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Church of Christ, Lon., 1843, 12mo. 2. Vocabularium Epitheticuro, 1843, 12mo.

Williams, II. B. Seven Sermons before the University of Oxford, Lon., 18-19, 8vo.

Williams, II. C. Sesostris; a Tragedy, Lon., 1854, 8vo.

Williams, II. D. Twenty-one Chapters to the Jews. Bodmin, 1849, 18mo.

Williums, Mrs. H. Dwight, (Martha Noyes,) wife of the Commissioner at Swatow, China, was b. at Castleton, N. York.

1. Voices from the Silent Land: or, Leaves of Consolation for the Afflicted, Bost, 1853, I2mo: 2d ed., 1858, 12mo ; new ed., LeaveB of Consolation, Ac, Phila., 1865, 12mo. 2. A Year in China; and a Narrative of Capture and Imprisonment, when Homeward Bound, on Board the Rebel Pirate Florida; with an Introductorv Note by William Cullen Bryant, N. York, 1864, cr. 8vo!

"Interesting and instructive." — Evangel. Quar. Rev., Jan. 1806, 149.

Williams, II. W. Treatise on English Composition. 2d ed.. Lon.. 1843, fp. 8vo.

Williams, Harriette. See Williams, Sarah and Harimrttk.

Williams, Miss Helen Maria, b. in London, 1762; was a warm supporter of the French Revolution, but, in consequence of her advocacy of the Brissotins, or Girondists, was imprisoned in the Temple at Paris, from which she was released on the fall of Robespierre; she returned to Paris in 1796, and d. there, Dec. 1827. In her later political writings she was a friend of the Bourbons and an enemy of the Revolution.

1. Edwin and Elfrida: a Legendary Tale, fin Verso.) Lon., 1782, 8vo. Commended by Lon. Mon. Rev., clxvii. 26. 2. Ode on the Peace, 1783, 4to. See Lon. (lent. Mag., Bii. 245. 3. Peru; a Poem, 1784, -(to. 4. Collection of Miscellaneous Poems, (including Nos. 1, 2. 3.) 1786, 2 vols. I2mo. 5. Poem on the Slave-Trade. 1788, 4to. *' Easy, harmonious verse."—£on. Mon. Rev.. \xxx. 237.

6. Julia: a Novel: interspersed with some Poetical Pieces, 1790. 2 vols. 12mo. This contains her Sonnet to Hope, which was a favourite with Wordsworth. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1790, ii. 334. 7. Letters written in France in the Summer of 1790. 179n. 12mo. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1790, iii. 429: Lon. Gent. Mag., lxi. 62. 299. 8. A Farewell for Two Years to England : a Poem. 1791, 4to. 9. Letters from France: containing many new Anecdotes relative to the French Revolution and the Present State of French Manners, 1792, I2m0. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1792, iii. 93. 10. Letters eontainins a Sketch of the Politics of France from the 31st of May to the 28tb of July, 1794. and of the Scenes which have passed in the Prisons of Paris. 1795. 3 vols. 12mo: vol. iv., 1796, 12mo. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1796, i. 336. iii. 325: Lon. Gent. Mag., lxv. 672, 1030; Southey's Life and Corresp . eh. xxxv. Letters from France by Helen Maria Williams, to which are annexed the Correspondence of Puinouriea: with Pache, Ac. Ac, were pub. DubL, 1794. 4 vols. I2mo. 11. Paul and Virginia; Translated from the French of Bernardin Saint-Pierre, Lon., 1796, 12mo. Often repub. Contained also in Classic Tales. Bohn, 1860, p. 8vo. A prior translation, under the title of Paul and Marv, was pub. 1789. 2 vols. 12mo. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1790. i. 332; 1796, ii. 232. Sec. also. Hunter, Henry, D.D., No. 6; Shobehl, FhkPertck, No. 7. An edition of St. Pierre's Works, with a Memoir and Notes by the Rev. E. Clarke, was pub., Bohn, 1836, 2 vols. fp. 8vo; 1846. 2 vols. fp. 8vo. See Tweddell's Remains, 160. 12. Poems: Moral, Elegant, and Pathetic: Selected from Various Authors, 1796, 12mo. 13. Tour in Switzerland. 179S, 2 vols. 8vo; Dubl., 1798, 2 vols. I6mo. See Green's Diary of a Lover of Lit., 1810, 4to, 93. 14. Sketches of the State of Manners and Opinions in the French Republic towards the Close of the Eighteenth Century; in a Series of Letters, Lon.. 1801, 2 vols. Bvo. In French, Paris, 1801. 8vo. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1801, ii. 82. 15. Political and Confidential Correspondence of Lewis the Sixteenth; with Observations on each Letter, Lon., 1803, 3 vols. 8vo. See Edin. Rev., iii. 211 ; Lon. Mon. Rev., 1804, i. 225; Dallas, Robert Charles, No. 13. 16. Researches concerning the Institutions and Monuments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America, Ac. from the French of A. de Humboldt, Lon., 1814, 2 vols. 8vo. See Rich's Bib). Amer. Nova, ii. 78.

"To write a hook abont America without referring to Baron Humboldt at almost every page, is nearly impossible. He was

the first who Applied the lights of science to the Now World.** — Ward's Mexico.

17. Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent during the Years 1799— 1804, by A. de Humboldt and Aime" Bonpland; from the French of A. de Humboldt, 1814-29, 7 vols, in 8, 8vo, £4 4».; 3d ed., 1822-29. 7 vols, in 8, 8vo; Revised by Miss Thomasina Ross, Bohn, 1852-53, 3 vols. p. Svo, 15*. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1816, i. 1, 16. 18. Narrative of Events in France from the Landing of Napoleon Bonaparte, March 1, 1815, till the Restoration of Louis XVIIL, Ac, 1815, 8vo; Phila.. 1816. 8vo. See Lon. Mon. Rev.. 1815, iii. 300. 19. The Leper of the City of Aoste; a Narrative Trans, from the French, 1817, Svo, pp. 53. 20. Letters on Events in France since the Restoration in 1815, 1819, 8vo. 21. Poems on Various Occasions, with Introductory Remarks on the Present State of Science and Literature in France, 1823. Svo. See Lon. Lit. Gar., 1823, 83. For some years she wrote the portions of The Annual Register which relate to the affairs of France. Her best-known poem is the favourite hymn " Whilst Thee I Seek, Protecting Power." See Mrs. Farrar's Recollec, Bost., 1866, Ifiino, ch. i. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1793, it. 1032, 1828, i. 373, 386, (Obituary;) Croker's Boswell's Johnson, ed. 1848, r. Svo. 757, n.; Blackw. Mug., xii. 658.

