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LATHAM OF BRADWALL.—The present Dr. Kingscote, esq. (nephew of the preLatbam's second son, Peter Mere Latham, sent Mr. Kingscote, of Kingscote) M.D. m. secondly, 14th Feb. 1833, Grace m. secondly, in 1833, Hon. Harriet Mary, third daughter of David Chambers, Bloomfield, eldest daughter of Lord esq. of Dorset-square, commander in the Bloomfield. royal navy

P. 281, Henry Kingscote, esq. m. 11th WeLD OF LULWORTH.--Cardinal Weld July, 1833, Harriet, eldest daughter having surrendered Lulworth to his next of C. T. Tower, esq. M.P. of Weald brother, Joseph Weld, esq. that gentleman Hall, Essex. is now “ Weld OF LULWORTH.' In the HORTON OF HOWROYDE. next volume will be found a more detailed P. 283, col. 2, 1. 42, for “Musgrum,” account of the family.

read “ Musgrave.' DANBY OF SWINTON.

Duke or LAKE.—Miss Selina-Mary Duke, P. 201, col. 1, 1. 29, for “ William Cal- daughter of the late Lieutenant-colonel

verley, esq.” read “Sir Walter Cal- Charles Duke, (great great great grandson verley, knt.”

of John Duke, esq. of Lake, high sheriff of PRIDEAUX-BRUNE of Place.The Rev. Wilts in 1640), wedded in April, 1833, R. Charles PRIDEAUX-Brune d. in 1833, and Brownrigg Hodgson, esq. youngest son of was s. by his eldest son,

Lieutenant-general Hodgson. LOFTUS OF KILBRIDE.

PLUMBE-TEMPEST OF Tong. P. 211, col. 1, 1. 9, after“ Elenor,” in P. 288, 1. 41, for “ only rifle corps," m. first, to George Colley, esq.

own rifle corps.' of Edenderry; secondly, to Colouel P. 290, Henry Tempest, who m. the William Duckenfield ; and, thirdly, heiress of Mirfield, was the eighth to Sir Edward Tyrrell, bart. of Lynn, son of Richard Tempest, of Bracein the county Westmeath.”

well. P.211, col. 1, 1.48, after d. in 1807," P. 291. Colonel Plumbe Tempest's

dele “ the male line of Thomas Lof nephew, Captain Henry Dixon, m. tus, of Killyan, by his first wife, Su

Miss Harriet Fraser and not Franer. sanna Elkenhead, became extinct;' P. 292. The Rev. William Plumbe which paragraph insert at col. 2 of (second son of William Plumbe, esq. the same page, 1. 18, after dying

by Sarah Townley) d. in 1786, leaving S. p. in 1824.

two daughters, POWELL OF NANTEOS.—The wife of the

Anne, m. to Colonel William Tom

linson. present proprietor, COLONEL Powell, is Laura Edwyna,” not“ Louisa Edwyna.”

Sarah, second wife of the present P. 230, col. 1, l. 11 from bottom, for

Colonel Plumbe Tempest, of
Portney,read “

Tong Hall.
CORYTON of Pentillie.

GREENLY OF TITLEY COURT. P. 233, col. 2, 1. 45, for “ Sir Edward P. 293, col. 2, 1. 25, for Peregrine Littleton, bart." read “Edward Lit

Furge," read “ Peregrine Furye.' tleton, esq.

P. 293, col. 2, 1. 37. Miss Taylor, who BOND OF Grange.

m. the Rev. John Ingram, of BurP. 241, col. 2, 1. 4, for “Samnays,"

ford, is stated to have had two daughSamways.'

ters. This is incorrect, that lady P. 243, col. 2, 1. 10, for “Prowz, of

having died without issue. Bridg," read “ Prowz, of Bredy.”

