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Christian Dispensation?, by Andrews Norton, 1883, cr. 8vo.

Tayler, Thomas, a Dissenting minister at Carter Lane Chapel. 1. Seruis., Lon., 1803, Svo.

"Particularly calculated for general utility."—Walter WilSon.

2. Serm., 1803. 3. Serm., 1810, 8vo.

Tayler, Thomas. 1. The Law Glossary, Albanv, 1833, Svo; 2d ed., Lon., 1833, Svo.

"Abounds in inaccuracies."—Marvin'i Lfff. Bibl.. 686, (o. r.)

See, also, 12 Arner. Jur., 248; 7 L. R., 72; 2 Rev. Etran., 180. 3d cd., N. York, 1845, 8vo; 4th cd„ Revised, Corrected, and Enlarged by a Member of the New York Bar, 1855, 8vo; again, 1858, Svo. 2. Precedents of Wills drawn conformably to the Revised Statutes of the State of New York; with Practical Notes, Albany, 1842, 8vo: N. York, 1843, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo.

Tayler, W. The Patna Crisis; or, Three Months at Patna during the Insurrection of 1857, Lon., 1858, p. Svo. See Lon. Athen., 1858, ii. 387.

Tayler, W. Elfe. 1. Popery: its Character and its Crimes, Lon., 1847, p. Svo.

"A work of great importance and intrinsic worth."—Eclec. Rev.

Also commended by Oxford Prot. Mag.

2. Hippolytus and the Christian Church of the Third Century, 1853, fp. 8vo. 3. Vestiges of Divine Vengeance, 1854, I2ino. 4. Ocologv: its Facts and its Fictions, 1S55, fn. Svo. 5. The End Not Yet, Bristol, 185", cr. Svo. 6. History of the Temporal Power of the Popes, Lon., 1860, 12mo. See Lon. Athen., 1860, i. 821. 7. Ashley Down; or. Living Faith in a Living God: Memorials of the New Orphan Houses on Ashley Down, Bristol, under the Direction of George MUllcr, I860, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1S64. 8. "Mighty through God:" Account of Labours of G. Miiller, 1861, fp. Svo.

Tayler, William, of the Middle Temple. History of the Taxation of England, with an Account of the Rise and Progress of the National Debt, Lon., 1353, 8vo.

"A laborious and accurate compilation; . . . a useful supplement to Delolme, [p. 419, supra.]"— Lon. Lit. Gat., 1853, 721.

Tayler, William James, Barristcr-at-Law. Treatise on the Difference between the Laws of England and Scotland relating to Contracts; including Marriage, Ac, Lon., 1849, 8vo.

"It is an accurate digest of the whole law of contracts in this country, brought down to the latest time."—Scoltman.

Tayleure, V. Professions; a Novel, Lon., 1S52, 3 vols. p. 8vo.

Taylor. Gold and Silver Coin Examiner, N. Y'ork, 1817, 8vo.

Taylor, Mrs. 1. Numerical English Class-Book, Lon., 12mo. 2. Family Schoolmistress, 1839, lStuo. 3. Miscellaneous Class-Book, 1850, 12mo.

Taylor, Rev. A. A. E., of Dubuque, Iowa. 1. A Good Soldier, Phila., 1864, 32mo. 2. The Soul's Only Refuge, 1S65, lSuio. 3. Waiting to bo Gracious, 1869, 32mo.

Taylor, Abraham, a Dissenting minister. 1. Letter to a Friend, Lon., 1729, Svo. 2. Letter on the Dissenters, 1730, 8vo. Sec Watts, Isaac, D.D., No. 10.

Taylor, Adam. The Ananus or Pine-Apple, Devizes, 1769, 8vo.

Taylor, Adam. 1. Etymological Chart, 1799. 2. Useful Arithmetic, Lon., 1804, 12uio. 3. Sequel to No. 2, 1S08, 12mo.

Taylor, Adam. History of the English Baptists, Lon., 2 vols. 8vo.

Taylor, Adam. Memoirs of Daniel Taylor, Lon., 8vo.

Taylor, Alexander. VI. Discourses on Prophecy, Ac, Abcrd., 1831-38, 8vo.

Taylor, Alexander, M.D. On the Curative Influence of the Climate of Pau, Ac, Lon., p. 8vo, 1852; 3d ed., 1361.

'■ Seems to have exhausted the medical statistics of the Pyrenees; . . . ample details of natural history."—Lon. Athen., 1652, 803.

Taylor, Rev. Alexander. See Patrick, Sywon, D.D.; Taylor, Jeremy, D.D., (Editions of Jeremy Taylor's Works, VII.)

Taylor, Alexander. Summary of Sacred History, in Bible Language, 2d ed., Lon., 1861, fp. Svo.

Taylor, Alexander 8., b. in Charleston, S.C., 1817, after travelling for several years in the East and West Indies, Ceylon, and China, resided at Monterey, California, 1848-60, and subsequently removed to Santa Barbara, in the same State. He is author of The Indi

anology of California, in four series of 150 numbers, in The California Fanner, 1S60-64: The Bibliogrnfa California, in The Sacramento Daily Union, June 25, 1863, and March, 1866: a History of Grasshoppers and Loousts of America, in the Smithsonian Report of 1858; and of many articles on California history, Indian ethnology, natural history, Ac, in The Herald and Bulletin of San Francisco, Sacramento Union, Monterey Seutincl, Hutching's California Magazine, Bancroft's Iland-Book, Ac.

Taylor, Alfred, pastor of Presbyterian church at Bristol, Penna., was b. in Philadelphia, 1831. 1. Union Prayer-Meeting Hymn-Book, Phila., 1858, l6mo. Sale to April 1. 1864, nearly 200,000. 2. The Prayer-Meeting Tune-Book, 1859, 16mo. 3. Sunday-School Photographs; with an Introduction by John S. Hart, I.L.D., Bost., 1864, 16mo; Edin., 1864, fp. 8vo. Commended by Lon. Reader, 1864, ii. 809. 4. The Extra HyuinBook: 100 Hymns, Phila., 1864, 32mo. 5. Hints about the Sunday-School Work, 1869. Contributed a poem to Dr. J. S. Hart's Golden Censer, Phila., 1864, 16mo, and articles to The Sunday-School Times, The Presbyterian, Ac. Editor of The Sunday-School Work, (New York,) No. 1, Jan. 1870 et teq.

