Narratology in the Age of Cross-disciplinary Narrative Research

Sandra Heinen, Roy Sommer
Walter de Gruyter, 2009 - 309 páginas
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Narrative Research, once the domain of structuralist literary theory, has over the last 15 years developed into an international and interdisciplinary field. It is now commonly agreed that storytelling functions as a fundamental cognitive tool for sense-making and meaning production, and that human beings structure and communicate lived experience through oral, written and visual stories. Entitled Narratology in the Age of Cross-Disciplinary Narrative Research, this volume collects fifteen essays which look at narrative and narrativity from various perspectives, including literary studies and hermeneutics, cognitive theory and creativity research, metaphor studies, film theory and intermediality, as well as memory studies, musicology, theology and psychology. The topics touch on a wide range of issues, such as the current state of narratology and its potential for development, narrativity in visual and auditive art forms, the cultural functions of narrative, and the role of narrative concepts across the disciplines. The volume introduces interested newcomers to the ongoing debate, reflecting the diversity of research questions and methodological approaches involved. It takes a critical, yet cautiously optimistic stance with regard to the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration between narrative researchers, and invites experienced readers from any discipline interested in narrative to join this important debate, which promotes the exchange of ideas, concepts and methods between the humanities and the social sciences.


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Narratology and Interdisciplinarity
Forging the Missing Link
Narratological Expansionism and Its Discontents
Towards an Outline of Approaches Concepts and Potentials
Narrative Ways of Worldmaking
A CrossDisciplinary Approach to Literary Storytelling
Extending Narratology into Corpus Studies and Opening it to the Analysis of Imagery
The Multimodal Novel The Integration of Modes and Media in Novelistic Narration
Visual Narratology and Focalization Literature to Film
The Role of Narratology in Narrative Research across the Disciplines
Narratology and Cultural Memory Studies
George III at Kew
Narrative Travelling from Literature to Music and Beyond
Reflections on the Narrative TheologyDebate and Beyond
Integrating Psychological and Humanities Approaches to Narrative
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Rethinking Narrativity in Cinema

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Roy Sommer and Sandra Heinen, University of Wuppertal, Germany.

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