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J. B. LIPPINCOTT .v CO., In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. TO MY FBIEND






Philadelphia, March 1, 1870.

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Taafe. Padilla; a Poem, Lon., 8vo.

'I Mali-. Count. A Comment on the Divine Comedy of DanUs Alighicri; by •«»•», vol. i., r. Svo, pp. 499: Printed in Italy from the Types of Didot, for Murray, London, 1S22. All printed. Reviewed in Lon. Mon. Rev., cii. 225-42.

Taafe, Dennis. An Impartial History of Ireland, Dubl., 1809-11,4 vols. 8yo.

"It is said that this violent and partial work was suppressed." —Lownd,,', liibl. Man., 1768.

lie also published a number of tracts, 1795-1804, Ac., in defence of R. Catholics, against the Union, Ac.

Taafe, Sir John, Knight-Commander of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. History of the Holy, Military, Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Lon., 1852, 4 vols. 8vo.

The historian seeks the revival of tho Order, under a different constitution. See Lon. Athen., 1853, 935.

'I'.-i;ili'. Nicholas, Lord Viscount. Observations on Affairs in Ireland from the Settlement in 1691 to the Present Time, Lon., 1766, 8vo.

Tabarand, >l. Critical History of English Philosophism, from its Origin to its Introduction into France, Paris, 1806, 2 vols. 8vo.

Tabart, Benjamin. 1. Fairy Tales, collected, Lon., 1818, 12mo. 2. National Spelling-Book, revised by Clark, 12mo.

Taber, Azor. Report of his Argument as (Counsel for the Defendant, Case Overbangh, Ac., Albany, 1850, 8vo.

Taber, G. S. Scrms. on Various Subjects, 1820, 2 vols. 8vo.

Tabor, J. Land Surveying and Levelling, for Farmers, Lon., 1864, 8vo.

Tabor, Job. Seasonable Thoughts in Sad Times, 1667, em. Svo. In verse.

Tabor, John, M.D. 1. Excrcitationcs Medicse, Lon., 1724, 8vo. 2. Two papers on antiquities, in Phil. Trans., 1717-18.

Tabram, R. Law of Landlord and Tenant, Stamford, 1823, 8ro.

Tache, Alex., Evfiquo de Saint Boniface, brother of the succeeding. Vingt Annees do Missions dans le Nord-Ouest do l'Am6rique, Montreal, 1866, 8vo.

Tache, Sir Etienne Paschal, M.D., b. at St. Thomas, Lower Canada, 1795, and d. there, 1865. 1. Du D£veloppement de la Force physique chcz 1'Hommc, 1820. 2. Quelques Reflexions sur 1'Organisation des Volontaires ct de la Milice de cette Province; par un Vet6ran de 1812, Quebec, 1863.

Tache, Jean Charles, M.D., b. at Kamouraska, Lower Canada, 1821. 1. De la Tenure seigneurialc en Canada, et Projet do Commutation, Ac., Quebec, 1854; also 2d ed., and an ed. in English. 2. La P16iade Rouge; par Gaspard Lemage, 1854. 3. Esquisse sur le Canada considfre sous le Point de Vue economiste, Paris, 1855, 8ro. 4. Le Canada et 1'Exposition Universelle, Toronto, 1856, 8vo. French and English. 5. Des Provinces de I'Ame'riquc du Nord et d'une Union ffiderale, Quebec, 1858, 8vo. 6. Notice historiographique sur la Ffite celebree a Quebec, le 16 Juin, 1859, Ac., 1859. 7. Le Ddfricheur de Langue, TragSdie bouffc, (en vers,) en Trois Actes, en Trois Tableaux ; par Isidore Mi-plats, 1859. gee Morgan's Canadians, 1862, 676, and his Bibl. Canad., 1867, 366.

Tacitus, (a pseudonym.) Canal Policy of New York, in a Letter to R. Toup, 1821, 8ro.

