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Tappan Stoddard, Missionary to the Nestorians, 1858, 12mo; 2d ed., BoBt, 1861.

"Worthy e<jually of its subject and of the author's reputation."—A. P. Peabodt, D.D.: AT. Amer. Rev., lxxxviii. '.228-243.

Also commended by N. Englandcr, Nov. 1858; Bibl. Sacra, Ac. 13. The Christian Graces; a Series of [9] Discourses on 2 Peter i. 5-12, N. York, 1859, ISmo.

"A rare and precious monioriul of the author's endowments, ability, and faithfulness."—N. Amer. Iiev., lxxxix. 276.

14. The College as a Religious Institution, 1859, 8vo. 15. Love and Penalty; or, Eternal Punishment consistent with the Fatherhood of (Jod, I860, 16mo. See Chris. Exam., Mar. 1861, (by Rev. E. C. Towne;) Bibl. Sacra, April, 1861; Hon. Jour, of Amer. Unit. Assoc, April, 1861, (by Rev. J. F. Clarke.) 16. The Sergeant's Memorial; by his Father, 1863, 18mo. Two edits.; an unabridged edit., in two parts, for circulation in the army.

"It is a book of surpassing interest."—A. P. Pkabody: N. Amer. Rev., xcvii. 676.

17. Bryant Gray: The Student, The Christian, and The Soldier, 1863, 18mo. 18. The Band of Christian Graces; with an Introduction by the Rev. J. II. Titcomb, Lou., 1864, r. 18uio. 19. Christianity and Emancipation; or, The Teachings and tuo Influence of the Bible against Slavery, N. York, 1863, 8vo. See N. Amer. Rev., Jan. 1865, 21, (by II. C. Lea, LL.D.) 20. The Holy Comforter: His Person and His Work, 1866, sq. 16mo. 21. Man in Genesis and Geology; or, The Biblical Account of Man'B Creation Tested by Scientific Theories of his Origin and Antiquity, 1869, 12mo; two edits. He has also published seventeen discourses, addresses, <fec., in as many pamphlets; contributed to Broadway Tabernacle Dedication Sermons, 1860, 8vo; was for some time co-editor of The Independent; and writes for N. Amer. Rev., Bibl. Sacra, N. Englauder, Congreg. Quarterly, Hours at Home, Hearth and Home, Ac. See, also, Smith, William, LL.D., (editor, Ac of the Classical Dictionaries,) No. 4.

Thompson, Joseph '1'., missionary at Delhi. 1. English and Urdu Dictionary, 1833. The Urdu words are in the Roman character. See Lon. Athcn., 1859, ii. 628. 2. English and Oordo School Dictionary, Lon., 1842, 12mo.

Thompson, Leslie A. A Manual or Digest of the Statute Laws of Florida of a General and Public Character, Bost., 1847, 8vo.

Thompson, M. Abstract of the Laws of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C., 1855, 8vo.

Thompson, Margaret. Phrenological Character of Reuben Dunbar, Albany, 1851, 8vo.

Thompson, Matthew La Rue Perrine, D.D., pastor of the Fifth Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, New York, was b. at Broadalbin, Fulton co., N. York, 1809. The Church; its Ministry, Ac; being a Reply to the Recent Work of Rev. M. Schuyler on the Same Subject, Buffalo, 1855, 8vo. He has also published numerous occasional sermons and addresses, and contributed to the Presbyterian Review. See, also, Tinker, Rkuben.

Thompson, Mortimer M. 1. Doestieks—What He Says, by Q. K. Philander Docsticke, P.B., N. York,

1855, 12mo. 2. Plu-ri-bus-tah; A Song that's by No Author; with 154 humorous Illustrations by McLenan,

1856, 12mo. 3. History and Records of the Elephant Club, by Doestieks and Ockside; Illustrated from designs by McLenan, 12mo. 4. Nothing to Say; being a Satire on Snobbery, Ac.; Illustrated from designs by McLenan, 1857. On tinted paper.

Thompson, P. Livingston against Roebuck; or, Criminal Life in New York, N. York, 1865, 8vo.

Thompson, P., and Black, J. Office of a SheriffOfficer, Ac, Edin., 1806, 12mo.

Thompson, P. Remembrancer for Believers in Jesus, new ed., Lon., 1845, 18mo.

Thompson, Peter. Designs for New Houses of Parliament, Lon., 4to.

Thompson, Peter. 1. Healthy Moral Homes for Agricultural Labourers, Lon., 1863, 8vo. 2. Oil and Colourman, 1863, 8vo.

Thompson, Pishey, the historian of Boston, Lincolnshire, England, of which place he was a native, began to collect his materials in 1804, and in 1820 published Collections for a Topographical and Historical Account of Boston, and the Hundred of Skirbeck, in the County of Lincoln, r. 8vo, £1 1«.; 1. p., 4to, £2 2». On his return to England, in 1846, after a residence of 27 years in the United States, he commenced the preparation of a new edition; and in 1856 published The History and Antiquities of Boston, and the Villages of

Skirbeck, Fishtoft, FreiBton, Butterwick, Bcnington, Levorton, Leake, and Wrangle ; comprising the Hundred of Skirbeck, in the County of Lincoln, Ac.; Illustrated with One Hundred Engravings, Bost., r. 8vo, £1 lis. 6d.; 1. p., fob, £3 3«.

"This work, from its completeness of arrangement and Intelligent research, combined with artistic and tojio^raphical beauty, is worthy of its subject."—Lon. Ulmt. Sew*.

"We must not conclude without a word of praise to Mr. Thompson for the industry and patience, the zeal nnd the research, which a work like the one before us shows him to possess."—Lon. Athen., 1857, 969.

"It could hardly be opened at any pace without offering that which would attract and reward perusal."—A. P. Peabody: JV. Amer. Ber., lxxxviii. 166-183.

See, also, commendatory notices in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1856, ii. 686; 1857, i. 11, 138. He published pamphlets and papers in periodicals. See. also. Sampson, William, No. 10. He died at Stokes Newington, Sept. 25, 1862, aged 78.

Thompson, R. Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, Lon., 1844, fp. 8vo. The Correspondence of Napoleon the First, Paris: vols, i.-xxi., 1858-67, 4to and 8vo; is not yet completed. See, also, Simpson, J. II., No. 1.

Thompson, R. S. Plain Sermons, Lon., 12mo.

