History of the Markhams, 1854

J.B. Nichols, 1854 - 116 páginas

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Página 117 - This preservation photocopy was made and hand bound at BookLab, Inc., in compliance with copyright law. The paper is Weyerhaeuser Cougar Opaque Natural, which exceeds ANSI Standard Z39.48-1984.
Página 38 - That I Gervase Markham, of London, gent- do promise hereafter never to write any more book or books to be printed of the diseases or cures of any cattle, as horse, oxe, cowe, sheepe, swine, and goates, &c. In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand the 24th day of Julie, 1617. GERVIS MARKHAM.
Página 44 - Her highness hath done honour to my poor house by visiting me, and seemed much pleased at what we did to please her. My son made her a fair speech, to which she did give most gracious reply. The women did dance before her, whilst the cornets did salute from the gallery, and she did vouchsafe to eat two morsels of rich comfit-cake, and drank a small cordial from a golden cup.
Página 44 - She had a marvelous suit of velvet borne by four of her first women attendants in rich apparel ; two ushers did go before, and at going up stairs she called for a staff, and was much wearied in walking about the house, and said she wished to come another day. Six drums and six trumpets waited in the court, and sounded at her approach and departure.
Página 68 - ... private, was animated, dignified, and persuasive. In all the relations of life, this truly- great man was peculiarly happy. As a husband he was beloved ; as a father, revered ; as a master, served with affection ; as a patron and benefactor, his bounties were felt and gratefully acknowledged. His establishment was princely without parade, and his hospitality noble. By his assisting hand the churches of York, Ripon, and Southwell, were repaired, ornamented, and beautified.
Página 88 - ... charge of high treason, and misprision of treason was the highest it could amount to ; and intimated to the jury to be tender in matter of life, and discharge good consciences. The jury, being wise men, whose apprehensions could make up a 'whole sentence of every nod of the judge, saw it behoved them to draw up treason into as narrow a compass as might be, lest it became their own case ; for they lived in a troublesome world...
Página 111 - Et inquisicionem inde distincte et aperte factam nobis sub sigillo vestro et sigillis eorum per quos facta fuerit sine dilacione mittatis et hoc breve. Teste me ipso apud Westmonasterium tercio die Maij anno regni nostri nono.
Página 44 - The queen was much in commendation of our appearances, and smiled at the ladies, who, in their dances, often came up to the step on which the seat was fixed to make their obeisance, and so fell back into their order again. The younger Markham did several gallant feats on a horse before the gate, leaping down and kissing his sword, and then mounting swiftly on the saddle, and passed a lance with much skill.
Página 92 - Moreover, he took away two Turkey carpets of wool, as big and as good as any subject had : also a chest full of copes and vestments of cloth of tissue ; two very good beds of down, and six of the best young horses that were at Cawood.
Página 27 - Now there are two or three of Montjoy's kindred sent out in your army; they are to report all your conduct to us at home. As you love yourself, the queen, and me, discover not these matters ; if I did not love you, they had never been told. High concerns deserve high attention ; you are to take account of all that passes in your expedition ; and keep journal thereof unknown to any in the company ; this will be expected of you ; I have reasons to give for this order.

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