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in the English version of Plutarch's Lives called Dryden's translation, Lon., 1683-S6, 5 vols. Svo. See Bohn's Lowndes, 1891. A number of his MS. letters will be found in Brit. Mus., Bibl. Sloan., 4064, PluL, 28 F. See Hutchin's Dorsetshire; Pulteney's Sketches.

Uvedale, Robert. 1. Serin., 1800, 8vo. 2. Exam, of Bp. Lowth's Objections to Leland's Account of William of Wykeham, 1801, 8vo. He prepared some works on Hebrew, which he was unable to bring to the press: see Lon. Gent. Mag., lxvi. 465, Ixxi. 147, lxxii. 316, 624.

I wins, David, M.D., b. in London, 1780, Physician to the City Dispensary, 1815, and to the Peckham Lunatic Asylum, 1828, d. 1837. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1837, ii. 642, (Obituary.)

1. Modern Medicine, Lon., 1808, 8vo. 2. Cursory Observations on Fever, 1810, 8vo. 3. Modern Maladies and Present State of Medicine, 1818, 8vo. 4. On Indigestion, Svo. 5. Compendium of Medical Theory and Practice, 12tuo. 6. Nervous and Mental Disorder, 1830,

8vo. 7. Disorders of tho Brain, Ac, called Mental, 1833, 8vo. He published a pamphlet on Homoeopathy; was the author of the medical articles in Dr. Gregory's Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, 1806, 2 vols. 4to; contributed to Lon. Quar. Rev., July, 1816, 387, an excellent article on Insanity and Madhouses, and to fame, July, 1818, 357, a History of Smallpox and Vaccination : published medical essays, entitled Reports, (begun by Dr. Reid,) in the Monthly Magazine, and edited the Medical Repository.

twins, Mrs. Thomas. Memoir of Thomas Uwins, Late Keeper of the Royal Galleries and the National Gallery, Ac.; with Letters, <tc. and Correspondence, Ac, Lon., 1858, 2 vols. p. Svo. Commended by Lon. Sun and Lon. Telegraph. See, also, Lon. Athen., 1858, ii. 714, and Bentley's Quar. Rev., Mar. 1859. See notices of UwinB in Knight's Eng. Cyc, Biog., vi., 1858, 243, and Dlackw. Mag., xlvi. 315, xlviii. 384, 1. 346.


Vache, Alexander F. Letters on Yellow Fever, Cholera, and Quarantine, to the Legislature, Ac, N. York, 1852, 8vo.

Vacher, T. It. 1. Parliamentary Companion, Westminster, ISmo, 1845-61. 2. Pocket Digest of Stamp Duties, 5th ed., 1861, fp. 8vo.

Vaiden, Thomas J., M.D. 1. Medical Companion, N. York, 1852, 8vo; Second Series, 1852, 8vo. 2. Rational Religion and Morals, 1852, 8vo. 3. America Vindicated, 1855, 12mo.

Vail, Alfred. 1. Description of American ElectroMagnetic Telegraph, 1845, 8vo. 2. American ElectroMagnetic Telegraph, with Reports of Congress, Phila., 1845, 8vo. See Whitmore's Anier. Genealog., 1862, 223.

Vail, Eugene A., Citoyen deB Etats-Unis, Ac 1. R^ponee a quelques Imputations contre les Etats-Unis, PariB, 1837, Svo, pp. 36. 2. Notice sur les Indiens de l'Amenque du Nord, 1839, 8vo, pp. 244. 3. De la Literature et des Hommes de Lcttres dea Etats-Unis d'Ame'riquc, 1841, 8vo, pp. 617. Contains the names of about two hundred authors, Ac

"Little, more than a catalogue ruisonnfi of men and books." —JV~. Amer. Her., liii. 524.

Vail, Thomas H. The Comprehensive Church; or, Christian Unity, Hartford, 18mo. Reviewed in Chris. Exam., xxxi. 128.

Vaill, Rev. Stephen M. 1. Ministerial Education in the Methodist Episcopal Church, Bost., 1853, 12mo. 2. Life in Earnest; or, Memoirs and Remains of Rev. Zenas Caldwell, 12mo.

Vaillant, John, Barristcr-at-Law. 1. Scripture compared with itself in Proof of the Trinity, Lon., 1819, 8vo. Sec, also, Dyer, Sib Jamks.

Vuimc, M. History of the Revolutions of Spain, Lon., 1724, 5 vols. 8vo.

Vaizcy, J. S. See Segdek, Sib Edwaed BubtenShaw, No. 16.

Valangin, Francis De, M.D., of London. Treatise on Diet, or Management of Human Life, Lon., 1768, Svo.

Valdez, F. T. Six Years of a Traveller's Life in Western Africa, Lon., 1861, 2 vols. Svo.

Vale, Rev. Dr. 1. Logic in Miniature, Lon., 1838, 18uio. 2. Rhetoric in Miniature, 1838, 18mo.

Vale, Rev. D. 1. Universal History, Explanatory of Passages of Scripture, Lon., 8vo. 2. Prayer-Book, 1857, 8vo.

Vale, G. 1. Fanaticism, its Sources and Influence illustrated in the Case of Matthias, Ac; a Reply to W. L. Stone, N. York, 1835, 12mo. See Stone, William Leete, No. 3. 2. Life of Thomas Paine, Ac, 1841, Svo; 1850, Svo. 3. On the Spirit of the Times, and other Tract*, 1846, 12mo.

Valency, M. L'Entente Cordiale; or, Self-Interpreting Guide to Paris, Lon., 1855, 12mo.

Valentia, George Annesley, Viscount, afterwards Earl of Mount-Norris. VoyageB and Travels to India, Ccvlon, the Red Sea, Abyssinia, and Egypt, in the Years 1802, 1803, 1804, 1806, and 1806, with 69 plates, Lon., 1809, 3 vols. r. 4to, £9 9».; 1. p., imp. 4to,

with proofs, 50 copies, £15 15».; 2d ed., 1811, 6 vols, (also in 3 vols.) 8vo, with plates in atlas 4to. See Salt, Henry.

