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Four years

been informed, to between £40 and £50. It book, and yet they had not candour to say so. has been thought that the loss thus occasioned One of these persons, being formerly a deacon, should be in part at least repaid by the breth- was chosen pastor in place of him who left ; ren, and it is left with them to say yea or nay. but his reign was short. On the 23rd July, We think he ought to be relieved in part, al- 1848, he collected all his forces to overthrow though the expense would not have been incur- our arguments, but it was all in vain : he felt red had he consulted us in the matter, which the word of God, the sword of the Spirit, to be he had been requested to.

too powerful for him and his party; he gave

way, and he and those who supported him left CORRESPONDENCE.

us in possession of a neat little stone chapel.

The wooden throne we have cast away, gently EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM SOUTH | turning it out of doors, and filled its place with AUSTRALIA.

a table, around which we assemble to show

forth the Lord's death on every first day. Glory Adelaide, April 4th, 1849.

be to our God and Father, through Jesus Christ BELOVED BROTHER WALLIS,

our Lord. Our number is 13: we meet twice have now passed into oblivion since I last heard on the Lord's day, and on the Wednesday evenfrom you. If I have written or done anything ing. We have had a letter from Brother G. amiss through my last letters to you, I hope Taylor, who is in good health. I am not sure in the name of Jesus who died for us you will but you will soon see him in England again. forgive me. Oh, how I long to hear from you, My family and self are in good health. We and to learn what progress the preaching of the want some hymn books, which please send imgospel has made in England since Bro. Camp-mediately. I remain, your's sincerely, bell paid you a visit; for though I have never

THOMAS JACKSON. seen you, and millions of others whom I love, yet I hope to meet you and all the saints around

[On receipt of the above, a reply was sent off the throne of God for ever. I hope you will

to this good brother, with a complete set of the bear with me in love and patience, while I tell Harbinger (stamped) to Sept. The last time he

wrote was from Auckland, when he stated that you what little progress the gospel has made in South Australia.

he shortly expected to remove, but, unfortuI left Auckland, New Zealand, on the 10th nately, he omitted to give his address, the conof October, 1847, and came here by the invi- sequence being that all correspondence necestation of Brother Magarey, by way of Sidney, sarily ceased until he wrote again. J. W.] arriving on the 3rd of November. Sidney is a fine place; I was much delighted with its ap

QUERY AND REPLY. pearance during my stay, which was only ten days. I sowed a little seed by distributing QUERY. – By what sort of evidence do tracts, &c. Myself and family sailed from Sid- you prove, that the New Testament was ney on the 13th of November, and arrived here written by inspiration ?” J. H.-In the goson the 14th Dec. 1847. I expected to find the pels, so called, the sacred writers appear as church here founded upon the true principles witnesses, and therefore make no formal claim of Christian union, but my expectations were to inspiration. There is, however, an incidental disappointed. My wife and I applied on the claim in those passages in which the Lord pro17th to join the church, but they required a mised them the Holy Spirit to lead them into week to examine us ; consequently we appeared all truth, and to bring all things that he had on the 24th, when the pastor put the following said to them to their remembrance, and to question to us, Do you believe in baptismal show them things to come (John xvi. 26. xvi. regeneration ?” I answered, “ We believe that 12-13.) They needed inspiration in order to faith in the Son of God, repentance, and bap- speak the gospel. (Compare Luke xxiv. 49, with tism, are regeneration; and all the regenerated Acts ii. 4.) How much more to write. Inare called to walk in a new life, in hope of im- spiration is evident from its necessity mortality with the redeemed for ever." We The New Testament bears the impression of joined the church by a majority of votes; but its divine Author. It is impossible to conceive it did not end here, it was the cause of bringing that uninspired men could write such a book. up old discussions amongst them, which wti- The glory of God shines in every page. mately led to the pastor and about one half of We argue inspiration from its design. It is the members leaving the church, the whole intended to make us wise unto salvation. It blame of which was laid to you and Brother must, therefore, be free from error.

