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To him who wanders o'er the apland leas, | Sweet is the light of SABBATH Eve, The blackbird's note comes mellower through And soft the sunbeam lingering there; the dale;

Those sacred hours this low earth leave, And sweeter from the sky the gladsome lark | Wafted on wings of praise and prayer. Warbles his heaven-tuned song; the lolling brook

This time, how lovely and how still ! Murmurs more gently down the deep-worn Peace shines, and smiles on all below; glen;

The plain, the stream, the wood, the hill, e from yon lowly roof, whose curling All fair with evening's setting glow!

smoke O’ermounis the mist, is heard, at intervals SEASON OF Rest! the tranquil soul The voice of psalms-tbe simple song of Feels thy sweet calm, and melts in love; praise.

And while these sacred moments roll, With dove like wings, Peace o'er yon vil- Faith sees a smiling heaven above.

lage broods: The dizzying mill-wheel rests; the anvil's din How short the time, how soon the sun Hath ceased; all, all around is quietness. Sets; and dark night resumes her reign! Less fearful on this day, the limping hare And soon the hours of rest are done, Stops, and looks back, and stops, and looks Then morrow brings the world again.

on man, Her deadliest foe. The toil-worn horse, set | Yet will our journey not be long, free,

Our pilgrimage will soon be trod; Unheedful of the pasture, roams at large; And we shall join the ceaseless song, And, as his stiff unwieldy bulk he rolls, The endless SABBATH of our God. His iron-arm'd hoofs gleam in the morning


[blocks in formation]

THE MILLENNIAL SABBATH. COMMERCE! not now, as once of old,

Art thog the tool of vice for gold.

The tears of wo, and blood of slaves,

Not now, as once, pollute the waves ; Muse! take the harp of prophecy : bebold ! |

Food for soft VICR, and PLEASURR's store, The glories of a brighter age unfold

Lade the polluted boards no more ;

But every good that nature yields, Father of Mercies! speed the promised hour;

Rich fruits from gardens, food from felds, Thy kingdom come with all-restoring power;

The treasures, suns and showers dispense Peace, virtue, knowledge, spread from pole

Through all pervading providence ; to pole,

Fruits of the mind, and many a store As round the world the ocean-waters roll!

Or human and of sacred lore: Hope waits the morning of celestial light;

The Arts and SCIENCES combine, Time plumes his wings for everlasting flight;

SAVIOUR! to make the empire thine. Unchanging seasons have their march begun;

PAINTING portrays some lively thought; Millennial years are hastening to the Sun;

The airy group hath SCULPTURE wrought; Seen through thick clouds, by Faith's trans

Song bids to him her lays aspire, piercing eyes,

And Music gives them warmer fire : The New Creation shines in purer skies.

FANCY and REASON, STRENGTH and ART, All baill-the age of crime and suffering

| Each bears her own, her several part. ends,

The curse of WAR is past and w'er, The reign of righteousness from heaven de.

The blade sball bathe in blood no more scends ; Vengeance for ever sheaths the afflicting

sword; Death is destroy'd, and paradise restored :

Within the cot, within the tower, Man, rising from the ruins of his fall,

Wherever we may roam; Is one with God, and God is All in All.

In city, field, or summer-buwer,

How sweet is every home!
Love and RELIGION mingling there,

Make all alike around it fair.

