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Waring, Thomas S., M.D., and Logan, Samuel, M.U., prepared for publication, Outlines of a Course of


Lecture* un the Principles and Practice of Surgery, by E.
Goddings, M.D., Charleston, 1858, 8vo.

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Ainer. Soc, vol. iii. 144, 185, 319.

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Wark worth's Chronicle, from 1461 to 1474 • Edited by J. 0. Halliwell, Esq., F.R.S., Ac, Lon., 1839-40, am. 4to, (Camden Soc. Pub., x.)

Kola, fiwlflSFZ"-'- F0SIIH K,EK: HUt- * CTar'~ *

WarI>'' John- !■ Th° Reasoning Apostate, Lon., 1677, 8vo. 2. Treatise on Human Reason, 8vo.

Warmington, E. Railroad Mismanagement: its Evils and Remedy, Lon., 1858, 8vo.

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n,yfarne' J" A* Pnr<">ology in the Family, Lon., 1843, r. 8vo.

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Warne, Rev. Joseph A., editor of the Unptist Edition of the Comprehensive Commentary, Phila., 6 vols. sup. roy. 8vo. Commended by eight American Baptist divines.

Warneford, Lieutenant, R.N. I. Tales of the Coast Guard, Lon., 1856, 12mo; 1863, fp. 8vo. 2. Tales of the Slave Squadron, 1860, 12mo. 3. Cruise of the Blue Jacket, and other Sea-Stories, 1S61, fp. 8vo. 4. Running the [American] Blockade. 1863, 12mo. These books are ascribed to Russell, William Howard, LL.D., {supra.)

Warneford, John, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Rector of Basingham, Lincolnshire, and in 1761 appointed Camden Professor of History, Oxford. Sermons on several Subjects and Occasions, Oxf., 1776, 2 vols. sm. 8vo.

Warneford, Richard 8vo.

Warner. Defence of the Doctrine and Holy Relics of the Roman Catholic Church.

Warner. Address to the University of Oxford, Lon.. 1730, 8vo.

Warner, Anna R., a younger sister of Susan Warner, (infra.) 1. Dollars and Cents, by Amy Lothrop, N. York, 1852, Ac, 2 vols. 12mo; last ed., 1863, 12mo; Lon., 1853, (3 edits.,) Ac, 12mo. See Hart's Female Prose Writers of America, 432; N. Amcr. Rev., Ixxvi. 112. 2. My Brother's Keeper, by the Author of "Dollars and Cents," N. York, 1855, 12mo, and 2 vols. 12mo; Lon., 1855: cr. 8vo, (Nisbet: reprinted from "Excelsior;") 12mo, (Knight:) 12mo, (Routledga.)

"The idea of 'My Brother's Keeper' is good, and it is to lie regretted Hint It should have been spoiled in the handling "— Lon. Allien.. 18.M, 018."

"Excellent in its tune, and written in a simple and pleasant •tylc."— Lon. Lit. 6a*., IKS."!, 345.

3. With Warner, Susan, {infra,) Ellen Montgomery's Book-Shelf, by the Authors of " The Wide. Wide World," '• Dollars and Cents," Ac. Ac, N. York. 16mo vols., via.: I., II, Mr. Rutherford's Children, 1853; lasted., 1864. Trans, into French. Commended by Lon. Gent. Mng., 1854. i. 61. III. Carl Krinken, 1853; last ed., 1864. Trans, into French. Commended by Lon. Athen., 1864, 117. IV. Capper, by Amy Lothrop, 1855; last ed., 1864. V. Hard Maple, by the Author of " Dollars and Cents," 1859; last ed., 1864. Last Lon. ed. of Ellen Montgomery's Book-Shelf, 18mo vols., 1«. ea., 1864, (Routledge.)


Family Dentist, N. York,

Sermons, York, 1757, 2 vols.

4. With Warmer, Susan, Say and Seal, Lon., 1860 Mar., 12mo and p. 8vo, April, 12mo, May, 12mo: sal* in a few weeks, over 30,000; Phila., Mar. 29, 1860, 2 vols. 12mo. Repub. in Germany.

"It is eminently readable. Nay, more,—it is greatly instructive."—Da. R. Sbei.tox Mackenzie.

"The reader will find two lines of an old pastoral very applicable to the pages of this book:

My banks they are furnished with bees, Whose murmur inviteB one to sleep: so the gentle purring dulness will not be entirelv without its use, though it may not be exactlv in the way Die author Intended.' —ion. Allien., 1800, i. 441. More favourable English opinions are advertised on p. 62R of same periodical.

Warner, Riddulp. 1. The Coquette; a Novel, Lon., 1858, p. 8vo. 2. Adrift; or, The Fortunes of Connor Blake, 1860, cr. 8vo.

Warner, D. C, M.D. 12mo.

Warner, Miss Eliza A., of Northampton, Mass. 1. Tom Tracy, Phila., 1862, 18mo. 2. The Young Wife, 1S63, 18mo. 3. The Red House, 1864, ISmo. 4. The Old Flag, 1864, ISmo. 5. The Little Sunbeam, and other Stories, 1866, 18mo. 6. Eleanor; an Autobiography. 1866, 18mo. 7. Ben Boland's Garden, 1868, ISmo. Warner, Eerdinando, LL.D., b. 1703, became Vicar of Ronde, Wiltshire, 1730, and Rector of St. Michael Quceiihithc, London, 1746, to which last preferment was added the rectory of Bumes, Surrey, in 1758; d. of gout (sec No. 8, infra) in or soon alter 1767. 1. System of Divinity and Morality; in a Series of [135] Discourses, Ac, Lon., 1750, (sonic 1751,) 5 vols. 12ino; 2d ed., 1756, 4 vols. 8vo; 1758, 4 vols. 8vo; 1767, 4 vols. 8vo.

"The finest miscellany of its kind that waa ever published." —Lon. Hon. Bev. ^2. Rutional Defence of the English Reformation, Ac, 1752, 12ino. 3. An Illustration of the Book of Common Prayer, Ac, 1754, fol. From Nichols, Wheatlcy, Burnet, Comber, Ac. Valuable. 4. Ecclesiastical History of England from the Earliest Accounts to the Eighteenth Century, 1756-57, 2 vols. fol.

