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through the Holy Spirit, in the bright ratified. Ordinary testimony may be and purifying flame of his everlasting supported by ordinary documents ; word. It is the WORD of the Lord but claims such as those we have which prevails in both cases. As a noticed demand evidence correspondhammer it breaks in pieces the rock ing in power, variety, and conclusiveof the natural mind, that the spirit ness. Hence the Lord proceeds to may be regenerated. As a trumpet declare, “If I bear witness of myself, it resounds in the profound gulf of my witness is not true.” When we buried ages, and the sleepers arise hear the Prince of Life and the Profrom the trance of death, like soldiers phet of the world speak in this manthat have been resting. Those who ner, well may we keenly scrutinize the believe that all things were created claims of all other teachers. But let by him as the efficient cause, and for us now listen to the great Teacher. him as the final cause, have no dif- 1. TESTIMONY OF JOHN THE HARficulty in believing that his voice will BINGER.—“Ye sent unto John, and animate the dead. It was powerful he bare witness unto the truth. In enough to crowd the wilderness of John 1st. chap. the testimony of the space with splendid mansions, and Harbinger is given most explicitly orders of intelligent being ; and it will and very solemnly. He was not be efficient in awaking every sleeper, worthy to unloose the sandals of the and calling back to each organism Messiah. He knew that he was but the vital spirit which inspires and a bright morning star-herald of the identifies.

dawn. Jesus was the Sun of RightThe fourth claim, AUTHORITY TO eousness--the great luminary, with JUDGE THE WORLD.—“For the Fa- healing on his wings, flooding with ther judgeth no man, but hath com- diviner light all nature, and all the mitted all judgment unto the Son : universe. The Jews acknowledged that all men should honour the Son, the purity, and the prophetic mission even as they honour the Father.” | of John; and under his influence Paul argued before the Athenians, there was a great reformation prothat God had given all men assurance moted. Upon this fact the Lord of a judgment, by raising Christ from reared the dilemma by which he the dead. A righteous tribunal is confounded the unbelieving rulersrendered absolutely certain by the - The baptism of John, was it from seals of God the Father, and the heaven or of men ?” In the room of Spirit of holiness, affixed to the work replying with frankness and nobility of Jesus. Deep in the constitution of soul, the guilty men must hold a of human nature, and in the frame- council before they are prepared with work of creation, the foundation of an answer. “If we say of men, the retribution is laid. The oracles of people will stone us.” As they had nature, reason, and revelation, utter no ambition for martyrdom in any consenting tones. They all proclaim cause, this answer would not serve. accountability, punishment, and re- “ If we say from heaven, he will say, ward. We shall all stand in our why, then, did ye not believe on order before the judgment-seat of him ?” Not daring to reply honestly Christ ; and he that wore the crown tliey confess inability. Yes, he would of thorns on his pallid brow, shall have said, why did ye not believe on wear the crown of universal empire. him ? But he would have said more,

III. But claims are void of power, why have ye not likewise believed on unless substantiated by proper evi- me ? The eminent man, whose dence. The more magnificent the greatness and goodness, whose proclaims, the deeper the confusion and phetic rank and spiritual elevation, dishonour which follow unless signally you all acknowledge, declared that I



was the greater and the holier : he hath borne witness of me.” Our tranavowed that he was sent into the slators, in the concluding portion of world to prepare my way, and make this passage, represent our Lord as ready a people for my larger gift of stating the very reverse of that which life, liberty, and love.

he actually said. He is not declaring 2. EVIDENCE OF HIS WORKS.- -“I that they had neither heard his voice have greater witness than that_of nor seen his shape, but he is inquiring John : for the works which the Fa- “ If they had never heard his voice, ther hath given me to finish, the same

a shape.” His question works that I do bear witness of me, would powerfully revive the memory that the Father hath sent me." Nearly of the sublime event to which he reforly miracles are circumstantially ferred. It is related in Mat. iii. At narrated, extending over an immense the manifestation of Jesus, he was field, and bright in all the attributes baptized as the example of his people of

power and glory. Yet these, in all ages. As he arose from the though sufficient for the purposes of water in which Le had been buried, evidence, were but a small portion of the opening heavens disclosed a cehis actual works. These deeds of lestial messenger. The Holy Spirit, supernatural majesty, which revealed in the shape of a dove, lighted upon the highest power operating with the his head ; and while pure splendour sweetest benignity, had a mightier streamed around the person of the voice than the testimony of John. Redeemer, the audible voice of God The miracles may be classed in the the Father pronounced the memorafollowing order, as revealing- ble words, “This is my beloved Son,

First Dominion over nature. in whom I am well pleased.” A scene All the elements obeyed his voice, so overpowering in glory and awe and every energy of the visible world would, by necessity, live in the waited on his command. His crea- memory, and haunt the imagination tive power, and his governmental of the people for a considerable time. power, were equally manifest in the The words of the Lord would flash empire of matter.

upon their minds again that grand Second — Dominion over human- and public spectacle, in which Christ ity. He proved his knowledge of all was sealed so conspicuously by God the mysterious deeps of the human the Father. “ Did ye never hear heart : he knew what was in man, his voice, or see a shape ?" Have ye and all that was there was under his forgotten the breathless interest, and control.