T.-iii-l. John Frederic Leonhard, Ph.D., born in Snliboch, on the Kocher River, in the kingdom of Wiirtemberg, Germany, Feb. 6, 1800. He graduated at the University of Tubingen in 1820, and taught successively at the gymnasiums in Stuttgart and Ulm, and was Principal of the County Academy in Schorndorf. He emigrated to America in the year 1853, and was for three years Professor of Languages at the Urbana University in Ohio. He resides at present in St. Louis, Mo. His educational works are: Hamilton und seine Gegner, (Hamilton and his Opponents,) Ulm, 1836. From tho year 1830 to 1837 he published text-books, according to Hamilton's interlinear method, for instruction in the following languages, Til.: Latin, Greek, English, Spanish, Italian, French, (two edition!.) He also prepared a second course of in

struction, according to tho same method, in Latin, French, and English. In 1838 ho published, in Cotta's Deutsche Vierteljahrschrift, a review of Hamilton's and Jacotot's methods of teaching tho languages. In 1845 he wrote his Analytische Lohrrnethode, (Analytic Method of Teaching.) His text-books according to this method are Analytisches Lchrbuch der lateinischen Sprache, in 2 vols., Ulm, 1839; Analytisches Lehrbuch der franzosischcn Sprache, Stuttgart, 1846; and Analytisches Lehrbuch der englischen Sprache, Stuttgart, 1847. In 1836 he wrote Die Stadtschulen Wurtemberg's: ein Vorschlag zu einer Reform, (The Free-Schools of Wiirtembcrg : a Proposal for their Reformation.) His philological works are : T. Livii Opera omnia, iii. vols., edidit J. T. L. Tafcl, Stuttgardise, 1823. He translated into German, from the Greek, Xenophon's Anabasis,and Cassius Dio's Roman History, in the collection called Griechische Prosaiker, published by Professors Lucas Tafcl, Osiandcr. and Schwab. The following works have been translated by him from the English: Sir Walter Scott's Waverley, Ivanhoe, Quentin Durward, The Astrologer, The Antiquary, Kcnilworth, and The Abbot, Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans, Thackeray's Pcndennis, and Dickens's Dombcy and Son and Pictures from Italy. From the French he translated The Mysteries of London. His theological works are: Staat und •Christcnthuro, Tubingen, 1851; Der Christ und der Atheist, Philadelphia, 1856.

Dr. Tafel has been engaged in the publication of tbo following periodicals. From 1827 to 1830 he was co-editor of the Ausland, a weekly periodical published by Cotta, devoted to foreign literature and the discussion of things abroad. In 1851 he was editor of the Reichstagszeitung, the organ of the German Diet after its removal from Frankfort to Stuttgart. From 1849 to 1853 he participated in editing the Beobachtcr, a daily paper devoted to the interests of the liberal party, published by his brother, Gottlob Tafcl, attorney-at-law, in Stuttgart. A New and Complete English-German and German-English Pocket Dictionary, by J. F. L. Tafel and Louis II. Tafcl, Phila., 1870, eq. 12mo. See, also, Tafel, Rudolph Lkoniiard.

Tafel, Rudolph Leonhard, Ph.D., Professor of Modern Languages and Comparative Philology at the Washington University, St. Louis, Mo., b. 24th Nov. 1831, in Ulm, kingdom of Wiirtembcrg, Germany, emigrated to the United States in tho year 1847.

1. Investigations into the Laws of English Pronunciation and Orthography, vol. i., No. 1, r. Svo, New York, 1862. The first number also bears the separate title Elementary Sounds of Language in General, and of the English Language in Particular. This first number appeared in the Proceedings of the Ainer. Philos. Soc.

2. Le Bois dc Guays' Briefe an einen Weltmann, translated from the French, Bait., I860, Svo. 3. Emanuel Kwedenborg as a Philosopher and Man of Science, Chicago, 1867, 12mo.