Thompson, Robert, LL.D. Sponsa nondum Uxor: Marriage of Lady Fitz-Gerald and E. Villiers, Lon., 1677.

Thompson, Robert. Statistical Survey of the County of Meath, Dubl., 1802, 8vo.

Thompson, Robert Anchor, b. at Durham, 1821; graduated at Catherine Hall, Cambridge, 1844; held an appointment at the Observatory of Durham, and a volume of his (1) astronomical observations was printed at the expense of the University of Durham in 1849; afterwards Curate of Louth and (1854) of Binbrooke, Lincolnshire, and in 1868 Master of the Hospital of St. Mary the Virgin at Newcastle-upon-Tvue.

2. Sermons, 1853. 3. Christian Theism: the Testimony of Reason and Revelation to tbo Existence and Character of the Supreme Being, Lon.. 1855, 2 vols. 8vo; N. York, 1855, 12mo, pp. 477; new ed., Lou., 1S63, 8vo. 208 essays were offered for tile two Burnett Premiums. The judges—Baden Powell, Henry Rogers, aud Isaac Taylor—awarded the first (£1800) to Mr. Thompson's Christian Theism; the second (£600) to—Theism: the Witness of Reason and Nature to an All Wise and Beneficent Creator, by the Rev. John Tulloch. D.D., (q, t?.,) Lon., 1855, cr. 8vo. A notice of these vols, will be found in Lon. Athen., 1855, 867. Sec, also, Farrar's Crit. Hist, of Frco Thought, 1863, Lect. VIII., n. 49. 4. Essay on Principles of Natural Theology, 1857, p. 8vo. 5. Christ the Light of the World; Two Sermons. 1859. 8vo, pp. 31. 6. Oxford Declaration; a Letter, 1864, 8vo.

Thompson, Samuel. 1. Essays tending to Prove Animal Restoration, Lon., 1838, 12mo. 2. Scripture Refutation of Unitarianism, 1.838, I2mo. 3. Memoirs of Mrs. Ann Broadbelt, 1838. 12mo. 4. Evidences of Revealed Religion, 4th ed.. 1842, I2mo.

Thompson, Smith, LL.D., b. in the State of New York, 1767 ; graduated at the Collego of N. Jersey, 1788; Judge of the Supreme Court of Vermont, 1801-14; Chief Justice, 1814—18; Secretary of the Navy, 1818; Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1823 until his death, at Poughkcepsic, Dec. 18, 1843. See Vermont Reports, U. States Reports.

Thompson, Stephen. 1. Swiss Scenery, Illustrated with 31 Photographs, Lon., IStiO, fob, el., £2 2s.; mor., £3 3s.

"One of the beBt examples of photopnipbic illustrations that have come nnder our notice."—Lon. Phalog. Nnvs.

2. Scotland: her Songs and Scenery, as sung by her Bards and seen in the Camera; Illustrated by 14 Photographs by Thompson and Ewing, 1867, sra. 4to, 18». 3. Venioe and the Poets: containing Selections from the Poetry of Byron, Browning, Clough, Wordsworth, Addison, Rogers, Shelley, Moore, Ac; Edited and Illustrated, 1869, demy 4to, 15».

Thompson, T. D. Facts for the People relating to Teeth, Bost., 1854, '55, 12mo.

Thompson, Mrs. T. D. The Galley-Slave and his Daughter; a Tale, Dubl., 1858. p. 8vo.

Thompson, T. II. II., and Allen, Captain William, R.N. Narrative of the Expedition to the River Niger in 1841, Lon., 1848, 2 vols. 8vo. Sec Lon. Athcn., 1848, 763; Lord's Thcolog. Jour., i. 669.

Thompson, Theophilus, M.D., Physician to the Brompton Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest, d. August 11, 1860, in his 53d year. 1. Auuali of Influenza, or Epidemic Catarrhal Fever, in Great Britain, from 1510 to 1837; Prepared and Edited, Lon., 1852, 8vo, (Syd. Soo.f xiv.J 2. Clinical Lectures ou Pulmonary Consumption, 1854, 8vo; Phila., 1854, 8vo.

'•A clear exposition of the symptoms and their complication)*." —htm. Lancet.

Also commended by Edin. Med. Sure;. Jour., Dubl. Med. Press, N. York Jour, of Med., Ac. With Additional Chapters by his Son, E. Symcs Thompson, M.D., Assistant Physician to King's College Hospital, London, Lon., 1SG3, Svo. Dr. Thompson was a man of high reputation:

"A zealous, active, and very successful cultivator of our science."—Pliila. Med. Newt and Liltrary, Nov. 18011, 17(5.

Thompson, Thomas, Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford. 1. Two Serms., Lon., 1612, 4to. 2. Concio ad Clerum de Clavibus Kegni Ccelorum, et Theses IV. de Votis Monasticis, 1612, 8vo. 3. Serin., 1615, '16, 4to. 4. Antichrist Arraigned, 1618, 4to.

Thompson, Thomas. 1. The English Rogue; a Comedy, Lon., 1668, 4to. 2. The Life of Mother Shipton: a Comedy, t. a., 4to. Rhodes, 2486, £3.

Thompson, Thomas. The Quakers' Quibbles set forth in an Epistle to William Pcnu; in 3 Parts, Lon., 1674-5, 8vo. Anon.

Thompson, Thomas. The Glorious Truth of Universal Grace and Atonement Exalted, Lon., 1725, 8vo.

Thompson, Thomas, M.D. 1. Treatise of the Gout, 1740, 4to. 2. Vindication of Man-Midwifery, Lon., 1752, Svo. 3. Inquiry into the Small-Pox, 1752, Svo. 4. Medical Consultations; published from his Letters, 1773, 8vo.

Thompson, Thomas, Vicar of Rcculrer, Kent. 1. Discourse, Lon., 1757, 8vo. 2. Account of Two Missionary Voyages [to New Jersey and the Coast of Guinea] by Appt. of S. P. G. F. Parts, 1758,8vo; 1759, Svo. 3. The African Slave Trade for Negro Slaves shown to bo consistent with Principles of Humanity and with the Laws of Revealed Religion, Cantcrb., 1772, Svo.

"Not convincing to us."—ion. Mon. Rev., 1772, i. 502, (q. v.)

Thompson, Thomas. Tithes Indefensible, 3d cd., York, 1796, 8vo. Watt's Bibl. Brit, calls this Tithes Indispensable, and makes the 2d cd. 1798, Svo.

