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the saved for the lost. In this god-, believing, in order to regenerate or like work, filled with the knowledge convert them, or to give them repenof Christ crucified, of his salvation, tance or faith. 2nd, He was to reand of the glad news how that salva- prove, or convince the world contion is received-speaking just as the cerning sin, concerning righteousness, Divine Spirit gave them utterance- and concerning judgment. This great accredited by signs, wonders, mira- work was performed on the crowded cles, and gifts granted in confirmation feast of Pentecost, by the truths of their testimony -- these changed which the Holy Spirit spake through ones could say in truth, “The things the lips of the apostles, aided by the that eye has not seen, nor ear heard, things seen and heard in confirmation nor heart conceived, which God hath of those truths. By the proof thus prepared for those who love him, hath publicly given that the crucified Jesus he revealed to us (apostles) by his was the Christ expected by all-that Spirit" “ We have the mind of the grave had been unable to hold Christ.” 3rd, Whatsoever He should him that he had risen, and ascended, have heard, that he was to speak. and had indeed taken his seat upon The glad tidings of great joy, first the throne of God: thousands, pierced spoken in heaven, were now to be re- with the practical reproof, were wholly peated on earth by the Spirit through convinced of the sin of not having the apostles. It was not they merely earlier believed in him--of the rightwho proclaimed, but the Parakletos eousness of all his claims, and of his by them. They spake as the Spirit power to judge and punish! Nor gave them utterance. Their teaching has any portion of the world since was therefore divine teaching. Those been convinced otherwise than by the won by them were taught of God," same truths proclaimed, heard or were drawn by Christ, and were led read, and understood. The Spirit of by the Spirit, for such all were who truth withheld not from the convinced believed in Jesus through the apostles' ones any of the things necessary to word. 4th, He was to show them their salvation, but as promptly as things to come. In them He was the mercifully taught them to repent, and spirit of prophecy : by them He fore- to be immersed in Jesus' name, in told future events that were to be order to forgiveness of sins and reconnected with Christ's church ; and ception of the Holy Spirit : and the when, to the manifestations of the truly convinced ones now, as then, Spirit that accompanied the first pro- gladly receive and obey the apostles' clamation of the gospel, we add the word, do repent, are immersed, do apostles' prophecies which since have receive forgiveness, and partake of the been, and now are fulfilling in the Holy Spirit as an indwelling guest. world, we cannot but acknowledge Thus those of “ the world” who, that all who, having heard the gospel hearing, believe and obey the Lord, thus doubly attested, reject it, will are like the Pentecostian penitents, justly be left without excuse at the then translated out of the kingdom of great day.

Satan into the kingdom of God's Do we farther enquire, what was dear Son : while those who hear, but the Holy Spirit to do for the world ? believe nor, or obey not, do in fact, The Lord having pointedly declared, as thousands then did, resist the Holy “ the world cannot receive” Him ; Ghost, who then spake, and will, till and no inspired writer having stated the great day, continue to speak, that any unconverted person could, in the apostles' words. or ever did, receive the Holy Spirit, Do we lastly ask, what was the it is error

injurious error — to ask Holy Spirit to do for disciples of God 10 pour out his Spirit on the un- 1 Jesus ? He was to abide with them

ever, to dwell with them, and be in joy ; but it is not the gospel of our them. Much is contained in these salvation. words. He was indeed to be a com- We shall prove from the law and forter to them !-to make them abound the testimony, that the gospel of the in hope, and love, and good works ; death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to gratefully cry Abba - to seal is the gospel of our salvation. them as Christ's, and be an earnest of Our FIRST PROOF is taken from the the inheritance-to render acceptable apostles' commission, as given by the their sacrifices of praise—to strength- sacred historians. The apostles, like en with might in the inner man— to the rest of their countrymen, had no produce in them the fruit of love, joy, idea of a suffering, dying Messiah. peace, long-suffering, &c.-to sancti- They supposed that Jesus, as the fy them as a temple for God to dwell Messiah, should finish his career by in ; and finally to quicken and restore ascending the throne of his Father, their bodies from the dust of death. break the Roman yoke of bondage, Having been sent by the King of and subject all nations to his sceptre's Saints, and not recalled, He abides sway. Hence after his death they with and in all and each of his obe- looked for no resurrection. The dient and lowly ones, who should apostles did not believe the women, therefore ever be prayerfully careful nor the rest of the apostles the two not to tempt by untruths, nor to grieve who saw him in the way to Emmaus Him by indulging in iniquity, nor to -neither did Thomas believe the defile God's habitation by impure united testimony of all his brethren. thoughts, words, or actions.

