of the citizens of Norwich, and ner's Inquest on the body of Mr. Thomas was in the gardens before five o'clock. Ringrose, returned a verdict that he met

Aug. 11. The Marquis of Anglesea, on bis death by the overturning of the coacb, his way to his family-seat, was received and that the said coach was overiuroed with triumphal honours at the City of owing to the impropor conduct of the driver. Lichfield. The Corporation addressed Aug. 24. This day the Chapel at the him in suitable terms of eulogy, and the East India College was consecra ed by the Recorder presented the sword voted to Bishop of London, who was accompanied him with appropriate congratulations. lo that Institutio i by the Earl of Bucking, His Lordship made a grateful and modest hamshire, the Chancellor of the Exches reply, of which the following is the most quer, and the Hight. Hon John Sullivan; inieresting passage :-"In respect to that and was met there by the Chairman and great, illustrious, and beloved Con- several of the Directors of the East India mander, under whom I bave the honour to Company. After the usual service on serve, I am quite unable to speak of bim such occasions, at which several of the in any thing like due terms of praise. If neighbouring Clergy and Ladies attended, 1 were to attempt it, I feel conscious that and an able appropriate discourse preachI should be obliged to abandon such an ed by the Rev. Dr. Batten, the Principal intention. In that arduous contest which of the College, a good part of the students has led to such important results, our received confirmation from the Bishop. troops, under any other commander, Sept. 1. A most alarming 'fire broke out must, I conceive, have failed.

at Somersham, Hunts, between three and other troops under that great Chieftain, four o'clock in the afternoon, which, at The struggle must have been unsuccess- one time, threatened the destruction of ful. It required and tried equally he the whole town. Every exertion was used skill and the value of our resources.--For to stop the progress of the flames, which myself, Gentlemen, I had little more than would, however, have been of no avail, a plain duty to fulfil. With such zeal in had not the wind providentially changed ; my officers, and devotion in my soldiers, twenty-four houses and tenements, many I had only io lead them into combat. barns, stacks of hay and corn, &c. were Gentlemen, I shall ever regard this token reduced to an heap of ashes. Property (the sword) of your esteem and approba- to the amount of nearly 4,0001. (of which tiou, with the proudest feelings of grate

17251. was insured) has been entirely ful remembrance; and shall gird this consumed, and very few persons have sword on my side with just emotions of saved any thing from the destructive elepride. Though in future I cannot look ment, except the clothes they had on. forward to the hope of that activity and Sept. 1. This day an inquest was beld vigour which I have formerly enjoyed, but at Woolwich, on the body of James P. mlist in a degree calculate on an impaired Mitchell, esq. a planter of Tobago, who state of bodily health, and an occasional was drowned while bathing just above languor and feebleness of mind conse- Woolwich. The accident happened on queot upon such indisposition; yet when the afternoon of Aug. 27th, the deceased I feel this sword by iny side, I shall den having jumped out of a sailivg-boat in rive new strength and vigour from the re- which were several friends, after having collections it will excite. --Gentlemen, I expressed his determination during the can add no more thau that I sball ever re- whole day that he would baibe. Mr. D. member wish the liveliest emotions of Campbell, his friend, aud an eye-witness, pleasure, the honour which your kindness stated the facts, and that by the peculiar has conferred upon me.”

and eddying operation of the tide at the Aug. 12. The accoinmodation coach point where Mr. M. was drowned, the going froin Nottingham to Newark, by body while swimming was driven directly the way of Southwell, was overturned at across the river, and the boat, in spite of Averham, three miles from Newark, and every effort, in a directly contrary course! being heavily laden, particularly with Mr. M. although a good swimmer and outside passengers, many of them receiv. diver, was drowned within three minutes ed very inaterial injury.-Mr. Thomas after he left the boat. Ringrose, farmer and grazier, of Laogford,

Sept. 2. As some workineu were emwas so much bruised ibat he died on the ployed in digging a cellar at Mr. Siinms's, 4th. Mr. Clarke, of skugby, had an ancle as the king's Hula, near Gloucester, they

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conducted lances, with od decision