Thompson, Thomas. Ocellum Promontorium : or, Observations on the Ancient State of Holdcrness and Ravenspurnc; also, History of the Church and lfriory of Swine, in Holderness, Hull, 1824, 2 vols. 8vo.

Thompson, Thomas. Lips of Prayer Opened to Purpose. Lon., 1865, ISmo.

Thompson, Thomas. Sec Sketches of his Life and Character, by his Daughter, Lon., 1868, fp. 8vo.

Thompson, Thomas Peronnet, M.P., was b. at Hull, Yorkshire, 1783; graduated at Queen's College, (of which he became Fellow,) 1802; left the navy for the army, 1S06 : Governor of Sierra Leone, (where he opposed the iniquity of the slave-trade.) 1808; served with distinction at Buenos Ayres, (1807,) on the continent of Europe, and in India, and, we may add, in Parliament, (first elected, 1835; last elected, 1857 :) became Major, 1825: Lieutenant-Colonel, 1829; Major-General, 1S54.

1. An Exposition of Fallacies, Ac, Lon., Svo, pp. 64. "A very able and logical performance, which strikes down

many fallacies broached by Ricardo and Mills."—Lon. Lit. Gaz., 18-7.

2. The True Theory of Rent, in Opposition to Ricardo, 1826, Svu: 9th cd.. 1832, Svo. Defends the doctrine of Adam Smith. 3. Catechism of the Corn-Laws, with a List of Fallacies and tbo Answers, 1827, Svo; fith cd., 1829, Svo; loth ed., 1831, 8vo. The arsenal whence the Anti-Corn-Law League drew its best weapons. 4. Enharmonic Theory of Music, 1829; new ed., Theory and Practice of Just Intonation, Ac, 1850, 12mo. 5. Article on the Instrument of Exchange, 1S30, Svo. From the Westminster Review, 1824. 6. Geometry with Axioms; or, The First Book of Euclid's Elements, with Notes and an Intercalary Book, Camb., 1833, 8vo.

'•The attempt of the author in this work to ">:et rid'of axioms and postulates may be considered as the nr plus ultra of folly." —TH0MABTATLoatA«i?(i«7nu/: MS. note in his copy: II.G.JJohn's Oenl. Cat., 184*, i. 307, (q. r.)

7. Theory of Parallels, new ed., Lon., 1844, 8vo. 8. Catechism on the Currency, 3d ed., 1848, Svo. 9. Audi Alteram Partem: Letters of a Representative to his Constituents, l2mo: vol. i., 185S; ii., 1859; iii., 1861. He has published a number of pamphlets on the Greek Question, and on various topics of political economy, Ac, speeches on Parliamentary Reform, Ac, and articles in the Westminster Review, (of which he was one of the proprietors, and editor, or co-editor,) Ac. on tho cornlaws, music, and other subjects. In 1842 he published

Exercises, Political and Others, consisting of Matter previously published with and without the Author's name, and some not published before, 6 vols. l2mo. Reviewed in Eclcc Rev., 4th Ser., xii. 702. See, also, Cobdkx, Richard, No. 3. See Fraser's Mug., xvi. 390; Blackw. Mag., xxvii. 223, xxxiii. 323, xxxv. 792.

Thompson, W. How to Invest Money, Lon., 1868, 8vo.

Thompson, W. D., Vicar of Mitford. XXIII. Practical and Familiar Serms., Ncwc, 1829-31, 2 vols. 12mo.

Thompson, W. F., of the Bengal Service. Proctical Philosophy of the Muhuminadan People; from tho Persian of Fakir J. M. Asuiul; with References and Notes, Lon., 1839, Svo, (Orient. Trans. Fund. Iii.)

Thompson, W. II. Sicily aud its Inhabitants, Lon., 1813, 4to.

Thompson, W. J. 1. London Commercial Directory, 1844, Lon., 1844, Svo. 2. New Court Guide and Peerage, 1844, 8vo, 1844.

Thompson, Waddy, b. at Pickcnsville, South Carolina, 1798; graduated at the S.C. College, 1814; M.C., 1835-41; M.P. to Mexioo, 1842. Recollections of Mexico, N. York, 1846, 8vo.

"We do not know when we have lt«en more interested thaD while perusing this volume."—iV. York AUrion, (same in Liv. Age, x. 67.)

Also reviewed in Ecleo. Rev., 4th Ser., xx. 307.

Thompson, William, graduated at Queen's College, Oxford, (of which he became Fellow,) 1738: succeeded to the livings of South Weston ami Hampton Poyle, Oxfordshire; became Dean of Raphoo, Ireland, and d. there about 1766. In 1734 and 1736 he wrote Stella, sive Atnores, Tres Libri, and Six Pastorals, nono of which he included in his collective edition of his Poems, lie afterwards published: 1. Sickness : a Poem, Lon., 1745, 4to. 2. Gondibert and Birtha; a Tragedy, 1751, Svo. 3. Gratitude; a Poem, Oxf., 1756. Sec No. 4. 4. Poems on several Occasions; to which is added Gondibert and Birtha, a Tragedy, 1758, 2 vols. Svo. Of more than ordinary merit. His Hymn to May, and his Nativity, (in which he is thought to approach Spenser,) and his poem on Sickness, were once highly valued. See notice of No. 4 in Lon. Mon. Rev., 1758, i. 319. He superintended an edition of Bishop Joseph Hull's Virgidemarium, Oxf., 1753, 12mo, and left MS. Notes and Observations on William Browne's Works, which appeared in tho edition of 1772, Lon., 3 vols. sm. 8vo, edited, when published, by T. Davies, the publisher, (p. 482, supra.) See Chalmers's Eng. Poets, 1810, 21 vols, r. 8vo.

Thompson, William. Royal Navy-Men's Advocate, Lon., 1756, Svo.

Thompson, William, minister of Ochiltree, Ayrshire. The New Testament, translated from the Greek; and the Four Gospels arranged in Harmony, Ac, with some Preliminary Observations, and Notes, Critical and Explanatory, Kilmarnock, 1816, 3 vols. Svo. Of very little value. See Orme's Bibl. Bib., 430.

Thompson, William, a native of Ireland, who resided with Jeremy Bentbam; d. 1833. 1. Appeal of Women against Men, Lon., 8vo. 2. Principles of tho Distribution of Wealth most oonducive to Human Happiness, Ac, 1824, 8vo; new edits., by W. Pare, 1850, '69, 8vo. Noticed in Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1851, 218.