In the list in Watt's Biol. Brit, ascribed to Miss Williams, the first and second are not by her; indeed, she was only nine years of age when the lust-named was published. See Williams, Mrs. C.

Williums, Henry. Recollections of Malta, Sicily, and the Continent, Lon., 1847. 12mo.

Williams, Henry (-rilfin, Professor of Arabic in the University of Cambridge. A Practical Oram mar of the Arabic Language; Heading-Lessons, Dialogues, and Vocabulary; by Fans El-Shidiao and Rev. II. G. Williams. Caiub., 18mo. Sec, also, Smith, John, (of Cambridge.)

Williams, Henry Ij., Jr. 1. The Palace of Tee; from the French of Alex. Dumas, N. York, I860, Svo. 2. The Boys of the Bible, Dec. 1861, 16mo. Should be accompanied by—I. Girls of the Bible, by Rev. P. C. Headlcv, Nov. 1865, 16mo; II. Mothers of the Bible, by Mrs". S. G. Ashlon, Nov. 1865, 16mo. 2. The Steel Safe; or, The Stains and Splendors of New York Life, 1869. Svo.

Williams, Rev. Henry W. 1. Life and Ministry of the Redeemer, Lon., 1S53, p. 8vo. 2. Union with Christ, 1857, 12mo.

Williams, Henry W., M.D., of Boston, Massachusetts. 1. Practical Guide to the Study of the Diseases of the Eye: their Medical and Surgical Treatment, Bost., 1862, 12rao, pp. xii., 317. Commended by N. Amer. Rev., July, xcv. 270. 2. Rccont Advances in Ophthalmic Science. 1866, 12mo.

Williams, Howard. Superstitions of Witchcraft, Lon.. 1865, p. Svo.

Williams, Hugh, known by his bardic name of Catlvail, formerly editor of The Cymro, (Bangor,) is one of the translators into Welsh of Mrs. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin. He

"i* celebrated a* a writer of elegant and idiomatic prose, and was presented with a testimonial on that amount by his countrymen in London, in May, I860."—Thomas Watts: Wtlsh Lang, and Lit., in Knight's Eng. Cyc.

Williams, Hugh W,, of whom Professor Wilson exclaimed, "Welshman though he be, he is an honour to Scotia," (Noctes Ambros., Aug. 1824, 239,) and whose fame as a landscape-painter was predicted by Lock hart in 1819, after travelling for some years in Italy and Greece, settled at Edinburgh in 1819. 1. Travels in Italy, Greece, and the Ionian Islands: in a Series of Letters descriptive of Manners, Scenery, and the Fine Arts, with 20 Engravings, Edin., 1820, 2 vols. 8vo. Contains valuable information on the fine arts. 2. Views in Greece: a Series of Sixty-Four exquisitely beautiful Line-Engravings, by Horsburgh, Miller, and other distinguished Artists, after Drawings by H. W. Williams and C. R. Cockerel!, with Classical Illustrations, Lon., 1825-29, (some 1827,) 2 vols. imp. Svo, £6 6*.; India proofs, £12 12*.; 1. p., r. 4to, with India proofs before letters, £18 18*.; largest p., fob, India proofs before letters, 12 copies, £18 18*.: B. Quaritch, Fob. 1870, p. 986, red mor. by Hammond, £6 6*. These Views should be examined in connection with Byron's works, M it ford's Greece, Clarke's Travels, Wordsworth's Greece, and other letter-press of this description.

u His Views of Athens will lire a* long M her memory."— North: SocUt Ambro*., Aits;. 1-SJl: Blar.k-w. Mag., xri. 239. See, also. Mar. 1827: Blackw. Max., xxi. 355.

Williams, Isaac, late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. 1. Hymns for Children, 18mo. 2. Thoughts on the Study of the Classics, 12mo. 3. The Cathedral; or, The Catholic and Apostolio Church of England, (poems,) 2d ed., 1839, fp. 8vo; 6th ed., 1848, 32rao: 8th ed., 1859, 32mo and fp. 8ro. 4. Hymns; translated from the Parisian Breviary, 1839, 18mo. 5. A Few Remarks on the Charge of the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol on the Subject of Reserve in communicating Religious Knowledge, as taught in the Tracts for the Times, Nos. 80 and 87; by the Writer of these Tracts, 1841, 8vo, pp. 11. 6-13. Harmony and Commentary on the whole Gospel Narrative, fp. 8vo, 8 vols., £3 6«., or ea. sold separately. I. Thoughts on the Study of the Gos

fels, 1842 ; 2d ed., 1845; 3d ed., 1853; adv. to 8.., 1861. F. Harmony of the Evangelists, 1850; adv. to 8.., 1861. III. The Nativity, (extending to the calling of St. Matthew,) 1844; 2d ed., 1851; red. to 8.. 6aJ., 1861. IV. Second Year of the Ministry, 1848 ; adv. to 8«., 1861. V. Third Year of the Ministry, 1849; adv. to 8.. 6d., 1861. VI. The Holy Week, 1843; 2d cd., 1849; red. to 8«. 6a"., 1861. VII. The Passion, 1841; 2d ed., 1842; 3d cd., 1844, (N. York, 1849, 8vo;) 4th ed„ 1850; 5th cd., 1861. VIII. The Resurrection, 1845; 2d ed., 1855; adv. to 8s., 1861. New ed. of the whole, 1869-70, 8 vols. cr. 8vo, 5«. each. See Lon. Bookseller, Jan. 1, 1870, 61. 14. ThoughtB in Past Years, by the Author of The Cathedral, 1842, 32mo; 1850, 32mo; 0th ed.. with new poems, 32mo. 15. The Baptistery ; or, The Way to Eternal Life, 8vo, Parts 1, 2, 3, in 1 vol., 1842 ; Pt. 4, 1844; new edits, of whole: 1846, 8vo; 1848, 32mo ; 6th cd., with 34 plates from Boctius a Bolswert, 1863, 2 vols, largo fp. 8vo. 16. Hymns on the Church Catechism, 1843, 18mo. 17. Sacred Meditations and Prayers, selected from The Way of Eternal Life, [by Ant. Suoquet,] in order to Illustrate and Explain the Pictures by Boctius a Bolswert for the same Work: Translated from the Latin, and adapted to the Use of the English Church, 1845, 8vo. 18. Sacred Verses, with [37] Pictures, illustrating our Lord's Life, 4c; Edited, with Verses, 1846, 4to. 19. Plain Sermons on the Catechism, 8vo: vol. i., (being vol. ix. of Plain Sermons by Contributors to the Tracts for the Times, 1840-48, 10 vols. 8vo,) 1847; vol. ii., 1851; i. and ii. in

