The practical cook, English and foreign, by J. Bregion and A. Miller


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Página 97 - Fish. If the fishmonger does not clean it, fish is seldom very nicely done; but those in great towns wash it beyond what is necessary for cleaning, and by perpetual watering diminish the flavour. When quite clean, if to be boiled, some salt and a little vinegar should be put into the water to give firmness : but cod, whiting, and haddock, are far better if a little salted, and kept a day ; and if not very hot weather, they will be good two days. Those who know how to purchase fish, may, by taking...
Página 18 - ... which, with the gravy, must be properly divided among your guests. Haunch of mutton Consists of the leg and a part of the loin, cut so as to resemble a haunch of venison, and must be carved in the same manner. Saddle of mutton. Take your slices from the tail to the end, commencing close to the back bone,; let them be long, thin, and smooth; a portion of fat to each slice must be taken from the sides. Roast pig. This is generally divided by the cook before it is served up. You must first divide...
Página 72 - ... veal and beef broth to add to the richness. Fry some shalot in butter, and dredge in flour enough to thicken the gravy ; stir this into the browning, and give it one or two boils; skim it carefully, and then put in the head ; put in also a pint of Madeira wine, and simmer till the meat is quite tender.
Página 219 - Be sure the fryingpan is quite clean; when the fat is hot, break two or three eggs into it; do not turn them, but, while they are frying, keep pouring some of the fat over them with a spoon : — when the yolk just begins to look white, which it will...
Página 191 - Game ought not to be thrown away even when it has been kept a very long time ; for when it seems to be spoiled, it may often be made fit for eating, by nicely cleaning it, and washing with vinegar and water. If there is danger of birds not keeping, draw, crop, and pick them ; then wash in two or three 7* waters, and rub them wilh sa-lt.
Página 144 - ... a tea-spoonful of black pepper. When the onion is quite tender, chop it small with two anchovies, and set the whole on the fire to boil for a few minutes, with a spoonful of ketchup. In the mean time, have ready and well beaten the yolks of three fresh eggs; strain them, mix the liquor by degrees with them, and when well mixed, set the saucepan over a gentle fire, keeping a basin in one hand, into which toss the sauce to and fro, and shake the saucepan over the fire, that the eggs may not curdle.
Página 156 - ... bladder moistened with vinegar, and then wiped dry ; tie leather over that : when you open a jar, moisten the bladder, and it will come off easily ; as soon as you have taken out the fish, replace the coverings ; the air soon rusts and spoils anchovies. See No.
Página 83 - ... (desire the butcher to divide them at the joints) ; lay them to soak in warm water, while you get ready the vegetables. Put into a gallon stew-pan eight cloves, two or three onions, half a drachm of allspice, and the same of black pepper, and the tails ;* cover them with cold water ; skim it carefully, when and as long as you see any scum rise ; then cover the pot as close as possible, and set it on the side of the fire to keep gently simmering till the meat becomes tender and will leave the...
Página 38 - They are in season from January to March, and from July to September.
Página 307 - Take two large fresh lemons with rough skins, quite ripe, and some large lumps of double-refined sugar. Rub the sugar over the lemons till it has absorbed all the yellow part of the skins. Then put into the bowl these lumps, and as much more as...

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