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Early Education.

Degerando. 13
Self Education.

Christian Examiner. 19
Nothing truly Valuable gained without Labor. N. A. Review. 29
Extracts from an Oration delivered at Cambridge. E. Everett. 34
Extracts from a Discourse, delivered before the Constituted

Authorities of Mass. May, 1816.... J. T. Kirkland. 45
The Importance of the Diffusion of Knowledge, &c. Ibid. 48
The Morals and Religion of a People.

Ibid. 50
Goodness of the Diety displayed in the Beauty of Creation.

Dwight. 56
Moral Sublimity illustrated.

F. Wayland. 56
Morality and Religion.

Degerando. 59
Extracts from a Discourse, delivered at Schenectady.

De Witt Clinton. 63
Aliment of the Mind.

Ibid. 65

Degerando. 67

Ibid. 71


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Rectitude of Intention.

Degerando. 73

False Sensibility.

Ibid. 76

Simplicity of Character..

. Ibid. 78

Good Habits. .

Ibid. 80


. Ibid. 83

Man's Nobler Attributes. .

Parsons. 89

Posthumous Influence of the Wise and Good. A. Norton. 92

Death, a Sublime and Universal Moralist.

Sparks. 96

Manliness of Character.

C. Examiner. 100

Intimate Relationship.

Degerando. 102

Gratitude and Sensibility.

Ibid. 104

Advantages may be drawn from our own Faults. Ibid. 105

Tendency to Excellence.

Ibid. 107

Labor. .

Ibid. 111

Imagination and Reason.

I bid. 114

Intellectual Qualities of Milton.

Channing. 123

Defence of Poetry

Ibid. 124

Milton's Prose Writings..

Ibid. 129

True Greatness. Theme, Bonaparte. .

Ibid. 131

How is Europe to become free?

Ibid. 132

Essay on Power. Extracts.

Ibid. 135

Wit and Beauty

Sparks. 147

Importanre of Intellectual and Religious Cultivation.

G. W. Burnap. 150

The Uses of Books.

C. Examiner. 156

The Nature of Truth..

Ibid. 169

Will Intelligence and Virtue protect the Republic

W, Sullivan. 171

Frequency of Elections.

. Ibid. 172

Popular Idols.

Ibid. 174

The Press.

Ibid. 175

Extract from an Address, delivered in Baltimore, October,

1830, on the Triumph of Liberty in France. Wirt. 177

Effects of a Dissolution of the Federal Union. Hamilton. 183

Necessity of Union between the States.

Jay. 186

On the Morality of our Political Condition. C. Examiner. 189

Effects of Civil Liberty upon the Mind. . Channing. 204

Extract from a Speech, delivered in the House of Represen-

tatives, April, 1832.

W. L. Storrs. 207

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Agency of Religion in Human Affairs.

Channing. 209

Freedom of the Mind.

. . Ibid. 210


Degerando. 214


Ibid. 218

Greatness of Soul.

. Ibid. 221

Dignity of Character. .

Ibid. 228

Homage to Merit. .

. Ibid. 231

Inward Peace.

Ibid. 233


. Ibid. 235

Without God in the World.

Robert Hall. 238

Love towards God.

Channing. 239

Religion not a mere Professional Concern. C. Examiner. 242

The Influence of Religion upon Literature, .

Ibid. 244

The Hope of Human Nature.

C. C. Felton. 249

State of Society..

Ibid. 253

Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

. Ibid. 256

Thoughts for a New Year.

Greenwood. 262

Gratitude to God...

Ibid. 265

Different Human Conditions.

Degerando. 273

Pleasure and Repose.

. Ibid. 280

Intellectual Progress conduces to Moral Progress. Ibid. 284

Religion, considered as the Accomplishment of Men's Educa-


Ibid. 288

Liberty of the Press.

Greenwood. 299

Effects of the Modern diffusion of Knowledge. Wayland. 302

The Love of Human Estimation.

Buckminster. 304

The Grandeur of Astronomical Discoveries.

Wirt. 308

Value of Classical Learning.

N. A. Review. 316

Philosophy and Morality of Tacitus.

Frisbie. 319

The Study of Languages.

G. Watterston. 323

The Effects which Christianity ought to produce on Manners.

S. Smith. 329

On Vanity.

Ibid. 334

Moral Education.

C. Examiner. 338

Extracts from Remarks on the Character of Bonaparte.

Channing. 344

Sources of Religion.

Anonymous. 349

Religion. .

J. G. Whittier. 350

The Inward Principle always the same.

B. Constant. 352

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