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whereof is fonnde in an olde English Bible, betwixt the Olde Testament and the Newe, Lon., R. Crowley, 1550, 16mo. Bindley, Pt. 4, 491, £2 'J*. Copies are in the British Museum and Bodleian Library. It was also printed by J. Oough in 1536 and 1540, 8vo, under the title of the Dore of Holy Scripture. 4. De Christianorum Villicatione: in English, under the name of K. Wimbledon, 1582. 5. A Complaint of John Wickliffe, exhibited to the King and Parliament. 6. Two Short Treatises against the Orders of the Begging Friers, Ac, (edited, with a Glossary, by Thomas James, D.D.,) Oxf., 1608, sm. 4to. 7. The Last Age of the Church: Now first Printed from a Manuscript in the University Library, Dublin, edited, with Notes, bv James Henthorne Todd, D.D., Dublin Univ. Press, 1840, sq. 12mo. Dr. Todd felt some doubts (Prcf., xii.-xv., notes, p. lxxxi.) as to the authenticity of this tract and the fairness of the inference which assigns 1356 as the date of composition. 8. An Apology for Lollard Doctrines, attributed to Wicliff; now first Printed from a Manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin; with an Introduction and Notes by James Henthorne Todd. D.D., 1842, p. 8vo, (Camden Soc.) 9. Tracts and Treatises of John Do Wycliffe, D.D.; with Selections and Translations from his Manuscripts and Latin Works: with an Introductory Memoir by Robert Vaughan. D.D., 1S45, 8vo. Published by the Wycliffe Society. 10. Three Treatises: I. Of the Church and her Members; II. Of the Apostacy of the Church; III. Of Antichrist and his Meynce: now first Published from a MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, with Notes and a Glossary by James Henthorne Todd, D.D., Dubl., 1851, sm. sq. 8vo. 11. The Pore Caitif: a Trctys that suffisith to ech Christen Man to lyvcn after. A MS. on vellum, consisting of 119 leaves. See Oldys's Brit. Lib., 21. Sec, also, British Reformers, (12 vols. 12mo.) vii. For further notices of this great man, (for such, without any reference to his religious opinions, he certainly was,) see the following: Comment. Aenoc Sylvii Piccol. Senesis, de Concil. Basilse Celcbrato, ». 1. et a., ml Colon., 1535, fol.; La Vie de M. Jean Wiclif: avec la Copie de la Lettre que le Pape envoya au Roy d'Angleterre pour persecutor le-dit Wicleff, «. 1., 1565, 12mo, (see Bibl. Grenvill., Pt. 1, 598;) Fox's Acts and Monuments; L'Enfant, Hist, du Concile de Constance, i. 110; Apology for J. Wiclcffe, by T. James, D.D., Oxf., 1608, 4to; Ed. Brown's Fasciculus Rerum Exped. et Fug., Lon., 1690, 2 vols, fol.; Wiclefianisme, Lyon, 1682, 16mo; Loland's Itinerary, Oxf.: Lcland's Collectanea; Biog. Brit., Lon.; Whitaker's Richmondshire; Wood's Annals, Oxf.; Chalmers's Biog. Diet., Lon.; Brit. Biog.; Fuller's Church Hist.; Wordsworth's Eccles. Biog.; Fuller's Worthies ; Birkbeck's Protestant Evidence; Life of, Edin., 1826, 8vo: anon.; Life of, by Rev. Thomas Murray, 1829; Life of, by Rev. C. W. Le Bas, Lon., 1832, fp. 8vo, 2d cd., 1846, fp. 8vo; Wicliffe and the Huguenots, by Rev. Wm. Hnnna, Edin.. I860, fp. 8vo; Life of, by the Author of Tho Story of Martin Luther, Lon., 1865, '68, '69, fp. 8vo; Life of, by Rev. D. Curry, N. York, 18mo ; The Stanhope Prize Essay, 1857: The Character and Place of Wickliffe as a Reformer, by Herbert Cowcll, Lon., 1857, 8vo, pp. 34; Anderson's Annals of the English Bible, 1854, 2 vols. 8vo; Marsh's Lects. on the English Language, 1860, 8vo, 1862, 8vo; Lord Brougham's Hist, of Eng. and France under the House of Lancaster, 2d ed., 1861, p. 8vo ; S. R. Pattison's Rise and Progress of Religious Life in England, 1864, p. 8vo; Life of John Wycliffe, with a Sketch of the British Church and Reformation, 1865, 12mo: Edin. Rev., lvi. 221; Blnckw. Mag., xii. 417, xxvii. 110; Eraser's Mag., T. 177; Eclec. Rev., 4th Ser., xiii. 1, xx. 611; Kitto's Jour., viii. 116; Brit. Crit., xi. 257; Lon. Gent. Mag., 1840, ii. 263, 380: 1841, ii. 146,378, 591, 605; 1854, i. 68; 1861, ii. 422, 656: Lon. Quar. Rev., July, 1858; Amer. Bibl. Rep., vii. 226; Mcth. Quar. Rev., ii. 234; Chris. Rev., vi. 115; Chris. Exam., Ii. 53, (by G. Livcrmore ;) Amer. Mon. Rev., ii. 1S9; Liv. Age, i. 655, (from the Gallery of Portraits.) See, also, tnpra, Gilpin, WilLiam, No. 3; Harpsfield, Nicholas, No. 3; Lewis, John, No. 1; Mackay, Mrs. Colonel, No. 3; Pono, Enoch. D.D., No. 8; Peacock, Reynold; Tytler, PatRick Fraser, No. 3; Vai'bhan. Robert, D.D., Nos. 1, 16; Waloensis, Thomas. To Waldensis's Saeramentnliae must now be added, Fasciculi Zizaniorum Magistri Johannis Wyclif cum Tritico ; ascribed to Thomas Nettor, of Walden, Ac.; edited by the Rev. W. W. Shirley, Ac, 1858, r. 8vo, pp. 644. Criticised with severity by Lon. Allien., 1858, ii. 415. See 454 for Mr. Shirley's rejoinder.

It was also reviewed by Dr. Robert Vaughan in Brit Quar. Rev., Oct. 1858, and this article—Wycliffe, his Biographers and Critics—was also published in pamphlet form.

"Let these two productions be carefully compared, and I am quite content to abide the result, as regards any difference between Mr. 8hirley and myself."—Robert Vaughin: Lon. Athen., 1861, i. 529.