This can Campbell; yet it would be much better to cen- only be secured by inspiration. "Sanctify sure the Holy Spirit than either you or him. them by thy truth; thy word is truth” (Ps. xix.) We had two or three still left in the church In the epistles the sacred writers claim inspirawho contended that Paul's sins were all pardon- tion for themselves (1 Cor. xi. 10-12-13, 1 ed, and that he knew it to be the case, before John iv. 6) and affirm it of one another (2 Ananias went to him. I asked for their testi- | Peter iii. 12-16.) They put themselves in this mony, but this they could not give from the matter on a level with the Old Testament

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writers, (Eph. ï. 20, 2 Peter iii. 2) and com- should be delivered, the meeting was closed as manded the churches to read their epistles (Col. it had been opened by the brethren present iv. 16) as the prophets were read in the syna- engaging in praise and prayer. The time next gogue. In the second century we know that general meeting is to be held is on New Year's the Old and New Testament scriptures were Day, 1850, and the place Kirkgate chapel, read together in the churches. This is testi- Cupar. Throughout the day the utmost fied by Justin Martyr.

harmony prevailed, and the reigning idea in Again we believe these writings to be in the minds of the brethren seemed to be, how spired because they contain remarkable predic- they could best act so as to promote God's tions or prophecies, many of which have been glory in the spread of the truth. The importclearly fulfilled. There was not only the pre- ance of such associations and meetings as these diction concerning the destruction of Jerusalem cannot be overrated : they bind thecongregation and the temple, but also of a falling away of together, strengthen the weak, and encourage the Christian church and the revelation of the the strong. Union is strength," and what the “man of sin," and his consumption by the unassisted efforts of a single isolated congregabreath of the mouth of the Lord, and other tion could never effect, the combined action of remarkable things, fulfilled and fulfilling. two or three may accomplish with ease. Let

Blessed be God that we have a translation of the brethren, then, think of this, and in every the words spoken by him to man. May we all district where a similar organization does not be enabled rightly to improve the blessed exist, let it be adopted, and vigorous measures privilege, by taking that word for a “light unto taken for spreading the truth entrusted to their our feet, and a lamp unto our path.” May we care, and they will then be enabled to pray talk of it when we walk by the way, and with consistency, “Thy will be done on earth " When quiet in my house I sit,

as it is in heaven."

Thy book be my companion still-
My joy thy sayings to repeat;
Talk o'er the records of thy will,

NEWBURGH, OCTOBER 8. We have had
And search the oracles divine,

three additions by immersion lately. D. L. Till heart-felt word be mine."

D. L.

BANFF, SEPTEMBER 19.--It will be grati

fying to you to hear that we are still making ITEMS OF NEWS.

some progress.

Since I last wrote to you our

beloved Brother Dowie, from Cupar, has paid CUPAR, Oct. 16.–The third general meet- us a visit for a few days only, but in that time ing of the Fife Association of churches was he delivered six discourses on the claims the held in the Kirkgate chapel, Cupar, on Monday gospel has on the attention of mankind, in October the 1st, 1849. Brethren from most Banff and Macduff, in as clear, forcible, and of the congregations in the association assem- impressive a manner as I have yet heard ; and bled to speak face to face of the things pertain- in proof of their being felt by others, one man ing to the kingdom of God, and to hear a and two women have obeyed the gospel since report of the progress which had been made in he left; and I do confidently hope that the disseminating the truth since last general truth of God has made a deep impression on meeting. It appeared from the report of the the minds of many, who will soon obey from committee that seven or eight different places the heart that form of doctrine which the aposhad been visited, and lectures on the Christian tles delivered to us for our salvation. system delivered. Brother A. Dowie had de

A. CAMERON. livered 4 lectures at Leven, 2 at Dunfermline, 4 in Aberdeen, and 4 at Banff. Brother LLANFAIR, Oct. 9.- I am glad to state that James Mills had given a course of 10 lectures the cause of Jesus Christ is in a favorable state at Ansteruther, and 2 or 3 at Crossgates. with us in Llanfair. Although our number is Brother William Anderson had lectured 3 but small at present, yet we expect that the times at Forfar, which, with some others, made doctrine of the ambassadors of Christ will the whole number of lectures delivered about gain ground not only here, but throughout the 30. A short account was given by the brethren wide universe. May it prevail over all human present of the state of their respective congre- creeds and traditions. I am happy to inform gations; and from their statements it appeared you that our chapel was opened on the 31st of that on the whole the truth was slowly but July last, and on August 1st. The brethren surely gaining ground, and the number of the who visited us on those occasions were John faithful increasing. Peace, love, and harmony | Price, Wrexham ; John Griffiths and Josiah pervaded the congregations almost without Rogers, Rhosllanerchrugog; John Ashbury, exception, and the gratitnde and thankfulness Mount Buckley; John Evans, Aberstwyth ; of the brethren towards their heavenly Father Oliver Thomas, Welshpool ; and Richard cannot be too fervent, for his goodness mani- Price, Llanfyllyn. We had a happy meeting, fested to them in this as in every other respect. and the gospel proclaimed in its first simplicity. After some other places had been spoken of Since we wrote last we have immersed three and fixed on as stations, at which lectures' for the remission of all past sins, and added

