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liam from town, and Thomas from the most presumptuous and unauthorized Mill.” Did they severally come out sallies of partizan criticism that has of these places, or merely from their come under my eye how long since, frontiers ? How much, then, need I my memory reacheth not. In my ask, nay, how little worth are all the childhood I read of a pert youth who, labors of these critics, who, like cer- when at home during the Christmas tain eloquent ancients, multiply words, holidays, was asked, one day at dinbut communicate no knowledge. ner, by his father, what he had been

Because there is not an eis before learning at school ? Logic, sir, rekatebeesan, in the phrase, katebeesan sponded the youth. And what, said amphoteroi eis to udoor, these doctors the old gentleman, my son, what say it ought to be rendered, “they serveth logic ? Very much, very both went down to the water.” But much father :-I can prove to you, I ask them, in the name of common by logic, that these two ducks on the reason, of what power or use would table, are three. How, how, my son, eis be before katebeesan? Or how can you do this ? Why sir, this is could the historian, had he desired it, one, and that is two. Now, do not have communicated to us that they one and two make three ? True, both went down into the water, by very true, my son. Surprising ! words more appropriate ? I challenge Well, my son, your mother shall take all the doctors of Greek in the whole one of the ducks, and I will take the valley of the Mississippi, to give us other, and you shall have the third

more definite form of words to for your logic. So I say to these express that idea, than those used gentlemen, they may take, as the reby Doctor Luke, in the Acts of the ward of their genius and learning, the Apostles, viii. 38. Katabainoo most sprinkling and its comforts, now and literally means to go down, as every hereafter. But I will, with still more one who can turn over the leaves of assurance, cleave to immersion as the a Greek lexicon knows. I will give ordinance of Christ. ten examples of it :-John ii. 12, To prevent other rash adventurers “He went down to Capernaum." from entering prematurely upon the Luke xviii. 14, “This man went down work of criticism, more especially on to his house.” Acts vii. 15, “So prepositions and verbs compounded Jacob went down to Egypt;" vii. 26, with them, I consider it my duty to “Went the way that goeth down from show how these critics fell into this Jerusalem to Gaza ;" xiv. 25, “They mistake. went down into Attalia ;" xvi. 8, They are much opposed to im“ They came down to Troas ;" xviii. mersion and in favor of what, they 22, “ He went down to Antioch ;" imagine, a more genteel and easy way xxv. 6, “He went down unto Cæsa- of introducing persons into their

Rom. x. 7, “Who shall de- church ; and have adopted, in comscend into the grave.” Here we have mon with some others, the polite and the same structure in every case. In courteous way of baptizing the tip of none of these cases eis precedes the their own finger, or the corner of a verb, but only the noun or pronoun. handkerchief in a basin of limpid Need I ask, were all or any of these water, and gently bedewing the face descents or goings down involuntary ? or head of a babe in the name of the And if eis here, after katacainoo does Sacred Three. not mean going down into, what other The rude and less polished Baptists form of Greek words could indicate are in favor of a total dipping of the such an idea ? I will not waste one person in water; and there is so much moment more of my time, nor that of evidently in favor of it, in the commy readers, in exposing one of the mon version of the New Testament,


though made by Pedobaptists, that ing this law they imagined that the multitudes are leaving the Methodists, preposition itself became whimsically and other sprinklers, and joining some partizan, and meant only whatsoever one of the Baptists communities. the speaker willed to mean. Hence, Hence baptizo, eis, en, and ek have as the Western Christian Advocate been seized by the Rabbis and put to correspondents willed, when going to the torture, that they may depose in heaven it signifies into, but when favor of sprinkling. Volumes of moving in an opposite direction it criticism, such as it is, have appeared only meant to. on the subject. Baptizo first, and But to relieve them from this its attendants next, have become unpleasant attitude, and to preobnoxious to their official indignation. vent other adventurers from similar

But though driven, times without disasters, I will emphatically state the number, from their little fortifications fact, that eis has no literary affection of error, they have resolutely set for any not of its own kindred, and down to study more Greek, and to will enter into wedlock only with its be better acquainted with the family natural relations. Such are the folof Bapto and its relations. Some of lowing :-Eisodos, an entrance into. them, like our Methodistic friends of Eisagoo, to introduce, bring into any the Western Christian Advocate, have place, relation, or thing. Eisakouoo, commenced enacting laws fixing the to hear, or receive into the ears, a meaning of certain verbs and preposi- figurative reception. Eisdechomai, tions, amongst which eis comes in for to receive cordially into one's heart. a liberal share.