1 vol., 1851. 20. Christian Scholar, 1849, 32mo, and fp. 8vo. 21. The Altar; or, Meditations in Verse on the Great Christian Sacrifice, 1849, 12mo. 22. The Seven Days: or, The Old and New Creation, 1850, fp. 8vo. 23. The. Apocalypse; with Notes and Reflections, 1852, fp. 8vo; adv. to 8«. 6rf., 1861. 24. A Series of [58] Sermons ou the Epistle and Gospel for each Sunday of the Year, and on some of the Chief Festivals, 1S53, 2 vols. 12mo; vol. iii., fur the Saints' Days, 1855; the whole, 3d ed., 1885, 3 vols. 12mo. 25. The Characters of the Old Testament, in a Scries of Sermons, 1856, fp. 8vo; 2d cd.,

1860, fp. 8vo; 1869, cr. 8vo. 26. Female Characters of the Holy Scripture; in a Series of Sermons. 1859, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1862, fp. 8vo; 1869, cr. 8vo. 27. Beginning of the Book of Genesis; with Notes and Reflections,

1861, fp. Svo. 28. The Psalms interpreted of Christ; with Notes and Reflections, 3 vols. fp. 8vo: vol. i., 1864. See, also, Suckling, Robert Alfred.

Williams, J. 1. Sermon, Num. xvi. 34, Lon., 1756, 8vo. 2. Sermon, 1 Sam. vii. 12, 1759, 8vo.

Williams, J., Curate of Potersfield, Hampshire. The History of Pctersficld: being the Substance of a Lecture delivered in the National Sohool Room, Petersfield. 1857, 8vo. Noticed by Lon. Athcn., 1857, 1356, ami Lon. Gent. Mag., 1860, i. 281.

Williams, J. A., of Baydon, Wiltshire. Progressive Agriculture: a Pamphlet on Steam Cultivation, Lon., 1S58, 8vo.

Williams, Sir J, Butler. See Williams, Butlkb.

Williams, J. C. The Church as by Law Established, Lon., 1859, 8vo. Answered by The Church of England the Poor Man's Church, Ac, by Rev. E. Carr, LL.D., 1859, 8vo.

Williams, J. I). Europe and America in 1821, Ac; from the French of the Abb6 do Pradt, Lon., 1322,

2 vols. 8vo.

■* The mediocrity of the original is greatly increased by the Tileness of the translation."—Edin. Rev., xxxvii. 269.

Williams, J. D. Algebra, Bost., 12mo.

Williams, J. D. 1. Supplement to Blackstone's Commentaries on the Law of Eugland, Lon., 1818, Svo,

12a. 2. Bar Institute, and Artioled Clerk's Guide to the Study and Practice of the Law, 1849, 12mo.

Williams, J. do K. 1. Mutual Christianity, Lon., 1845, 18mo. 2. Basis of the Evangelical Alliance Unfolded, 1847, 12mo.

Williams, J. F. Lake* Historical Account of Inventions and Discoveries in those Arts and Sciences whioh are of Utility or Ornament to Man, traced from their Origin, Lon., 1820, 2 vols. 8vo.

Williams, J. H. Sermon, Rom. xiv. 19, Lon., 1802, Svo.

Williams, J. II. Handy-Book to Landlord and Tenant, Lon., Dec. 1860, 12mo.

Williams, J. J., C.E. The Isthmus of Tchuantepec; being the Results of a Survey for a Railway to connect the Atlantio and Pacific Oceans, Ac, with Maps and Engravings. N. York, 1852, 2 vols. 8vo.

Williams, J. L. Every Boy's Book, Lon., 1841, I8mo.

Williams, J. M. Seo Pearson, John, D.D., No. 3.

Williams, J. M. Symbolical Euclid, 8th ed., Lon., 1848, ISmo; 9th cd., 1854, 18mo.

Williams, J. S. American Pioneer, edited, Cin., 1842-43, 2 vols. 8vo.

Williams, J. S., Brigade-Major and Inspector, Columbian Brigade, in the War of 1812. The Capture of Washington: History of the Invasion and Capture of Washington, and of the Events which preceded and followed it, N. York, 1857, 12mo.

"An important and long-needed contribution to the history of the country."—John P. Kenxedt.

. Williams, J. W. 1. Utility of Sea-Bathing, Lon., 12mo. 2. Skin Diseases of Constitutional Origin, 1864, 8vo.

Williams, J. W. H. Unsoundness of Mind, Lon., 1856. Svo.

Williams, Rev. J. W. M. More Labourers Wanted, and How to Secure them, Charleston, S.C., 18mo.

Williams, James. Footman's Guide, 4th ed., Lon., 1847. 12mo; 5th ed., 1851, 12mo; 1856, 12ino.

Williams, James, late United States Minister in Turkey. 1. The South Vindicated; with an Introduction by John Baker Hopkins, Lon., 1862, 8vo. Noticed in Lon. Allien., 1S62, ii. 459. 2. The Rise and Fall of the Modern Repuhlio, 1863, demy 8vo. Noticed in Loo. Reader, 1864, i. 128.

Williams, Jane, of Ysgafell. A History of Wales, Derived from Authentic Sources, Lon., 1869, 2 vols. 8vo.

"The authoress of this History of Walos, in a very modest and intelligent preface, discusses the value of the early authorities for Welsh history in a manner which would Imve satisfied that earnest inquirer after historic truth, the late Sir G. Cornewall Lewis himself. ... A volume which those anxious for a concise and intelligible history of the Principality may consult with advantage."—Xotrsand Queries, Nov. 20,1869.

See, also, Price, Thomas, 1787-1848.

Williams, Jane. 1. Autobiography of Elizabeth Davis, a Balaklava Nurse; Edited, Lon., 1S57, 2 vols, p. Svo. 2. Literary Women of England, with Extracts from their Works, 1881, 8vo.

Williams, Jesse. Description of the United States, Lands in Iowa, Ac, N. York, 1849, 16mo.