*' It is not possible for a person to travel so long iu such countries without collecting Information of a novel and ini;iortant kind: such there is in this work on antiquities, grogruphy, manners, Ac; hut it might all hare been compressed in onethird of the size."—SttrmstnCs Cat. of Vol/, and Trar., No. 134.

It was reviewed in Lon. Quar. Rev., ii. 88, (by R. Southey,) in Eclcc. Rev., Aug., Sept., and Oct. 1809, (by John Foster: see, also, Fosterianu. 1S68, 49,) and in Lon. Mon. Rev., lxii. 113, 225.

Valentine, Dr. D. W. 1. Budget of Wit and Humor, Phila., 12mo. 2. Comic Lectures, N. York, 12nio. 3. Valentine's Yankee Hill's Metamorphoses, 12rno.

Valentine, David T., for many years Clerk of the Common Council of the City of New York. 1. Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, N. York, annually, 1S41-64, 24 vols. lSuio and 12mo.

"The value of theno manuals, for their historical matter, is now recognized, and set* are sought for with avidity."—Hitt. Mag., (N. York,) 1880, 191.

See, also, 1861, 159; 1862, 197; Internat. Mag., iii. 179.

"The excellent Manual prepared hy Mr. Valentine."—Geohge Opdykk, Mayor of Ntw York, May 15, 1S62.

2. History of the City of New York, 8vo: vol. i., 1853; vol. ii., 1790-1855, 1856. Mr. Valentine contributed a map of old New York to New York City during the American Revolution, N. York, Dec. 1861, 4to, pp. 195, (Mercantile Lib. Assoc.)

Valentine, II. The Comic Dictionary, 1848, 12mo.

Valentine, Henry. Private Devotions, Lon., 1654, 8vo; in Welch by G. L., 1655, 8vo.

Valentine, J. 8., Tho Assistant Engineer, by George Rennie, Esq., with 120 illustrations, 1848, Svo.

Valentine, John. Elements of Practical Harmony, Lon., 8vo.

Valentine, Laura. The Girl's Own Book; Reedited, with 200 engravings by J. Gilbert, Ac, Lon., 1863, sq.

Valentine, Rev. M., Lutheran pastor, Reading, Pcnna.; elected President of Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, May 15, 1868. The Relations of the Family to the Church, 1860.

Valentine, Mrs. Richard. 1. Reading and Teaching, Lon., 1859, 18nio. 2. Baby Bianca: a Venetian Story, 1861, fp. 8vo. 3. Leighton Manor, 1862, 18mo. 4. Cottage Readings, 1863, fp. 8vo.

Valentine, Mrs. S. 1. Beatrice, Lon., 1859, 18mo.

Valentine, Thomas. Three Sermons, Lon., 1642, '47, ea. 4to.

Valerius, John. Postures of Joban Valerius, born without Arms, 4to. White Knight's, 4430, £3 13». 6rf.

Valery, A. C. P. 1. Guide to Italy; trans, by C. E. Clifton, Lon., 1839, p. Svo. 2. Italy and its Comforts, 1841, 12mo. 3. Curiosities and Anecdotes Italienncs, 1842, 8vo.

Valetta, 8. Account of the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 1707; Phil. Trans., 1713.

Valla, Anglic* Wallace.

Vallancey, (originally Vallence,) Charles,

LL.D., b. 1722, General in the Engineer Department of the Royal Army, 1803, d. at Dublin, Aug. 1812, although by birth an Englishman, is best known a? an enthusiastic student of the antiquities of Ireland, where ho resided the greater part of his life. 1. Essay on Fortification; from the French, Dubl., 1757, 8vo. 2. The Field Engineer; from the French of M. le Chevalier de Clairac, Ac, Dubl., 1759, 8vo; 1760, 8vo. 3. Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, 8vo, 1770-1804, Parts 1-14, bd. in 4 vols., followed by vols. v. and vi. Some copies of vol. i. (bound) are dated 1786. It consists of treatises (by Vallancey, the editor, and others) on Irish coins, the literature, geography, history, and other antiquities of the country. Seo Bonn's Lowndes, 2749. It is not without value, but must not be relied un as a guide.

"It i* a difficult and rather unpleasant task to follow a writer no rambling in his reasonings and so obscure in his style: his hypotheses are of a visionary nature."—Geokgk Petrii.

Vallenccy (vol. vi.) disagrees with Petric, and agrees with O'Brien, in his view of the Round Towers of Ireland.

411 had heard a good deal of the wtld fancies of this book, but never read it before. At first it rather amused me; but after getting through a volume I was oppressed by weariness."—Sir J. Mackintosh: Life, i. ch. ix., (180H.)

See, also, Sir Robert Peel's Cat., (Bibliotheca Hibernica.) There has been recently published Lectures on the MS. Materials of Ancient Irish History, by Eugene O'Curry, M.R.I.A., Professor of Irish History and Archaeology in the Catholic University of Ireland, 1861, Svo, pp. 750, with 26 plates of fac-si miles.

4. Essay on the Antiquity of the Irish Language, Ac, 1772, 8vo, pp. xii., 63; 1818, 8vo; 1822. 5. Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic or Irish Language, with an Essay on the Celtic Language, 1773, 4to : best ed.; again, 1782, 8vo. Very rare. 6. Essay towards illustrating the Ancient History of the Britannic Isles, by C. V., Lon., 17S6, Svo. 7. Vindication of the Ancient Kingdom of Ireland, Dub)., 1786, Svo. This is No. xiv. of No. 3, tupra.

"A work of uncommon sagacity and erudition, and as entertaining as it is instructive."—Edmdxd Burke.

See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1787, 252, (by Richard Gough.)