"The Rev. W. W. Shirley's account of Wyclif recently published (Fasciculus Zizaniorum) is full of errors."—Kobeet Vacohan: Revolutions in Eng. History, vol. i., 1850.

"Though comparatively few names or dates occur in Dr. Vaughan's volume, we remark enough errors among them to lay him open, in a measure, to his own censure on Mr. Shirley." —Lon. Gent. Mag., 1869, f. 135: Revolution! in English History, vol. i.

Mr. Shirley has since favoured us with a Catalogue of the Original Works of John Wiclif, Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1865, 8vo. He projects a complete edition of Wycliffe's English works, with n selection from his Latin works. The Early English Text Society had intended to issue Wycliffe's Sharp Treatises against the Friars in the library of Corpus Christi College, but it has yielded the whole field to Mr. Shirley, who, wo presume, will avail himself of the vellum MS. discovered at Vienna in 1863, containing fifty treatises in Latin by Wycliffe, one of which, De Officio Pastorale, was published by Professor Lechner in 1863. See, also, Wiclif, Trialogus cum Supp. Trialogi, by G. Lechler, 1869, 8vo.

We had almost forgotten to state that some of Wycliffe's English treatises were disposed of at the sale of Archbishop Tcnison's MSS., July 1, 1861, for £37 10».

Some years ago, one of his warmest admirers complained:

"To the memory of Wyclif—one of the greatest of Englishmen—his country has been singularly and painfully ungrateful. Of his works, tho greatest—the Trialogus, one "of the most thoughtful of the middle ages—has twice been printed abroad, in England never. Of his original English works nothing bevond one or two tracts (the 'General Prologue to the llihlc'aud 'Wycliffe's Wychet') have seen the light. If considered only as the father of English prose, the great reformer might claim more reverential treatment at our hands. As it is in the light of subsequent events that we see the greatness of Wyclif a* a reformer, so it is from the later growth of tho language that we best learn to appreciate the beauty of his writings. But it val less the reformer, or the master of English proso, than the great schoolman, that Inspired the respect of his contemporaries; and next to the deep influence of his personal holiness, and tho attractive greatness of his moral character, it was to his supreme command of the weapons of scholastic discussion that he owed his astonishing influence."—Rev. W. W. Shirley.

Wycumb, William of. See William or Wycumb.

Wydeville, Antony. Sec Widvile, Antony.

Wydowes, J. Natural Philosophy; or, A Description of the World, and of tho Creation in it, Lon., 1621, 4to.

Wyeth, Charles A., of Kentucky. Rosa of Linden Castle; or, Filial Affection; translated and altered, Phila., 18ino. Tho author of Rosa also wrote The Ilaskct of Flowors, trans, into English, 18uio, and The Rings, trans, into English, 18mn.

Wyeth, John, b. at Cambridge, Mass.; from 1792 to 1827 published at Harrisburg, Penna., The Oracle of Dauphin, a Federal paper, and resided in Philadelphia from 1828 until his death, 1858. Repository of Sacred Music, Harrisburg, 1834, 12roo.

Wyeth, John II. Oregon; or, A Short nistory of a Long Journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Region of the Pacific, by Land, drawn up [by B. Watcrbouse] from the Notes and Oral Information of John B. Wyeth, one of the Party who left Mr. Nnthanicl J. Wyeth, Camb., 1833, 12mo, pp. 87. See Irving, Adventures of Captain Bonneville; N. Amer. Rev., I. 125, (by C. Cushing.)

Wyeth, Joseph. 1. Anguis Flngellatus; or, An Answer to, the 3d edition of the Snake in the GrasB; with a Supplement by George Whitehead, Lon., 1699, 8vo. It elicited A Defence of a Book intituled The Snake in tho Grass, Ac, 1700, 8vo. See Leslie, Charles, No. 2, et infra. 2. Remarks on Dr. Bray's Memorial, Ac, 1701, 4to.

Wyeth, 8. D. 1. Harry Wright, tho DrummerBoy. 2. The Federal City; or, Ins and Abouts of Washington, with photographs, Wash., No. 1, 1865.

Wyeth, William Henry. 1. Marble Mason's Assistant Tables, Lon., 1853, sq. 32mo. 2. Timber Merchant and Builder's Assistant, 1854, 12mo; 1865, 32ino; 1870, 32mo.

Wyke, J. English and Welsh Cattle Dealer, 1812, 8vo.

Wykeham, William, or William de or of, eminent as a statesman, architect, and prelate, and as the founder of New College, Oxford, and Winohester College, was b. at Wykeham, or Wickbam, Hampshire, 1324, and educated at Winohester School; Clerk of the King's Works at Henle, Yothampstead, and Windsor, 1356; Hector of Pulham, Norfolk, 1357; Preb. of Lichfield, 1359, of London and Southwell, 1361, of Lincoln, 1362, and of York, March 17, 1302-3; Archdeacon of Northampton, and of Lincoln, 1363; Bishop of Winchester, 1367, and Lord High Chancellor of England, 13671371, and 1389-1391; <1., after an active and useful career, Sept. 27, 1404. See Historioa Dcscriptio complectens Vitam ac Res gestas beatissimi Viri Oulielmi Wicami quondam Vintoniensis Episcopi et Anglisa Cancellari et Fundatoris duorum Collegiorum Oxoniee et Vintonise Oxonias, 1597, 4to; 1690, 4to. See Martin, Thomas, No. 8. See, also, Life of, by Roy. J. Chandler, Lon., 1842, 18mo; Three Chanoellors: Lives of Wykeham, Wayuflete, and Sir T. More, I860, fp. 8vo; Milner's Hist, of Winchester; Chalmers's Hist, of Oxford; A.Cunningham's British Architects; Bohun's English Lawyer, and his edit, of N. Baoon's Hist, and Polit. Discourses, both compared with Lowth's Life of Wykehnm: D'Israeli's Quarrels of Authors, at end; Foss's Lives of the JudgeB; An Attempt to Establish the Desoent of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, from the Family of Wykeham of Swalcliffe, co. Oxford, by C. Wykeham Martin, Privately printed, 1852, 8vo; Lowth, Robkrt, D.D., No. 2; Uveoale, Robrrt, No. 2; Wai.cott, Mackenzir Edwaro Charles, No. 5.