P. 294, passim, for “ Curndu," reada The ancient arms of Bond are sa. a fess or.

“ Cwmdû,” and for “ Curnburton,"

read “ Comberton." ORLEBAR OF Hinwick House.-RICHARD

MAUNSELL OF PLASSY.-ROBERT MAUNORLEBAR, esq. of Hinwick House, d. in 1833, and was s. by his eldest son.

SELL, esq. of Bank Place, d. in March, 1832,

and was s. by his eldest son. BLACKETT OF WYLAM.

P. 304, 1. 27. Major Frederick MaunP. 258, col. 1, 1. 6 from bottom, for

sell has since obtained his regiment,

and been appointed to the staff of LEIGHTON OF SHREWSBURY.-Lieutenant

Ireland. colonel Leighton's eldest daughter, Louisa,

P. 304, col. 1, 1. 52, for “ Joan Beauwas married, 23rd April, 1833, to THOMAS

camp, daughter of Simon Baron, of H. HOPE, esq.

Bedford,” read “Joan Beauchamp, WellWOOD of GARVOCK. — The lands

daughter of Simon, Baron of Bedwhence this family originally derived its

ford.” designation should be spelt Touch and not P. 308, col. 1, 1. 16, for “ Leighlon," Souch.

read “Leighlin.” KINGSCOTE of KINGSCOTE.

P. 308, col. 2, 1. 13, for “eldest," read P. 281, col. 1, 1. 25, Thomas Henry

“ second.”

read “

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8. p. m.

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falcon ppr.

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P. 308, col. 2, 1, 15, for “ has issue," P.417, 1.7, for “ Amelia,” read“ Ameread " has no issue.”

lia-Charlotte." The Crest is not (as erroneously stated)

P. 417, 1. 9, for “son,” read “eldest

son. an eagle with wings expanded or, but a


P. 420, col. 2, 1. 22, for “Salgrave," The Vottoes are, “Honorantes me hono

read “SULGRAVE.” The same errors rabo," and “ Quod vult, valde vult.”

occur again in page 423. The Estates are principally situated in P. 422, col. 2, 1. 18, for mother, read the counties of Limerick and Tipperary.

grandmother. Lewis of HARPTON.

P. 423, col. 1, 1. 44, for “ Francis," P.336, col. 1, 1. 39. The Sir NATHAN read “ Frances."

WRIGHTE, bart. whose daughter, PolwheLE OF POLWHELE.
Anne, wedded Thomas Lewis, esq. P. 424, 1. 16, for “Manaccan,” read
of Harpton, M.P. was never LORD “Newlyn."
KEEPER of the great seal.

VANS-AGNEW OF BARNBARROCH. P. 336, col. 2, 1. 6, for “ Colly," read P. 439, col. 1, 1. 1, dele “ and relict of “ Colby.”

Sir William Wallace, of Craigie.” HALKETT OF HALL HILL.

P. 439, for “ Seuchan,” read “Sheu

P. 339, col. 1, 1. 37. FREDERICK (the
only son of General Halkett, who d.

PRESTON OF West DERBY Lower House. in 1758, by his second marriage)

P. 479, col. 1, 1. 22. In the Holbein died a major-general in the British heads there is a portrait of “The Lady service. He left by his wife, a Miss Monteagle,” but Mr. Lodge states that it is Seton, with three daughters, two sons, not known whether it is Lord Monteagle's viz,

first wife, Lady Mary Brandon, or his 1. COLIN (Sir), K.C.B. now commander second, Helen Preston. in chief at Bombay.

P. 479, col. 2, 1. 1. William de Warren, 11. Hugh, a general in the Hanoverian Earl of Surrey, was great grandson materservice.

nally of King William the Conqueror. PYE OF FARINGDON.

P. 479, 1. 8 from the bottom, Thomas P. 351, col. 2, 1. 28, for “ who died un Preston of Holker, by his wife Katherine

married in 1812," read “who died Hoghton, had, besides the two sons, a daughwithout issue in 1812."

ter, Margaret Preston, married to Cuthbert RICARDO OF GATCOMBE.