With his father, Dr. John F. L. Tafel, (preceding article,) he published : Latin Pronunciation and the Latin Alphabet, 12mo, New York, I860. He also contributed with his hitherto the Bibliotheca Sacra, in 1861, a review of Bopp's Comparative Grammar, and in 1862 an article on Semitic Comparative Philology.

Taffetas, Mrs. Hester. Recollections of; ed. by her Granddaughter, Lon., 12mo, 1857 ; 2d ed., 1858.

Tail, Alphouso. Lecture on Cincinnati and her Railroads, Cin., 1850, Svo, pp. 52.

T.ift, Jonathan, D.D.S., b. at Russellville, Ohio, 1820, graduated at the Ohio Dental College, 1S50. A Practical Treatise on Operative Dentistry, Phila., Svo, 1859: 2ded., 1867.

"A flrst-rat« work."—Trubnrr't Amer. and Orient. Record, June 20, 1866.

Also commended by Edin. Med. Jour., Bost. Mcd. and Surg. Jour., and Chicago Med. Jour. Ho edited the Dental Register of the West, vols. i.-ix. et teq.

Tagart, Edward. 1. Memoir of the Late Capt. Peter Heywood, R.N., with his Diary and Corresp., Lon., 1832, Svo. 2. Remarks on Mathematical or Demonstrative Reasoning, Ac., Lon., 1837, Svo. 3. Lives of the Leading Reformers of the Sixteenth Century, 1843, Svo. See, also, Locke, John, (p. 1118, supra;) White, Rev. Joseph Blanco, No. 10.

Taggart, Charles Hanson, b. at Montreal, L.C.,

1821; graduated at the Meadvillo (Pa.) Theological Seminary, 1849; d. at Charleston, S.C., 1853. He contributed to the Southern Literary Messenger. A volume of his Sermons, with a Memoir by John H. Heywood, was published Bost., 1856, 12mo.

Taggart, Miss Cynthia, the daughter of a Revolutionary soldier, was b. 1801, and d., after many years' illness, near Newport, R.I., 1849. Notices of her life will be found in The Rhode Island Cottage, or, A Gift for the Children of Sorrow, by the Rev. James C. Richmond, and in the autobiography prefixed to her Poems, Providence, 1834, 12mo; 3d cd., N. York, 1848, 12mo. See, also, Duyckink's Cyc. of Amer. Lit.; Griswold's F. Poets of Amer.; May's Amer. Female Poets; Hale's Woman's Record.

Taggart, Samuel, b. at Londonderry, N.H., 1754; graduated at Dartmouth College, 1774; was licensed to preach, 1776; M.C., 1803-17; d. 1825. He published several theological treatises, sermons, orations, political speeches, Ac, 1800-19. See Sprague's Annals, iii., Presbyterian, 377-81.

Tailboys, Samuel. New Lachrymentall and Funeral 1 Elegy on L. Duke of Richmond, Lon., 1624, 4to.

Tailer, J. Serin., Ps. xc 9, Lon., 1765, 8vo.

Tailfer, Patrick, M.D., and others. A True and Historical Narrative of the Colony of Georgia, Ac., Charlcstown, S.C., 1741,8vo,pp. 118; Lon., 1741, 12mo. See Rich's Bibl. Amer. Nova, 1. 64.

Tailor, Robert. The Hogge hath lost his Pearle; a Comedy, Lon., 1614, 4to. Also in Dodslcy's Collec. of Old Plays.

Tailor, Thomas, D.D. See Tatloii,Thomas, D.D.

Tailour, Rob. See Sandys, Edwin, Knt., M.P., No. 2.

Tainter, Dean W. A History and Genealogy of the Descendants of Joseph Tayntcr, Ac; for Private Distribution, Bost., 1859, 8vo, pp. 100.'

"A very well-arranged account of the family," Ac.— Wliitmore's Amer. Gentalog., 1802, 154.

Taintor, Charles M. The Genealogy and History of the Taintor Family, Greenfield, 1847, 18mo, pp. 82. See Whitmore's Amer. Genealog., 1862, 54.