the deep solemnity of that auspicious Third-Dominion over the invisi-day, when I began my great work, ble world. Satan and his angels, as the loftiest missionary of Goddemons or spirits of the wicked dead the noblest ambassador of heaven? -angels of pure and heavenly ra- 4. CORRESPONDENCE OF CHARACdiance, all were required in various TER WITH PROPHETIC ANTICIPATION. methods, to confess his divinity, and -Our translators have missed the magnify his mission. Some made import in verse 39. The Lord is not their confession in fear, and some in delivering a precept to search the love ; but in all his glory was mani- scriptures, but making an acknowfested, and his name exalted. All ledgment of fact, that he may

build provinces of the universe, and all an argument upon it. “ Ye search ranks of being, conspired in attesting the scriptures, for in them ye think the grandeur and sacredness of his ye have eternal life ; and they are mission.

they which testify of me. Yes, 3. WITNESS OF THE FATHER.

they did search the scriptures earnest“ The Father himself which sent me, ly, because they rightly thought that

eternal life might be found there ; relics are honored with an inferior yet, when the being appeared who and relative, but not with divine howas the life of prophecy, and the heir nor. First, they are honoured because of all the ages, they could not discern they were the temples of God; sehis transcendent grace. It was as if condly, because they are to be raised the Lord had said, “ O, ye Jews ! from the dead ; thirdly, because of who search the scriptures from day their miraculous power ; fourthly, to day, and who, by consequence, are they encourage the faithful to imitate looking for a great Redeemer, can ye their virtues. This is Challoner's not perceive that he stands in the account of them, with which that of midst of


? Can ye not discover, Milner agrees. from the wisdom of my doctrine, the This doctrine of relics is intiholiness of my life, the majesty of my mately connected with that of mirapower, that I am the person and cha- cles : it flows from it.

The man racter painted in the word of pro- who performed miracles, when living, phecy ? Testimony concerning me should be highly honoured : his bones is the very spirit and substance of may perform them, and as in many that word to which ye cling.” But cases they do perform them, their they were blinded by steam from the relics should be honoured with an pit, and could see no form nor come- inferior and relative, but not with a liness in God's anointed Son. 6 Ye divine honour. Here is the link will not come to me that ye might which connects your doctrine of relics have life." Consequently they perish- with your miracles. ed in fearful darkness, and bequeath- Relics are matters of immense imed the burden of a dire curse as a portance to Rome. They are to your legacy to the generations following. churches what the ark of the coveA depraved will corrupted the under- nant, and the pot of manna, and standing, and petrified the heart. Aaron's rod that budded were to the G. GREENWELL.

Jewish temple. Hence the prodi

gious efforts of past ages to obtain (To be continued.)

relics, and the enormous prices for

them, in order to place them in LETTERS ON ROMANISM. churches, and the sleepless vigilance

with which they have been guarded,

lest they should be stolen for the RELICS AND INDULGENCES.

adorning of new churches by their MY DEAR SIR—Permit me to ask virtues. They have been more than your kind attention, in the present mines of wealth to Holy Mother, as letter, to two more objections which they have brought her the gold and prevent my return to your church, the silver, without the trouble of drawn from your use of relics and mining, smelting, or coining. indulgences. The importance wbich If a bone or relic of a saint could you attach to these things, and the be secured for a new church, the evils which flow from them, demand church was called by his name, and a letter for the consideration of each ; placed under his guardianship. This but I will consider them both in one, is the origin of calling churches after and, as I trust, without weakening the names of saints. And thus nathe force of my objections.

tions were placed under the guard“ Relics are the dead bodies or ianship of saints, as Ireland under bones of saints, and whatever belong that of St. Patrick, Scotland under ed to them in their mortal life.The that of St. Andrew, England under clause I place in italics enables you that of St. George. So also cities to multiply them indefinitely. These were placed under the care of saints,

NO. V.

and their relics were esteemed as im- and hammer of St. Joseph—and with parting far greater security against the tail of Balaam's ass. Different assault than cannon, walls, or bul- churches are enriched with pieces of warks. Constantine, you know, de- the wood of the cross ; and were the fended the town of Nisibis with the pieces all brought together they dead body of St. James; and when would make a hundred crosses. In the Emperor Leo desired to secure one church is some of the manna in the relics of Simeon, the Stylite, from the wilderness — in another some Antioch, for the purposes of defence, blossoms from Aaron's rod—in anothe prudent citizens replied, “Ourther the arm of St. Simon—in anocity has no walls, and we have brought ther the picture of the Virgin, painthere the holy body of Simeon, that it ed by Luke—in another one of her might serve us in the stead of bul- combs—in another the combs of the warks.” So individuals are placed apostle, but little used—in another a under a guardian saint, or they select part of the body of St. Lazarus, that one for themselves. I remember, smells—in another a part of the goswhen a boy, I had one myself; but pel of St. Mark, in his own handhis name I am utterly unable to recall. writing—in another the fingers of St. I have no doubt but that you will say Ann, the Virgin's sister-in another he took bad care of me.