Taylor, Alfred Swaine, M.D., b. at Northfloct, Kent, 1S06, medically educated at Guy's and St. Thomas's Hospitals, was appointed Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence at Guy's Hospital, 1831, and in 1S32 succeeded Alexander Barry as joint Lecturer on Chomistry with the late Arthur Aitkcn. These offices—tho latter post be has held solely since 1851—ho still retains, (I860.)

1. Manual of Medical Jurisprudence, Lon., fp. Svo, Nov. 1843, date 1814; 2d ed., 1846; 3d cd., 1848; 4th ed., 1852; 5th cd., 1854, (making 10,750 copies;) 6th cd., 1858; 7th cd., 1861; 8th ed., 1S66. Amcr. edits.: see Griffith, Robert Egulesfield, M.D.; Hartshorne, Edwaro, M.D., No. 1; 5th Amcr. ed., Phila., 1861, 8vo; 6th Amcr. cd., by C. B. Penrose, 1867, 8vo. Commended by Lon. Law Times, Lon. Med. Gaz., Lon. Athen., Dubl. Quar. Jour., Dubl. Med. Jour., Phila. and St. Louis Med. and Surg. Jour., both for Sept. 1856, Amer. Jour. Med. Sci., and Bost. Med. and Surg. Jour., both for Oct. 1S56, Ac. Sec, also, 2 Bishop's Critu. Law, 335, n., 2d ed., 1858, and Ray's Mod. Jur. of Insan., 4th ed., I860, 251, n. The author was rewarded, Jan. 21, 1859, by the Swiney Prize,—"a silver goblet of tho value of one hundred pounds, containing gold coin to the same amount," (see Lon. Gent. Mag., 1845, i. 133; Notes and Queries, 1862, ii. 508.) 2. Photogenic Drawing, 1840, Svo. See Lon. Athen., 1840, 684. 3. On Poisons in Relation to Medical Jurisprudence and Medicine, Lon., fp. 8vo, 1818; 2d ed., 1858. Amcr. edits.: with Notes and Additions by 11. E. Griffith, M.D., Phila., 1848, 8vo; 2d Amer. cd., from 2d Lon. ed., 1850, 8vo.

"An excellent and valuable manual."—EtHn. Mfd. Jour.

Also commended by Dubl. Quar. Jour., Brit, and For. Mcd.-Chir. Rev., West. Jour, of Med., Ac. See, also, Wharton and Still6's Med. Jurisp., 2d ed., 1860, 586, n., 773, n. 4. On Poisoning by Strychnin, with Comments on tho Medical Evidence given at the Trial of William Palmer for the Murder of John Parson's Cook, Lon., 1856, 8vo. Dr. Taylor defends himself from the charges brought against him by tho evidence produced on behalf of the prisoner. See Lon. Athen., 1857, 910. 5. With Brande, W. T., D.C.L., Chemistry, 1862, fp. Svo; Phila., 1863, 8vo.

"The best guide to tho study of Chemistry yet given to tho world."—Lon. Lancet.

"(jives, in the clearest and most summary method possible, all the facts and doctrines of Chemistry."—Lon. Med. Tiirn*.

6. The Principles and Practice of Medical Jurisprudence, with 176 wood engravings, I860, Svo.

"It is by far the most valuable book in the Kii^liHh latiKiiufco on the subjects Uik>u which it treats."—Lon. Rettt/rr, 1866, ii. 3ii7.

Add to it: The Jurisprudence of Medicine in its Rotations to the Law of Contracts, Torts, and Evidence; with a Supplement on tho Liabilities of Venders of Drugs, by John Ordronaux, LL.B., M.D., Phila., 1S69, Svo, pp. xvi., 310.

Dr. Taylor edited for some years the Medical Gazette, and has contributed to the Duhl. Quar. Jour, and other medical periodicals, (see, also, Dunglison's Amcr. Mud. Lib., Phila., vol. i., 1838, vol. ii., 1840,) and, in conjunction with R. A. Le Mesuricrnnd J. Middlcton, enlarged and improved a new ed. of Keith's Treatise on the Use of the Globes, 1860, 12mo. See, also, Perkira, JonaThan, M.D., No. 5.

Taylor, Algernon. 1. Convent Life in Italy, Lon, 1S62, p. 8vo; 2d cd., 1863. He visited sixty-threo oonTentual abodes. Commended by Lon. Rev., Critic, Olobe, Exam., Englishman, and Cler. Jour., all 1862. See, also, Lon. Athen., 1862, i. 787.

2. Scenes in French Monasteries, 1866, ]>. 8vo. Taylor, Ann, the first wife of Isaac Taylor the first,

of Ongar, mother of Isaac the second, Ann, and Jane Taylor, and a sister of the Rev. James Hinton, of Oxford; d. 1830. 1. Advice to Mothers, 1814,12mo. 2. Maternal Solicitude for a Daughter's Best Interests, Lon., 1814, 12mo; 13th ed., 1839; new ed., by Mrs. Balfour, 1853, fp. 8vo; new ed., 1864,12mo. It was trans, into French, ]2mo. 3. Practical Hints to Young Females, 1815, 12mo; last ed., 186.3, 12mo. 4. Present of a Mistress to a Young Servant, 1822, 12mo; by Miss Roberts, 1851, 12mo. 5. Family Mansion; a Tale, 12mo. 6. Retrospection ; a Tale, 12mo. 7. Reciprocal Duties of Parents and Children, 12mo. 8. With Taylor, Jane, (infra,) Correspondence between a Mother and her Daughter at Bohool, 1817, 12mo. Of several, if not all, of her works, many copies were circulated. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1830, ii. 649; Blackw. Mag., xviii. 565.

Taylor, Ann, the second daughter of the preceding and of Isaac Taylor the first, and the widow of the late Rev. Joseph Gilbert, of whom she published a Biographical Sketch, (vide p. 668, supra,) was co-author with her sister Jane (q. v.) of the following excellent works, (in No. 1 they had some assistance,) which have had a wide circulation. Mrs. Gilbert d. in 1866. 1. Original Poems for Infant Minds, last ed., Lon., 1863, 2 Yols. 18mo. It was trans, into German. Commended by Impcr. Rev., Aug. 1804, Lon. Quar. Rev., lxxiv. 19, Ac 2. Hymns for Infant Minds, 46th ed., 1863, r. 18mo; 47th 1000, 1868, r. lSino.

"Contains (Nos. 14 and 15) a better practical description of Christian humility and it* opposite, than I ever met with in so •mkll a compass."—Abp. Whatrly: Essays on Christian faith,

The book is commended by Amer. Bibl. Repos., Ac

3. Original Hymns for Sunday-Schools, 32mo. More than 13,000 were sold from June, 1820, to June, 1821. 4. Rhymes for the Nursery, new edits., 1843, '60, '63, ISmo. Nos. 1, 2, and 4 have been repub. in the United States. See James Montgomery's Lects. on Genl. Lit., Ac, (Poetry for the Young.)