Tait, Rev. Adam Duncan. Letter to the Lord Justice Clerk on the Theological Faculties in the Universities of Scotland, Edin., 1859, 8vo.

Tait, Archibald Campbell, D.D., D.C.L., b. in Edinburgh, Dec. 22,1811, was educated at the University of Glasgow and Balliol College, Oxford, of which last he became Scholar. Tutor, and Fellow; Head-Master of Rugby School, 1842-50; Dean of Carlisle, 1850 ; Bishop of London, 1856; Archbishop of Canterbury, 1868. 1. Lessons for School Life: Selection from his Sermons, 12mo. 2. Letter on the Case of the Rev. W. G. Ward, M.A., Edin., 1845, 8vo. See Brit. Quar. Rev., i. 436. 3. Suggestions ofTcrcd to the Theological Student under Present Difficulties; Five Discourses preached before the University of Oxford, Lon., 1846, p. 8vo.

"We most cheerfully recommend Dr. Tait's most useful volume."Church and Slate Gaztlte.

4. An Historical Sketch of Carlisle Cathedral; a Lecture, 1855. 5. Charge, Primary Visitation, 1858, 8vo. 6. Serm., Consecration of Bishop of British Columbia, 1859, 8vo. 7. Serm., Consecration of the Church of All Saints, 1859, 8vo. 8. The Dangers and Safeguards of Modern Theology; Sermons, 1861, 8vo. Ho notices the Essays and Reviews: see Lon. Allien., 1861, i. 724. 9. A Charge to the Clergy, Dec. 1862, 8vo. 10. The Word of God and the Ground of Faith; Six Discourses, 1863, 8vo; Part 2, Five Discourses, 1864, 8vo. 11. Harmony of Revelation and the Sciences; an Address, Edin., 18C4, 8vo. 12. A Charge to the Clergy, Lon., 1866, 8vo. 13. Ordination Sermon, 1867, 1868, 8vo. The bishop was a contributor to Sermons for the Working Classes, 1858, 12mo, and is the author of articles (educational, Ac) in the Edinburgh and North British Reviews, and Good Words.

Tait, Kev. Christopher. Peat Mosses in Kincardine and Flanders, in Perthshire; Trans. Soe. Edin., 1794.

Tait, George. 1. Powers and Duties of a Constable, Ac, 6th ed., Edin., 1827, 8vo. 2. Powers and Duties of a Justice of the Peace in Scotland, 4th ed., 1828, 8vo. 3. Treatise on the Law of Evidence in Scotland, 3d cd., by A. Urquhart, 1834, 8vo.

Tait, Gilbert. The Hymns of Denmark; Translated, Lon., 1868, fp. 8vo.

Tait, John It., an artist, b. at Cincinnati, 1834,

and graduated at Bethany College, Virginia, at the latter place edited a magazine entitled The Stylus. He has since published—1. Dolce Far Niente, (Sweet Doing Nothing,) Phila., 1859, 12mo. A vol. of Poems, said to possess " more than usual merit." 2. Life, Legend, and Landscape, 1860, 12mo.

Tait, N. See Smith, M., No. 2.

Tait, Peter Guthrie, late Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, formerly Professor of Mathematics in Queen's College, Belfast, and subsequently (in 1862) appointed Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. 1. With Steele, William John, {supra,) Treatise on Dynamics of a Particle, Camb., 1856, cr. 8vo. 2. Value of the Edinburgh Degree; an Address, Edin., 1866, p. 8vo. 3. Elementary Treatise on Quaternions, Camb., 1867, 8vo. 4. Thermodynamics, Edin., 1868, demy 8vo. See, also, Thomson, William, LL.D.

Tait, W. Books on Commercial Arithmetic, Ac, 1811.

Tait, William, Surgeon to the Hospitals of Edinburgh. Magdalenism; an Enquiry into Prostitution in Edinburgh, 1841, 8vo; 2d ed., 1842, p. 8vo.