8. The Ancient History of Ireland proved from the Sanscrit Books of the Bramins of India, 1797, 8vo, pp. 30. Privately printed. 9. Prospectus of a Dictionary of the Language of the Aire Coti, or Ancient Irish, compared with the Language of the Cuti, or Ancient Persians, with the Hindostanee, the Arabic, and Chaldean Languages, Ac, 1802, (some 1803,) 4to.

"To expose the continual error of his theory will not enrehis Inveterate disease. It can only excite hopeB of preventing infection by showing that he has reduced that kind of writing to absurdity, and raised a warning monument to all antiquaries and phiiologiaus that may succeed him."—JCf.Hn, iter., April, 1*J3, 117. See, also, 128.

•* His philological system has been exploded."—Lon. Athcn., 1861, ii. 809.

He contributed to Trans. Irish Soc, Oriental Collections, and Archeeologia. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1812, ii. 289. (Memoirs.)

** General Vallancey. . . . though a man of learning, wrote more oonseuse than any man of his time, and has unfortunately teen the occasion of much more than he wrote."—Lon. Quar. -Iter., April, 1K18. 213.

*' I wuiild write to Colonel Vallancey, the antiquary, at once, but he is so hot-headed In his writings that I fear he would load me with fables."—John J'inkerton to Bishop Percy^ Nov. 19, 1785: JVichnli'i Jlluxt. of Lit., viii. 115. See, also, 122.

"The unsubstantial visions and reveries of Colonel Vallancey and his follower*."—Bishop Percy to John Pttiktrton, ubi supra, 135.

See, also, Index, 111; Nichols's Lit. Anec, vi. 278, viii. 160, 610 - Edin. Rev., April, 1834, 143.

\ allium, William, a native of Hertfordshire, apparently an acquaintance of Camden and other antiquaries. 1. Tale of Two Swannes, Lon., 1590, 4to, pp. 24. Repub., with notes, in Hearne's ed. of Lcland's Itinerary, vol. v. It is a poetic fiction, in blank verse, describing the situation and antiquities of several towns in Hertfordshire. 2. The Honourable Prentice, showed in the Life and Death of Sir John Hawkwood, Ac, 1615, 4to, 5 sheets; 1616, 4to, 5 sheets.

'• A history held by many to be a romance, but which proves the writer « diligent researcher into ancient records."—WarTOir: HtiL of E*g. Pnet., ed. 1840, Hi. 70, (q.v.)

Vallas, A. Resolution of Numerical Equations, N. York, 1*55. Svo.

Valle, Henrietta F. Autumnal Leaves: Poems, Lon., 1837, p. Svo.

Vallet, E. B. Synoptical Table of the Genders of French Substantives, Lon., 1853, ISmo.

Vallette, Elie. Deputy Commissary's Guide within the Province of Maryland, Ac, Annapolis, 1774, Svo. One of tho earliest books printed in Maryland.

Vnlmatl, Karl. Amndeus; or, A Night with the Spirit, N. York, 1852, fp. 8vo.

Valpe, Girolamo. Home and the Priest; an Italian Tale, Lon., 1860, 8 vols. p. 8vo.

Valpy, Abraham John, second son of the Rev. Richard Valpy, D.I)., after a thorough classical education under his father and at Pembroke College, Oxford, became a publisher and bookseller in London, and continued his business with great success nntil 1837 or 1838, when he retired to private life. He died in St. John's Wood Road, London, Nov. 19, 1854, in his 68th year.

Among the works edited and published by him are the following: Edited in the original: 1. Epistles of Cicero, 1804, 12mo; 2d ed., 1810; 3d ed. 2. Brotier's Tacitus, 1812, 5 vols. 8vo; 1. p., r. 8vo; new ed., 1839, 4 vols. 8vo; in English, 3 vols. p. Svo. 3. Virgil, 1814, 8vo: 2d ed., 1817. 4. Horace, 1814, 12mo. 5. Sallust, 1817, 12mo. 6. Terence, 1817, 12mo. 7. The Pamphleteer. Mar. 1813 -Dec 1828, Svo, 58 Parts, in 29 vols. 8. Family Classical Library: a Series of English Translations of the Most Valuable Greek and Latin Classics, with Biographical Sketches, Notes, Ac, 1830-34, 52 vols. 18mo, £11 14*. See Blackw. Mag., xxxii. 165, 505, 807. 9. The Classical Journal, Mar. 1810-Dec 1829, 8vo, 80 (with Supps., 82) Parts, in 40 vols. 10. Elements of Hebrew Grammar, by J. F. Gyles, 1814, 8vo; 1816, 8vo. 11. Eutropius, ed. by C. Bradley, about 1815, 12mo. 12. £J*op's Fables, about 1815. 13. Plautus, about 1815, 12mo. 14. French Pronouncing Dictionary, by William Smith, about 1815, Svo. 15. Thesaurus Grreca? Linguae ab H. Stephano constructs; Editio Nova Auctior et Emendatior, eurante E. II. Barker, 1815-25, fob, 39 Parts, in 8 vols., 39 guineas; 1. p., 78 guineas.

It incorporates the Appendices of Asken and Scott, and ineludes Labbsei Glossaria Grteco-Latina, and has much additional matter.

"Cette edition est ausoB belle, et ello renfermo de nombreiiffo* additiotiH; raais ello u'a pan 6tedinge avec assez de critique." —Bhlnet: Man., 5th ed., ii. (1861) 1079, (q. *.)

Sec, also, Barker, Edmund Hknry.

A new edition of Stephen's Thesaurus was pub. at Paris, A. F. Didot, 1831-64, 8 vols. fol.

16. Auctores Classici Latini, cum Notis Variorum et in Usum Delphini, 1819-30, 141 vols. 8vo, £148 In.; 1. p., r. Svo. 282 guineas. See Dyer, George. A list of the authors in this collection will be found in the Supplement to Moss's Classical Manual.