"Wykeham, the splendid, munificent, in character blameless Prelate, Was wise enotigh to devote his vast riches to the promotion of learning, and by the foundation of noble colleges was striving to continue the spell of the hierarchical |H)wer over the human mind. WycIifTe, seeing the more common abuse of that power by Prelates of baser anil more sordid worldliness, sought tho interests of Christ's religion in the depression, in the abrogation, of the mediaeval hierarchy. The religious annals of Kngland may well be proud of both."—II. H. Milman: Hist, of Lat. Chris., vol. vii., book xiii. eh. vi.

An autograph letter of Wykeham, dated 1367, was sold in Feb. 1863, at Puttick 4 Simpson's, for £29 10».

Wyl Illicit*; his Testament; the Legacies palatably prepared for the Legatees, (by John Lacy,) Lon., W. Copland, 4to. With Introduction by J. Haslewood, Chiswick, 1827, 4to. Privately printed. 40 copies. Also reprinted in Halliwcll's Contributions to the Literature of the XVIth and XVIIth Centuries, 4to.

Wyld, J. W. View of the Chief Religious Communities, Lon., I860, sq. Pictorial Representation of the same, on sheet, 1850. To this add Count de Montalembert's Monks of tho West, Edin., 1861, 2 vols. 8vo.

Wyld, James, Geographer to tho King, d. Oct. 14, 1836, aged 46, arranged for publication the Travels of Mungo Park, Belzoni, and others ; published A Scripture Atlas, 8vo, Thompson's Edinburgh Atlas, fol., An Atlas of the World, fol., (and a smaller one with Statistical Tables.) and other Atlasses, Maps, and Charts, and left a number of unfinished works, some of which, we believe, have since been published by James Wyld, (infra.) See Lon. (lent. Mag., 1836, ii. 656, (Obituary.)

Wyld, James, son of the preceding, and bis successor in 1836 as Geographer to the King, has published a great number of Atlasses, Military and other Maps, Charts, Guides, Ac,—illustrative of the Globes, Asia, Africa, Europe, America, Railroad Routes, Ac,—for particulars of which we refer to Low A Son's Brit. Cat., 1837-68; Lon. Athen., 1850, 502; 1851, 295; 1859, i. 664; I860, i. 436; 1861, i. 648; and Mr. Wyld's descriptive Catalogues. See, also, Chambers's Journal, 1851, (The Great Globe Itself.)

"Mr. Wyld is one of those valuable caterers to tho increasing demand for general knowledge whose labours have helped at once to create a healthy appetite aud to supply a wholesome food."—ton. Athen., 1850, 50-2.

Wyld, Robert S. 1. The Philosophy of the Sense; or, Man in Connection with a Material World, Edin., 1852, son. Ski.

"A great amount of interesting information, and much matter tor curious speculation and useful meditutiou."—Lon. Lit. (Jaz., 1852, 947.

"We b'-artily appreciate the thoughtful, genial spirit and freshness of observation which it manifests, as well as the intention of its excellent author."—AT. Brit. Rev., Feb. 1853, art. ii. n.

2. The World as Dynamieal and Immaterial, 1868, 12mo.

Wyld, Samuel. Practical Surveyor, Lon., 1760, 8vo.

Wyld, William. 1. Songs of Masonry, Lon., 1764, 8vo. 2. Essay on the Charaoter of Maniltus, Ac; with other Epistles, in Blank Verse, 1767, Svo.

Wylde, Agnes Helen. Felton's Question: • Problem in a Novel, Lon., 1865, p. Svo; new od., 1866, p. Svo. Commended by Bell's W. Mess., Churchman, Ac

Wylde, H. Musie in its Art Mysteries, Lon., 1867, 8vo.

Wylde, James. 1. The Magic of Scienoe; a Boy's Book, Lon., 1860, or. 8vo. 2. Book of Trades, 1865, r. ISino; Edin., 1870, 12mo.

Wylde, Sir William. Speech to Charles II. on his Passage from the Tower to White-hall, Lon.. 1661,4to.

Wylie, A. Tables of Investment, for the Use of Brokers, Ac, Lon., 1856, Svo.

Wylie, A., Agent of the British and Foreign Bible Society in China, and Superintendent of the London Mission Press at Shanghai, with the assistance of learned natives, has translated into Chinese a continuation and completion of Euolid's Elements, (books i.-vi. were rendered into Chinese by Rioci and a native convert in 1608,) Loomis's Analytical Geometry and Integral Calculus, Ac, and published in Chinese, in 1854, a Compendium of Arithmetic Ho is also author of Notes on Chinese Literature; with Introductory Remarks on the Progressive Advancement of the Art; and a List of Translations from the Chinese into Various European Languages, 1868, 4to, pp. xxxvi., 260, £1 10>.

"The thanks of all interested in the country are duo to him for the labours which have produced so valuable an addition to our knowledge of Chinese literary enterprise."—Overland China Mail, Feb. 1, 1868.

The student of Chinese should have at bis elbow A Dictionary of the Chinese Language, by the Rev. Robert Morrison, D.D., new ed., 1865, 2 vols. sin. 4to, pp. ii., 762, 827. See, also, Summers, James.

Wylie, Andrew, D.D., b. in Washington CO., Penna., 1789; graduated at Jefferson College, Penna., 1810; was licensed to preach by the Presbytery of Ohio, 1812; President of Jefferson College, 1812 to 1816, of Washington College, Penna., 1817 to 1829, and of Indiana College, Bloomington, from 1829 until his death, Nov. 11, 1851. lie was ordained in tho Episcopal Church, deacon, Dec. 1811, and priest, May, 1842. 1. An English Grammar, 1822. 2. Eulogy on Lafnyette, 1834, Svo. 3. Sectarianism is Heresy; in Throe Parts, 1840, 8vo. 4. A Baccalaureate, 1851. Also, addresses, single sermons, and articles in The Equator. Ho left in MS. a work on Rhetorio, and Advice to tho Young. See Sprague's Annals, v.. Episcopalian, 779.