Thompson, Rev. William. Memoirs of Rev. Samuel Munson and Rev. Henry Lyman, Missionaries to the Indian Archipelago, N. York. 1839, pp. 196.

Thompson, William. Notices on tho Occurrence of Inflammatory Affections of tho Internal Organs after External Injuries and Surgical Operations, Phila., 1840, 8vo.

Thompson, William, President of the Natural History and Philosophical Sooiety of Belfast, was b. in Belfast, Nov. 2, 1805, d. in London, Feb. 17, 1852. He was a contributor to Proceed. Zuolog. Soc of London, Trans. Brit. Assoc, Annals of Nat. Hist., 1841-43, tho natural history magazines, Ac: a list of more than seventy of his papers will be found in the Ray Society Bibliography. But the great work of his life was his Natural History of Ireland, Svo, vols, i., ii., and iii., (these contain the Birds of Ireland,) 1849-51.

"A standard work, and will rank with those of our first ornithologists."—Dultl. Quar.Jour. of Med. Sri.

See favourable notices of these volumes in Lon. Allien., 1851, 971, and of vols. i. and ii. in Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1S49, 53, and 1850, 100. Sec, also, N. Brit. Rev., May, 1853, art. i. Before his death he made provision for tho coinpletion of the work, and in 1856 appeared the conclusion,—vol. iv., comprising Mammalia, Fish, Mollusca, Crustacea, and Zoophytes; Kdited by Prof. Dickie, Robert Patterson, Esq., of Belfast, and Dr. Ball; with Memoir and Portrait.

"The work Ik now a valuable addition to the natural history of the British Islands."—Lon. Allien., 1857,14.

"One of the most valuable monograph* on the distribution of> in Kurope."—Knight's Kny. Cyc, Mog., vi., 1858,11.

See, also, Westm. Rev., Oct. 1856.

A brief obituary notice of Mr. Thompson will be found in Lon. Lit. Gat., 1852,182: see, also, I,on. Gent. Mag., 1852, i. 419, (Obituary.)

Thompson, William. 1. English Flowcr-G&rden, Lon., 1855, sq. 4to. 2. Gardening Book of Annuals,

1855, 12ino; with Supp., 1861.

Thompson, William Gill, author of Nos. 3, 6, 13, 16, 20. 21, and 22 in North-Country Angler's Garlands, Newc, 1842, p. 8vo. See Blakey's Lit. of Ang.,

1856, 322.

Thompson, Rev. William Hepworth, b. in York, 1810) was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, of which he was elected a Scholar in 1830, a Fellow in 1834, Assistant Tutor in 1837, and Tutor in 1844. lie was elected Regius Professor of Greek in Cambridge University, and made a Canon of Ely, in 1853: and in 1866 he succeeded Dr. Whewell in the mastership of Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1861 he was appointed a member of tho Public Schools Commission. In addition to bis editorial labours noticed below, he is the author of a Sermon preached in Trinity College Chapel at the Commemoration, Ac, and of papers on Plato and Socrates, read before the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Ac. He published The Pbsedra of Plato, with English Notes and Dissert., Lon., 1868, 8vo, (Whittaker's Bibl. Class.) See Biitlek, William Archer, No. 4.

"We must not dismiss Professor Butler's Lectures without testifying to the admirable editing to which they have been submitted."—Lon. Spec. May 3,1856.

"The varied and accurate erudition of Mr. W. H. Thompson's notes to these lectures gives these volumes their value."—Q. II. Lewks: Jliiig. Hist, of Philos., 2d ed., lntrod.

But what says the learned editor himself?

"Of the dialectics and physics of Plato, they are the only exposition at once full, accurate, and popular, with which I am acquainted; being far more accurate than the French und incomparably more popular than the German treatises on these departments of the Platonic philosophy."

"By Professor Thompson's Notes we think we may say that these lectures are doubled in value. ... Of the series on Plato, ... we are confident that every intelligent reader of these Lectures will join in the high eucomium which the learned editor bas pronounced upon them."—Edin. Rev., July, 1856, art. ix.: Remains of William Archer Butler.

Thompson, Zadoc, Professor of Natural History and Chemistry in the University of Vermont, wag b. at Bridgewater, Vermont, 1796; graduated at the University of Vermont, 1823: ordained Deacon in the Prot. Epis. Church, 1836; State Naturalist of Vermont, 1853; d. whilst preparing a survey of the State, Jan. 19, 1856.

1. Gazetteer of the State of Vermont, Montpelier, 1824, 12mo. Repub., with additions, Ac, as Part 3 of No. 3. Sec Thompson, Daniel Pierce. 2. History of the State of Vermont to 1832 inc., Burlington, 1833, 12mo. 3. History of Vermont, Natural, Civil, and Statistical, in Three Parts, 1841, (some 1842, some 1843,) 8vo, (sec No. 1:) Appendix, 1853, 8vo.

"This is one of the best and most conscientious abridged histories we have of any of the States. The story of the Green Mountain Boys is told with great earnestness and simplicity."— II. iilrvens's ISM. Histnrica, 187", 2oft!».

See, also, The History of Vermont, by Hiland Hall, Albany, 1869, 8vo. pp. 521. Commended. 4. Guide to Lake George, Lake Champlain, Montreal, and Quebec, 1845, 18mo. 5. Geography and Geology of Vermont, 1848, 16mo. 6. Natural History of Vermont; an Address before the Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist., 1850, 8vo, pp. 32. He also published a periodical entitled The Green Mountain Repository, 1832, 12mo, which must be added to his other works. See Redfield, Isaac Fletcher, LL.D.

Thorns, Morton A., son of William John Thorns, (infra.) See Pulleys, William, No. 2.

Thorns, P. P. Dissertation on Ancient Chinese Vases, Lon., r. 8vo: new ed., 1854, 8vo.

Thorns, Patrick Hunter, a nativo of Dundee, edited, with an Introductory Essay, Stuart, Moses, No. 2, and is tho author of some fugitive pieces. See Rogers's Lyra Brit., ed. 1868, 546.

Thorns, W. F. Health in the Country and Cities, 4c, Phila., 1867, 8vo, pp. 16.

Thorns, Captain William. New Treatise of the

Praotice of Navigation at Sea, N. York, 1863, r. 8vo; 6th ed., r. 8vo.

