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217, by J. Sparks:) add New York 170 Tears Ago, by J. W. Moulton, 1843, 8vo; Smith, William, Chief Justice: Ti I.i.i soiiAst, John L., No. 2; and Beck's Elem. of Med. Jurisp., Uth ed., 1860, i. 158, D.

Y ates, Joseph Brooks, a brother of James Yates, (aupra,) and also an antiquary, b. at Liverpool, 1780, and d. at the same place, 1856, read papers before several learned societies. Some of these were published in Trans. Lit. and Philos. Soc. of Liverpool and The Archseologia. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1856, i. 89, (Obituary.)

Yates, Richard, D.D., b. at Bury St. Edmund's, 1769, was a Chaplain of Chelsea Hospital from 1798, and Rector of Ashen, Essex, from 1804, until his death, Aug. 24, 1834. 1. An Illustration of the Monastic History and Antiquities of the Town and Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury, (Part 1,) with plates, Lon., 1805, r. 4to, £1 6». Imperial paper: Beckford, in 1817, No. 165, £1 14«. Seoond edition, with Additions by J. B. Nichols, 1843, 4to, £2 2«.; 1. p., £4 4*. Additions separate, £1 I*.: I. p., £2 2«. 2. The Church in Danger, Ac, 1815, 8vo. See Nos. 3, 5. 3. The Basis of National Wealth: considered in Reference chiefly to the Prosperity of Britain and the Safety of the Church of England, Ac, 1817, 8vo.

"Contain [Nos. 2,3] a great deal of information."—R. Southey: Lift and Corretp., ch. xxv.

See, also, Lon. Quar. Rev., xxiii. 549, (by R. Soutbey.)

4. Catalogue of the Evidences of Christianity, 1820, 8vo.

5. Patronage of the Church of England, Ac, 1823, 8vo. "Sensible end seasonable publications [Nos. 2. 5] on very important subjects."—Bickeriteth's C. 8., 4tli ed., 514.

He also published three separate sermons, 1807, '13, '18. Bee Lon. Gent. Mag., 1834, ii. 437, (Obituary;) Nichols's Illnst. of Lit., viii. 598.

Yates, Robert, b. at Sohenectady, 1738, was a member of the Convention whioh formed the Constitution of the United States in 1787, and Chief Justice of New York, 1790-98; d. 1801. Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention assembled in the Year 1787 for the Purpose of Forming the Constitution of the United States of America; from Notes taken by the Late Robert Yates, Esq., Ac, Albany, 1821, 8vo; Richmond, Va., 1839, 12rao, pp. 335.

Yates, William, and Maclean, Charles, («upra.) View of the Science of Life, Calcutta, 1797, 8vo; Phila., 1797, 8vo; Calcutta, 1800, 8vo; Dover, 1801, 8vo. See, also, Watfs Bibl. Brit., art. Maolean.

Yates, William, D.D., for many years an eminent Baptist missionary and Oriental scholar at Calcutta. 1. Grammar of the Sanscrit Language, on a New Plan, Calcutta, 1820, 8vo, some 1. p.; 2d ed., 1845, 8vo, £1 5«. Valuable. See Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1822, 133. 2. Sanscrit Vocabulary, 1820, 8vo.pp. xiv., 220. 3. Defencoof some Important Scripture Doctrines, in 12 Essays: 5 by T. Scott and 7 by W. Yates, 1822, 8vo. 4. Essay on Sansorit Alliteration, Calcutta, 4to. 5. Introduction to the Hindostaneo Language, in three parts, 1827, 8vo; new ed., 1813, Sv-o. Printed in the Roman oharactcr, 1836, 8vo. 6. Dictionary, Hindostani and English, 1836, 8vo, £1 15». 7. Biblical Apparatus, in Four Parts, 1837, 4to. See No. 8. 8. Theory of the Hebrew Verb. See notioe of Nos. 7 and 8 in N. Amor. Rev., I. 263. 9. Introduction to the Bengali Language, editod by J. Wenger, 1847, 2 vols. 8vo. A Bengali Grammar, by the Late Rev. W. Yates; Reprinted, with Improvements, from his Introduction to the Bengali Language; Edited by J. Wenger, 1864, fp. 8vo, pp. iv., 150. For his translation from the Scriptures, see Cat. of Lib. of Brit, and For. Bible Soc, 1857, 332 et tupra. Soo, also, Memoir of William Yates, D.D., of Calcutta; with an Abridgment of his Life of W. H. Pearoe, by James Hoby, D.D., Lon., 1847, 8vo. Soe Ecleo. Rev., 4th Ser., xxii. 89.

Yates, William. Rights of Colored Men to Suffrage, Citizenship, and Trial by Jury, Phila., 1838, 8vo.

Yates, William Holt, M.D., b. 1302, was educated at the University of Edinburgh and at St. John's College,.Cambridge, whore he graduated M.D., 1826. He was for many years Physician to the Royal Gen. Dispensary, London, and subsequently Consulting Physician to the same, but retired from active praotice in 1846. The Modern History and Condition of Egypt, its Climate, Diseases, and Capabilities, Ac, Lon., 1842, (some 1843, some 1844,) 2 vols, demy 8vo.

"These ponderous volumes contain little that has not been repeatedly laid before the public in a great variety of forms. . . . The most persevering reader could never get through the present heavy volumes."—Lon. AUwn., 1843, 37.

"Dr. Yates, In his amusing volumes, shows a more than common acquaintance aud familiarity with the usages and society

of the East, and his remarks and observations are bronght before us in a dear and satisfactory manner."—Lon. Gent. Mag., 1843, i. 230.

Also commended by Lon. M. Herald.

Yatman, Matthew. 1. Familiar Analysis of the Fluid capable of producing the Phenomena of Eleotricity, Galvanism, or Combustion, Lon., 1810, 8vo. 2. Letter on Mr. Davy's Galvanic Girdle, 1811, Sto. 3. Professor Davy's Inquiries concerning the Relation of Galvanism to Living Action, Ac, 1814, 8vo.

Yeager, George, Principal of the Livingston Grammar-School, Philadelphia. Class-Book of Parsing, Phila., 12ino.

Yeager, Gottlieb, Lutheran pastor. 1. Leben des Andreas Jackson, aus dem Engliscben iibersetzt, 1831. 2. Catechismus der Christlichen Lehre, in Fragen und Antworten, Kutztown, 1833.

Yeaman, Alexander. The Fisherman's nut in the Highlands of Scotland; with other Poems, 1807, 8vo,

Yeardley, I. and M. Eastern Customs, Lon., 12mo.