Sweet is the beaming smile of light,

That Love darts through the eye; It seems as if the summer sky

Her glance may well make warm and bright Assumed a purer blue;

The sternest winter-sky. It seems as if the flow'ret's dye

LOVE bids perpetual summer shive, Put on a brighter bue;

And bids perpetual roses twine, It seems as if rough ocean's wave

Though storins be howling by : Could now the bark but gently lave; But when to Love, so warm, is given A loveliness so soft, so fair,

To look past Earth's short bound to Heaven. Pervades the earth, the sea, the air; To see its sweets re-bloom anew Peace dwells below, and all above

In fields more green, and skies more blue; Bespeaks the heavenly reign of love. Love, burning wtih Religion's flame,

Each hope, each fear, each joy the same EMMANUEL I-thy sceptre bends

Souls, both as one, commingled there, O'er every land beneath the sun ;

The same bright hope, the same sweet prayer, Where'er the track of man extends,

The cross, their common bond--the seal, Have thy sweet victories been won ! That faith, which each profess and feel : Thy cross has shone the cresset light Oh! this is love, surpassing far, To wandering men, in storing of night, Wbat all mere enrthly passions are: And shew'd them, anxious and distrest, More pure, more lovely, and more warm The haven of eternal rest.

Tban lit by fairest earthly form.

Such is the love that shines around, | We seem to catch a blush of light
In palace, hall, or cot;

From the golden walls and portals bright:
The looks that beam, the words that sound, A sweet reflection from the ray,
The joy that decks the spot,

Which no son beams,
The hymn floats softly through the vale, Nor fair moon gleams,
The scent of flowers is in the gale,

But GOD HIMSELF sheds all the day.
Combining joy and summer-sun,
Perfume and music, all in one.

This is the time so long foreseen,
The infant group are now at play,

When ages rolled their years between; Bright as that sun and summer's day, Thy reign, O PRINCE OF Peace! While the fond mother smiles to see

Envy, and STRIFE, and WRATA bave The ring dance round so merrily.

fled, Beam on! beam on! ye sacred hours, The POWERS of Sin seem bound and With joyance ever new;

dead, No storm descends, no tempest lowers, And Pain and sorrow cease! No sorrow saddens you:

This was the empire thou didst buy, The sun that makes your happy day, When on the cross, ascending high, Bids e'en the inmost soul be gay.

DEATH yielded Thee the victory!

O may it be an endless reign,
If Heav'n has ever shone below,

Nor earth know other rule again!
Its dawning now appears ;
We seem to catch the morning-glow,

From those celestial spheres :

[blocks in formation]

Some men with swords may reap the field, Nor the frame, with mortal terror shaking,
And plant fresh laurels where they kill; Nor the heart, where love's soft bands
But their strong nerves at length must yield, are breaking-
They tame but one another still :

So would I die!
Early or late
They stoop to fate,

“ All bliss without a pang to cloud it! And must give up their murmuring breath, All joy, without a pain to shroud it! When they, pale captives, creep to death. Not slain, but caught up as it were,

To meet my Saviour in the air ! The garlands wither on your brow,

So would I die ! Then boast no more your mighty deeds; Oh how bright Upon death's purple altar now,

Were the realms of light
See where the victor-victim bleeds :

Bursting at once upon my sight!
All heads must come

Even so,
To the cold tomb :

I long to go,
Only the actions of the just

These parting hours, how sail and slow !" Smell sweet and blossom from the dust.

His voice grew faint, and fix'd was his eye,

As if gazing on visions of ecstacy :

The hue of his cheek and lips decayed,

Around his mouth a sweet smile played ;(A real occurrence.)

They look'd-he was dead;

His spirit had fled:
Which is the happiest death to die? Painless and swift as his own desire,

“Oh!" said one, “ if I might choose, The soul undress'd, Long at the gate of bliss would I lie,

From her mortal vest, And feast my spirit ere it fiy,

Had stepp'd in her car of heavenly fire; With bright celestial views.

And proved how bright Mine were a lingering death without pain, Were the realms of light,

A death which all might love to see, 1 Bursting at once upon the sight!

And mark how bright and sweet should be The victory I should gain !

THE REVERIE. “ Fain would I catch a hymn of love From the angel-harps which ring above ;

CONDER. And sing it, as my parting breath

O! THAT in unfetter'd union, Quivered and expired in death

Spirit could with spirit blend ! So that those on earth might hear

0! that in unseen communion, The harp-notes of another sphere;

Thought could hold the distant friend! And mark, when nature faints and dies, Who the secret can unravel, What springs of heavenly life arise; Of the body's mystic guest? And gather, from the death they view, Who knows how the soul may travel, A ray of hope to light them through, While nnconsciously we rest? When they should be departing too."