Williams, Sir John, Treasurer of the Jewels to King Henry VIII. Account of the MonaMic Treasures confiscated at the Dissolution of the various Houses in England, Edin., 1836, 4to, Abbo sford Club: Ed. and presented by W. B. D. D. Turnbull.

Williams, John. Soe Thame.

Williams, John, of Oxford. 1. Tract, de Humorihus, Oxf., 15U0, Svo. 2. Libellus Rogerii Baconi Angli, Ac, 1590, 8vo. See Watt's Bibl. Brit, i-oc. Williams, John. See, also, Roger Bacon's Unedited Works, cd. by Rev. J. S. Brewer, Lon., r. 8vo, vol. 1., 1860.

Williams, John, D.D., b. at Aberconway, Caernarvonshire, 1582, and educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, became Rector of Grafton Regis, Northamptonshire, 1611, and of Grafton Underwood, 1612; Preb. of Hereford, 1612; Preb. and Prec of Lincoln, 1613, and also mado Preb. of St. David's; Prob. of Peterborough, 1616; Dean of Salisbury, 1619; Dean of Westminster, 1620 ; Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, (succeeding Bacon,) and Bishop of Lincoln, both in 1621; deprived of the Great Seal by Charles I., 1626; in 1636 convicted of subornation of perjury whon tried for betraying the king's secrets, fined £10,000, suspended from his offices, and imprisoned in tho Tower, where he remained for three years and six months; released, and resumed his


■eat in the House of Lords, 1640; Archbishop of York, 1641; d. Mar. 25, 1650. 1. Sermon, Matt. xi. 8, Lon., 1620, 4to. 2. Great Britain's Salomon; a Sermon [1 Ki. xli.. xlii., xliii.] preached at the Magnificent Funeral of King James, 1625, 4to. Bindley, Pt. 2, 1025, £1 1«. Repub. in Somors Tracts, vol. ii. The preacher does not permit his late master to suffer by the comparison. 3. The Holy Table, Name and Thing more Anciently, Properly, and Literally Used under the New Testament than that of Altar; written long ago by a Minister of Lincolnshire, in Answer to D. Coel, Ac, 1637, 4to. Against Laud's innovations. Laud was a bitter enemy to Williams.

"A book so full of good learning, and that learning so closely and solidly applied, though it abounded with too many light exressions. that it gained him reputation enough to be able to do .ttrt."—Loan Claeendon.

It elicited Antidotum Lincolniense. or, an Answer to "The Holy Table, Kame and Thing," by Peter Heylin, D.D., 1637. 4to; A French Coale, Ac, by William Prynne, 1637, 4to. Heylin also issued against Williams, A Coale from the Altar, Ac, 1636, 4tu; 1037, 4to. Sec, also, Altare Christianum, or The Dead Vicar's Plea, by John Pocklington, D.D., 1637, 4to. See, also, Soattf.rGooo, Anthony, D.I)., No. 2. In Bohn's Lowndes. Part 10, (1864,) 2932, under the name of this author are entered a Happy Handful, 1660, 4to, which it is evident he did not write, and A Manual, 1672, 8vo, portions of which, at least, were certainly composed after his death.

For noticeB of this eminent statesman and prelate, see Hackkt, John, D.D., No. 4, (to Philips's Abridgment add, 1703, 8vo;) Bacon, Francis, (pp. 93,94;) Lloyd's Worthies; Biog. Brit.; Clarendon's Rebellion ; Hallam's Constit. Hist, of Kng.. ch. vii., viii.

"I have pawned through many places of honour and trust, both in Church and State, more than any of my order Iu England these seventy yean* before, lint were I but assured that by ruy preaching I had converted but one soul unto God, I should take therein more spirituul joy and comfort than in all the hononrs and offices which have been bestowed upon me."— ARrnBisiiop Williams.

Williams, John, a R. Catholic Dr. Stillingfleet against Dr. Stillingfleet, Ac, 1671. 8vo.

Williams, John, D.D., b. in Northamptonshire, 1634, and educated at Magdalene Hall, Oxford, beenme Rector of St. Mildred's, Poultry, London, 1673; Preb. of London, 16S3; Preb. of Canterbury, 1692; Bishop of Chichester, 1696; d. 1709.

1. History of the Gunpowder Treason, Lon., 1679, 4to; 2d ed., 1681, 4to. 2. Brief Exposition of the Church Catechism, 1690, 8vo; 17th cd., 1707, in. 8vo; 23d cd., 1731, 24mo. Sec Horne, Thomas Hartwill, D.D., No. 38. 3. Twelve Sermons preached [1695-96] at the Boyle Lecture, concerning the Possibility, Necessity, and Certainty of Divine Revelation, 2d ed.: to which are added Three Sermons, 1708, 8vo. See Farrar's Crit. Hist, of Free Thought. 1863. Note 50, at end. He published many pamphlets against Romanists and Dissenters, sermons, Ac In 1689 ho was one of the Commissioners on the Liturgy, Canons, Ac:

"Diary of the Proceedings of the Commissions taken by Dr. Williams, afterwards Bishop of Chichester, one of the Commissioners, every night after he went home from the several meetings. This most curious Diary was printed by order of the House of Commons in 1864."—Loan Macaulay: I[ of Eng., iii. ch. xiv.

See Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., iv. 769; Birch's Tillotson; Watt's Bibl. Brit.; Darling's Cyc Bibl., i. 3216.

"Mr. Williams Is really one of the best men I know, and most unwearied in doing good, and his preaching is very weighty and judicious."—Archbishop Tillotson.

Williams, John. Happy Handful; or, Green Hopes in the Blade, Ac.; Collected by John Williams, Lon.. 1660, 4to. Dedicated to General Monk.

Williams, John. A Manual; or, Three Small and Plain Treatises, Lon., 1672, sm. 8vo. See Bohn's Lowndes, x. (1864) 2932.

Williams, John. Dr. Tho. Marshall's Catechism, into Welch, Oxon., 1683, 8vo. Anon.

Williams, John, b. at Roxbury, Mass., 1664; graduated at Harvard College, 1683; was ordained minister of Deerfield, Mass., 1686: carried into captivity, with his wife, children, (save his eldest son,) and many of his neighbours, by the French and Indians, Feb. 29, 1704, and was not permitted to leave Quebec until late in 1706; resumed his pastorate at Dccrfield, and retained his connection until his death, Juno 12. 1729. He published several sermons, A Serious Word to the Posterity of Holy ilea, Host., 1729, 12mo, and

the following well-known work : The Redeemed Captive Returning to Zion; or, A Faithful History of Remarkable Occurrences in the Captivity and Deliverance of Mr. John Williams, Ac, Dec. 5, 1706, Boston, 1707, sm. 8vo, pp. 104; 5th cd., so called, with Appendix by T. Prince, Bost., 1774, 8vo; 5th cd., so called, with Conclusion by T. Prince, New London, (1776?) 8vo; 4th ed., so called, with Appendices by Williams, Taylor, and Prince, Greenfield, 1793, 12mo.