Taylor, Archibald. See Stow, T. Q.

Taylor, Arthur. The Glory of Regality; an Historical Treatise of the Anointing and Crowning the Kings and Queens of England, Lon., 1820, 8vo, 15*.; 1. p., 30«. Reissued, 1838 : see Lon. Athen., 1838, 441.

"The only work deserving of attention on the subject of English coronations."—J. R. 1'lanchk.

Tuylor, Angiistin. 1. Encomiasticke Elegies,Lon., 1614, 8vo. 2. Divine Epistles: Newcs from Jerusalem, and the Miserio of the World, 1632.

Taylor, It. F. Attractions of Language, Utica, 1842, 12mo.

Taylor, Bayard, (formerly James Bayard Taylor, ) one of the most enterprising of travellers and liveliest of raconteurs, was b. near Kcnnet Square, Chester county, Pennsylvania, Jan. 11, 1825; became an apprentice in a pnnting-offico in Westchester, Pa., in 1842 ; travelled for two years in Europe at an expense of only five hundred dollars, 1844-46, {see No. 2, infra;) on his return borne published and edited a paper in Phcenixville, Pa., for one year, and subsequently wrote for the Literary World,and also the New York Tribune, of which he became a coproprietor and co-editor in 1849; visited California, 1849, and returned by the way of Mexico, 1850, (see No. 4, infra ;) left Philadelphia, August 28, 1851, and returned to New York, December 20, 1853, after accomplishing more than fifty thousand miles of travel in Asia, Africa, and Europe, (see Nos. 7, 8, and 9, infra;) started on a fourth tour, July, 1856, and returned to New York, October, 1858, (see Nos. 13 and 14, infra;) in 1862 became Secretary to the American Legation at the Court of St. Petersburg, and in 1863 performed the duties of Charg6d'AfTaires.

Publications: 1. Ximena, or, The Battle of the Sierra Morena, and other Poems, Phila., 1844, 12mo, pp. 84. Some of these poems were originally published in the New York Mirror and Graham's Magazine.

2. Views a-Foot; or, Europe seen with Knapsack and Staff: with a Preface by N. P. Willis, N. York, Dec. 1846, 12mo, pp. 343; 9th ed., 1848; 20th ed., 1856, 12mo; last ed., 1869, 12ino; Lon., 1869, 18mo.

"We do not remember any book of travels in which an author appears altogether so amiable and interesting as he in his • Views a-Foot.'"—Da. K. W. Griswold: Poets and Poetry of

America, (q. v. Tot an Interesting notice of Taylor and his productions.)

"We too are richer for his travels, by the amonnt of an earnest, sensible, and manly book."—ion. Athen., 1847, 167.

Also commended in N. Amer. Rev., lxiv. 483, (by Dr. W. B. 0. Peabody,) South. Quar. Rev., Union Mag., Ac 3. Rhymes of Travel, Ballads, and other Poems, 1848, 12mo; 2d ed., 1849, 12mo.

"He is unquestionably the most terse, glowing, and vigorous of all our poets, young or old,—In point, I mean, of expression His sonorous, wcdl-balanced rhythm puts me often iu mind of Campbell."—Edgar A. Foe: The Literati.

Mr. Poo's eulogy was elicited by what he calls "an invidious notice of 'Rhymes of Travel' in the Literary World," (q. v., 1848.) A complimentary review of Taylor's poems was pub. in South. Quar. Rev., xvi. 224.

4. Eldorado; or, Adventures in the Path of Empire: comprising a Voyage to California, via Panama, Ac, 1850, 2 vols. 12mo; or, without plates, 12mo; Lon., 1850, 2 vols. p. 8vo, (Bentley ;) 2 vols. p. 8vo, (H. G. Bohn's Shill. Series, xv., xvi.;) 12mo, (Routledge;) 18th Amer. ed., N. York, 1862, 12mo; new ed., 1869, 12mo. In America 10,000 copies were sold in 12 days, and in England 30,000 copies were sold in a few years.

"This is a capital book: in whichever way it is considered, brimfull of instruction."—ion. Athen., 1850, 680.

"Full of information and interest, and written with equal vivacity and ease. It is a book of wonders; of the strangest contrasts, changing as rapidly as those of the kaleidoscope."— South. Quar. Rev.

"May bo especially praised."—J. D. Whitkit: JV. Amer. Ret., 'lxxv. 277.

5. Tho American Legend; a Poem delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University in 1850, 1850, 8vo. 6. Book of Romances, Lyrics, and Songs, Bost., 1851, 16mo: 1852, 16mo. Favourably noticed by G. II. Bokcr in internat. Rev., v. 13, (Taylor and Stoddard.) 7. A Jonrney to Central Africa; or, Life and Landscape from Egypt to the Negro Kingdoms of the White Nile, N. York, 1854, 12mo; Lon., 1854, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1858, or. 8vo; 11th Amer. ed., N. York, 1862, 12mo; new ed., 1869, 12mo.

"If it were posailde to add nny thing to the fascination which attract* so many travellers to the banks of the Nile, this volume would do it."—Lon. D. News.

"It is very rarely our good fortune to meet with such a delightful book of travel."—Lon. Atlas.

"Mr. Taylor writes with facility and describes with effect. ITis narrative is always lively and amusing."—Lon. Athen., 1854, 1138.

See, also, Lon. Gent. Mag., 1854, ii. 470; Graham's Mag., Nov. 1854. See No. 9.

8. The Lands of the Saracen; or, Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily, and Spain, 1854, 12mo; Lon., 1855, cr. 8vo; 20th Amer. ed., N. York, 1862, 12mo; new cd., 1S69, 12mo.

"His book is pleasant, readable, and useful."—Lon. Athen., 1856.481.

"The book Is full of fresh and genuine interest."—Lon. Leader. See No. 9. .

9. A Visit to IndiB, China, and Japan, in the Year 1853, 12mo, 1S55; Lon., 1855, cr. 8vo; cd. bv G. F. Pardon, 1860, 12mo; 16th Amer. cd., N. York, 1862, 12mo; new ed., I860, 12mo. Nos. 7, S, nnd 9 contain tho results of the explorations of 1851-53, wf *npra.