[Sept. discovered stone coffin, of large dimen- zation as soon as it was known that they sions. On removing the lid (ten inches in were approaching towards England; for thickness) they found enclosed therein a which purpose the Prince Regent, the leaden coffin, containing a complete ske- Lord Chancellor, &c. had been detained leton, with the arms folded across the in London for some time. The ceremony breast. Several coffins of the same kind took place on Aug. 29. Although it was have, at different times, been found on considered a private ceremony, yet some these premises ; also urns filled with ashes, of the splendour of the Court was observ. ancient military weapons, Roman steel- ed. The company invited began to arrive yards or balances, and coins of the latter soon after five o'clock, including the Dukes empire. There is no doubt of King's- of York, Clarence, and Kent. At six Holm having been a station of consider- o'clock' two of the Prince Regent's carable importance; and it is generally un- riages went to Cumberland House, to fetch derstood, that l'he principal part of Glou- their Royal Highnesses. They arrived at cester lay there in the time of the Ro- Carlton House at a quarter past six mans. (See accounts of Roman Anti- o'clock. Their Royal Highnesses were quities discovered there, in Archæologia, attended by the Duke of Mecklenburgh, vol. VII. 376-381, vol. X p. 132.) Colonel Thorpion, and a foreign Conntess,

A Margate hoy of large dimensions, who accompanied the Duchess to England, propelled by steam, goes consiantiy to and Madame Deberg. The Duchess wore and from London to Margate, From its a white satin robe, embroidered with gold, novelty, and the certainty of its arrival within with an immense train, supposed to be a given time (about 12 hours), it is much five yards.

Her head-dress was a tiara thronged with passengers.

and ducal coronet, with a profusion of The 12d annual conference of the diamonds and other jewels. The Prince Wesleyau Methodists cominenced in Man- Regent handed her from the carriage, chester on the 3! st July, and concluded through the State Rooms. In a short on the 18th of Aug. Mr. Joha Barber time after, every thing being arranged for was chosen president, and Mr. Jabez the ceremony to be performed under the Buning, secretary.

Uparris of 360 Throne, a temporary altar, covered with preachers atiended. On examining the crimson velvet, having been put up, the state of the numerous societies in this Regent entered the room, handing the extebsive connexion, it appears that there Duchess, follo:ved by the Duke of Cumis an increase of 8000 members. The re- berland and their suite, the Dukes of ports" from the Missionaries who sailed York, Clarence, Kent, and Mecklenwith the late Rev. Dr. Coke to Ceylon, as burgh; the Lord Chancellor, the Lord well as the other accounts froin the West President of the Council, the First Lord Indies, Canada, &c. were satisfactory to of the Treasury, the Chancellor of the the Society. Nearly ofty preachers were Exchequer, the Secretaries of State, and admitted into full connexion, after pass- the great Officers of the Household; Ba. ing the time of their probation (four roness Whetingham, and other persons of years); and more than that number are

distinction. The Archbishop of Cantertaken on trial. The number of Methodists bury then proceeded to read wbat is called at present in the connexion is 180,661. the long service upon this occasion : and

the late Northumberland Assizes, in the responses were made by the Bishop of Ad, in which a verdict was found for case of Grey v. the Duke of Northum- London and the Rev. Mr. Blomberg, the

Clerk of the Closet. The Regent did the plaivtiff, Mr. Justice Bailey laid it what is generally termed give away the dowır, that the Lord of a Mavor owned bride.--After the marriage, the Regent the mines in the copyhold estates in entertained his Royal relatives and other that manor, but then that Lord could distinguished characters

most work only under ground; he could not sumptuous dinner. break the surface without the consent of

Thursday, Sept. 28. the copyholder, unless he could prove Thomas Bell and William Lewis, esqrs. his right by custom.

were this day elected to serve the offices

of Sheriffs of London and Middlesex.DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. William Rayer, Thomaz Hodson, Thomas Windsor Castle, Sept. 2. His Majesty Chapman, and John Gladstone, esqrs. (in has continued to enjoy a good state of addition to thise before noticed), have general health, and has been in cheerful been excused, by the payment of the spirits througb the last month; but his usual fine, or o hervise. Majesty's disorder is not diminished.” The residence for the Duke of Welling