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two to the congregation of the members of the Wigan, October 10. - During the last Baptists in this town. Our hearers are still month we have added four members to the increasing

WM. WATKIN. church, two by immersion into Christ, the two

others having been wandering sheep, who, we MOLLINGTON, SEPTEMBER 25.-I am glad are glad to say, have been brought back to the to be able to inform you that the prospects of fold. One of the last two was seized with doing good in this neighbourhood are still pro- cholera on Lord's day morning, and died in the mising. Meetings are well attended, and the evening; her younger child died shortly after, brethren in general somewhat alive to the ne- and they were both buried in the same coffin. cessity of an earnest and vigorous effort on the I am sorry to say that the cholera is on the inpart of God's people, in order to the conversion crease, upwards of 20 dying during last night. of sinners and the extension of the reign of There appears to be a general gloom over the Heaven. I am each day, if possible, becoming countenances of all serious persons. It is suffimore and more satisfied with Christianity, and cient to make one's heart bleed when we look delighted with the unutterable excellencies of around and see the sin and wickedness with its author: blessed be his name! The princi- which our town swarms, in the midst of sin pal piece of news I have this month to com- and death. Our constant prayer is, that while municate is, that we have commenced to build the judgments of God are abroad, the people a chapel in the village of Saughall. The may learn righteousness. T. Coop. building will be of the plainest description. We ean do perfectly well without superfluities : HOWDON Pans, OCTOBER 19.-In my last all we want is comfort. It does not seem to month's communication I omitted the immer. me that in chapel building so commendable a sion of a class-leader from the New Connection course has been pursued on the part of many of Methodists. When the preacher heard of as might have been adopted. Often does it the step he had taken he waited upon our brohappen that a burden of debt is incurred which ther, and succeeded in persuading him to defer seriously retards the progress of the congrega- uniting with us until he had perused a volume, tion. Unless there is some individual in the with which he supplied him in the hope of efchurch who can advance the requisite capital, fecting a change of mind : it has only served, and who might receive a fair per centage for however, convince him. Last Lord's day he his outlay, it is better to wait till sufficient was received by the church here (Howdon.) funds can be collected. In our case one of This month three have turned to the Lord, the brethren advances the money.

two at Newcastle, and one at Howdon. You P. STEPHEN. will see by the enclosed placard that I purpose

a week's discourses at Bedlington, commencing LEICESTER, Oct. 18.—In the month of Tuesday 23rd : the brethren there have been September we visited Leicester, which is 26 sadly enfeebled by the departures of Brother miles from Nottingham. Lectures were de- Ditchburn to Australia, and Smailes to Morlivered in the Town Hall on the 10th, 17th, peth.

