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Adventures, Nautical, 506

Africa, Geography of, 201

Aga, the, of the Janizaries, 239
Ambrosianæ, Noctes.

See Noctes

America, British, M'Gregor's, 907
American Poetry, 646

Americans, domestic manners of the, 829
Art of Government made easy, 665
Barker, Mr E. H. and Professor Dun-
bar, letter from, 405
Belgian Question, 448-Abandonment
of the Barrier, ib.-Guarantee of the
throne of Belgium to Leopold, 456—
The Russian Dutch Loan, 461-Sig→
nature of the Treaty guaranteeing the
revolutionary throne to Leopold, 463
Bill, the New, 103

Bracelets, the, a sketch from the Ger-
* man, 39

Bristol Riots, what caused the, 465-Im-

proper remissness of Ministers, ib.-
Mr Protheroe, 466-Unfounded alle-
gations of the Press, 467-Resolution
to insult Sir Charles Wetherell, 468-
Negotiation with the Home Secretary
for permission to do so, 469-Previous
Debate in the Commons, 472-Con-
duct of the Magistrates, ib.-Outcry
against the Bishops, 474-Defence of
Captain Lewis, 476-Demagogues of
Bristol, 479

Britain, Prospects of, 569

British America, M'Gregor's, 907
British Finances, 598. See Finances
Brougham, Lord, reply to his Speech,
117-Earl Grey the English Neckar,
118 Treatment of the people by the
Reforming leaders, 119-Jacobin in-
timidation, 120-Edinburgh Political
Union, 122-The Birmingham Union,
123 The Ministry become mob-wor-
shippers, 124-Consequent audacity
of the populace, 125-Character of
Lord Brougham's speech, 128-Re-
ply to his argument on the question,
Whether there ought to be a more di-
rect representation of the people in
the Commons? 130-Impossibility of
the Crown appointing its own Minis-
ters if close boroughs are destroyed,


132-Creation of Peers for passing
the Reform bill, 133-Danger of en-
couraging the mob to outrage against
those who oppose their opinions, 138
-Affected loyalty of the Reformers,
139-True loyalty of the Tories, ib.-
Reliance of the country on the steadi-
ness of the Peers, 141-Duty of the
Reformers in Parliament, 144
Bryant, William Cullen, 646
Calaspo, the republican, 928
Canning, Mr, and Lord Castlereagh, 520
Carmen Latine Redditum, 279
Castlereagh, Lord, and Mr Canning, 520
Castle, the, of the Isle of Rugen, 790
Cave, the Jewess of the, Part I. The Re-
cognition, 820-Part II. The Confes-
sion, 822-Part III. The Pictures of
the Prophets, 823-Part IV. The In-
terview with Cyrus, 826
Chateaubriand, No. I. Itinéraire, 553
Christopher at the Lakes, 858

Church, Established, letter to the Lord
Chancellor on the, 181

Coleridge, S. T. Esq. What is an Eng-
lish Sonnet, by, 956-The Old Man's
Sigh, a sonnet, by, ib.

Courtenay, Right Hon. T. P., letters
from, concerning Lord Castlereagh and
Mr Canning, 520, 951
Courtship, the Canny, 639
Creation of Peers, 386

Cringle, Tom, his Log, 195, 884
Cunningham, Allan, review of the Maid
of Elvar, by, 981. See Elvar.
Dance of Death, from the German, 328
Debate, the Reform, in the Lords, 848.
See Reform

Delta, the Moonlight Churchyard, by,

237-Lines written at Kelburne Castle,
Ayrshire, by, 953

Domestic Manners of the Americans,

Dumont's Recollections of Mirabeau, 753
Dunbar, Professor, and Mr E, H. Bar-
ker, letter from, 405

Edinbro', Impressions of, by P. Rooney,
Esq. Letter I. 783-Letter II. 786
Education, new project of, in Ireland,

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Elvar, Maid of, 981-Thomson, ib.-
Home, ib.-Grahame, 982 Sir Wal-
ter Scott, 983-Campbell and Joanna
Baillie, 984-Moir and Pollok, ibe
Ramsay, 985-Fergusson, ib. Burns,
986 The Ettrick Shepherd, ib. Al-
lan Cunningham, ib.Review of his
Maid of Elvar, 9881 bis 909001
Executioner, the, Chapter II, 483
Family Poetry, No. III. The Play, 550
Finances, the British, 598-Decline of
revenue since the Reform bill was
brought forward, 600Increase of ex-
penditure, 603-Pitt's financial sys-
tem, 605-Its errors, ib.Its advan-
tages, indirect taxes and the Sinking
Fund, 607 Abandonment of the
Sinking Fund, 610-Repeal of taxes
on consumption since the peace, 611
-Reform deficit, 620 glen sideli
Flower, the, of the Desert, by Mrs He-
mans, 219 abro, bushati