Thorns, William John, late Secretary of the Camden Society, b. in Westminster, Nov. 16, 1803, was for some time a clerk in the Secretary's Offico at Chelsea Hospital; for many years one of the clerks of the Printed Papers Department in the House of Lords; and in 1863 was appointed Deputy Librarian to the House of Lords. 1. A Collection of Early Prose Romances, Lon., 1828, 3 vols. p. 8vo; 2d ed., Revised, Early English Prose Romances; with Bibliographical and Historical Introductions, 1858, 3 vols. or. 8vo, £1 7s.; 50 copies on 1. p., 8vo, £2 5«. Valuable. Includes Robert the Dcvyl, Thomas a Reading, Friar Bacon, Friar Rush, Virgilius, Robin Hood, George a Green, Tom a Lincolne, Helyas, Dr. FaustuB, and Second Report of Dr. Faustus.

"The 'Waverley Novels' of their day."—Lon. K'traspec. Rev.

2. Lays and Legends of France, Spain, Tartary, and Ireland, 1834, 12mo. 3. Lays and Legends of Germany, 1834, 12mo. 4. Book of the Court, 1838, 8vo; 2d ed., 1841, 8vo; again, 1844, 8vo; 1845, 8vo. 5. Anecdotes and Traditions illustrative of Early English History and Literature, from MSS. Sources, 1838-39, sm. 4to, (Camden Soc, iv.) 6. Caxton's Reynard the Fox; Edited, 1844. 7. Gammer Gurton's Pleasant Stories of Patient Grissel, etc. Newly Revised by Ambrose Merton, 1846, 16nio, 3«. 6d.; col'd, 4«. 6tt. 8. The Primeval Antiquities of Denmark, by J. J. Worsaae, M.R.S.A., of Copenhagen; Translated and applied to the Illustration of Similar Remains in England, 1849, 8vo. Reviewed in Lon. Gent. Mag., 1850, i. 161. See, also, Lou. Reader, 1865, ii. 431. 9. Choice Notes from " Notes and Queries:" vol. i., History, fp. 8vo; vol. ii., Folk Lore, 1859, fp. 8vo, pp. 300.

"An exceedingly interesting volume."—Lon. Gent. Mag., 1859, ii. 174.

Of "Notes and Queries," cr. 4to, Mr. Thorns was the originator, and ho is still (1870) editor and contributor. The order of publication was as follows: Series I., 12 vols., 1849-55; II., 12 vols., 1856-61; III., 12 vols., 186267; IV., vols, i.-iv., 1868-70. To each series there is a vol. of General Index.

"Mr. Thorns—a gentleman well known for his skill in antiquities and the good service which he has rendered to curious inquirers by his useful publication called Notes and Queries."— Lon. Allien., 1853, 7113.

10. Hannah Lightfoot, Queen Charlotte, and tho Chevalier D'Eon, Dr. Wilmot's Polish Princess, Ac, 1867, 8vo.

Mr. Thorns has been a contributor to the Foreign Quarterly Review, Memoirs of the Autiquarian Societies of London and Edinburgh, Ac Sec, also, Pullet;., William, No. 2; Shakspeariaka, No. 767; Stow, John, No. 3.

Thomson. See, also, Thompson.

Thomson, Mrs. 1. The Labryrinths of Life; a Novel, 12mo. 2. Excessive Sensibility; a Novel, 12mo. 3. Fatal Follies; a Novel, 12mo. 4. Tho Pride of Ancestry, 1804, 4 vols. 12mo.

Thomson, Mrs., of York. 1. Family Commentary; or, A Short and Easy Exposition of the New Testament; by a Lady, Lon., 4 vols. 12mo; 5th ed., 1836, 2 vols. 8vo.

"Does real credit to the piety and judgment of the author."— Lon. Chris. Guardian.

2. Practical Illustration of the Book of Psalms, by the Author of the Family Commentary, Ac, York, 1826,

2 vols. 12ino.

Thomson, Mrs. Next Door; a Novel, Lon., 1863,

3 vols. p. 8vo.

Thomson, A. Social Evils, their Causes and their Cure, Lon., 1852, 12mo.

Thomson, A. Great Missionaries: a Series of Biographies, Lon., 1862, p. 8vo; 1868, 12mo.

Thomson, A. Questions of Jesus, Edin., 1867, p. 8vo.

Thomson, A. I)., and Sugden, Mr. Training School Song-Book, Lon., 16mo.

Thomson, A. P. Milestones of Life, Lon., 1866, 12mo.

Thomson, Adam. The Disappointed Gallant; or, Buckram in Armour; a Ballad Opera, Edin., 1738, 8vo.

Thomson, Adam, a physician of Philadelphia. Discourse on the Preparation of the Body for the Smallpox, Phila., 1752, 4to.

Thomson, Adam, of Coldstream. 1. Four Serma. on Rev. Peter Thomson, Lon., 1808, 12mo. 2. Serm. on Rev. George Lawson, 1820, 8vo.

Thomson, Adam, D.D. 1. View of the English and Scotch Dissenters, Lou., 1839,12mo. 2. Consolation for Christian Mourners, 1840, 12mo; 1846, 12mo.

** We must cordially recommend it."—Eebxc. Rtv.

"Will be vulued by thousand*."—Lon. Revivalist.

3. Outlines for the Pulpit, 1843, 12mo.

Thomson, Ail a in, a watchmaker of London. Time and Timekeepers, Lon., 1842, fp. 8vo.

"A concise and very complete history."—Lon. Gtnt. Mag., IMi i. 623.

Thomson, Alexander, M.D., a native of Scotland. J. l>e Vera Medicinae Ratione, Utrecht, 1698, 4to. 2. Dissertationea Medico?, Lugd. Bat., 1705, 8vo.

Thomson, Alexander, M.I)., of Montrose. Six

raper* on Mineral Waters, Ac, in Edin. Med. Egs., 733-36.

Thomson, Alexander, M.D. 1. Enquiry into Nervous Disorders, Lon., 1781, 8vo. 2. Lives of the First Twelve Cicsars, trans, from the Latiu of C. S. Tranquillus; with Annotations, <&c, 1796, 8vo.

*' By far the best translation published."—Dr. Clarke.