"This history deserves the highest applause on account of that uoble spirit of liberty, eandour, and moderation that seenis to have guide,! the pen of the judicious author."—Mosheim.

5. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Thomas More, Ac; with bia History of Utopia, trans, into English, with Notes, 1758, 8vo. 6. The History of Ireland, (from the earliest Records to the English Conquest,) 4to : vol. i., 1763. See No. 7. 7. History of the Rebellion and Civil War in Ireland, (1641-60,) 1767, 4to; 2d ed., 1768, 4to; Dubl., 1768, 2 vols. 8vo. This and No. 6 are praised for their candour by Plowden and others: but see Ireland Vindicated, by Mathcw Carey, (p. 340, tupra,) Phila.. 1819, Svo. 8. Full and Plain Account of the Gout, Lon., 1768, 8vo: 1772. Svo. This elicited Remarks, Ac. 1769, 8vo. Other publications. Sec Nichols's Lit. Anec, ii. 415. 416, ix. 783; Chalmers's Biog. Diet., xxxi. 155.

Warner, Harriot W. Autobiography of Charles W. Caldwell, M.D., with a Prefaco, Notes, and Appendix, Phila., 1855. r. Svo. pp. 454.

"A pure example of prosy, old-fashioned American style."— —Lon. Allien., 18J5. 1080.

Warner, Henry W. 1. Discourse on Legal Science, N. York, 1S33, 8vo. 2. Liberties of America, 1S53, Svo; Lon., 1853, p. 8vo. See, also, Swanston, Clement Tudway, No. 1.

Warner, J. L. Utrum Augustus bene de Populo Romano mcruerit, Lon., 1861, 12mo.

Warner, J. S. Isabel de Cordova, N. York and Lon., 1862, 12mo, (Beadle's Amer. Lib.)

Warner, J. W. Emigrant's Guide and Citizen's Manual, N. York, 1848.

Warner, James F. 1. Primary Note Reader; or, First Steps in Singing at Sight, N. York, 12mo. 2. Universal Dictionary of Musical Terms, Bost., 1842, 8vo.

3. Rudimental Lessons on Music, N. York, 1845, 18mo.

4. Godfrey Weber's Gcnernl Music-Teacher; from 3d Gcruinn ed., with Notes and Additions, Bost., 1841,2 vols. Svo. 5. Theory of Musical Composition; Trans, from the German of Von Weber; with Additions and Notes, N. York, 1842, Svo.

Warner, John, was elected demy of Magdalene College, Oxford, 1599; made Perpetual Fellow, 1605; Dean of Lichfield, 1633; Bishop of Rochester, Jan. 14. 1637-8; and d., 1666. He was a loyalist, and suffered (luring the usurpation. 1. Church Lands not to be Sold, Lon., 1646, 1648, 4to. 2. Letter to Dr. Jeremy Taylor concerning the Chapter of Original Sin in the Usum Necessarium, 1656, Svo. Repub. in Taylor's Worksi

Bee Taylor, Jeremy, D.D.: Editions of Jeremy Taylor's Works, vii. He also published several sermons. See Bliss's Wood's Allien. Oxon., iii. 731; Burnet's Own Times; Biog. Brit.; Fuller's Worthies; Barwiok's Life; Lysons's Environs; Chalmers's Hist, of Oxford; Bon* ney's Life of Jeremy Taylor; Nichols's Illust. of Lit., vi. 616, 62S.

Warner, John. Discourse on Faith, Oxon., 1657, 8vo.

Warner, John, a native of Warwickshire, Professor of Divinity at Douay College, in 1663 became a Jesuit, and taught divinity at the College of Liege; on the accession of James II. was made his confessor; after his fall accompanied him to Ireland, and finally to St. Germain, and d. there, 1692.

1. Stillingfleot still against Stillingfleet, 4c, 1675, 8vo. 2. Ecclesise Primitives Clericus, cujus Gradus Educatio, Tonsura, Chorus, Vita Communis, Vota, Hierarchia, exponuntur, Per sup., sine loco aut typ,, 1686, 4to. Privately printed. Liber rarissimus.

Warner, John, D.D., son of Fcrdinando Warner, LL.D., Rector of Hockliffo and Chalgrave, Bedfordshire, 1771; d. 1800, aged 64.

Metronariston; or, A New Pleasure, Recommended in a Dissertation upon a Part of Greek and Latin Prosody, Lon., 1797, 8vo.

*' A curious, rational, and convincing treatise on the pronunciation of the Greek and Latin languages."—Dr. Valpt.

"Tliis work is teasingly written; but it convinces me."— Green's Diary of a Lover of Lit., 1810, 4to, 209.

He was the author of the Memoirs of Mekerchus in the Gentleman's Magazine. See Nichols's Lit. Anec, ii. 416, 417, 644, ix. 198, 199-201, 283, 286.

Warner, John, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-atLaw. See Sai.nders, Francis Williams, No. 1.

Warner, John. 1. Studies in Organic Morphology, Phila., 1857. 2. New Theorems, Tables, and Diagrams for the Computation of Earthworks, 1863, 8vo.

Warner, Joseph, b. in the island of Antigua, 1717, was for some years Lecturer on Anatomy at St. Thomas's Hospital; in 1746 joined the royal army in Scotland, and was subsequently for 44 years Surgeon to Guy's Hospital; d. 1801.

1. Cases in Surgery; with Introductions, Operations, and Remarks, Ac, Lon., 1754, 8vo; 3d ed., 1760, Svo: 4th ed., 1784, 8vo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., xxiv. 389. 2. Description of the Human Eye and its Adjacent Parts,

1773, Svo; 2d ed., 1776, Svo. 3. Account of the Testicles,

1774, 8vo; 1779, 8vo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., xliv. 181. Also, eleven medical papers in Phil. Trans., 1750-70. See Chalmers's Biog. Diet., xxxi. 162.