New edits.: 1800, 12mo; N. Haven, 1802, l2mo: last ed.: see Hanson, Rev. J. II. See, also, A Biographioai Memoir of the Rev. John Williams, Ac; with an Appendix, containing tho Journal of [his son] the Rev. Dr. Stephen Williams, of Longmeadow, during his Captivity, and other Papers relating to the Early Indian Wars in Dcerfield, by Stephen W. Williams, A.M., M.D., Ao., Greenfield, 1837, 12mo, pp. 127; 3d ed., Northamp., 1853, 12mo. This is in great part a reprint of Williams's Redeemed Captive; but tho Journal of his son was then first printed. See, also, T. Foxcroft's Sermon on the Death of J. Williams and T. Blowers, 1729, 8vo; Spraguc's Annals, i., Trin. Congreg., 214; Jour, of &. Diplomatic Visit to Canada in 1713, by J. Stoddard and J. Williams, (N. Eng. Hist, and Gen. Reg., 1851, 21-44,) 8vo.

Williams, John. Some Histories of Wounds of the Head, Ac, Falmouth, 1765, 8vo.

Williams, John, LL.D., a native of Lampeter, Cardiganshire, for forty years minister of a Dissenting Congregation at Sydenham, Kent, d. at Islington, 1793, aged 72.

1. A Concordance to the Greek Testament, with the English Version to each Word, the Principal Hebrew Routs corresponding to the Greek Words of the Septuagint, with Short Critical Notes, where necessary, and ao Index for the Benefit of the English Reader, Lon., 1767, 4to. The Notes were communicated by Dr. Gregory Sharpe.

"A very useful and convenient work."—Ormf* Bibl. Bib., 117. "Compiled with great pains and accuracy."—Lon. Hon. Rev^ 1767. 1. 4O0.

Superseded by Wioram, Gp.orrp. Vicrsimijs, No. 1.

2. Thoughts on Subscription to the Thirty-Nino Articles. 3. Free Enquiry into the Authenticity of the First and Second Chapters of St. Matthew's Gospel. 1771, 8vo; with name, 1789, 8vo. This attack elicited several anonymous replies, (one of them by Charles Bulkley, stipm, himself a Socinian,) and was also answered in vol. ii. of Mngeo on the Atonement. Sec Orme's Bibl. Bib., 470; No. 8. infra. 4. Thoughts on the Origin and on the most Rational and Natural Method of Teaching the Languages, 1783, 8vo. 5 Enquiry into the Truth of the Tradition concerning the Discovery of Amorios, by Princo Madog ab Owen Gwvnedd, about the Year 1170, 1791, 8vo, pp. 85. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1791, iji. 468. 6. Farther Observations, Ac; with Account of a. Welsh Tribe of Indians, Ac, 1792, 8vo. pp. 51. See Lon. Mon. Rev., 1792. 7. Clerical Reform, 1792, 4to. 8. Remarks on Dr. W. Bell's [Preb. of Westminster] Arguments for the Authenticity of the Two First Chapters of Matthew and Luko, 1796, 8vo. He also published several single sermons.

Williams, John, M.D. 1. Treatise on the Medicinal Virtues of the Waters of Aix-la-Chapel)e and BorBet, Lon., 1772, 8vo. See No. 5. 2. Treatise on the Medicinal Virtues of the Mineral Waters of the German Spa,

1773, 8vo. 3. Advice to People afflicted with the Gout,

1774, 8vo. See Smith, Danibl, M.D., No. 2; No. 5, infra. 4. Select Cases in Physio which have boon treated at the Waters of Aix-la-Chapellc, 1774, 8vo. See No. 5. 5. Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Northern Governments, vis.: The United Provinces, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and Poland, 1777, 2 vols. 4to. Williams's works are noticed in Lon. Mon. Rev., vis.: No. 1. in xlvii. 464; No. 3 in li. 239; No. 4 in Iii. 276; No. 5 in Iviii. 213, 249, 344.

Williams, John, Mineral Engineer. 1. Account of some Remarkable Ancient Ruins, Edin., 1777. 3vo. 2. Account of Craig Patrick, by Mr. James Watt. 3. Natural History of the Mineral Kingdom, in Three Parts, Edin., 1789, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d cd., with Appendix by James Millar, M.D., (author of a Synopsis of Mineralogy, Lon., 1794, fol.,) 1810, 2 vols. 8vo. An Analysis of first ed. is in Maws, John, No. 1. See No. 4. 4. Preface to the Natural History of the Mineral Kingdom, Phil. Mag., i. (1817) 189.

Williams, John, alia* Anthony Pasqnin, rendered memorable by William Gilford and Lord Erskine; adjudged by Lord Kenyon in 1797 ''a common libeller;" stigmatized by Dr. Watt (Bibl. Brit.) as "a literary character of the lowest description ;" nnd more tersely than politely characterized by Lord Macaulay aa "a malignant and 61thy baboon," (Edin. Rev., Ixxiv. 250,) and a "polecat," (ibid., lxxvi. 537 :) emigrated to the United States, ("Alas! my oountry !") where he became editor of a Democratic newspaper, and where, having long survived his literary progeny, he died.

Among his publications (most of his works appeared under the name of Anthony Pasquin) arc: 1. The Royal Academicians; a Farce, 1786, 8vo. 2. The Children of Thcspis; a Poem, 4to: Parti, 1786: Parts 2, 3, 1788. Condemned by Lon. Mon. Rev.. 1786, ii. 68, and 1788, ii. 368. See, also, Wynne's Private Libraries of New York, I860, 355. 3. Poems, by Anthony Pasquin, 1789, 2 vols. 8vo. 4. Postscript to tho New Bath (luide; a Poem, 1790, 8vo. 5. Treatise on the Game of Cribbage, 1791, 8vo; 1807, 16mo. 6. Lite of the Earl of Barrymore, 1793, 8vo : 2d ed., 1793, 8vo. 7. Authentic History of the Professors of Painting, Ac. in Ireland, Ac. (1795,) 8vo. 8. Legislative Biography, 1795, 8vo. 9. Memoirs of the Roval Academicians, 1796, 8vo. 10. The PinBasket to'the Children of Thcspis. with Notes, 1797, 12mo. 11. Dramatic Censor, 1811, 8vo. 12. Tho Hamiltoniad, (Boston, 1804;) new ed.. N.York, 1866, 8vo, pp. 122, with portrait, (Hamilton Club.) 13. The Life of Alexander Hamilton, (Hoston. ISOt:) new ed., N. York, 1866, 8vo, pp. 60, (Hamilton Club.) Sec, also, Edwin, John; Watt's Bibl. Brit.: Records of my Life, by the late John Taylor, Lon.. 1832, 2 vols. 8vo.

