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2. The Comedies of Plnutus; translated into Familiar Blank Verse, 1767, 2 vols. 8vo; revised, 1769, 2 vols. 8vo. The Merchant was translated by George Colman the Elder; the Captives, by Richard Warner. Warner translated the plays of Plautus not in these vols., and pub. them in 3 vols. 8vo, 1774. The whole are known as Thornton's translation, 1779-84, 5 vols. 8vo. Thornton's translations are considered the best in the volumes. The notes, from the best commentators, add to the value of this edition. 3. The Battle of the Wigs ; an additional Canto to Dr. Garth's Poem of The Dispensary, 1768, 4to. This was followed by his City Latin, in ridicule of tho inscription on Blackfriars Bridge, lie contributed to The Student, (pub. at Oxford, Jan. 31, 1750-July 3, 1751: authors, T. Warton, C. Smart, G. Colman, Dr. S. Johnson, and B. Thornton ;) Have At Ye All; or, The Drury Lane Journal, (1752;) The Public Advertiser; St. James's Chronicle, (of which hewas an early proprietor:) The Connoisseur, (established by Colman and himself: pub. at London, Jan. 31, 1754-Scpt. 30,1756, 140 Nos.;) and is said to have written tho papers in The Adventurer signed A.

"In his writings and conversation he had a wonderful liveliness, with a vein of pleasantry peculiarly his own."—Da. Joseph Warto.v.

See Chalmers's Biog. Diet.; some editions of the Brit. Essayists, Pref. to The Connoisseur.

Thornton, Cyril. Conyers Lea; or, Sketches of Character, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo; 1864, p. 8vo.

"A light, gossiping bonk."—Lon. Athrn., 18(*1, i. 119.

See, also, Lon. Lit. Budget, May 1, 18f>2, 296.

Thornton, Edward, of the India House. 1. India, its State and Prospects, Lon., 1835, 8vo.

"So favourably knowu to the Eastern world by his work on India and its State and Prospects."—Rlackto. Mag., xlvii. 248.

2. Chapters of the Modern History of British India, Dec. 1839, 8vo.

"Distinguished by judgment, candour, and research."— BUuAii'. Mag., xlvii. '248.

3. History of the British Empire in India, 1841-45, 6 vols. 8vo, £4 16«.; 2d ed., 1858, 8vo, 16..; 3d ed., 1862, Svo, 12..

** A sound, an impartial, and a searching composition."—Colomat Mag.

"On no occasion does he shrink from the duty of telling the ■ndisguised truth."—Lon. Times, Sept. 8, 1842.

But see Lon. Athen., 1844, 806, and 1846, 1016, conelusion.

"A work of standard anthorlty."—Lon. Lit. Oat., 1852, 512.

See, also, Mill, James, No. 5; Trotter, Lionel James: The Comprehensive History of India, from the Earliest Period to the Suppression of the Sepoy Revolt, by Henry Bcvoridge, Esq., 1860-62, 3 vols. r. Svo; The History of India as Told by its Own Historians, by the Late Sir H. M. Elliot, edited by E. B. Cowcll; and Memoirs of the History, Philology, and Ethnic Distribution of the Races of the North-Western Provinces of India, being an amplified edition of the Glossary of Indian Terms by the Late Sir II. M. Elliot, arranged from manuscript materials collected by him, by Dr. Reinhold Rust.

4. Gazetteer of the Countries adjacent to India on the North-West, 1844, 2 vols. 8vo; 1857, 8vo.

**Tbe work is invaluable."—U. Sr.rvice Gaz.

5. Gazetteer of India, 1854, 4 vols. 8vo, £4; Corrected to the Latest Period by the Author, 1857, 8vo, £1 1». Soe, also, Mii.bius, William. To the Enoyc. Brit., 8th ed., (1853-60,) Mr. Thornton contributed the articles Bombay, Bengal, Ganges, Nepaul; and, in conjunction with David Buchanan, Afghanistan and liurinnh; and he revised the article Hindustan.

Thornton, Mrs. Eliza. 1. Lady Alice; a Ballad Romance, Lon., 1842, p. Svo. 2. The Marchioness; a Tale, 1842. 2 vols. p. 8vo.

'* This old.fnehioned novel of incident surprised us into an amount of interest we have not recently felt."—Lon. Athen., 1S42, 5«1.

3. Truth and Falsehood; a Romance, 1847, 3 vols. p. 8to.

■*The plot, eliciting a series or succession of plots, Is vivid and interesting, and ninny of the scenes painted with considerable force.•— Lon. Lit. Ga'z., 1817. 143.

Thornton, Mrs. Eliza It., wife of James B. Thornton, of Scarborough, Maine, and daughter of Daniel Gookin, of Northampton, N.H., d. 1S54, in her 60th year. Her contributions during many years to the Southern Literary Messenger, the Christian Mirror, Ac. are in preparation for the press under the editorial care of her sons,—of whom John Wingate Thornton (infra) is one.

"A lady distinguished alike for the graces of litorature, a rich poetical funcy, kindly affections, and Scriptural piety."— I^irtUind Christian Mirror.

Thornton, F. V. Education of the Middle Classes in England, Lon., 1862, 8vo.

Thornton, George A. Inaugural Dissertation on the Progressive State of Medical Science, 4c, Phila., 1807, 8vo.

Thornton, Henry, the second son of John Thornton, (see Cowper's Works and Letters,) and, like his father, an eminent merchant and nn excellent man, was for more than thirty years a Member of Parliament. 1. Inquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Paper Credit of Great Britain, Lon., 1S02, Svo, pp. 320; Phila., 1807, 8vo. It is said that this work, a few years after its publication, was suppressed by the author. It was favourably reviewed by Francis Horner in Edin. Rev., Oct. 1802, 172-201; and Dr. George Miller (see his Lccts. on the Philos. of Mod. Hist.) remarks that its publication forms an epoch in tho history of the science to which it belongs. 2. Serious Reflections on Paper Money in General, 4c, Lon., 1802, Svo. See, also, Horner, FranCis, M.P., (Bullion Report of 1810.) After his death appeared: 3. Family Prayers for a Month, and Prayers on the Ten Commandments, 1834, I2mo; 24th ed., 1849, 12mo; 30th ed., 12mo. See No. 4. 4. Family Commentary on the Sermon on the Mount; in Lectures, 1835, 12mo; 2d ed., 1843,12mo; 3d ed., 1852, fp. Svo. Nos. 3 and 4, ed. by Rev. Manton Eastburn, D.D., N. York, 1836 or '37, 12mo; 20th ed., (about the 33d 1000,) 1862, 12mo. Seo Upfold, George, D.D.