It having been deemed necessary for a ton is said to be al length fixed in Chere-marriage to take place with the Duke shire, and purchase of land to have been and Duchess of Cumberland in England, agreed upon, consisting of about 12,000 iu' the case of succession to the Crown, acres. The mansion is to be as splendid arrangements were made for the solemnis as 200,0001, can make it.


with a

THEATRICAL REGISTER. resque, 9th foot; James Jackson, 37th
New Pieces.

foot; Robert Howard, SOıb foot ; William HAYMARKÉT THEATRE.

Eeles, 95th foot; John Tyler, 93d foot; Aug. 5. Living in London ; a Comic to be Majors in the Army. piece, ascribed to Mr. Colman.

East India House, Aug. 20. Major-gen. Aug. 22. A Chip of the Old Block, or Sir Hudson Lowe, K. C. B. Governor of The Village Festival; a Musical Afterpiece. St. Helena. LYCEUM THEATRE.'

Adm. Sir G. Cockburn, appointed GoAug. 19. The King's Proxy; or Judge vernor of St. Helena, on the death or refor yourself; an Opera, by Mr. Arnold, signation of Major-gen. Sir H. Lowe. the musick by Mr.T. Cooke.

Rear-adm. John Harvey, CommanderAug. 28. The Maid and the Magpie, or in-chief of the Leeward Islands. Which is the Thief? a Musical Afterpiece. War-office, Sept. 2. Lieut.- col. Lord DRURY LANE THEATRE.

Fitzroy J. H. Somerset, K. C. B. 1st greSept. 12. The Magpie, or the Maid of nadier regt. foot guards, to be an Extra Palaiseau; a Melo-dramatic Romance. Aide-de-camp to the Prince Regent, with The musick, the original French, com- the rank of Colonel in the Army. posed by Piccini.

Sept. 5. G. S. Douglas, esq. Secretary Covent-GARDEN THEATRE.

of Legation at the Court of Berlin; and L. Sept. 15. The Magpie, or the Maid; a Harvey, esq. to the same office at the Melo drama, with the original musick of Court of Munich. Piccini, and additions by Bishop.

Foreign-office, Sept. 8. Edw. M. Ward, *** The Magpie, or the Maid of Pa- esq. Secretary of Legation at the Court of laiseau, which, with a slight variation in the Grand Duke of Tuscany. its title, and a little alteration in the cha- Hamilton C. Hamilton, esq. Secretary racters, has been brought forward at three of Legation at the Court of Wurtemberg. different houses, is a Translation of the P. Cherry, esq. Third Judge of the Pie Voleuse, lately exhibited at Paris. Court of Appeal and Circuit for the NorthThe story, derived from a pot unfrequent ern Division, at Madras. incident in common life, attended by a train of adverse results, all probable and

Civil PROMOTIONS. natural, is skilfully wrought, and highly Rev. G. P. Richards, M. A. Head Masinteresting and affecting : the moral ex- ter of the Free Grammar school, Leeds. fellent.

Rev. R. G. Andrews, M. A. Master of GAZETTE PROMOTIONS.

the Free Grammar-school, Grantham, co. Captains, recommended for brevet rank Lincoln. for their conduct at Waterloo, to whom the Prince Regent has been pleased to ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. grant promotion (see p. 81.):

