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Classes for backward children. (Three meetings weekly, January - May, October - December.)

Two classes from P. S. 95. (Daily except Saturday, January - June, November - December.)

Association of Neighborhood Workers, February 2.

"Nature Talks," to a group of teachers and social workers, by Miss Laura Garrett, February 18 and 24.

Play "Gentlemen the King!" by Greenwich Village Literary Club, May 22.

Entertainment by children of D. Y. N. T. Settlement House, May 24.

School and Civic League meetings, May 24, October 19, November 16.

Historical exhibition in connection with the Greenwich Village Carnival week, May 24-31.

Illustrated talk on Europe by Miss Edna Johnston, principal of the Charlton Street Industrial School, to four schools of the neighborhood, June 14.

Semi-weekly meetings held by the committee on Vocation Aid to Minors, July. Greenwich Village Improvement Society. Speakers: Hon. Edward Swan, DistrictAttorney, and Senator J. J. Walker, November 30.

Semi-weekly rehearsal of Christmas carols by Waits of Greenwich Village, December.


Boys' Literary Club. Meetings weekly, January-June, October - December.

Girls' Literary Club. Meetings semi-monthly, January - June, October - December. Marinus Willett City History Club (boys). Meetings weekly, January - May.

Class of Senior girls of Wadleigh High School met with their teacher in the club room to review biology before examination, January 9.

Figlie di Dante. (Club of Italian girls of the Wadleigh High School.) Meetings weekly, February June.

United States Boy Scouts. Meetings weekly, April - May.

Meeting of twenty mothers of P. S. 170 with Miss Tyler for a "story hour" and discussion of children's books. April 7.

Old Hickory Battalion of Boy Scouts. Meetings weekly, August - September.

Little Mothers' League. Meetings weekly, August - December.

Olympic Athletic Club (boys). Meetings weekly, October - November 13.


Boy Scouts. Meetings Saturday nights, all the year.

Boy Scouts. Meetings Monday nights, a special patrol for training, March - August. Harlem Boys Library League. Meetings Friday nights, except May - September. City History Club, Nuscoota. Meetings Thursday nights, except summer months. City History Club, Alexander Hamilton. Meetings Wednesday nights, except summer months.

Classes in English for Italians (Y. M. C. A.). Meetings twice and sometimes three times a week, except during summer months. Young Men's Business Club. Meetings Friday nights, average three times a month all year.

Young Women's Reading Club. Meetings Friday nights, except July - August. Reporters Club. Meetings four nights a week, June September.

Girl Scouts. Meetings Wednesday nights, three times in December.

Girls Literary Club. Meetings Saturday afternoons, twice in December.

Rambler Athletic Club. Meetings Monday nights, three times in December.

Teachers' class under direction of Principal Dr. Nathan Payser. Two meetings weekly in December.

Harlem Council of Women, governing board. Monthly meetings in May, June, September, October and November.

East Harlem Improvement Association. One meeting April 14, 1915; small attendance. Social Workers of Harlem. A semi-public meeting, called by Social Center Department of Harlem Council of Women. Attendance, 60. November 19.


Greek Letter Society. Two meetings in February.

Little Mothers' League. Two meetings in July.

Margaret Corbin City History Club. Weekly meetings, January - May, November - December.

Negro Civic Improvement Club. Monthly meetings, March, April, May and June. Public School No. 5 Co-operative Club. One meeting in February, April, May, June, September.

Seneca City History Club. One meeting in February, one in March, and two in May. Young Folks' Dramatic Club. Weekly meetings from January - June, October - December.


Drama League discussions. Meetings second Tuesdays in each month, October - May. City History Club. Meetings every Friday evening, October - April.

Classes in English for Spanish-speaking people. Meetings twice each week, October May.


Melrose City History Club (boys). Meetings weekly, January – May.

Saturday Evening Social Club (men). Meetings, January - May.

Alumni Association of P. S. 35. Three business meetings.