Williams, Serjeant John, tbun whom " a sounder lawyer or more accurate special pleader has rarely done honour to his profession," (Barou Vaughan: 1 Crump. A Jerv., 9.) has already claimed our notice: see SaiinDkrs, Sin Edmund. In conjunction with Richard Burn, LL.D., (lupra,) he published Blackstono's Commentaries, 10th ed.. Corrected and Continued, Lon., 1787, 4 vols. 8vo; Uth ed., 1791, 4 vols. 8vo. This was followed by E. Christian's edits., 1793-91, Ac.. 4 vols. 8vo. See Huffman's l,og. Stu., 159, (editions of Blackstono's Coin., Ac.) WilliumN, Rev. John. 1. Nautical Odes. 1800, 4to. 2. Dissertation on the Pelagian Heresy, 1808, 8vo. WilliumN, John, Rector of Begelly, Pembrokeshire. Twenty Serms. on Miscellaneous Subjects, Lon., 1805, 8vo. "Plain, serious, and practical."—Clirix. Ohterv. Williams, John. Assize Sermon, 1806, 4to. Williams, John, of Pitmaston. The Climate of Great Britain, Lod., 1806, 8vo. Also, agricultural papers in Trans. Hort. Soc. and Nic. Jour., 1806-17.

Williams, John. Introduction to Pinkerton's Abridgment of his Modern Geography, 1808, 12mo.

Williams, Rev. John. Sacred Allegories or Allegorical Poems, 1810, 8vo.

Williams, Itev. John. Defcnco of Modem Calvinism, 1812, 8vn.

Williams, John, of the Inner Temple. 1. Laws or Trade and Commerce. Lon.. 1812. 8vo; IS14, 8vo. 2. Laws of Wills and Codicils, 8vo. 3. Every Man his Own Lawyer. 8vo. 4. Laws of Auction. 3d ed.. 1823, 12mo. 6. Treatise on the Study and Practice of tho Law, Ac, 182.1. Svo.

Williams, John: Disappointment, or a Hunt after Royalty: a Poem, 1814. Svo.

Williams, Captain John. Historical Account of the Rise ami Progress of the Bengal Native Infantry, Lon.. 1817, Svo.

"The authenticity of his facts is confirmed i>y the manner in which they arc related."— Lon. Qitar. ICer., xviii. 4nfl.

Williams, John, D.D. Sermon, Matt. ix. 36, Lon., 1821. Svo.

Williams, Sir John, b. at Bunbury, Cheshire, 1777, and educated at, and Fellow of. Trinity College. Cambridge, was called to the liar, 1801; elected M.P. for Lincoln, 1823, Queen's Attorney-General, 1830 to 1832: a Baron of the Exchequer, IS.'U: and a Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench from 1834 until his death, Sept. 15, 1846. lie was the author of articles in Edin. Rev., (see especially The Greek Orators in No. for Oct. 1821, 82-11(1,) and of Memoirs of Sir J. Bayley and Mr. Commissioner Boteler in Law Rev., i. 405. and iii. 327, and of a paper On Capital Punishment in Law Rev., iii. 110. Notices of Mr. Justice Williams will be found in Lon. Gent. Mag.. 1846, ii. 537. (Obituary.) and, by Lord Brougham, in Law Rev., Nov. 1816. 183: rcpub. in his Statesmen of the Time of Geo. III., ii. 312.

"A man who may be truly said to have passed through life without a single enemy."—Lord Brougham: ubi supra.

See, also, Blackw. Mag., xiv. 203, xvii. 467, and xxxv. 570.

Williams, John, a Baptist divine, h. in Caernarvonshire, Wales, 1767; emigrated to the oily of New York, 1795; became pastor of the Oliver (then Fayette) Street Church, N. York, 1798, and retained this connection until his death, May 25, 1825. He published Sermons and several Association Letters. See Ainer. Baptist Mag., vol. v., (by his son, William Williams, D.D., infra;) Fowler's Amer. Pulpit, 213, 245; Sprague's Annals, vi., Baptist. 358.

Williams, John, b. at Ystradmeirig, Cardiganshire, South Wales, 1792, and educated at Balliol College, Oxford, taught at Winchester College for two years, and at Hyde Abbey School for four years: presented to the living of Lampeter, Wales, where he remained until 1824, when, by tho influence of Sir Walter Scott, he became Rector of the Now Edinburgh Academy; Archdeacon of Cardigan, 1833; d. at Bushey-heath, Herts, Deo. 27, 1858. 1. Life and Actions of Alexander the Groat, Lon., (Murrav's Fam. Lib., ii.,) 1829, 12mo; N. York, ISmo; 3d ed., Lon., fp. Svo, 1860.

"Worthy of his high scholastic reputation."— Blackw. Mag^ xxvi. 421.

See. also, Lon. Athen., 1842, 164.

2. Two Essays on the Geography of Anoient Asia, intended partly to illostrato the Campaigns of Alexander and tho Anabasis of Xenophon, 1829, Svo. 3. Humerus, 8vo. Part 1, 1842.

"The grand scope of his researches—although ushered in with all the pomp and circumstance of new discovery—is virtually little more than a resuscitation of the dormant mysteries of tho' Hebrew Homer.'"—Edin. R'v., Ixxvii. (Feb. 1843)4471. A severe critique.

Seo, also, Lon. Athen., 1842. 164.

The Archdeacon responded in—4. Primitive Tradition: in a Letter to tho Editor of the Edinburgh Review, 1843, 8vo. Repub. in No. 9. 5. Claudia and Pudens: an Attempt to show that Claudia, mentioned in St. Paul's Second Epistle to Timothy, was a British Princess. Llandovery. 1848, 8vo, pp. viii., 58. 6. Gomer; or, A Brief Analysis of the Language and Knowledge of the Ancient Cymry, 1854, Svo. Gomer, Second Part: containing a Critical View of the Cymraeg. both Ancient and Present; with Specimens from the Works of the Oldest Cymrio Poets, Lon., 1854, Svo. See Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1854, 269, 750. and 1855, 533.

