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account, was made extra-parochial by

sour, of Haselwood, in the county the archbishop: the king's charter for

of York, the chapel is dated 29th April, 1286,

II. William, of Deneby (now DanEdward I. : the confirmation is dated

by), in Yorkshire, ancestor to 5th June, 1452, being the 31st of Hen

the family (Scroop) in that place. ry VI. Sir Thomas Vavasor, the Sir John le Vavasor of Haselwood was s. lineal descendant of this baron, so in his estates at Denton and Askwith by his distinguished himself, with others of second son, the nobility, by raising forces and Sir MALGER LE VAVAsor, knt. of Denton equipping vessels to defend Queen and Askwith, who m. Alice, daughter of Elizabeth against the Spanish arma William Duston, esq. and had issue, da, that the queen, in reward of this 1. MAUGER (Sir), who lived about the zeal, and out of particular regard for 3rd of Edward III. (1328), m. and left one of her maids of honor, who was a issue, Vavasor, and acknowledged by her

1. William Vavasor, of Denton, majesty as her kinswoman, would

m. Agnes, daughter of Roger never suffer the chapel at Haselwood

Grymston, esq. and had issue, to be molested, where the Roman ca

Sir Mauger Vavasor, who left tholic rites still continue to be cele

issue by his wife Margaret, brated. Lord Vavasor m. Nichola,

Agnes Vavasor, m. Sir daughter of Sir Stephen Wallis, knt.

Bernard Brocas, knt. of Newton, by whom he had issue

(from whom she was dithree sons,

vorced, and afterwards 1. Robert, second Lord Vavasor,

m. Hen. Langfield, esq.) who was likewise employed

by whom she had issue, against the Scots, and also had

Sir Bernard Brocas, summons as a baron, 7th Ed

knt.chamberlain to ward II. He married, and left

Queen Anne, wife issue two daughters,

of Richard II. He 1. Elizabeth Vavasor, m. Sir

was attainted and Robert Strelly, of Notting

executed for high hamshire, in whose heirs it

treason, 1st Henry is supposed this barony still

IV.and is buried in exists.

St. Edmund's cha2. Ann.

pel, in WestminRobert, Lord Vavasor, dying

ster Abbey. He without issue male, was s. at Ha

left issue, selwood by his next brother,

William Brocas, 11. Sir Henry le Vavasor (second


and son of William, Baron Vavasor),

heir,who made who was the direct ancestor of

over his estate Sir Thomas Vavasour, of Hasel

of Denton by wood Castle, who was created a

deed of feoffbaronet in 1628, which dignity

ment to Wilexpired with the late Sir Thomas

liam GasVavasour, in 1826. The estates

coigne, John at Haselwood, &c. devolved by

Thwaytes, and will upon his cousin, the Hon.

others, from Edward Marmaduke Stourton,

whom John (second son of Charles-Philip,


of sixteenth Lord Stourton, by

Weston, Mary, daughter and co-heiress

covered the of Marmaduke, fifth and last Lord Langdale), who, changing

2. Thomas, who had his father's his name to Vavasour, and being

manor of Wolsington. He left created a baronet, is the present

issue by Joan, his wife (who m. Sir Edward-Marmaduke Vava

secondly, William Witham, esq.




Sir Mauger Vavasor, who d.He was s. by his eldest son,
without issue,

John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, (made William Vavasor, m. and had his will 1st Edward IV.), m. Ellen, daughissue,

ter of Thomas Beckwith, of Clinte, esq. (she Margaret Vavasor, his made her will 2nd Henry VII.), by whom

heir, who d. without he had issue,
issue, about 8th Richard JOHN VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, who mar-

ried and had issue,
3. Richard, m. and had two sons, John.

Mauger and William, who re Anastatia, m. Norton, esq.
leased to Sir Bernard Brocas, Katherine, m. Robert Wood, esq.
knt. and Agnes Vavasor, his Joan, m. Rafe Hutton, esq.
wife, all their right and interest Agnes, m. William Burton, esq. of
in the manor of Denton ; and Ingmanthorpe.
shortly afterwards both d. with- He was succeeded by his only son,
out issue.

JOHN VAVASOR, esq. of Weston and New11. JOHN, of whom presently.

ton, near Ripley. This gentleman m. ElizaSir Malger Vavasor, of Denton and Askwith, beth, daughter of Henry Thwaytes, esq. by was s. at Askwith by his second son,

whom he had issue, SIR JOHN LE VAVASOR, of Askwith, knt. John. who m. the daughter and heiress of Sir Wil Elizabeth, a nun at Nunmuncton. liam de Stopham, of Weston, knt. by whom Ellen, m. William Exileby, esq. he had issue,

He made his will 1482, and was s. by his JOHN LE VAVASOR, of Askwith, who lived eldest son, about the year 1329, and left issue by Alice, John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston and Newhis wife,

ton, m. Cecily, daughter of Sir John NorJOHN LE VAVASOR, of Askwith, who m. ton, knt. by whom he had issue, Agnes, daughter and heir of — de Benevile, John. and had issue,

Marmaduke, m. Agnes, daughter of WILLIAM, attorney-general to King Ed

Saltmarshe, esq. and had issue, ward III.