the stick of St. Patrick, with which There is, I learn, an authentic list he drove venomous beasts out of Ireof the relics deemed true, possessed land—in another St. Joseph's breath, and published by your church. I caught by an angel in a phial—in have never seen it. It must be a another a piece of the rope with which very curious book. In the absence Judas hung himself—in another some of your catalogue, I select a few of of the Virgin's hair—in another some the relics greatly venerated by Papists, of her milk. The monks once showed from books of authority that lie be- among their relics the spear and fore me. They are almost as amusing shield with which Michael encounteras your miracles. I will omit those ed the dragon of Revelation ; and too offensive to be named, out of re- some relic-monger had a feather from spect for you, my readers, and myself. the wing of the Holy Spirit, when

The arms, legs, fingers, and toes of taking the form of a dove, he abode the saints are greatly multiplied. upon Christ at his baptism ! On the There are eight arms of St. Matthew, miracles wrought by the relics of the three of St. John, and almost any saints I have already sufficiently number of St. Thomas a Becket. dwelt. They are various, and very There are in the church of the Late- numerous. ran, the ark made by Moses in the I will not, I cannot here dwell wilderness, the rod of Moses, and the upon the awful abuses of your doctable on which the last supper was in- trine of relics—on the robbery of all stituted by the Saviour. The table kinds of graves in Palestine, and the is entire at Rome, but there are many hawking of pilsered bones all over pieces of it in other places. On the Europe--on the selling of old wood, altar of the Lateran are the heads of sufficient to warm a small town Peter and Paul entire, but there are through the winter, as pieces of the pieces of them in Bilboa greatly ho- cross—on the selling of hands and noured by the monks. St. Peter's feet of particular saints, until the church is blessed with the cross of the proof is positive that some of the fapenitent thief — with the lantern of vored ones had as many hands as Judas with the dice used by the Briareus, and as many feet as the soldiers in casting lots for the Sa- crawling centipede. I turn from the viour's garments—with the axe, saw, ' abuse to the doctrine.

Now, Sir, where is the origin of granting them is clearly proved by your doctrine of relics ? Can you the fact, that the Saviour gave the find a trace of it in the New Testa- keys to Peter, and told him that whatment? Will you, for a moment, soever he bound or loosed on earth compare the sham miracles wrought should be bound or loosed in heaven. at the tombs of some of your saints, Indulgences can only be granted with that wrought by the bones of to those who have, by penance, sethe prophet of Israel ? Will you cured the remission of eternal punishdare to say, that the curing of a sore ment; and they can be granted even throat by a dead man's hand, is to be to such only for a good cause or moplaced on the same ground with the tive. Unless the cause or motive is a miraculous cures of the apostles ? I good one, heaven does not loose what venerate the names - I would even the bishop looses. The causes or decorate the tombs of the good ; but motives deemed good are, “ The doing what virtue is there in a bone from of great works for the glory of God the body of Paul or Peter ?—or in a and the public benefit of the church, slip of wood from the cross ?-or in such as the propagations of the Cathoa strand from the rope with which lic faith, building churches, alms, &c. Judas hung himself ? - or in some The way in which the bishop secures hairs from the tail of the beast which the remission of the temporal punishBalaam whipped ?

ment of the indulged one is - he If relics ever performed miracles, draws upon the satisfaction of Christ why do they not perform some now ? and his saints, called “ The treasure Is the virtue of all your old bones of the church,” and offers the draft to exhausted ? Where is the holy coat God as an equivalent for the punishof Treves ? Where now are the pil- ment due to the individual ! I do grims to the bones of Becket ? Where think that some heated controversialis your shop in New York for the sale ists have distorted the doctrine of your of holy teeth, and holy fingers, and church ; but you will not say that holy bones, taken from the graves of this is a distortion of it. It is taken the saints ? Sir, the whole matter is almost literally from Challoner and one of the vilest impositions ever Milner. practiced upon the credulity of man. The illustration of Milner of the I do not charge you with believing a working of the thing is a curiosity in word of it. I could almost as soon its way. It is drawn from 2nd Saml. believe in the virtue of the paring of xxii. David, by the murder of the toe-nails of some of your saints, Uriah, and adultery with his wife, inas admit that a man of your high curred eternal and temporal punishsense can believe in these things. ment: he confessed to Nathan, did

But I must hasten to a brief con- penance, and eternal punishment was sideratiou of


doctrine of indul- remitted. The temporal yet remaingences. And how shall I characte- ed, and he suffered it all.

And why? rize it? Your church teaches that There was no priest or bishop to grant sins of a certain character deserve him indulgence ! temporal and eternal punishment. Such, Sir, is your doctrine of inPenance secures the remission of the dulgence. Permit me to give you my latter - indulgence releases from the thoughts in reference to it. former : so that indulgences secure There is not a shadow of authority a release from the debt of temporal for prescribing a meritorious satisfacpunishment.

tion to God, in lieu of the penalty anNo person but a lineal descendant nexed to his law, and pronounced of St. Peter can grant an indulgence. against sin. I have already examinAnd that all such have the power of'ed and exploded your claims as to the

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