Wylie, Rev. James Aitken, LL.D. 1. Modern Juilea, Ac, compared with Ancient Prophecy, Glasg., 1841,12mo; 1849,12mo; 1851. Svo and 12mo; 1858, Svo. 2. Scenes from the Bible, 1844, 12mo; 1347, Svo; 1849, 8vo; 1858,8vo. 3. On Unfulfilled Propheoy, 1S45, 18mo. 4. Ruins of Bible Lands: Journey over the Region of Fulfilled Propheoy, 1845,18mo; N.York, 18mo; Glasg., 1857, 12mo. 5. Tho Papacy: its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects, 1851, Svo. 6. Pilgrimage from the Alps to the Tiber, now ed., 1S55, cr. 8vo. 7. The Gospel Ministry: Doty and Privilege of Supporting it, 1857, cr. 8vo. 8. Wanderings and Musings in the Valleys of the Waldenses; Travels, Ac, 1858, fp. Svo: red. to 2«. 6d., 1861, fp. Svo. 9. Ter-Centenary of the Scottish Reformation, Aug. 1860, Edin., Dec 1860, or. 8vo. 10. Great Exodus; or, The Timo of the End, 1862, or. 8vo. 11. Rome Bnd Civil Liberty, 1864, cr. Svo; 8th 1000, 1865, cr. 8vo. 12. The Awakening of Italy and the Crisis of Rome, 1866, p. 8vo; N. York, 1866, 16mo. 13. The Seventh Vial; or, Tho Past and Present of Papal Europe, Lon., 1S68, or. 8vo. 14. The Road to Rome via Oxford; or, Ritualism Identified with Romanism, 1868, or. 8vo. 15. Daybreak in Spain; a Sketch of Spain and its Now Reformation: a Tour of Two Months, 1870, or. 8vo.

Wylie, Judge Macleod. 1. Bengal as a Field of Missions, Lon., 1855, r. 8vo. 2. Commerce, Resources, and Prospects of India, 1857, Svo, pp. 98. 3. The English Captives in Oudh: an Episode in the History of the Mutinies of 1857-58; Edited, Calcutta, 1858, Svo, pp. 60.

Wylie, Mrs. Macleod. The Gospel in Burmab;

the Story of its Introduction and Marvellous Progress

among the Burmese and Karens, 2d ed., Lon., 1859,

12mo; N. York, 1860, 12mo.

"This is an exceedingly interesting volume."— Evangel Rev.

"A charming volume."—Ttte Book and its Mission.

Wylie, R. W. Chanter's Manual for Exeter Cathedral, Lon., June, 1858, 8vo; 2d ed., July, 185S. Svo.

Wylie, Samnel Brown, D.D.. b. in Moylarg, near Ballyinena, co. of Antrim, Ireland, May 21,1773, graduated A.M. at University of Glasgow, 1797, and D.D. at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., 1817; emigrated to Philadelphia, 1797, and taught a school at Cheltenham, Pa., until the fall of 179S, when he was appointed a Tutor in the University of Pennsylvania; afterwards established a private academy, which he taught with great success for many years; Pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church.'Phila., 1801-52; Professor in Theological Seminary of Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1809-51; Professor of Ancient Languages in University of Pcnna,, 1828-45, and Emeritus Professor, 1845-52; Vice-Provost of University of Penna., 1838-45; d. in Philadelphia, Oct. 13, 1852.

1. The Faithful Witness for Magistracy and Ministry upon a Scriptural Basis, Phila., 1804; Paisley, Scotland, 1806. Other edits. 2. Covenanting, Oreensburgh, Pa., 1803. 3. First Annual Address before the Religious Historical Society, Phila., 1818, 8vo. 4. Greek Grammar,

1838, 8vo. 5. Life of the Rev. Alexander Macleod, D.D., N. York, 1855, 8vo. Posth. Co-editor of The Presbyterian Magazine, 1821-22, 2 vols. 8ro, and contributor to periodicals.

"Few men have ranked higher than Dr. Wylie in classical literature and theological attainments,—as a successful teacher, a gooil pastor, or a practical Christian."—Joux L. Blake, D.D.: Binrj. Pict.. 13th eil., 18S6, 13.VS.

"It is interesting to know that all this profound scholarship and earnestness of ministerial labour were joined with unfailing Christian cheerfulness and a freshness of character that was most attractive."—Hekbt Reed, LL.D.: Spraout't Annals, ix., I«li9. Rrfnrmnl l'retlnjtcrian. 37, (o. r.)

See, also, a Discourse on his Life and Character, bv the Rev. Gilbert McMaster. LL'.D., Phila., 1852. 8vo, and another by the Rev. John N. McLeod, N. York,

1852, 8vo.

Wylie, Theodore W. J., D.D., son of the preceding, was b. in Philadelphia, 1818; graduated A.B. at the University of Pennsylvania, 18.36, and D.D. at the University of New York, 1859; Associate Pastor of First Reformed Presbyterian Church, 184.1-52, and Pastor from 1852 to the present date, (Sept. 1870;) Professor in the Theological Seminarv of Reformed Presbyterian Church, 1847-51,'54-57,'59-69.

1. English, Latin, and Greek Voeabularv, Phila.,

1839. 2. The God of Our Fathers, 1854. 3. Washington a Christian, 1862. Editor of Juvenile Missionary Intelligencer, 1835-37, 3 vols. 12mo; Missionary Advocate, 1838-41, 3 vols. 8vo; and Banner of the Covenant, 1845-55, 11 vols. 8vo.

Wylie, W. II. Old and New Nottingham, Lon.,

1853, p. 8vo.

Wylie, W. T. Worship in the School-Room: a Manual of Devotion, intended especially for the School, also adapted to the Family, N. York. 1866, 8vo.

Wylie, William Michael. Fairford Graves: a Record of Researches in an Anglo-Saxon Burial-Placc in Gloucestershire, with 13 plates, Oxford, 1852, 4to.

"The author appears to be a young antiquary,—lint he has produced a Is'tter U>ok than would perhaps have been composed by an old one."—Tsm. Athrn., 1852, 319.

"A valuable contribution to our national archaeology."—Ltm. Lit. da:., 1852, 276.

Wylkinson, John. The Ethiques of Aristotle, that is to saye, Preceptcs of Good Behauoure and Perfighte Honostie: now newly Translated into English, from the Italian, Lon., R. Grafton, 1547, 16mo. Sotbeby, 1856, £1 9>.

Wyllys, J. Sermon, Matt. xxii. 21, Lon., 1676, 4to.

Wylsham, Walter. Three Sermons on 1 Thcss., ii. 5. B. Lon., 1616. 8vo.

Wylson, George. Reduction of the Flow of the Tide," Lon., I860, Svo.

Wylson, James. Mechanical Inventor's Guide, Lon., 1859, 12mo.

Wyman, Charles Smith, a native of New York, after some experience as a lawyer, became connected with the New York Evening Post. Ho contributed a number of articles (linns Christian Andersen, Musical Composition) to Appleton's American Cyclopaedia.

Wyman, Jeffries, M.D., Professor of Physiology in the Medical Department of Hampden Sidney College, 1843-47. and Hcrsey Professor of Anatomy in Harvard University from 1847 until the present date, (Sept. 1870.) was b. in Chelmsford, Mass., 1815; graduated at Harvard, A.M. 1833, and M.D. 1837.