"The two years and four months' travel, of vvhich ibis volume forms the closing part, exhibits the same re*i>]ute enerpy as the Author's 'Views a*Foot.' . . . Mr. Taylor shows the skill and knack of a practised WUrateur.''Ltm. Spectator.

"At once hrifrht in style and varied and entertaining in matter."—Lim. Lender.

See, also, Lon. Athen., 1856, 70, (same in Host. Liv. Age, xlviii. 625,) and Graham's Man.. Nov. 1855, (bv E. P. Whipple.) 10. Poems of Hie Orient. Host., 1855, 16mo, pp. 204; 5th cd., before 1861. l6mo: new cd., 1862, lfiino. See N. Amer. Rev., 267, (bv Dr. A. P. Peabody.) 11. Poems nnd Rnllnds. N. York. 1854, 12mo. With n portrait of the author by T. 11. Read. 12. Poems of Home and Trnvcl, Bost., 1855, lOtno, pp. 252; 1862, 16mo. 13. Northern Travel: Summer and Winter Pictures: Sweden, Denmark, and Lnplnnd. Lon., Dec. 1857, p. 8vo; N. York. Jan. 1S58, 12mo; Inst ed., 1869, 12mo; Lon., I860, cr. 8vo. In this book, as in Bevcrnl of Mr. Taylor's volumes, the London title page differs from the American.

"Mr. Bayard Taylor is of the right mould for a traveller,— keen, enthusiastic, and capable of describing what be has seen." —Lon. Athen.. 1857, 1611. See, also. 1553.

"Full of fine descriptions and pleasant reflections written in elegant style."—./>m. National Rev.

Also commended by Leader, Guardian, D. News, and Observer.

14. Travels in Greece and Russia, with an Excursion to Crete, Aug. 1859, 12mo; 2d ed., Nov. 1859; Lon., Sept. 1859, p. 8vo; last ed., N. York, 1869, 12mo.

Commended by Lon. Lit. On-/.., Lon. Allien., Sept. 24, Spec., Oct. 1, and Leader, Oct. 2, all 1859.

15. At Home and Abroad: a Sketch-Book of Life, Scenery, and Men, 1859, 12mo; last ed., 1869, 12mo.

"A book of light and varied reading, over which nny one may be glad to while away half an hour. But it is pleasantly rather than correctly execoted."—Lon. Athen., 1859, ii. 738.

Second Series, N. York, March, 1862, 12mo; 4th ed., April. 1862, 12mo; Lon., May, 1862, p. 8vo; new ed., N. York, 1869, 12mo.

"Mr. Bayard Taylor has gained in brilliancy at the expense of simplicity. ... On the whole, thin is a fair parlour-window book; but it is haggard."—Lon. Athen., 1862, 1. 753. See, also, 787.

16. The Poet's Journal, Bost. and Lon., 1862, I6mo,pp. 204: Bost., 1863, 12mo. This may be called a poetical domestic autobiography.

"His earlier poems were not only deserving of praise for their intrinsic excellence, but tliey were rich with a promise which has been amply fulfilled in his later productions; and it is gratifying to add that his last volume is his best."—N.Amer. Ba., Jan. 1863, 268.

Also commended by Lon. Athen., 1863, i. 224.

Dr. Griswold gave his verdict, in 1855, that, 'eminent as ho is as a writer of travels, his highest and most enduring distinction will be from his poetry; . . . his travels will hereafter be to his poems no more than those of Smollett are to his extraordinary novels."—Foeti and l'ortry of America, 16th ed., 600.

Uniform editions of his Travels were published by George P. Putnam, of New York, in 5 vols. 12mo, 1855; 6 vols. 12mo, 1858; 8 vols. 12mo, 1859; and he issued in 1862 two uniform editions, (Caxton edition and Popular edition,) each in 10 vols., small 8vo, of Tavlor's Prose Writings: viz., Travels, (Nos. 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, and 15, eupra,) 9 vols.; A Romance of American Life, (a new work,) 1 vol. Mr. Taylor prepared and arranged a Cyclopaedia of Modern Travel, Cincinnati, 1857, r. 8vo, pp. 956; contributed notes on Lew Chew and Japan to the Narrative of Perry's Expedition, (see Hawks, Francis Lister, D.D., No. 9, and N. Anier. Rev., lxxxiii. 236, 260, by E. E. Hale,) and to Voices from the Press, N. York, 1850, 8vo; and an Introduction to The Life, Travels, and Books of Alexander Humboldt, N. York, 1859, 12mo; is the author of The Greeting to America, a priie poem written for Jenny Lind; and has contributed to the United States Gazette, Putnam's Magazine, Saturday Evening Post, Literary World, New York Mercury, Independent, Atlantic Monthly, Hearth and Home, Ac. See, also, Burton, Richard Francis, No. 7; RipLet, George, No. 4. Nor should we omit to notice the oral descriptions, conveyed in public lectures, of foreign countries and peoples with which Mr. Taylor has been, for many years past, in the habit of entertaining audiences in various parts of the United States.

We are now (1870) able to enlarge the list of Mr. Taylor's publications. 17. Hannah Thurston ; a Story of American Life, N. York, Nov. 1863,12mo; 14th 1000, Nov. 1864; Lon., Nov. 1863, 3 vols. p. 8vo; red. to 24»., Mar. 1844. In Russian, St. Petersburg, 1864. In German, by the author's wife, Marie Taylor, daughter of Prof. Hansen, the distinguished German astronomer, Hamburg, May, 1864. This was commended by many authorities, of which the London Saturday Review was not one. See Atlantic Mon., Jnn. 1864, and New Englander, July, 1864. 18. John Godfrey's Fortunes, Related by Himself; a Story of American Life, N. York, Nov. 15, 1864, r. 12ino; 9th 1000, Jan. 11, 1865; Lon., Nov. 1864, 3 vols. p. 8vo. In German, 1865.

'* Mr. Taylor took a great stride forward when he produced his recent story, ' Ilaunah Thurston;' but he never showed his full force until now. . . . The stylo is excellent,—clear, decided, and occasionally sparkling."—Dr. R. S. Mackenzie.

19. The Story of Kcnnet; a Tale of American Life, N. York, April 2, 1866, cr. 8vo; Lon., 1866, 2 vols. p. 8to.

**In this novel Mr. Taylor has so far surpassed his former efforts in extended Action, as to approach the excellence attained in his briefer stories."—Atlantic Man., June, 1866, 775.

20. The Picture of St. John, Boat., 1866, 12mo, pp. 220.

"Will be deservedly praised for its artistic completeness."— TV Hound Tablt, Oct. 13,1866.