Yeardley, John. See Tylok, Charles, No. 2.

Yearsley, Mrs. Anne, (Lactilla,) b. at Bristol about 1756, was living in great poverty as a milk-woman at Clifton, near Bristol, when, under the patronage of Hannah More, who revised her pieces, she published her first volume of poems. The profits of this book, over £600, Miss More and Mr. Montagu desired to invest for the benefit of the author; but she insisted upon having, and obtained, the whole amount, and with it established a circulating' library at Bristol Hot Wells. According to the accounts of Miss More and her biographer, (see Roberts's Memoirs of H. More, vol. i. ch. iv.,) she was guilty of great ingratitude to her friends. Mr. Cottle (see Keddie's Cyc. of Lit. and Sci. Anec, 175) thinks that she has been unduly censured; and her own Narrative (see No. 2) should be perused. Her latter years were passed in retirement at Melksham, Wiltshire, where she d. in 1806.

1. Poems on Several Occasions, Ac, Lon., 1785, 4to; 3d ed., 1785, 8vo. With a prefatory Letter by Hannah More to Mrs. Montagu. Noticed, with extracts, in Lon. Mon. Rev., 1785. ii. 216.

"Her ear, as you remark, is perfect; but that, being a gift of nature, amazes mo less. Her expressions are more exalted than poetic, and discoTer taste, as yon say, rather than discover flights of fancy and wild ideas, as one should expect."—Horace Walpole to Hannah More, JVor. 13, 1784: Letters, ed. 1801, viii. 523.

See, also, 555, 569, 570, ix. 33, n., 73, 77, 82, 84, 86, 114, 147, 148, 221,230, 232, 307. 2. Poems on Various Subjects; being her Second Work, to which is Prefixed her Narrative of Miss More's Conduct towards her ; and other Pieces, 17S7, 4to. Warmly commended by Lon. Mon. Rev., 1787, ii. 485. 3. Poem on the Inhumanity of the Slavc-Trade, 1788, 4to. 4. Stanzas of Woe, 1790, 4to. 5. Earl Goodwin; an Historical Play, 1791, 4to. 6. The Ode Rejeoted; a Comedy. 7. The Royal Captives: a Fragment of Secret History; Copied from an Old Manuscript, 1795. 4 vols. 12mo. Based on the story of The Man in the Iron Mask, whom she supposes to be the twinbrother of Louis XIV. Noticed in Lon. Mon. Rev., 1795, i. 112, and 1796, i. 452. Soe, also, Biog. Draniat., i. Pt. 2, 764: Southey's Uneducated Poets; Blackw. Mag., ix. 281. xli. 408.

Yearsley, James, Surgeon to the Ear Infirmary and Orthophonic Institution, Sackville Street, London, Inventor of the Artificial Tympanum, Ac.; d. 1869, aged 64. 1. On Deafness, Lon., 1839, I2mo. 2. Throat Ailments, more especially the Enlarged Tonsil and Elongated Uvula, Ac, 1842, 8vo; 7th ed., 1859, 8vo; 1867, 8vo.

"A careful perusal has convinced us that the author is correct in his view."—Lon. Med. Times and Gaz.

3. Deafness Practically Illustrated, 1844, p. 8vo; 6th ed., 1863, 8vo. "Replete with valnAble information."—Lon. Lancet. "Abounding in practical information."—Lon. Med. Times,

Sec, also, Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 405.

A portion was pub. separately, as Throat Denfness and Pathologioal Connexions, Ac, 1852, '57, '63, '68, 8vo. 4. On the Artificial Tympanum, 7th 1000, 1858, 8vo. 5. On a New Method of Treating Discharges from the Ear, (Otorrhcea,) 2d ed., 1858, 8vo. 6. Introduction to the Art of Laryngoscopy: a New Method of Diagnosing Diseases of the Throat and Larynx, 1862, 8vo. Also other professional pamphlets.

Yearwood, Randolph, Chaplain to Sir R. Tichborne, Mayor of London. The Penitent Murderer; being an Exact Narrative of the Life and Death of Nathaniel Butler, Lon., 1657, 12mo; Dowdeswell, 735, 10«. 6<i.; 1659, 8vo: Bliss, Pt. 1, 4667, (where the date is printed 1699,) £1 11*. See, also. Smith, Nathaniel.

Yeates. See, also, Yatks, Yeats.

Yeatea, Mrs. Elisa; a Novel, 1800, 2 vols. 12mo.

Yeates, Jasper, a member of the Pennsylvania Convention which ratified the Constitution of the United Slates in 1788, and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from 1791 until his death, 1817Reports of Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, with some Select Cases at Nisi Prius, and in the Circuit Courts, from 1791 to 1808, Phila., 1817-19, 4 vols. 8vo.

"Chief-Justice Tilghman told me to-day that it was a pity these Reports were *vcr published. They were loose notes. (April 16, 1821.) So wild Judge Duncan, 7th July, 1821, on looking at the preceding entry. Mr. Lewis said, on hearing that they were to be published, "that they would unsettle the law.'" —MS. note in E. D. Ingraham't copy of Yeates: quoted in Wallace's Rep., 3d ed., 1855, 345, n.

Yeates, Thomas, the son of a turner, of Snow Hill, England, b. 1768; after educating himself in the Oriental languages, acted for some time ns aid to Dr. Claudius Buchanan, and from 1823 until his death, Oct. 7, 1839, was an assistant in the Printed-Buok Department of the British Museum.

1. Hebrew Grammar, Lou., 1792, 8vo; 1812, 8vo; 6th ed., 1828, 8vo; 7th ed., by Dr. Bialloblotzky, 1846, r. 8vo, pp. 80. Valuable. It was originally based on Caleb Ashworth's Hebrew Grammar, Camb., 1763. 2. A Navigation Chart 3. Collation of an Indian Copy of the Pentateuch, Ac, and a Notice of some others, Hebrew and Syriac, collected by the Rev. C. Buchanan, D.D., in the Year 1806, <fcc, Camb., 1812, 4to. 200 copies. See Home's Introd. to Scrip, and Chris. Observ., 1812, 172. 4. Indian Church History, 1818, 8vo. 5. Syriac Grammar, 1819, 8vo; 1821, 8vo. 6. Remarks on the Bible Chronology, 1830, 8vo. 7. Observations on the Expatriation of the Jews, Ac, 12mo. 8. Dissertation on the Antiquity, Origin, and Design of the Pyramids, 1S33. 4to. See Taylor, John, No. 5. 9. Remarks on the History of Ancient Egypt, 1835, 8vo. This is a commentary on those passages of the Old Testament in which refereace is made to Egyptian history. For notices of his translations—among which was the larger part of the New Testament into Biblical Hebrew—and other learned labours, see Lon. Gent. Mag., 1839, ii. 658, (Obituary.)