Ogle, esq. of Whiston, and had issue, P. 373. The late David RICARDO, esq. besides two daughters, Katherine and Eli..

left, with five daughters, three sons, zabeth, a son Cuthbert, born 1673, who was Osman, of Bromeberrow, DAVID, of named in remainder to a considerable porGatcombe, and Mortimer, of Hed- tion of the Holker property (on failure of low Place, Kent.

the issue of Catherine Lady Lowther) by DOWDESWELL OF Pull Court.

the will of his uncle, Thomas Preston of P. 376, 1. 3. Catherine, only daugh- Holker, M. P.

ter of the present John Edmund Same page. The Prestons, and also the Dowdeswell, esq. of Pull Court, was Lowthers of Holker, are buried in Cartmel married, 10th January, 1833, to R. Church, and in Whittaker's Whalley, last

B. Berens, esq. of Lincoln's Inn. edition, there is an account of their monuHARVEY OF THORPE.

ments. P.399, 1. 30, after“ Captain Blakiston,

P. 480, col. 2, 1. 22. In the middle of R.N.dele “bart."

the pew of the Preston family in HeverP. 399, 1. 31, after “ John Ranking, sham Church, on a plain black marble, on esq.dele R.N.”

which are the arms of Preston, with the MEYNELL OF NORTH KILVINGTON.

Ulster badge empaling Molineux, is this

P. 404, col. 2, 1. 53, for “ George Cary,
esq.” read “ William Cary, esq.”

Hic jacet Domina Maria Preston


Illustrissimi Domini Carrilli Molineux
P. 407, col. 2, 1, 11, for or," read

Vicecomitis de Mary boro'

P. 407, col. 2, 1. 29, for “Sykes," read Nobilissimi Domini Thomæ Preston
“ Sikes.”

Baronetti. Quæ obiit

Die vi. Julii.
P. 417. Mr. Marsham's eldest son is

Anno Domini, MDCLXXIII.
a magistrate and deputy lieutenant Sir Thomas Preston, the third baronet, had
for the county of Norfolk.

been a Roman Catholic priest until his bro

ther's death; but on that event he married | Preston, who was born in 1661. Elizabeth as stated in the text; after his lady's death, was m. to Captain Brabazon. Mary was m. however, he resumed his sacerdotal charac to Mr. Joseph Blaker. Lettice was m. to ter and returned to its duties; when he Mr. Briggs. settled the Westmoreland estates upon his GURNEY OF KESWICK. two daughters, and went beyond the seas, P. 484, 1. 9, for “ Robert Barday, esq. (to Flanders, where he died circa 1710), of Wry," read “ Robert clay, having previously settled the Lancaster

esq. of Ury.” estate, the manor and abbey of Furness, P. 484, 1. 11, for “ Wie," read “ line." upon the Jesuits. The legality of this grant DALTON OF THURHAM. was subsequently litigated, and the estate, P. 522, 1. 31. The age of the present by the issue of a trial, adjudged to be for Mr. Dalton is incorrectly stated in feited to the crown, which seized upon it in the body of the work. consequence, and granted leases, and even P. 523, col. 2, 1.9. The late ROBERT tually the fee simple, to the Prestons of Dalton, esq. of Thurnham, m. first, Holker, who had been mainly instrumental Miss Butler, and had a son, JOHN, in bringing to light the illegal settlement the present possessor. He wedded made by Sir Thomas Preston. But it must afterwards Bridget, daughter of Thobe remembered that the Prestons of Holker mas More, esq. of Barnborough, and were not the right heirs of Sir Thomas, nor had a son, William, and a daughter, could they ever have been while a male Anne, m. to Sir James Fitzgerald, descendant of the Prestons of Cockerham

bart. of Castle Ishen. was in existence.

