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Tapner, John. Schoolmaster's Repository, Lon., 1761, Svo.

Tapp, W. J. Inquiry into the Law of Maintenance a.ii'i Champerty, Lon., 1861, 12mo.

Tappan. Formerly written Toppan.

Tappan, Benjamin, «i. 1857. Cases decided in the Cts. of C. Pleas. 5th Circuit of the State of Ohio, May T. 1816-Aug. T. 181!), with Appendix. Steuben., 1831, 8vo. See Democrat. Rev., vii. 510; Annual Obituary, by Nathan Crosby, Lowell, Mass., 1858.

Tappan, David, D.D., son of Rev. Benjamin Tappan, of Manchester, Mass., graduated at Harvard College, 1771; was from 1774 to 171*2 pastor of the Third Church in Newbury, Mass., and from the last-named date until his death, Aug. 27. 1803, Hollis Professor of Divinity at Harvard. He published many sermons, Ac, 1774-1803, and after his death appeared: T. .Sermons on Important Subjects; with a Biog. Sketch of the Author, and a Sermon on his Funeral, by Dr. [Abiel] Holmes', Most., 1807, 8vo. 2. Lectures on Jewish Antiquities: delivered at Harvard University in Cambridge, A.d. 1S02 and 1803. 8vo, 1807.

"Tim tendency of the Hebrew Ritual to promote the glory of God and the happiness of nmn i* frequently illustrated in a pli-nsinir and devuilt manner."—Horv'x Jtibt. liih., 377.

.Sec Pan op list, vol. i. j Sprague's Annals, ii., Trin. Congreg.. 97-103.

Tappan, Eli T., Professor of Mathematics in Mount Auburn Institute A Treatise on Plane and Solid Geometry, for Colleges, Schools, and Private Students, Cin,, 1867, (Sargent, Wilson A H inkle's Educat. Series.)

Tappan, Henry P., D.D.. LL.D., b. at Rhineheck, N. York, early in the present century; graduated at Union College, 1825; was for some time Professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy in the University of the City of New York ; and has been since Dec. 1S52, Chancellor (the first) of the State University of Michigan,— performing the responsible duties of that post with distinguished reputation.

"The present Chancellor is a type of the prevailing spirit. The ntiiiie of Henry P. Tappan is one, well known in the world of letter?*; and its owner, whether viewed at* a polished gentlenmn, a profound scholar, or a Christian philosopher, stands among the first men of his age."—JV. Amer. Her,, July, 1861, 193, [q. r.)

See, also, Dnyckinck's Cyc. of Amer. Lit., ii. 736, (the University of Michigan.) 1. Review of Edwards's Inquiry into the Freedom of the Will, N. York. 1S:',9, 12ino. See No. 3. 2. The Doctrine of the AVill determined by itn Appeal to Consciousness, 18(0, 12mo. 3. The Doctrine of the Will applied to Moral Agency and Responsibility, 1841, 12mo. No?. 1, 2, and 3 were repnb. with corrections and additions, a new Preface and Table of Contents, and an Appendix on Edwards and the Necessitarian School, newly composed by the Author, in ten Parts, Svo, or all in 1 vol. Svo, Glasgow, 1857. For reviews (of the first edit.) sec Amer. Bibl. Repos., 2d Per., vii. 411, (by G. B. Cheever.) ix. 33, (by B. N. Martin.) and 3d Scr., i. 709; Method. Quar. Rev., iv. 61, (by J. McClintock ;) Chris. Rev., viii. 221. 367.

"Taprmn's vulnaMe work on the Will abundantly shows Ids c:tp»liility of contril'iitinj; largely to the Kiiccesflnl cultivation— to the real advancement—of mental science, were ho to limit hi** inquiries to psychology."—Hrit. Quar. Itn:, v. 117.

See. also. Freedom of Mind in Willing: or. Every Being that Wills, a Creative First Cause, by Rowland G. Hazard, N. York. 1865, 12ino. Noticed in Princeton Review. Oct. 1864. 4. Elements of Logic; together with nn Introductory View of Philosophy in General and a Preliminary View of the Reason, N. York, 1844, 12mo; revised, 1856, 12mo. pp. 467.

'" Que M. Cousin reparde comnie £gnl ft tout ce qui exinte en ce genre en Europe.'*—Diet, utiiv. drs Contcmp., pur 0. Vuperesiu, Pari*, 1M8. 1041.

"A verv lucid compendium of logic on the principles of the new philosophy."—Mokkll: Hist, of Mod. 1'hilos., id ed., 1848, li. *248.

For reviews and notices, see Method. Quar. Rev., v. 280, (by C. W. Hackley;) N. Amer. Rev., Ixxxiii. 388, (by Francis Roweu;) Putnam's Mag.. April, 1856, 439; Rrit. Quar. Rev., v. 97, (American Philosophy;) Wakey's Hist, of Philos. of Mind, iv..534. The last-cited critic remarks,

"Mr. Tappan'* publication i* decidedly of a hiph German character. He i* a transcendentalist of the school of Knnt and Kichte. On thin point then* can be no dispute."'

5, Treatise on University Education, 1851, 8vo. 6. A Step from the New World to the Old and Back Again; with Thoughts on the Good and Evil in Both, 1852, 2

vols. 16mo. He has also published a number of oration* addresses, and tracts, and contributed an Introduction to Illustrious Personages of the Nineteenth Century, N. York, 1853, r. Svo, and articles to the Bibl. Repos., Method. Quar. Rev., Ac. A Memoir of Dr. Tappan will be found in Amer. Jour, of Education, Oct. 1863.

Tappan, John* County and Town Office, Ac. in the State of New York, Kingston, 1816, Svo.

Tappan, Lewis, a philanthropist, of Brooklyn, New York. Is it Right to be Rich? New York, 1869, pp. 24. See Harris, John, D.D., No. 5.

Tappan, Rev. William Bingham, b. in Beverly, Mass., 1794, entered the service of the American Sunday-School Union in 1826, and continued this connection until his death at West Ncedham, Mass., 1849. He published (his first volume) New England, and other Poems, Phila.. 1819, 12mo, and ''subsequently gave to the public more than a dozen volumes, [Songs of Judah, and other Melodies, Phila.. 1820, 12mo; Lyrics. 1822, 12mo, Poems, 1834, 12mo, 1836, Ac.,] the contents of which aro for the most part included in the five comprising his complete Poetical Works, with his final revisions:" I. Poetry of the Heart, Worces., 1845. 12mo. 2. Sacred and Miscellaneous Poems, Bost., 1846, 16mo. 3. Poetry of Life, 1847, lfimo. 4. The Sunday-School, and other Poems, 1848, 16mo. 5. Late and Early Poems, Worces., 1849. 32mo.