Yeatman, Rev. Henry Farr, fur many years Chairman of the Dorset Quarter Session, was b. at East Brent, 1786; d. 1861. He published many Charges to the Grand Jury, which were commended. Brent Knoll; a Poem, (published A.d. 1817; republished A.d. 1859.) Lon., 1859, fp. 8vo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1861, i. 700, (Obituary.)

Yeatman, John C. Medical Care of the Poor, Lon., 1818. 8vo.

Yeaton, Kev. F. New Bartimeus, Portland.

Yeats. See, also, Ykatks, Yatks.

Yeats, Dr., of Peckham, England. The National Exodus: its Consequences and its Cure, 1863, 8vo. Privately printed. Read at the Social Science Meeting of York.

"A clever paper on emigration."—ton. Reader, ii. 573.

Yeats, Grant David, M.D. 1. Observations on the Claims of the Moderns to some Discoveries in Chemistry and Physiology, Lon., 1798, 8vo. 2. Address on the Cow-Pox, 1803, 8vo. 3. Statement of the Early Symptoms which lead to the Disease termed Watcr-inthe-Brain, 1815, 8vo. Papers in Ann. of Med., Med. and Phys. Jour., and Med. Trans.

Yeats, Thomas Pattinson, an entomologist, d. 1782. Institutions of Entomology: being a Translation of Linnseus's Ordines et Genera Insectorura, or Systematic Arrangement of Insects, Ac, Lon., 1773, 8vo. See Kirbv, William, No. 5.

Yehring. French, German, and English Progressive Lessons, Lon., ea. 16mo.

Yeldham, Stephen. Treatment by Homoeopathy in Acute Diseases, Lon., 1849, 8vo.

Yelloly, John, M.D. Dissertatio Inauguralis de Cynanche Tracheali, Edin., 1796, 8vo. Papers in Med.Chir. Trans., 1809, '12.

Yelverton, lit. Hon. Barry, first Viscount Avonmore, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland. Speech in the House of Lords in Ireland on the 4th Article of a Legislative Union, 1800, 8vo.

Yelverton, Sir Henry, b. probably at Islington, 1566, was educated at Oxford, and subsequently studied law at Gray's Inn, where he lived with Francis Bacon;

Solicitor-General, 1613; Attorney-General, 1616, and displaced, 1621; Judge of the King's Bench, 1626, and, May 12 following this appointment, transferred to the Common Pleas, where he remained until his death, Jan. 24, 1630. 1. The Rights of the People concerning Impositions, stated in a Learned Argument by Sir H. Yelverton, Lon., 1658, 12mo; 1679, 8vo. Also in Hargrave's State Trials, xi. 52. 2. Reports de divers Speciall Cases en le Court del Bank le Roy, cy bien en le darrien Temps del Reigne du Roigne Elizabeth, come en les premiers dix ans del Roy Jaques, (1603-13,) published by Sir William Wylde, Lon., 1661, fol.; 2d ed., 1674, fol. Third edition, carefully translated into English, 1735, fol.; 4th ed., 1792, 8vo; 1803, 8vo. First American from the 4th Lon. ed., with Notes to Prior and Subsequent Decisions, by Theron Metcalf, Andover, 1820, 8vo.

"The cases contained En his Reports are very concisely Riven, and very meagre in point of reasoning and illustration, but are of great weight as authorities in the formation of the existing common law. . . . But the peculiar value of the present edition consists in the great number of excellent notes with which it has been enriched by the American editor."—Iienrt Wbeaton: 16 iV. Amer. Rev., 198.

"Enriched with copious, valuable, and accurate notes, by Mr. Metcalf."—1 Kent's Com., 485.

"Characterized in a high degree by discrimination, accuracy, and research. . . . No one who can buy this form of the book will ever care to possess the English.*'—Wallace's Reporter*, 3d ed., 1855,154,7. *>• for an interesting account of Yelverton: compare it with the notices of the two Henries Yelverton in bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., ii. 476, iii. 906.

See, also, Pref. to Amer. ed. of the Reports; 7 John. Rep., 164; 6 L. R., 726; Marvin's Leg. Bibl., 757; and the notices of Yelverton in Bacon's Works; Dixon's Lord Bacon; Townsend's H. of Commons; Archaaol., xv. 27: Collins'*. Peerage; Lysons's Environs; Phillips, Edward.

Yelverton, Sir Henry, b. at Easton Mauduit, and baptized there Julv 6, 1633, was entered of Wadhain College, Oxford, 1650,

"where he made as great proficiency in several sorts of learning as his age was capable of, and became so exact a Latiuiat and Grecian that none of his time went beyond him."—Wood: ui infra.

1. Vindication of the Bishop of Worcester's [mokley, George, D.D.] Letter touching Mr. Baxter from the Animadversions of D. E., Lon., 1662, 4to. Anon. 2. Discourse of the Truth and Reasonableness of the Religion delivered by Jesus Christ, Ac, 1662, 8vo. See Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., iii. 906.

Yelverton, Hon. Mrn. Theresa, formerly Miss Longworth, made an unhappy marriage with Major Yelverton, which became the subject of a protracted legal investigation. See the Yelverton Marriage Case, Lon., 1861, 8vo. Three editions of the Yelverton Marriage Case, Thelwall v. Yelverton, each 8vo, were issued by three London publishers in 1861. Mrs. Yelverton herself has enlightened the public in the following books: 1. Martyrs to Circumstance, Lon., 1861, fp. 8vo, in 3 Parts; also in 1 vol. 2. The Yelverton Correspondence; Edited by the Hon. Theresa Yelverton, Edin., 1863, 12mo; red to 1*., 1864.

See, also, A Woman's Trials: The Life and Letters of the Hon. Mrs. Yelverton; with an Account of the Yelverton Marriage Suit, N. York, Nov. 1867, 24mo, pp. 32. In August, 1867, the House of Lords decided against Mrs. Yelverton, and in the next month she visited the United States.

"I need only refer to the painful case of Mrs. Yelverton to prove what I have stilted. An Irish court has solemnly affirmed the validity of her Irish marriage, and a Scotch court has as solemnly repudiated it. and maintained the legality of her husband's subsequent Scotch marriage, while the English court of last appeal has refused to recognize either, leaving to Mrs. Yelverton the alternative of prosecuting her husband for bigamy." —Aiuj.UK 1867.