Eiseimi, to go into. Eiserchomai, Upon its own individual responsi- to enter, or come into. Eiskaleoo, to bility, this preposition appears 1740 call into, or invite into. Eispeedaoo, times in the New Testament. But in to run into, to spring into. Eispoits matrimonial connections it figures REUOMAT, to enter into, to go into. upon its pages only 245 times. It is EISTRECHOO, to run into. EisinERO, bound by all the laws of Grecian to lead into. wedlock to live in perfect amity with Here stand, in ancient polygamous but one substantive, but to this it has wedlock, the whole family of Eis, licentiously added no less than ten numbering ten verbs and one noun, verbs, even in the New Testament. as they appear in the New Testa

In making laws for this household ment. Now, who does not see the of verbs and prepositions, one im- reason why eis reigns in its own portant fact escaped the observation family, directing and indicating the of the critics, and has overwhelmed nouns and pronouns on which its inthem in inextricable difficulttes. fluence should terminate. It must,

They say that eis frequently fol- by unquestionable authority, in all lowed certain rerbs in the language, such cases, signify into. We sprinkle and was sometimes translated by to, and pour upon—we dip into. We unto, into. They also observed that immerse the body in water, the mind sometimes they found a verb with eis into Christ. prefixed to it, followed by an eis be- Having now philologically ascerfore some noun or pronoun; and that tained the true and literal import of in those cases into seemed to be a the preposition eis and its compounds more natural version of it. They —and having demonstrated it to be, then passed a law that only in the not in, but intowe would farther case of an eis before the verb having observe, that it has a figurative and one following it, should the latter be evangelical acceptation deserving our translated into. And being some- special notice, as connected with the what self-willed themselves, in enact- design of baptism. Its literal mean


ing as connected with the literal | Bethany College. He clearly accords precept of baptism is into, but as with us in our views of baptism, as respecting its design, it is, in order to, taught and practiced in the apostolic or for some purpose or end. Hence, age. No one, in modern times, conin our common Testament, we have tended more for faith, and against the design of various precepts and works of merit, than the celebrated institutions set forth by eis. Such are Martin Luther. Hear him ! the following :-“ Take no thought

From the (CHRISTIAN CATECHISM of Dr. for the morrow.

“ Take no scrip Martin Luther.”) for your journey.” “It shall turn

This Catechism is ranked among the “ symfor a testimony to you ;" for a wit- bolic books" of the Lutheran church, that is, ness to all nations.” “ It shall be told those containing the symbols or formularies of for a memorial of her.” “ Shed for their church. On the subject of holy baptism, many, for the remission of sins.” | are the following questions and answers : Buy the potter's field for the burial works forgiveness of sins : saves from death

“What does baptism bestow on us? It of strangers.” “ They gave them and the devil; and gives eternal life to all that for the potter's field.” These are all believe; as teaches the word and promise of found in Matthew.

God. Mark 16, 'He that believes and is bapIn Mark—“Repentance for the tized shall be saved, but he that believeth not

shall he damned.' remission of sins.”

For a testimony How can water do such great things ? against them.”

For a memorial of The water, indeed, does it not; but the word her.” For what, (or why) hast of God that is connected with the water ; ard thou forsaken me.”

faith that confides in this word of God in the

For without the word of God this Luke, also, thus uses it :-“Baptism water is but coinmon water, and no baptism; of repentance, for the remission of but with the word of God it is a baptism, that sins." “ Take nothing for your jour- is, a water of life, full of grace, and a bath ney.” “ It is not good for the dung- of the new birth in the Holy Spirit; as says hill.” “Be baptized, every one of St. Paul to Titus, chap. iii. "Through the bath

of the new birth, and the renewing of the Holy you for the remission of sins."

