Monarchy revived; being the personal history of Charles the second, to his restoration [by F. Eglesfield]. Repr


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Página 238 - ... evident he had not been led by any inclinations of his own, and passionately and heartily run to all opportunities of redeeming it : and, in the very article of his death, he expressed a marvellous cheerfulness, "that he had the honour to lose his life in the " king's service, and thereby to wipe out the " memory of his former transgressions ;" which he always professed were odious to himself.
Página 145 - ... if it should so fall out that the rebels have intelligence of your harbouring any of the king's party, and should therefore put you to any torture for confession, be sure you discover me first, which may haply in such case satisfy them, and preserve the king.
Página 48 - ... of Charles I., the royal arms were defaced, the standard altered, and the ancient mottoes superseded by a maxim setting forth the supremacy of the people. The national seal, six inches in diameter, represented the House of Commons sitting, with the speaker in the chair, encircled by this legend, " The first year of freedom, by God's blessing, restored, 1648.
Página 133 - Kidderminster, and daylight being gone, Walker was at a puzzle in the way. Here his majesty made a stand, and consulted with the duke, Earl of Derby, Lord Wilmot, &c. to what place he might march, at least to take some hours
Página 148 - Whitgreave has left of her — that, in all this journey, Mrs. Lane performed the part of a most faithful and prudent servant to his Majesty, showing her observance when an opportunity would allow it, and at other times acting her part in the disguise with much discretion.
Página 102 - By the Eternal and Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth for ever, we become your liege-men, and truth and faith shall bear unto you, and live and die with you against all manner of folks whatsoever, in your service, according to the National Covenant and Solemn League and Covenant.
Página 162 - Paris with great honour ; the king himself, with the queen his mother, and the Dukes of York and Gloucester, going out to meet her. Upon the first sight his majesty took her by the hand, and saluted her with this obliging term : ' Welcome, my life ! ' The French court also regarded her with much respect and honour, together with her brother, Colonel Lane, who accompanied her thither.
Página 72 - Presbytery, the Directory, the Confession of Faith, and Catechism in the kingdom of Scotland as they are already approved by the General Assembly of the Kirk and the Parliament ; and that he would observe the same in his own family, and swear never to oppose, or endeavour the alteration of the same — that he would consent that all civil matters might be determined by the present and subsequent Parliaments in Scotland, and all matters ecclesiastical by the ensuing General Assembly.
Página 47 - Sir — having no means to come to the knowledge of your Majesty's affairs, but such as I receive from the prints, or (which is as uncertain) reports, I have sent this bearer, Seymour, to wait upon your Majesty, and to bring me an account of it ; and that I may withal assure your Majesty I do not only pray for your Majesty, according to my duty, but shall always be ready to do all which shall be in my power, to deserve the blessing which I now humbly beg of your Majesty upon, "Sir, " Your Majesty's...
Página 127 - I had rather you would shoot me, than keep me alive to see the sad consequences of this fatal day.

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