"Many of his piecet are pleading expressions of natural and pfoua emotion."—GriswottTs Potts and J^xtry of America, 16th ed.. 1856, 199, (q. v.)

Sec, also, Chris. Exam., xxxvi. 390, (bv A. Lamson;) Chris. Rev., vii. 302: N. Amer. Rev., 1. 297.

He also published Memoirs of Captain James Wilson, Phila., 18mo.

Tappen, George. 1. Tour through France and Italy. 1 SHI, Svo. 2. Architecture in France and Italy, Ac." 1806, Svo. 3. Arches in Brickwork. Svo.

Tapper, J. B. Essay on the Possibility of Sensation in Vegetables, Lon., 1812, Svo.

Tapping, Thomas. 1. Law and Practice of Mandamus, Lon.. 1848. r. Svo: Phila., 1853, Svo, (Law Lib., Ixxv.) 2. High Peak Mineral Customs and Mineral Courts Act. 1851. 12mo, 1851. 3. Readwin Prize Essay, on tho Cost Book Principle, 2d ed., 1854, Svo. 4. Factory Acts. Pec. 1855. 12mo. 5. Exposition of the Statutes on Ore Mines, Ac, 1861, 12mo.

Tapping, W. Copyholder's Enfranchisement Manual, Lon., 1*52. 12mo.

Taprell, Richard, a Dissenter. 1. Lectures on the Lord's Prayer, with Introduc. Discourse, Taun., 1792, 8vo.

"Plain, serious, and affectionate."—Lon. Month'. Rev.

2. Familiar Expos, of the Liturgy of Ch. of England, 1808. Svo. Other publications. See Watt's Bibl. Rrit.

Tapscott, Jacob. Dissortatio Med. Inaug. de Chlorosi, E<lin„ 1765, Svo.

Tarbat, Viscount. See Mackenzie, George.

Tarbell, John Adams, M.D., b. at Boston, Mass., 1810: graduated at Harvard College, 1832, and M.I), at Bowdoin College, 1836: d. 1864. 1. Lives of Children, Bost., 1845, ISmo. 2. Art of Conversing. 1846. 32mo. 3. Sociable Story-Teller, 1846, 18mo. 4. Pocket Homreopathist and Family Guide, 1849, lfimo; 3d ed., 1855; new ed., 18fi2. 5. Sources of Health. Ac, 1850, Svo. 6. Kpps's Domestic Homoeopathy; Edited. 1853, Svo. 7. Homoeopathy Simplified, Ac, 1856, '57, '58, '59, '62, 12mo. Edited Quarterly Homoeopathic Journal, 1853, '54.

Tarbotton, Rev. W., of Limerick. The Bible and its History, Lon., ISmo.

Tarbox, Rev. Increase N. 1. Nineveh; or. The Buried City, Bost.. 1864, ISmo. 2. The Curse; or, The Position in the World's History occupied by the Rave of Ham. N. York. 1865, ISmo. 3. Tyre and Alexandria: the Chief Commercial Cities of Scripture Times, Bost., 1866, lfimo. 4. Missionary Patriots: Memoirs of J. N. Schneider and E. M. Schneider, 1867, 16mo. Contributor to Congreg. Quar. Rev., Ac.

Tarbuck, Edward Lance, architect. 1. A Popular Acenunt of the Styles of Architeeturc, Lon., 1855, Svo. 2. London: New* Illustrated Guide for 1862, 1802, 12mo. Editor of Encyclopedia of Practical Carpentry and Joinery, 4to, and Builder's Practical Director, 4to, and contributor to The Builder.

Tarleton, General Sir Banastre, Bart.. G.C.B., Colonel of the 8th Light Dragoons, Governor of Berwick, for 22 years M.P. for Liverpool, the son of John Tarle


ton Mayor of Liverpool, was b. 1754, d. at Lointwardine, Shropshire, without issue, Jan. 23, 1833. He served in the Amerioan War, 1776 to 1781, and after his return home published: 1. History of the Campaign of 1<80 and 1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America, by Lieut -Col. Tarleton, Commandant of the Late British Legion, Lon., 1787, 4to, pp. 518. map and four plans. Noticed in Lon. Month. Rev., 1787, ii. 75.

» Some facts have been witlihelil, and some mutilated, while others are raised to a pitch of importance to which, if historical justice had been the author's object, they are by no means entitled."—L1EDT. RoonUCK M.VCMNSll,(?.v.,No. l.p. llis,«u/ira.) Tarleton also published: 2. Reply to Colonel do Charmilly 1810, Svo. 3. Substance of a Speech, Ac, 1810, 8vo. 4. Substance of a Speech, Ac, 1811, Svo. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1833, i. 273". (Obituary.)

Tarltou, John. Remedy for the [Civil] Warros, 16+8. Privately printed.

Tarlton, Richard, one of the most famous of English comedians, b. at Condover, Shropshire, d. lo88, wa? the compiler of a play called The Seven Dcadhe Sinnes, (never printed, and long since lost,) and his name is attached to the following books: 1. Toycs, (1576.) Inverse. 2. Tragical! Treatises, (U77-8.) 3. A sorrowfull newe Sonnette. intitled Tarlton s Recantation. (1589.) 4. Tarlton's Repentance, (1589.) 5. Tarlton's Jests. 1611, 4to. See Alger's Crit. Hist, of Doet. Future Life, 1864, 424. See, also, Tarleton's Newes out of Pur-atory, 4to, circa 1590; new cd.. 1630, 4to. This and No.°5, ed.. with Life and Notes, by J. 0. Halliwcll, were reprinted 1844, Svo, (Shaksp. Soc.)

•• Priuceps Comoedornm tulit quo* Anglia Tellus. —Jo. bTRAD

•• Noa Aneli Tarletonum, in cnjns voce et vullil omnes Jocosl affectus in eujus ccrebroso capita lepidas facctia- hubitant. — Br Cat'*: Dt Ililitica, Oxf., 1588, 4to.

"Our Tarlton was master of bis faculty. When Queen Elizabeth was serious (I dare not say sullen) and out of good humour, he could un-lnmphh her at his will."-DR. T. FULI.tR: Horf/ues, ed. 1840, iii. HO, Iq. r.l

See, also. Biog. Dramat.. ed. 1812. Pt. 2, 700; Drake s Shakspeare and his Times, i. 66, 702. ii. 229: Bonn's Lowndes, 2573: Lon. Cent. Mag.. 1780, 324: Colliers Bibl. Acct. of Early Eng. Lit., 1865; Hazlitt's HandBook of Karlv Eng. Lit., 1867.

Tarlton, T. II. Preface to Lectures on Great Men

by the Late Frederick Myers, 3d ed., Lon.. 1857, p. Svo.