"We allude to a precious scheme of Mr. Yalpy's, now in progress, of republishing the very worst edition of the Latin Classics. This indefatigalde and zealous printer does not seem to have had the remotest idea that the value of the original Delphine editions consisted almost entirely in their scarcity,—a> merit which his own publication of course cannot possess. The Regent Classics are minute volumes, with short prefaces in bad Latin bv a Mr. CarolUh Coote."—Bishop Blomfikld: Lon. Quar. Rev., xxti. (Jan. 1820) 303, n.

At the end of the Preface to the collection is a Latin tribute to Mr. Dyer for his great industry and critical acumen.

"The unhappy subscriber finds he has got only two-thirds of Cicero,—the very author on whoso fame rests the literary character of the Augustan age/' See Lon. Gont. Mag., ttbi infra.

17. The Museum, weekly, Jan. 1822-Deo. 1825. Edited successively by Peter Bailey, George Soane, and Mr. Graham, who was shot in a duel in the United States. 18. Epitome of English Literature; or, A Concentration of the Matter of Standard English Authors, 1831 et acq. As portions of the Philosophical Series, Paley's Moral Philosophy and Locke on the Human Understanding appeared. 19. The Plays and Poems of Shakespeare, Ac, with 171 plates, 1832-34, 15 vols. fp. 8vo. Frequently repub. from 1840 to 1864 by H. G. Bohn. 20. Book of Common Prayer, with Notes, (by his brother, Rev. G. Valpy,) 1836. He was also the publisher of Croly, Rkv. Geo., LL.D., No. 14, of Hughes. Thomas Stuart, D.D., Nos. 3 and 4, of Valpy, Rev. Edward, Nos. 3,4, and 5, and of some of his brother Rev. F. E. J. Valpy's school-books, and of other works. Notices of Mr. Valpy will be found in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1855, i. 204, (Obituary,) and in Nichols's Lit. Anec, iz. 759, (see, also, vii.. Index.)

Valpy, Rev. Edward, brother of Richard Valpy, D.D., educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, after being for several years assistant in his brother's school at Beading, became Master of the Grammar-School at Norwich. He was also Rector of All Saints', Thwaite, and Vicar of St. Mary's, Walsham, Norfolk. He d. in 1832, in his B'.fth year.

1. Elcgantitc Latinu!: or, Rules and Exercises illustrative of an Elegant Latin Style, Lon., 1S03, 12iuo; 11th cd., 18.17, 12uio. Key, 1838, 12mo. 2. Second Latin Exercises; an Introduction to No. 1, 7th ed., 1846, 12mo. 3. 'H KAINH AIAOHKH : Novum Tcstauientuin, cum Notis Theologicis et Philologicis, ISlfi, 3 vols. 8vo, 1. p., r. 8vo, (iu later edits, the Notes were trans, into English;) 1826, 3 vols. 8vo; 1831, 3 vols. Svo; 5th ed., 1847, 3 vols. Svo. Highly commended by Bishop lluntingford and Dr. T. H. Home, (Iiibl. Bib., 31, 300.) See, also, Orme's Bibl. Bib., 443; Lon. Lit. Gaz., 18.(6, 304; Bloom Field, S. T.; Middlkton, Thomas Fansiiawe, D.D. 4. Vetus Tcstamentum ex Versione Septuaginta luterpretum juxta Exemplar. Vaticanum, ex Editione llolmcsii et Lumberti Bos, 1810, Svo.

"Very correctly printed."—Home's Iiihl. J/an., 47.

5. Homer's Iliad, complete; with English Notes and Questions to the First Eight Books; Text of Heyno. 1810, 2 vols, in 1, r. Svo; 5th ed., 8vo. 6. Concise View of the Doctrine of the Greek Article, from Bishop Middleton's Treatise, 1820, 8vo.

"A useful Epitome, including a few additional observations from Inter writers.'— BickrrtUUt's C. S., 4th ed., 388.

Valpy, Rev. F. E. J., of Trinity College, Cambridge, youngest son of Richard A'alpy, D.D., and his successor as Head-Master of the Reading GrammarSchool, Ac. 1. Fundamental Words of the Greek Language, Lon., 1826, Svo; 2d cd., 1853, 12mo. 2. Greek Exercises, ]2mo; 5th ed., 1845, 12mo. Key, 12mo. 3. Greek Delectus. 12mo; Bost., by Rev. J. T. White; new ed., Lon., 1865.12mo. Key, 1865,12mo. 4. Second Greek Delectus, 1837, Svo; 5th cd., 1846, 8vo. 5. Latin Delectus, 12uio; by Rev. J. T. White, new ed., 1841, 12mo; 1863, 12mo. Key, 12mo. 6. Second Latin Delectus, 2d ed., 1843, 8vo. 7. Etymological Dictionary of the Latin Language, 1828, Svo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 182S, i. 430. 8. Course of Nature Urged on Principles of Analogy, 1839, 12mo. 9. Gradus ad Parnassum, (Whitakcr's ed.,) 6th ed., 1844, r. 12mo. 10. Virgilian Hours, 1850, sq. 11. Etymology of Words of the Greek Language, in Alphabetical Order, 1S6A, sin. 4to. He edited Brasse's Greek Gradus, 2d ed., 1841, Svo. Other publications.

Valpy, Rev. G. See Valpy, Abraham Jobs, No. 20.

Valpy, Richard, D.D., b. in the island of Jersey, 1754, and educated at Pembroke College, Oxford, became Rector of Stradishall, Suffolk, 1787, and from 1781 until about six years before his death (which occurred Mar. 28, 1836) was Head-Master of the Reading Grammar-School.