3. Letters to a Traveller, 1798, 8vo. 4. Family Physician, 1801, 12iuo; N. York, 1802, 8vo.

Thomson, Alexander, d. suddenly at Edinburgh, Nov. 7, 1803, in his 41st year. 1. Whist; a Poem, Lon., 1792, 8vo. 2. Essay on Novels, Ac, 1794, 4to. 3. Paradise of Taste; a Poem, 1796, 4to. See Lon. Mon. Rev., xxi. 274. 4. German Miscellany; trans., 1797, 12mo.

5. Pictures of Poetry, Historical, Biographical, and Critical, Edin., 1799, cr. 8vo. 6. East Indian; from Kotzebuc, Lon., 1799, 8vo. 7. British Parnassus; a Poem, Edin., ISOI, 12mo; Lon., 1802, 8vo. 8. Sonnets, Odes, and Elegies, Edin., 1801, 12mo; Lon., 1802, 8vo. He left in MS. an Unfinished History of Scottish Poetry. See Nichols's Illust. of Lit., vii. 78, 122, viii. 343, 374.

Thomson, Alexander, Professor of Biblical Criticism in Glasgow Theological Academy. An HistoricoCritical Introduction to the Pentateuch; trans, from Prof. H. A. Ch. Uavernick, Edin., I860. 8vo, (Clarke's For. Then]. Lib., xviii.) To this should be added A General Hiftorico-Critical Introduction to the Old Testament; trans, from Havernick by W. L. Alexander, D.D., 1852. 8vo, (Clarke's F. T. L., xxviii.)

Thomson, Alexander* t Punishment and Prevention, Lon., 1857, p. 8vo.

Thomson, Alexander, of Banchory. See Mac


No. 1.

Thomson, Alexander, of Manchester. Question concerning the Basis of Faith, Lon., 1857, p. 8vo.

Thomson, Alexander M., D.Sc, Lecturer in Mineralogy at the University of Sydney, N.S.W. Guide to Mineral Explorers in Distinguishing Minerals, Ores, and Gems, Sydney, 1869, 8vo, pp. 64.

Thomson, Allen, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow. Outlines of Physiology, Edin., p. 8vo: Part 1, 1848; Part 2, 1849. Author of Somnambulism, in Encyc. Brit., 8th ed., xx., (1860.)

Thomson, Andrew, New and Cheap Method of Purifyiog Gold and Silver; Nic. Jour., 1805.

Thomson, Andrew, D.D., b. at Sanquhar, Durafriessshire, July 11,1779, and educated at the University of Edinburgh, was minister of Spronston, Roxburghshire, 1802-8; of the East Church of Perth, 1808-10; of the New Grey-Friars' Church, Edinburgh, 1810-14; and of St. George's Church, Edinburgh, from June, 1814, until his sudden death, Feb. 9, 1831.

1. Lectures, Expository and Practical, on Select Portions of Scripture, Edin., 1816, 2 vols. 8vo.

"Th'-v aNitmd with Hound and striking views of Christianity." —Orm/s liihl. Rib., 429.

2. Sermons on Infidelity, 1821, ISmo; 1824, cr. 8vo; 183-, p. 8vo and 18mo. See Chris. Quar. Spec, v. 469. 3. Sermons on Hearing the Word, 1825, ISuio. 4. The Scripture History, Bristol, 1826, 12mo. 5. The Scripture History of the New Testament, Lon., 1827, 12mo.

6. Sermons on Various Subjects, Edin., 1829, 8vo. 7. Doctrine of Universal Pardon: Sermons, with Notes, 1830, 12mo. He also published a number of Catechisms, educational and religious works for children, Ac; originated and edited The Edinburgh Christian Instructor, 1810 et *eq,; and contributed to Edin. Encyc, Ac. After his death appeared his—8. Sermons and Sacramental

. Exhortations, (with Memoir prefixed.) 1831, 8vo; Bost., 1832, I2mo. He was a man of unconquerable zeal, untiring energy, and commanding eloquence. He attacked the British and Foreign Bible Society for circulating the Apocrypha with the Holy Scriptures, opposed the abuses of lay patronage in the Church of Scotland, effectually I

denounced British colonial slavery and other evils, and did much to promote education, morality, and "evangelical religion" in Scotland.

"His was no ordinary championship; and although the weapons of our spiritual warfare are th«* same in every hand, we nil know that there M-hs none who wielded them more vipirouily than lie did, or who with such an arm of might and voire of re«intle«s energy carried, as if hy *torm, the conviction* of his people."—Dr. Thomas Chalmers.

"His talent* were such as would have raised him to eminence in any profession or public walk of life which h«* might have chosen."—I>r. Mccrik: Obit, of Dr. Thomson, in IHackw. Mug., 1881,677, (q. v.)

See, also, Chambers's and Thomson's Biog. Diet, of Em. Scotsmen, ed. 1855, iv. 370; Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk.

Thomson, Andrew. Sketches of Scripture Characters, Edin., 18o6, p. 8vo.

Thomson, Rev. Anthony. 1. The English Schoolroom; or, Thoughts on Private Tuition, Lon., IK(>5, cr. 8vo. 2. Lessons for Schools, 4 Parts in 4 vols.. 1865.

Thomson, Anthony Todd, M.D., the son of the British Postmaster-General of Georgia and Collector of Customs of Savannah, was b. in Edinburgh, 1778, and graduated there, 1799; removed to London about 1S00; Professor of Materia Medica in the London University, (now University College,) 1828, and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in the same, 1832, and held both chitira until his death, July 3, 1849. 1. Essay on the General Study of Experimental Philosophy and the Utility of Chemistry, Lon., 1800, 8vo. 2. Ode to the Memory of Sir Ralph Abercrombie, 1801, 4to. 3. Conspectus of the Pharmacopoeias of the London, Edinburgh, and Dublin Colleges of Physicians, 1816, 12mo; lfith ed., by E. L. Birkett, M.D., 1852, 18mo, and 19th ed., 1865, ISmo; new ed., 1868, 18mo; 6th Amer. ed., N. York, 1855, 18mo. 4. London Dispensatory, Lon., 1811, 8vo; 11th ed., by A. B. Garrod, 1852, 8vo. Translated into several European languages. "Among the first of its kind."—Lon. Fftarm. Jour. 5. Authentic Medical Statement of the Case of H.R.II. the Late Princess Charlotte of Wales, 1H17, 8vo. 6. Lectures on the Elements of Botany, 8vo, Part 1, 1822. All published. 7. Thoughts on Medical Education and a Plan for its Improvement, 1826, 8vo. 8. Elements of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, 1832-33, 2 vols. Hvo; 2d ed., 1835, 8vo; 3d ed., with more than 100 wood-cuts, 1843, 8vo, pp. 1257.