"In 'Oomer,' a dissertation on the early forms and history of the language, he expressed himself with such positiveness on doubtful subjects, and such vehemence on unimportant ones, as to weaken his authority, lie had announced a translation of the [«.ems of Aneurin.fsee Williams, .Jon.v, Ab Ithkl, Nn. 3,] Taliesin.and the other primitive bants, with a critical revision and re-establishment of the text, which was look"d for with much interest; t.ut. thoutrh the announcement w:ts made in 1S11. nothins burl been done towards carrying it out at his death in 1858."—Thomas Watts: art. on Wdsh Lang, and Lit., in Knii/hf* Eng. '"ye.

7. Life of Julius Ciesar, 1851, fp. Svo. Commended by John Bull. Bell's Mess., nnd Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1S55, 533.

"It would lie in vain for any other than a profound Celtio scholar worthily to edit and explain even the commentaries of Ciesar.''

So declares the Archdeacon. Is the Emperor of the Fronch " a profound Celtic scholar"?

8. The Close Connexion between National Sin and National Punishment; a Sermon, 1857, 8vo, pp.27.

9. Essays on Various Subjects, Philological, Philosophical, Ethnological, and Archaeological, connected with the Prebistorical Records of tho Civilised Nations of Ancient Europe, especially of that Race which first occupied Great Britain, 1858, Svo. pp. 390. Noticed in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1858, i. 428, and Lon. Athen., 1858, i. 655. A brief notice of Archdeacon Williams will be found in Lon. Gent. Mag.. 1859, i. 209. (Obituary.)

"The only literary Welshman of great abilities and erudition I know, has been too hn-ily occupied with the important functions of his own useful and honourable profession to become a contributor to Mana."—North: Xoctcs Anibron.: Blackw. Mag., xxiv. (Oct. 1828j .VJ8.

With Wilson, Lockhart, Lord Jeffrey, Lord Cockburn, Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Colonel Mure, and Sir Walter Soott, Williams bad long been on terms of literary companionship ; and over the remains of the last and greatest of those wc have seen him (scott, Sir Wai.tkr, p. 1971) reading the solemn services of the Church when all that was mortal of the Great Magician was deposited in the sepulchre of his ancestors in Dryburgb Abbey.

Williams, John, D.D., of Stroud. Seo Hawkkr, Robert.

Williams, John* Trails approfondis des Maladies dcs Yeux et des Oreilles: 8uivi de I'Hygi&ne des Yeux, etc., 2d ed., Rheim?, 183 t, 8vo.

Williams, John. I-;-- i v on the Hieroglyphics of the Ancient Egyptians, Lon., 183ft, 8vo.

Williams, John, "The Apostle of Polynesia," and "The Martyr of Erromanga," was b. at Tottenham, near London. 1795; embarked as a missionary for Sydney, Oct. 1816, and, after many years' faithful service as an evangelist, was killed bv the natives at Erromanga, Nov. 20, 1830. He paid a visit to England, June, 1834, to April 11, 1838. 1. A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands: with Remarks upon the Natural History of the Islands, Origin, Languages, Traditions, and Usages of the Inhabitants, Lon., 1837, Ac, 8vo, p. 8vo, and r. 8vo. Of the cheap ed., r. 8vo, the 56th 1000 was pub. Dec. 1865. Repub. N. York, 1837, Ac, 8vo. The work is of value to the scholar as well as to the friend of missions.

"H« knew not whether he would not willingly put away at least half the folios which hw posHessod, rather than part with one volume which had recently been published by the missionary Williams.*"—Archbishop of Canterbury, at a Bible Meet in*;.

2. Missionary's Farewell, Lon., 1838, l8mo; N.York. He prepared some books in the Raratongan language, and, in conjunction with Messrs. Pitman ami Buzacot, translated the New Testament into the language of Raratonga, Lon., 1836. 12mo. See Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. .John Williams, Missionary to Polyneaia; Compiled from his Journals, Correspondence, and other Authentic Sources, by the Rev. Ebeneser Prout, of Ilalsted, 1843. Svo; cheap ed., r. 8vo, 4th 1000, 1817. See, also, Campbell. John, D.D.; Knight's Eng. Cvc Biog., vi., 1S5S, 730: Encyc. Brit.," 8th ed.. xxi., I860, 871; Kclec. Rev., 4th Ser., xi. 502: Eclec. Museum, ii. 443.

Williams, John, ab Ithel, b. at Llangyhafel, Denbighshire, 1811, and graduated at Jesus College, Oxford, 1834, was stationed successively at LI an for, Nerquis, and Llanyraowddwy, and a few months before his death, Aug. 27, 1861, was preferred by the Bishop of Bangor to the rectory of Llanenddwyn, Merionethshire.

I. The Church of England independent of the Church of Rome in All Ages, Lon., demy l2mo. 2. Prize Essay on the Bardic Alphabet, in Welsh, IS40. 3. Ecclesiastical Antiquities of the Cymry; or, The Ancient British Church: its History, Doctrine, and Rites, 1844. Svo.

"A book of research, which deserves, perhaps, more attention than it hits m-'t with."—Lon. Qiuxr, /?<-r., Ixxxv. :H4, n.

4. Glossary of Terms used for Articles of British Dress and Armour, 1851, 8vo. Noticed by Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1851, 529. 5. Dosparth Edeyrn Davod Aur: Ancient Welsh Grammar; Compiled in the 13th Century by Edeyrn the Goldcn-tongued; Together with Y Pum Llyfr Kerddwriaeth; or, Rules of Welsh Poetry: with Translations and Notes, Llandovery, 1850". 8vo, (Welsh MSS. Soc, v.) 6. Meddygon Myddfa; or. Medical Practice of Rhinwallon and his Sons: with the Legend of the Lady of the Lake, called Llyn-y-fan; Edited by J. Williams ab Ithel; Translated by John Pnghe, 1356. Svo, (Welsh MSS. Soc, vi.) 7. Literal Translation into English of Ancurin's Celebrated Poem of The Godod'in; II* lust rated with Numerous Annotations, both Historical and Critical, 1S5S.

"A verv excellent version."—william F. Skene: Lon. Athm., 1862,11. m.