Melrose Literary Club (boys). Meetings weekly, October - November.

Girls' Club. Meetings fortnightly, October November.

P. S. 3, 8B grade. One rehearsal for play.


Alumni Association of P. S. 27, the Bronx. Three meetings in January, April and June. Alumnae Association of P. S. 30, the Bronx, held a reunion on February 19th and regular business meetings on May 24th, June 2nd and October 29th.

Alumni Association of P. S. 37, the Bronx. Monthly business meetings, June 1st and October - December.

Bronx Evening High School Study Class met twice weekly during May and until June 9th for instruction in elementary algebra and geometry.

Bronx Neighborhood Association. Executive meetings on June 8th and October 11th. Bronx Society of Arts and Sciences held the second of its series of meetings on January 14th. Topics discussed were: Art opportunities in New York, by Miss Lillie d'Angelo Bergh; Art in Alaska, by Leonard M. Davis, and Municipal Art by Chas. W. Stoughton, president of the Municipal Art Society.

Bi-weekly meetings of the Boys' Club under the direction of the City History Club were held March – April. During the spring months various excursions to places of historic interest were made.

Classes in English for foreigners under the direction of the Young Men's Christian Association met semi-weekly during January – May and October - December.

A Drama League discussion led by Miss Ackley was held on December 3rd.

The Taxpayers' Association of the Mott Haven district of the Bronx held a meeting to discuss local problems on March 19th.

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Girls' Library League. Meetings semi-monthly, January - May, November - December. Riverside Neighbors. Meetings monthly, January - May.

Reading Club (adults) in connection with the public lectures under the Board of Education at the American Museum of Natural History. Meetings weekly, January - May, October - December.

People's Singing Class of the Choral Union. Meetings weekly, October - December. Classes in English for Italians (men), under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association. Meetings semi-weekly, January May, October - December.

Classes on the Gas Engine under the auspices of the Young Men's Christian Association. Meetings weekly, January - May, October December.


John Jay Civic City History Club (men). Meetings January - December.

New Netherland City History Club (boys). Meetings January - April, November - December.

Nathan Hale City History Club (girls). January - April.

Girls' City History Club. Meetings, October December.

Hudson Post Waring Juvenile Citizens' League Meetings, January - May. Appalachian Mountain Club. Meetings, January, April, October.

Alpine Club. Meetings, May.

Camp and Trail Club. Meetings, October. Drama Discussion Centre. Meetings. December.


Two classes in English for Italians and one for Poles, under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A., each semi-weekly, JanuaryApril.

Bi-monthly meetings of the Council of the Kips' Bay Neighborhood Association, February - December.

Semi-annual meetings of Kips' Bay Commission, April - December.

Eastern Association of Graduates, Angle School of Orthodontia, nine meetings, February - May.

Girls Center, Bureau of Attendance, Department of Education, seven meetings, May June.

Boys Center, Bureau of Attendance, Department of Education, seven meetings, June. People's Choral Union. Meetings Sundays, October-December.


Steno Club of Curtis High School. Nine meetings during year - irregular. Stenography class, Mr. Flanagan, Curtis High School. Two meetings during December. Northfield Bible Class. Eight meetings, weekly, November - December.

St. George Girls Library League (club). Meetings semi-monthly, November - May.


East Side Debating Club (men). Meetings weekly, January - December.

Classes in English for foreigners, elementary and advanced, under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. Each section semi-weekly. January - May, July-September, November-December.

Classes in English for foreigners, P. S. No. 2. Meetings semi-monthly, November - December.

Downtown Physicians' League (men). Meetings semi-monthly, January - May, September-December.

Gaynor Club (men). Meetings monthly, June-August; weekly, September.

Class in stenography from Washington Irving High School (girls). Meetings, monthly, June December.

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Belmont Tremont City History Club (boys). Meetings weekly, January - May, November-December.