"The Yelverton case, which has just been tried before the House of Lords, has been made the basis of a novel by Mr. Cyrus Redding."—Aug. 1867.

Yendys, Sydney, really Sydney Dobell, son of John Dobell, (author of Man Unfit to Govern Man,) b. at Peckham Rye, 1824, was for many years connected with his father in the wine business at Cheltenham.

I. The Roman; a Dramatic Poem, by Sydney Yendys, Lon., 1850, p. 8vo. Commended by Lon. Athen., 1850, 389, Ac. See Eclec Rev., 4th Ser., xxvii. 672; No. 2, infra. 2. Balder; Part the First, by the Author of "The Roman," Jan. 1854, p. 8vo; 2d ed., Dec. 1854, p. 8vo.

"Magnificent as are some of its passages, novel and beautiful as are its types and figures, picturesque and powerful as are ilil occasional linen, the poem, as ft whole, in repugnant in story, ponderous in style, false in philosophy.1'—Lon. Alhen., 1854, 49.

"This book we hesitate not to pronounce the richest volume of recent poetry next to ' Festus.' . . . While 'The Roman' was full of beauties, ' Balder' is overflowing; and the beauties, we think, are of a rarer and profounder sort."—Rxv. 0. (J Third Gall, of Lit. Portraits.

"The author of 'The Roman' and ' Balder' has unmistakable claims to whatever respect may be due to genuine jwtetic power wasted in the wielding of it."—Edin. Bev., Oct. 1856, art. 11.: Jfew Poett.

3. England in Time of War, by Sydney Dobell, 1856, or. 8vo. See, also, Smith, Alexander. A collective edition of Dobell's Poems, including his Lyrics, Sunnets on the War, and Dramatic Poems, was published in 1 vol., blue and gold, Boston, Ticknor A Fields, 1861.

Yeo. The Asiatic; a Comedy. Not printed.

Yeo, Arthur A. New General Rules of the Courts of K. B., C. P., and Exch. in Ireland; with Forms, a Summary of the Practice, and a Full Index, Dubl., 1834, Uno,

Yeo, Henry, and Billing, 11. A. The Practice of the Plea Side of the Court of Exchequer, in Ireland, in Personal Actions and Ejectments, Dubl., 1843, 8vo.

"The luminous arrangement and legal acumen displayed throughout every page do credit both to Mr. Yeo and his learned oollcague."—1 Leg. Kep., 106. 463.

Yeo, J. Burney, M.D., Resident Medical Tutor and Lecturer on Animal Physiology in King's College, London. 1. Notes of a Season at St. MoriU, Lon., 1870, p. 8vo. 2. The Student's Manual of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy; in prep., 1870, cr. 8vo.

Yeoman, Thomas. See Hkindlry, James.

Yeoman, Thomas II., M.D., Physician to the Post-Office Letter-Carriers' Provident Institution, Ac, London. 1. Consumption of the Lungs, Lon., 1S4S, 12mo. Revised by a Boston Physician, Bost., 1850, 12mo; 1851,12mo. 2. Catarrh, Influenza, Ac, Lon., 1848, 12ino. 3. On Debility and Irritability, Mental and Physical, Ac, 1854, 12mo: 1855, 12mo; 7"th ed., 1862.

Yeomans, Rev. Edward I)., has been already noticed in connection with his translations of the Rev. Dr. Philip Schaff's History of the Apostolic Church, and History of the Christian Church, which did him great credit. See Dr. Schaff's Profaccs to these works; Evan

fel. Rev., April, 1859, 599; and Bibl. Rep. and Prince, ev.. May, 1859, 320.

Yeomans, John. The Abecedarian; or, Philosophic Comment upon the English Alphabet, Lon., 1759, 8vo.

Yeomans, John W., D.D. 1. Election Sermon, Boat., 1834, 8vo. 2. Dedication Sermon at Trenton, N.J., 1840, 8vo. 3. Address on the Author's Inauguration as President of Lafayette College, Easton, Penna., 1841, 8vo. Co-author of a History of the County of Berkshire, Mass., in Two Parts, Pittsfield, 1829, 12mo, pp. 468.

Yeowell, James. Chronicles of the Ancient British Church anterior to the Saxon Era, Lon., 1846, p. 8vo. Mr. Yeowell assisted Lord Braybrooko in the 4th edition of Pepys's Diary, (see Preface,) and the three Index volumes, 1856, 1862, 1868, to the three Series of Notes and Queries were

"compiled by Mr. James Yeowell. who has for many years been •ul>-eilitor of the work, and who is in himself a sort of walking index and general referee for verbal 'Queries.' Without the Iikii'x. Notes and Queries would be [far from) valueless as a work of reference."—Lon. Bookseller, Nov. 2, 1868.

See, also, Pulley.*, William, No. 2; Puttexiiam, Geouge, No. 1.1.

Yergcr, George S. Reports of Coses argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Tennessee, Dec 1818-Dcc. 1837, Nashville, 1832-38, 10 vols. 8vo.

Yoakum, Henderson, b. in Claiborne oo., Tennessee, 1810, became a cadet at West Point, 1828, and served in the army; settled in Texas in 1845, and practised law until his death nt Houston, Nov. 30, 1856. A History of Texas from its First Settlement under La Salle in 1685 to its Annexation to the United States in 1845, N. York, 1855, (somo 1856,) 2 vols. 8vo. Ho also contributed to periodicals.

Yolland, William, R.E., b. 1810, and educated at the Royal Military Academy at Woolwich, was made a Colonel in the Army by brevet in 1858. 1. An Account of the Measurement of the Lough Foyle Base in the North of Ireland during the Years 1827-8-9, Lon., 1848, 4to, (Board of Ordnance.) See Lon. Athcn., 1848, 207. 2. Astronomical Observations mado with Airy's Zenith Sector between the Years 1842-50, for the Determination of

the Latitude! of Various Trigonometrical Stations in Great Britain and Ireland, 1853, 4to, (Board of Ordnance.) Whilst acting on the Ordnance Survey he was also intrusted with the preparation for the press of the Astronomical Observations made with Ramsden's Zenith Sector (burnt in the Tower, 1841;) and be supplied the article on Geodesy which forms part of the Course of Mathematies for the Royal Military Academy. He was also co-author of a Report on military education, printed by order of the House of Commons. See Men of the Time, Lon., 1868, 835.

Yong, or Young, Bartholomew. See Youxe, Bartholomew.

Yong, Rev. Duke. 1. Extracts. Moral and Sacred, Lon., 1800, 12mo. 2. Manual of Instruction and Devotion for Prisoners at Exeter, 1804, 8vo.