Hence when Jesus appeared to give We thus learn at the source of them their commission, he upbraided Divine Wisdom, that the Parakletos them with their unbelief and hardness actually became, as the Lord's pro- of heart(Lukexxiv. 45-8)—then promised, an Advocate for Christ, a ceeded to “ open their understandCounsellor to apostles, a Monitor to ings, that they might understand the the world, and a Comforter to all scriptures ; and said unto them, thus Jesus' disciples.

J. Davis. it is written, and thus it behoved

the Messiah to suffer, and to rise from

the dead the third day, and that reTHE GOSPEL OF OUR pentance and remission of sins should SALVATION.

be preached in his name among all

nations, beginning at Jerusalem; and The term gospel signifies good ye are witnesses of these things.” news ; but it is not every time it is Now compare this with Mark xvi. 15, used that this term indicates the gos- “Go ye into all the world and preach pel, or good news of our salvation. the gospel to every creature ; he that The gospel of our salvation is, that believeth and is baptized shall be Jesus of Nazareth, the Messiah, the saved, and he that believeth not shall Son of the living God, died for our be condemned”—and what is the consins, and rose again for our justi- clusion that we are obviously warfication.

ranted to draw from the whole

preThat Jesus, the promised seed of mises but this ?—that the sufferings, Abraham, shall yet inherit the pro- death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ mised land — that the son of David are the gospel of our salvation, beshall sit upon his father's throne- cause through faith in these facts, rethat he shall reign in Mount Zion pentance and remission of sins, (Luke) and in Jerusalem, and before his an- or salvation according to Mark, are cients gloriously-is, indeed, gospel, preached unto all nations, beginning or good news—is glad tidings of great at Jerusalem, according to Luke ; or is the gospel preached throughout all whether the belief that he shall reign the world unto every creature, accord- on earth, or the view that he shall ing to Mark.

reign in heaven, be the right one, If Jesus meant that the apostles neither is the gospel of our salvation. should preach the objects of the “one In a general way of speaking indeed, hope,” instead of the objects of the all the truths of the New Testament

one faith,” why did he expound the may be called the gospel ; and as all latter, and not the former ? Besides, truth forwards our salvation less or the apostles were to preach what they more, so all scripture truth may,