Warner, or Warnerus, I.minus. 1. De Vitse Termino, ex Arabum et Persarum Scriptis, Amst., 1642, 8vo. 2. Compendium Historicum eorum quse Mohammedani de Christo, Ac, Lugd. Bat., 1643, 4to. 3. Epistola Valedictoria, Ao., 1644, 4to. 4. Proverbiorum Persicorum Centuria, cum Versione et Notis, 1644. 5. Dissertatio de Kane is: in ITgolinus, Thesaurus Antiquitatum, (Venet., 1744-69, 34 vols, fol.,) xxii. 487.

Warner, Mansion. Three single sermons, 174546, oa. Svo.

Warner, Rebecca. 1. Letters from Baxter, Prior, Ac; with Notes, 8vo. 2. Epistolary Curiosities, consisting of Unpublished Letters of 17th Cent., illust. of the Herbert Family, Bath, 1S18, 8vo.

Warner, Richard, b. 1711, and educated at Wadham College, Oxford, had law-chambers in Lincoln's Inn, but resided chiefly on his estate at Woodford Green, Essex, where he d. 1775. 1. Letter to David Garrick, Esq., concerning a Glossary to the Plays of Shakspeare Ac, Lon., 1768, 8vo. The original MS. of this Glossary, (never pub.,) in 71 vols. 4to, is in the British Museum, (MS. Addit., 10,452-10,542,) where also are the MS. of the Letter and an interleaved copy of Tonsou's cd. of Shakspeare with MS. notes by Warner. He left many of his interleaved editions of Shakspeare, (of whom he projected a new edition, but resigned in favour of Steevens,) with other books, to Wadham College.

2. Plants Woodfordicnses, Lon., 1771, sm. 8vo. Appendix, 1784, sm. 8vo, pp. 12.

"This lwwk was never published, but a few copies were given to the author's friends."—Oouoh.

Additions to Warner's PI an toe Woodfordienses were pub. by Mr. Forstcr in 1784.

See, also, Thornton, Bonnkll, No. 2. See Pulteney's Botany; Lysons's Environs; Nichols's Lit. Anec, iii. 74, 75, viii. 596, ix. 642.

Warner, Richard, b. 1763, for 23 years Curate of

St. James's Church, Bath, and subsequently Rector of Cbclwood, Somerset, and Groat Coalfield, Wilts, d. 1857.

1. Hampshire: extracted from Domesday Book ; with an Accurate English Translation, a Preface, and an Introduction, Ac, and Glossary, Lon., 1789, 4to. Repub. in some copies of No. 7. 2. Companion in a Tour round Lymington, 1789, 8vo. 3. Antiquitates Culinariae, or Curious Tracts relating to the Culinary Afiairsof the Old English, 1791, r. 4to: Bcokford,56, £3 5».; I. p., imp. 4to, Roxburghe, 1958, £3 10». Privately printed. 4. Attempt to ascertain the Situation of the Ancient Clousentum, 1792, 4to. 5. Topographical Remarks relating to the South-Westorn Parts of Hampshire, 1793, 2 vols. 8vo. 6. History of the Isle of Wight, Southamp., 1795,8vo. 7. Collections for the History of Hampshire and the Bishoprio of Winchester, including the Isles of Wight, Jersey, Guernsey, and Sarke, by D. Y., with the original Domesday of the County, and an Accurate English Translation, Preface and Introduction, and Glossory, Lon., (1795,) 5 vols, in 6, 4to: 225 copies on small paper, and 25 on 1. p. The Domesday (see No. 1) which occurs in vol. ii. is not included in all sets. 8. Illustration of the Roman Antiquities discovered at Bath, Bath, 1797, 4to. 9. Walk through Wales, 1798, 8vo. 10. Second Walk through Wales, Lon., 1799, Svo. 11. Walk through some of the Western Counties of England, 1800, Svo. 12. HiBtory of Bath, Bath, 1801, imp. 4to; some I. p. 13. Excursions from Bath, 18U1, Svo. 14. Historical and Desoriptive Account of Bath and its Environs, Lon., 1802, 12mo. 15. Tour through the Northern Counties of England and the Borders of Scotland, 1802, 2 vols. 8vo. 16. Practical Discourses, Bath, 1803-4, 2 vols. Svo. 17. English Diatessaron; or, The History of Christ, from the Compounded Texts of the Four Evangelists, 1805, 8vo. See No. 27. 18. Book of Common Prayer; with the Psalter, and an Introduction, Lon., 1806, 8vo. 19. Companion to the Holy Sacrament, 12mo. 20. Six Occasional Sermons, 1808, Svo. 21. Tour through Cornwall, Bath, 1S09, 8vo. 22. Scripture Characters; in a Scries of Sermons, Lon., 1810-11, 2 vols. 12rao. 23. New Guide through Bath. 1812, Svo. 24. Sermons, Tracts, and Notes on the New Testament, 1813, 3 vols. 8vo. 25. Sermons [57] on the Epistles or Gospels for the Sundays throughout the Year, 1816, 2 vols. 12mo; 4th ed., 1819, 2 vols. 12mo. 26. Old Church of England Principles; in a Series of Sermons, 1818, 3 vols. Il'iuo; 3d ed., 1823, 3 vols. 12mo. Commended by Lon. Mon. Rev. 27. Chronological History of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, from the Compounded Texts of the Four Holy Evangelists; or, The English Diatessaron, Bath and Lon., 1819, 8vo. See No. 17. 28. Miscellanies, Bath, 1819, (some 1820,) 2 vols. 12mo. 29. Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, and Miscellaneous, of the Novels by the Author of Waverley, Ac, Lon., 1S23, l2mo. Commended by Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1823, 386. 30. History of the Abbey of Glaston and the Town of Glastonbury, with 20 plates, Bath, 1826, 4to, £8 8s.; 1. p., £12 12s. Privately printed for subscribers; 250 copies, at £6 6s. A few copies were sold, ut eitprn. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1827, ii. 114. 31. Sunday Evening Discourses, 1828, (some 1829,) 2 vols. 12mo. 32. The Psalter; or, Psalms of David according to the Version of the Book of Common Prayer; Illustrated, Ac, Lon., 1828, Svo. 33. Literary Recollections, 1830, 2 vols. 8vo.

"We sincerely recommend this occasionally curious and always entertaining book."—Lon. Gent. May., 18:iO, ii. 154. See, also, 1830, i. 612.

