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And his offering may blaze-unregarded by Heaven;
And his spirit may pray-yet remain unforgiv'n;
And his grave may be closed--but no rest to him bring :
O the wrath of the Lord is a terrible thing!


The King leapt foremost from his throne; Gen. V. 24.


His battle-sword, as on bis mark he flew; SUBLIME, ineffable, angelic grace

With an unerring, and tempestuous sound, Beam'd in his meek and venerable face;

The blade descended deep along the ground; And sudden glory streaming round his bead, / The foe was fled, and, self-o'erwhelm'd, his O'er all his robes with lambent lustre spread:

strength His earthly features grew divinely bright. | Hurl'd to the earth his Atlantean length; His essence seem'd transforming into light. But ere his Chiefs could stretch the helping Brief silence, like the pause between the

arm, flash,

He sprung upon his feet in pale alarm; At midnight, and the following thunder Headlong and blind with rage he searched crash,

around, Ensued : Anon, with universal cry,

But Enoch walk'd with God, and was not The Giants rusb'd upon the prophet-"Die !” found.


Dilated, like one dark pavilion hangs, Gen. vii. viii.

Dreadful suspense! then barsts with all its

rage ROBAR'rs.

Collected : cataracts of smoking rain

FROM the hill Their wild displeasure spend; earth-delving Stout timber Noah felld, and shap'd the ark spouts, Obedient: huge the vessel's bulk, and built Swift hurricanes, bails, blasting vollies, land With spacious entrance; nor was wanting Made sea, the sea one wide waste infinite. food

Deep groan the heaving caverns: mineral For cattle, or for man. God gave the word; / wrath The Patriarch enter'd, and the door was clos'd. Sublim’d, with nitrous vapour from beneath

Ascends, and subterraneous thunder shakes White shine the breaking billows, silver The solid centre of the teeming Earth.

foam, Prognosticating storm; the screaming mew, The Spirit of the waters stalks abroad And rav'nous bittern skim along the brine | Exulting in the storm, and drives the winds Luw dropping, or their pinions half inclose Transverse along heaven's champaign, which In the dark spray; bright spots of ruddy fire 'gin blow Fiecker the azure vault, with dusky hue In hardy opposition. He with arm Deep skirted, couriers of the storm-anon Gigantic, and grim joy, troubles the deep, With furious expedition falls the rain Which rose from earth to heav'n: the lashDarting impetuous down; the scowling sky ing surge Darkness invests, deep doleful shade, one Impetuous rolls, and had a ship been there, night,

Devouring winds had torn the crackling Night palpable; save where athwart the

mast gloom

To atoms piecemeal, or had blown it, light The glaring vollied lightning serv'd to shew

As buoyant gossamer, between the ridge Sad piteous scenes of horror and dismay;

Of riding waves; a horrible gulph and dark Despairing victims struggling up the elm, Yawns ghastly, and at intervals displays Or ragged oak, and in a moment swept A grave of living horror, By fury irresistible; some gain The rock, and thence with haggard look

Full forty nights, and forty days, the rain descry

Fell unremitted: mountains, rivers, rocks Their wives, their panting children in mid Sunk in contentious waves. Thy ark alone way

O Noah, (so the Sov'ran Architect Pursu'd, or dash'd against the pointed cliff, Ordain'd) surviv'd the wreck: nor did that Sad sport of whirlwinds. At thy stern re-1

ark bukes

Want sail, or steerage, by a hand divine Lord of the roaring tempest, at thy voice Guided invisible. Of cypress built The waters swift ascend the rough steep cliff! And gopher, buoyant wood, she won her way And in the bosom of the vale down sink

Like some rich merchant's vessel, laden deep At once: and hark! the Ocean's thundering With Macao's spicy freightage : naptha gate

sheath'd Has burst its hinge, and on the continent The hulk, and close asphaltos, unctuous mass, Disgorg'd its might; while on the winged From chafing waves, from pungent salt sestorm

care. Terror triumphant rides. The dismal dash Cease rain” pronounc'd th’Almighty;Of wave on wave, loud howling winds, the the rain ceas'd.

Earth Rent to her centre by a thousand shocks, 1 Again the fleecy cloud with orient pearl Each shock, a ruin, only sounds the trump Was sown, and glowing sapphire. High Of elemental war, a pregoant cloud

the sun

Lode in meridian glory; and the waves i Fear not, O Earth : contentious waves no absiding, sunk as if by gentle stealth

more asensible. On Ararat the ark

With bitter blast shall sweep thy gallant song, topt. From whose brow the patriarch sent Like tremblingleaves, away! thy sure appeal his dove,

Is yon bright curve, thy sure protection, God. ight courier; she nor green tree found nor | Oft shall the bright reflection paint the lap sand

Of Arcady, where old Peneas curls o rest her printless foot, but hied her home His silver wave translucent; there the swain Vith ruffled breast, and plumage sprent On sloping lawn, or level down, shall mark with dew.