Tait, Rev. William, Incumbent of Trinity Church, Wakefield. 1. Meditationes Hcbraicse; Expos, of the Epistle to the Hebrews, Lon., 1845, 2 vols. Svo ; new ed., 1854, 2 vols. or. Svo; enlarged, 1859, 2 vols. 12mo. 2. Christian Indoed: Discourses on the Lord's Prayer, 1846, 12mo. 3. Appeal against the Opium Trade, 1859, Svo. 4. Inspiration and Justification; Two Serms., 1861, 8vo. 5. Seeds of Thought, 1863, or. 8vo. 6. Subjects for the Times, 1867, 8vo.

Taitt, Alexander. Seo Inxes, Thomas.

Talbor, Sir Robert. 1. Cause and Cure of Agues, Lon., 1672, 12mo. 2. Secret of Curing Agues and Fevers, 1682, 8vo.

Talbot, Rev. Mr. Narrative of the whole of his Proceedings relative to Jonathan Britain, Bristol, (1772,) 8vo. Seo Lon. Month. Rev., 1772, i. 623.

Talbot, B. New Art of Land Measuring, Lon., 1780, 8vo.

Talbot, C. R. M., M.P. Sir Isaac Newton's Enumeration of Lines of the Third Order, Ac.; from the Latin, with Notes and Examples, Lon., 1861, 8vo.

Talbot, Catherine, only child of Edward Talbot, second son of the Bishop of Durham, was b. 1720, lived with her mother in the family of Archbishop Seeker, and d., after a life of good works, 1770. She corrected tho MS. of Sir Charles Grandison, assisted other writers, wrote No. 30 of the Rambler, and, in conjunction with Elizabeth Carter, furnished hints for The Adventurer. After her death appeared her Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week, 1770, 6th ed., Lon., 1771, 12mo, (at least 25,000 copies sold;) Essays, (25,) 1772, 2 vols. 12mo; Letters to a Friend on a Future State; Dialogues ; Prose Pastorals; Imitations of Ossian ; Allegories; Poetry. Collective edits, of her Works: published by Elizabeth Carter, new ed., 1795, 8vo; with Additional Papers, Notes, Illustrations, and Life, by Rev. Montagu Pennington, A.M., 1809, 8vo; 7th ed. of her Works, 1812, 8vo; 8th ed., 1812, (some 1813,) 8vo; 9th ed., 1819, 8vo. Letters: see Cabter, Elizabeth; Penninoton, Montagu, No. 2.

"So excellent are the compositions of Miss Talbot which have come down to us, that it is to bo greatly regretted that Bhe did not devote more time to writing."—Mrs. Elwood: Lit. Ladies o/Eng., 1.143, (c r.)

See, also, Drake's Essays, vol. v.; Brydges's Cens. Lit.; Life of Sir J. Mackintosh, ii. ch. i.

Talbot, Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury. See Shrewsbury.

Talbot, Charles, Lord, b. 1684; M.P. for Tregony, 1719; Solicitor-General, and M.P. for Durham, 1726; Lord Chancellor, and created a baron, 1733; d. 1737. Cases in Equity temp. Talbot, 7 Geo. II.-ll Geo. II., 1734-1738, 1741, fol., Ac: see Forrester, Alexander, (add Dubl., 1793, 8vo.)

"Well reported, and have a reputation for accuracy."—1 Kent, Com., 493.

"Lord Talbot's decisions . . . retain an authority almost untouched by the dissent of later Judges."—W. N. Welsbt: Live* of Km. Judgts, 270.

"This opinion is confirmed by other writers."—Wallace's -Reporter*, ed. 1855, 318, (o. t>.)

Sec, also, Biog. Brit.; Gen. Diet.; The Honour of the Seals, Ac, 1737, Svo, (privately printed;) Townscnd's Twelve Judges; Lord Campbell's L. Chan.; Simpson's Study of the Law, ch. ix.; Bridgman's Leg. Bibliog.;

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