“Thy Spirit

, which he has richly_poured out upon us prayers are come up for a memorial.”

through Jesus Christ our Lord: that through * For the work which they fulfilled.” his grace we might be justified, and become These are acceptations of eis, selected hiers of eternal life according to the hope.' from the historical books, and are

“ What is the difference between baptism sufficient for my purpose.

and the holy supper? By baptism, as through

a door, a person is introduced into the church Our duty is performed, and our of God, in order to enter into the communion pledge redeemed. Eis, in its strict of the grace of God and the saints, and is inimport, denotes into, and objectively corporated with the church.

“550. Why is the name of the Trinity called, or figuratively, it means for.

in baptism ? Christ has so commanded it, The action of baptism and its de- and in this has declared to us, that those who sign, are both placed in a clearer light are baptized, enter into a close union and comby a critical examination of these munion with God, belong to him, and are deprepositions ; and we are, for the signated by his name.

“ 556. What is the first evil from which bappresent at least, obliged to our tism can save us? It saves us, firstly, from methodistic doctors, for laying me sin: that is, the guilt and punishment, both of under obligation to draw upon a new original and actual sin are remitted, and the chapter of my unpublished book on

power and dominion of sin are, in the baptized,

subdued by the blood of Christ, Rom. vi. 4; baptism for a fuller development of

Acts ii. 38–39. Secondly—It saves us from the sublime meaning of this greatly death ; inasmuch as all suffering, and even the disparaged and insulted institution. departure from this life, to the baptized and We shall finish this Tract with a believing Christians, brings no punishment or few words from the great Reformer, loss, but a gain, a blessed suffering, and a pas. translated from the German by bro- death, also, has lost all dominion over them,

into eternal life: and spiritual and eternal ther Loos, teacher of German at | 1 Corinthians, xv. 55–57. Thirdly-- It saves

One man,

ns from the devil, who loses his power over where a multitude of people-blind, those, who through baptism have passed from balt, and withered- -were waiting for darkness to light, and from the power of Satan the moving of the water. Periodically to God, Acts xxviii. 18; Col. i. 13-14.

“559. Has not Christ saved us from sin, an angel visited the water, and who death, and the devil? Why, then, is this sal. soever first stepped in after his visit vation ascribed to baptism ? Because baptism was cured of his disease. The is the means by which we attain to the com- diseased multitude represented in symmunion of Christ, and to the enjoyment of his bol the moral condition of the entire blessings (Gal. iii. 26-7, Rom. vi. 3-4.)

"560. What is the good which baptism com- race, crowded without help in the municates to us in place of the evil from which lazar-house of the earth, blind amid we are delivered ? Eternal life, and the salva- eternal realities, crippled and withered tion which, in baptized and believing Chris- in spiritual faculty. The angel whose tians, necessarily follow the forgiveness of sins

visit (Mark xvi. 16.)"

gave healing virtue to the water, A. C. foreshadowed that mightier Angel

who was about to stir the waters, not

of a pool, but of the great deep of CHRISTIANITY AS A SYSTEM humanity, by pouring in that crimson OF EVIDENCE.

stream which purifies the soul. The

virtue of the ocean of life is not exPART 11. (CONTINUED.)

hausted by a single application ; but I. The wealth of heaven is pro- after millions have washed and arisen fusely poured in our midst, without strong and beautiful, remains fresh much regard to system. The trea- and powerful as ever. sures of God are rich, various, and weary and impotent, had lain there magnificent. But they are generally a long time without strength to enter scattered over the field of redemption the pool after the angelic visit. The in noble negligence, yet with a strict Lord drew near, and after proposing reference to the development of the the interesting question “Wilt thou human understanding. Man is to be made whole ?” exclaims, “ Rise, educate himself in the school of the take up thy bed and walk.” Imdivine teacher, by bringing science to mediately a tide of life rushed into the bear upon the materials which have cripple, and he arose and took up