Tarnier, S. P. Cazenux's Treatise on Midwifery,

5th ed.. Lon., 1869, r. 8vo. See, also, Thomas Robert

Tarr, A. De Kalb, a member of the Philadelphia Bar. The American Reader of Prose nnd Poetry, Phila., 1857: 3d ed., 1858.

Tarron, J. Discourses, Explanatory and Practical, on Romans ix., 1827, 12mo.

Tarry, B. H., M.D. On the Processes employed to cause Writing to disappear from Paper, Ac; Nic. Jour., 1811.

Tartt, William MacDowall, of Gateacrc, near Liverpool. 1. Odes, Sonnets, and other Poems, 1808, 8vo. 2. America, Ac, and other Poems, 1820. Also several anonvmous Essays.

Tarver, F. See Tarver, Henry.

Tarver, Henry. 1. Le Cnnteur; or, The StoryTellor: French Reading-Hook, 1858, 12tno. 2. First Steps in Learning French, I860, or. 8vo. 3. Eton French Accidence, and First French Exercise-Book, 1865, 12mo. 4. With Tarver, F., Eton First French Heading-Book, 1865. 12mo. See, also, Tauter, John Charles, No. 10.

Tarver, John Charles, b. of English parents at Dieppe, 1700; became a resident of England, 1815; was appointed French Master to Eton School, 1826, and held this situation until his decease, April 16, 1851. 1. The Inferno of Dante, in French Prose, with Notes and the Italian Text, Lon., 1826, 2 vols. p. Svo. 2. Lectures on French History. 3. Paris. Ancient nnd Modern. 4. Dictionary of French Verbs, 12mo. 5. French Grammar, with" Exercises, 12mo. 6. French Language Simplified, 12mo. 7. French Phraseology, 12mo. 8. French Pronunciation, 12mo. 9. Eton School French and English Dialogues, new cd.. 1842, 12mo. 10. With Tarter, H., Progressive Oral Lessons for French Conversation, 1845. 12mo, (Key, 1846, 12mo ;) new ed., 1854, 12mo. 11. French Exercises, 10th cd., 1848, 12mo. Key, 1845, 12mo. 12. Choix en Prose, en Vers, ea. 12mo: together, 8th ed.. 1851, 12mo. 13. Royal Phraseological EnglishFrench and French-English Dictionary, 2 vols. r. Svo: i., 1845; ii., 1850: both, 1853. 1854, also 1858-62, 2 vols. t. 8vu, £2 10«. On this he was employed for ten years.


"An original work of Immense labour, and which has given to its author a high place amongst those who have most distlliEiiished themselves in philological studies."— Bng. Ci/c, B\ag., v. 810, (o.r.) See, also, Lou. Quar. Rev., Ixxxvii. 383, n., (by Prof. T. B. Shaw.)

He edited now edits, of Lcvizac's French Grammar, 12mo, (Key, 12ino :) Tardy's French Dictionary, 1847, 12mo; N. Wanostrocht, LL.D.'s French Grammar, 1849, '51, '60, 12mo, (Key, 12mo,) and his Gil Bias, 1857, 12ino; and Gombert's Catechism of French Grammar, 1S5S, 18mo. See, also, Ni-oest, Thomas, LL.D., No. 5: 28th ed. of Fr.-Eng. and Eng.-Fr. Dictionary, 1859, sq. Tasistro, Louis Fitzgerald. Random Shots and Southern Breezes, N. York, 1842, 2 vols. 12mo; 1847, 2 vols. 12ino.

Tasker, John. Sufficient Reasons for a Separation from the Church of England, Lon., 1751, Svo.

Tasker, W. Territorial Visitor's Manual, Edio., 1849, 12nio.

Tasker, William, Rector of Iddeslcigh, Devonshire, d. 1800. 1. Poems, Lon., 1779, 4to. 2. Carmen Scculare of Horaco; in English Verse, 1779, 4to. 3. Select Odes of Pindar and Horaco; trans.; with Original Poems, vol. i., 8vo, 1780. 4. Annus Mirahilis, Exeter, 1783, 4to. Ho also published Letters on the Wounds mentioned by Homer and Virgil; two Odes, 1778-79, ea. 4to; ami an Elegy, Derby, 1779, 4to.

Tassie, James, b. near Glasgow, in or about 1735; from 1766 until his death, in 1799, resided in London, where ho manufactured paste and sulphur imitations of ancient and modern gems. Ho published a Catalogue of his Collection of Gems. Ac. in 1775; but fuller Catalogues, compiled by R. E. Raspc, (taprn,) were published, the first in 1786, the last, in 2 vols. 4to, (15,800 articles,) in 1791. This Descriptive Catalogue, prefaced by an Introduction, is of great valuo to the artist or antiquary. See Dr. Gleig's Supp. to Encyc. Brit.; Lon. Month. Rev., 1791, i. 177.

Taswell, E. Miscellanea Saora, Lon., 1760, 4to. Posth. _

Taswell, Henry. See Taswell, William, D.D. Taswell, William, D.D., b. 1052; Prof, of Greek at Oxford. 1081; Rector of Wood Norton. Norfolk, 1691, of St Mary, Newington, Surrey, 1698, and of St. Mary, Bermondsi'y, 1723; d. 1731. Ho published several single sermons, theological treatises, Ac, (sec Darling s Cyc Bibl., i. 1902.) and left an Autobiography and Diary, 1651-82, in Latin, of which a translation, by his grandson. Henry Taswell, was published Lon., 1853, 4to, (Camden Soc.: in vol. ii. Miscell.)

Taswell, William, son of the preceding, and \ icar of Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, was b. 1708-9, d. 1775. 1. Serm., 1 Chron. xvi. 39, 40, 42, 1742, Svo. 2. Serm., John iv. 23, 1763, 8vo.

Tate, Mr. Speech on the King's Letters, Lon., 1615,

4 to.

Tate, A. Norman. Petroleum and its Products, Liverp., 1863, cr. 8vo.

TntC. Benjamin. 1. American larm-Book, Kichmond 1845, Svo: new ed., by Alexander H. Sands, 1857, Svo 2 Analytical Digested Index of Virginia Reports, from Washington to 2d Grattan. inc.. 1847, 2 vols. 8vo; new cd., to 14th Grattan, by A. B. Guigon, 2 vols. Svo,

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Tate. Faithful, D.D., father of Tate, Nahiim. See Teate. Faithful, D.D.

Tate, Francis, 1500-1616, a lawyer, was the author of a number of antiquarian essays, some of which were published in Glitch's Collectanea Curiosa and Hearne Discourses. See Bliss's Wood's Athen. Oxon., Archseol., vol. i.