"The stylo is remarkably forcible, chaste, and elegant."—Lon, Mon. .Ret., 1830, ii. 190.

34. Twelve Sermons on Practical Religion, 1837, 8vo. 35. Four Sermons on the Simplicity of Christianity, 1839, 8vo. 36. Five Discourses on the Sermon on the Mount, 1840, 8vo. 37. Specimens of Biblical Exposition on the Book of Genesis, 1842, 12mo. 38. Tho Diary of an Aged Parson, (Sept. 1,1848,) 4to. Poetical. Privately printed. He was tho author of other poetical pieces, issued Omnium Gatherum, (a periodical, praised by Dr. Parr,) and published a number of occasional sermons. See Lon. Geut. Mag., 1858, i. 101, (Obituary;) Watt's Bibl. Brit.; Darling's Cyc. Bibl., i. 3109.

Warner, S. A. Narrative of Circumstances connected with my Mode of National Defence, Lon., 1849, 8vo.

Warner, Susan, elder sister of Anna B. Warner, (mpra,) is a daughter of Henry Warner, a member of tho Bar of the city of New York. 1. The Wide, Wide World, by Elizabeth Wctherell, N. York, 1850, 2 vols. 12mo: lasted., 1864, 12mo; Lon., 1851, 2 vols. 12tno; 1853, 13 edits.: last ed., 1864, fp. 8vo. It was asserted that the sale to April, 1860, had been 500,000 copies. 6th ed. in French, 1864. Also translated into German and Swedish. See No. 2. See, also, Lyrics from "The Wide, Wide World;" The Poetry by W. H. Bellamy, Musio by C. W. Glover, N. York, 1853, sq. 8vo. This vol. contains six lyrical pieces founded on passages in The Wide, Wide World.

2. Queechy, by Elizabeth Wctherell, 1852, 2 vols. 12mo; last ed., 1864, 12mo; Lon., 1852, 2 vols. p. 8vo; 1853, 7 edits.; last ed., 1864, cr. 8vo. Many thousands sold in America and G. Britain. Trans, into French, German, and Swedish. Notices of Nos. 1 and 2 will be found in N. Brit. Rev.,Wcstm. Rev., N. Amer. Rev., Ixxvi., Lon. Athen., 1856, 1163; Hart's Female Prose Writers, 421; TrUbner's Bibl. Guide to Amer. Lit., ed. 1859, liv. See, also, notices of No. 1 in Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1852, 157, and Lon. Athen., 1860, i. 441; and notice of No. 2 in Lon. Athen., 1852, 574. 3. American Female Patriotism; a Prize Essay, by Elizabeth Wethercll, N. York, 1852, 32mo. 4. The Law and the Testimony, by the Author of " The Wide, Wide World," 1853, 8vo; Lon., 1853, 8vo. This is a collection of "passages in the Bible having a bearing upon particular specified subjects or points of doctrine; suoh as the Divine Nature, Divinity of the Saviour, God's Omniscience," Ac. Upon the value of such a work it is not necessary to expatiate. 5. The Hills of the Shatemuc, by the Author of "The Wide, Wide World," N. York, 1856, 12mo, (10,000 sold on the day of publication;) Lon., 1856, fp. 8vo, and 8vo; Paris, 1856. Commended by many American newspapers.

"We regret to say that all the promise contained in the eAiiier works of thiB writer appears to have evaporated."—ion. Allien., 1856, 1163.

6. The Golden Ladder: Stories illustrative of the Eight Beatitudes, bv the Author of "The Wide, Wide World," Ac, Lon., Nov. 1862, fp. 8vo; 5th 1000, Dec. 1863, fp. 8vo. 7. The Old Helmet, by the Author of "The Wide, Wide World," Lon., Nov. 1863,2 vols. p. 8vo; last ed., 1864, cr. 8vo; Lcipsio, 1863; N. York, Dec. 4, 1863,2 vols. 12mo; 2d ed., Dec. 23. 2 vols. 12mo; last ed., 1864, 2 vols. 12mo. See, also, Warner, Anna B., Nos. 3 and 4.

Warner, Thomas. Bible Soc. Sermon, Hudson, 1817.

Warner, Warren. Experiences of a Barrister, N. York, 1852, 8vo.

Warner, William, b. in Oxfordshire, probably about 1558, and educated at Magdalene College, Oxford, became an Attorney of the Common Pleas; d. Mar. 9 or 10, 1608-9.

1. Pan his Syrinx or Pipe, compact of Seucn Reedes, including in one, Seven Tragicall and Comicall Arguments, Lon., (1584,) 4to. Hebcr, Part 8, 2930, £10 5». Again, Syrinx, Ac, 1597, 4to. White Knight's, 4604, £6; Roxburghe, 6375, £16 5». 6d.

"A novel, or rather a suite of stories, much in the style of the adventures of Hcliodorus's Ethiopic romance.1'—Warton: Hist, of Eng. Poet., ed. 1840, iii. 381.

2. Albion's England: a Continued History of the same Kingdome, from tho Originals of the First Inhabitants thereof unto the Raigne of Queen Elizabeth, 1586, 4to: Mitford, April, 1860, £5 5».; 2d ed., 1589, 4to; 3d ed., 1592, 4to; 4th ed., 1596, 4to: Bibl. Anglo-Poet., 841, £6 6..; 5th cd., 1597, 4to: Bibl. Anglo-Poet., 842, £4 4..; 6th ed., with an Epitome of the Whole Historic of England, Ac, 1602, 4to: Bibl. Anglo-Poet., 843, (q. ».,) £5 5».; again, 1606, 4to: 1612, 4to: Hebcr, Part 4, 2865, £3 4«.; Crawford, in 1854, £1 13s. Also repub. in Chalmers's Brit. Poets, 1810,21 vols. r. 8vo. This poem was at once interdicted, it is supposed on the ground of its indelioacy, by the Star Chamber.

"As Euripides was the most sententious among the Greek poets, so was this Warner among the English poets; and as Homer and Virgil among the tlreek and Latins were the chief heroic poets, so Edm. Ppencer and this our Warner were esteemed by scholars living in the reign of on. Elizabeth our chief heroicat makers."—Merks: Athen. Oxon., Bliss's ed., i. 766.