"This poem has the prime virtue of narrative fiction,—coherence and easy movement."—Atlantic Mon., Jan. 1867.

21. Colorado; a Summer Trip, N. York, 1867, 12mo; Lon., 1867, p. 8vo. This is vol. x. of Putnam's uniform edition of Taylor's Travels.

22. Fritbiofs Saga: from the Swedish of Esaios

Tegner, Bishop of Wcxio, by the Rev. W. L. Blackley, M.A.; First American Edition; Edited by Bavard Taylor, N. York, 1867,12iuo. 23. By-Ways of Europe, 1869, 12mo; Lon., 1869, 12mo. 24. Auerbach's Villa on the Rhine, Author's edition, with a Portrait and Biographical Sketch, N. York, Leypoldt, 1869, 4 Parts; also in 2 vols. 25. The Ballad of Abraham Lincoln ; with Illustrations in Colours by S. Eytinge, Jr., 1869, (Fields, Osgood A Co.'s Uncle Sam Scries.) He contributed to the American edition of Lampadius's Life of F. M. Bartholdy, Phila. and N. York, 1865, 16mo, and is represented in Lyrics of Loyalty, 1864, 24mo. A collective edition of tho Poems of Bayard Taylor—containing Poems of the Orient, Poems of Homo and Travel, The Poet's Journal, Ac.—was issued by Ticknor A Fields, Bost., 1864, 32mo, blue and gold; also 1865, 16mo; a collective edition of his Novels was published by G. P. Putnam A Son, N. York, 1869, 3 vols. 12mo: and the last collective edition of his Travels, (comprising Nos. 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, 21, 23.) in 10 vols. 12mo, was issued by the same house also in 1869. He is now (1870) employed upon a translation of both parts of Faust, which "is said to preserve all the metrical peculiarities of the original German, even to the double rhyme, (a very difficult task in English,) without the addition of a word or thought not warranted by the text. Tho translation will be accompanied by a full and practical commentary, in which the mysteries of tho great drama will be elucidated."

Taylor, Benjamin. Atmosphere of London, 1789, 4to.

Taylor, Benjamin Cook, D.D., b. in Philadelphia, 1801; graduated at Princeton College, 1819, and at the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Dutch Church, New Brunswick, N.J., 1822.

1. The School of the Prophets; a Sermon, N. York, 1839, 8vo. 2. Annals of the Classis and Township of Bergen in New Jersey, 1857, 12mo. Three edits, in 1857. 3. Sermon on the 200th Anniversary of tho Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Bergen, New Jersey, 1861, 12mo. Contributed to the Christian Intelligencer.

Taylor, Benjamin Franklin, b. in Lowvillc, N. York, 1822, was educated at Madison University, N. York, of which his father was President. 1. Attractions of Language, N. York, 1845, 12mo. Three edits. 2. January and June; being Outdoor Thinkings and Fireside Musings, 1853,12mo; 5th ed., 1864,16mo; new ed., 1868, pp. ix., 280. Also author of fugitive poems, papers on Life and Scenes in the Army, and articles in The Knickerbocker, Ac. Editor for sixteen or more years of The Chicago Evening Journal. See Wm. T. Coggeshall's Poets and Poetry of the West, Columbus, 0., 1860, r. 8vo.

Taylor, Brook, LL.D., an eminent mathematician and amateur musician and painter, son of John Taylor, of Bifrons House, Kent, by Olivia, daughter of Sir Nicholas Tempest, of Durham, Baronet, was b. at Edmonton, Middlesex, August 18, 1685; entered St. John's College, 1701: was Secretary of the Royal Society, 1712 to October, 1718; married his first wife, 1721, and his second wife, 1725; succeeded to the family estates, 1729; d. of a decline, induced by the loss of his second wife, (in 1729,) December 29,1731.

1. Methodus Incrementorum Direota et Inversa, Lon., 1715. 4to; again, 1717. Elucidated by Nicole in a series of Memoires, 1717-27. The Taylorian Theorem has been successively modified, transformed, and extended by Maclaurin, Lagrange, and Laplace. See Encyc. Brit., Prelim. Disserts. Third (by John Playfair) and Fourth, (by Sir John Leslie.) 2. Linear Perspective, 1715, 8vo. See No. 3; Ditton, Humphrey. 3. New Principles of Linear Perspective, 1715, 8vo; 2d ed., 1719, 8vo, (in French, 1757;) 3d ed., Revised and Corrected by John Colson, 1749, 8vo; new ed., with Portrait and Lifo of the Author, 1811, 8vo; new ed., by J. Jopling, 1835, 8vo. John Joshua Kirby pub. a hook of his own, naturally mistaken for a reprint of Taylor's work, entitled Dr. Brook Taylor's Method of Perspective, Ac, 1754; 2d ed., with new title, 1755; again, Dr. Brook Taylor's Perspective Made Easy, Ac, 1765, 4to; 1768, 4to.

"I should be glad to see a republication of tho two works [Nos. 2 and 3, rupra] of Taylor, the second emptitd into the first, with sufficient notes. There are now geometors enough spread about to relish such a work," Ac—Paor. A. Ds Moroax: ion. Atlim., 18C1, ii. 728.

See his Notes on the History of the Perspective, Athen., 1861, ii. 446, 509, 544, 617, 652, 727.

"Athough mere pamphlets, they contain all the elementary knowledge necessary in the science of perspective."—Peter Nicholsox: quoted by Pror. Do Morgan, uU supra.

•'Dr. Brook Taylor's is the best system, but his style and expression is embarrassed and obsenre."—George J^icU Scott to Gibbon, May 1,1762: Gibbon's Miscell. Works, ed. 1837, 233.

4. Contemplatio Philosoiihica; a posthumous Work of the Late Brook Taylor, LL.D., to which is prefixed a Life of the Author, by his Grandson, Sir William Young, Bart., with an Appendix, Ac, 1793, 8vo: 100 copies, privately printed.

"It bespeaks the clear anil acute understanding of this celebrated philosopher, and appears to me an entire refutation of the scholastic argument of Descartes,—one more fit for the Anselnis and such dealers in words, from M-hom it came, than for himself."—Hall**: Lit. Hist, of Europe, 4th ed., 1853, ii. 441, n.

See, also, Lon. Mon. Rev., 1793, i. 321; Biog. Univ., (1826,) by Prony; Martin's Cat, of P. P. Books, ed. 1854, 121 j Eng. Cyc., Biog., v. (1857) 927; Nichols's Lit. Anec; Nichols's Lit. Illust.: Disraeli on the Lit. Char., ch. xvi.; Yodng, Thomas, M.D., (quotation from Sir John Leslie.) He published a number of mathematical and philosophical papers in Phil. Trans., 1712-23.