While in pleasing thraldom lying, " No,” said another,“ su not I:

Seal'd in slumbers deep, it seems,
Sudden as thought is the death I would die; Far abroad it may be flying-
I would suddenly lay my shackles by, What is sleep? and what are dreams ?

Nor bear a single pang at parting, Earth, bow narrow thy doininions,
Nor see the tear of sorrow starting,

And how slow the body's pace!
Nor hear the quivering lips that bless me, ()! to range on eagle's pinions
Nor feel the hands of love that press me, | Through illimitable space !

What is thought ? in wild succession

SECOND PART. Whence proceeds 'the motley train ? | Oh! the hour when this material What first stamps the vague impression

Shall have vanish'd like a cloud: On the ever-active brain ?

When, amid the wide ethereal, What is thought-and whither tending

All th' invisible sball crowd; Does the subtile phantom flee?

And the naked soul, surrounded Does it, like a moonbeam ending,

With innuin'roos hosts of light, Shine, and melt to vacancy ? :

Triumph in the view anbounded,

And adore the Infinite.
Has a strange, mysterious feeling,
Something shapeless, undefin’d,

In that sudden, strange transition,
O'er thy lonely musings stealing,

By what new and finer sense Ne'er impress'd thy pensive mind;

Shall she grasp the mighty vision, As if he, whose strong resemblance,

And receive its influence? Fancy in that moment drew,

Angels, guard the new immortal By coincident remembrance,

Through the wonder-teeming space, Knew your thoughts-and thought of you? To the everlasting portal,

To the spirit's resting place.
When, at mercy's footstool bending,
Thou has felt a secret glow:

Will she there no fond emotion,
Faith and hope to heaven ascending,

Nought of earthly love retain ? Love still lingering below;

Or, absorb'd in pare devotion, Say, has ne'er the thought impress'd thee, Will no mortal trace remain ? That thy friend might feel thy pray'r ?

Can the grave those ties dissever, Or the wish at least possess'd thee,

With the very beart-strings twin'd? He could then thy feeling share?

Must she part, and part for ever,

With the friend she leaves behind ? Who can tell ? that fervent blessing, Angels, did you hear it rise ?

No: the past she still remembers; Do you this, your love expressing,

Faith and hope surviving tuo, Watch o'er human sympathies?

Ever watch those sleeping embers, Do ye some mysterious token

Which must rise and live anew;
To the kindred bosom bear?

For the widow'd, lonely spirit,
And to what the heart has spoken,
Wake a chord responsive there?

Mourns till sbe be cloth'd afresh;

Longs perfection to inherit,
Laws, perhaps, unknown, but certain,

And to triumph in the desh.
Kindred spirits may control;
But what hand can lift the curtain,

Angels, let the ransom'd stranger
And reveal the awful soal ?

In your tender care be blest, Dimly through life's vapours seeing,

| Hoping, trusting, free from danger, Who but longs for light to break ?

Till the trumpet end her rest; O this feverish dream of being !

Till the trump which shakes creation, When, my friend, shall we awake?

Through the circling beavens shall roll,

Till the day of consummation,
Yes, the hour, the hour is hasting,

Till the bridal of the soul.
Spirit shall with spirit blend;
Fast mortality is wasting,

Can I trust a fellow-being?
Then the secret all shall end,

Can I trust an angel's care? Let then, thought hold sweet communion, | O, thou merciful All-seeing, Let us breathe the mutual pray'r,

Beam around my spirit there ! Till in heaven's eternal union;

Jesus, blessed Mediator, O my friend ! to meet thee there.

| Thou the airy path bast trod!

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