W. McDOUGALL. and 24th of the month; and on Lord's day, the 30th, three meetings were held in a school BETHNAL GREEN (LONDON) Oct. 19.-I room in High Street, for the purpose of dis- am happy to inform you that the disciples meetcoursing on the gospel of Christ's church ing in our house are in the enjoyment of peace, order, Christian union, and the breaking of and I trust that God's love dwelleth in their bread, with five disciples of Christ, who have hearts. We now number nine disciples, one determined to assemble in this place every being immersed last month, who, we hope, is first day, to worship God in his appointed way. making great progress in the knowledge of the This small nucleus of brethren, faithful, united, word of life. We cannot now go out into the and persevering, cannot fail to bring forth park to speak to the people, and I am afraid fruit, by leading others into the possession of that unless we can get a room to meet in, our the same faith, hope, and love, with which Summer's labour will not be productive of much eternal life is connected. Brother G. Blair, fruit: the people do not like to come to a who is of some standing in the churches both private house, although some two or three at Nottingham and Loughborough, and who come on Lord's day mornings. On Tuesday is capable of speaking for the conversion of evening, the house is generally filled ; this is a sinners, and edification of saints, we hope will Bible class, or conference meeting, at which be blessed with health of body, and courage of all may speak. There is a great field for lamind, to carry forward the earnest desires of bour in this, as in most other parts of the his own benevolent heart, until many shall be metropolis, though I think better opportunities brought into the kingdom of Jesus, and made of doing a great amount of good present themhappy in him for ever. Arrangements will be selves here than in any other part. We are made for some brother in Nottingham to visit close by the New Victoria Park, adjoining Leicester at least twice every month on the which is Bishop Bonner's field, where there are Lord's day, and during the week as often as numbers of people to be collected every night possible.

J. W. in the week in the Summer months ; of which I am sorry

we have this season taken advantage, yet not comfort and strength to the dying, became the without very great opposition, more especially recipients, and not the means of imparting these from those who pretend to preach the gospel : blessings. Many were astonished at the firmyes, by these Rerd. Gentlemen we have been ness of his faith in the gospel, and his hope of styled infidels, the devil's missionaries, &c. eternal life through a crucified Saviour. just because we used Peter's words on the day of Pentecost, and exhorted the people to save

(From the Millennial Harbinger.) themselves by laying hold of the gospel of the

On Lord's day, the 15th instant, as the sun blessed Jesus. Yet we well know that so soon

went down our venerable and beloved FATHER as the people look into the good book for STEWART, in the 70th year of his age, and 50th themselves, they will not be lorded over, any of his pilgrimage, fell asleep in the Lord. His longer by these men. H. WARREN. memory will long be cherished by his Christian

friends on both sides of the Atlantic, as a man GLASGOW, OCTOBER 19TH.— For the last who walked in the fear of the Lord and kept four weeks I have been laboring in this city himself in the love of God; as a Christian Reand neighbourhood. Many interesting inci- former, who revered the Bible and rejoiced in dents have occurred during that time. On the every fresh discovery of its truth; as a Chris14th current a young man from the world was tian brother, whose religious sympathies awoke added to the congregation by immersion ; three | into manly exercise and Christian devotion : have been added from the Plymouth Brethren, as a husband, father, friend, and neighbour, and one or two from a distance. Let the whose social character was governed and enbrethren be diligent in the use of means, and nobled by the principles of Christian virtue. the Lord will bless his own cause.

Father Stewart was a native of the parish of to have it in my power state that now, as of Moulin and county of Perth, Scotland. The old, “ The children of this world are wiser in development of the transcendent love and glory their generation than the children of light." of the Son of God he received through the In the kingdom of favor, as in that of nature, preaching of Mr. Stewart the parish minister, we may expect to reap in proportion to the the trophies of whose eminent piety and zeal amount we sow.

R. SERVICE, have lived and flourished in various climes.

Having embraced the Saviour, he desired to be FOREIGN

conformed to his sacred will, and soon discoverHARFORD (BALTIMORE.)— Extract of a lettering a higher degree of conformity to the laws from J. Henshall

, Sept. 20th :— “I have just of Christ in a dissenting church, he attached returned home after an absence of three weeks. himself to it—a congregation of Independents. The brethren in Baltimore wrote for me to His attention was soon afterwards directed to come and conduct an annual meeting for them the subject of baptism, and after being baptized, in Harford county, about 20 miles from the he united with a Baptist congregation. Here city, and where I used to labor before I went also, though no dogmatist, he was a Reformer, to Virginia. I had not been there for 14 years. Remaining under the Baptist banner upwards

and carried some useful reformatory measures. and therefore as I was well known there, and as I was the first reformer that preached in that of twenty years, he emigrated with his family county 19 years ago, and as i had baptized to Canada, and planting his stakes where conmany that were still living, there was the largest genial religious privileges existed, continued in meeting that had ever been held in the county. Harbinger having fallen into his hands shortly

their enjoyment till his death. The Millennial We had 14 confessions."