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Forging of the Anchor, 283 bol to
Fortune, the Hour of, 944 aceto
French Memoirs, No. II. Révélations

d'une Femme de Qualité, 22261 10
Gaffer Maurice, by the translator of Ho-

mer's Hymns, 504:

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Gifted, Song of the, by Mrs Hemans, 781
Government, art of, made easy, 665-*
Government, the Papal, 535 gade U
Haul away, 643
Hemans, Mrs, the Swan and the Skylark,
by, 216-Let us depart, by, 218-The
Flower of the Desert, by, 219 The
Painter's Last Work, a scene, by, 220
-The Freed Bird, by, 278 The
Song of the Gifted, by, 781
Hölty, Ismene and Leander, from the
German of, 881 l te righ
Homer, Sotheby's, Critique V. 145€
Homer's Hymns, No IV. The Humours
of Hermes, 319-No. V. Ceres, 742
Horatian Version (Epodon VII.) on
meeting the Birmingham mob, Dec.
1831, 285

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Horse, the, by the Rev. F. W. Maltby,

Hour of Fortune, 944

House of Orange, the, 36241
Hymn, a Poet's dying, 622

Hymns, Homer's, No. IV. 319–––No. V.

Impressions of Edinbro', by P. Rooney,
Esq. Letter I. To Thaddeus M'Vane,
Esq. 783 Letter II. 786 av tid
Ireland, new project of education in, 289
Ireland, Protestant affairs in, 77-Dissa-
tisfaction with the proceedings of the
Viceroy, 78-A public meeting resol-
ved on, 79-Lord Roden's speech, ib.

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88-Mr Crommelin's, 89—Conclu-
ding speech of Lord Roden, ib.
Irish Scenery, and other things Irish, 379
Ismene and Leander, 881 nsitsicH..
Jamaica, Scenes in, 884 gaitsar a
Janizaries, the Aga of the, 239 math
Jewess of the Cave, 820. See Cave
Kelburne Castle, lines written at, by Del-
sata, 953 a ni yaamisð ìo_v***%£
Kemble, Miss Fanny, her Tragedy, 673
Lakes, Christopher at the, 858
L'Envoy, 423 IT

Letters from Mr Courtenay, 520, 951
Letter from Professor Dunbar and Mr
E. H. Barker, 405-

Letter from Satan to the Whigs, 665
Letters, intercepted, from a Roman Ca
tholic clergyman residing in Ireland to
a friend in Rome, 19—Letter I. Flatter-
ing prospects of the Romish Church,
ib.Letter II. Internal arrangements
of the Romish Church, 23-Letter III.
Tactics of the Romish Church, 27-
er Letter IV. Disadvantages under which
the Established Church labours, 31—
Letter V. The Protestant cause weak-
ened by the unskilful use of patronage,

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Letter to the Lord Chancellor on the
state of the Established Church, 181
Let us depart, by Mrs Hemans, 218
Lines written o at Kelburne Castle, Ayr-
shire, by Delta, 953manden Plast
Living Poets and Poetesses, 957
Log, Tom Cringle's, 195, 884
London, the Philosophy of, 353
Lords, the Reform debate in the, 848. See
Reform stato sera att ka made ang
Maid of Elvar, 981. See Elvar
M'Gregor's British America, 907 - ✓
M'Queen, James, Esq. letter from, on the

geography of Africa and Quarterly
Review, 201

Maltby, Rev. F. W. the Horse, by, 200
Manners, domestic, of the Americans,
829 4th or sach sl

Meeting, the great West India, 807. See
West India gamall mit V

Memoirs, French, No. II. Révélations
d'une Femme de Qualité, 2222-
Ministry, the, and their supporters, 566

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Their blunders, ib.Their subser-
viency to the Radicals, 5688 be
Mirabeau, Recollections of, 753
Misrule, Tory, 7725
Moonlight Churchyard, by Delta, 237
Nautical Adventures, 506
Noctes Ambrosianæ, No. LX. 255—
Strangulation, ib. The Jaundice, 257
The Wellington Arms, 258 North
-- a rejected contributor to THE MAGA-
Lord Longford's, 80-Lord Farnham's, ~JI ZINE, 261 Character of Nestor in the
ib.-Colonel Perceval's, 82-The Rev. the Iliad, 267— Bohemian musicians, 270
Holt Waring's, 84-Lord Mandeville's, -Musical ear, 273-Stanzas to Mu-