Taylor, C. Working Man's Gardener, Lon., 1855, lSrno.

Taylor, C, Scholar of St. John's College, Cambridge. Geometrical Conies, ineluding An Harmonic Ratio and Projection; with Numerous Examples, Catnb.,

1863, cr. 8vo.

Taylor, C. B. Pictorial History of the t'nited States, Phila., 8vo.

Taylor, C. J. F. Typographical Pronouncing System of Reading, Lon., 8vo, Pt. 1, 1853.

Taylor, Catherine. Letters from Italy to a Younger Sister; with Sketches of History, Literature, and Art, Lon., 1840, p. 8vo; 2d cd., 1842, 2 vols. p. 8vo; again, 1846, 2 vols. p. 8vo. Commended by Edin. Rev., Ixxii. 64, Lon. Times, and Lon. Athen., 1840, 658.

Taylor, Charles, brother of Isaac Taylor the first, and an engraver in London, b. 1756, d. 1821 or 1823. A notice of his life will bo found in the lato editions of No. 1. 1. Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible, with Biblical Fragments, (by tho editor,) Lon., 1797-1801, 4 vols. 4to; repub., ea. ed. in 5 vols. 4to: 4th ed., 1823; 5th ed., 1828-29, (some 1830;) 6th ed., 1838; 7th ed., 1841; 8th ed., 1844; 9th ed., 1847. Formerly pub. at £10 10».; now red. to £3 13». 6o\ Vols. i. and ii. comprise the Dictionary; vols. iii. and iv. contain 750 Fragments, with the Natural History of the Bible; vol. v. oontains an Atlas of Plates and Maps. An Index to the 4th ed. was pub. separately, 1827.

"This [Calmet's Original] is, without exception, the best comment ever published on the Sacred Writings, either by Catholic or Protestant, and lias left little to be desired for the completion of such a work."—Da. Adam Clarke: (y>mmnd. on the Bible.

"In its present improved state, Mr. Taylor's edition of Calmet's Dictionary is indispensably necessary to every biblical student who can afford to purchase it."— Home's Bibl. Bib., 1839, 370.

See Smith, William, LL.D., Ph.D., No. 4.

Condensed, (by Josiah Conder,) imp. 8vo, 1831; 2d ed., 1832; 10th ed., 1847; 14th ed.. 1861, 15». See, also, Robinson, Edward, S.T.D., D.D., LL.D., No. 4; Wells, Edward, D.D., No. 6. 2. Facts and Evidences on tho Subject of Baptism, 3 Pts., 8vo, 1815 ; stereotyped, Apostolic Baptism, Ac, N. York, last ed., 1869, 12mo. 3. Familiar Treatise on Drawing, 1815, r. 8vo. 4. Familiar Treatise on Perspective, 1816, imp. 8vo.

Taylor, Charles, M.D. Remarks on Salt Water, Lon., 1805, 8vo.

Taylor, Rev. Charles. Five Y'ears in China, with an Account of the Great Rebellion, and a Description of St. Helena, N. York, 1860, 12ino.

Taylor, Charles, b. at Barrhead. Renfrewshire, 1795. 1. Tho Magpie and Chatterings of the Pica, Ac, Glasg., 1820, 12mo. 2. The Holy Minstrel, 1820, 12uio.

Taylor, Charles Fayette, M.D , b. in Williston, Vermont, 1827; graduated iu the Medical Department of the University of Vermont, 1856; appointed Resident Surgeon New York Orthopaedic Dispensary. 1. Theory and Practice of the Movement Cure, Phila., 1801, 12mo"; 1S64, 12mo. 2. Tho Mechanical Treatment of Augular Curvature, or Pott's Disease of the Spine, N. York,

1864, 16rno. 3. "Spinal Irritation ;" or, The Causes of Backache among American Women, 1864, 8vo. 4. Infantile Paralysis and it? Attendant Deformities, Phila., 1867, 12mo. Also medical pamphlets, and papers in Amer. Med. Mon., N. Amor. Jour, of Homoeopathy, Ac.

Taylor, Charles W. The Goblet of Death, Albany, 1847, 12mo.

Taylor, Mrs. Charlotte, of Savannah, Georgia. Sceues from Plantation Life, Illustrated: in preparation, 1S66.

Taylor, Chris. Probable Causes and Consequences of the Amerionn War, Livorp., 1864, 8vo.

Taylor, Miss Clare. Hymns: Composed chiefly on the Atonement of Christ and Redemption through his Blood; with Sketch of the Author, Lon., 1865, 12mo.

Taylor, D. T. 1. Tho Voice of the Church on the Coming and Kingdom of the Redeemer; or, A History of tho Doctrine of the Reign of Christ on Earth, Revised and Ed., with a Preface, by H. L. Hastings, 3d ed., Pbila., 1856, 12mo. See Alger's Crit. Hist. Doct. Future Life, 589, n. 2. Memoir or Rev. Erasmus J. P. Mcssinger, Miss'y of the P. E. Church in Africa, 1856, 12mo.

Taylor, Daniel, a Baptist divine, and a bookseller of Mile End, published a number of sermons, theological treatises, Ac, 1787-1806, a. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit. See Taylor, Adah.

Taylor, Don. Counting-House Manual, Lon., 1838, 12mo.

Taylor, E. Art of Cookery, Berwick, 1769, 12mo.

Taylor, E. Phrenotyper's Manual, Lon., 1843, 32mo.

Taylor, Rev. E. E. L. Christian Sanctuary, N. York, 1853, 18mo.

Taylor, Edgar, a descendant of John Taylor the eminent Hebraist, and himself a distinguished scholar and solicitor of London, d. August 19, 1S39, aged 46. 1. German Popular Stories; Collected by tho Brothers Grimm; Trans., with Designs by George Cruikshank, Lon., 2 vols. 12mo: i., 1823; ii., 1826. Anon. Praised by Sir Walter Scott. New cd., Gammer Grethel's FairyTales and Popular Stories, 1839, p. 8vo; 1846, p. 8vo; 1848, p. 8vo; Bost., 1860. 2 vols. 12mo. New ed., German Popular Stories, with [22] Illustrations after the Original Designs of George Cruikshank; Edited by Edgar Taylor, with an Introduction by John Ruskin; both series complete, Lon., J. C. Hotten, Dec 1868, 4to, 6». 6rf.; gilt edges, 7s. 6rf.