in had witnessed (Luke xxiv. 48.) this indefinite way, be called the gos

Our SECOND SOURCE OF PROOF is pel of our salvation. But in its strict, the Acts of the Apostles. But pre- and literal, and definite acceptationviously to examining these proofs, as which is what we are in search of this book is supposed to contain a the term gospel refers emphatically number of the passages which favor to the death and resurrection of Jesus the new view, we shall indicate these Christ : perhaps we may also add, passages, and briefly explain their his ascension to the right hand of God. view. The testimonies chiefly relied Our proof—the apostles were sent on in the Acts are chapters i. 11, viii. to preach the gospel. Let us hear 12, xxviii. 20, 23, 31. According to them preach, that we may learn what some of our brethren, these passages it is. Peter preached the first gospel refer to the reign of Jesus Christ with sermon to the Jews on the day of his saints on the earth. This reign, Pentecost, as recorded in the second they say, is the only kingdom of hea- chapter of this book of the Acts of ven and the gospel of our salvation Apostles. Now in this chapter Peter which the apostles preached to all does not lay emphasis upon the future nations. When those who heard reign of Jesus, but upon his death, these things concerning the kingdom burial, and resurrection, together with of God believed the glad tidings, they his ascension and coronation as a were then instructed in the things Prince and a Saviour at the right concerning the name of Jesus, that hand of God. In his first discourse through him they might be made to the Gentiles, recorded in chapter heirs of the promised inheritance ! x. 34-43, the same preacher proclaims Further it is argued, that as salvation the same gospel, and does not so much is through faith in the gospel, and as as hint at the future reign of Jesus, the good news concerning the future whether in heaven or earth. In the reign of Jesus and his saints on the 43rd verse he says that salvation is earth is the gospel, all who desire through the name of Jesus. Now to be saved should have this faith, or that which gives this name its saving hope of Israel, previous to their im- power must be the gospel of our salmersion. Such, we believe, is a brief vation. But the name of Jesus deoutline of what we, out of no disre- rives not its saving power from the spect to those among the brethren who fact that he shall hereafter reign either hold it, have called the

new view

in heaven or earth, but from the facts of the gospel of our salvation. They of his death and resurrection (Phil. ought to be pleased, rather than ii. 5-11)--which facts, therefore, are otherwise, at our candid design of the gospel of our salvation. Having bringing it to the test of the law and heard Peter, the apostle of the Jews, the testimony

let us now hear Paul, the apostle of Without entering into the contro- the Gentiles. He preaches the gosversy auent the pre-millennial advent pel in a synagogue to his brethren and personal reign of Jesus Christ the Jews, in the city of Antioch of our Lord and Saviour, we affirm that Pisidia (Acts xiii.) ; and having, in



a few sentences, brought down the account the first Christians were exhistory of the people as far as the posed to great reproach, this being reign of David, (22) he says, “ Of one way in which they bore the cross. this man's seed hath God, according And in these facts we bave an to his promise, raised unto Israel a planation of certain expressions in the Saviour, Jesus” (23.) After referring sacred writings, such as—" Then is to the testimony of John, (25-5) he the offence of the cross ceased :" declares that the dwellers at Jerusa- “God forbid that I should glory save lem, through ignorance (27) and ma- in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, lice (28) procured his death. Then by whom the world is crucified unto follows, as the word of the gospel me, and I unto the world :” “I detersalvation, (26) the announcement of mined not to know any thing among his resurrection, (30) and the posi- you save Jesus Christ, and him crucition occupied by the apostles, as the fied ;” and “I am not ashamed of the

eye witnesses and ministers of the gospel of Christ.” word” (30.) But we must quote in full the next words of this discourse salvation.” It is evident from the

“For it is the power of God unto _“And we declare unto you glad- development of his argument, as contidings, (equivalent to the gospel) how tained in the succeeding chapter, that that the promise which was made unto the fathers, God hath fulfilled by salvation here the Apostle means the same unto us their children, in deliverance from its enslaving power

the forgiveness of sin, and consequent that he hath raised up Jesus again” (see chap. iii. 22, v. 8-9-10, &c.) (32-3.) The burden of this discourse But this salvation is through nothing is the death and resurrection of Jesus, else than the death and resurrection and as in that preached to Cornelius of Jesus Christ : therefore, this is and his friends, there is not even a the gospel which is the power of God hint of the future reign of Jesus. Is

unto salvation. it not evident, then, that the gospel of our salvation is the gospel of the

“For therein is the righteousness death and resurrection of Jesus Christ? of God revealed from faith to faith.” We proceed to our THIRD PROOF by

Did righteousness here signify holia testimony from each of the apostolic ness, we could safely say, nowhere is

the holiness of God seen to more epistles.

advantage than in the cross of Christ. 1. “I am not ashamed of the gospel of But the “righteousness of God” here

for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew

means his method of justifying the first and also to the Greek; for therein is the ungodly ; for he was made a sinrighteousness of God revealed from faith to offering for us who knew no sin, that faith.” (Rom. i. 16-17.)