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Hymns, 504-Family Poetry, No. III.
The Play, 550-Satan Reformer, by
Montgomery the Third, 592-A Poet's
Dying Hymn, 622-The Canny Court-
ship, 639 Haul away, 643- Homer's
Hymns, No. V. Ceres, 742 The
'Song of the Gifted, by Mrs Hemans,
21 781 The Jewess of the Cave, 822-
Ismene and Leander, from the Ger-
man of Hölty, 881-Lines written at
Kelburne Castle, Ayrshire, by Delta,
Jo 953 The Old Man's Sigh, a sonnet,
by S. T. Coleridge, Esq. 956
Poets and Poetesses, living, 957
Poet's Dying Hymn, 622

sic, 275-Modern poetry, ib.-The... A rice, by the translator of Homer's
Freed Bird, by Mrs Hemans, 278-
Carmen Latine Redditum, 279-Ma-
rine poetry, 280 The Forging of the
Anchor, 281 Colonel Brereton, 284
-Horatian Version (Epodon VII.)
on meeting the Birmingham mob,
December 1831, 285 A new song, to
be sung by all loyal and true subjects,
286. No. LXI. 693 Goethe, ib.
-Poverty of Germany in self-taught
poets, 695-in novelists, 696—in theo
logians, 697-Hope, 699-- Admiration,
704-Desire, 707-Human happiness,
709 Patriotism, 715 Character of
the mind of this country, 716-Physi-
cal and moral science, 719
Orange, the House of, 362


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tti ་་་

Premier, the, and his Wife, a story of
the great world, 91

Painter, the, his Last Work, a Scene, by Prospects of Britain, 569 07
Mrs Hemans, 220

Papal Government, the, 535
Parliamentary Reform. See Reform
Parties in the State, Present Balance
of, 425-Sir John Walsh's character
of Whig and Tory, 428-His ac-
count of the remote origin of the
Radical party, 430-Conduct of the
**Whigs during the war, 432-after the
peace, 433 State of parties at the
breaking up of Wellington's adminis-
tration, 435 Reform question, 436-
Ireland and O'Connell, 438-TheWhig
government not generally popular, 439

Prospects of the country, 441
Burke's exposure of the fallacy, That
the many have a right to act by their
will in matters of duty, trust, en-
gagement, or obligation, 442—Cónclu-
sion deduced by Sir John Walsh from
his view of the present state of parties,
444 The Moderates, 445 The real
views of Reformers, 446

Peers, a creation of, 386-xl cut K
Philosophy, the, of London, 350 2049
Play, the, 550

Poems, Tennyson's, 721

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Poetry, American, W. C. Bryant, 646
Poetry-The Horse, by the Rev. F. W.
Maltby, 200The Swan and the Sky-
lark, by Mrs Hemans, 216 Let us
depart, by the same, 218 The Flower
of the Desert, by the same, 219 The
Painter's Last Work, a scene, by the
same, 220—The Moonlight Church-
yard, by Delta, 237 Stanzas to Mu-
sic, 275 Roger Goodfellow, 2764
The Freed Bird, by Mrs Hemans,
278 Carmen Latine Redditum, 279
-The Forging of the Anchor, 281
Horatian Version (Epodon VII.) on
> meeting the Birmingham Mob, Dec.
31831,285A new Song, to be sung
by all loyal and true Subjects, 286
Homer's Hymns, No. IV. The Hu-
mours of Hermes, 319 Gaffer Mau-
Team E-CAS 769 L MEDIA-

Protestant Affairs in Ireland, 77. See

Ireland sy

Public Feeling in Scotland, state of, 65.
See Scotland

Reform Debate in the Lords, 848- Speech
of Lord Grey, 849of Lord Ellen-
borough, ib.of the Earl of Shrews-
bury, 850-of Lord Mansfield, ib.-
of Lord Harrowby, ib.of the Duke
of Wellington, ib. of Lord Wharn-
cliffe, ib.-of Lord Winchilsea, ib.-
of the Duke of Buckingham, ib.-of
the Earl of Radnor, ib.of the
Bishop of Lincoln, ib.of Lord Fal-
mouth, ib.-of the Bishop of Exeter,
Sib. of the Bishop of Llandaff, ib.

of Lord Lansdowne, ib.of Lord
''' Wynford, 852-of Lord Durham, ib.
—of Lord Goderich, ib.of Lord
Eldon, ib.of the Lord Chancellor,
- of Lord Lyndhurst, ib.-of
Lord Grey, ib.The vote, ib.Con-
duct of Lord Harrowby, 853 How
the mischief done may be repaired, 855
Reform, Parliamentary, and the French




Revolution, No. XIII. Revolutionary
no concession; the new bill, 103-Sum-
mary of former papers, ib.-Prospe-
rity of France before the late revolu-
tion, 105 Its present depression,
ib. Changes of ministry, 106 Abo-
lition of old institutions, ib. Financial
distress, 107Increased misery of the
people the invariable effect of democrà-
tic ambition, ib-Diagnosis of this
picture of political disease, 108
equally striking proof of the ruinous
effects of concession to democratic am-
bition afforded by Ireland, ib.—and by
Belgiam, 110 The objects of Reform-
ers, 111-Stagnation of industry, ib.
The new bill more democratic than
the old one, 113, ...
Reform Passion, Remote Causes of the,
No. I. 1. Retrospect of English his-
** tory, shewing the attachment of the