"These are the designs which Mr. Kuskin has praised so highly, plscing them far above all Crnikshank's other works of a similar character. So rare has the original bonk become that £5 to £6 per copy is an ordinary price. A very few copies on large paper, proofs, 21s.; or with Plates on India paper, 31s. 6Vf.' —J. C. Hottkx: Lon. Bookseller, Jau. 4, 1889, 42.

2. Lays of the Minnesingers, or German Troubadours, 12th and 13th Centuries. Ac, Lon., 1825, p. 8vo. Anon.

"A pleasing little volnme."—Hallam: Lit. Hist, of Europe, 4th ed., 1854, i. 38, n., (q. r.)

See, also, Lon. Month. Rev., 1825, ii. 345. 3. Tho Book of Rights; or, A Collection of Acts of Parliament relative to Civil and Religious Liberty, from Magna Charta to tho Present Time, Ac.; with Notes, Ac. 1833, 12ino. Valuable. See 21 Law Mag., 257: 3 Leg. Exam, and L. C, 118; 6 Leg. Obs., 233. 4. Master Wace his Chronicle of the Norman Conquest, from the Roman do Ron; Trans, into English Prose, with Notes, Ac, 1837, (some 1838,) 8vo, £1 8».: 250 copies; 12 copies on 1. p., with coloured Plates. Red. to 15s., 1854. Excellent. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1837, i. 588: For. Quar. Rev., ii. 8; Lon. Mon. Mag., N. S., v. 369. 5. Suffolk Bartholomians: or, The Domestic History of Rev. John Meadows, 1841, 8vo. Ho also published a number of legal pamphlets, (chiefly anonymous,) contributed to tho Monthly Repository and the Retrospective Review, left in MS. a translation of the New Testament, (an edition of which, after Griesbach, from the press of his relative, Richard Taylor, he had previously edited,) and was (in 1S38) one of the founders of the Camden Society. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1839, ii. 427, (Obituary;) Memoir of Edgar Taylor, Lon., 8vo. His translation of the New Testament, partly printed before his death, was subsequently published: The New Testament, Revised from the Authorised Version, with the Aid of other Translations, and made conformable to the Greek Text of J. J. Griesbach; Revised by a Layman, W. Pickering, 1840, 8vo, 7». 6d.

"This work was almost entirely prepared by him during a long and painful illness." See Diary, Ac. of Henry Crabb Robinson, ed. Bust., 1S70, i. 455, n.

Taylor, Edward, first minister of Warronoco, or Westficld. Muss., b. iu England, 1642; graduated at Harvard College, 1671; d. 1729: left in MS. A Commentary on the Four Gospels, theological treatises, sermons, and poems, none of which have been published. See Sprague's Annals, i., Trin. Congrcg., 177-81. Ho was the grandfather of President Ezra Stiles.

Taylor, Edward. Cursor; Remarks on Tragedy, on Shakespeare, Ac, Lon., 1774, 8vo; 1778. Anon.

Taylor, Edward. Memoirs of Guy Joli, Private Sec'y to Cardinal de Retz, Ac.; from the French, Lon.,

1775, 3 volB. 12mo.

Taylor, Edward. Doctrine of tho Trinity Indefensible; a Letter to Rev. T. Sworde, 2d cd., Lon., 1835, 12mo.

Taylor, Edward, Oresham Professor of Music. Gresham Lectures on Music, Lon., 1838, 8vo. See Tcrle, James.

Taylor, Rev. Ed. S. The History of PlayingCards: with Anecdotes of their Use in Conjuring, Fortune-Telling, and Card-Sharping; Edited by the Late Rev. Ed. S. Taylor and others, Lon., Ilottcn, 1864, fp. 8vo. It was edited and completed by K. R. II. Mackeniie. It was subsequently advertised as by the Rev. Edward Taylor, B.A., and John Camden Hotten. See Lon. Reader, 1865, i. 130.

Taylor, Elizabeth. The Braemar Highlands, with their Tales, Traditions, and History, Edin., I860, cr. 8vo.

"An excellent and accurate outline, . . . with interesting details."—£oi>. Bookulltr, Feb. 1,1809.

Taylor, Emily. 1. Pictorial Illustrations of Scripture, Lon., 24mo. 2. Sabbath Recreations: Select Poetry, 12mo; Boat., 16tno; new cd., by John Pierpont, Lays for the Sabbath, I860, 16mo. 3. Tales of the Saxons, Lon., 12mo; N. York, 1856,16mo; new ed., Bost, 1861, 16mo.

4. Vision of Las Casas, and other Poems, Lon., 12mo.

5. England and iU People, 1839, 18mo; Hartford, 1851, 12mo; 7th ed., Lon., 1866, fp. 8vo. 6. Irish Tourist, 1843, fp. 8vo. 7. Norah Toole, 1844, 12mo. 8. Van Ti; Chinese Talcs, 1844, 12mo. 9. Help to the Schoolmistress, 3d ed., 1846, 18mo. 10. Ball I Live On: Sketehes of the Earth, new ed., 1846, 18mo. 11. Historical Prints of English History, 5th ed., 1846, 12mo; 6th ed., 1853, 12mo. 12. Do., Greece, new ed., 1846, 12mo; new ed., 1853, 12mo. 13. Boy and the Birds, 1848, sq. 16mo; 3d ed., 1853, sq. 16mo; N. York, 16mo. 14. Chronicles of an Old English Oak, Lon., 1859, sq. 16mo. 15. The Knevets, 2d ed., 1862, 18mo. 16. Flowers and Fruit from Old English Gardens, 1864, r. 18mo; 4th 1000, 1866. 17. Dear Charlotte's Boys, and other Stories, 1864, fp. 8vo. 18. Contemporary Pool* ; with Selections from their Writings, 1868, r. 18mo. Contributor to Tho Magnet Stories, (1860-62, 4 vols. fp. 8vo,) vol. ii.

Taylor, Fanny. 1. Eastern Hospitals. 2. Irish Homes and Irish Hearts, Lon., 1867, p. 8vo; Bost., 1868, lOino.

Taylor, Fitch Waterman, a native of Middle H&ddam, Conn.; graduated at Yale College, 1828; became an Episcopal divine, and was Chaplain U.S. Navy from 1841 until his death, 1862. 1. The Flag-Ship; or, A Voyage around the World in tho U.S. Ship " Columbia," N. York, 1840, 2 vols. 12mo. 2. The Broad Pennant; or, A Cruise in the U.S. Flag-Ship of the Gulf Squadron during the Mexican Difficulties, 1848, 12mo.