John Vavasor, esq. of Waltham, Јону. .

in Hertfordshire. He was s. at Weston by his second son,

Elizabeth, a nun. JOHN VAVASOR, esq. of Weston. This Anne, m. Sir William Calverley, knt. gentleman m. Agnes, or Anne, daughter of of Calverley Sir William Mauleverer, of Wothersome, Joan, m. Walworth, esq. of Raknt. (This Agnes, or Anne, did release to venscroft. John, her son, all her right in the manor of Margaret, m. Christopher Rayne, esq. Weston, in 1400, 2nd Henry IV.) They of Netherdale. left issue,

He was s. by his eldest son, John.

JOHN VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, who m. Richard.

first, Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas MauThomas,

leverer, knt. of Allerton, by whom he had He was s. by his eldest son,

issue, JOHN VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, who m. MARMADUKE. Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter Middleton, Elizabeth, m. Johnson, esq. of Stockeld, knt. by whom he had issue, Dorothy, m. Thomas Highley, esq. of John.

Newhall. William, parson of Bursdsall, in Cra- He m. secondly, Agnes, daughter of Sir

William Calverley, knt. of Calverley, by Henry, m. Matilda, daughter of whom he had issue,

Bunnye, esq. from whom descended Isabel, m. John Haythorp, esq. of the extinct BARONETS VAVASOUR, of Chester in the Street.

Coppenthorp, in the county of York. Grace, m. Thomas Sothaby, esq. of Isabella, a nun, at Smithwayte.

Pocklington. Agnes, m. John Beckwith, esq. of Frances, m. first, Anthony Fawkes, Clinte.

esq. ; secondly, Peter Bainbridge,


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esq.; and, thirdly, William Pulleyn, He espoused, secondly, Dorothy, daughter
esq. of Scotton.

of John Braddyle, esq. of Portfield, county Ann, m. first, Thomas Pulleyne, esq. ; of Lancaster, and had a son, Mauger, his

and, secondly, Peter Danby, esq. successor. Mr. Vavasour wedded, thirdly, He was s. by his eldest son,

a daughter of John Roodes, esq. of RibMARMADUKE Vavasour, esq. of Weston. chester, county of Lancaster; and, fourthly, This gentleman m. Joan, daughter of Sir Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Alexander BarWilliam Middleton, knt. of Stockeld, and low, of Barlow, near Manchester, by whom left a son, his successor,

he had also issue. He was s. by his son, William VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston and Mauger VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston. This Newton, who m. first, Alice, daughter of gentleman m. Frances, daughter of Peter Richard Pavor, esq. of Brayme, by whom Vavasour, esq. of Spaldington, by whom he he had one son and a daughter, viz.

had Susanna and a son, his successor, Mauger, his heir.

William VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston, who
Agnes, m. first, John Pulleyne, esq. m. Mary, daughter of Thomas Fawkes, esq.

of Killinghall; and, secondly, Ed- of Farnley, in the county of York, and was
mund Parkinson, esq.

s. by his eldest son,
He m. secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston. This
Leonard Beckwith, knt. by whom he had gentleman m. Anne, daughter of John Chap-
another daughter,

lin, esq. of Tathwell, in the county of LinFrances, m. Sir Henry Slingsby, knt. coln, by whom (who d. 11th March, 1783), He m. thirdly, Margaret, daughter of Wal- he had issue, ter Walshe, esq. of Shelsden Abberley,

Walter, his heir. in the county of Worcester, by whom he

John, killed by a fall from his horse likewise had issue. He was s. by his eldest

at Apperby Bridge, 15th November, son,

1777, leaving no issue. Sir Mauger VAVASOUR, knt, who m. Joan,

Charles, d. unmarried. daughter of John Savile, esq. of Stanley,

Mary, m. Captain William Candler, by whom he had,

of the 10th regiment of foot, second William.

son of Henry Candler, D.D. ArchMary, m. Stephen Hammerton, esq. of deacon of Ossory, and grandson of Hellifield Peel, in Craven.