ANDERTON OF Euxton. (It may as well be stated here, that there The following extract from the Meris in West's Furness an extremely in

curius Politicus of August the 16th, correct and imperfect pedigree of the a republican paper, describing a visit Prestons of the manor of Holker, of King Charles II. to the Andertons which entirely omits the Cockerham of Euxton, shows the violent spirit branch ; whose existence is distinctly

of the times. proved by a pedigree in the Hari. August 14, 1650. This day Charles MSS. 1549, fol. 146, as well as hy a Stuart lodged at Euxtonburgh, six miles on

pedigree in the Herald's office.) this syde of Preston, being Sir Hugh AnP. 481, col. 1, 1. 26. Mary, the second derton's house, who was prisoner at Lanwife of Richard Preston, derived her des- caster, but sett at liberty by the Scotts. cent from the Earls of Huntingdon, her This Anderton is a bloody papist, and one father being the eldest son of the Rev. Wil- that, when Prince Rupert was at Bolton, liam Hastings, fourth son of the Honorable boasted much of being in blood to the elbows Henry Hastings, second son of George, on that cruell massacre. The next night fourth earl.

theyr king lodged at Brine, six miles from P.481, 1. 12. Mary, the wife of C. Wild- Warrington, being Sir William Gerard's ing Jones, died January 2, 1833, æt. 22, house, who is a subtile jesuited papist. This leaving a son, Wilding Jones, b. 27th May, dissembling Scott trusts none so well in 1832. Her husband is the second son of Lancashire for his hostes as the papists." Charles Jones, esq. banker, of Oswestry, RODDAM OF RODDAM. who was third son of the late Thomas Jones, P. 676, col. 2, 1. 14, for “ - RODDAM, esq. adjutant of the Merioneth militia, who

esq. of Roddam," read EDWARD was the eldest son of Mr. John Jones, of RODDAM, esq. of Roddam.' Prestatin, in Flintshire, by Maria Marga Miss Mary Saville, of London, and retta, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Thomas

had issue, Longueville, of Escluscham, in the county

John, as stated in the body of Denbigh and of Prestatin, who was

EDWARD, S of the work. afterwards a baronet.

Mary, m. to Bernard Falder, esq. Same page, l. 14. Daughters of Richard

of Alnwick.

He m.

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SUTTON-MANNERS, The Right Honorable CHARLES, Speaker Of The House

OF COMMONS, a lord of trade and plantations,
an official trustee of the British and Hunterian
Museums, and a bencher of Lincoln's-Inn; b.
20th January, 1780; m. first, 8th July, 1811,
Charlotte, daughter of James Dennison, esq. by
whom, who d. in December, 1815, he has issue,

Charles, b. 17th April, 1812.
Henry, b. 27th May, 1814.

Mr. Manners-Sutton espoused, secondly, 6th
December, 1828, Ellen, daughter of Edmund
Power, esq. and widow of John Home Purves, esq.
and has other children. The honorable gentle-
man was elected speaker of the House of Com-
mons, upon the elevation of Mr. Abbott to the
peerage, as Lord Colchester, in 1817; and he has
been re-chosen by every subsequent parliament.


This is a branch of the noble house of Rutland, springing from

John MANNERS, eleventh Earl, and third Duke of Rutland, who inherited the honours of his family in 1721, and was made a Knight of the Garter the next year. His Grace m. 27 th August, 1717, the Honorable Bridget Sutton, dau. and sole heiress of Robert Sutton, Lord Lexington of Aram, by whom, who d. 16th June, 1734, he had surviving issue,

John, Marquess of Granby, a military

commander of high reputation, who
predeceased his father (anno 1750),
leaving, with other children,CHARLES,
who succeeded as fourth Duke of

Robert, who assumed the additional sur-

name and arms of Sutton upon in-
heriting the estates of his grandfather
Lord Lexington. Lord Robert Man-


ners - Sutton was one of the lords | Peterborough in 1791, consecrated bishop of the bed-chamber to the Prince of of Norwich in 1792, and advanced to the Wales, and M.P. for the county of Primacy in 1804. His grace m. 3rd April, Nottingham. His lordship d. s. p. 1778, Mary, daughter of Thomas Thoroton, in 1772, when the Lexington estates esq. of Scriveton, in the county of Nottingpassed to his next brother.

ham, and had issue, George.