Tate, George. Treatise on Hysterical Affections, Lon., 1S30, 8vo; Phila., 12mo: 3d ed., Lon., 1853,

Tate, George. 1. Sculptured Rocks of Northumberland and Eastern Borders, Alnwick, 1865, Svo and 4to. 2. The History of the Borough, Castle, and Barony of Alnwick, Nos. 1, 2, 1865.

"He appears to have the necessary scholarship and judgment, and he most certainly possesses the true antiquarian feeling.' —Lon. Rauter, IS65, ii. 599.

Tate, J. R. 1. Treatise on Naval Book-Keeping, Lon . 1S40, r. Svo. 2. Madeira; or, The Spirit of AntiChrist in 1816, Svo. 1847.

Tate, J. S. Holy Times and Seasons, Lon., 1846,

Tate, James, late Master of Richmond GramrnarSchool, and since (sucooeded to Thomas Hughes's pre

bend, Feb. 1, 18.13) Canon Residentiary of St. Paul's. 1. Iloratius Restitutio; or, The Books" of Horace arranged in Chronological Order, according to the Scheme of Dr. Bentley, Ac, (from the text of (leaner,) Camb., 18.32, (some 1833,) Svo; 2d ed., with an Original Treatise on the Metres of Horace, Lon., 1837, 8vo.

"Worthy of very liijrh praise; . . . should And ft place in the library of the mature scholar, of the youthful student, and of the accomplished man of the world."—Lon. Quar. Rev. Oct 1K18. 2*7-332, (Life and Writing* of Horace.)

''The order which Bentley suKKi-nted and Mr. Tate adopted in hi* edition of the poet in douhth1** the tine one t\n regards the collected works."—Edin. Rev., Oct. I860, &3:t-74, (Horace and Torso.)

2. Introduction to the Principal Greek Tragic and Comic Metres, Ac, 4th ed., 1834, 8vo. 3. Richmond Rules to Form the Ovidinn Distich, Svo, last ed., 1861. 4. The Continuous History of the Life and Writings of St. Paul, on the Basis of the Acts, Ac; with the Horn Paulino? of Dr. Paley, in a More Correct Edition, Ac, 1840, Hvo. See, Wn Liam, D.D., No. 2.

"A work of uuusnal labour, ingenuity, and learning."—Brit, JHtiff.

"It will form an important artielp in all future introduction? to the study uf the New Testament."— Ert*c. Rev., Sept. 1, 1841.

4. Element a Lingua Grusca*, Ac, Studio Jacobi Moor, IiL.D., Ac, J. Tate, editio 7ma, 1844, 12nio: vide Moor, Jamks, LL D., No. 5.

5. First Classical Maps, with Chronological Tables of Greek and Roman History, imp. Svo, 1815 ; 2d ed., 1S47; 3d ed. Used at Eton.

"Of considerable utility."— Cambridge fVrrm. See Nichols's Illust. of Lit., viii., 1859, 617; T. Moore's Memoirs, vii. 173.

Tate, Joseph. Digest of the Laws of Virginia which arc of a Permanent Character and General Operation, Ac, Richmond, 1823, Svo. See, also, Cai.i,, Danikl. Tate, Nahum, a sou of Dr. Faithful Teat or Teate, (q. ».,) was b. in Dublin, 1052; matriculated at Trinity College, Dublin, at the age of sixteen; removed to London, where he adopted literature as a profession : succeeded Shadwcll as Poet-Laureate in 1090; d. in the precincts of the Mint, Southwark, (where he had for some timo taken refuge from his creditors,) Aug. 12, 1715. 1. Poems, Lon., 1677, 8vo, pp. 148. 2. Memorials for the Learned, collected out of Eminent Authors in History, 1686, Svo. 3. Characters of Virtue and Vice Described and Attempted in Verse : from a Treatise of Joseph Hall, Bishop of Exon, 1601, 4to. 4. Present for the Ladies, 2d ed., 1683, Svo. 5. Poem on Promotion, 1694. 6. Elegy on Abp. TMlotson, 1695. 7. Elegy on Queen Mury, 1695. 8. Miscellanea Sacra: or, Poems on Divine and Moral Subjects, 1698, 8vo. 9. Elegies. 1699. Svo. 10. Panacea; a Poem on Tea, 1700, Svo. II. An Essay for promoting Psalmody, 1710, Svo. He published about ten dramatic pieces, (see Biog. Dramat.,) including an alteration of Shakspcnre's Lear, 1681, 4to, which last kept possession of the stage for nearly a century: and a nuuiber.of translations from the (J reck, Latin, and French; and has long had ascribed to him—it appears, erroneously, (see Blakey's Lit. of Angling, 1856, .'117)—The Innocent Epicure: or. The Art of Angling, a Poem, 1697, 12mo: 2d ed., 1713, 12mo; 3d ed., with the title of Angling, a Poem. 1741, 12mo. In 1713 ho edited The Monitor, a short-lived penny paper. As a coadjutor of Dryden (p. 523, Ktiprn) and of Nicholas Brady {q. v., and StkiinHOi.n, Thomas, No. 1) the psalrnodist, he has already claimed our notice. His official Birthday Odes are not considered specimens of the loftiest style of poetical eloquence:

''Nahum Tate of nil my predecessors must have ranked the lowest of the Laureates if ho had not tuicceedi-d Slmdwell."— SouthK? : Lip of Cmoper.

But Tate's latest biographers are disposed to question the justice of this verdict:

14 Could Soiithcy, with nil his vnried hook-lure, have been ignomnt uf the verses of Eumleu* itnd if he imt in this estimate wiiri.'\\ poMe nnd merciful to his predecessor, Pyef"—Austin and Ralph's Lives of the Poets-Laureate, 1853, 222, {7. r.)

"There is nn EnnlUli word-joiner—author we will not cnll blm—wlm has had the temerity to n<xoni| I.kii two things, either of which would have been enough tn hHve conferred upon him a bad immortality. Nahum Tate has mieceeded, to nn extent which defies all competition, in degrading the Psalma of David and the I^nr of Shaksp«re to the condition of being tolerated, and perhaps even admired, hy the m.i-t dull, prons, anil anti

Ketlcal capacity. These were not cany tasks ; hut Nahum Tate 0 enjoyed more than a century or honour tor his labour*); nnd bis new version* of the Psalms are »t ill Pimp on (like the Shepherd in Arcadia piped) as if they would never he old. and his Lear wan the Lear of the Playhouse at the time of the publication of our first edition, with one solitary exception ul n modern heresy

in favour of Sh a kspere."—Charles K.mobt: Pictorial Sltaksp. 2d ed., 1H67, v. 406.