"It is simple, grave, weighty, and reverential, nnd forms a clear, though a faint and subdued, echo of the voice In which the Deity lias revealed his sovereign will to num."—Sir James Stephen: ubi infra.

5. Family Commentary on Portions of tho Pentateuch; Lectures, with Prayers, Lon., 1837, 8vo; 2d ed., 1843, 8vo. 6. On tho Ten Commandments; Lectures, with Prayers, 184.1, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 12mo. 7. Female Characters; Leotures, with Prayers, 3d ed., 1816, fp. 8vo. An admirable portrait of Mr. Thornton will bo found in Edin. Rev. for July, 1844, 252-57: The Clapham Sect, by Sir James Stephen, and rcpub. in his Essays. Sec, also, Lord Brougham's States, of the Time of George III., (Mr. Wilborforcc;) Life and Corresp. of William Allen.

Thornton, Henry John. Fitz-Henry; or, A Few Weeks in Paris, Lon., 1846, 8vo.

"Sad namby-pamby."—Lon. Athen., 1846, 709.

Thornton, J. See Thornton, Rev. Johs.

Thornton, Judge J. Qtiinn. Oregon and California in 1848: The Gold-Mines of California, 4c, N. York, 1849, 2 vols. 12mo.

Thornton, James II. Digest of the Conveyancing, Testamentary, and Registry Laws of all tho States of the Union, 4c, Phila., 1847, 12mo; 2d ed., by John N. Thornton, Bost., 1854, Svo. Commended.

Thornton, Jessie. Gold Filings; compiled for the Presbyterian Board of Publication, Phila., ISmo.

Thornton, Rev. John. 1. Advantages of Early Piety, Lon., 1811, 12mo; 1825, ISmo. 2. Advice to Cottagers, ISmo. 3. Anecdotes, 1821, 2 vols. 12mo. 4. Bereaved Parents Consoled, 1S39, 32mo. 5. Christian's Consolation, 12mo. 6. Companion for the Sick Chamber, 1850, ISmo. 7. Counsels nnd Cautions for Youth, Bost., 18ino. 8. Fruits of the Spirit, Lon., 1813, 12mo; 1818, 18mo; 1838, 18mo.

"A practical and edifying work."—Dickerstrth'g C. S., 453.

"Very striking."—William Allen: Life and CorrrsjK

9. Fulness, 4c. of Spiritual Blessings, 18mo. 10. Journey to Salem, ISmo. 11. Maxims, 4c. for Youth, 1811, 18mo. 12. Piety Exemplified, 12mo. 13. Prac. Expos, of Twenty-third Psalm, 18mo. 14. Prodigal, 1833, 18mo. 15. Pure Religion Recommended, 12mo. 16. Repentance, 18mo; Bait., 1834, ISmo. 17. Serious Warnings, Lon.. 12mo. 18. Sermons, 1815, 8vo; 1819, 2 vols. 12mo. 19. Treatise on Prayer, 1844, 12mo. 20. Village Conversations, ISmo. See Memoirs of Rev. John Thornton, by J. Thornton, 1843, fp. 8vo.

Thornton, Major John. Diary of a Tour through the Northern States of the Union and Canada, Lon., 1850, 12mo.

"A worse and a dnller book it Is not often our misfortune to fall in with."— Lon. Athrn., 1851, 20.

Thornton, John N. See Thornton, James B.

Thornton, Johu Wingate, Counsellor-at-Law, Boston, Massachusetts, a descendant in tho 7th generation from the Rev. Thomas Thornton, of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, (d. 1700, aged 92,) who was a descendant In the 7th generation from John Thornton, Lord Mayor of York, England, was b. at Saco, Maine, August 12, 1818. 1. Genealogical Memoir of the Gilbert Family in both Old and New England, Boat., 1850, 8vo, pp. 23. Privately printed: 60 copies. 2. Lives of Isaac Heath and John Bowles, Ac, and of Rev. John Eliot, Jr., «. a., ted Roxbury, MDCCCL., 12mo, pp. 216. Privately printed: 50 copies. 3. Mementos of the Swctt Fumily: in Mcmoriam, Roxbury, Dec. 1S51, 8vo, pp. 20. Privately printed: 100 copies.

"The Hiithor is one of the best-informed antiquaries of New En J.iin], aii'i it in to be hoped that he will soon permit the public to see the History of Massachusetts, on which be has so long been employed. As a genealogist his name will be found in several places on our list, (pp. 73, 74, 81, 180, 181, 234;] he was one of the founders of the N.E. (Jen. Society, anil an early contributor to the Uetfister."—William II. Whitmork : Hand-livok of Amer. Genealogy, Albany, 1802, 4to, 81.

8ee, also, Hist, Mag., N. York, 1802, 43, 328.

4. The Landing at Cape Anne; or, Tho Charter of the First Pertuauent Colony on the Territory of the Massachusetts Company; now Discovered and first Published from the Original Manuscript; with an Inquiry into its Authority, and a History of tho Colony, 1624-1628: Roger Conant, Governor, Bost., 1854, (some 1855,) 8vo, pp. xii., 84.

"The history ... Is given with great learning and ingenuity." —Edward Everett: Orationl and Si*eches, iii. 308, n.

See, also, N. Atner. Rev., lxxx. 260, (by A. P. Peabody, D.D.,) and Lon. Athcn., 1855, 549. It was highly commended by the venerable Josiah Quincy.

5. Ancient Pemaquid: an Historical Review: Prepared at the Request of the Maine Historical Society for its Collections, [vide vol. v., 1857,] Portland, 1857, 8vo, pp. 168. Privately printed.

"Mr. Thornton has showu all his wonted acuteness and Industry in this work."—JV. Amer. Her., Ixxxvi. 295, (a. r.)

"A very interesting uarrative."—Hist. Mag., 1857, 320.