1. Poetical Blossoms, Guild., 1772, 4to. 2. Elements of the Latin Language, Lon., 1782, 12mo; 11th ed., 1814, l2mo; new ed., 1847,12mo; again, 12mo. 3. Two Assize Serms., 1793, 8vo. 4. Poetical Chronology of Ancient and English History, 1793; 6th ed., 1812,12mo; new ed., 12mo. 5. Elements of the Greek Grammar, 1805, Svo: many edits.; by C. Anthon, N. York, 12mo, and Phila., 12mo; new ed., Lon., 1851, 8vo; last ed., 1864, cr. 8vo.

•' Very useful."—Bisuop liLOMrllLD: Lon. Quar. Rer., xxii. 848.

6. New Latin Vocabulary, 4th ed., 1811, 12mo; 13th ed., 1848, 12mo. 7. Twelve Serms., 1811, 2 vols. 8vo. S. Address from a Clergyman to his Parishioners, 1810, Svo; 8th ed., about 1836, 12mo. 9. First Exercises to be translated into Latin, 6th ed., 1813, 12mo; new ed., 1846, l-i.i... 10. Latin Dialogues, 3d ed., 1813, 12mo; 7th ed., 1842,12mo. 11. Delectus Sententiarum Grsecarum, 2d ed., 1814, 12mo. 12. Delectus Sententiarum et Historiaruin, 16th ed., 1815, 12mo; new ed., 1848, 12mo. Key, by a Private Teacher, 1841, 12mo; new ed., by W. It. Burdon, 1846, 12mo. 13. New English Reader, 2d ed., 12mo. 14. Elements of Mythology, 8th ed., 1841, 12mo. Other publications, among which are several plays altered from Sbakspeare. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1836, i. 553, (Obituary;) Nichols's Lit. Ancc, ix. 757; Watt's Bibl. Brit.; Preface to Talfourd's Ion, 1836, 8vo.

"There may have been scholars of more extensive learning than Dr. Vulpy, but there has rarely, if over, lived a better schoolmaster."—SlK T. N. TALrotKD. See Lon. Lit. Oaz., 1864, 254.

Valton, Rev. John. Life and Labours, by him

self, Lon., 12mo. See bis Life, by Rer. Joseph Sutelifie, N. York, 18mo.

Value, Victor, for many years a teacher of French in Philadelphia. 1. Ollendorff's New Method of Learning French; with Value's System of French Pronunciation, his Grammatical Synopsis, Ac, N. York, 1850, 12mo. 2. French Prosody, (in French,) Phila., 1858.

Van Alstine, X., Lutheran pastor. West Sandlake, N. York, editor of the Lutherau Herald, Fort Plain, N. York. Modern Universalism at War with the Bible, Bait., 1S47, pp. 465.

Van Amnnge, William F. An Investigation of the Theories of the Natural History of Man, by Lawrence, Prichard, and others, Ac, N. York, 1848, 8vo.

Van Arsdale, Henry, M.D. Microscopic Anatomy of the Human Body in Health and Disease, X. York, 1855, 2 vols. 8vo.

Van liuren, Martin, b. at Kinderbook, Columbia co., N. York, Dec. 5, 1782, d. there, July 24, 1S62, wag Vice-President of the United States, 1832-36, President, 1836-40, and held other important public posts. Many of his speeches, Ac. were published. See his Life. Ac, by W. Holland, 183B, 12mo; by D. Crockett, 1S36, 12mo; by M. Dawson, 1840, 18mo; by W. L. Mackenzie, (with Butler and Hoyt,) 1846, 2 vols. Svo; Lives of, in Nat. PorU-Gallery, iii., and in New Amor. Cyc, xvi.; Benton's Thirty Y'ears in the Senate, and his Debates; Parton's Life of A. Jackson, i., xx., xxi., xxii., xxv.; Webster's Works, Index: Life of W. Irving, Index; Poole's Index to Period. Lit., 505. In the month after his death was published, Martin Van Bureu: Lawyer, Statesman, and Man, by William Allen Butler, (p. 316, tvpra,) N.York, 1862, ISmo. An Inquiry into the Origin and Course of Political Parties in the United States, by Martin Van Buren; Edited by his Sons, 1867, 8vo.

Van Buren, W. II., M.D. 1. With Isaacs, C. E., M.D., Bernard and Huette's Illustrated Manual of Operative Surgery and Medical Anatomy, Edited, N. Y'ork, 1855, Svo, some with coloured plates. 2. C. Morel's Compendium of Human Histology, Lon., 1861, r. Svo. 3. Contributions to Practical Surgery, Phila., 1865, 8vo.

Van Ilutchell, 8. J. On the Cure of Fistula, Piles, Ac, 11th ed., Lon., 1849, Svo; new ed., 1859, 18mo.

Van Cott, J. IN. Strictures on the Judiciary System of the Proposed Constitution, N. York, 1846, 8vo.

Van Dam, Rip. Heads of Articles of Complaint against Governor Crosby, Ac, Bost., 1734, fol.

Van Do Graft", J. S. Treatise on the Location of Railway Curvatures, N. Y'ork, 1836, 12mo.

Van Deusen, Increase and Maria. Spiritual Delusions; being a Key to the Mysteries of Mormonism, N. York, 8vo.

Van De Velde, Lieutenant C. W. M. 1. Narrative of a Journey through Syria and Palestine in 185152, Edin. and Lon., 1854, 2 vols. Svo. Commended by Lon. Lit. Gaz. and Lon. D. News. Censured by Lon. Athen., 1854, 935. Sec, also, 1089. 2. Plan of the Town and Environs of Jerusalem, Ac, (plan fol., mounted in 4to,) 3 plans, 4to, Gotha, 1858. 3. Map of the Holy Land, in oloth case, Lon., 1859.

Van Doren, Rev. \V. II. Mercantile Morals: Thoughts for Young Men entering Mercantile Life, N. York, 1852, 16mo.

Van Dyk, Harry Stoe, b. in London, 1798, d. 1S28. 1. Theatrical Portraits, with other Poems, Lon., 12mo. 2. The Gondola; a Poem, 12mo. 3. Songs set to Music. See, also, Bowring, Sir John, No. 3.

