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ing an incessant rain of fifteen lours, July 17. A new Independent the services were well attended. meeting was opened at Holy Crossy

near Stourbridge. Wortestershire; · June 28. The Rev. H. M‘Ken.

when two sermons were delivered zie was ordained to the pastoral of..

on the occasion by the Rev. Mr. fice over the particular Baptist

Brewer, of Birmingham. - I he church at Bury St. Edmonds. Mr.

gospel has been preaclied in this Cowel, of Ipswich, introduced the

neighbourhood for some years past, business ; Mr. Fenn, of Otley, of

in a private house; but the num. fered the ordination - prayer; Mr.

ber of hearers having of late been Ward, nf Diss, gave the charge, much upon the increase, it was from 2 Tim. ii. 19; Mr. Hall, of thought

thought expedient to erect the Ipswich, addressed the church,

above mentioned place; which was from Deut. xxxiv. 8, 9; Mr.

done chiefly at the expence of a Thompsoị and Mr. Caddy engaged

worthy gentleman near London. " in other parts of the service ; and Mr. Simpson, of Diss, preached in

The Rey. R. Winter, fate of the evening. This infant church

London, having accepted an invita was raised, and the meeting built,

tion from the Independent church by Mr.Ridley, who died, much re

at Newport, in the Isle of Wight, gretted, nine months after his ordi.

the Ministers of the Hampshire nation.

Association, with some other Chrii

tian brethren, agreed, at the rea July 7. The Rev.J. Sloper (late quest of the Society, and its newlystudent at Homerton Acadeiny) was elected Pastor, to spend Wednesordained over the independent day, the 3d of August, in devo church at Beccles, Suffolk. Mr. tional exercises at Newport. Mr. Walford, of Yarmouth, delivered Cox, of Fareham, began the mornthe introductory discourse ; Mr. ing service by prayer and reading Newton, of Norwich, prayed the the Scriptures; the general prayer ordination. prayer; Mr. Ford, of was offered by Mr. Hamilton, of Stepney, gave the charge, from Brighton; Mr. John Winter, of Col. iv. 17 ; Mr. Ray, of Sudbury, Newbury, delivered a short but addressed the people, from 1 Cor. appropriate address on the Duties xvi. 10; Messrs. Shufflebotton, and obligations belonging to Pastor Ray, Gardiner, and Craig, engaged and People, and engaged in prayer; in other parts of the service; and Mr. Kingsbury, of Southampton, Mr. Atkinson, of Ipswich, preached preached from Phil. iii. 12, 13, 14; in the evening.

and Mr. Potticary, the former pas. July 13. The Rev. Mr. Tleo.

tor (who now, kecps a respectable dosius was publicly set apart to the

academy in Newport) concluded

with prayer. In the evening, lr. pastoral office in the lidependent church at New Windsor, near Man

Stepheuson, of Houndsdown, pray. chester. Mr. White, of Chester,

ed; Mr. Bogue, of Gosport, preachread the Scriptures and prayed;

2: ed from Psalm Ixix. 9; and Mr. 6.

i Claytan, of Southampton, closed Mr. Bradley, of Manchester, de. scribed the character of a Christian

the whole with prayer. church, and asked the usual ques. tions ; Mr. Ralph; of Liverpool, engaged in the ordination - prayer.

LONDON. The pastor received his charge, We are happy in being able to which was founded on : Tim. iv. inform the religious public, that ani 16, from luis tutor, Mr. Lewis, of order was lately sent from the Ad. Wrexham; and the church and coi. miralty to the different dock-yards, gregation were exhorted to "prayer that the shipwrights should not be for their minister, by Mr. Roby, of required to work on the Lord's Nlanchester. - In the evening, Mr. Day, wless on occasions of the Sowden, of Bolton, preached from most urgent necessity.--It wouid 13. Ixxxii, 6, 7.

give more than the joy of harvet to

every good man, to be informed vantages; even the effort, would
the Lord Lieutenants of the be honourable to our general cha.
care counties have, agreeably racter, and prove that religion and
C .crovisions of the aci of par. virtue have yet many zealous ad.
Iva vieni, resolved to testity the vocates.
Saine reverence for that sacred day,
in a man. the people to the use of Extract from the Address of
al ?, or the defence of cur liber.

the Methodists. tius and our most holy faith.