Yong, or Yonnge, John, called sometimes Joannes (iiovanus, Master of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, became Preb. of Westminster, 1572, and Bishop of Bristol, 1578 ; d. 1605, aged 71. Sermon on Pe. cxxxi. 1, Lon., 1575, 8vo.

Yonge, Charles Duke, Professor of History and English Literature in Queen's College, Belfast, son of the Rev, Charles Yonge, Lower Master of Eton College, b. 1812, and educated at Eton and at Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1835, taking a first-class degree, ia well known by his excellent educational manuals and several historical works. 1. Exercises in Greek Prose Composition, Lon., 12mo. '2. The Hippolytus of Euripides, with English Notes, Ac, 1846, 12mo. 3. Exercises for Latin Verses out of their Own Sense, 2d ed., 1848, 12mo. 4. English-Greek Lexicon ; containing all the Greek Words used by Writers of Good Authority, Ac, 1849, p. 4to; 2d ed., 1856, p. 4to ; 5th ed., 1865, p. 4to. (Uniform with Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon and J. E. Riddle's Latin-English Lexicon.) American edition, with Numerous New Articles, an Appendix of Proper Names, Pillon's Greek Synonyms, nnd An Essay on the Order of Words in Attic Greek Prose, by Charles Short, LL.D., Professor of Latin in Columbia College, New York ; edited by Henry Drisler, LL.D., Professor of Greek in Columbia College, editor of " Liddell and Scott's Greek-English Lexicon," Ac. Ac, N. York, Harper A Brothers, 1870, r. 8vo, pp. cxv., 663, cviii., (Greek Synonyms from the French of Alex. Pillon, edited, with Notes, by Rev. T. K. Arnold,) oix.-cxv., (Index.)

"The learned editor . . . has made such extensive and important additions to it as to render it far more serviceable to scholars than the English edition. . . . The most striking origiuul contribution of a special character which has been made to the work is an Essay on the Order of Words in Attic Greek Prose, by Prof. Charles Short. . . . We donbt mucli whether any thing has recently appeared more creditable to the classical scholarship of tins country. It represents not only a mass of general grammatical and syntactical knowledge, but an extended course of special reading among the Attic prose writers. No student can turn over its pages without being struck with its valuable and elaborate character. Professor Short has by this investigation placed himself in the first rank of the Hellenists of the age. It is understood that he has, in addition to bis general efforts to advance classical scholarship and criticism in this country, given long-continued attention to the illustration and exposition of Homer; and it is to be sincerely hoped, now that llomeric attldies are attracting notice, that he will Is? induced to give the public the results of bis researches aud reflections."—Amer.Lit. Gat., June 1, 1S70, 78.

Professor Drisler, in his preface to this edition of Yonge's Lexicon, " oalls the attention of scholars to Dr. Short's Essay, " as the first attempt to collect in a single treatise the various points of this difficult and extensive subject; not even among the Germans has any thing so full and so systematic been undertaken." We add that all classical Greek Lexicons should be supplemented by the Greek Lexicon of the Roman and Byxnntine Periods, (from B.C. 146 to A.i). 1100,) by E. A. Sophocles, Bust., 1870, r. 8vo: favourably reviewed in the Bookseller, (London,) Aug. 3, 1870, 653. Yonge's English-Greek Lexicon, abridged from the larger work, 1864, sq. cr. 8vo, pp. 481. 5. A New Gradus ad Parnassuiu of the Latin Language; containing every Word used by the Poets of Good Authority. Ac, 1850, p. 8vo; 8th ed., 1863, p. 8vo. Also sold bound in 1 vol. with No. 9, infra. Commended by Jour, of Educ, Lon. Spec, and John Bull. 6. Exercises in Latin Prose Composition, 1850, 12mo. 7. The Accidence or First Rudiments of the Latin Tongue, 1852, 12mo. 8. A New Phraseological English-Latin and Latin-English Dictionary, p. 8vo: l't. 1, 1855: Pt. 2, 1856: also in 1 vol., 1856, Ac Used at Eton, Harrow, Winchester, and Rugby Schools, and King's College, Loudon.

"The thanks of all school-boys, and of many Latin student* too, are due to Mr. Yonge. The slightest glance at the book will prove how great an advance he has niade upon others."— Lon. Gmtrtlian.

"It is the best—we wore going to fay, the only really useful— English-Latin Dictionary we have ever met with."—Lon. Spectator.

9. A Dictionary of Latin Epithets classified according to their English Meaning: being an Appendix to the "Latin Gradus,"(No. 5, tupra,) 1856, p. 8vo, pp. 100. 10. The History of England from the Earliest Times to the Peace of Paris, 1856,1857, cr. 8vo, pp. 660,12«.; red. to 7». 6<i., 1870.

"On the whole, we think he has been pretty successful. . . . Important events in our history are sometimes omitted, and trivial, and even exploded, anecdotes ten often supply their place. . . . Occasionally, too, we meet with inaccuracies and contradictions."—Lon. Gent. Mag., 1857, ii. 429.

"Mr. Ynnge's ' History,'up to'the opening of the present reign, is a vigorous, well-distributed compilation; beyond that point it becomes meagre, loose, and altogether unsatisfactory."—Lon. Atlim., 1857, 1144.

11. Parallel Lives of Ancient and Modern Heroes: of Epaminondas, Philip of Macedon, Oustavus Adolphus, and Frederic the Great, 185S, 12mo. Again, Great and Bravo in History, Ac, 1865, fp. 8vo. 12. Life of FieldMarshal the Duke of Wellington, with portrait, plans, and maps, 1860. 2 vols. 8vo, £2.

"If read carefully, it leaves the impression that Mr. Yonge is master of the Duke's life, except where he quits the broad canvas and attempts portrait-paintiug. If we want that, we must turn to the Chaplain-General of the army, [i.e. Wellington, Arthur. Duxs or. No. 41.]"—Lon. AUien., 1800, i. 85. See, also, Lon. Critic, .Ian. 1860.

13. P. Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Gcorgica et .l-'nci-: with English Notes: for the Use of Eton. Harrow, Rugby, and Winchester, 1862, p. 8vo. Contains the notes of Hawtrey, Key, and Munro.

"The Author's thanks are due to that most accomplished scholar, the Provost of Eton, [Dr. Hawtrey,] who lent him the wholo body of the valuable MS. Notes on Virgil accumulated during thirty-five years."—Advert.

14. The History of the British Navy, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, 1863, 2 vols. r. 8vo, pp. 1500, 42«.; 2d cd., 1868, 3 vols. 8vo, 54».