Pee, also, Cibber's Lives; Jacob's Lives; Malone'a Dryden; Warburton's Pope, (The Dunciad;) Dunton'f Post Angel, 1701 ; Chalmers's Biog. Diet.; Pict. Hist, of Eng.; Bell's Eng. Dramat.: De Quincey's Life of Shakspeare; Todd's Obs. on the Metrical Versions of the Psnlms; Lon. Gent. Mag., 1S22, ii. 414; Blackw. Mag., xxxiii. 165; Lon. Atheu., 1353, 963; Smith, M., No. 2.

Tate, Ralph. Plain and Easy Account of the Land and Fresh-Water Mollusks of Great Britain, Ac., Lon., 1866, fp. Svo.

Tate, Robert. Practical Treatise on several Subjects, Lon., 1732, 4to.

Tate, Thomas, formerly Mathematical Professor and Lecturer on Chemistry in the National Society's Training College, Battersea, and subsequently of Kuelter Training College, Twickenham.

1. First Principles of Arithmetic, Lon., 1844, '47, '49, '62, 12mo. See Companion to Tate's "First Principle* of Arithmetic," Ac, 1863, 12mo. 2. Factorial Analysis. 1845, 8vo. 3. Exercises on Mechanics and Natural Philosophy, 1846, '47, '48, '49, 12mo. Key, 1852, 12mo. 4. Algebra Made Easy, 1847, '48, 12mo. Key, 1863, 12mo. 5. Principles of Geometry, Mensuration, Ac, 1848, *49, 12mo. 6. Differential and Integral Calculus, 1S49, 12mo. 7. First Three Books of Euclid, 1819, 12mo. 8. Outlines of Experimental Chemistry, 1850, 12mo. 9. Strength of Materials, 1850, 8vo. 10. Elements of Mechanism, 1851, l2mo. II. Euclid's Elements of Geometry, 1851, 18mo. 12. Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Pneumatic?, 1851, ISmo. 13. Astronomy and Use of the Globes, 1852, ISmo. 14. Electricity for Beginners, 1854, IS mo. 15. Magnetism, Electro-Dynamics, Ac, 1854, ISmo. 16. Experimental Chemistry, 1854, 18mo. 17. Light and Heat, 1854, ISmo. 18. Mechanics and the Steam Engine, 1855, ISmo. Nos. 12-18 inc. are also sold in 2 vols. ISmo, 1855, under the title of Course of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. There are Boston edits., ed. by S. Cartee, A.M., of Tate's First Lessons in Philosophy, I2mo, pp. 252, and Tate's Natural and Experimental Philosophy, 12ino, pp. 528. 19. Mechanical Philosophy, 1853, 8vo. 20. With Tillbard, Jons, {infra,) Educational Expositor, Svo, vol. i., 1851. 21. Drawing-Book for Little Boys and Girls, 1K54, fp. Svo. 22. DrawingBook for Schools, 1S54, fp. 4to. 23. Philosophy of Education, fp. Svo, 5 Pts., 1854: 2d ed., in I vol., 1857; 3d ed., 1860. Seo Lon. Athen., 1854, 1065. 24. Little Philosopher, ISmo, Pts. 1-3, 1S55; 2ded.,in 1 vol., 1855; Pt. 4, 1S5S. 25. Mental Arithmetic for Teachers, new ed., 1859, ISmo. 26. Practical Geometry, I860, ISmo.

Tate, Thomas Vicar of Edmonton. XIII. Sermons preached in the Pariah Church of Edmonton, Lon., 1848, 12mo.

"Excellent sermons on well-chosen mibj*>ct«t."—Chris. Exam.

Tate, William, of the London Commercial Finishing-School. I. Introduction to Merchants' Accounts, Lon., 1S10. 12mo. 2. Modern Cambist; a Manual of Exchanges. 2d ed., 1834, Svo: 14th ed., 1S68, Svo.

"An accurate and very useful work."—McCul loch's Lit. uf Potit. Bean.. 184.

"A work of great excellence."—ton. Times.

3. Blinkers' Clearances, 1841, **vo. 4. Elements of Commercial Arithmetic, last ed., 1857, I2mo. Key, last ed., 1859, 12mo. 5. Counting-House Guide, 12ino, 2 Pts., 1844; in I vol., 1844; 8th ed., 1866. 6. Epitome of Naval Book-Keeping, 1846, 8vo. See, also, Stkki., David. No. 1.

Tate, Rev. William. 1. Serpent in the Wilderness. Lon., 1851, 8vo. 2. Seeds of Thought, Rugby, 1863, cr. Svo.

Tates, Edward. Letter to the Women of England on Slavery in tho Southern States of America, Lon., 1S63. ftvo.

Tatham, Charles Heathcote, Architect, Warden of Norfolk College, Greenwich, d. 1842, aged 71. 1. Etchings of Architecture nt Rome, Lon., 1799, ful.; 2d ed., ISO.!, fol.: again, 1826, r. fol. 2. Etchings of Grecian and Roman Architecture, 1806, fol, 3. Designs for Ornamental Plate, 1806, fol. 4. Gallery at Castle Howard, 1811, fol. 5. Gallery of Brocklesby, 1811, fol. 6. Representations of a Greek Vase. 1811. Privately printed. 7. Mausoleum at Castle Howard, 1812, 4to His Architectural Works, complete, 1811, r. fol. Also author of the letter-press in Coney's Ancient Cathedrals, Hotel de Ville, and other Public Buildings, Ac, fol. 1829-31.

Tatham, Edward, D.D., b. in Yorkshire. 1749; admitted of Queen's College, Oxford, 1769; Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford, 1781, and Rector of the same, (also Perpetual Curate of Twyford, BerkB,) 1792; Rector of Whitchurch, Salop, 1829; d. 1834. 1. Oxonia Explicate et Omnia, Lou., 1773, 4to; 1777, 4to. 2. Essay on Journal Poetry, Lon., 1778, 8vo. 3. Twelve Discourses Introductory to the Study of Divinity, 1780, 8vo. 4. The Chart aud Scale of Truth by which to find the Cause of Error; Hampton Lect., 1789, Oxf., 2 vols. 8vo: i., 1790; ii., 1792; New (2d) ed., from the Author's MSS., with Memoir, Preface, and Notes by E. W. Grinticld, M.A., (p. 744, supra,) 1840, 2 vols. 8vo.

"Essentially a system of logic, formed ot) the principles of Lord Bacon'* writings, and may bo considered as a practical commentary ou the 'Novum Organum.'"—Dr. Thomas Kfclin: Litter la Dr. Tatham.

"A work which, notwithstanding the rnpgedness of its style, has so much real merit as a system of logic, that it cannot be too diligently studied by the young inquirer who wishes to travel by the straight road to the temple of Bcieuce."—Encyc. Brit,, 7th cd., xiiL, 1842, 451, n.

See, also, Lon. Month. Rev., 1793, ii. 1, 322; Lon. Gent Mag., 1851, i. 13.