C. Tho First Records of Anglo-American Colonisation: their History, Bost., 1859, 8vo, pp. 12. Privately printed : 250 copies. See Hist. Mag., 1858, 33; 1859, 226, and 1860, 81. 7. The Pulpit of tho American Revolution; or, The Political Sermons of the Period of 1776; with a Historical Introduction, Notes, and Illustrations,

1860, 12mo, pp. xxxviii., 537. Commended by N. Englander, Jan. 1861, (L. Bacon, D.D.;) Chris. Exam., Jan. 1861; Bibl. Sacra, April, 1861, (Prof. Parks;) N. Amcr. Rev., April, 1861, (A. P. Peabody, D.D.,) Atlantic Monthly, May, 1801, (E. P. Whipple:) Lit. Chron. and Advert., Dec. 1861, (Rev. Henry Giles;) Bost. Eve. Transcript, Nov. 2, 1867, (C. W. Upham :) commended, with qualification, by Hist. Mag., Sept. 1861; censured, without qualification, by Amer. Church. Quarterly, April,

1861, (T. W. Coit, D.D.) 8. Colonial Schemes of Popham and Gorges: Speech at the Fort Popham Celebration, August 29, 1862, under tho Auspices of the Maine Historical Society, 1863, r. 8vo, pp. 20.

"Admirable. It leaves nothing to bo added,—is perfectly exhaustive."—George Bancroft.

"1 was astonished at the accumulation of authorities . . . with such wonderful diligence collected."—Emory Wasuburne.

See, also, N. Amcr. Rev., July, 1863, 288, (by A. P. Peabody.) Contributions to tho Historical Magazine and other periodicals. See, also. Oliver, Peter, (alias William Pynehon Oliver;) Hist. Mag., 1858, 286.

Thornton, I.. JM. Poems for the Domestic Hearth, Lon., 1854, 32mo.

Thornton, Matthew, M.D., Judge of the Superior Court of New Hampshire, b. in Ireland about 1714, d. at Newburyport, Mass., 1803, contributed political essays to the papers, and left in MS., Paradise Lost, on the Origin of the Evil called Sin Examined, Ac.: never published. See Thacher's Amer. Med. Biog., ii. 123.

Thornton, lYeyland. Story about Rifles and Riflemen, Lon., 1860, 12tno. Treats of Andrew Hofcr and his companions. See Lon. Athcn., 1860, i. 755.

Thornton, Richard. Two Serms., Gen. xi. 23, Lon., 1035, 4to.

Thornton, Robert. Morte Arthure: Edited from Robert Thornton's MS. (ab. 1440 A.d.) preserved in Lincoln Cathedral Library, by George G. Perry, M.A., Ac, Lon., 1865, 1 vol., (Eng. Text Sue)

Thornton, Robert, C. and P. Engineer. Treatise on Land-Surveying and Levelling, I*on., 1863, 12mo.

Thornton, Robert John, M.D., the younger son of Bonncll Thornton, (nuprtt,) was b. about 1758, and educated at Cambridge; became Physician to tho Marylebone Dispensary and Lecturer on Botany at Guy's Hospital. Jan. 21, 1837.

1. Medical Extracts, Lon., 1796, 4 vols. Svc , Si ed., 1798,4 vols. 8vo; 4th ed., Philosophy of Medicine, 17991800, 5 vols. 8vo; 5th ed., 1807, 5 vols. 8vo; 1813, 2 vols. 8vo. In support of the Brunonian system. 2. New Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnaeus, with 314 col'd plates, atlas fol., in Nos., 1799-1807, £42. New titlepage, Temple of Flora, Ac. This work ruined him; nor did his Botanical Lottery in 1811 (prizes £77,000) retrieve his fortunes. 3. Politician's Creed, 1799, 3 vols. 8vo. 4. Philosophy of Botany, 1799, fol.; 1809-10, 3 vols. imp. fol. 5. Facts Decisive in Favour of the CowPock, 1802, 8vo; 4th ed., 1803, 8vo. 6. Plates of the Heart, 1804, 4to. 7. History of Medical Plants, 8vo. 8. Vaccina Vindicia, 1806, 8vo. See Rowlet, William, M.D. 8. Practical Botany, 8vo: vol. i., 1807; 1808; 1809. 10. Outlines of Botany, 1810, 8vo. 11. New Family Herbal, 1810, r. 8vo; 2d ed., 1814, r. 8vo. 12. Grammar of Botany, 1811, 12mo; N. York, 1818, 12mo. There is A Companion to Dr. Thornton's Lectures on Botany, Lon., «. «., 12mo; N. York, 1816, 8vo. 13. British Flora, Lon., 1812, 5 vols. r. 8vo. 14. Elements of Botany, 1S12, 2 vols. r. 8vo. 15. School Virgil, 1812,12mo; 1813,12mo; 1814, I L'ui.i. 16. Illustrations to the School Virgil, 1812, 1814. 17. Popular Treatise on the Venereal Disease, 1816,12mo. 18. .Medical Guardian of Youth, 12mo. 19. Easy Introduction to the Science of Botany, 1823,12mo. He contributed to the Philosophical and Monthly Magazines, Ac, and edited, with a Life, William Curtis's Lectures on Botany, 2d ed., 1804, 3 vols. 8vo; and, with a Life, a new ed. of James Lee's Introduction to Botany, 1810, 8vo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1837, ii. 94, (Obituary.)

Thornton, Spencer, Vicar of Wendover. See Memoir of, by the Rev. W. R. Frecmantlc, Lon., 1850,12mo.

Thornton, Rev. T., Curate of Golborne, Lancashire, and Fellow of the University of Durhnm. The Life of Moses, in a Course of Village Lectures; with a Preface Critical of Bishop Colenso's Work on tho Pentatouch, Lon., 1863, fp. 8vo. Not commended by Lon. Reader, 1863, ii. 224.

Thornton, Rev. T. C. Inquiry into the History of Slavery in the United States, Washington, 1841, 12mo. Reviewed in South. Lit. Mess., viii. 234.

Thornton, Rev. Thomas. True and Authentio History of his Excellency George Washington, Ac, Pbila., 1790.

Thornton, Thomas, of Thornville Royal, Yorkshire, Lieutenant-Colonel of tho West York Militia, and long a famous Nimrod, d. 1823. 1. Sporting Tour through the Northern Parts of England and great Part of the Highlands of Scotland, Ac, with 16 plates, Lon., 1804, 1805, 4to. Reviewed in Edin. Rev., v. 398, (by Sir Walter Scott,) and Lon. Mon. Rev., liii. 12. 2. Sporting Tour through Various Parts of France in the Year 1802, with 80 plates, 1806, 2 vols. Ho; 1. p., r. 4to.

"Certainly calculated to afford amusement in its descriptions and its graphic representations."—L*m. Month. Her., liii. 28.

3. Vindication of Colonel Thornton's Conduct in his Transactions with Mr. Burton, 1806, 8vo.

Thornton, Thomas, for 16 years a resident of Constantinople. Present Stato of Turkey, Lon., 1807, 4to; 2d ed., 1809, (some 1810,) 2 vols. 8vo.