"Spencer and Warner be our chief heroicat makers. I luive heard Warner termed of ye best wits of both our TlAiversities 'Our English Homer.'"—MeRES: Wits Treasurie, 15t8, 12mo. See, also, Meres's Witts Academy, 1634, 12mo.

"There is in Warner occasionally a pathetic simplicity that never fails of engaging the heart. His tales, though often tedious, Hiui not unlrequently indelicate, abound with all tho unaffected incident and artless ease of the best old ballads, without their cant and puerility. The pastoral pieces that occur are superior to all the eclogues in our language, those of Collins only excepted."—Hkadlet: Select Beauties of Anc. £ng. Poets.

"His poem Is, in fact, an enormous ballad on the history, or rather on the fables appendant to the history, of England; heterogeneous, indeed, like the Metamorphoses, [of OvidJ but

written with an almost doggrel simplicity. Headleyhns rashly preferred his works to our ancient ballads; but with the beat of them they will bear no comparison. 'Argentile and Curan has indeed some beautiful tuuehes, yet that episode requires to be weeded of many lines to be rend with uno,ualined pleasure; and through the rest of his stories we shall search in vain for the familiar magic of such ballads as 'Chevy Chase' or 'Gil Morrice.'"—Campbell: Essay mi Eng. I'oelry, ed. 1848, 172.

"Many parts of Warner's Albion's England are extremely worthy of preservation, but the following episode, [Argentilo and Curan,] although it has been reprinted, is so very beautiful that 1 cannot consent to omit it."—Dr. Buss: Wood's Atlien. Oxon., i. 768.

"I have read Warner with great pleasure. What an elnborate piece of alliteration and antithesis! Why, it must have been a labour far above tho most difficult versification. There is a fine simile or picture of Semiramis arming to repel a siege.''— Charles Lamb.

"Albion's England, 1.^86, has at least the equivocal merit of great length. It is rather legendary than historical; some passages are pleasing, but it is not a work of genius, And the style, though natural, seldom rises above prose."—Hallam: Lit. llisU of Eng., 4th ed., 1854, ii. 127.

See, also, Brydges's Phillips's Theat. Poet. Anglic, 215; Cooper's Muses' Lib.; Percy's Reliques: Ellis's Spec; Ritson's Bibl. Poet.; Collier's Bibl. Acct. of Early Eng. Lit., 1865.

3. Mcnsechini, [from Plautus,] a pleasant and fineconceited Comedie, written in English by W. W., 1595, 4to. From this play Shakspeare derived his plot of the Comedy of Errors. Inglis's Old Ploys, 115, £8 15». It is reprinted in Nichols's (Steevcns's) Six Old Plays, 1779, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. See, also, Wartou's Hist, of Eng. Poet., iii. 381; Allot, Robert: England's Parnassus, No. 39; Webster, William.

Warnes, John. On the Cultivation of Flax, the Fattening of Cattle, Ac, Lon., 184C, 8vo; 2d ed., 1847, 8vo. See Donaldson's Agr. Biog., 134.

Warnor, Miss. Herbert Lodge, 1810, 3 vols. 12mo.

Warr, Daniel, Independent minister at St. Leonard's, near Hastings. Course of XX. Lectures illustrative of John Bunyan'B Pilgrim's Progress, Lon., (1825,) 8vo; 1830, Svo.

Warr, G. linden. Dynamics, the Construction of Machinery, Ac, Lon., 1851, Svo, (Lib. of U. K.)

"To be commended not less for the lucidity of its language than for its correctness in practical detail."—Tlie Artisan, i'eb. 1, 1852.

See, also, Nicholson, John, No. 3.

Warr, G. W. Canada as it is; or, The Emigrant's Friend, Lon., 1847, 18ino.

Warr, John. Privileges of the People, Lon., 1649, 4 to.

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Warrr, Colonel Henry J. 1. Sketches in the Oregon Territory and tho North-West Coast of North America; 20 views on stone, Lon., 1848, fol., tiuted, £2 2«.: col'd, £3 13*. 6rf. 2. Illustrations of the Seat of War, 1856, fol., tinted, £1 5«.; cold, £2 2«.

Warre, James. Touchstone of Truth, Lon., 1621, 8vo.

Warre, James. The Post, Present, ond probably the B'uture State of tho Wine Trade, Ac, 2d ed., Lon., 1824, 8vo.

Warre, Lord De la. 1. Relation concerning the Colonic planted in Virginia, Lon., 1611, 4to. 2. Short Relation made by him to the Lords of the Council of Virginia touching bis Unexpected Return Home, 1611, 4to.

Warrell, J. Catalogue of Oil Paintings, Charleston, Svo.

Warren. Catches ond Glees. Very rare.

Warren. Farmer's Account Book, 20th ed., Royston. 1862, 4to, and fol.

Warren. Yachtman's and Amatour Sailor's Primer, N. York, 1863, I2mo.

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Warren, Albert H. 1. Guide to Beginners in the Art of Illumination, Lon., 1860, ]2mo. 2. The Promises of Jesus Christ: Outlines for Illuminating, in packet, I860. 3. The Promises of Jesus Christ, Illuminated, Deo. 1880, 4to; 2ded., 1881.

Warren, Albertus. See Clifford, Martin.

Warren, Mrs. Ann. See Warren, Samuel, I.!,.!>.. No. 2.

Warren, Arthur. Tbe Poore Mans Passions and Pouertics Patience, Lon., 1605, 4to, pp. 70. Bibl. Anglo-Poet., 845, £10 10s. See Collier's Bibl. Acct. of Early Eng. Lit., 1865.

Warren, C. Missouri Harmony, Cin.

Warren, Caroline Matilda. Conrade; or, The Gamesters, 1806, 2 vols. 12mo.

Warren, Charles. My Scrapes and Escapes, X. York.

Warren, Charles. 1. Sermon, 1 Cor. vii. 14, Tottenham, 1837, 8vo. 2. Indeterminatoness of Unauthorised Baptism, Camb., 1841, 8vo, pp. 30. 3. Edited Synodalia: a Journal of Convocation, Lon., 1853, 8vo.