Rev. D. Basity, Cranford R. Northampt. Captains-Michael Turner, 1st dragoon Rev. C. Luxmore, Cradley R. vice guards; Edw. Whinyates, royal artil.; Hannington, resigned. Peter Innes, 79th foot; Edw. Kelly, 1st Rev. J. Mitford, Weston St. Peter R. life guards; Henry Madox, 6th dragoous; Suffolk. Hon. H. E. Irby, 2d life guards ; Samuel Rev. J. Hall, perpetual curacy of Stoke, Reed, 71st foot; Edw. Keane, 7th light near Clare, Suffolk. dragoons; W. Baron Decken, 2d line Rev. H. Atkins, Arreton V, Isle of bat. K. G. L. ; Adam Brugh, 44th foot; Wighl. Andrew Cloves, artıl. K. G. L.; L. de Rev. T. Ackland, Lectureship of St. AQDreves, 3d line batt. K. G. L.; Lord John drew's, Holborn. Somerset, 60th foot ; Thomas Dyneley, Rev. R. F. Onslow, Archdeacon of royal artil.; William Verner, 7th light Worcester. dragoons; Skinner Hancox, 15th light Rev. J. F. S. Fleming St. John, Severn dragoons; W. F. Halsemann, 1st light in- Stoke R. fantry balt. K. G. L. ; Conyngham Ellis, Rev. T. Barneby, St. Dunstan's R. 40th foot; George Bowles, Coldstream Stepney. foot guards; George L. Rudorff, 1st light Rev. G. Pyrke, Whitchurch and Ganeinfantry batt. K, G. L.; Hon. E. S. Ers- rew united RR. co. Hereford. kine, 60th foot; William F. Drake, royal Rev. W. Price, Killybebill R. co. Glahorse guards; Win. Drummond, 3d foot morgan, vice Gough, resigned. guards; James Gunthorpe, 1st foot guards; Rev. E. Smedley, jun. M. A. Clerk in Augustus de Saffe, 1st line batt. K. G. L.; Orders of the Parish of St. James, WestJames Shaw, 43d foot; Lord Charles minster. Fitzroy, 1st foot guards; Charles A. F. Bentinck, Coldstream foot guards; Alex

DispenSATION. ander Macdonald, royal artill. ; Robert Rev. H, Hall, to bold Edworth R. Bed. Ellison, 1st foot guards; Henry Dumafordshire with Weston V. Herts. GENT. MAG. September, 1815.




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15. Charles Newdigate Newdigate, of Aug. 11. At Wanstead-house, the wife Harefield-place, Middlesex, esq. to Maria of w. w. P. Tilney Laug, esq. M. P. a second daughter of Ayscoghe Boucherett, son:-12. At Berlin, the wife of George of. Willingham ball, co. Lincoln, Jackson, esq. Charge d'Affaires at that 19. Rev. Leveson Vernon, son of the Court, ó Jail.c.-19. At Hull, the wife of Archbishop of York, to Hon. Carolinė Rear-adm. Scoit, a - At Earl of Mary Peachey, oply dau. of the Earl of Harborough's, tapleford Park, co. Leic. Selsey. Le h. Lady Sophia Wbichcote, a dau.. 22. At Wickhambrook, Suffolk, Rev. 21. At Plymouth, the lady of Vice-adm. Stephen Johnson, to Sarab, dau. of N. Sir Richard John Strachan, a day. -23, W. Bromley, esq. of Bansfield-hall. At Wall, wear Lichfield, the wife of Adam At, Boyce Blandy, esq. a

son and heir, 24. In Combe, ésq.(son of Ald, Combe) to Caroa Dover-street, r. h. Lady Arundel, a son. line, dau, of Rev. Evau Jones, of Haver

ļu Grosvenor:place, the lady of Sir bavesp. B, R. Graham, bart. a dau. --27. The 23. At Ecklington, Charles, eldest son wife of George Pochin, esq. of Norman- of. Sir William Wake, bart. to Mary Alice, ton Hall, co. Leie, a son and heir.-28. eldest dau. of the late Sir S. Sitwell, bart. Al her father's, the Earl of Mountnorris, Mr. John Peter Wachter, of Rotterdam, Paris, r. h. Lady F. Wedderburn Webster, to Eller, second dau.of Mr. David Griffin, a son and heir.

of Southwark. Lately. The widow of Lieut.-col, Cur- 24. Wm. Franklin, esq. of Roydon-hall, rie, 90th foot, (who was killed by a cannon Essex, to Hannah, dau. of T. Collio, esq. shot at Water!00) a day. The wife of of East end. Rear-adm. Gardner, a day. At Cessey, 25. Nicholas Westby, esq.of Thornbill, hall, Norfilk, Lady Jerningham, a dau. co. Wicklow, to the Hon. Emily Walde.