"On the whole, the best general account of the Turkish empire hitherto published."—Edfn. iter., x. 250.

Also reviewed in Lon. Mon. Rev., liv. 225.

Thornton, Thomas, was connected with The London Times from 1825 until his death, Mar. 25,1866, aged 79. For about twenty years he had prepared for The Times the summaries of the debates in the House of Commons, "which, for condensation, accuracy, and comprehensive grasp, oould rarely be equalled." He was well acquainted with Indian affairs, and edited the papers of one of tho most eminent statesmen connected with the East India Company. He was also a contributor to The Edinburgh Review.

1. Complete Works of Thomas Otway, with Notes and a Life, 1813: sec Otwav, Thomas. 2. Compendium of the Laws recently passed for regulating the Trade with the East Indies, 1814, 8vo. 3. Notes of Cases in the Ecclesiastical and Maritime Courts, East. Term, 1841East. Term, 1850, Lon., 1S43-50, 7 vols. 8vo. 4. East India Calculator, Lon., 8vo. 5. History of China to 1842, 2 vols. 8vo: vol. i., 1844; all pub. See Lon. Athen., 1844, 807. 6. History of the Punjab and of the Sikhs, 1840, 3 vols. p. 8vo.

"The best anil most authentic work extant on the important country of which it treats."—Britannia, May 23,1846.

Add to this. Travels in the Punjab, Ac, by Lai, (Sec'y to Sir A. Burnes,) 1846, 8vo.

Thornton, W. Householder's Manual of Family Prayers. Lon., 1853, p. 8vo.

Thornton, William, Principal of Hart Hall, Oxford. Vindication of the Twenty-Third Article of the Church of England from a Lata Exposition ascribed to my Lord Bishop of Snrum, Lon., 1702, 4to. Anon. Also in W. li. Flower's Church and the Ministry, 47.

Thornton, William, M.D. Cadmus; or, A Treatise on the Elements of Written Language, Phila., 1793, 8vo. From Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc, iii. 262. Curious. Honoured hv the Magellanic Gold Medal by the Philos. Sue, Dec. 1792.

Thornton, William. 1. Treatise on the Teeth and Gums, Lon., 8vo. 2. Do. Physiology and Diseases of the Ear. 1837. 8vo.

Thornton, William Thomas, b. 1813, in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, has been since 1836 in the office of the East India Company. 1. Over-Population and its Remedy, Lon., 1846, Svo.

"A useful addition to the means of information regarding the philosophy of Burial lift."—Edin. Rtv., Ixxxv. 178.

See, ahyj. Lon. Athen., 1846, 263; N. Amer. Rev., Ixv. 461, (by Francis Bowcn.)

2. Plea for Peasant Proprietors, 1848, p. 8vo.

"Mr. Thornton evinces considerable ability."—Ltm. Atlas.

3. On Labour: Its Rightful Dues and Wrongful Claims, Actual Present and Possible Future, 1868, 8vo.

Other publications on subjects of political economy. He has also published: 4. Zohrab, or a Midsummer's Day Dream, and other Poems, 1854, fp. 8vo. See Lon. Athen., 1854. 274; N. Amer. Rev., Ixxviii. 538. 5. The Siege of Silistria: a Poem. See Lon. Athen., 1854, 1041.

Thornwell, Emily. I. Young Lady's Own Book, N. York, 1855, 12mo: Phila., 1864. 12mo. 2. Lady's Guide to Perfect Gentility, N. York, 1856,12moj Phila., 1865. 12mo. 3. American Cottage Cook-Book, 12mo. 4. Rainbow around the Tomb, new ed., Phila., 1864, 12mo.

Thornwell, James Henry, D.D., b. in Marlborough District, South Carolina, 1811, graduated with the highest distinction in his class at South Carolina College, and subsequently studied at Harvard University and in Europe; after some attention to the law, devoted himself to theology, was ordained in the Presbyterian Church, and commenced preaching as minister of the Waxhaw church ; was at different times, with intervals of pastoral labour, (in the Presbyterian Church at Columbia, and in the Glebe Street Church at Charleston,) Professor of Logic and Bclles-Lettrcs, Sacred Literature, and the Evidences of Christianitv, Chaplain, and President (Dec. 1852-1856) of the South Carolina College: from 1856 until his death, at Charlotte, N.C., August 1, 1861, Professor of Theology in the (Old-School Presbyterian) Theological Seminary, Columbia, and also pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of that place.

1. The Arguments of Romanists from the Infallibility of the Church and Testimony of the Fathers on Behalf of the Apocrypha, Discussed and Refuted, Ac, N. York, 1845. pp. 417. This is an answer to a series of letters (elicited by an essay of Dr. Thornwell's in The Spirit of the Nineteenth Century) by the Rev. Dr. (afterwards Bishop) Lynch, on the inspiration of the Apocrypha.

"As a refutation, this work of Mr. Thornwell's is complete."— BOA. Rrp. and J'rina. Rev., April, 1845, 268.

2. Discourses [7] on Truth; delivered in the Chapel of the South Carolina College, 1855, 12mo, pp. 328; 1869, Svo. Highly commended. He published single Bermons, tracts, essays, Ac, and papers in the Southern Presbyterian Review, (see Duyckinck's Cyo. of Amer. Lit., 1S56, ii. 334.)

Among his last publications are an article on The State of the Country in the S. Presby. Rev., (repub. N. York, 1S61, Svo,) and a vindication of the New Southern Old-Scbool Presbyterian Church, 1861. A eulogistic notice of Dr. Thornwell will'be found in La Borde's History of South Carolina College, 1859. See, also, Presbyterian Mag., vol. vii., (portrait.)

Thornycroft, Major Edward. Doctrine of Combinations and Alterations Improved, Ac, Phil. Trans., 1705.

Thorold, Mrs. Letters from Brussels, in 1835, Lon., p. Svo.

Thorold, Itev. Anthony W. 1. On Being III, Lon., Im.j, fp. 8vo. 2. The Presence of Christ, 1869, er. Svo.

Thorold, Rev. J. Treatise on the Seventy Years' Captivity of the Jews foretold by Jeremiah, 1809, Svo.

Thorold, Sir John, d. 1775. 1. View of Popery, Lon., 1766, Svo. 2. Scripture Interpreted by Scripture, 1771, Svo. 3. Extracts of Letters relating to Methodists and Moravians, Ac, 2d ed., 1772, 8vo. 4. Scripture Knowledge, 1775, Svo. 5. Thoughts on the Trinity, 1804, Svo. See Nichols's Lit. Anec, vii. (Index) 691.