*' We have abundant reason to thank Mr. Yonge, and to believe that his handsome work will, doubtless, for many years to come, be the standard 'History of the British Navy.'"—Lon. examiner. 1863.

"The theme is one that will stir many a heart, young and old; and Mr. Yonge has treated it in a manner which cannot fail to bring him honour, and ought not to fail to bring him profit."—ton. Athen.. 1861).

"In the writing of it, Mr. Yonge hna bad special advantages. ... In his two volumes he is utile to tell over npun some of the most delightful episodes in English history."—Lon. Reader, 1863, il. 627. See, also, Lon. Times, Jan. 5, 21,'26, 1865.

15. The History of France under the Bourbons : From the Accession of Henry IV. to the Expulsion of Charles X., 1589-1830, 8vo: vols. i„ ii., containing the Reigns of Henry IV., Louis XIII., Louis XIV., A.n. 1589-1715, Dec. 1866; vols, iii., iv., 1867.

"The very dryness of Mr. Yonge's style, and its want of what artists call tone, gives a not Inappropriate effect to his account of the grim and terrible Richelieu, and his'weak and odious' sovereign. Louis XIII."—Ism. Rrader. 1866, i. 58.

16. Notes for Latin Elegiacs, 1S66. Commended as well planned.

17. The Life and Administration of the Second Earl of Liverpool, Compiled from Original Documents, Nov. 1868, 3 vols. 8vo, 42«.

To Mr. Yonge we are also indebted for the following volumes, each p. 8vo, of Bohn's Classical Library: a Series of Literal Prose Translations of the Greek and Latin Classics: XXVII., XXX.. XXXI., XXXIV., Cicero's Orations and Rhetorical Works: XI,II.. Cicero's Academics, Do Finibus, Tusculan Questions, with Sketch of the Grecian Philosophy; XLIV., Diogenes Laertius, Lives and Opinions of the Ancient Philosophers: L., Cicero on the Nature of the Gods, Divination, Fate, Laws, and Republic: a revision of tho translation of Francis Barhatn; LV., LVI., LVII-, The Deipnosophists, or Banquet of the Learnod, of Atbcnmus, with Appendix, Ac: LXXXV., Ammianus Marcellinus's History of Rome, double volume. Also for the following volumes, ea. p. 8vo, of Bohn's Ecclesiastical Library: IV., V., VII., VIII., The Works of Philo-Judasus, translated from the Greek, 1854-55. See, also, Matthew Op" Westminster. Mr. Vonge has also contributed to periodicals. In 1859 a pension of £70 per annum was awarded by the British Government to this useful author, in consideration of his literary services.

Yonge, Miss Charlotte Mary, b. 1823, only daughter of the late W. C. Yonge, Esq., of Ottoruourue,

Hants, 52d Foot, and a magistrate for Hampshire, hai during the last twenty-two years (1848-1870) published many popular books, (of some of which wo have commendatory notices before us,) all without her name. Those issued since the publication of her best-known work bear on their title-pages, By the Author of "Th» Heir of Redclyffe." We present an alphabetical enumeration. 1. Abbey Church; or, Self-Control and SelfConoeit, Lon., 1844, fp. 8vo. 2. Apple of Discord, Lon.,

1864, fp. 8vo. See No. 24. 3. Bon Sylvester's Word, 1856, 18mo; 8th ed., 18mo; N. York, 185!), lOino. 4. Biographies of Good Women, Edited. Lon., 1862, fp. 8vo; 2d Series, Dec. 1865. 5. Book of Golden Deeds of All Times and All Lands, (Golden Treas. Series,) Dec. 1864, '67, fp. 8vo; Bost. and Camb., 1865, '69, 18mo. 6. Book of Worthies, Gathered from tho Old Histories and Written Anew, Lon., 1869, p. 8vo. 7. Caged Lion, Illustrated, 1870, cr. 8vo; 2d ed., 1S70, cr. 8vo; N. York, 1870, 12ino. 8. Cameos from English History, from Rollo to Edward II., Lon., 1868, '70, ex. fp. 8vo; Phila., 1868, 8vo and !2mo. 9. Castle Builders, Lon., 1854, 18mo; 4th ed., fp. 8vo; N. York. 1855, 12mo.

10. Chaplct of Pearls; or, The White and Black Bibaumont, Lon., Dec 1868, 2 vols. p. 8vo; N. York, IS69, 8vo. 11. Christmas Mummers, Lon., 1858, lSino; 2d ed., demy 18mo. 12. Clever Woman of the Family,

1865, 2 vols. cr. 8vo; 1867, p. 8vo; N. York, 1865, Svo. 13. Conversations on the Catechism, Lou., t'p. Svo : vols, i., ii., 1859; iii., 1863. 14. Countoss Kate, 1863, r. 18rao. 15. Daisy Chain; or, Aspirations, 1856,2 vols. p. 8vo; 9th ed., Illust., 1868, p. 8vo; N. York. 1856. 2 vols. 12mo. It is said that the profits of this book, £2000, were devoted to the erection of a Missionary Collego at Auckland, New Zealand. See Xos. 21, 18. 16. Danvers Papers: an Invention, Lon., 1867, 12mo. 17. Dove in the Eagle's Nest. 1866, 2 vols. p. Svo; 2d ed., 1870, cr. 8vo; N. York, 1866, 12mo. 18. Dynovor Terrace; or, The Clue of Life, Lon., 1857, 2 vols. 12mo; 3d cd., Lon., 1861, cr. Svo. 19. Friarswood Post-Office, 1860, 18mo; 5th ed., 1809, 18mo; N. York, 1860, 18mo. 20. Heartsease; or, Tho Brother's Wife, Lon., 1854, % vols. fp. 8vo; 10th cd., Illust., 1868, p. Svo; N. York, 1855, '61, 2 vols. 12mo. 21. Heir of Redclyffe, Lon., 1853,2 vols. 12mo; 17th ed., Illust., 1868, p. 8vo; N. York, 1853, '55, '61, 2 vols. 12mo. It is said that a large portion of tho profits of this book were appropriated to fitting out tho missionary schooner "Southern Cross" for the use of Bishop Selwyn, of New Zealand. See No. 15. 22. Henrietta's Wish; or. Domineering, Lon., 1850, 12mo ; 5th ed., 1867, 12mo. 23. Herb of th» Field, 2d ed., fp. 8vo. 24. Historical Drama: containing: The Mice at Play, The Apple of Discord. The Strayed Falcon, 1864, fp. 8vo. 25. History of Christian Names, 1863, 2 vols. cr. 8vo; 1S65, 2 vols. cr. Svo. Add to this work: I. English Surnames, and their Place in the Teutonic Family, by Robert Ferguson, 1858, p. 8vo.