"In every respect worthy of his exalted reputation."—FT. York Jour, of M**l. ami Sun/.

9. Some Observations on the Preparation and Medicinal Employment of the Ioduret and Hydriodate of Iron, 1834, 8vo. 10. Commentaries on Diseases of the Skin, 1839, 8vo, with fol. vol. of plates. 11. Domestic Managementof the Sick-Koom, 1841, p. 8vo: 2d ed., 1845, p. Kvo; by R. E. Griffith, M.D., Phila., r. 12mo. "An invaluable hook."—Lon. Gent. Mag. Also commended by Lon. Athen., Ac. 12. The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies, and Apparent Miracles; from the French of Eusebe Snlverte; with Notes, Illustrative, Explanatory, and Critical, Lon., 1846, 2 vols. 8vo; N. York, 1847, 2 vols. 12mo.

"Twocnrious and entertaining volumes."—Lon. Allien., 1846, 756.

13. Practical Treatiso of Diseases Affecting the Skin, by the Late Anthony Todd Thomson, M.D.: Completed and Edited by E. A. Parkes, M.D., 1850, 8vo. Contains a biographical notice of Dr. Thomson.

"We have no hesitation in stating that this is the most valuable and comprehensive view of the subject, in all its branches, that was ever issued from the press in England or on the Continent.'1Lon. Lit. Gat., 185(1, 424.

Dr. Thomson also edited Batcman's Practical Synopsis, (see Batemas, Thomas, M.D.,) 7th ed., 1829, 8vo, 8th ed., 1836, 8vo, and added to it an Atlas of Delineations of Cutaneous Eruptions, illustrative of the Descriptions in Batcman's Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, 29 coloured plates, with descriptive letter-press, 1829, imp. 8vo, £3 3*.

"The object of this Atlas ts to place in the hands of the student a substitute for the valuable but expensive delineations of Dr. Bateman."

A new ed. of Batcman's Delineations, with 72 coloured plates, was published in 1849, 4to, £5 5*. He edited an edition of Thomson's Seasons, (see Thomson, James;) edited for many years (forpartof the time in conjunction with Dr. Burrows) the Medical Repository; and contributed to this periodical, to Modico-Chir. Trans., Med. (In/.., Lancet, Cortnaok's Month. Jour, of Med. Sci., Cye. of Prac. Med., Lon. Lit. Gas., and several literary reviews and magazines.

"up was a man as generally and highly esteemed ns any member of the eminent profession to which he belonged."—Lon. Gtnt. J%.,1849, ii. 426, (Obituary.)

Thomson, Mrs. Anthony Todd. See Thomson, Katherine.

Thomson, Arthur S., M.D., Surgeon-Major 58th Regiment, for eleven years a resideut of New Zealand, being dissatisfied with the 90 volumes and 20(1 pamphlets on the colony, has given us The Story of New Zealand, Past and Present—Savage and Civilized, Lon., 1859, 2 vols. p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1860, 2 vols. p. 8vo. See Thomson', Mrs. C.

"Clear, concise, and comprehensive."—Lon. Guar. Rt., Oct. 1869.

"One of the very best books on New Zealand that have appeared."—Ijfm. Wthm., 1860, ii. 352.

Thomson, Mrs. C. Twelve Years in Canterbury, New Zealand, Lon., 1867, p. Svo. See Thomson', Arthur 6., M.D.

Thomson, Charles. Travels; containing Observations on France, Italy, Turkey in Europe, the Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, Ac, Reading, 1752, 3 vols. 8vo; Glasg., 1810, 8vo.

Thomson, Charles, b. in Ireland, 1729; came to America at the age of eleven; received his education from the Rev. Dr. Francis Alison; subsequently established a Friends' Academy in Philadelphia, and afterwards engaged in commerce; was Secretary of the American Congress, 1774 to 1789; d. in Lower Mcrion, near Philadelphia, Aug. 16, 1824, in his 95th year. John Adams (Works, ii. 358) describes him as "the Sam,' Adams of Philadelphia, the life of the cause of liberty;" and among the Indians ho was known as " The Man of Truth." 1. An Enquiry into the Causes of the Alienation of the Delaware and Shawanesc Indians, Ac; with Notes by the Editor on Indian Customs, Lon., 1759, Svo. 2. The Holy Bible, containing tho Old and New Covenant, commonly called tho Old and New Testament. Translated from the Greek, [the Old Covenant from the Septuagint,] Philadelphia, (Aitken,) 1S08, 4 vols. Svo. Very rare. Vol. i., Oeu.-l Sam. ; vol. ii., 2 Sam.-Psalms; vol. iii., Prov.-Mal.; vol. iv.. New Testament.

"Thin translation is, upon the whole, faithfully executed. . . . The notes are very brief, but satisfactory as far as they go."— Hornr's llibl. l!il>., 263.

"Creditable to America and tn the learned author. It is the only English version of the Septuagint."—Onnr't Bibl. Bib., 1824, 429.

There has since appeared, Old Testament, tho Septuagint Version, according to the Vatican text, translated into English, with various readings from the Alexandrian copy, by Sir L. C. L. Brenton, Bart., Lon., (Bagster,) 1844, 2 vols. 8vo.

Thomson's own copy of his version, with his last MS. corrections, is in the Philadelphia Library. 3. A Synopsis of the Four Evangelists : or, A Regular History of tho Conception, Birth, Doctrine, Miracles, Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus Christ, in the Words of the Evangelists, Phila., 1815, 8vo. In the language of his own version.

"Very respectably executed."—Thome's liihl. Ilih., 135.

Ho left in MS. Critical Annotations on Gilbert Wakefield's Works, and these were presented in 1832 by John F. Watson to the Massachusetts Historical Society. (See Proceed. Mass. Hist. Soc, 1860-1S62, Svo, 1S62, 210.) For notices of this excellent man, see Watson's Annals of Philadelphia; Life of Ashbel Green, 48; Nouvenu Voyage daus l'Amc>iquc Scptentriouale, 1781, par M. 1'Abbe Robin, Paris, 1782; Amer. Quar. Rev., i. 29: the article—not the quotation—is by Robert Walsh.