Tue (Wesleyan) Methodists, at .:HE Society for the Suppression their late Conference held at Mano lice, consisting of a great num- chester, determined on an Address, bei of the most respectable Noble. to the Members of their Societies DIN And Gentlemen, have lately throughout Great Britain, in which yunushed a Rerort of their Pro- they point out their duty in respect Citings to April, - 1803; from to the public affairs of the nation.. vaich we find, that the following After acknowledging the goodness Convictions have been made, at of God to this country on former, the instance of this body, viz. occasions, they express their obliProfanation of the Sabbath 440 gations to government as professors Vending obscene books and of religion. We insert the follow

prints - - - - - - • ing paffage :Riotous and disorderly i “We are also bound, by strong

houses, &c. - • • • 11 ties of gratitude, to our Sovereign Lotteries and little-goes - - 26 and luis Government. Our humble Cruelty to animals - - - 3 applications, in various distressing

cases relating to the prosperity of

Total 487 the work of God among us, have ** The fore going statement includes been received by our rulers withr an account oniy of actual offenders kind attention; and have produced brought to punishment, and of of. the happiest effects. Even very fences actually suppressed : But the lately our government and legislite committee reminds the menibers of ture have given very striking proofs the society, that to restrain vice by

ice by of the liberality of iheir sentiments, prevention rather than by punishment,

Tilmen The exemptions and other clauses was a primary and essential object in the late act of parliament for of the society. Of this object, the raising the army of Reserve, and for committee has never lost sight, and arming the nation at large, which

hey have the satisfaction of stating, respect the public ministers of the that their endeavours, in this re- gospel, and the mode of training spect, kave been attended with very the people to arīns, are peculiarly. considerable success; particularly

favourable to the spiritual interests in preventing violations of the of the people of God. . Loid's Day, and irregularities in As we are well acquainted, bre. rublic-houses: and in checking the thron, with your conscientious at.. circulation of obscene books and tachment to the holy Sabbath of the: prints, especially in seminaries of Lord,, it may give you satisfaction, education, into which they had if we insert liere the paragraphs in been most. artfully introckiceá..' the act of enrolment which refer

The friends of religion cannot to that point. but rejoice in every attempt to les. " And be it further enacted, sen the dreadful sum of moral evil That it shall be lawful for his Ma. in our country; especially at a cri: jeity, by any order communicated sis, when the nost awful provi. by one of his Majesty's Principal dences so imperiously demand na. Secretaries of State, to order and tional repentance and reformation. direct the Lieutenant, or Deputy , Similar societies, under the auspi. Lieutenants of any County, to cause ces of the clergy and magistrates of the persons comprised in the first; our principal cities and towns, might second, and third classes of persons be productive of great national ad. enrolled for military service under

this Act, or any or either of them, tend to be trained and exercised on in the respective parishes of such such other day in the week as shall county, or any of them, to be trained be appointed by the Deputy Leu. and exercised in the use of arms, as tenants of the subdivision wherein to his Majesty shall secm expe, such parish shall be situate, in lieu dient; and the Lieutenant or De. of Sunday for that purpose, under puty Lieutenants, to whom any such and subject to all such fines and order shall be directed, shall there. penalties for non attendance and upon forthwith order and direct the misbehaviour at such training and Deputy Lieuteuants of the respec. exercise, as are by this act imposed tive subdivision of such County in in like cases on any other days of whịch any such Parishes shall be training and exercise: provided situate, to regulate the times and also, that no such person or persons places of exercise for such Parishes who shall be so excused from being respectively; and such Deputy Lieu. trained and exercised on a Sunday tenants shall cause such men to be as aforesaid, shall be entitled to re. trained and exercised two hours at ceive any sum of money under this the least on each and every Sunday, act for being trained and exercised either before or after divine service, on such pther day in the week as or on some other convenient day in shall be appointed in lieu thereof." the week, in England; or any con. And now. Brethren, we inost yenient day in the week to be appointed, in Scotland, between the

earnestly, and from a full convic.

tion or the necessity of the case, be 25th of M.sch and the 25th of De.