Thoroton, Kobert, M.D. The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, Lon., 1677, fol., some 1. p. A copy on thick paper, wanting the leaf of impritnatitr and the slip of arms, was sold at the sale of Archbishop Tenison's librarv, June, 1861, for £36 10«. Stanilish, 1863, No. S30, slightly imperfect, £5 15«.; W. B. D. D. Turnbnll,

1863, No. 1527. slightly imperfect, £9 9«.; J. B. Nichols,

1864, £13. New ed., with largo Additions by John Throsby, {infra,) 1790, 3 vols. 4to, some I. p. It was written at the instance of Sir William Dugdale. Add to this, History and Antiquities of Nottingham, No. 1, 1781, fol., some 1. p. See Nichols's Lit. Anec, vii. (Index) 420, 691; Nichols's Illust. of Lit., v. 400.

Tliorowgoofl, Dr. Notes on Asthma, Lou., 1370, 12mo.

Thorowgood, Thomas, S.T.B. Norfolcicnsi, one of the Assembly of Divines. 1. Sorro., Phil. iv. 5, Lon., 1645, 4to. 2. Iewes in America; or, Probabilities that the Americans arc of that Race, Ac, Lon., 1650, 4to; 2d part, 1660, 4to. Very curious and rare.

Thorp, Ann. 1. With God all Things are Possible, Edin., 1850, 18mo. 2. Aunt Kate's Story, 1853, 18mo.

Thorp, Charles, D.D., Rector of Ryton, 1807; Archdeacon of Durham, 1831; d. Oct. 10, 1861. Serin., Matt. vi. 25, Newc, 1818, 8vo.

Thorp, Miss Eliza. 1. Broken Wreath, Ac, Birm., Doc. 1852, fp. 8vo; 1857, 12ino. 2. A Fortune with a Wife, and a Fortune in a Wife, 1857, 12mo.

Thorp, George. 1. Scrm., Matt. vii. 12. Lon., 1677, 4to. 2. Examination of Bcllarmin's 5th Note of the Church, viz.: the Succession of Bishops, 1688, 4to. Anon. Repub. in Gibson's Preservative, iii. 278.

Thorp, J. Letter to the Lords of Trade on the Cotton and Silk Manufactures, 1807, Svo.

Thorp, Mary. The Rector's Grandchildren, Birm., 1857, ISmo.

Thorp, Robert. See Newton, Sir Isaac, (p. 1413.)

Thorp, Thomas, Archdeacon of Bristol. 1. Charge, Lon., 1837, Svo. 2. Four Scrms., 1838, Svo. 3. Two Charges, Cainb., 1840, Svo. 4. Scrm., 1840, 8vo. 5. Statement, Restoration of Round Church, 1845, Svo.

Thorp, W. Three Serins., Lon., 1818, 8vo.

Thorp, W. Martyrs of Conscience; a Bicentenary Ode, Lon., 1862.

Thorp, William. 1. Serm., 1804, 8vo. 2. Speech, 1812, 8vo.

Thorpe, Serjeant and Judge. Charge to the Grand Jury at York, 1648, 1648, 4to. Repub. in Harl. Miscell., ii. 1.

Thorpe, Benjamin, an eminent*Anglo-Saxon scholar, member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Munich, and of the Society of Netherlandish Literature at Leyden, was b. about 1808.

1. Rask's Grammar of the Anglo-Saxon Tongue, with a Praxis, new ed., Enlarged and Improved by the Author, ed. by B. Thorpe, Copenhagen, 1830, Svo; some fine paper; 2d ed., 1^05, p. Svo. Often referred to in Thorpe's Analccta Anglo-Saxonica. See N. Amer. Rev., xxxiil. 325, (by Henry Wheaton ;) Lon. Lit. Gnx., 1831, 360. 2. Cujdraon's Metrical Paraphrase of Parts of the Holy Scriptures, in Anglo-Saxon; with an English Translation, Notes, and a Verbal Index, Lon., 1832, r. Svo. See CjinnoN; Lon. Gent. Mag., 1833, i. 329; 1834, ii. 484; 1855, i. 611; Milman's Lat. Chris., vol. ii., b. iv., oh. iv. 3. Anglo-Saxon Version of the Story of Apollonius of Tyre upon which is founded the Play of Pericles; from a MS., with a Translation and Glossary, 1334, p. Svo. 4. Analccta Anglo-Saxonioa: a Solection in Prose and Verse from Anglo-Saxon Authors of Various Ages, with a Glossary, Oxf., 1834, r. 8vo; new ed., 1S16, p. Svo; 1868, p. Svo. 5. Libri Psalmorum Versio antiqua Latina cum Paraphrasi Anglo-Saxonioa, Ac; Edidit B. Thorpe, 1835, Svo. See Homo's Bibl. Bib., 58. 6. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England; comprising Laws enacted under the Anglo-Saxon Kings from Ethelbert to Cauut, with an English Translation of the Saxon, Ac, Lon., 1840, fol., £2; or in 2 vols. r. Svo, £1 10». See Lon. Quar. Rev., lxxiv. 281. 7. The Holy Gospels in Anglo-Suxon, edited from the Original MS., Oxf., 1842, p. Svo; N. York, 1846, 12mo; Oxf., 1848, p. Svo. 8. Codex Exouicnsis; a Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, Ac; with English Translation and Notes; Edited by B. Thorpe, Lon., 1842, r. 8vo. 9. The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church: The First Part, Ac., with an English Version, 1843-46,10 Pts. in 2 vols. 8vo, (.ASlfric 8oc.) 10. History of England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings : Translated from the German of Dr. J. M. Lappenberg, with Additions and Corrections by the Author and Translator, 1845, 2 vols. 8vo; new cd., 1857, 8vo.

"Tho best and surest guide in penetrating the labyrinth of early English History."—Dr. Reinhold Pacli: Koniff Aetfred, Ac, Berlin, 1851. See No. 16.