alter his arrival, he carefully read its pages,

and soon gladly hailed in them an advance in OBITUARIES.

religious reformation which he aided forward On the 27th of September last, in the 59th by the weight of his character. Our valuable year of his age, Joseph Nokes, member of the and deceased Brother Stewart was a disciple church in Nottingham. Our brother, who was

“Who hailed with joy the morning that roll d the

Lord's day round, in communion with the Independents for some

And in the courts of worship was ever to be found.” years, was baptized and added to the disciples

Nor was it in the courts of the Lord only he here on the 22nd September, 1839, ten years enjoyed the sweets of social worship. At his and five days prior to his death. His conduct family altar, morning and evening, he worshipwas uniformly exemplary ; he was never absent from the table of the Lord on the first day of ped God. He has gone, we fully trust, into

presence, the week, except in case of illness. For the last

Where the saints of all ages in harmony meet, few months he had resided in a village some 30 Their Saviour and brethren transported to greet; miles distant from the church; but the neigh- While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll bours and brethren who visited him bore testi

And the smile of the Lord is the feast of the soul.

JAMES BLACK. mony to the intelligence that marked his conversation, and the tranquillity and happiness of his departure from time into eternity. Those ERRATUM.—Page 480, line 4, read Euphewho visited the chamber of affliction to impart mia W. Dron, instead of “ M. Dron.”



to E.

So a

CONVERTING INFLUENCE. may be overcome in one of two ways

-either by removing the obstacle out of the way, or by giving to the body a sufficient increase of mo

mentum to break through or overBethpage, July 11.

throw the obstacle. I maintain this IF, my dear E. I were disposed to position, that with respect to the philosophize upon the mode in which sinner, the very same effect would be certain influences act in giving ef- produced whether the gospel were to ficiency to the gospel, my view of the receive increased power, or whether matter would be something like the the obstacles which impede its profollowing—and if it be the true philo- gress were to be taken out of the sophy, it will be the best antidote for way. In either case the gospel would the false. Let the case, however, be reach the heart—the point desired. in the first place fairly stated. If a man be distant from an object,

All admit, as stated in my last, that and he wishes to obtain it, his desire it is necessary to conversion that the will equally be accomplished, whether gospel be brought home to the heart; he go to the object or the object be or, in other words, that the love of brought to him. He is put in posGod in Christ be so powerfully and session of it by either method. deeply impressed upon the heart of man may be put in possession of the the sinner, as to remove his enmity gospel equally by being brought to it, and change his heart towards God. as by having it brought to him. Now

All agree, too, as there shown, my philosophy is this : that the special that the word or gospel alone, as pre- agencies and influences which give sented in the scriptures, is insufficient effect to the gospel, do this, not by to arrest the attention of men and imparting to it any additional power, accomplish this conversion. They but simply BY REMOVING HINDRANCES admit that just as the wheat in the OUT OF THE WAY. garner is unable to sow itself, to in- To say that the gospel requires a troduce itself into the soil and to positive addition of power in order to bring forth fruit of itself, so the gospel enable it to reach the heart, is to say is unable to diffuse itself for the con- that it is really deficient in power. version of men, and that it becomes This cannot be for a moment supposed necessary to employ agencies for this in view of those scriptures in which purpose, and to supply various special it is called "the gospel of salvation,” influences before it can obtain admis

of God to salvation,” “the sion into the minds of men for their engrafted word which is able to save salvation.

the soul,” “the gospel, by which you Now one party are pleased to say are saved,” “the good seed,” &c. Bethat these special agencies and in- sides it is wholly inconceivable how fluences are providential—the power any thing could be added to the of circumstances.

gospel to give it an absolute increase The other party affirm that they of power.

In what does its power are chiefly the immediate and direct consist ? Is it not in the astonishing operations of the Spirit, who gives revelation it presents of God's love in efficiency and power to the word. the gift of his Son, comprising his

Here, then, let me make a distinc- death for our sins, his burial and retion. There is a difference between surrection from the dead ? Is it not giving increased power to the gospel, absolutely and essentially in the view and removing the obstacles which of the divine character which it preimpede it. If a moving body be sents by the facts which it embraces ? hindered by an obstacle, the difficulty Most unquestionably it is. And since

" the power

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