seech you to comply with the re. cember in every year, &c.-And it

quisitions of Government with shall also be lawful for the Deputy

cheerfulness and alacrity; fully Lievenant in their respective sub. dinions, in any cases in which they

using your privilege in this respect

to the Sabbath day. muy deem ir expedient for the more

But, at the same time, we charge speedily and effectually carring into you, in the name of God, to avoid execution the provisions of this act,

all public entertainments. Fre, to urder and direct that such men shall be exercised on any other addi

quenti.ot the ale-huuses or taverns,

those nurseries of vice and in tional day of days in the week, hay. ing due regard, in rhe regulation of

morality. To strengthen our caue

tion, and to cause it to be remem. the times and places appointed for exercise and training on such other adorable Saviour, who came to save

bered, we repeat it, as you love that day or days, to the general occupa- his veople from their sins, have no tions of the persons to be exercised and trained, so as to interfere as

thing to do with those places and little as may be with such oçcupa.

works of darkness. tions.

N. B. lhe Conference directs, " Provided always and be it fur. That a prayer-meeting shall be held ther enacted, That where in Eng: in all our chapels on every Friday land any person or persons in any evening, in behalf of our nation parish shall have religious scruples in during the present danger; and

on Sundays, and shall make oath Friday in every month, . thereof betone any Deputy Lieute. nant or Justice of ihe peace (which An Address, similar to the above, path such Deputy Lieutenant and has been published by the Dissent Justice of the Peace respectively ing Ministers and others in the are hereby empowered to admi. neighbourhood of Kingston-upono niser) all and every such person Hull; who observed Wednesday and persons shall be excused from the 24th ult. as a day of public þeing trained and exercised on Sun: humiliation among theinselves. days, and from all" fines by this A prayer.meeting ha been also act in posed, for non-attendance at instituted at Spa-fields and Zion şuch iraining and exercise; fro. Chapels alternately, on Tuesday, vided such persons shall duly at. evenings."


Christ, Fred. Rhesen, of Embeck, in the Electorate of
Hanover - 7.


Messrs. J. R. de P. Meran and Sary, Basle - "
Legacy by "he late Mr. Robert Douglas, Kingsland Place 300
Collection and Subscriptions from the Congregation of the

Rey. Alexa,ider. Steill, Kidderminster =
Rev. Mr. Hickman and Friends, Wat:field
Divide d of the Profits on the Edinburgh Missionary Ma-

gazine, for one ye.r -
A Legacy by Henry Poole, Esq. late of Woodford - 600

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July 18, 1803. At a Meeting of the Trustees of this Magazine, the following Cases being regularly recommended, were admitted and relieved: Signatures. Denominations. Recommended by

d. s. d. Mrs. N. Establishment Rev. M. Wilks. Soo M. H. Methodist.

R! Hilt.

5 0 0
E. T. Ind pendent.

J. Boden.
M T.

M. J.

W. Roby.

D. Bogue.

G. Burder,

J. Townsend,

Dr. Williams

A. Fuller.




M. Wilks.

Dr. Ryland,


. Townsend,

T. Beck.

M. Wilks.


1. Buck.

A. Fuller.

A, Wangh,

500 Ditto.

500 Ditto.


. 5 0. O

G. Burder.
c. G. Dirto.

G. Lambert. 5o. O

m anto da

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We are informed that the Rey, J. Fowler's. Chapel, at Edmonton, which has been considerably, enlarged, will be re-opened for divine worship on Wednesday morning, September. the 7th, with a Sermon Þy Mr. Griffin, of Portsea,

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Tell the haughey foe that threatens, Oft has Britain bow'd before bim,
Britons God still rules tlte seas :

Mourn'd her crimes and sought her God: He can raise the waves or still them, Oft the righteous' prayer has sav'd her, Sink or save whene'er he please.

Oft has stay'd th' uplifted rod. .

Hallelujah Tell the wond'ring nations round us, Now again we'll crowd his temple, Britons' God is still the Lord: ::

Bow the knee before his throne: He is still our shield and buckler,

Plead the meray he has promis'd, . In his name we draw the sword.'

Plead the name by which he's known,

Britons' God !-ye sliores resound it;
· Let the name bc echoed round :
Shout it will our foes shall tremble-
Fleets and armies catch the sound !


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