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people to old institutions, 2—A regard
for religion the cause of Roman great-
ness, 6-Contempt for it the cause of
Roman decline, ib.-Real love of free-
dom, what, ib.-Passion for democra-
cy, what, 7-Its progress, ib.-Charac-
ter of the supporters of democratic
power, 8-Alliance between the pas-
sion for democracy and the principles of
infidelity, 9-Union of the spirit of free-
dom with genuine devotion, ib.-cha-
racter of modern literature, 11-Cob-
bett's opinion of the daily press, 12-
Cobbett v. Brougham on the education
of the people, 13-Infatuation of the
Liberals on political subjects, 14-
Their blindness to the lessons of ex-

perience, and its causes, 15-Fatal ef-
fects of the iteration of erroneous doc-
trines, 16-All the great interests of
the empire threatened, 18
Republican, Calaspo, the, 928
Révélations d'une Femme de Qualité,

Review, Quarterly, and Geography of
Africa, letter from James M'Queen,
Esq. on, 201

Revolutionary Concession, 103
Revolution, the French, Parliamentary
Reform and, No. XIII. 103. See Re-
Revolution, the late French, Salvandy
on, 965-Destruction of the hereditary
Peerage, 968-New creations, ib.-The
recent similar attempt in this country,
970-State of France after the late Re-
volution, 971-Its real state under the
Restoration, ib.-The system of popu-
lar intimidation the same in France and
England, 972-National Guard, 974
-Changes in the electoral body and
power of parliament, ib.-French press,
976-Influence of the class a little
above the lowest, ib.-French litera-
ture, 977-Doctrine of a general divi-
sion of property, ib.Decay of religion
and morality, 978-Dissolution of the
hereditary Peerage, ib.-Applicability
of the remarks of this author to the
state of this country, 979
Riots, Bristol, 465. See Bristol
Roger Goodfellow, a song, 276
Roman Catholic Clergyman, intercepted
letters from a, 19.

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Rugen, Castle of the Isle of, 790
Salvandy on the late French Revolution,

Satan, letter from, to the Whigs, 665
Satan Reformer, by Montgomery the
Third, 592
Scenery, Irish, and other things Irish,

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Scenes in Jamaica, 884

Scotland, state of Public Feeling in, 65
-Union of Whig Aristocratic and
Democratic influence against the mid-
dling classes, ib.-Meetings of the Con-
servative party in Glasgow, Berwick-
shire, Aberdeenshire, and Perthshire,
66-Edinburgh meeting, ib.—Profes-
sor Wilson's speech, 68-Mr M'Neil's
speech, 74-Publication of the reports
of the Speeches, 75

Snowing up of Strath Lugas, 496
Song, a new, to be sung by all loyal and
true subjects, 286

Song of the Gifted, by Mrs Hemans, 781
Sonnet, what is an English, by S. T.
Coleridge, Esq. 956

Sotheby's Homer, Critique V. Achilles,
Part II. 145

Stanzas to Music, 275

Strath Lugas, Snowing up of, 496
Swan, the, and the Skylark, by Mrs He-
mans, 216

Tennyson's Poems, 721
Tory Misrule, 772

Traveller, the, in spite of himself, 53
West India Meeting, the great, 807-Re-
mote cause of the late insurrection,
808-Speech of Lord Howick, 809—
Proclamation of June 1831, 810-The
missionaries, 811-Acts in Council of
June and November 1831, 812-Pro-
test of the inhabitants of Dominica,
813 of St Kitt's, ib.-Of St Lucie,
814-of Trinidad, ib.-of Jamaica,
815-Existence of the empire threat-
ened by the conduct of Ministers, 816-
Mr Brougham's opinion of the import-
ance of Colonial Trade, 817 — Mr
Palmer's statement, ib.-Mr Can-
ning's resolutions, 818-Mr Warring-
ton's remonstrance against the present
proceedings, ib.—Earl St Vincent's, ibg
-The point at issue between the mo
ther country and the Colonies, 819
West India Question, Introduction, 412


-General discontent in the Colonies,
ib.-Precipitance in forcing upon them
emancipation of the Slaves, 414-The
friends of emancipation ought to follow
the steps of Providence in the past ex-
trication of the human race from servi-
tude, 418-African Negroes unfit to
conduct themselves as freemen, 419-
Consequences of innovation in St Do-
mingo, 420

Wet Wooing, a narrative of Ninety-eight,

What caused the Bristol Riots? 465
Whigs, letter from Satan to the, 665
Wooing, the Wet, a narrative of Ninety-
eight, 624

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