5. Oxonia Purgata, 1S13, Svo. He also published some single sermons and political tracts. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1834, ii. 549, (Obituary.)

Tatham, Miss Emma. The Dream of Pythagoras, and other Poems, Lon., Oct. 1854, 18mo; 2d cd., Dec. 1854, 12mo; 4th ed., with Memoir by Rev. B. Gregory, Abridged, 1864, fp. 8vo; 1865, fp. 8vo.

"The 'Dream of Pythagoras' is a fine poem, full of fancy, though crude and undeveloped."—Ltm. Atktn., 1854,1395.

See Memoir of, by Benjamin Gregory, with the Angel's Spell, Ac, I860, [2mo.

Tatham, George N. Memorial relative to the N. Jersey Consolidated Monopolies, Phi la., 1852, Svo.

Tatham, John, City Poet temp. Charles I., was the author of a number of poems, plays, and pageants, for which see Biog. Dramat., Cens. Lit., Bonn's Lowndes, and Collier's Bibl. Acct. of Early Eng. Lit., 1865. The best-known of his works is a collection of poems, entitled The Fancies Theater, Lon., 1640, tin. Svo, pp. 166: Bibl. Auglo-Poet., 754, (j. ».,) £( 6».; J. Lilly's B. A.-C, 1S69, £1 4..

Tatham, Mary. See Memoirs of, by the Rev. J. Beaumont, Lon., 1848, 12mo; repub. N. York.

Tatham, William, a native of England, an engineer; became a lawyer in North Carolina; subsequently held an office in the Virginia Arsenal, and was killed at Richmond by the explosion of a cannon, Feb. 22, 1819, aged 67. 1. Inland Canals, Ac, Lon., 1798, 4to. 2. Political Economy of Inland Navigation, Irrigation, and Drainage, Ac, 1799, 4to. 3. Agriculture and Commerce of America; Edited, 1800, Svo. 4. Historical and Practical Essay on the Culture and Commerce of Tobacco, IsOO, 8vo.

"An Instructive publication."—Hicli'g Bihl. Amer. ffova, I. 419.

5. National Irrigation, 1801, Svo. 6. Oxeu for Tillage, 1801, Svo. 7. Two Reports on the Navigation of the Thames, 1803, Svo. Ho also published a Report of a Case in the General Court of Virginia, Phila., 1794, Svo, and two tracts relating to the canal between Norfolk and Virginia, and compiled an analysis of Virginia.

Tatham, William P., of Philadelphia. On the Restoration of the Standard of Value, and the Proper Limit to the Use of Bank Credit as Money, Phila., 1809, 8vo, pp. 19. A well-written treatise.

Tallin ell, Cornwell, M.D. Med. papers in Ess. Ph.vs. and Lit., 1756.

Tatlock, Eleanor. Poems, 1811, 2 vols. I2mo.

Tatlock, William. The Man of Sorrows, 1850, fp. Svo.

Tatnall, Robert, minister of St. John the Evangelist, Loudon, ejected for Nonconformity, 1662. Antidote against the Sinful Palpitation of the Heart, or Fear of Death. Lon., 1065, 4to.

Tator, Henry H. Brother Jonathan's Cottage; a Temperance Novel, N.York, 1854, 12mo.

Tattam, Henry, b. Dec. 28,1788, was educated and graduated LL.D. at Trinity College, Dublin, D.D. at Gottingen, and Ph.D. at Lcydcn. Jle was Rector of St. Cuthbcrt's, Bedford, for 27 years, and a portion of that time also Rector of Great Woolstone, Bucks; aud was appointed Archdeacon of Bedford in 1845, aud Rector of Stanford Rivers, Essex, in 1849. He is (1868) a Chaplain-in-Ordiuary to her Majesty, and has long been famous as an Orientalist.

1. Helps to Devotion: Family Prayers, 2d ed., Lon., 147

1862, 12mo. 2. Compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language, Ac, 1828, Svo; with the Rudiments of a Dictionary of the Ancient Egyptian Language, by Thomas Young, (M.D.,) 1830, Svo ; 2d cd., 1863, Svo. The Rudiments, Ac appeared separately, 1831, Svo. See Lon. Lit. Gas., 1830, 20. 3. Lexicon JSgyptiaco-Latinum ex veteribus Lingum .ASgyptiacm Monumentis, Ac, Oxod., 1835, Svo, pp. 958. See Lon. Lit. Gas., 1833, 617. 4. Duodecim Prophetarum Minorum Libros, in Lingua J2gyptiuca, vulgo Coptica sou Memphitica, Ac, Latino edidit; Lat. et Copt., 1836, Svo. 5. Defence of the Church of England against the Attacks of a Roman Catholic, Lon., 1843, 12mo. ft. The Ancient Coptic Version of the Book of Job the Just; Trans, into English and edited, 1847, 8vo, pp. 184. 7. Apostolical Constitutions in Coptio, with English Trans., 1849, Svo, (Oriental Trans. Fund.) 8. Prophetse Majores in Dialecto Liogutc jiEgyptiacse, Oxon., 1852, 2 vols. Svo. He has also published Charges to the Clergy, Ac. It is to Mr. Tattam's researches in Egypt thut we owe valuable Syriao MSS. (the Eccles. Hist, of John of Ephesus, Ac.) now in the British Museum: see Smith, Robert I'avsi:. See, also, Blackw. Mag., xliv. 109.

Tattersall, George. 1. Guide to the Northern Lakes of England, Lon., 1836, cr. Svo. 2. Sporting Architecture, 1841, 4to, 31«. (id.; red. to 21«., 1850. 3. The Cracks of the Day: a Pictorial Record of the Most Celebrated Horses and Sporting Characters of the Present Day, Ac, Ed. by Wildrakc, 1841, Svo. 4. Pictorial Gallery of English Race-Horses, by Wildrake; with 75 Illustriitiens, 1S44, r. 8vo; to 1850, r. 8vo; 1851, 30».

Tattersall, George. See Chambers, T.

Tattersall, William, M.D., Liverpool. 1. Brief View of the Anatomical Arguments for tho Doctrine of Materialism, occasioned by Dr. Ferrier's Arguments against it, Lon., 1794, Svo. 2. Paper in Med. Com., 1795.

Tattersall, William De Chair, Rector of Westbourne, Sussex, 1778, and of Wotton-under-Edge, 1779; d. 1829, aged 77. 1. A Version or Paraphrase ou the Psalms; originally written by James Merrick, M.A.; divided into Stauzas, Ac, sni. 8vo and 4to, Lou., 1791; again, (1794,) sm. 8vo; 1797, 4to: some fine paper; 179S, 4to. See MEnnicK, James, No. 5; Lon. Month. Rev., 1792, i. 93. 2. Improved Psalmody, viz.: Merrick's Version arranged with Music, 1795, Svo, 3 Parts in 3 vols. 3. Psalms, (with new music engraved,) 2 vols. Not completed. See Lon. Gent. Mag., 1829, ii. 88, (Obituary,) or Nichols's Lit. Illnst., viii., 1858, 651.