Warren, D. Synopsis of the Genealogical Descent of Queen Victoria, Lon., 1849, fp. 8vo.

Warren, David M., a native of Worcester, Mass., for some years a member of the firm of H. Cowperthwait A Co., publishers, of Philadelphia, d. in Baltimore, 1861, aged 41. Warren's Geographical Series, Phila., (J. B. Cowperthwait,) viz.:

1. Primary Geography, with 19 col'd electrotyped Maps, and Engravings, sm. 4to, pp. 88; last ed., 1864.

2. Common School Geography, with 27 col'd copperplate and electrotyped Maps, drawn by James II. Young, and Wood Engravings, r. 4to, pp. 100, 1857; last ed., 1864. Most of the text is by Arthur Sumner, who likewise aided in No. 3.

3. System of Physical Geography, with 20 copperplate and electrotyped Maps, Charts, and Engravings, r. 4to, pp. 92, 1857; new ed., 1869. See No. 2. Commended by Prof. Agassiz, Lon. Athcn., Lon. Lit. Gaz., Lou. Literarium, Ac.

14 All the volumes [Nos. 1, 2, and 3] are excellent, both as respect* matter and mechanical execution, and they richly merit the favour with which they have been received."—Amer. Lit. Gaz. and Pub. Circ, Sept. 18,1884, 279. See, also, 314.

4. Geographical Question-Book, last ed., 1864. Warren, Rev. Dawson. 1. The Parish Priest; a

Poem, from the Latin of Benton, 1800, 4to. 2. Letter to William Mellish on Christ's Hospital, do., Lon., 1808, 8vo.

Warren, E. The Poet's Day; or, Imagination's Ramble, 1S04. 8vo.

Warren, E. T., an English musician, published Reliques of Ancient Music, and a monthly collection, and also an annual collection, of Catches and Glees.

Warren, Edward. Caleb's Inheritance in Canaan by Grace, not Works; in answer to a Book of the Doctrine of Baptism and Distinction of the Covenants, by Thomas Patient, Lon., 1656, 4to.

Warren, Edward, M.D., a brother of John Collins Warren, M.D., (q. v.,) graduated at Harvard College, 1804. 1. Sketch of the Progress of the Cholera in America, Bost., 1832, 8vo. 2. Boylston Prize Dissertations for 1838 and 1839: on Scrofula, Rheumatism, and Erysipelatous Inflammation, 1S40, 8vo, (Dunglison's A,mer. Med. Lib.) Contributed to Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1830 et teq., Amor. Jour, of Med. Sci., N. Eng. Quar. Jour. Med. and Surg., N. Amer. Rev., Chris. Exam., and Boston Daily Traveller.

Warren, Edward, M.D., of Edenton, North Carolina, author of No. 2, and Lee, Edwin, author of No. 1. 1. Tbe Effects of Climate on Tuberculous Disease; 2. The Influence of Pregnancy on the Development of Tubercles, Phila., 1857, imp. 8vo, pp. 73, 42, (Fiske Fund Prize Essays.)

Warren, Edward, a native of Palmyra, Maine, is the author of Some Account of the Letheon; or, Who is the Discoverer? Bost., 1847, 8vo, and other pamphlets (also articles in Bost. Med. Jour., Ac) in defence of tho claims of Dr. Morton (see Morton, W. G. T.; Wells, Horace) to the etber discovery ; and has contributed to Amer. Theolog. Rev., N. Amer. Rev., Ac

Warren, Erasmus, D.D. Single sermons, Ac, 1684-93, o. i.. in Watt's Bibl. Brit.

Warren, George. Impartial Description of Surinam, Lon., 1667, 4to. Repub. in Osborne's Yoy. and Trav., ii. 919.

Warren, George. 1. Venereal Disease, 3d ed., Lon., 1734, 8ro. 2. Dissection of an Ostrich; Phil. Trans., 1726.

Warren, George. 1. Commentary on Disorders

of the noad, Lon., 8vo. 2. Disquis. on Nature of Animals, Svo. Warren, George John, fifth Lord Vernon.

See Vernon.

Warren, Major-General Gonverneur Kernble, b. at Cold Spring, N.York, 1830; graduated at West Point Military Academy, 1850. 1. Report on Improvement of Des Moines and Rock Island Kapids of the Mississippi River in 1853 ; in U.S. Congress. Doc, Washington, D.C., 1854, 8vo. 2. Explorations in the Dacota Country in 1855; Ex. Doc. No. 76, 1st Sess., 34th Congress. 3. Exploration of the Country between the Missouri and Platte Rivers, Ac ; in a Topographical Survey, 1857, 8vo. Reviewed in N. Amer. Rev., lxxxvii. 66. 4. Explorations in Nebraska and Dacota in 185657; published with the Ann. Rep. of the Sec'y of War in 1858. 5. Pacific Rail Road Reports, part of vol. i., all of vol. ii., with maps. 6. Battle of Five Forks, Virginia, N. York, 1866, 8vo.

Warren, H., M.D. Treatise concerning the Malignant Fever of Barbadoes, Lon., 1740, Svo.

Warren, Henry, President of the Institute of Painters in Water-Colours. 1. Notes upon Notes; with Cuts upon Copper, and Musio, Lon., 1832, 12mo. 2. Artistio Anatomy of the Human Figure, Lon., 1852, 12mo. 3. Painting in Water-Colours, 1856-57, 2 Parts, 12mo. 4. With Jones, Owen, (*upra,) The History of Joseph and his Brethren, from Genesis, Chapters 37 to 50, Illuminated, 52 plates in 1 vol., 1866, 4to, £2 2».; 1. p., 250 copies, £5 5». 5. Drawing: a Series of Sixteen Studies for Students and Teaohors, 4 Parts, 4to, 1866-67.

Mr. Warren has contributed Illustrations to The Parables, 1858, sq. 16mo, Lockhart's Ancient Spanish Ballads, new ed., 1858, 4to, Davis's Memorials of Knightbridge, 1859, Ac

Warren, Ira, M.D., a native of Hawkesburg, Canada; studied at Brown University and at Kenyon College. 1. Causes and Cure of Pusoyism, Bost., 1847, Svo. 2. The Household Physician, 1859, sup. r. Svo; 2d ed., 1863. Sale to 1864, 30,000. Contributor to The Christian Witness, Mon. Epis. Observer, and subsequently editor of The Christian Alliance, and The Family Visitor.