11. What Is Your Name? a Popular Account of the Meaning and Derivation of Christian Names, by Sophia Moody, 1863, fp. 8vo. III. Verba Nominalia; or, Words Derived from Proper Names, by R. S. Charnock, 1866, 8vo. IV. Ludus Patronymium; or. Etymology of Curious Surnames, by R. S. Charnock, 1868, p. 8vo. V. Ancient Faith embodied in Ancient Names, Ac, by Thomas Inman, M.D., 2 vols. 8vo: i., 1868. See, also, Bowditch, Nathaniel Ingersoi.l, No. 3, Bost.. 1861, Svo; Lou-Kit, .MAuk Antony, No, 1; Stratton, Thomas, M.D., No. 3. 26. History of Sir Thomas Thumb, Edin., Dec. 1855, '60, sm. 4to; N. York, Dec 1856, am. 4to. 27. Hopes and Fears; or, Scenes from the Life of a Spinster, Lon., 1850, 2 vols. fp. Svo; 1862, p. Svo : N. York. Nov. 1860, '62, 2 vols. 12mo. 28. Instructive Picture-Hook; or, Lessons from the Vegetable World, with 62 col'd plutcs, arranged by R. M. Stark, Edin., 1857, '65. '67, sm. fol. 29. Kenneth; or, Tho Rear-Guard of the Grand Army, Lon., 1850, fp. Svo; 5th ed., IS6'.I, 12mo; N. York, 1855, 12mo. 30. Key-Notes of the First Lessons for Every Day in the Year, Lon., 1869, demy 16mo, 2a.; imp. 16mo, 5». 31. Kings of England: a History for Young Children, 1848, 12mo; 7th ed., 1862, 12mo; abridged, with Questions, 1851, Ac, demy 18mo. 32. Lances of Lynwood, 1855, sq. 16mo: 18(i(. fp. Svo: with col'd illustrations, 1868, fp. 8vo: N. York. 1856, l2mo. 33. Landmarks of History: I. Ancient History, Lon., 1852, fp. Svo: 13th ed., 1868, l2mo; 1st Amer. from 5th Lon. cd.. by Edith L. Chase, Phila., 1863, lSmo; new ed., N. York, 12mo. II. Middle Agos. Lon., 1853. fp. 8vo; 5th ad., 1868, 12mo; N. York, 12mo; ed. by Edith L. Chase, 1867, ISmo. III. Modern History, Lon., 1857, fp. 8vo; 4th ed., 1870, 12mo; ed. by Edith L. Chase, N. York, 1868,18mo. 34. Langley School, Lon., 1850, I8mo: 3d ed., I860, 18mo. 35. Leonard the Lion-Hcarted, 5th «d., 1856, demy 18mo; 6th ed., ISmo. 36. Little Duke; or, Richard the Fearless, 1854, sq. 16mo; 5th cd., Illust., 1864, r. I8mo; N. York. 1S55, 12mo. 37. Marie Tbercse de Lamourous, 4c; Abridged from the French, Lon., 1858, 12mo. 38. Musing on the [Keblo's] "Christian Year," with Gleanings, in press, 1870, fp. 8vo. 39. New Ground, 1868, 18mo. 40. Pigeon Pie; a Tale of Roundhead Times, 1860, demy 18mo; 3d ed., 1863, 18mo; Bost., 1804, 16mo. 41. Prince and the Page; a Story of the Last Crusade, Illust., Lon., 1865, r. 18mo. 42. Pupils of St. John the Divine, Illust. by E. Arraitage, (Part 1, 1867,) 1868, p. 8vo, (Sunday Library;) Phila., 1868, 12mo. 43. Railroad Children, 8th ed., Lon.. 18mo. 44. Sea Spleenwort, and other Stories, 1863, fp. 8vo. 45. Scenes and Characters; or, Eighteen Months at Becchcroft, 1847, 12mo; 6th ed., 1869. !2ino; K. York, 1856, I2ino. 46. Six Cushions, Lon., 1867, p. 8vo; 2d ed., Dec. 1869, 18mo. 47. Stokcsley Secret, 1861, '62, r. ISrao; N. York, ISmo. 48. Trial: More Links of the Daisy Chain, Lon., 1864, 2 vols. cr. 8vo; 7th cd.. 1864. cr. 8vo; last Illust. ed., 1868, p. 8vo; N. York, 1864, 12mo. 49. Two Guardians; or, Home in tho World, Lon., 1852, fp. Svo; 4th ed., 1861, fp. Svo; N. York, 1855, 12mo. 50. Wars of Wapsburgh, Lon., 1863, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1863, fp. 8vo. 51. Young Stepmother; or, A Chronicle of Mistakes, 1861, '64, '69, p. 8vo; N. York, 1862, 2 vols. 12mo.

Many of tho above enumerated London editions boar the imprint of Macmillan A Co., London and Cambridge; some are published by Motley, some by Groombridge, someby Parker; mostof the American editionsare issued by D. Appleton A Co. A collective edition of her works, in German, has appeared in Germany. She edited Two Years of School Life, by Madame do Pressense, Lon., Dec. 1868, 12mo; Storehouse of Stories, 1870, cr. 8vo; The Population of an Old Pear-Tree, from tho French of E. van Bruyssel, 1870, cr. 8vo; The Monthly Packet of Evening Readings, (a shilling magazine;) prefixed an Introductory Notice to Sketches of the Rites and Customs of the Greco-Russian Church, by II. C. Romanoff, 2d cd., 1869, cr. 8vo; and contributed to The Magnet Stories. (Lon., 1860-62, 4 vols. 12mo,) vols, i. and iii.; to the Churchman's Family Magazine, and tho Constitutional Press Magazine. See, also, Skwell, Elizabeth Missing, No. 33.

"There is H true adherence to nature and great dramatic skill displayed in the exhibition of character: whether we like lier personages or not. we feel that wo thoroughly know them, and that they are no conventional reproduction*, hut like the men and women we may meet with any day in ordinary life."—Xorth Brit. Kev., Nov. 18V>6. art. vi.: Ktlirjinus .voiwj.

"The author of The Heir of Redclyfle is scarcely to be called a novelist in the ordinary sense of the term; tint in her elaborate, minute, and capital pictures of domestic life we have here and there a central or prominent figure as nobly conceived as any which our literature can show."—Prater's Marj.t 1859.