Tattershall, T. Sermons, with Memoir by T. Byrth, Lon., 1848, Svo.

Tntton, Miss Elizabeth. See Winslow, Rev.


Tatton, William. 1. Church-Yard Musings, and other Poems, Lon., 1858, p. Svo. 2. Edwin and Marguerite, and other Poems, 1860, fp. 8vo.

latum, John. 1. Galvanism on Animals; Nic. Jour., 1808. 2. Experiments on Vegetation; Phil. Mag., 1817.

Taube, H. W. Rupture of the Navel; Phil. Trans., 1744.

Taube, William Dove. Tartarologia Brevis; Medicines in the Tartar or Argol, with its Preparations, Lon., 1766, 8vo.

Tilulimitn, Matthew, City Poet, 1685, published a number of poems and pageants, for which see Biog. Dramat. and Lowndes's Bibliog. Man. We notice: 1. Collection of Loyal Poems, 1685.. 2. London's Great Jubilee, Oct. 29, 1689, 1689, 4to: Rhodes, 2151, £3 15s. Repub. iu Somers CoUec.,. vol. xi.

'i'm u l> mil Ii, N nihil II ill. 1. British Fleets, Ac. in the Mediterranean 17.08-9, Ac, Lon., 1710, Svo. 2. Funl. Serin., 1716, 4to.

Tauerschmidt, Rev. E. Ancestry of Prince Albert, Lon., 1810, 12mo. See Wilson, J. H., Nos. 4, 5.

Taunton, Rev. C. Chart of Ancient Historians, 1807.

Taunton, William Ellis. 1. Remarks, Ac on the Late Negotiations for Peace, 1797, 8vo. 2. Answer to A. Cooke, 1S00, Svo.

Tiiunton, William Pyle. Reports C. Pleas, and other Courts, M. T. 48 Geo, III., 1807,-H. T. 59 Geo. III., 1819, Lon., 1810-23, 8 vols. Svo; N.York, 1810-24, 8 vols. Svo. Vols, v.-viii.,. 1813-19, were also repub. in Eng. Com. Law Reports, 1813, Ac, Phila., (T. A ,J. W. Johnson A Co.) See Broderip, William John; BingHam, Peregrine. "When the 8th volume of Taunton was cited in tho Excheqne., Baron Parke observed that that volume 'is a very apocryphal authority; not supervised by Mr. Taunton, hut made up from his notes.' "— Wallace's Reporters, 3d ed., 1855, 330, n.

Tautphoens, Baroness, wife of the Chamberlain to the King of Bavaria, (Munich,) a Welsh lady, was formerly Miss Montgomery. 1. The Initials; a Novel, Lon., 1850, 3 vols. p. 8vo; Phila., 1850, 8vo; 6th ed., Lon., 1863, p. 8voj Phila., 1867, '69, 12mo.

•• No better-humoured or less-caricatured picture of life in South Germany has been executed by English pencil."—Lon. AUirn., 1863, 416.

2. Cyrilla; a Talc, Lon., 1853, 3 vols. p. 8vo; N. York, 1853, 8vo; Phila., 1870.

"More than usually disappointing under the circumstances.'' —Lon. Alhtn., 1853, 557.

Soe, also, Lon. Lit. Gas., 1853, 404. 3. Quits; a Novel, Lon., 1857, 3 vols. p. 8vo; Phila., 1857, 12nao; 2d cd., Lon., 1857, 3 vols. p. 8vo; 1864, p. Svo.

"We recur to the conception of the character of Nora for the charm which makes this a most interesting novel."—Lon. Times.

"An admirable novel."—Lon. M. I\>st.

"A genial aud hearty tone pervades the volumes, and renders the denouement altogether satisfactory."—jV. Amer. Rev^ Jan. 1858, 274. See, also, Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 401, ii. 431.

4. At Odds; a Novel, 1863, 2 vols. p. 8vo; Phila., 1863, 12mo, and in German, 12mo.

"The plot and the characters, in fact, do not fit; the entire current of the action is poisoned at the source. That the interest of the story is not entirely destroyed must bo accepted as a rare proof of the authoress's abilities."—Lon. Reader, 1863, i. 402.

Tiuivry, Daniel. 1. Treatise of Medicines, Ac., Lon., 1700, 8vo. 2. Anatomy according to Mechanics, 1700, 8vo.

Taverner, John* Certain Experiments concerning fish and Frvite, Lon., 1600, 4to. There appears to have been another edit the same year, entitled Approved Experiments, Ac. See Walton's Complete Angler, Bagster's cd. of 1808, 14, n.; Bethune's cd. of Walton's C. A., N. York, 1852, Part 1, xxxvii. j Drake's Shaksp. and bis Times, i. 201, n.

Tavcriicr, Rev. Philip. 1. The Quaker's Rounds, Lon., 1658, 4to. 2. Reply to Edw. Burroughs. See The Great Mystery, Ac, by George Fox, 1659, fol., 283, 308. 3. Grandfather's Advice, 1680, '81, Svo.

Tavornor, Richard, b. at Brisley, Norfolk, 1505; studied at Cambridge, Oxford, and the Inner Teniplo; became a Clerk of the Signet in 1537; received (though a layman) a special license to preach the doctrines of the Reformation, 1552; was made High Sheriff of Oxford, 1569; d. 1575. Ho was a learned man, and published a number of translations, Ac, of whioh wo notice: 1. The Confession of the Faith of the Germans, Ac.; with the Apology of Melanchthon, Lon., 1536, 8vo. Translated under the direction of Lord Thomas Cromwell, " who died a Lutheran," (Bishop Burnet.) 2. The Most Sacred Bible, Ac, Translated into Knglyshe, Ac, 1539, fol.: Sotheby, (Steoven*,) Aug. 1857, £36; 1551, fol.

"This Is neither a bare rovisal of Cranmer'a Jlible, nor a new version, but a kind of intermediate work, being a correction of what Is called 'Matthew's Bible."'—Home's Btbl. Rib., 73. («• *■)

See, also, Cotton's List; Lewis's nist.; Ahp. Newcome's Hist. View; Anderson's Annals; Beloo's Anec; Lea Wilson; Bohn's Lowndes. 3. The New Testament, Ac, 15:19, 4to. 4. The Gardeaof Wysdoin, drawen forth of Good Authors, Ac, 1539, 4to. Other edits., lfimo. 5. The Epistles and Gospels, with a brief Postill upon the same, 1540, 2 Parts, 4to; new ed., by Edward Cardwell, D.D., (p. 336, supra,) Oxf., 1841, 8vo. See Bliss's Wood's Athcn. Oxon., i. 419 ; Masters's Hist of C. C. C. C.; Ward's Gresham Professors.