8. Brut y Twvaogion; or, The Chronicle of the Princes, (681-1282,) Edited. Lon., 1860. r. 8vo, (Rolls Pub., xvii.) See T. Watts's art. on Welsh Lang, and Lit. in Knight's Eng. Cyc. Mr. Williams was a thorough believer in the antiquity of the Welsh Triads and other traditions of his country. 9. The Annales Cambria); Edited, r. Svo. (Rolls Pub., xx.) 10. The Traditionary Annals of the Cymry: Reprinted from the Cambrian Journal, 1861. Mr. Williams was editor of The Cambrian Journal, a Quarterly commenced in 1S54. 11. Barddas: or, Bardism: a Collection of Original Documents illustrative of the Theology, Discipline, and Usages of the Bardo-Druidic System of the Isle of Britain; with Translation and Notes, Llandoverv, Svo, vol. i., 1862. (Welsh MSS. Soc, vii.) Mr. Williams

fmblished several religious books,—some in Welsh, some n English,—and carried off prizes at numerous Eisteddvods. See Williams, Taliksin.

Williams, John, D.D., b. at Deerfield, Mass., 1817; graduated at Trinity College, Hartford, 1835: ordained in the Prot. Epis. Church, deacon in 1838, and priest in 1841; Rector of St. George's, Schenectady, 1842; President of Trinity College, Hartford, 1848-53; Assistant

Bishop of Connecticut, 1861, and sole Bishop, (by death of Bishop Brownell,) 1S65. 1. Ancient Hymns of tha Holy Church, Hartford, 32mo. 2. Thoughts on the Gospel Miracles, N. York, 18tno. 3. Inaugural Discourse, Trinity College, Hartford, 1849. Svo. Also, addresses, sermons, Ac, and articles in Church Review, Ac. Edited An Exposition of The Thirty-Nine Articles, by E. H. Browne, D.D., Lord-Bishop of Ely, 1st Araer. from 5th English ed., with Notes. N. York, 1865, 8vot pp. 871; 1870. 8vo. See, also, S Swell, William. D.D., No. 19. He was—we trust still is—preparing a History of Bishop Brownell's Episcopate.

Williams, John. Account of Subways in the British Metropolis, Lon., 1845, 8vo,

Williams, John. Discourses and Essays on tho Unitv of God's Will as Revealed in Scripture, Ac, Lon., 1858" Svo. pp. 436.

Williams, John. The Readable Dictionary; or, Topical and Synonymic Lexicon, N. York. 1868, pp. 360.

Williams, John Ambrose. Metrical Essays, 1815, Svo.

Williams, Sir John Bickerton, LL.D., b. at Salop, 1792; practised as an attorney at Shrewsbury for more than 27 years: Mavor of Shrewsbury, 1836; knighted, 1837: d. at Tho Hall, Wem, co. Salop, where he had resided since 1841, Oct. 21, 1855. He was a Dissenter, and noted for his "consistent piety." 1. Memoirs of the Life and Character of Mrs. Savage, Eldest Daughter of the Rev. Philip Henry, Ac, Lon., 1818, 12mo: 1829, 12ino; last edits., 1S48', '53, 18rao; also, Phila.. ISmo. Philip Henry was collateral ancestor to Sir John. 2. Letters on Puritanism and Nonconformity, Lon., 1843. fp. 8vo. Second Series, IS4B. fp. Svo. Commended by Scot. Congreg. Mag. 3. Henry Family Memorialized, 1849, ISmo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1849, ii. 399. and 18,'>0, i. 56. Ho was author of A Memorial of W. H. Lacon, appended to a Scrinon, 1832. and of a Church Memorial, appended to Addressoi and Sermon on Rev. Thomas Weaver, 1852; and contributed largely to The Evangelical Magazine. See, also, Hale, Sin Matthew; Henry, Matthew, second list. No. 4, (add 1839. Svo.) and third list, No. 16. (add last ed., 1860, 3 vols. imp. Svo, and Matthew Henry: Memoirs of his Life, Character, and Writings, by Sir J. B. Williams, 1865. cr. 8vo:) HeNrtv, Philip, (to his ed. of M. Henry's Life of P. Henry add 1835, Svo. 1839, 8vo;) Simpson, David, No. 4. A biographical notice of Sir John was pub. in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1855, ii. 6>6.

Williams, John II., M.D. Leaves from the NoteBook of a Ne\v York Detective; or, The Private Record of J. B., Edited, N.York, 1865, r. Svo; Lon., 1865, fp. Svo.

Williams, John Cnlthrop, M.D., late Physician to the General Hospital, Nottingham. Practical Observations on Nervous and Sympathetic Palpitation of the Heart, as welt as on Palpitation the Result of Organio Disease, 2d ed., Lon., 1852, 8vo.

"Both nble anil practical."—Lon. J#>//. Tim?*.

"Calculated to add to the author's reputation.'1Duhl. MetL PrtM.

Williams, John I). See Young, John Radford, Nos. 2. 9, 13.

Williams, John Griffith. Tho Accomplished Praotiser in the High Court of Chancery, Lon., 1700, 2 vols. Svo. See Harrison, Joseph, No. 1. See, also, Forrester, Alkx/.nder: add, Dubl., 1703, Svo.

Williams, John Henry. Sermon, 1814, Svo.

Williams, John Lee. 1. View of West Florida, embracing its Geography, Topography, Ac. j with an Appendix, Phila., 1827, Svo, pp. 178.

"On the whole, very accurate and impartial."—Anur, Quar. Rtr., 11.229.

"W'dl dpdprvpt a place in our libraries.*'—y. Amer. Rev,t xxvi. 493, (by J. Gadsden.)

2. Sketches of the Topography and the Civil and Natural History of Florida, N. York, 1837, 8vo. Sea Parton's Life of Andrew Jackson, i.. xviii.

Williams, John Lloyd, of Benares. 1. Observatory at Benares: Phil. Trans., 1793. 2. Making Ice at Benares: Phil. Trims., 1793.

Williams, John Mason, LL.D., b. at Taunton, Mass., 1780; graduated at Brown University, 1801; admitted to the Bar, 1804: Associate Justice C. C. Pleaa of Massachusetts, 1821-30, and Chief Justice of th« same, 1830-44; Com'r of Insolvency, 1844-56; d. at New Bedford, Dec. 28, 1868, aged 88 years and ii months.

1. Oration at New Bedford, July 4, 1306, Bost., 1806,

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