Warren, Israel Perkins, Secretary of the American Tract Society, instituted in Boston, 1814, and editor of its publications, was b. in Boston, 1814, and graduated at Yale College, 1838. 1. The Sisters; a Memoir of E. H., A. A., and S. F. Dickerman, Bost., 1859, Ac, 12mo. 2. Sadduceeism; a Refutation of the Doctrine of the Annihilation of the Wicked, 1860, Ac, 16mo. 3. Tho Snow-Flakes; a Chapter from the Book of Nature, 1863, sq. 8vo. 4. The New Testament, with Notes, Pictorial Illustrations, and References: vol. i., The Four Gospels, 1863. Also, many tracts and pamphlets. Editor of (monthly papers of the Amer. Tract Soc): I. Traot Journal; II. Child at Home; III. Christian Banner; IV. The Frcedman: aggregate monthly circulation of tho four, 400,000 copies.

Warren, Lieut.-Col. J. Collection of Memoirs on the Various Modes according to whioh the Natives of the Southorn Part of India divide Time, Ao., Madras, 1825, 2 Parts, in 1 vol. 4to.

Warren, Hon. J. Leicester. Essay on Greek Federal Coinage, Lon. and Camb., 1863, 8vo. Sec, also, History of Federal Government, by Edward A. Freeman, (p. 636, supra,) 8vo: vol. i., 1863: noticed in Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 209.

Warren, J. It. See Soter, Alexis; Volant, F.

Warren, Mrs. Jane S. The Morning Star: History of the Children's Missionary Vessel, Ac, Bost., 1860, ISmo.

Warren, John. Sermon, Esay xxxriii. 1, Lon., 1618, 4to.

Warren, John, D.D., b. 1670; Preb. of Exeter, 1709; d. 1736. 1. Sermon, Heb. iii. 17, 1716, Svo. 2. Sermons, with Account of the Author, by R. Warren, Lon., 1739, 2 vols. 8vo. Commended.

Warren, John, LL.D., Archdeacon of Worcester, 1775; Bishop of St. David's, 1779; trans, to Bangor, 17S3; d. 1800. Ho published six single sermons, 1777 -92.

Warren, John, M.D., of Taunton. Two Cases of Painful Constipation; Med. Com., x. 255, 1786.

Warren, John, M.D., brother of General Joseph Warren, {infra,) was b. in Roxbury, 1753; graduated at Harvard College, 1771, and was Professor of Anatomy and Surgery there from 1783 until hi« death, in 1815. He published several orations, addresses, Ac, and contributed to Med. Com., Mass. Med. Soc., New Eng. Jour. of Med. and Surg., and Mem. of Amer. Acad, of Arts and Sciences. See Thaehcr's Amer. Med. Biog., ii. 254271; Amer. Quar. Reg., xiii. 85; Cat. of the Lib. of the Mass. Hist. Soc, ii. 566. See Bartlktt, Josiah.

"Dr. Warren has just claims to be ranked among the distinguished men of our country for his spirit as a patriot, his virtues as a man, and his pre-eminent surgical skill."—Josiah Ql'I.vcr: Hint, of Harvard Univ., ii. 307.

"Dr. John Warren, who is believed to have had but one equal and no superior among the American surgeons of his dav."—A. P. Phaboby, D.D.: N. Amer. Rev., April, 1860, 401, (q. r.)~

Warren, John. The Conchologist, Bost., 1834, sq. 8vo.

Warren, Rt. Hon. Sir John Borlase, Bart., G.C.B., M.P., Rear-Admiral of the Blue, b. 1754, d. 1822, is understood to have been tho author of A View of the Naval Force of Great Britain, Loo., 1791, 8vo. Anon. Sec Knight's Eng. Cyc, Biog., vi., 530.

Warren, John Collins, M.D., son of John Warren, M.D., of Roxbury, was b. in Boston, Aug. 1778; graduated at Harvard College, 1797 ; became Adjunct Professor, 1806, Hersey Professor, 1815, and Emeritus Professor, 1847, of Anatomy and Surgery in Harvard College; Surgeon of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 182153; President of the Massachusetts Medical Society, 183236 ; President of the Massachusetts Temperance Society, and also President of the Boston Society of Natural History; d. May 4, 1856. 1. Cases of Organic Diseases of the Heart, Bost., 1809, 8vo; 1811, 8vo. 2. Description of an Egyptian Mummy, 1821, 8vo. 3. Comparative View of the Sensorial and Nervous Systems in Man and Animals, 1822, 8vo. 4. Some Account of the Medical School in Boston and of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1824, 8vo. 5. Letter to Hon. I. Parker on the Dislocation of the Hip Joint, Ac, Camb., 1826, 8vo. 6. Description of the Siamese Twins, Bost., 1829, 8vo. 7. Surgical Observations on Tumours; with Cases and Observations, 1837, 8vo; Lon., 1839, 8vo. Commended by N. Amer. Rev., xlv. 230, and TrSibner's Bibl. Guide to Amor. Lit., ed. 1859, lxix. 8. Physical Education and the Preservation of Health, Bost., 1846, 18mo; 3d ed., 18mo. 9. Etherization; with Surgical Remarks, 1848, 8vo. 10. Effects of Chloroform and of Strong Chloric Ether as Narcotic Agents, 1849, 8vo. 11. Remarks on the Use of Alcohol in tho Preparation of Medicines, 1849, 8vo. See No. 16. 12. On the Prevention of Constipation, 1850, 8vo. See No. 16. 13. Address before the American Medical Association at Cincinnati, 1850, 8vo. 14. Description of a Skeleton of the Mastodon Giganteus of North America, 1852, 4to, pi. 27, pp. 219. Privately printed and gratuitously distributed (chiefly through the Smithsonian Institution) to universities and learned societies: 2d ed., published, 1855, (some 1856,) 4to, pi. 30, pp. 270, $7.50.