Edinburgh, Lady A Frazer, a dau. grave, eldest dau. of Lord Radstock. TA! Edinburgh, the wife of Major-gen. 29, Hon. Butler Danvers, son of CounSir John Oswald, K. C. B. a tess of Lanesborough, to Miss Freemantle, Dublin, Marchioness of Waterford, a dau. of Stanhope-street, May-fair. -At Hill-borough. Marchioness of Down. 30. Major-gen. Donkin, to Miss Mark. shire, a dau.—At Black Rock, near Dub. ban, eldest dau. of the Dean of York: lin, The lady of Sir Harcourt Lees, a dau. 31. At Asingham, Rev. John Sayer, to - At Sheephill, co. Dublin, the wife of Eliza, only dau. of Rev. Mr. Hodges, of H. Hamilton, esq. M, P, a dau.

Slowe-house, co. Gloucester. Sept. 4. At Brighton, the lady of Sir Lalely. At Edinburgh, the Earl of Loftus Otway, a dau.-5. At Kenton hall, Complon, 10 Margaret, eldest dau. of the Devon, the wife of Jolin Stevenson, esq. Jate Major-gen. D. M. Clephane. a son.--6. In Charles-street, Manchester- At Jersey, Capt. Prescott, R. N.; to square, Lady Oyilby, a 501. - 9. At Duni. Mary Ann Charlotte, eldest. dau. of Vivera, co. Perth, r. n. Lady Emily Drummond, adm. D'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon. & son.-11. Lady Duncannon, a sun — At Dublin, Rev. W. Crosbie, to Miss La In Half-Moon-street, Mrs. J. B. Le-ollard, Touche, eldest dau. of Col. LaTouche, M.P. a son and beir.-At Grang, Lady Amelia At Cork, Morris Townsend, esq. of Kage, a dau. At Ballyfuin, Queen's Sheperton, to Jane, eldest dau, of Rich. County, the lady of Sir Charles Coote, Digby, esq, and cousin to Earl Digby. bart. a son and heir.

Limerick Cathedral, Archdeacon

Maunsell, to Miss Warburton, eldest dau. MARRIAGES.

of the Bishop of Limerick:
July 29. James, eldest son of the late Wm. M. Smyth, esq. of Barbarilla,
Rev. J. Boucher, vicar of Epsom, to Mary Westmeath, to Isabella Mary, eldest dau.
Anpe, eldest day, of the late S. C. Col.' of r. b. Wm. Forward.;
clough, esq. of Beaconsfield-house, Norts. Majçr Stafford, Londonderry Militia,

Aug. 5. T. B. Lennard, esq. eldest son to Letjlia, dan, of the late Hop. A. C. Ha-
of Sir T. B. Lennard, bart. of Belbossin, milton, of Beltrin-castle, Tyrone.
Essex, to Margaret, second dau. Of J. At Bermuda, Capt. F. Truscott, R. N.
Wmarion, esq. of Skelton Castle, M. P. to Catherine, dau. of Hon. J. Hutchinson.

- John $ione, esq. of Bath, to Sophia, Sept. 12. At Richmond, Surrey. Edw.
el:!est dau, of th: lare R. K. Whatley, esq. Davies, esy. of Asening house, co. Glouc.
of Holly house, Sussex.

to Frances, eldest surviving days of ebe 8. Cap. J. T. Williams, of the 2d or late Henry Baldwin, esq. of Richmond: Queen's Royal foot, to Mary, eldest dau. 15. At Stoke, Kent, G. Dashwoon, esq. of Sar S. harp, of Russell-square. M.P. to Marianne, dau of Sir W.Rowley,bt.