we might be made “ the righteousness “ Things that are equal to the same of God in him.” So that now the things are equal to one another ;" and righteousness of God” without the here we have three things affirmed of law is manifested, being witnessed by the gospel of Christ, which are true of the law and the prophets, even the nothing else than the death and resur- righteousness of God, which is by rection of our blessed Redeemer : faith of Jesus Christ unto all and thus proving with the certainty upon all that believe.” God's method of mathematical demonstration, that then, of justifying the ungodly, is these facts are that gospel.

revealed in the gospel ; but that me“I am not ashamed of the gospel thod is nothing else than the death of Christ. Jesus died the painful and resurrection of Jesus Christ. and shameful death of the cross- the Therefore, these facts constitute the death of slave-criminals. On this gospel of our salvation.





2. “Christ sent me not to baptize, but to Open thy womb, oh earth! and now preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, Thy Maker's shame conceal : lest the cross of Christ should be made of none Dying, he conquer'd death and thou, effect. For the preaching of the cross is to Oh gravel his power shall feel. them that perish foolishness; but unto us who

For lo! the appointed day arrives, are saved, it is the power of God” (Paul, 1

When He, who died to save Cor. i. 17.18.)

Our souls from death, again revives Here “ the gospel” and “the cross

Revives, and quits the grave. of Christ” are used as interchange- Behold the gospel of his grace, able terms : and observe, as in Ro

Believed and obeyed ! mans the apostle calls the gospel the

By these great facts are life and peace

To every soul conveyed. power of God unto salvation,” so

D. L. here he affirms the same thing of the cross of Christ.”

Christ sent Paul to preach the gospel, but Paul CONVERTING INFLUENCE. preached Christ crucified : therefore, 56 Christ crucified” is “ the gospel.” And if this is not the gospel of our

Bethpage, July 9th. salvation, what is that gospel? The

to Ehope of eternal life. life of glory and bliss spent in the presence of

The question at present is this Jesus — is, indeed, a glorious hope: influence, distinct from the word,

“ Is it not necessary that a power or But the proclamation that saints shall reign with Christ, is no gospel to should always accompany it, in order sinners. The truth that gladdens the to render it effective in conversion

and salvation ?” I answer this quessinner's heart is contained in the words which show how man may be justi

tion in the affirmative, without hesi

tation. I think it is necessary, and fied in the eyes of his Maker.

“ And this is the word of the Lord that the WORD ALONE converts and which by the gospel ” of the death and resurrection of Jesus, " is preach

However people differ about this ed unto you.” Besides, eternal life theoretically, I am convinced that all is the consummation of our salvation, agree with me practically. And this, and cannot be the gospel thereof. after all, is the best way of testing The gospel is one thing, and its sal- principle. For what party is it that

is content to leave conversion to the vation another ; for although in a general way of speaking or writing, the doctrine of its alone-sufficiency,

word alone ? Not those who preach the terms may be used interchangeably, yet when we institute a strict

I am sure, else they would leave the inquiry after the definite meaning of word to accomplish the work alone, the terms, we must by no means

and no longer encumber it with help. confound the one with the other. Why, if they believe their own teachThe gospel stands to our salvation in ing, do they not read or simply state the relation of cause and effect-the gospel facts, and suffer them to means and end ; and it would just be act by their own power? Or why, as proper to say that the cause is the rather, do they not suffer the truth to effect, or the means the end, as to

work its way through the world in say that eternal life is the gospel.

silence, unaided by a human voice ? Why do they add their personal

efforts—their preachings, teachings, THE GOSPEL OF OUR SALVATION.

their mourning exhortations, their The Saviour dies ! e'en for this cause Into our world he came;

prayers and entreaties? Why do And now he hangs upon the cross

they bring to bear upon the sinner Enduring pain and shame.

the influence of friends, of special

saves no one.

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