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That upper Mount, as Sinai long before, Awhile they gazed, but found the sense too The upper world's whole weight descending bright, bore;

And sunk beneath th' insufferable light. Lovely it look'd, like some divine abode, Thus, when, at the last dreadful hour of doom, All beauteous as the Paradise of God. Th' archangel's trump shall wake the silent To this blest mount, did our blest Lord as. tomb, cend;

When God's pavilion in the clouds is spread, Three witnesses must hither him attend, Lightnings and rainbows wreathed around Two destined martyrs, and the third his

his head, friend.

O'erburthen'd Nature at the sight would fiy, Scarce had the cheerful harbinger of day Again would be entomb'd, again would die. Clapp'd his bright wings, and warn'd the shades away,

His glories now in part our Lord repress’d, Ere our still-watchful Saviour, who denies And mildly veils, and mitigates the rest : The son, his shade, before himself to rise, Again they look'd;—what wonders then they Had conqner'd Tabor's hoary top; and there saw ! Yet higlier mounts in ardént hymns and Not they themselves the shining scene could prayer.

draw, No earthly thought, no sublunary thing If yet alive. What glory and what grace! Could clog his towering soul's seraphic wing; Dazzling his form ; ineffable his face; He pass'd through all the glittering guards His seamless robe, tban new-fall’n snow on high,

more white; Who staid their songs, and bowed as he One radiant pillar all of sparkling light: went by;

Far did it mortal art's best strokes outshine, Nor stopp'd but at his Father's radiant The perfect workmanship of hands divine. throne :

Near Him the two great Prophets stand He asked and had; and beckon'd thence

in bliss, away

With modest splendor only less than his; (Gladly all heaven his loved commands Such as the twinkling stars' clear silver ray obey,)

To the strong lustre of the golden day.
Two of the highest saints which fill the place,
Aye gazing on the beatific face!

Celestial joy seized each disciple's breast, Elias, who to heaven triomphing rode,

Too big to be resisted or express'd; Moses, expiring with the kiss of God. All that they knew was pleasure mix'd with

pain; High on the trembling mountain's brow All that they fear'd was losing it again : they walk'd,

When Cephas thus
And things unutterable look'd and talk'd;
Talk'd of his wondrous passion, wondrous

In this blest place for ever let us stay ; love;

Rather than us, o take our lives away! A riddle to the very blest above!

Three humble tabernacles soon we'll rear Slumbers meanwhile the witnesses surprise, For Thee, and these illustrious strangers And heavy, shameful sloth, fast seal'd their

here." eyes; With their brief vigils tired, supine they

Scarce from his lips the last swift accent lay,

flies, Till them their Master, turning, did survey;

Ere still new scenes of miracle arise, From his loved face He shot a piercing For, lo! a cloud wafts thro’ the enlighten'd beam,

air, Which ronsed them all from their inglorivus (Clouds dress'd by summer's evening are

less fair ;)


A wondrous cloud, -the morn itself less Commences here, and half their heaven's bright

possest; Wove from the finest threads of heavenly – Thus when to these thro' sleep's thin corlight:

tain shine Such clouds far off in those blest regions Angelic essences and forms divine, stray,

They sigbing wake, and clasp the empty air: Where God's high throne scatters eternal --Thus Cephas, thus the Zebedean pair, day:

And would have griev'd had not their Lord Such that strange cloud, which made the been there ; world's first morn,

Who free from worldly glory's vain desire, Before the stars, or son himself, was born: Unwarm'd at fond ambition's foolish fire, That pillar such, which did from Egypt What they had seen commands them to come,

conceal, And piloted the chosen nation home; Nor to the world those sacred truths reveal, From earth to heaven did its broad top Till hé had conquer'd death and broke its aspire,

chain; Miraculous mixture! 'twas both shade and Then faith to this, as this to that, migbt gain.

fire. And lo! it comes, and lo! they strive in vain; Their faltering knees their bodies scarce

snstain; Celestial lustre, even thro' clouds survey'd THE THREE MOUNTAINS. Must sink the strongest frame, of matter

MONTGOMERY. made. Weaken'd with wonders, and exhausted all, WHEN on Sinai's top I see Their spirits forsake their task; to earth God descend in majesty, they fall;

To proclaim his holy law,
They fall 10 earth ; but first with reverend

All my spirit sinks with awe.
The voice, the awful voice of God they hear; When in ecstacy sublime,
Th’Eternal Father (in the great Three-One,) Tabor's glorious steep I climb,
From heaven attesting his beloved Son. At the too transporting light,

Darkness rushes o'er my sight.
They hear, but Him who speaks they dare
not meet;

When on Calvary I rest,
So down they fall and kiss their Master's God, in flesh made manifest,

Shines in my Redeemer's face He touch'd (whose touch the very dead Full of beauty, truth, and grace.

could raise) Their lifeless limbs; and rising, Him they Here I would for ever stay, praise.

Weep, and gaze my soul away; Around they look'd, but could no more

Thou art heav'n on earth to me,

Lovely, mournful Calvary!
That heavenly pair, whose bappy company
They late enjoy'd; return'd to bliss, to show
To those above, what they had learn'd below.