COMMONS, and, as such, the First LORD George Manners, having succeeded, Commoner of the United Kingdom. upon

the decease of his brother, Lord Robert, 2. Francis, b. in 1783, m. in 1814, Mary, to the estates of the Lords Lexington of Aram, eldest daughter of Laver Oliver, esq. assumed the additional surname and arms of and d. in 1825, leaving no issue. Sutton. His lordship m. first in December, 3. Mary, m. to the Honorable and Right 1749, Diana, daughter of Thomas Chaplin, Reverend Hugh Percy, D.D. bishop esq. of Blankney, in the county of Lincoln, of Carlisle, and dying in 1831, left and had issue,

issue, 1. George, M.P. d. s. p. in 1804.

Algernon-Charles. 2. John, a captain in the guards, b. 12th


July, 1752, m. Anne, natural daughter

Hugh-Joceline. Lucy.
of John, Marquess of Granby, and

Mary-Isabella. Gertrude. died in 1826, leaving


FREDERICK, in holy orders, of Kel 4. Diana.

lam, Notts, who m. in 1821, Hen 5. Louisa.
rietta-Barbara, third daughter of 6. Charlotte, m. 5th October, 1812, to
the Hon. and Rev. John Lumley the Rev. James Croft, archdeacon of
Saville, by whom he left at his

Canterbury, and d. in 1825.
decease, in 1826, two sons.

7. Frances. Thomas, in holy orders, prebendary 8. Anna-Maria.

of Westminster, m. in 1826, Lucy 19. Isabella, m. 29th November, 1830, Sarah, only child of the Rev. T.

to Henry William Chichester, esq. Mortimer.

10. Catherine. George, R.N.

11. Caroline, m. in 1830, to Charles Mary-Georgiana, m. in 1812, to

Chichester, esq.
Robert-Nassau Sutton, esq.

The ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY, d. 21st 3. Robert.

July, 1828, and was s. in his estates by his 4. Charles, of whom presently. elder and only surviving son, the Right 5. Thomas, late lord chancellor of Ire- Honorable Charles Manners-Surton.

land, and elevated to the peerage as

Arms—Quarterly; first and fourth, ar. a 7. Francis, an officer in the army, d. in canton, sa. for Sutton; second and third, 1781.

or, two bars az. a chief quarterly; az, and 8. Diana, m. 21st April, 1778, to Fran-gu. in the first and fourth quarters, a fleur

cis Dickens, esq. of Wollaston Park, de lis of the field: in the second and third, in the county of Northampton, many

a lion passant guardant of the last, for

Manners. years M.P. for that shire. 9. Louisa-Bridget, m. to Edward Lock

Crest—On a cap of maintenance, a peawood Perceval, esq. and d. in 1800.

cock in its pride, ppr. 10. Charlotte, m. to Thomas Lockwood,

Town Residence-House of Commons esq. and d. in 1827.

(official) Lord George Manners-Sutton espoused,

Seat-Mistley Hall, Manningtree, Essex. secondly, Miss Pearte, and had another daughter, Anne, who m. the Rev. Richard

Note. Since this article was written, Mr. ManLockwood, and d. in 1829. He d. in 1783. NERS-SUTTON has retired from the chair of the His lordship's fourth son,

House of Commons, after receiving the unanimous CHARLES MANNERS-Sutton, having entered thanks of all parties; but until the dissolution of into holy orders, was appointed dean of the present parliament (1832) he is still SPEAKER.

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