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Tuat popish axiom is long since exploded ; that ignorance is the mother of devotion.

The world now doth see, that without knowledge the mind is not good. And look as no knowledge is 80 necessary, as that of the grounds and principles of the Christian religion, so no way is so apt to convey it to men, as that which is called catechistical. . More knowledge is ordinarily diffusech, especially among the ignorant, and younger sort, by one hour's catechistical exercise, than by manny hours discourses. This way, helps the understanding, whilst it provokes the atentention : many elaborate sermons being Jost through inadvertency of the hearers. Thus not only ignorance is cured, but error also is prevented: Too many being disguised, because they were not at first well grounded in the principles of the doctrine of CHRIST. For such reasons as these, we highly approve the labours of this reverend Brother, his explanation of the Assembly's Shorter Catechisin. And having to our great satisfaction perused it ourselves in whole or in part, do readily recommend it to others : For he composed it at first for his own particular congregation, yet we judge it must be greatly useful to all Christians in general, especially to private families. The manner of using it in famlies, must be left to the discretion of the masters and governors respectively, though yet we concur with the author, and think it adviseable (as he hints in one of his Epistles) that after a question of the Catechism is propounded, and an answer is re

turned without the book by one of the family, the
same person, or some other, to be called upon to read
(if not rehearse) the explanation of it, the rest reading
along with him in several books; by which means
their thoughts (which are apt to wander) will be the
more intent. To conclude; though the Assembly's
Shorter Catechism itself be above our recommendation,
as having its praises already in the churches of Christ;
Yet we think it good to give it under our hands, that
this explication of it is very worthy of acceptation.
J. Owen, D.D.

Benjamin Needler,
Joseph Caryl,

Daniel Bull,
G. Griffeth,

Charles Morton,
Henry Stubs,

William Carslake,
Edmund Calainy,

Robert Franklin,
Matthew Barker,

Matthew Sylvester
John Loder,

Nath. Vincent,
John Ryther,

T. Jacomb, D.D.
Nicholas Blaikie,

T. Case,
Jaines Janeway,

T. Watson,
Henry Vauhan,

T. Doolittle,
William Maddocks, J. Innes,
John Turner,

John Wells,
William Thomson Richard Maver,
T. Matton, D. D.

John Hitches,
William Jenkyn,

Edward Veal,
Chr. Fowler,

Edward West,
T. Lye,

Edward Lawrence,
T. Cawtor,

John Chester,
T. Brooks,

James Sharp.

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