Van Dyke, Abraham. Christian Union ; or. Argument for the Abolition of Sects, N. York, 1835, 12mo.

Van Dyke, Rev. H. J., a Presbyterian divine. The Character and Influence of Abolitionism; a Sermon delivered in Brooklyn, Dec. 1860, Svo.

Van Evrie, John II., M.D., b. in the city of New York, 1816, graduated at Geneva, N. York, 1837. Negroes and Negro Slavery : the first an Inferior Race, the latter its Normal Condition, N. York, 12mo, 1861; 2d cd., 1862; 3d cd., 1863. Ridiculed by Prof. Huxley both in his Lecture before the Royal College of Surgeons, Feb. 18, 1864, and in tbe Lon. Reader, 1864, i. 334: see, also, 367. It was warmly commended by several American paperB. Co-editor of the New Y'ork Day-Book.

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Van Homrigh, Esther, or Vanessa, (sec Swift, Joxatiiam, D.D.,) was the author of some verses which Leigh Hunt (Men, Women, and Books, ii.) pronounces -' not very good." Yet the Ode to Spring is not without merit. See Mrs. Hale's Woman's Record, 542; Dyce's Specimens of British Poetesses, Lon., 1827, or. Svo.

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Van Lennep, Rev. H. J., (for many years a missionary in Asia.) Travels in Little-Known Parts of Asia Minor, Lon., 1870, 2 vols. cr. 8vo.

Van Lennep, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Hawes, was b. in Hartford, Conn., 1821; married to Rev. II. J. Van Lennep, 1843; d. at Constantinople, 1844. See Memoirs of, by her Mother, Hartford, 12mo ; new ed., 1861, 12ino.

Van Milderl, William, D.D., b. in London, 1765, and educated at Queen's College, Oxford, became Rector of Bradden, Northamptonshire, 1795; Rector of St, Mary-le-Bow, London, 1796; Vicar of Farmingham, Kent; Preacher of Lincoln's Inn, 1812; Regius Prof, of Divinity at Oxford, 1813: Bishop of Llandaff, 1819; Dean of St. Paul's, 1820; Bishop of Durham, 1826; d. 1836.

1. Historical View of the Rise and Progress of Infidelity ; Boyle Lcct., 1802-5, Lon., 1806, 2 vols. 8vo; 2d ed., 1S07, (some 1808,) 2 vols. Svo, (Appendix also sold separately;) 3d ed., 1820, 2 vols. Svo; 1825, 2 vols. Svo; 4th ed., 1831, 2 vols. 8vo; 5th ed., 1838, (some 1839,) 2 vols. 8vo. Commended by Lon. Mon. Rev., and classed by Bishop Monk among "the ablest theological pieces in our language."

"It* value is chiefly in the literary matter collected in the notes."—A. 8. Fabbae: Crit. Hist, of Free Thought, 1803, Preface. See, also, Leot. I., n., and Leot. VIII., Note 49.

2. Inquiry into the General Principles of Scripture Interpretation; Bampton Loot., 1814, Oxf., 1815, 8vo ; 3d ed., Lon., 1838, Svo. Commended as "an invaluable work." 3. Fifty Serms. before the Hon. Society of Lincoln's Inn, 1812-19, 1831, 2 vols. 8vo ; 2d ed., 1832, 2 vols. 8vo; Oxf., 1834, 2 vols. 8vo; 1838, 8vo. 4. Serms. on several Occasions, and Charges to the Clergy, with a Memoir by Cornelius Ives, 1838, 8vo. See, also, WaterLasd. Daxif.l, D.D. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1836, i.525, (Obituary ;) Baker's Northamptonshire, Part4; Darling's Cyc. Bibl., i. 3042.

"The writings of Bishop Van Mildert may indeed be recommended to students as a text-book of divinity. The perspicuity of his style, the exact propriety of his words, and the sound orthodoxy of his doctrine cannot fail to command the respect and rivet the attentiou of the reader."—Chri*. Rememb.

Van Ness, Captain W. W. The National School for the Soldier; an Elemontary Work on Military Tactics, N. York, 1862, 12mo.

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"oik?of the moot shrewd and sagacious men whom New York ever proiluced."—Da. Hammoxd: Pntitical Hiti. of N. York.

See, also, Randall's Life of Jefferson, ii. 1858, 573, n.; Life of W. Irving, i. 227, iv. 81.

Van Nest, Abraham 11., D.D. Life and Letters of George W. Bethuno, D.D., N. York, Dec. 1867, r. 12mo, and cr. 8vo. Ne'w edition of Dr. Bcthunc's Theology, or Lectures on the Heidelberg Catechism, Dec. 1867. 2 vols. cr. Svo.

Van Norman, Rev. Daniel C, LL.D.,b. at .Wilson, Western Canada, 1815; graduated at the Wesley an

University, 1S33; siDce 1S57, Principal of the Van Norman Institute for Young Ladies in the city of New York. With Pujol, Louis, Complete French Class-Book, N. York, Nov. 1860, 8vo.

"This book is a signal instanee of compression without blameworthy omission."—A. 1*. Peaiiody: N. Amtr. Rev., July, 1801, 294.

Contributor to several periodicals.

Van Oven, Barnard, M.I). On the Decline of Life in Health mid Disease, Lon., 1853, 8vo.

Van Rensselaer, Curtlandt, D.D., a son of Stephen Van Rensselaer, was b. in Albany, 1808; graduated at Yale College. 1827; admitted to the Bar, 1830; ordained in the Presbyterian Church, 1835; pastor of the Presbyterian Church, Burlington, N. Jersey, 1836; Cor. Sec. Board of Education of the Presbyterian Church, 1846 until his death, July 24, 1860. He was the edilor of The Presbyterian Magazine, and of The Home, the School, and the Church, or, The Presbyterian Education Repository, 1850 et «<*«., and author of many sermons, discourses, educational reports, and other pamphlets, Ac. See, also, Wkbstkr, Richard. After his death appeared a selection from his published writings, under the title of Miscellaneous Sermons, Essays, and Addresses, edited by his Son, C. Van Rensselaer, Phila., 1861, Svo.