Taverner, W. Truth's Argument, Ac; or, A Short Catcchismc, Lon., 1656, 8ro.

Tavernier, J. Essay on Witham Spa, Lon., 1737, 8vo.

Tavernier, John. Entertaining Correspondent; or, Newest and Most Polite Letter-Writer, Berwick, 1759, 12mo.

Tavist), Edward Campbell. 1. Prize Essay on the Best Means of Making the Schoolmaster's Function more efficient in Preventing Misery and Crime, Kdin., 1858, 12mo. 2. A Study of the Works of Alfred Tennyson, Lon., 1868, p. 8vo.

Taylder, T. W. P. Mormon's Own Book, Lon., 1855, '57, cr. 8vo.

Tayler, Charles. 1. Elements of Algebra. Lon., Svo. 2. Introduction to Composing Greek Iambics, 1838, 12mo.

Tayler, Charles B., Rector of St. Peter's, Chester, and subsequently Rector of Otlcy, Suffolk. 1. Montague; or, Is this Religion? Lon., fp. 8vo. 2. Fireside Book for Christmas, 12mo. 3. Human Heart, p. 8vo. 4. May You Like It, 1822, 12mo; 5th ed., 1832, 2 vols. 12mo; last ed., 1863, fp. Svo. 5. XVI. Sermons on Christianity, 1828, 12mo. 6. Records of a Good Man's Life, 2d cd., 1832, fp. Svo; 12th ed., 1862. 7. Arthur and bis Mother; or, The Child of the Church of England, 1834, 18ino; last ed., 1852. 8. Social Evils and their Remedy, 1834-35, in Nos., 12mo, and bd. in 4 vols.; 2d cd., 1835-36. 9. Life of the Rev. C. G. Assman,

1838, r. 18mo. 10. XXI. Sermons preached at Chester,

1839, demy 8vo; 2d ed. pub. II. Clergyman's ParishBook, 1840, 4to. 12. Legends and Records, 8th ed., 1854, fp. 8vo. 13. Katherinc, 1843,18mo. 14. Responsibility, 1844, fp. 8vo. 15. Tractarianism not of God; Sermons, 1844, fp. 8vo. See No. 24. 16. Margaret; or, The Pearl, 1844, fp. 8vo; 2d ed., 1845. 17. Lady Mary ; or, Not of the World, 1845, fp. Svo; last ed., 1S62. 18. Sacred Gift, 1846, r. 8vo. 19. The Will-Forgers, 1847, 18mo. 20. Thankfulness: a Narrative; comprising Passages from the Diary of the Rev. William Temple, 1848, fp. 8vo; 4th cd., 1859. See No. 22. 21. Facts of a Clergyman's Life, 1849, fp. 8vo; new ed., 1854. See Lon. Lit. Gas., 1849, 621. 22. Earnestness; a Sequel to No. 20, 1850, fp. 8vo; N.York, 1850, 12ino; 3d ed., Lon., 1857. 23. Angels' Song, 1850, fp. 8vo. 24. Sermons for all Seasons, chiefly on Tractarian Error, 1850, fp. Svo. See No. 15. 25. The Merchant's Clerk; or, Mark Wilton, 1848, fp. 8vo; last cd., 1867. 26. Truth; or, Pcrsis Clarcton, 1852, fp. 8vo; new cd. pub. 27. Memorials of the English Martyrs, 1853, 8vo; 1865, 8vo. 28. Crystal Spring and the Stagnant Pool, 2d ed., 1854, fp. Svo. 29. Fool's Pence. 1858, 12mo. 30. The Bar of Iron, 1859, 18mo. 31. Tongue of the Swearer, 1861, 18mo. He is one of the authors of Every-dny Life, 1858, 12mo; contributed a Preface to Miss Warner's Wide, Wide World, 1853, 12mo, a Preface to The Confessor, 1858, 12mo, an lutroduction to Blind Lilias, N. York, 1860, 12mo, and edited the English Translation of Meta Sander's Dora Meddler, Lon., 1842, fp. 8vo, new ed., 1854. See, also, Roe, Azel Stevens, No. 1.

Of the above, Nos. 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 16, 17, HI, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 20, 27, and 30 hnve been republished in the United States; and Nos. 7, 11, lfi, 17, 20, 21, 22,23, 25, and 26 were reissued in uniform style, each in 1 vol., (sold separately or with the others,) in N. York, in 185S, under the title of Library for Leisure Hours. We have before us many cummcudatory and two or three unfavourable notices of Mr. Taylor's writings, which arc very popular on both sides of the water.

Tayler, Edm. Hints on Book-Keeping, Lon., 1850, r. 8vo.

Tayler, Francis. Serm., Rom. x. 18-21, Lon., 1583, '93, 16ino.

Tayler, or Taylor, Francis. Sec Tavi.ou, FuasCis.

Tayler, Frederick, an eminent artist, b. near Elstrce, Hertfordshire, 1804, has enriched publications of The Etching Club, Sir Roger vie Coverley, Ac, by his pencil. His Sketch-Book, r. 4to, Parts 1, 2, Lon., 1855, should be in the possession of all lovers of art.

Tayler, George. Law of Exemption of Scientific and Literary Societies from Parish, Ac. Rates, Lon.,

1851, 12rao.

Tayler, H. J. Rudiments of Greek Grammar used at Eton, in English, Lon., 1843, 12mo; last cd., I860, 12mo.

Tayler, J. N. Plans for the Formation of Harbours of Refuge, Ac, Lon., 1841, 4to.

Tayler, John James, an English Unitarian, Principal of Manchester New College, London. 1. Retrospect of the Religious Life of England, Lon., 1845, p. 8vo; 2d ed., 1853. Commended by Westin. Rev., Lon. Athen., 1845, 986, Ac. Reviewed in Eclec Rev., 4th Ser., xx. 513. See, also, Farror's Crit. Hist, of Free Thought, 18B3, Notes, Leot. I., n. 6. 2. Christian Aspects of Faith and Duty; Discourses, Lon., p. Svo; with Introduction, N. York, 1851, 12mo; red. to 7»., Lon.,

1852, p. Svo; 2d ed., 1855.

"These sermons are admirable."—Nonconformist.

3. Attempt to Ascertain the Character of the Fourth Gospel, 1867, 8vo. 4. Catholic Christian Church the Want of Our Time, 1867, p. 8vo. 5. Christianity: What is it? and What has it done? 1868, cr. 8vo. Edited: The Pentateuch, and its Relation to the Jewish and

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