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So forth issew'd the seasons of the yeare :
First lusty Spring all dight in leaves of flowres
That freshly budded, and new bloosmes did beare,
In which a thousand birds had built their bowres
That sweetly sung to call forth paramours :
And in his hand a javelin he did beare,
And on his head (as fit for warlike stoures)

A guilt engraven morion he did weare;
That as some did him love, so others did him feare.

Then came the jolly Sommer, being dight
In a thin silken cassock coloured greene,
That was unlyned all, to be more light;
And on his head a girlond well beseene

from which as be had chauffed beene
The sweat did drop; and in his hand he bore
A boawe and shaftes, as he in forrest greene

Had bunted late the libbard or the boare,
And now would bathe bis limbes, with labor heated sore.

Then came the Autumne, all in yellow clad,
As though he joyed in his plentious store.
Laden with fruits that made him laugh, full glad
That he had banisht hunger, which to-fore
Had by the belly oft him pinched sore;
Upon his head a wreath that was enrold
With eares of corne of every sort, he bore ;

And in his hand a sickle he did holde,
To reape the ripen'd fruits, the which the earth had yold.

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HAIL! hail! reviv'd, reviving Spring,
Fair type of heaven's eternal year;
While nature's works thy praises sing,
Lo! gratitude salutes thee here.
Swell, gently swell the solemn song;
Now pour the bounding notes along;
Teach quires below, to quires above,
To echo back the solemn lay;
And, as they praise unbounded love,
To join in bounty's holy-day.

MINDFUL of disaster past,
And shrinking at the northern blast,
The sleety storm returning still,
The morning hoar and evening chill;
Reluctant comes the timid spring.
Scarce a bee with airy ring,
Murmurs the blossom'd boughs around,
That clothe the garden's southern bound;
Scarce the hardy primrose peeps
From the dark dell's entangled steeps.
O'er the field of waving broom,
Slowly. shoots the golden bloom;
And, but by fits, the forze-clad dale
Tinctures the transitory gale.
Scant along the ridgy land
The beans their new-born ranks expand;


To God the universal King,
Be sacred every grateful quire ;

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