"They bear the impress of his vigorous intellect, and illustrate his various reading, his manly independence, his genuine patriotism, and his unswerving devotion to the cause and kingdom of the Redeemer."—Hknry A. Jvmrdmax, D.D.

See, also, N. Amer. Rev., July, 1861, 286, (by A. P. Pcabody, D.D.;) Memoirs of S. Grellet, Phila., 1860, ii. 486, n.; Eclcc. Mag. of For. Lit., Dec. 1860, (portrait.)

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Van Santvoord, George, District Attorney of the County of Rensselaer, New York, a member of the N. York Assembly from Columbia CO., 1852, and from Rensselaer Co., 1856, was accidentally killed on the railroad near the East Albany depot, Mar. 7, 1863. 1. The Indiana Justice, Lafayette, 1845, 8vo. 2. Life of Algernon Sidney; with Sketches of some of his Contemporaries, and Extracts from his Correspondence and Political Writings, N. York, 1851, 12mo.

"The whole book is thirty years behind the present state of our knowledge of the man and his times."—Lon. Athen., 185*2, 379.

3. Treatise on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions under the New York Course of Procedure, Albany, 1852, 8vo; 2d ed., 1855, 8vo; Appendix, 1858, 8vo. 4. Sketches of the Lives and Judicial Services of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, N. York, 1854, 8vo; 4th ed., 8vo. Contents: Jay, Ellsworth, Rutledge, Marshall, and Taney. 5. Treatise on the Practice in the Supreme Court of the State of New York in Equity Actions and Special Proceedings, Albany, 1860, 8vo; Appendix, 8vo; vol. ii., 2d ed., 1SB3.

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Dr. Van Schaack (o. v.) was an American Tory of great respectability.

2. Henry Cruger, the Colleague of Edmund Burke in the British Parliament; a Paper read before tho N. York Historical Society, Jan. 4,1859, N. York, 1859, Svo, pp. 67.

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Van Trusedale, Peleg. Life and Adventures of Major Sherman Potter, N. York, 1858, 12mo. Said to be a very amusing Yankee biography.

Van Vechtcn, Jacob, D.D., b. in Catskill, Greene co., N. York, 1788; graduated at Union College, 1809. 1. The Extent of Christ's Atonement, 1821, 8vo. 3. Perm, on Missions, 1822, 8vo. 3. Memoirs of John M. Mason, D.D., S.T.R., with Portions of his Correspondence, N. York, 1856, 8vo, pp. vii., 159.

Van Voorhies, W. Oration, Society of California Pioneers, San Francisco, 1853, 8vo.

Van Vost, H. C. Oration on Death of H. White, Albany, 1S45, 8ro.

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Vanarsdalen, C. C. 1. Peace Serm., N. Haven, 1834, 8vo. 2. Oration, Alumni of Rutgers College, 1837: fee Atner. Mon. Mag., xii.

Yanbrugh, George, Rector of Kughton, Lancashire, of the same family as the succeeding. 1. Discourse on the Lord's Supper, Lon., 1794, 8vo. 2. Scrm., 1794, 8vo. 3. Thoughts on the Sabbath, Ac., 2d ed., 1801, 8vo. 4. Serms., Liverp., 1804, 8vo.

Vanbrugh, Sir John, a descendant of a Flemish family, was b., according to the memoir prefixed to the collection of his plays, 1759, 2 vols. 12mo, in the parish of St. Stephen's, Wallbrook, London, 1666; entered the army as an ensign at the age of nineteen, and rose to the rank of captain; was for some time imprisoned in the Bun 11, by the nomination of the excellent John Evelyn, was made. Secretary to the Commissioners for completing Greenwich Hospital, 1695; Clarencieux Kingat-Arme. 1705-25; knighted, 1714; Comptroller of the Royal Works, Jan. 6, 1714-15; Surveyor of the Works at Greenwich Hospital, Aug. 17,1716; d. Mar. 26, 1726. Vanbrugh acquired distinction as a dramatic author and as an architect. The plays—all comedies, save The Country House, which is a farce—which appeared under his name are the following: 1. The Relapse; or, Virtue in Danger, 1697, 4to. Altered by Sheridan, 1777, to A Trip to Scarborough, 1781, 8vo. 2. The Provok'd Wife, 1697, 4to. 3. JEtnp, in two Parts, 1697, 4to. Plot from the French. 4. The Pilgrim, 1700, 4to. From Fletcher. B. The False Friend, 1702, 4to. 6. The Confederacy, 1705. Plot from the French of Dancour. 7. The Conceit, 1706. Not printed. Adapted from Molicre. 8. Squire Treeloby, 1706. Pub. 1734, 8vo. Adapted from Molicre. 9. The Mistake, 1706, 4to. Adapted from Moliere. 10. The Country House, (1715,) 12mo. 11. A Journey to London: left unfinished: completed by Cibber, (who assures us that he did not alter a word of the original,) and published as The Provoked Husband, 1728, 8vo. Collective editions of his Plays, (to those of 1759 and 1776 an Account of his Life and Writings was prefixed,) each in 2 vols. 12mo, were published in 1730, 1735, 1759, and 1776. See, also, Coxgreve, WilLiam; Farqcbar, George: this volume was first published in 1840, r. 8vo. To Vanbrugh's Short Vindication of The Relapse and The Provoked Wife from Immorality and Profaneness, by the Author, 1698, 8vo, and the response to it, we have already alluded, (collier, Jerrmy, p. 409.) That neither the "Author" nor any other champion could successfully "vindicate" the indecency of these pieces will be readily granted. In his JEsop, and A Journey to London, he seems disposed to make some atonement for his offences against morality and common propriety.