"She is the authoress of several works of fiction, in which the plot is made to enforce, in a plain and sober manner, the peculiar doctrines of what is called the High-Church school of opinion."— Men eif the Time, 1808, 8.18.

"As a writer of elegant stories, inculcating a healthy morality and true womanly sentiments, and eminently adapted to develop and form the tastes of jnung girl* at that critical period when childhood is blushing into womanly maturity, the author of Heart's Ease has excelled all hor rivals."—Jeaffretoris JfoveU and Xovetistt, 1858, ii. VXi.

See, also, Lon. Gent. Mag., 1853, ii. 21, and 1854, ii. 442, (same in Bost. Liv. Age, xliii. 519:) N. Amcr. Rev., April, 1855, 439, (by Sarah Pall'roy;) Blnckw. Mag., May, 1855, (Modern Novelists—Great and Small;) Lon. Rev.. July, 1858; Lon. Lit. Budget, Deo. 1801; Lon. Render, 1R64, i. 770; 1865, i. 596. ii. 130; 1866. i. 146.

Yonge, Sir George, Bart., Secretary of War. On tho Roman Road and Camps in the Neighbourhood of Mornslicld Woodhousc, Notts: Archmol., 17K9.

Yonge, I. Practical and Explanatory Commentary on the Holy Bible, taking tho whole in one Point of View from the Creation to the End of tho World, Lon., 1787, 4to.

"The point of view in which the Scriptures are here considered is their reference to the redemption of the world by Jesus Christ," kc.—Ltm. Mem. Iter., 1788, I. 173.

Yonge, James. See Yodng, J Am Ml

Yonge, James, minister of Torquay Chapel, and subsequently curate of the united parishes of Tormohuu aud Cockiugton, Devon. 1. Occasional Religious

Thoughts, Lon., 18mo. 2. Sermons, Series I., II., HT., 3 vols. 8vo, Exeter, 1831-47.

Yonge, Rev. John Eyre, King's College, Cambridge; Assistant Master at Eton. 1. Horace, with English Notes, Lon., 12mo: Part 1, Odes and Epodes, 1857 ; now ed., 1865. Part 2, Satires and Epistles, 1858; new ed., 1866.

"The commentary is sensible and serviceable."— Lon. Guardian.

The Complete Works of Horace, Edited, 1867, 8vo, 21«.

Horace, the Toxt Revised, 1868, sq., 4«. 6rf. See, also, The Odos and Epodes of Horace; a Metrical Translation into English; with Introduction and Commentaries, by Lord Lytton; with Latin Text from the Editions of Macleane and Yonge, 1869, p. 8vo; N. York, 1870, 12mo.

2. Soriptores Grasci: Greek Prose Selections; with Illustrative Notes in English, new ed., Eton, 1862, 8vo.

Yonge, N. B. Shadow of the Yew, and other Poems, Lon., 1856, p. 8vo.

Yonge, Nicolas. 1. Mvsica Transalnina: Madrigales translated of foure, flue, and sixe Parts, chosen out of diuers excellent Authors, Ac, Lon., 1588, 4to, 6 pts. Lilly, £6 6«. 2. Mvsica Transalpina: Tho seconds Booke of Madrigalles to 5 and 6 Voices: translated out of sundrie Italian Authors, Ac, 1597, 4to, 6 pts., £3 3«.

Yonge, Philip, Prebendary of London, 1753, Bishop of Bristol, 1758, and of Norwich, 1761; d. 1783. Nine single sormons, Lon., 1756-72, o. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit. See Nichols's Lit. Anec, and Niohols's Illust. of Lit., Indexes.

Yonge, W. C. Temporal Prospeots of Israel Unsettled, Lon., 12mo.

Yonge, Walter. Diary of Walter Yonge, Esq., Justice of tho Peace and M.P. for Honiton, written at Colyton and Axminster, co. Devon, from 1604 to 1628; Edited by George Roberts, Author of tho History of Lyme Regis, The Life of the Duke of Monmouth, Ac, Lon., 1848, p. 4to. (Camden Son.)

Yonge, William, M.D. Englands Shame; or, The Unmasking of a Politick Atheist; being a Full and Faithful Relation of the Life and Death of that Grand Imposter, Hugh Peters, Ac, Lon., 1663, 12mo. Fonthill, 1500, £1 6«.; Towneley, Pt. 1, 810, £1 13,. See Collier's Bibl. Acct. of Early Eng. Lit., 1865, vol. ii., voc. Peters, Hugh.

Yonge, Sir William. See Pultenev, William, Earl Ok Bath, No. 3.

Yonger, William. Sermon preached at Great Yarmouth, by W. Y., Lon., 1600, 16uio. On the Spanish Invasion.

Yool, George V., of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-atLaw, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1. Essay on Waste, Nuisance, and Trespass, chiefly with Reference to Remedies in Equity, Ac, Lon., 1.S63, 8vo. 2. Compensation to Land-Owners: being a Practical Digest of tho Law of Compensation, 1864, 8vo, pp. 50.

York. See, also, Yorke.

York, Duke of. See James II., King Op England. Memoirs of tho English Affairs, chiefly Naval, from the Year I6G0 to 1673; written by James, Duke of York, under his Administration of Lord High Admiral, Lon., 1729, 8vo. Seo Memoirs of James II., King of Englaud, Ac. 1821, 2 vols. 8vo.

York, Archibald. Stanzas, Lon., 1861, fp. 8vo. See Lon. Athen., 1862, i. 361.

York, J. O. Tables of the Weight of Wrought Iron, Ac, Lon., 12mo.

York, James. Proposals tending to Augment the Forco of this Country, 18116, Svo.

York, Mrs. Sarah Emily. See Medbkhry, Mrs. Rebecca B., No. 2.

Yorke. Seo, also, York.

Yorke, Mrs. My Master's Secret; or, The Troublesome Stranger; a Novel, 1804, 2 vols. 12mo.

Yorke, Bryan. The Mother; and other Poems, Lon.. 1858, 8vo.

Yorke, Charles, brother of Philip Yorke, second Lord Hardwickc, (iu/ret, q. v.,) was b. 1722: called to the Bar at Linooln's Inn, 1753; M.P. for Rycgate, 1747; Solicitor-General, 1756; Attorney General. 1761; appointed Lord High Chancellor, Jan. 17, 1770, but d. suddenly, (it is believed by many by bis own hand,) Jan. 20, whilst the patent for his peerage was being executed under the title of Baron Morden. Ho published anonymously Some Considerations on the Lnw of Forfeiture for High Treason, occasioned by a Clause in tho Late Act

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