11. Florentii Wigornicnsis, Monachi Chronicon ex Chronic-is ad fidem Codd. MS. Edidit B. Thorpe, 1S4849, 2 vols. 8vo. 12. Northern Mythology, Ac.; Compiled from Original and other Sources, 1851,3 vols. cr. 8vo; 1863, p. 8vo. Commended by Lon. Athen., 1852, and Notes and Queries, 1852. See, also, Lord DufTerin's Letters from High Latitudes. 13. Yule-Tide Stories: a Collection of Scandinavian Tales and Traditions; Edited, 1853, p. Svo, (Bohn's Antiq. Lib., xviii.) 14. Pauli's Life of Alfred the Great; to which is appended Alfred's AngloSaxon Version of Orosius, with a Literal Translation, Notes, Ac, 1S54, p. Svo, (Bohn's Antiq. Lib., xxii.) 15. The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowulf, Ac; with a Literal Translation, Notes, Glossary, Ac, Oxf., 1855, 8vo. See Kembi.k, John Mitchell. 16. History of England under the Norman Kings, Ac; Translated from the German of Dr. J. M. Lappcnbcrg, Oxf., 1857, 8vo. See No. 10.

"A most important contribution to historical knowledge."— Lon. Athen., 1H57, 471.

'• We tire informed that Mr. Thorpe, the translator of Lapponberg's History of Knghuid under the Anglo-Saxon and Norman Kins*, is engaged on a translation of Dr. Pauli's continuation of that work."—Ibid., 661.

17. Tho Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, according to the several Original Authorities; Edited, with a Translation; Published, Ac. under the Direction of the Master of the Rolls, Lon., 1861, 2 vols. r. 8vo. See Lon. Athen., 1861, i. 653. 18. Diplomatarium Anglicum jEvi Saxonici: a Collection of English Charters, from the Reign of King .(Ethelbcrt of Kent, A.d. DCV., to that of William the Conqueror, containing: I., Miscellaneous Charters; II., Wills; III., Guilds; IV., Manumissions and Acquittances; with a Translation of the Anglo-Saxon, 1865, 8vo.

"To the liberality of Mr. (Joseph] Mnyer [of Liverpool] the public owes another lasting debt of gratitude for the possession of this most valuable record of Anglo-Saxon life and manners, the laltour of love of one of the most accomplished Anglo-Saxon scholars and antiquaries."'—Lon. Reader, 1865, il. 394.

See, also,Wilkins, David, D.D., No. 3; Bohn's Lowndes, 2077. Mr. Thorpe has ready for the press a volume of Tales and Traditions of Denmark, and a complete translation of the Edda, (Saemund's,) and is engaged upon an Icelandic Grammar.

Thorpe, Charles. British Marine Conchology; Illust, by G. B. Sowerby and W. Wood, Lon., 1844, 12mo.

Thorpe, J*'. Outlines of European Literature, Lon., 1856, 12rno.

Thorpe, J. Frederic. Flowers of Friendship: Original and Selected Poems on Christian Friendship, Lon.. 1857, 4to.

Thorpe, John, M.D., 1682-1750, published a vol. of Scheuehzer's Itinera Alpina, Lon., 1780, 4to, some topographical tracts, and two medical papers in Phil. Trans., 1705, '22 ; and assisted Dr. (afterwards Sir Hans) Slonne in tho publication of Phil. Trans. Sec, also, Thorpe, John, (infra,) No. 1. Notices of Dr. Thorpe will be found in Nichols's Lit. Anec, vii. (Index) 420; Nichols's Illust. of Lit., viii. 108, (Index.)

Thorpe, John, 1714-1792, son of the preceding, and also an antiquary. 1. Kegistrum Roffcnse; or, A Collection of Ancient Records, Ac. necessary for Illustrating the Ecclesiastical History and Antiquities of the Diocese and Cathedral Church of Rochester, Ac; Translated from the Originals by the Late John Thorpe, M.D., and now published by his Son, Lon., 1769, fol. 2. Custumale Ronensc; from the Original MS., Ac.: to whioh arc added Memorials of that Cathedral Church, Ac, 1788, fol. Many copies were destroyed by the fire at Messrs. Nichols's printing-office in 1808. Thorpo contributed to Phil. Trans., Bibl. Top. Brit., and Lon. Gent. Mag. Sec Nichols's Lit. Anec, vii. 420, 691; Nichols's Illust. of Lit., viii. 108, (Index.)

Thorpe, Kamba. Four Oaks; a Novel, N. York, 1867, 12mo.

Thorpe, Markham John, of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Calendar of the State Papers relating to Scotland, 1509-1603, preserved in the State Paper Depart

ment of Her Majesty's Publio Record Office, Lon., 1858, 2 vols. imp. 8vo.

"Mr. Thorpe has executed the task assigned to him by Sir John Romilly with commendable zeal and swiftness; and we receive his volumes aa one more testimony to tho excellenceand success of this great national work."—Lfm. AOien., 1858, ii. 105.

Thorpe, Robert, Archdeacon of Northumberland, 1792, d. 1812, aged 76. 1. Serm., 1803, 4to. 2. Duty of the Parochial Clergy in tho Religious Education of the Children of tho Poor, 1811, 8to.

Thorpe, Judge Robert, LL.D. 1. Letter to W. Wilberforce on the Sierra Leone Co., Ac, 1815, Svo. 2, Reply to the Special Report of the Directors of the African Institution, 1815, 8vo. See Lifo and Corrcsp. of William Allen, i. eh. v.; Blackw. Mag., xxi. 317. 3. View of the Present Inorease of the Slave-Trade, 1818. 8vo.

Thorpe, S. Narrative of Incidents in the Early Military Life of, Lon., 1854, 8vo.

Thorpe, Rev. Thomas. Church Rates and Endowed Schools: a Charge, Lon., 1860, 12mo.

Thorpe, Thomas Bangs, b. at Westfield, Mass., March 1, 1815; graduated at the Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 1842; after some experience as an artist, dropped the pencil for the pen, and soon became widely known as a graphic delineator of Southwestern manners and (he accompanied tho American army in Mexico) a military annalist. From 1836 to 1853 he resided chiefly in Louisiana. In 1862-63 he was in the United States service under General Butler at New Orleans, and acted as City Surveyor.

"No man could have done the work better."—Parton: General Butter in Ntw Orleani, 18«, 308.

1. The Mysteries of tho Backwoods; or, Sketches of tho Southwest, Phila., 1846. 12ino. 2. Our Army on tho Rio Grande, N. York, 1846, 12mo. 3. Our Army at Monterey, Phila., 1847, 12rno. 4. The Hive of the BeeHunter; a Repository of Sketches, N. York, 1854, 12mo. 5. Lyndo Weiss; an Autobiography, Phila., 1S54, cr. Svo. 6. A Voice to America: the Model Republic: its Glory or its Fall, N. York, 1855, 8vo. Mr. Thorpe was for many years editor of one of the leading Whig newspapers of New Orleans; in 1S46 established The Conservator at Baton Rouge; in 1859 became co-proprietor and editor of tho (New York) Spirit of the Times, (to which he had formerly been a contributor;) and is the author of articles in Blackwood's and Harper's Magazines and other periodicals. See, also, Porter, Avilliam T.; Prentiss, Sergeant Smith.