11 Sir John Yanbrugh lias fpfrit, wit, and cane; but he is to the last degree gross and indelicate, lie is one of the most im

moral of all our comedians. His 'Provoked Wife' id All] of such indecent sentiments and Allusions as ought to explode it out of all reputable society. Hi- Relapse' in equally censurable ; and these are hifl only two considerable pieces."—Da. Blaik: Lecti. on Rliet. and Belles-Lrttrei, Led. XLVII.

"Vanbrngh, who wrote with more nature and fire, though with more faultier art and precision, [than Cougreve.]"—SmolLett: Hilt, af England: Gtorge I., Notei.

"Vanbrngli nnd Farqnhar, inferior to Congreve in real wit, and falling into tlie next jieriod, were perhaps his equals in the composition of acting plays."—Mk Walter Scott: >•«."/ on the Drama, in Kncyc. Brit., and in hit Prone. Workl.

"Vanbrugh conies next, and holds his own Hilly with the best, lie in no writer at nil, an to mere authorship; hot lie makes up for it by a prodigious fund of comic invention and ludicrous description, bordering on caricature. Though he did not borrow from him, he win* much more like Molierc in genius than Wycherley watt, who professedly imitated him. He has none of Congreve's graceful refinement, and as little of Wycherley's serious manner and studied inflight into the springs of character; lint hie exhibition of it in dramatic contract and unlooked-lor situations, where the dim-rent partiett play upon one another's failings and into one another's hand*, keeping up the jeet like a game at battledore and tihnttlecock, and urging It on to the utmost verge of breathleHM extravagance, in the mere eagerness of the fray, is beyond that of any other of our writers."—HazLitt: Lefts, on the Ena. <\tmic Writert, Lect. IV.: On Wycfierley, Otmffreve, Vanbruatt, and Farrjuhar.

"In humorous conception our admirable play The Provoked Huslwnd, the best parts of which are due to Vanbrugh, Reeins to equal any thing he [Moliere] has left. . . . The Relapse and The Provoked Wife of Vanbrngh have attained a considerable reputation. In the former, the character of Amanda is interesting; especially in the momentary wavering and quick recovery of her virtue. This is the first homage that the theatre had paid, since the ReNtoratlon, to female chastity; and, notwithstanding the vicious tone of the other characters, in which Vanbrugh has gone as great lengths as any of his contemporaries, we perceive the beginnings of a reaction in public spirit which gradually reformed and elevated the moral standard of the stage. The Provoked Wife, though it cannot be Raid to give any proofs of this sort of improvement, has some merit aa a comedy; it is witty and animated, as Vanbrngh usually was; the character of Sir John Brute may not have been too great a caricature of real manners such Aft survived from the debased reign of Charles; and the endeavour to expose the grossnews of the older generation was itself an evidence that a better politdi had been given to social life."—Hallam: Lit. Hitt. of Eurti)*, 4th ed., 1854, iii. 614, 528.

"Vanbrugh almost as great a genius as ever lived. Sir John Brute—'And this woman will get a husband!' Confederacy, from the French; with so much the air of an original! Who would have thought it?"—Charles James Fox: Kecollec, by S. Rogert, 1859, 32.

"How Van wants grace, who never wanted wit."—Popf..

As an architect Sir John is best and most favourably known by the lofty piles of Blenheim and Castle Howard. His edifices did not escape the witticisms of the satiristi of the day, and the poetical shafts of Dean Swift and Dr. Abel Evans (p. 564, tupra} formed a permanent lodgment, from which they will never be displaced, in hii castle-walls. But the "goose-pie" and the "mousetrap" similitudes of the former were far less happy than Evans's famous epitaph:

"Lie heavy on him, Earth, for he
Laid many a heavy load on thee!"

But in some of these "heavy loads" great merits have been recognized:

"To speak of Vanbrugh in the language of a painter, he had originality of invention; he understood light and shadow, and had great skill in composition. . . . Vanbrngh's fate was that of the greet Perrault. Both were the objects of the petulant sarcasms of factious men of letters, and both have left sume of the fairest mouumentfl which, to this day, decorate their several countries,—the facade of the Louvre, Blenheim, and Castle Howard."—Sir Joshua Reynolds: Wnrks.

"The heaviness and enormity of Blenheim Castle have been greatly criticised; perhaps too severely. We may be too much bigoted to Greek and Roman architecture. . . . What made Vanhnigh ridiculous was his applying to email houses a style of architecture which could not possibly succeed but in a largo one. In a small house, where the grandeur of a whole cannot l*e attempted, the eye is at leisure to contemplate partfl, and meets with frequent occasion of diKgnst."—William Gilpin: Obterratians on the. Mountain! and label of Cumberland and Westmoreland.

"Vanbrugh's faults were generally those of Michael Angelo. He was a painter's architect, and did not understand beauty of proportion and detail so well a* the pictorial arrangement of lights and shadows; to produce which, in the dntptecmto. it is almost necemtary to part with all the higher beauties of architecture."— Prop.' William Ho?Rl>o, of King's College, linden': Encyc. Jlrit., 8th ed.. iii. 185.1, 456, art. jtrrhiltrture.

Sec, also, respecting Vanbrugh, Gibber's Lives; Biog. Dramat.; Noble's College of Arms: Swift's Works; VU trnvius Britannicus: A. Cunningham's Lives of the Painters; Neele's Lects. on Eng. Poet., Lect. IV.; Encyc. Brit., 8thed., xxi., 1860, 515, (by Arthur Ashpitel, F.S.A., Ac.;) Blaokw. Mag., vi. 662, ix. 282, x. 129, 297, xx. 34; Lon. Gent. Mag., Ixvii. 74; Lon. Athen., 1861, i. 83. It is but fair to add that both Swift and Pope expressed

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