Thomson, Cnarles, D.D. New Grammatical System of tin- Latin Language, 1812.

Thomson, Charles. On the Ordinances of tho Mines of New Spain ; from the Spanish, Lon., 1825, Svo.

Thomson, Charles Edward Ponlett, Lord Sydenham. See Sydenham.

Thomson, Charles West, a divine of the Prot. Epis. Church, wns b. in Philadelphia, 1798. 1. The Limner, (prose sketches,) Phila., 1822, 12mo. 2. The Phantom Barge, and other Poems, 1822, 12mo. 3. Ellincr, and other Poems, 1826, 12mo. 4. The Sylph, and other Poems, 1828, 12mo. 5. Tho Love of Home, and other Poems, 1S45, 12ino. Contributor to Doughty's Cabinet of Natural History, The Atlantic Souvenir, The Gift, The Token, and other annuals, Phila. Gent. Mag., Graham's Mag., and several religious periodicals. See, also, Proud, Robert.

Thomson, Christopher. Autobiography of an Artisan, Lon., 1847, p. Svo.

"He shows himself shrewd, sharp, and ready,—but something bitter."—Lon. Atlim., 1847, S87.

Thomson, D. Latin Synonyms, Lon., 1856, 12mo.

Thomson, David. 1. Lunar and Horary Tables, 30th ed., Lon., 1845, r. Svo: 55th ed., 1S62, r. Svo. 2. Engineer's Guide to the Naval and Local Marine Boards, Lon., 1S65, 12mo. 3. Rules in Navigation and Nautical Astronomy, Glasg., 1867, 12mo.

Thomson, David. See Stuart, Robert, No. 1.

Thomson, David. 1. Practical Treatise on the Culture of the Pine-Apple, Edin., 1S66, Svo. 2. Handy Book of the Flower-Garden, 1868, p. 8vo.

Thomson, David Purdie, M.D., a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Introduction to Meteorology, Edin. and Lon., 1819, 8vo. Commended by Sir D. Brewster, Sir J. Hcrschel, Dubl. Univ. Mag., Lon. Economist, and N. Amer. Rev., Ixxi. 69, (by J. Lovering.)

Thomson, D., D.D. The Confederated Republic; of Israel: a Sermon, N. York, 1863, 12mo.

Thomson, K. 1. Adventures of Burnaby Lee, Lon., 1852, 8vo. 2. Adventures of a Carpet-Bag. 1853, 12mo.

Thomson, Ebenezer, educated at the University of Edinburgh, afterwards Classical Master in Ayr Academy, d. at Forgan Manse, Jan. 12, 1861, aged 77. 1. Too King's Quair, 2d ed., Ayr, 1824, Svo. See James I., King Of Scotland. 2. German Analogies, Lon., 1841, 12mo. 3. Select Monuments of the Doctrine and Worship of the Catholio Church in England before the Norman Conquest, 1850, 18mo. 4. Vindication of the Hymn "Tc Deum Laudamus," with Translations, Ac, 1858, fp. 8vo. Sec Lon. Gent. Mag., 1861, i. 348, (Obituary.)

Thomson, Edward, M.D., D.D., b. at Portsea, England, 1810, became President of the Ohio Wesleynn University, 1846. 1. Educational Essays; new ed., by Rev. D. W. Clark, D.D., Cin., 1856, 12mo. 2. Letters from Europe. 3. Moral and Religious Essays. 4. Biographical and Incidental Sketches. Edited Ladies' Repository, 1844-46: contributed to Mclh. Quar. Rev., Ohio Med. Jour., Ac.

Thomson, Frederick. Essay on the Scurvv, Lon., 1790, 8vo.

Thomson, George, a Scotch Roman Catholic De Antiquitatc Christiana: Religionis apud Scotos, Romas, 1594, 4to.

"Which makes their conversion and snhjection to the papal see to be very earl v."—Bishop Nicolson: .Scot. Hut. Lib., ed. 1776, 67.

Thomson, George, a Scotsman. De Pompa in Jac I. Introitu in Londinum Sylva, Lon., 1604, Svo. 2. Vindex Veritatis adversus Justum Lipsium Libri duo, Alern., (Lon.,) 1606, Svo. 3. La Chasse de la Bcste Romainc, Rochello, 1611, Svo. 4. Poeiuuta: Among tho Latin Scottish Poets.

Thomson, George, M.D. 1. Vindication of Lord Bacon, Lon., 1651, Svo. 2. Galcno-pnlc. 1655. Svo. 3. Loimotomia, or the Pest Anatomised, 1666, Svo. 4. Animatiasis, 1670, Svo; in English, 1670, Svo. 5. Letter to II. Stubbe, 1672, Svo. 6. Curing Chymically, 1675, Svo; Latinc per G. Hennichen, Franc, 1686, Svo. Other works. Sec Watt's Bibl. Brit.

Thomson, George, M.D. 1. Anatomy of the Human Bones, Lon., 1734, Svo. 2. Virtues of Plants, 1734, 8vo. 3. Account of a Threshing Machine. 4. Art of Dissecting Human Bodies; from the Latin of Lyserus, 1740, 8vo. 5. Supernumerary Teeth ; Ed. Med. Ess., 1736.

Thomson, Rev. George. Spirit of General History; in a Series of Lectures, Lon., 1791, Svo; 2d ed., 1792, Svo.

Thomson, George, the " friend and correspondent of Burns," and collector and editor of music, was b. at Limekilns, Fife, about 1759 ; became a clerk in the Trustees' Office, Edinburgh, in 1800, and retained this connection until 1833; d. at Edinburgh, Feb. 16. 1853. 1. Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs for the Voice, with Symphonies and Accompaniments for the Pianoforte, Violin, Ac, by Pleycl, Kozeluch, Haydn, and Beethoven, Edin., 1799-1818, 5 vols. fol. In this collection appeared, for the first time in print, upwards of 100 songs by Burns. Sec No. 3. 2. Statement and Review of a Recent Decision of the Judge of Police in Edinburgh, authorising his Officers to make Domiciliary Visits in Private to stop Dancing, Ac, by Civis, 1S07. See Hamst's Hand- Hook for Fictitious Names, 1868, 32. 3. Select Collection of Original Welsh Airs, adapted for the Voice, united to Characteristic English Poetry, Ac, 1809, fol. J. Lilly's B. A.-C, 1869, £1 U. 4. The Se

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