his been furnished by inspiration. Yet couch. The same day was the Sabwe find in the scriptures many por- bath. This was sufficient for the tions logical in form as well as in purblind Jews. Austere bigotry in spirit. The logical faculty was power- adherence to dead forms may remain ful in Paul, associated with the fire long after all inward life has perished. and vehemence of a Roman. Even There may be a desperate clinging to in John, whose natural intellect was the letter, after the spirit of power disposed to Asiatic abstraction in and health has departed. The Jews solitary fields of meditation, we find were indignant-not because of proseveral noble samples of finished dia- found reverence for the glory of God lectical skill; and sometimes flashes and the sanctity of law-but mainly of purified and elevated passion, which because one whose glorious life shamed bring to memory the fact that in his their own hollowness, had displayed younger days he was one of the “sons such astonishing power. The SABof thunder." The chapter which we BATH was the pretext. They sought would subject to analysis at present to slay the Lord, and founded their is rich in all kinds of life and power, vindictiveness on his violation of law. glorious in doctrine, powerful in rhe- The Lord answers them in a discourse, toric, systematic in arrangement, and which we analyse in the following dramatic in circumstance. John, manner, by dividing it into claims and chap. 5, opens by the pool Bethesda, evidences, one supporting the other. II. The first claim, EQUALITY WITH the organ-swell of celestial power and GOD—“My Father worketh hitherto, music. The sages and philosophers and I work.” In other words the had never risen to such a conception wide dominion of my Father demands as that of renovating man with spicontinual supervision and labour. ritual life. They sought to modify, At the head of his august empire he to develop or repress, some leading works for ever, irrespective of sacred faculties ; but to transform the endays; and I, the Son, participating tire being in a new creation, was not in the nature and glory of the Father, only beyond their power, but out of have similar authority. I likewise the reach of their imagination. It accomplish my mission, and perform was deeper than they could digmy great work on the Sabbath, as on higher than they could soar. Their every other day. Sacred days have efforts commonly ended in giving immediate relation to men-only in- more prominence and mightier operadirect to God and the universe. Be- tion to the inferior elements, and the sides the most sacred day admits of darker passions of our nature. They sacred labour, and the cause in which made monsters in the room of new I work is the holiest. Such is the men, by nourishing some master vice spirit of his language. The Jews into vigour and predominance over understood his claim, but not appre- all its fellows. But Jesus, the Christ, ciating its justice accused him of gave new life-life and healing to blasphemy. There was one indi- the spirit; and the hour or period vidual during his misistry whose in- for the reception of the life-inspiring ward eyes were bright with spiritual testimony is still rolling on. This is discernment. What a fine combina- reality testified by the experience of tion of reverence, humility, and clear ages. Human beings of every mental vision was displayed by the centurion ? | order have been regenerated to God : “I am not worthy that thou shouldest arrested in the career of selfishness come under

my roof : speak the word and passion, bowed down in contrionly, and my servant shall be healed. tion before the cross, and translated For ), also, am a man under authority, from the kingdom of Satan into the having soldiers under me ; and I say kingdom of God's dear Son. Fruit to one go, and he goeth ; to another has been produced, such as never come, and he cometh ?” This was, could spring from the soil of human indeed, an ample prospect, and a nature, until it was hallowed by the correct discrimination. Lord, the blood and tears of a Mediator. elements of nature, the spiritual The third claim, POWER TO RAISE powers of the unseen world, the ener- THE DEAD.-“Marvel not at this." gies of life and death, are all thy Marvel not that I now possess the slaves ! speak the word only !” Well power of imparting spiritual life and might our Lord say, “I have not moral renovation. The period is comfound such faith, no, not in Israel.” | ing when my divine power will be disLet it be borne in mind that he was played in more sensible magnificence not merely a Prophet, seeking the —when the voice which now reaches glory of the exalted Father ; but an the interior of the soul shall resound EQUAL manifesting his own glory, in the hollow vaults of the desolate and establishing his divinity. grave, and all shall come forth. But The second claim, POWER TO IM- though this approaching scene will

The Lord unfold more visible grandeur, it will spake with an imperial voice. There not reveal more real power than that was power and originality in his which is now in operation. Nothing word. This very claim sounded no- can exceed the energy which quickens thing like a human utterance, but had dead souls in the glow of divine life



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