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O the wormwood and the gall! ANGEL'S REPLY TO THE WOMEN | O the pangs his soul sustain'd! AT THE SEPULCHRE.

Shun not suffering, shame, or loss;

Learn of Him to bear the cross.
Ye humble souls that seek the Lord, Calvary's mournful mountain climb;
Chase all your fears away ;

There, adoring at his feet,
And bow with pleasure down to see, Mark the iniracle of Time,
The place where Jesus lay.

-God's own sacrifice complete,

“ It is finish'd;"-hear Him cry; Thus low the Lord of life was brought Learn of Jesus Christ to die.

Such wonders love can do 1 Thus cold in death that bosom lay

Early hasten to the tomb, Which throbb'd and bled for you.

Where they laid his breathless clay;

All is solitude and gloom, A moment give a loose to grief,

--Who hath taken himn away ? Let grateful sorrows rise ;

Christ is risen; He meets our eyes ; And wash the bloody stains away

Saviour, teach us so to rise. With torrents from your eyes.

Then dry your tears, and tune your songs,

The Saviour lives again ;
Not all the bolts and bars of death

The conqu'ror could detain.



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And did he rise ?
Hear, () ye nations! bear it, () ye dead!
He rose, he rose! he burst the gates of death.
Lift up your heads, ye everlasting gates,
And give the King of Glory to come in.
Who is the King of Glory? He who slew
The rav'nous foe that gorged all human race!
The King of Glory be, whose glory fillid
Heav'n with amazement at his love to man,
And with divine complacency beheld
Pow'rs most illumin'd wilder'd in the theme.

The theme, the joy, how then shall inan

sustain ? SUFFERINGS, DEATH, AND RESUR-Oh, the burst gates! crush'd sting! demoRECTION OF CHRIST.

lish'd throne !

Last gasp of vanquish'd death. Shout, earth MONTGOMERY.

and heaven, Go to dark Gethsemane,

This sum of good to man! whose nature Ye that feel the tempter's power,

then Your Redeemer's contlict see,

Took wing, and mounted with him from the Watch with him one bitter hour;

tomb. Turn not from his griefs away,

Then, then I rose; then first humanity Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.

Triumphant pass'd the crystal ports of light,

(Stupendous guest!) and seiz'd eternal Follow to the judgment-hall,

youth, View the Lord of life arraigo'd;

Seiz'd in our name.


| The powers of darkness leagued in vain,

To bind our Lord in death; The setting urb of night her level ray

| He shook their kingdom when he fell, Shed o'er the land, and on the dewy sward

By his expiring breath.
The lengthened shadows of the triple cross
Were laid far stretched, when in the east

And nowhis conquering chariot wheels

Ascend the lofty skies : Last of the stars, day's harbinger: no sound

Broken beneath his powerful cross, Was heard, save of the watching soldier's

Death's iron sceptre lies. foot: Within the rock-bound sepulchre, the gloom

This day be grateful homage paid, Of deepest midnight brooded o'er the dead,

And loud hosannas sung; The Holy One: but lo! a radiance faint

Let gladness dwell on every heart, Began to dawn around his sacred brow:

| And praise on every tongue. The linen vesture seemed a snowy wreath, Drifted by storms into a mountain-cave:

Ten thousand differing lips shall join Bright, and more bright the circling halo

To hail this happy morn; beamed

Which scatters blessings from its wings Upon that face, clothed in a smile benign,

On nations yet unborn.
Though yet exanimate: Nor long the reign
Of death.—The eyes that wept for human

Unclose, and look around with conscious joy.
Yes ; with returning life, the first emotion

CHRIST ON THE WAY TO EMMAUS. That glowed in Jesus' breast of love, was joy

COWPER. At man's redemption, now complete; at It happened on a solemn even-tide, death

Soon after he who was our Surety died, Disarmed; the grave transformed into the

I'wo busom friends, each pensively iuclined, couch

The scene of all their sorrows left behind, Of faith ; the resurrection and the life.

Sought their own village, busied as they Majestical He rose : trembled the earth;

went The ponderous gate of stone was rolled away;

In musings worthy of the great event: The keepers fell; the angel, awe-struck,

They spake of him they loved, of him whose sunk

life Into invisibility, while forth

Though blameless had incurred perpetual The Saviour of the world walked, and stood

strife, Before the sepulchre, and viewed the clouds

Whose deeds had left in spite of hostile arts, Empurpled glorious by the rising sun.

A deep memorial graven on their hearts.
The recollection, like a vein of ore,
The farther traced, enriched them still the


They thought him, and they justly thought Again the Lord of life and light

him, one Awakes the kindling ray,

Sent to do more than he appeared I have Unseals the eyelids of the morn,

done: And pours increasing day,

To exalt a people, and to place them high

Above all else, and wondered he should die. O what a night was that which wrapt Ere yet they brought their journey to an end, The heathen world in gloom !

A stranger joined them, courteous as a friend, ( what a sun which broke this day

And asked them with a kind engaging air, Triumphant from the tomb !