The gaudy phantom melting into air, Vhat bodes her second embassy? a shoot Of pasture fresh, and gray unclouded dawn vf olive, cheerful green, upon her bill Sure presage! oft shall God gladden the hines graceful: trembling haste, and eager | groves joy

Of myrrh, and the sweet wilderness of balm leam from the eye of Noah as he greets With showers, and from his gay enamelled he sure criterion of abated flood.

bow gain she prunes her wing; but not again Shed lucid fruitfulness; some aged spire o beat her barriers, shall the bird return; Shall rise behind in pensive ivy clad, lo; in the well-known mead, or grove, a And awful silence crown the lovely scene.

nest he weaves, and warbles wild her artless Far o'er the horizon of the troubled sea, notes,

What time the storm retires, the bow shall or drinks ambrosial nectar from the rill. dip

Its woof in sky-grain'd tincture, from the Now was all nature drest in freshest green, back 'ure from the dregs of grosser earth, which Of some dun cloud emerging by degrees, wind

All bright, all vivid: this, Philosophy, und wave had swept away. Mild Zephyr | Deep musing maid, shall oft at eve descry, sheds

And with her crystal prism contract, dilate Lefreshing breezes, which the meadows' Its frangible and parti-coloured ravs, down

Thy boon, Astronomy's advent'rous child, mpress not, as they blow; so brave a world Sage Newton! this religion's votary i seem'd, so passing fair, that the eye hung Shall greet with rapture, shall with pray'r namour'd of its charms. Thy cautious hand, pursue ; lood Patriarch, wide the lattice of the ark And to his progeny the cause explain. Infolded, curious dome; upon whose roof "Rejoice, my Son, and on thy heart pourVas etch'd the chronicle of month and day; | tray Vhile the sun, quivering thro' her sable gate, Yon mystic characters, that stamp the cloud. Leflects the gleam of thousand golden plumes Once was the world degenerate, once was tar-spangled insects, eyes of living fire,

sunk arting their mingled radiance thro' the In wasting waters; but by yon fair bow gloom.

The Almighty swore, that not again should

Man With mind uprais'd, and firm, not hasty Provoke his vengeance to let tempests loose step,

Against this goodly earth. Hence in the "he Patriarch disembarks : white shone his clouds locks,

He checks the map of waters; hence re'he pride of reverend age; and white his bukes beard

The roaring sea, if haply his proud surge is the fresh snow on Rhodope: his look High swell impetuons ; seals the vast abyss; Vas joy, chastis'd by temperance and fear, And locks the fountains of the unfathom'd 'ear, such as wisdom prompts, as angels feel. |



Gen. xix. 24.

The wind blows chill across those gloomy waves ;-

Oh! how unlike the green and dancing main !
The surge is foul as if it rolled o'er graves;

Stranger,-here lie the cities of the plain.

Yes, on that plain, by wild waves covered now,

Rose palace once, and sparkling pinnacle ;
On pomp and spectacle beamed morning's glow,

On pomp and festival the twilight fell.

Lovely and splendid all,—but Sodom's soul

Was stained with blood, and pride, and perjury;
Long warned, long spared, till her whole heart was foul,

And fiery vengeance on its clouds came nigh.

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GRAHAME. “ Care of Heaven! though man forsake thee, Wherefore vainly dost thou mourn?

PHARAOH, upon a gorgeous throne of state From thy dream of wo awake thee, | Was seated; while around him stood submiss To thy rescued child return.

His servants, watchful of his lofty looks.

The Patriarch enters, leaning on the arm “ Lift thine eyes, behold yon fountain, Of Benjamin. Unmoved by all the glare Sparkling 'mid those fruitful trees;

Of royalty, he scarcely throws a glance Lo! beneath yon sheltering mountain Upon the pageant show; for from his youth Smile for thee green bowers of ease. A shepherd's life he led, and viewed each

night “ In the hour of sore affliction,

The starry host; and still, where'er he went, God hath seen and pitied thee;

He felt himself in presence of the Lord. Cheer thee in the sweet conviction,

His eye is bent on Joseph,-him pursues. Thon henceforth his care shalt be.

Sudden the king descends; and, bending,

kneels “ Be no more by doubts distressed, Before the aged man, and supplicates Mother of a mighty race!

A blessing from bis lips ! the aged man


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