Taylor, or Tayier, Francis, minister of Christ Churoh, Canterbury, Ac, one of the Assembly of Divines, 1643, d. about 1660. 1. Exposition upon Proverbs ch. i.-ix., Lon., 1655-57, 2 vols. 4to.

"Critical and practical,—full and evangelical."—BickcriUih's C. &, 4th ed., 401, (q. r.)

2. Grapes from Canaan, 1658. This is a vol. of religious pooms. Also Latin biblical treatises, Ac, q. v. in Watt's Bibl. Brit, and Darling's Cyc. Bibl., i. 2905.

Taylor, Frederick, late of the Eighth Royal Irish Hussars. 1. System of Horse-Taming, Ac, Lon., 1858, 12mo. 2. Recollections of a Horse-Dealer, 1861, fp. 8vo. 3. Life of a Nag-Horse, Ac, 1862, fp. 8vo. Contributor, under the signature of Ballinasloe, to The Field.

Taylor, G. T. Law and Regulations relating to Inn-Keepers, Lon., 1843, 8vo.

Taylor, George, and Skinner, Andrew. 1. Survey and Maps of the Roads of North Britain, Lon.,

1776, fol. 2. Maps of the Roads of Ireland in 1777, 8vo, 1778.

Taylor, George, of the Bank of England. 1. Elegy on Nelson, 1806, Svo. 2. Spirit of the Mountains, with other Poems, 1806, 8vo.

Taylor, George, father of Henry Taylor of the Colonial Office, d. at Witton Hall, Durham, 1851, aged 79; in addition to the Memoir of his friend Surtces, (see Scrtres, Robert; Rusk, James, No. 4,) contributed articles to the Quarterly Review, and left iu MS.

Index Idoneorum,—an alphabetical collection of quotations from Greek and Latin authors,—*' the work of nearly forty years," (1812-50.) See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1851, i. 317, (Obituary.) Publish this Index.

Taylor, George. History of the Wexford Rebellion of 1798, Lon., 12mo.

Taylor, George. Enquiry into the Principles which ought to Regulate the Imposition of Duties on Foreign Coin; in Answer, Ac, Edin., 1842, Svo. See McCulloch's Lit. of Polit. Econ., 1845, 81.

Taylor, Hev. George. Latin Grammar, founded on the Eton, 3d ed., Lon., 1844, 8vo.

Taylor, George. Acts for Joint Stock Companies, Lon., 1847, 8vo.

Taylor, George, of Connecticut. Indications of the Creator; or, Tho Natural Evidences of a Final Cause, 2d ed., N. York, 1851, 12nio; Lon., 1854, 12mo. This is a review of discoveries in astronomy, geology, Ac.

Taylor, George. 1. Continuation of Pvne's Tithe Table, Lon., 1860. 2. Tithe Tables, 1863-67, 4 vols. 8vo.

Taylor, George. Analytical Bible-Class Book, Edin., 1865, 12mo.

Taylor, George. Tho Bankrupt Law; Act of March 2, 1867, with Notes and References to English Decisions, Ac, Washington, 1867.

Taylor, Rev. George B., a Baptist, of Virginia, 1. The Oakland Stories, N. York, 4 vols. 16mo: I. Kenny, Dec 1859; II. Cousin Guy, April, 1860; III. Claiborne, Nov. 1860; IV. Gustave, 1865. These are in tended for Children. 2. Costar Grew; or, The Young Machinist, Phila., 1869, 12mo. 3. Roger Bernard, the Pastor's Son, 1870, 12mo.

Taylor, George Cavendish. Journal of Adventures with the British Army from the Commencement of the War to the Taking of Sebastopol, Lon., 1856, 2 vols. p. 8vo.

"His criticisms are entitled to notice."—lon. Athen., 1856,392.

Taylor, George II., M.D., b. in Williston, Vermont, 1821, graduated at N.York Medical College, 1852. 1. Exposition of tho Swedish Movement Cure, N. York, 1860, 12mo. 2. The Movement Cure in Every Chronio Disease, 1862, lL'moj 4 edits, in 1862. 3. An Illustrated Sketch of the Movement Cure, Ac, 1867, 12mo.

Taylor, George Henry, Master of the Model School, Ac, Battersca. 1. Notes and Sketches of Bible Lessons, Lon., 1851, 12mo. Commended by Lon. Lit. Gaz., 1851, 530. 2. Notes, Ac on Palestine, 1851, 12mo. 3. Word-Pictures from the Bible, 1854, fp. 8vo.

Taylor, George L. 1. With Crest, Edward, (p. 449, mpra,) The Architectural Antiquities of Rome, with 130 plates, Lon., 1821-22, imp. fol., in Nos., bd. in 2 vols., £16 16». See Stuart, James, No. 1. Mr. Taylor in 1859 promised a new edition, "with the addition of the antiquities discovered since 1820." 2. The Stones of Etruria and Marbles of Ancient Rome, 1859, 4to, pp. 24. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1859, ii. 481.

Taylor, George Lansing, a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, b. at Skaneateles, N. York, 1835, graduated at Columbia College, 1861, was co-editor of The Christian Advocate and Journal and The American Monthly, contributed to Knickerbocker, Ladies' Repository, Ac, and has ready for publication a volume of Poems and a volume of Hymns on the Miracles. Six Centenary Hymns for tho Use of Centenary Meetings and Celebrations; edited for the Centenary Committee by J. McClintock, D.D., with Music, N. York, 1866, 8vo, pp. 8.

Taylor, George Sutherland, d. 1847, wrote the articles Sutherland and Zetland in Charles Knight's Cyclopaedia; was one of the assistants in the New Statistical Account of Scotland; contributed materials to William Scropc's work on Deor-Stalking; and left some unpublished historical MSS. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1847, ii. 102.

Taylor, George Watson, of Earlstoke, M.P., added his last name on succeeding to the property of Sir Simon Taylor. 1. England Preserved; an Historical Play, by George Watson, 1795, Svo. 2. Thoughts on Government, by George Watson, Lon., 1799, 8vo. 3. Equanimity in Death; a Poem, by George Watson, privately printed, Lon., 1813, 4to, pp. 48. 4. The Profligate; a Comedy, (Lon.,) 1820, 4to, pp. 17: 200 copies: privately printed for the members of tho Roxburghe Club: Dent, Pt. 2, 1149, £4 4«. Reprinted in No. 3. It was written in 1800. 5. Pieces of Poetry; with two Dramas, Chiswick, 1830, 2 vols. 12ino : privatelv printed. Seo No. 2. See Martin's Bibl. Cat. of P. P. Books, 2d

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