What their affliction was, and begged a share.

Informed, he gathered up the broken thread, See thy faithful servants, see!
And truth, and wisdom gracing all he said, | Ever yazing up to thee!
Explained, illustrated, and searched so well Grant, though parted from our sight,
The tender theine, on which they chose to High above yon azure height,

Grant our hearts may thither rise,
That reaching home, the night, they said, is seeking thee beyond the skies.

near, We must not now be parted, sojourn here- Ever upward may we move, The new acquaintance soon became a guest, / Wafted on the wings of love, And made so welcome at their simple feast; Looking when our Lord shall come, He bless'd the bread, but vanished at the Longing, gasping after home! word,

There may we with thee remain, And left them both exclaiming, 'T'was the Partners of thine endless reign ; Lord!

There thy face unclouded see, Did not our hearts feel all he deigned to say, Find our Heaven of Heavens in thee! Did they not burn within us by the way?

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Now each ethereal gate,

To climb his angels wings, then open hang To him hath opened been;

Your crystal doors; so all the chorus sang And Glory's King in state

Of heav'nly birds, as to the stars they nimbly His palace enters in :

sprang. Now come is this High Priest In the most holy place,

Hark how the floods clap their applanding Not without blood addrest,

hands, With glory Heaven, the earth to crown The pleasant valleys singing for delight, with grace.

And wanton mountains dance about the

lands, Stars which all eyes were late,

The while the fields, struck with the heaAnd did with wonder burn,

v'nly light, His name to celebrate,

Set all their flow'rs a smiling at the sight; In flaming tongues them turn;

The trees laugh with their blossoms, and Their orby crystals move

the sound More active than before

Of the triumphant shout of praise, that And entheate from above,

crown'd Their sovereign prince, laud, glorify, adore. The flaming Lamb, breaking through heav'n,

hath passage found. The quires of happy souls, Waked with that music sweet,

Out leap the antique patriarchs all in haste, Whose descant care controls

To see the pow'rs of hell in triumph led, Their Lord in triumph meet;

And with small stars a garland interchas'd The spotless spirits of light

Of olive-leaves they bore, to crown his head, His trophies do extol,

That was before with thorns degloried : And arch'd in squadron's bright,

Aner them flew the prophets, brightly Greet their great Victor in his Capitol.

In shining lawn, and wimpled manifold, O Glory of the Heaven!

Striking their ivory harps, strung all in O sole delight of Earth!

cords of gold. To Thee all power be given, God's uncreated birth;

To which the saints victorious carols sang; Of mankind lover true,

Ten thousand saints at once, that with the Endurer of his wrong,

sound Who dost the world renew,

The hollow vaults of heav'n for triumph Still be thou our salvation and our song

rung: .

The cherubim their clamours did confound From top of Olivet such notes did rise, When man's Redeemer did transcend the

With all the rest, and clapt their wings

around: . skies.

Down from their thrones the dominations

flow, And at his feet their crowns and sceptres


And all the princely souls fell on their faces FLETCHER.

low. Lift up your heads ye everlasting gates, And let the Prince of Glory enter in: | Nor can the martyrs' wounds them stay beAt whose brave volley of siderial states,

hind, The sun to blush, and stars grow pale were But out they rush among the heav'nly crowd, seen;

Seeking their heav'n out of their heav'n 10 When, leaping first from earth, he did begin find,


Sounding their silver trumpets out su loud, At his right hand with golden harps,
That the shrill noise broke through the starry! They offer songs divine.

cloud, And all the virgin 'souls in pure array, Hail! Prince, they cry, for ever hail ! Caine dancing forth and making joyous Whose unexampled love play ;

Mov'd thee to quit these glorious robes So bim they led along into the courts of day. |

And royalties above.

So him they led into the courts of day,
Wbere never war, nor wounds abide him

im / Whilst, here, our gracious Lord vouchsaf'd

To suffer rude disdain ; more, But in that house eternal peace doth play,

They cast their honours at his feet,

And waited in his train.
Acquieting the souls, that knew before
Their way to heav'n through their own blood
did score,

In all his toils and conflicts here,
But now, estranged from all misery,

Their sov’reign they attend; As far as heav'n and earth discoasted lie, And pause--and wonder how at last,, Swelter in quiet waves of immortality. This scene of love will end !

Here let my Lord hang up his conquering | When all the powers of hell combin'd lance,

To fill his cup of wo,
And bloody armour with late slaughter Their wond'ring eyes beheld his tears

In blood and anguish flow.
And looking down on his weak militants,
Behold his saints, midst of their hot alarm, | As on the torturing cross he hung,
Hang all their golden hupes upon his arm.

And darkness veil'd the sky,
And in this lower field dispacing wide,

| Amaz'd, they saw that awful sight,-Through windy thoughts, that would their

The LORD OF GLORY Die! sails misguide, Anchor their fleshly ships fast in his wounded

Anon he bursts the gates of death,

Subdues the tyrant's power,
They saw th' illustrious conqueror rise,

And hail'd the blissful hour!

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