"No one enters more heartily into all the whims and grotesque humours of the backwoodsman, or brings him more actually and clearly before us."—R. W. Griswold, D.D.: Prou Writers of America. 4th ed.. 1852. 546, (q. T.)

Thorpe, Rev. William. 1. Address on Catholic Emancipation, 18)4, 8vo. 2. Lects. on Destinies of the British Empire, Ac, Lon., 1831, 12ino; 2d ed., 1839, 12mo; Phila., 1841, 8vo. 3. Plain Truths on Important Subjects, 1849, 12mo.

Thozet, A. Notes on Some of the Roots, Tubers, Bulbs, and Fruits used as Vegetable Food by the Aboriginals of Northern Queensland, Australia, Rookhainpton, 1866, Svo.

Thraikill, John W., M.D. Essay on the Causes of Infant Mortality, S. W. Book Pub. Co., Dec. 1869, ltmo.

Thrale, Mrs. See Piozzi, Mrs. Hester Lynch.

Thrall, W. Introduction to Moore, Cornelius, No. 2.

Thrasher, Halsey. The Hunter and Trapper, N. York, 1868, 12mo.

Thrasher, J. 8., for about ten years (1834 ct seq.) a resident of Havana. Tho Island of Cuba, by Alexander Humboldt; Translated from the Spanish, with Notes and Preliminary Essay, N. York, 1856, p. 8vo. Unfavourably reviewed in N. York Tribune, May 3,1856.

Thrasher, William. Jubar Astrologicum, Lon., 1671, 8vo.

Threlfiil, William, M.D. 1. Disput. Med. Inaug. do Tcsticuli, Ac, Edin., 1770, 8vo. 2. Essay on Epilepsy, Lon., 1772. 8vo.

Threlkeld, Caleb, M.D., b. in Cumberland, 1676, d. in Dublin, 1728. Synopsis Stirpium Hibernicarum alphabetice dispositarum, sivo Commentatio de Plantis Indigenis, prajsertim Dublinicnsibus, iustituta, Dubl., 1727, 12mo. See Pultcney'6 Botany, vol. ii.

Thereopland, Samuel, M.D. Medical paper in Phil. Trans., 16S5.

Thrift, Minton. Memoirs of Rev. Jesse Loe; with Extracts from bis Journals, N. York, 1823, 12mo.

Thring, Rev. Edward, IIciiil-Master of Cppingh&m Grammar-School. 1. Element? of Grammar, Camb., 1851, demy Svo; 3d ed., 1861; 4th ed., 1867, 18mo.

"We strongly recomuiend this Grammar."—Eng. Jour, of Educat.

2. Child's firamraur, 1852, demy 18mo; new ed., 1857; 1867 j fp. 8vo.

'• Its value is great."—Lon. Athfn.

3. Construing Book, 1855, 12mo; 1864, fp. 8vo. 4. Latin Gradual, 18mo. 5. Sermons, 1858, or. Svo.

"Besides their other merits, these Sermons have the greatest merit of all,—simplicity and brevity."—L«n. Athrn., 1858, li. 325.

6. With Riccius, Herr. School Songs; Edited, 1858, fol. 7. Educatiou and School, 1864, cr. Svo; 2d ed., 1867. 8. Manual of Mood Construction, 1867, fp. 8vo. 9. Principles of Grammar, 1868, fp. Svo. 10. Exercises in Grammatical Analysis, 1868, fp. 8vo.

Thring, Rev. Godfrey, a native of Alford, graduated at Balliol College, Oxford, 1846, was ordained Curate of Stratfield Turgis, 1848, and in 1868 held the livings of Alford and Hornblotton. Ho contributed sacred lyrics to Morrell and How's Collections and to Chopc's Hymnal. See Rogers's Lyra Brit., ed. 1868, 544.

Thring, Henry, Barristcr-at-Law. 1. The Succession Duty Act, (16 A 17 Vict., c. 51,) Lon., 1854, 12tno.

"His Introduction and Notes are highly valuable."—Leg. Obs., 3d Dec. 1853.

2. The Joint-Stock Companies Acts, 1856-57, Ac, 1857, 12mo. 3. Law and Practice of Joint-Stock Companies, 1861-63, 2 vols. 12mo; with Supp., (also sold aep..) Dec. 1867, 12mo.

Thring, T. 1. On the Criminal Law of the Navy, Lnn., 1S60, 12mo. 2. Land Drainage Act, 1861, 12m"o, 1862.

Throckmorton, Job. His Defence against the Slaundcrs of Maister Sutcliffe, Ac, 1594, 4to. See Lowndes's Bib]. Man.

Throckmorton, Sir John Courtnay, Bart., LL.D., of Buckland, Berkshire. Considerations arising from the Debates in Parliament on the Petition of the Irish Catholics, Lon., 1806, Svo.

Throgmorton, G. Treatise of Faith; in Two Serins., Lon., 1624, Svo.

Throop, Benjamin, minister of Bozrah, in Norwich, Conn., d. 1785. aged about 72. 1. Funeral Serm., Bost., 1753, 4to. 2. Election Scrm., New London, 1758, 16rao.

Throop, Montgomery II., b. at Auburn, New York, 1S27. The Futuro; a Political Essay, N.York, 1S04. 12mo.

Throsby, John, b. 174(1, for many years Parish Clerk of St. Martin's, Leicester, d. 1803. 1. Memoirs of the Town and County of Leicester, Leices., 1777, 6 vols. 12mo. 2. Select Views in Leicestershire, 1789, 4to; 1. p., r. 4to; Supplementary Volume, 1790, 41o; 1. p., r. 4ti>. 3. History and Antiquities of the Ancient Town of Leicester, 1791, 4to; 1. p., r. 4to. 4. Letter to the Earl of Leicester on the Recent Discovery of the Roman Cloaca or Sewer at Leicester, Ac, 1793, 8vo. 5. Thoughts on the Provincial Corps, 1705. Svo. See. also, Thouoton, Robert, M.D. Notices of Throsby will be found in Nichols's Lit. Anec, vi. 284, ix. 87; Nichols's Illust. of Lit., iv. 720, vi. 414 : Lon. Gent. Mag., 1803, i. 284.

Thrower, William, Arithmetical Master in the English Department of the Free Grammar-School of King Edward the Sixth, Birmingham. Questions in Arithmetic, Birm., 1848, 12mo; last ed., I860, 12mo. Answers to do., 1848, Svo; lasted., 1862, 8vo.