1. Lectures on Comparative Anatomy and Physiology; Delivered before the Lowell Institute, Bost., 1846, 8vo.

2. Anatomy of the Nervous System of Rana Pipient, with two plates, Wash., 1853, 4to, pp. 52. From Smithson. Contrib., vol. v. See, also, Savage, Thomas S., M.D. Contributor to Amer. Jour, of Sci., Amer. Jour, of Med. Sci., Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., Lon. Jour, of Botany, Jour, of Bost. Soc. of Nat. Hist., Proceed, of Bost. Soc. of Nat. Hist., Mem. of Amer. Acad, of Arts and Sci., Quar. Jour, of Geolog. Soc. of London, N. Amer. Rev., and (i Ii.i.iss. Libit. J. M., Chile, vol. ii. See Lon. Reader, July 15, 1865: Wyman on the Skeleton of a Hottentot, (from Proceed. Bost. Soc. of Nat. Hist., 1865.)

Wyman, John. Hand-Book of Magio: Second Series, N. York. 1855, pp. 72.

Wyman, Morrill, M.D., Adjunct Hersey Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Harvard University, 1853 to 1856, graduated at Harvard. A.M. 1833, and M.D. 1837. 1. Practical Treatise on Ventilation. Bost., 1846, 8vo. 2. Progress in School Discipline: Corporal Punishment in Public Schools, Camb., 1868, Svo, pp. 48.

Wyman, Rufus. Remarks on the Observation of the Lord's Day as a Moral, a Positive, and a Civil Duty, by a Tythingtnan, Camb., 1816, Svo.

Wyman, Seth. Life and Adventures of; written by Himself, Manchcs., (N.H.,) 1843, 12mo.

Wyman, T. It., Jr. Genealogy of the Name and Family of Hunt, early Established in America from Europe, exhibiting the Pedigree of Ten Thousand Persons. Bost., 1862, Svo, pp. 414.

Wymsleius, Joan., London. Oratio Laadatorio ad Cleruin, primo anno Marias, Lon., 1553, Svo.

Wynch, Miss Florentia. See Sals, Ladt Flo


Wynch, I,. Maling. Margie Glyde, Lon., 1868, 2 vols. p. Svo.

Wynch, P. M. Daya-Krama-Sangraha; an Original Treatise on the Hindoo Law of Inheritance; Translated, Calcutta, 1818, fol., pp. iv., 202.

Wyndham. Sec, also, Winoha*.

Wyndham, Anne. Clnustrum Regale Reseratum; or, The King's Concealment at Trent; Published by A. W., Lon., 1667, 4to. Afterwards subjoiucd to Boscobel, (see Blount, Thomas.) Second Part, 1681,12uio. Boscobel was pub., First Part, 1660, 12mo, 1662,12mo; Second Part, 1662, 12mo, 1681, 12ino; Boscobel; or, The Compleat History, 3d ed., 1680, 12mo, 1692; Boscobel; or, The Coinpleut History, 4th ed., 1725, 12ino; 1748.

Wyndham, Francis M. Wild Life on the Fields of Norway, Lon., 1861, p. 8vo.

"A more readable excursionist's note-book rarely issues from the press."—ion. Athtn., 1861, i. 719.

"A chatty, light-hearted book of travel."—John Bull, 1861.

Wyndham, Mrs. George. Appeal to the Publio relating to Transactions between Col. Grerille and the Author, 1812, 8vo.

Wyndham, Henry Penrnddocke, b. in Wiltshire, 1736, and educated at Wadham College, Oxford, became Knight of the Shire for his native county; d. 1819. 1. Tour through Monmouthshire and Wales, June and July, 1774, and August, 1777, with 16 plates, Salisbury, 1781, r. 4to. Very rare. Hooten's H.-B. of Topog., (1863,) No. 5374, £1 5s. 6o\ The 1st ed. was pub. anon, in 1775, 8vo. 2. The Diary of the Late George Bubb Dodington, 1748-9-1761, Ac, Lon., 1784, 8vo; 1785, 8vo; 4th ed., 1812. 8vo; 1823, 8vo. See Dom.vqton, Georok Bibb.

3. Wiltshire, extracted from Domesday Book: to which is added a Translation of the Original Latin into English, Ac, Salisbury, 1788, 8vo; I. p., r. Svo. Intended as an introduction to a History of Wiltshire. See Hoare, Sir Richard Coi.t, Bart., No. 4. 4. A Picture of the Isle of Wight, delineated upon the Spot in the Year 1793, by Ii. P. W., Lon., 1794, Svo. 5. Observations on an Ancient Building at Wamford; Arohteol., 1799.

Wyndham, William, Lord Grenville. See Grenville.

Wyneken, Professor F. C, Lutheran pastor. 1. Spruchbuch zum Lutherischen Katechistnus, St. Louis. 2. Spruchbuch zum Kleinen Katechismus Lutheri, Bait., 1819, pp. 112. Also, DieNoth der Dcutscbcn Luthcrancr in Nord-Amerika, 1843.

Wynel, John. Lues Veneres; wherein the Nature, Subject, Cause, and Cure are Handled, 1660, 4to.

Wynell, Thomas. Covenant of Free Grace Pleading the Divine Right of Christians' Infants unto the Seal of the Holy Baptism, Oxon., 1642, 4to.

Wyng, John. Reasons for abrogating the Observation of the Thirtieth of January, 2d ed., Lon., 1715, Svo. Anon.

Wynkop, J. M. Anecdotes and Incidents, Ac. of the Officers and Privates of the Army in Mexico, Pittsburgh, 1848, l2mo.

(Vy uknop, M. B. Song-Leaves from the Book of Nature; by an American ; N. York, 1852, 12mo.

Wynn, Mrs. A Life in a Love; a Novel, Lon., 1865, 2 vols. p. 8vo.

Wynn, lit. Hon. Charles Watkyn Williams, D.C.L., M.P. for Old Saruin, 1796 to 1797, and for the county of Montgomery from 1797 until his death, Sept. 2, 1850, is known to literary men as the friend and correspondent of Southey, (see his Life and Correspondence, ad paiaim.) An Argument on the Jurisdiction of the House of Commons to Commit in Cases of Breach of Privilege, Lon., 1810, 8vo.

"Mr. Wynu's very able pamphlet."—Lon. Hon. Rev., 1810, it. 208.