P. Broth, esq. High Sheriff of Hunting- 21. : At Hackney, Alfred Wigan, esq. dan, to antoiveita, srcond dau, of Rev. son of the late Lieuto-col. Wigavi, loEliza E. Eduards, rector of all Saints, Hun. Prato Lewes, only child of William Lewes, tinguon.

esq. of Lion-house, Stamford-billas




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THE HEROES OF WATERLOO. Mr. URBAN, Margate, Sept. 14. To our imperfect notices of the Heroes I HAVE

been for many years a constant who closed an honourable career on the Reader of your valuable Magazine, field of Waterloo, we have now to add and have always "read he Obituary with the following: the same sensations with which I walk in At the head of his gallant regiment, Col. Westminster Abbey. That every Hero W. Fuller, of the 1st (or King's Dragoon cannot be honoured by the Abbey, must Guards). be aitributed to the unlimited merits of Lieur. R. Magniac, Royal Dragoons. Englishmen; and that any good and brave He entered the army from a decided pre. man should lie neglected on the field of dilection for the profession; and, actuated Waterloo, will never be your fault. That by a high sense of honour, and a desire to the fame of a gallant youth should live on distinguish himself, fell in bis first cam. the records of your pages, is the duty and paign on that memorable day, "after be. the wish of a sincere friend : may I there. having most gallantly." Although refore request the favour of your notice of turned as missing in the official returns, Capt. James Gubbins, of the 13th light the length of time that has elapsed withdragoons, who in tbe 35th year of his age, out any intelligence, compels his afficted on the 18th of June, nobly fell at Water- family with the deepest sorrow'to contoo, by a cannon-ball, at the head of his clude, that he did not survive ; and to troop: the moment of his death was that seek the only consolation that remains io of victory, and his life was closed in con- them in the testimonial of his commanding scious virtue, as he had lived the admira: officer, “that he died like a brave and tion of all who knew him. John LIPTRAP. gallant soldier, in a glorious cause."

AMBROSE GODDARD, Esa of SWINDON, WILTS. The death of this Gentleman is already. and firm against the seduction of interest. recorded in Part I. p. 572, as having taken ed or sinister views, he maintained throughplace on the 19th of June. If the great out a due jealousy of the political indeage of this venerable man (in his 89ih pendence of his delegated station. In the year) may seem to call for some farther vacillating, Administration of Lord North, record on the page of Mr. Urban, where his convictious led him to oppose the Amedeparted worth occasionally finds its ap- rican War; while the convictions of his copropriate Register, - his public services, adjutor, Mr. Penruddocke, induced bim to as Representative for the county of Wilts, promote it. Both equally honest and sinfor the space of 35 years, and, still more, cere in their intentions, the difference of the general tenour of his blameless and their views and opinions on this subject exemplary character, throughout the wbole produced little or no interruption in the of a long life, have a stronger claim on the amity and harmony of their friendship. general attention and estimation : for, on Through the arduous and eventful Admi. ibe recollection of his friends, no recital or nistration of Mr. Pirt, Mr. Goddard gene. memorial will be wanted, to impress or to rally, though not invariably, supported perpetuate the just and proper estimate. the measures of that illustrious Statesman.

After an education at Wiuchester-school, On emergencies of difficulty, .which conthe earlier part of his life was passed in founded the simple, and often puzzled mercaotile evgagements at Lisbon; till, the wise, he had due recourse to the sentiby the death of his elder brother, be suc. ments of a confidential few, on whose inceeded to the paterpal juberitance in tegrity and judgment he thought he could Wiltshire.

rely. His diffidet habits and i he state In the year 1772, the voice of a great of his perves precluding him from public majority of the electors called bim to re- speaking, he was not the less solicitous present his native County, in tbe House of that his silent vote should ever be on due Commons; wlien, after a warm contest, and mature deliberation. After thus pur. he was introduced to his seat, free of all suing the steady and “noiseless tenour material pecuniary expence to himself, in of his way" in the Senate upwards of

manner equally honourable to the thirty years; still returned at every Ge. electors and to ihe elected.

neral Election by the free and unanimous. Thus, selected by the public designation, voice of the County ; Guding, at length, pot for ibe affluence of fortune, or pre- the infirmities of age advancing upon him, eminence of talents, but by the general he became anxious to retire from poliestimalion alone of the probity of his tical engagemenis: and as soon as the principles and character, he discharged County could determine on the nominaibat trust, through a long succession of tion of a successor (in Mr. Long, one of Sessions, with conscientious integrity: the present estimable Members), he re


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