Thrupp, John. 1. Historical Law Tracts, Lon., 1843, ]2mo.

'"Contain many interesting disquisitions."—Leg. Obs.
"A very sensible essav."—I*aw Times.
"Of great merit."—7 Jurist, 423.

2. The Anglo-Saxon Home: a History of tho Domestic Institutions and Customs of England from the Fifth to the Eleventh Centuries, 1S62. 8vo.

Thrupp, Uev. Joseph Francis, Vicar of Barrington, late Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1. Antient Jerusalem: A New Investigation into the History, Topography, and Plan of tho City, Environs, and Temple, Camb., i855. Svo.

"The tend'-nry of Mr. Thrupp's book is to still greater nnsettlement."—£on. Athfn., 1855, 641), (q. v.)

2. Introduction to the Study and Use of the Psalms, 1860, 2 vols. 8vo. 3. Song of Songs; a New Translation, with a Commentary and Introduction, 1862, p. 8vo. 4. Psalms and Hymns for Public Worship, Selected and Edited, ISmo. 5. The Burden of Human Sin as Borne by Christ; Three Sermons preached before the Univer

sity of Cambridge in Lent, 1S65, 1S68, cr. 8vo. Sec, also, Smith, William, LL.D., (editor, Ac. of the Classical Dictionaries,) No. 4. In the now Commentary on the Bible suggested by the Speaker of the House of Commons in 1863, to Mr. Thrupp, in conjunction with others, was assigned tho Pentateuch.

Thrush, Captain Thomas, R.N. 1. Letter to Rev. Francis Wranghnm on his Charge, York, 1822, Svo. 2. Letter to the King on Resigning his Commission on tho Ground of the Unlawfulness of War, Camb., 1825, Svo. See Chris. Exam., ii. 378, (by A. Lamson.) 3. Last Thoughts of a Naval Officer on War, 1841, 12mo. Sec Memoirs of, by Rev. C. AVellbelovcd, 1846, Svo.

Thruston, Rev. Francis. 1. England Safe and Triumphant; or, Researches into the Apocalyptic Little Book and Prophecies, Connected and Synchronicul, Coventry and Lon., 1812, 2 vols. Svo. Sec Brit. Critic, O.S., xxxiii. 593, 595. 2. View of the Night of Treason, Lon., 1815, Svo.

Thruston, Frederic, of Bayswator. 1. XXV. Serins, on Various Subjects, Lon., 1821, 8vo. 2. XII. Discourses on tho High Calling of the Gospel. 1822, Svo.

Thruston, Malauhi, M.D. Diatriba do Rcspirationis usu Primario; cum Aniinadvers. in eandem, et Autoris Responsionibus, Lon., 1070, Svo; Lugd., 1671, 8vo., J. L. W., M.D. 1. Treatise on tho Pathology of the Urine, Lon., 1858, 8vo. 2. Treatise on Gall Stones, 1803, 8vo.

Thumb, Thomas. The History of England, with woodcuts, Lon., 1749, 12mo.

Thumb, Tom. Sec Bohn's Lowndes, 26S1.

Thurber, George, M.D., Professor of Mathematics, Medicine, Botany, Ac. in the New York College of Pharmacy, was b. at Providence, R.I., 1821; Edited American Weeds and Useful Plants, being a Second and Illustrated Edition of Agricultural Botany, N. York, 1859, 12mo. See Darlington, William, M.D., LL.D., No. 4. He is co-editor of The American Agriculturist.

Thurgar, A. II. Grammar and System for Learning the German Language, Lon., 1859, 12mo.

Thurgar, C. 1. Genders of French Nouns, Lon., 12mo. 2. Anthologie Francaise, 2d ed., 1840, 12mo.

Thurlin, Thomas, D.D. Serin., Hcb. xiii. 17, Camb., lliSe, 4to.

Thurloe, John, Secretary of State to Oliver and Richard Cromwell, the son of the Rev. Thomas Thurloe, of Abbots Roding, Essex, was b. at that place, 1616; d. at Lincoln's Inn, Feb. 21, 1668. Collection of State Papers; containing Authentic Memorials of the English Affairs from the Y'ear 1638 to the Restoration of King Charles II.; Published from tho Originals, Ac; with Life of Thurloe by Thomas Birch, D.D., Lon., 1742, 7 vols, fol.; 1. p., Marquis of Townshend, 30SU, £9 9«.; James Newman's Cat., 1869, calf, £4 4».

"The large collection culled 'Thurloe's Slate Papers,' containing the most authentic materials respecting the period of the great civil war and of Cromwell's domination, was not long since, and perhaps still is, to be purchased at something little higher than the price of waste paper."—Sra Walter Scott: Lon. Quar. Rev., Feb. 18:51, 442.

Of late years (ordinary paper, in ealf) priced about £4,(1863.)

"When you have digested the history of this period, you will find in Thurloe's large Collection many letters that will' let you thoroughly into the genius of these times and persons."— Hilltop WarburUm to Hurd: Letters of a Late Em. I'rel.. Lett. L1X.

See, also, Smyth's Lects. on Mod. Hist., Lect. XVII.; Biiton, Thomas, D.D. Next to Thurloe's Collection should stand, A Letter [by John Campbell, LL.D., supra] on th« Publication of Thurloe's Stato Papers, 1742: Life, by Birch; Biog. Brit., Appendix; Burnet's Own Times.

Thurlow, Charles Augustus, Vicar of Scalby, Yorkshire. 1. Scriptural Piety, Lon., 18mo. 2. Serm., 1 Tim. iii. 15, 1837, Svo.

Thurlow, Edward, son of the Rev. Thomas Thurlow, was b. at Little Asbtield, Suffolk, 1732; Lord Chancellor, 1778 to Feb. 1783, and from tho close of 1783 to 1792; d. Sept. 12, 1806. See Mansfield, William Murray, Loud, No. 2; Lord Campbell's Lord Chancellors, vol. v.; Lord Brougham's States, of tho Time of George III., vol. i.; Roscoo's Brit. Lawyers, vol. ii.; Tomlinc's Life of Pitt; Mathias's Pursuits of Lit.; Cowper's Life and Letters.

"Thurlow, whose abilities and force of character had made him the dictator of the House of Lords."—Lord Macauliy: Life of PUl, in Enci/c. Brit., 8th ed.

Thurlow, Edward Hovel, second Lord,

nephew of the preceding, was b. 1781; M.A. at Magda

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