See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1850, ii. 514, (Obituary.)

Wynn, Eva. Sisters of Glencoe; or, Letitia's Choice, Lon., 1865, p. 8vo.

Wynn, Miss Frances Williams, sister of Sir C. W. W. Wynn, D.C.L., {aupra,) and daughter of Sir W. W. Wynn, and Charlotte, daughter of Sir George Grenville, (First Lord of the Treasury, 1763-1765,) consequently, niece of the first Marquis of Buckingham, Lord Grenville, and the Rt. Hon. Thomas Grcnrille, d. 1857, in her 77th or 78tb year. Her papers came into possession of her niece, the Honourable Mrs. Rowley, under whose sanction were published (extraots from ten MS. volumes) Diaries of a Lady of Quality from 1797 to 1844; edited, with Notes, by A. Hayward, Esq., Q.C., Lon., May, 1864, p. 8vo; 2d ed., Juno, 1864, p. 8vo.

"Full of entertainment, and excellently anil most efficiently edited."—Lmi. Rrr., May, 1884.

"A pl'TwiTit book, of the kind that one likes to read."—Lon. Rader, 1804, i. 610.

See, also, Edin. Rev., April, 1864.

Wynn, H. W. Ravenscourt; a Domestic Legend, Lon.. 1843. 12mo.

Wynn, Owen. The Ties of Kindred: an Autobiography, Lon.. 1858, 12mo.

Wynn, William. Sermon. Lon., 1794, 4to.

Wynne, Catherine. See Wynne, Richard, No. 5.

Wynne, Edward. Letter from Edward Wynne, Governor of Newfoundland, Lon., 1622, 4to. Heber, Pt. 7, 4440, with Report of Discoveries by Sir II. Gilbert, and Discourse and Discovery by R. Whithourne, £2 11*.

Wynne, Edward, son of Serjeant William Wynne, (infra,) was b. 17.14, divided his time between his attractive library at Chelsea (the room had the reputation of having been John Locke's "study") and the courts of law, and d. 1784. 1. Miscellany; containing sevcrnl Law Tracts, Lon., 1765, 8vo. Anon. Privately printed: a few copies only. Reed, 6415,16». 6<i. The Tracts are seven in number. No. iv. was also privately printed separately in 1785, and pub. in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1785, i. 127. Nos. vi. and vii. are by Serjeant William Wynne. 2. Observations touching the Antiquity and Dignity of the Degree of Serjeant of Law, with Reasons against laying open the Court of Common Picas, Jtc, by E. W., 1765. 8vo, pp. 167. Anon. Privately printed: a few copies only. 3. Analysis of the Law concerning Parochial Provisions for the Poor, 1767, r. 8vo. Anon. 4. Eunomus; or. Dialogues concerning the Law and Constitution of England; with an Essay on Dialogue, 1767, 4 vols. 8vo: 2d ed., 1774, 4 vols. Svo; 3d cd., 1785, 4 vols. Svo; Duhl., 1791, 8vo; Lon., 1809, 2 vols.; 4th ed. (so callod,) 1821, 2 vols. Svo; 5th ed., (so called,) with Notes, and a Dissertation on a Course of Reading for Students, by W. M. Bythcwood, 1322, 2 vols. 12mo. As the early editions appeared anonymously, it ia generally cited by the title Eunomus only.

"It may lie worth milling that Wynne was the author of an elegant work, written in the form of dialogues, entitled Euwnnu*; or, IHtcnursrtt uptm the Imwk of England, 4 vols. Svo. It happened to lie published at the time when Sir William Blark^tone's Commentaries on the Laws of England made their app*':ir:»iee, and, in consequence, has seen only three editions, the Isst being published in 1809, 2 vols. 8vo."—Da. DlBDIft: BiUvimania, eil. 1812. 324, n.

"Groatly valued, as having very much illustrated the principles of our law ami constitution, and given an instructive and rational account of the several branches into which the practice of the law is divided," Ac.—Bridgman't Leg. Bibl., 112.

See, also, Reeves's Hist, of Eng. Law: 3 Hargravc's Co. Litt., 155 b; 1 Bart. Conv., 27; Hoff., Leg. Stu., 150; Lon Mon. Rev., 1774, i. 337. 449; 2 Law Mag., 95: Saint German, Christopher, No. 1. It should be read before Blackstone is taken up. The legal student

must not neglect The Province of Jurisprudence Determined: a Series of Lectures on Jurisprudence, or tha Philosophy of Positive Law, by the Late John Austin, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, Murray, 1866, 3 vols. 8vo: 3d ed., by R. Campbell, 1869, 2 vols. Svo.

"These lectures possess a degree of value, and deserve a position in English literature, which it Is difficult to rate too highly. With the single exception of Jeremy Benthmn, the late Mr. Austin was the only Englishman of any considerable ability who ever made the study of Jurisprudence proper the object of his life."—Lon. Sat. Rev.

I am not to be understood as endorsing the last paragraph. See, also, Stephen, Henrt John, No. 3, Stewart, James, No. 5, and references under both, for the results of late researches on the Laws of England. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1785, i. 77, (Obituary.) Serjeant William Wynne and his son Edward collected a largo library, (it contained many of Narcissus Luttrcll's best books: see Bibliotbcca Luttrelliana,) which was sold by auction in 1786 : see Bibliotheca Wynniana, and Dibdin's Bibliomania, ed. 1842, 323, n.

Wynne, F. R., Incumbent of 8t. Mary's, Kilkenny. The Model Parish: a Prize Essay on the Pastoral Character and Pastoral Work, (Fifty Guineas Prize,) Lon., 1865, cr. Svo, pp. 257.

Wynne, Faith. Flossy Leo, Illustrated, Phila., 1869, 18ino.

Wynne, G. R. 1. Zoe's Bible: the Story of an Orphan, Lon., 1S63, 18mo. 2. The Curate of West Norton, 1868, p. 8vo. 3. The Converts of Kilbann; an Irish Story, 1868, 12mo.

Wynne, Gabriel. De Cortice Peruviano Usuqno ejus in Morbis Febrilibus, Edin., 1779, Svo.

Wynne, Henry. Description and Uses of the Horological Ring, or Universal Ring-Dial, Lon., 1682, 8vo.