Thus holy souls from dregs of sin refined,

THE LAST SUPPER. Whose frames are little less than perfect

CUMBERLAND. mind, Whose commerce and acquaintance with The sun had sunk beneath the Western hills, the blest,

And now at ev’ning hour the Jews prepare To celebrate the Passover, ordain'd Take this last office from your Master's bands; Tetérnize their deliv'rance, when God's And when you see me stoop to wash your feet, wrath

As soon you shall, remember 'tis your Lord, Smote ev'ry first-born male in Mizraiın's Your dying Lord this legacy bequeaibs, coast,

And edify by his humility. Save where the blood of lamb piacular, Sprinkling the consecrated door, was found This said, his seamless mantle he threw off, Of the destroying angel: To this feast, And girt his tunic close about his waist ; Prelusive of his own pare sacrifice,

And now with mute amazement they beheld And type of his blood-shedding, Jesus came: The Son of God in servant-like attire The guests were present and the table spread; Prepar’d to execute bis menial task. With loins begirt, as nien upon the inarch,' All gaz'd, all wonder'd, but no voice oppos'a ; And staff in hand, they snatch a hasty meal : None dar'd to pray forbearance of the deed, This done, in pensive meditation wrapt, Till be, whose heart was ever on his lips, The Saviour, conscious of impending death, Peter, in warm expostulation cried : Sate in the midst; to his all-presen! mind The treason and the traitor stood confest. Lord, dost thou wash my feet, tby serLow'ring, abash'd and from the rest apart, vant's feet, ISCARIOT at the table's lowest foot

Mean as the dust he treads on? Never, Lord, Took post, where best he might escape that Never shalt thou do that for one so vile, glance,

So all-unworthy: That be far from thee! From whose intelligence no heart could hide Such homage ill beseenneth thee to pay, Its guilty meditations : All eyes else Me to receive.—To him the Lord replied : Were center'd on the Saviour's face divine, Which with the brightness of the Godhead PETER, as yet thou know'st not what I do, mix'd

Hereafter thou shalt know; therefore no Traces of human sorrow, and display'd The workings of a mind, where mercy seem'd

Cease to oppose ; for if I wash thee not, Struggling to reconcile some mortal wrong

With me thou hast no part,-Struck to the To pardon and forbearance ; Such a look

soul Made silence sacred, every tongue was mute;

With horror at the thought, his eager words, Ev'n PETER's zeal forbore the vent of Wing’d with the flame of rhapsody, burst words,

forth: Or spent itself in murmurs half supprest. At length the meek REDEEMER rais'd his Oh! not my feet alone, my bands, my eyes,

head, Where gentle resignation, tempering grief, Wash me all o'er, and sanctify each part. Beam'd grace ineffable on all around, And with these words the awful silence There needs not this, the meek REDEEMER broke,


Enough is done ; thus wash'd, though but Mase not if I am sad, nor stand aghast As doubtful of my constancy; these pangs

Thou shall be clean throughout : Yet I'll And more which I must suffer, were foreo seen;

Ye are all clean : Spite of the Shepherd's The hour now coming, comes not by surprise, It is the consummation of my charge,

The taint hath touch'd his flock. Alas! for And fills the measure of atonement up.

him Shall I then say, Father, avert this hour, On whom the foul contamination lights ! And save me from these agonies ? Not so, Wo to that wretch that ever he was born! With heart prepar'd to suffer and submit And do you need a comment to expound I meet my doom forewarn’d; Yet ere we part | This lesson of bumility and love ?


in part,


not say,


Ye call me Lord and Master; well ye say, 1 For decimation tremble to unfold
For such in truth I am; if then your Lord The lot of life or death, so these in doubt
Be meek and lowly, will not ye rénounce On whom the word of prophecy might light,
Pride and contention? If the Master stoops Curions yet fearful to inquire of CHRIST,
To wash his feet who serves, shall ye do less Search'd their own hearts in silence. All
To these your equal brethren ? Learn of me, perceiv'd
And each with other deal, as I with you : Omniscience, which to God alone belongs,
Write on your hearts my words; the time Familiar with their thoughts, and every soul,
draws nigh

Save that dire wretch whom conscience inly When I shall speak no more with you on smote, earth :

Trembled, lest unpremeditated guilt Ye have all heard ; how blest if ye obey ! Might be denounc'd upon him, or the sin I speak not of you all : Whilst here ye sit Of one man, as of Korah, move the Lord In seeming fellowship around my board, With the whole congregation to be wroth. Sharing this social meal, my last on earth, But Peter, in whose ever-anxious mind Doubt not but I can search into your breasts, These terrors undispellid long could not And see whose hearts are loyal, whose is dwell, false;

To the belov'd Disciple, on the breast And mark me well, I fall not by man's Of Christ reclining, now gave sign to ask wiles,

The fearful question, in what traitor's heart Not unpredicted is the trait'rous act,

Plot so accurs'd could harbour. Thus beAnd well I know the wretch, whose faith- sought, less hand

Though much his humble nature fear'd ofDips with me in the dish, shall soon be dy'd fence, With my devoted blood. Betray'd I am, In accent soft, with s'pplicating eye Deceiv'd I cannot be. This when they | Turn'd on the Master, the meek suitor said; heard,

Lord, shew thy true and faithful servants Each with the other interchang'd a look

grace, Of question and suspect: speechless they And let us know the traitor.-He it is gaz'd,

Jesus replied, on whom I shall bestow Confounded and aghast: As men drawn forth This sop, when I have dipp'd it in my cop.



Thou soft-flowing Kedron ! by thy limpid stream
Our Saviour, at night, when the moon's silver beam
Shone bright on thy waters, would oftentimes stray,
And lose in their murmurs the toils of the day:
Come, saints, and adore him, come, bow at his feet;
Oh! give him the glory, the praise that is meet !
Let joyful hosannas unceasing arise,
And join the full chorus that gladdens the skies!

How damp were the vapours that fell on his head !
How hard was his pillow! how humble his bed!
The angels beholding, amaz’d at the sight,
Attended their Master with solemo delight :

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