District meetings of the City History Clubs of the Bronx, February, April and November.

Tremont Literary Club (boys). Meetings weekly, January - May, November - December.

Cranford Literary Club (girls). Meetings semi-monthly, January - May.

Exhibition of the work of amateur artists of the Bronx, April 5th to 23rd. Under the auspices of the Bronx Society of Arts and Sciences.

Classes from Public School No. 4, the Bronx. Twenty-six classes used the library for their study periods in December.


Music Study Club. Meetings weekly, January - May.

Reception to Dickens Fellowship. Sunday afternoon, January 31.


Drama league discussion centre. monthly, February - May, November - December.

Exhibition of books, pictures, etc., relating to Thomas Hardy. May-June, November December. Material loaned by Mr. Raphael A. Weed.

Two speed classes in stenography from the Washington Heights Evening High School. Each two evenings a week during May. Illustrated lecture by Dr. Bassin on "First aid." June 16.

Illustrated lecture on "Historic Washington Heights" by Reginald Pelham Bolton, November 24.

New York Chapter of the School of Expression League. Meetings monthly, November December.

People's Choral Union. Meetings weekly, January - May, October - December. Jumel City History Club (boys). Meetings weekly, January - May, December. Daughters of the American Revolution. Four meetings of the local chapter, NovemberDecember.

Class in English for foreigners. Meetings twice a week, November - December. Three meetings each of two committees of the Parents' Association of P. S. 46, November-December.

Teachers' study class. Meetings weekly, November December.


Classes in English for foreigners, three evenings each week throughout the year.


Classes in English for men and women under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. Each meeting semi-weekly throughout the year. Community League of the Bronx. Open Forum March 1, 1915.

Washington Irving High School class preparing for Regent's examination under the supervision of Mr. Truckenbrodt, 1st and 8th of January.

Delegation of Clubs from Evening Recreation Centre on P. S. No. 23. January 1. United States Boy Scouts. Weekly meetings during January.

Class in stenography from Bronx Girl's Evening High School (2). Weekly meetings during May and June.

American Boys' Literary Society, under the leadership of Mr. Harry Lesser. Weekly meetings, March - May, September - December.

Bronx Group of the New York Society for Ethical Culture. Weekly public lectures on literary subjects, January 15 - April 16, November 12- December 10.

Board of Education lectures. Weekly meetings January - April, October - December. Woodstock Taxpayer's Association of the Bronx. Monthly meetings.

Political and Social Science Club. Weekly meetings, September - December. October 15, Open Forum, Woman Suffrage. October 22, Open Forum, State Constitutions. Zionne Ganashoha Campfire Girls. Weekly meetings, October - December.


American-Hungarian Social Circle, October 3. Association for Culture. Meetings monthly, February - April, October - November. Exhibition of pictures, January - December. Forum, lecture by Dr. Glogau on "The Purpose of Life," March 17, by Victor Neustadl on "The Inner Beauty in Art,” April 18. Drama League of America, Yorkville Discussion Center. Monthly meetings, January – May, November - December.

Original play "Die grosse Macht," read by the author Mr. Scheff to members of the Drama League and members of the Association for culture, March 16.

Evening classes in English for Hungarians, (for men and women) under the auspices of the Y. M. C. A. Semi-weekly, JanuaryMay, November - December.

Hungarian Amateur Circle. Meeting October 6.

Hungarian Relief Society. Meeting December 7.

79th Street neighborhood house (branch of the Henry Street settlement). Dramatic Society rehearsal, March 17.

Forum, joint meeting of the boys' clubs to discuss the proposed new constitution for New York, October 29.

Lecture with stereopticon by Dr. Kovacs to the joint clubs of the Settlement, November 3.

Woman's Municipal League, Yorkville branch. Series of lectures on city departments: lecture on tenements by H. T. Warren, February 10.

Yorkville Neighborhood Association.


ness meeting, January 21. Meeting of the executive board, April 21.

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