"One of the most complete and beautifully-executed monographs wo have ever seen. . . . The plates, thirty in number, aro worthy the pencil of Dinkel or Scharf."—Lon. Atlien.. 18!>8 1. 495.'

15. Address to the Boston Society of Natural History, 1853, 8vo. 16. The Preservation of Health; with Remarks on Constipation, Old Age, Use of Alcohol in the Preparation of Medicines, 1854, 16mo.

"The counsel of Dr. Warren is Bound at Xrp.

"Much useful instruction."—Family Journal.

17. Rcmnrks on some Fossil Impressions in the Sandatone Rocks of Connecticut River, 1854, 8vo. 18. Genealogy of Warren, with some Historical Sketches, 1854, 4to. pp.113. Privately printed.

•' In respect to its typographical execution, this book is bv far the most elegant genealogy yet issued in tills country."— Wliitmare's Hand-Hook of Amer. Gentalog., 1862, 101, (q. r.)

See, also, N. Amer. Rev., xcvii. 70, (by C. II. Hill.)

19. Tho Great Tree on Boston Common, 1855, 8vo. He contributed many papers to Med. Com., Mass. Med. Soc, N. Eng. Med. Jour., Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., Amer Jour, of Med. Sci., Proceed. Bost. Soc. of Nat. Hist., Proceed. Amer. Acad, of Arts and Sci., Med.-Chir. Trans., (London,) Amer. Traveller, Ac; and was coeditor of The Month. Anthol. and Bost. Rev., 1804, and of The Gospel Advocate, 1821-22. Sec New Jersey Med. Reporter. Aug. 1854; Tryon's List of Amer. Writers on Recent Conchology, 1861, 67; Lon. Quar. Rev., lxxxvi. 23, (same art. in N. York Eclec Mag., xix. 500, and Bost. Liv. Age, xxiv. 290 ;) Lon. Atben., 1837, 751, (also Presoott's Mexico, 23d ed., iii. 401, n.;) E. Everett's Orations, ii. 11, iii. 528: Quincy's Hist, of Harvard

and practical."—Med.

Univ., ii. 305, 308", 586. See, also, The Life of John Collins Warren, M.D.; Compiled, chiefly from his Autobiography and Journals, by his brother, Edward Warren, M.D., Bost., 1860, 2 vols. Svo, pp. 420, 382.

"These volumes contain medical and surgical papers and notes on a very wide diversity of subjects. . . . The memoir is compiled with eminent skill and felicity, . . . conveying, with the fewest technicalities possible, a large amount of valuable knowledge on a wide range of subjects seldom presented in a form so simple, intelligible, and attractive."—A. P. Piabodi, D.D.: IT. Amrr. Rev., xc. 473.

Warren, John Esaias. 1. Para; or, Scenes and Adventures on the Banks of the Amaion, N. York, 1851, 12mo. 2. Vagamundo; or, The Attache in Spain, 1851, 12mo.

Warren, Jonathan Mason, M.D., a son of John Collins Warren. M.D., and a Surgeon of the Massachusetts General Hospital, born in Boston, Mass., d. in that city, 1867.

1. Rhinoplastic Operations, or the Restoration of Parts lost by Accident or Disease, Bost., 1S40, 8vo. Also, papers upon the samo subject in Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., March, 1837, May, 1840, and March, 1843.

2. An Account of Two Remarkable Indian Dwarfs, known as tho " Altec Children," Boston, 1851, Svo. Published also in part in the Amer. Jour, of Med. Sci., Phila., April, 1851.

3. Recent Progress in Surgery: The Annual Address delivered before the Massachusetts Medical Society, Bost., May 25, 1864, Bost., 1864, 8vo.

4. Surgical Observations, with Cases and Operations; Illustrated, 1867, 8vo. $10.

Papers communicated to Medical Journals and Transactions, most of which have been published also as separate pamphlets:

5. On Enlargement of the Tonsils, attended with Deformity of the Chest; Phila. Med. Exam., 1839.

6. Division of the Sterno-Mastoid Musole for WryNeck; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., Sept. 29, 1841.

7. Cases of Strangulated Hernia; New Eng. Quar. Jour, of Med. and Surg., Bost., July, 1842.

8. Fissure of the Soft and Hard Palate, with an Account of a New Operation, and Reports of Cases; N. E. Quar. Jour, of Med. and Surg., Host., April, 1843, and Amer. Jour, of Med. Sciences, Phila., April, 1848, and October, 1863.

9. Ligature of both Carotid Arteries for a Remarkable Erectile Tumour; Am. Jour, of Med. Sciences, Phila., April, 1846.

10. On the Inhalation of Ether; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., March, 1847.

11. Foreign Bodies in the Air-Passages; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1847.

12. Operation for Artificial Anus; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., 1848.

13. Ligature of the Left Subclavian Artery for Subclavian Aneurism; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., 1849.

14. Lithotrity and Lithotomy, with Remarks on the Use of Ether in those Operations; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila.. 1849.

15. Cases of Occlusion of tho Vagina relieved by an Operation; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., 1853.

16. Facts and Observations on Cancer; Transactions of the Am. Med. Assoc, vol. vi., 1853.

17. Tumours in the Parotid Region; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., May 14, 1857.

18. Dislocation of both Thighs; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., June, 1857.

19. Excision of the Knee-joint; also, Cases illustrative of Dr. Barton's Operation for Straightening a Bent Limb by the Excision of a Wedge-shaped Piece of Bone from the Femur; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., June, 1858.

20. Supposed Encephaloid Testicle: a Case of Hermaphrodism; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., 1859.

21. Amputation at the Hip-Joint for a Large OsteoSarcomatous Tumour of the Femur; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., April, 1859.

22. On Perineal Section; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., April, 1861.

23. Cases in Surgery: Gun-Shot Wounds; Plural Births: Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., 1862.

24. Two Cases of Lithotomy in Young Persons, with Remarks on Operations for Stone in the Bladder; Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., March 10, 1864.

25. Hypertrophic Elongation of the Cervix Uteri; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., Jan. 1864.

26. On Neuralgic Affections following Injuries of the Nerves; Am. Jour. Med. Sci., Phila., April, 1864,

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