Wynne, James, M.D., LL.D., a lineal descendant of Sir John Wynne, of Gwydyr, was b. at Utica. N. York, 1814; graduated at the University of New York B.A., and in 1835, M.D.; subsequently practised medicine in Baltimore, and later in life removed to the city of New York, where he has devoted much attention to the subjects of life-insurance and legal medicine. 1. Memoir of Major Samuel Ringgold, U.S. Army: read before the Maryland Historical Society, Bait,, 1847, 8vo. 2. Lives of Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of America, N. York, 1850, 12mo. Contents: Franklin, Fulton, Jonathan Edwards, Marshall, Rittenhouse, and Eli Whitney. 3. Report on the Vital Statistics of the United States, made to the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, N. York and Lon., 1857. 4to, pp.214.

"Dr. Wynn has thus rendered a great and lasting service to his country, while his work ennnot but redound to his own high reputation for industry, ability, and scientific culture."— jV. Amer. Rn\, Oct. 1857, 565.

Sec, also, Brit. Med.-Chir. Rev., April, 1858, Lon. Athen., 1858, i. 657, and Tuckctt's Insurauce Jour., April, 1858.

4. Importance of the Study of Legal Medicine, N. York, 1859, Svo, pp. 16. Introductory to a oourse of Lectures at the New York Medical College on Medical Jurisprudence. 5. Private Libraries of New York, E. French, C. A. Alvord, printer, pp. viii., 472, Svo, $3.50; 1. p., 100 copies, imp. Svo, $7: Fowle, Deo. 1864, green morocco, tooled, with duplicato plate of Noves's library, $41; Morrell, plates inserted, half mor., $37; H. A. Smith, hRlf rus., $21; Wight, half mor.. $18.50; Morrell, Jan. 1869, $22: J. A. Rice, March, 1870, 2369, with 100 rare plates inserted, Andrews's copy, $176. The most of this volume—a very beautiful one, printed on fine thick paper—originally appeared in the Now York Evening Post. See The Book-Hunter, by J. H. Burton, especially N. York edition, 1863, 181-97, and notes; Cat. of the Collec. of John Allan, 1864, No. 3293. Among Dr. Wynne's professional and other labours are a Report on Public Hygiene, (Amer. Med. Assoc, 1817 ;) a Report on the Asiatic Cholera in the United States in 1849, prepared at the Request of, and in 1851 published by, the British Government, which, in 1858, rewarded the author by a gold medal; and papers in Amor. Jour, of Med. Soi., Amer. Med. Monthly, N. Amer. Rev., Catholio Mag., South. Lit. Mess., Knickerbocker, Ac Some of theso articles are in verse.

Wynne, Sir John, the representative of one of the chief families of North Wales, was b. 1553 ; married Sidney, daughter of Sir William Gerard, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, by whom he had nine sons and two daughters; created a baronet, 1611; d. 1626, aged 73. The Burrclls, Lordt Gwydyr, (who are also representatives of the extinct dukedom of Ancaster,) the Wynns of Wynnstnv and Penniarth, the Vaughans of Nannan and H£ngwrt, and the Mostyns of Mostyn and Qloddaeth—all these are Welsh families—claim an alliance with Sir John through the female branches. See, also, Wynne, James, LL.D., {tupra.)

The History of the Gwedir Family, by Sir John Wynne, the First Baronet of that Name, who was born in 1553, Lon., 1770. sin. 8vo. New edition, with Notes and Memoirs of Celebrated and Distinguished Welshmen, by the same Author, with portraits, Ruthin, 1827, 4to. Also in Daines Harrington's Miscellanies, 1781, 4to, 356-433.

"The principal object appears to be the deduction of his pedigree from Griffith ap Cynan, who swayed the sceptre of North Wales during the latter part of the eleventh and the commencement of the twelfth century. . . . lie has succeeded. . . . And this task he has accomplished in a very entertaining and masterly manner." — 7-on. Retrotp. Btt., iv. (1821) 131, 132: where tho date is given 1773, 8vo.

Wynne, John, D.D., Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford; Margaret Professor of Divinity, Oxford, 1705; Preb. of Worcester, 1705-6: Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, 1712; Bishop of St. Asaph, 1714-15, and of Bath and Weils, 1727; d. 1743. Abridgment of Mr. Locke's Essay on the Human Understanding, Lon., 1696, 8vo; Bost., 1794,12mo. See Locke, John, (p. 1115.) Also, single sermons, 1715, '24. '20, ea. 4to.

Wynne, John. Three Original Plays, Lon., 1853, fp. 8vo.'

"These are what they profess to be,—original in the vehemence of bombast, in the flirted sickliness of morbid sentiment, and in the curiosity of their melodramatic splendours."—Lon. Athen., 1853.1592.

The author tells us that all of these plays have been rejected by the managers, hut that he intends to write until they accept,'—-emulating Mr. Disraeli's perseverance and final triumph in another field.

Wynne, John Huddlestone, b. in South Wales, 1743, successively (not successfully) a printer, naval officer, and author, d. in London, where he had long struggled with res anyntttn domi, 1788.

1. General History of the British Empire in America, including all the Countries in North America and the West Indies ceded by the Peaoe of Paris, Lon., 1770, 2 vols. 8vo.

"Wynne's flistory of the British Dominions in North America, 1763-1773, 4to, seems to be only a compilation from Oldmixon and Douglas; authors not worth enlisting into the service of a collector.''—DibditCi Lib. f>)mp., 2d ert.. 470, n. \

"In those remitrks which ore delivered as the author's own, he generally appears a* a man of abilities," Ac.—Lon. Mon. Rev., 1771, ii. 3S7. See. also, 432.

2. The Prostitute: a Poem, 1771, 4to. 3. Choice Emblems. Ac, for the Improvement of Youth, 1772, 12mo. 4. General History of Ireland, from the Earliest Accounts to the Present Time, 1772-73, 2 vols. 8vo. Of little value. Reviewed by Lon. Mon. Rev., 1773, i. 469. 5. Fables of Flowers for the Female Sex, Ac, 1773, 12mo. 6. Evelina: a Poem, 1773, 4to. 7. The Four Seasons; a Poem. 1774. 4to. 8. The Child of Chance: a Novel, 1787. He edited the Lady's Magnzine, and The Gazetteer, and contributed many essays, poems, Ac. to periodicals. See Nichols's Lit. Anec, iii. 151, n., (by his son.)

Wynne, Rice. Particulars of the Successful Treatment of a Case of Hydrophobia, Shrewsh., 1813. 8vo.

Wynne, Richard, Rector of St. Alphage, London Wall, and subsequently of St. Ayot, St. Lawrence, Hertfordshire, where he d. in his 81st year. 1. Essays on Education. Ac, Lon., 1761, 4to. 2. The New Testament carefully collated with the Greek, Ac, and illustrated with Notes, 17B4, 2 vols. 8vo.

"The chief value of this work is the improved division of the contents of tile New Testament; in which the author chiefly follows Uengelius. The translation Is mostly Doddridge's, and so are many of the notes."—Orme's Bibl. Bib., 479.

3. Universal Grammar, 1775, 12mo. 4. Introduction to the Study of Geography, Ac.; from the German of A. F. Busching, 1778, 12mo. 5. Short Introduction to Geography, Ac.; trans, into French and Italian by Catherine Wynne. 1787, 8vo.

Wynne, Robert. The Case of the Oaths Stated, Lon., 1B89, 4to. Anon. Probably the same author as the succeeding.

Wynne, Robert, D.D., Prebendary of St. Asaph,

1691-2, and also Chancellor of St. Aaaph. Sermon, Ps.

cxlvii. 1, (Jan. 30,) Lon., 1704, 4to. I

Wynne, Thomas. See Work for a Cooper: being Answer to a Libel written by Thomas Wynne, the Cooper, the Ale-man, the Quaok, and the Speaking-Quaker, Lon., 1679, 4to.

Wynne, W. Morall Observations, Lon., 1616,12mo.

Wynne, W. See Caraiwc or Caradog.

Wynne, Serjeant William, one of Bishop Atterbury's Counsel. 1. The Defence of Francis, Late Lord Bishop of Rochester, at the Bar of the House of Lords, Lon., 1723, fol. See Walpole's R. and N. Authors, edits. 1758, 1759, art. Philip, Duke of Wharton, and Tract V. in Wynne, Edward, No. 1; and see Atterbury's Epist. Corrcsp., i. 181. 2. Life of Sir Leoline Jenkins, Ac, (see Jenkins, Sir Leoline,) 1724, 2 vols. fol. Priced, Thorpe, 1829, £4 14s. 6rf.; J. Bohn, 1840, £6 6».; B. Quaritch, 1863, £4. The Marquis of Townshend's oopy sold for £6 10».

Wynter. See, also, Winter.

Wynter, Dr. Derangement of the Stomach, Lon., 1842. sq. ldiuo.

Wynter, Andrew, b. in Bristol, 1819, took his degree of M.D. 1853, and became a member of the College of Physicians, 1861. He was editor of the British Medical Journal, 1845-60, and during that time contributed to periodicals many articles, of which some have been republished in the following volumes: 1. Piotures of Town from my Mental Camera, by Werdna Retnym, (anagram.) Lon., April, 1855, cr. 8vo. 2. Pictures of Town nnd Country Life, and Odds and Edds from an Old Drnwer, by Werdna Retnym, (anagram,) Nov. 1855, p. 8vo.

"A collection of many of his lesser pieces, under the title of 'Sketches of Town and Country Life,' published in 1855-6, was republished under the title of 'Our Sociul Bees,' (No. 4, infra,) in 1881."—Men of the Time, 1868, 835.

3. Curiosities of Civilization: being Essays from the Quarterly and Edinburgh Reviews, Lon., 1860, or. 8vo; 5th cd., 1862, cr. 8vo; 8th cd., 1868, cr. 8vo. Commended by Lon. Sat. Rev., Lon. Rev., Lon. Times, Lon. Lit. Gaz.. Ac.: see Lon. Allien., 1861, i. 164. Read upon this subject: A Survey of Human Progress, by Neil Arnot, M.D., 2d ed., 1862, 8vo; History of the Intellectual Development of Europe, by J. W. Draper, M.D., N. York, 1863, 8vo. 4. Our Social Bees: Pictures of Town and Country, and other Papers, Lon., 1861, cr. 8vo; 4th cd., 1862, cr. 8vo; 10th ed., 1868, cr. 8vo. Commended by Lon. Sat. Rev., Aug. 17, 1861, Ac: see Lon. Bookseller, Aug. 20, 1861, 499. Our Social Bees, Second Scries, 1866, cr. 8vo; 1868, cr. 8vo. 5. Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers: being some of the Chisel-Marks of our Industrial and Scientific Progress; and other Papers, 1863, cr. 8vo ; 3d cd., 1868, cr. 8vo. Chiefly republished from Once a Week and The London Review.

"Altogether. * Subtle Brains and Lissom Fingers' is ahont tho pleasantest book of short collected papers of chit-chat blending information witli amusement, and not overtasking the attention or the intelligence, that we have seen for a good while."—Lon. Reader, 1863, ii. 307.

6. Curiosities of Toil, and other Papers, 1870, 2 vols, cr. 8vo. He has contributed to Good Words, Ac.

Wynter, Philip, D.D., President of St. John's College, Oxford. The Works of Rt. Rev. Joseph Hall, D.D., Bishop of Exeter and aftorwards of Norwich; a New Edition, Revised and Corrected, with somo Additions, Oxf„ Clarendon Press, 1863, 10 vols. 8vo, £5 5».

Wyntown, Wynton, Wyntonn, Wyntoune, or Winton, Andrew, or Andrew of, the third (Thomas the Rhymer and John Barbour being the first and second) of the early Scotch poets whose works are extant, wa3 a canon regular of the priory of St. Andrews, and in or before 1395 was elected Prior of St. Serf's Inch, or Island, Lochlevcn, Scotland. He was prior at least as lute as 1413, and records tho death of Robert, Duke of Albany, which occurred in 1420. But the dates of his own birth and death are unknown. De Orygynale Cronykil of Sootland, be Andrew of Wyntown, Priour of Sunct Serfis Ynche in Loch Levyn: Now first published, with Notes and a Glossary, Ac, by David Macpherson, Lon., Benslev, 1795, 2 vols. r. 8vo, 250 copies: Bibl. Anglo-Poet,, 856. £3 3s.; Turnbull, Dec. 1863, £2 11..; 1. p., 4to, 25 copies : Sir M. M. Sykcs, Pt. 3, 1114, russia, £5 17«. 6d.; Roxburghe, 3255, russia, £8 8*. Ranks with and should accompany the 1. p. Chronicles notioed in Holinshed, Raphael, Nos. 1-13.

"David Macpherson's edition of Winton's Chronicles of Scotland, put forth in a manner which might have been [but fortunately was not] a model for every publication of the kind."— Sir Walter Scott: Lon. Quar. Rev., Feb. 1831, 442.

I am now to defend my interpolation ut tupra. In

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