Thomas Candler, esq.ofCallan Castle, Frances, m. Edmund Cloughe, esq. of in the county of Kilkenny, in the Thorpe Stapylton, near Leeds.

kingdom of Ireland, by whom she Sir Mauger was a justice of the peace in

left issue. the 44th Elizabeth. He was s. by his son, Mr. Vavasour was s. by his eldest son, William VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston. This

WALTER VAVAsour, esq. of Weston, who gentleman m. first, Mary, daughter of Fran

m. 8th July, 1761, Ellen, daughter of Edcis Vaughan, esq. of Sutton upon Derwent, ward Elmsall, esq. of Thornhill, and had and had issue,

issue, Mauger, m. Frances, daughter and co

heir of Piers Leghe, esq. son of Sir

EDWARD-ELMSALL, successor to his bro-
Peter Leghe, of Lyme, in Cheshire,

but died in the lifetime of his father,

William, present lord of the soil. without issue.

Ellen, m. at Thornhill, 24th NovemTHOMAS, successor to his father.

ber, 1787, to the Rev. John Carter, He m. secondly, Anne, daughter and heir of Lincoln, and d. in 1815, leaving of Richard Tolson, esq. of Cockermouth, in

issue. the county of Cumberland, and widow of the Honorable Edward Savile, second son

He d. in 1780, and was s. by his eldest son, of John Lord Savile, but had no issue. He

WALTER - Ascough - FAWKES VAVASOUR, was s. by his second and only surviving son, esq. of Weston, a minor, who d. unmarried THOMAS VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston, who

at Weston, the 28th March, 1787, and was m. first, Mary, daughter of Richard Nor

s. by his next brother, tom, esq. by whom he had no surviving issue. EDWARD-ELMALL VAVASOU'R, esq. of Wes

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ton, m. Anne, daughter of Robert Sutton, only surviving male descendant of the anesq. of Scofton, in the county of Notting- cient house of Vavasour. ham, (who m. secondly, the Rev. John Cha Arms—Quarterly; for VAVASOR, first and loner, of Newton Kyme, Yorkshire), by fourth, a fesse dancettée sa. : for Stopham, whom he had no issue. He was s. by his second and third, arg. a bend sa. brother, the present

Crest-A cock gu. crested or. WILLIAN VAVASOUR, esq. of Weston, the Seat-Weston Hall, Yorkshire.


STRICKLAND, THOMAS, esq. of Sizergh, in the county of Westmorland, b. 15th March, 1790; m. in November, 1824, Mademoiselle Ida de Finguerlin Bisahengen, youngest daughter of the Baron Finguerlin Bisahengen, and has a son and heir,

Walter, b. at Paris, 5th September, 1825.

Mr. Strickland inherited the estates upon the demise of his father.



zergh Hall, Charles Strickland, esq. we have been enabled to make out a regular and authentic deduction of this family from the clearest and most undeniable evidence, viz. the family writings."

The first of the name of Strickland met with is in the reign of King John, when Gilbert Fitz Reinfred having been compelled, on account of his involvement with the rebellious barons, to give hostages for his future conduct, which hostages were the sons, daughters, and heirs

of the principal mense lords holding under We shall begin the detail of this ancient the barons of Kendal, amongst whom was family with an extract from Nicholson and the son and heir of Sir WALTER DE StirkBurn's History of the Antiquities of West In the time of Hugh, bishop of Carmorland and Cumberland.

lisle, who came to the see towards the be“ In Helsington there hath been a family ginning of the reign of King HENRY III., at Sizergh Hall, much more ancient than this Sir Walter had license to keep a doany of the names of Bindlow or Bellingham, mestic chaplain in his family, within the as lords of the manor. Which family came parish of Morland, so as it should be of no from Strickland, (or rather Stirkland,) which prejudice to the mother church. Sir Walter was the pasture ground of the young cattle Stirkland granted to the church of St. Mary's, (called stirks or steers) in the parish of Mor- | York, and to the prior and monks of Wederland, in this county, in which part they had hal (which was a cell of the said abbey) four considerable possessions, as well as at Si acres of land, in the territory of Stirkland zergh and other adjacent places, generally moulter free. holden under the barons of Kendal. It is The son of this Sir Walter was somewhat extraordinary, that amongst the ADAM DE STIRKLAND, whose son, pedigrees of almost all the other ancient Sir Robert de STIRKLAND, granted by families in this county we have met with no deed, dated at his manor of Great Stirkland, satisfactory account of this family; but the on the eve of St. John the Baptist, 23rd indulgence of the late worthy owner of Si- | Henry III. to William his son, and Elizabeth,

daughter of Sir Ralph Deincourt, knt. on In the 36th EDWARD III. there is an intheir marriage, his whole manor of Great denture of covenant between Sir Thomas Strickland. This Sir Ralph Deincourt had Strickland and Ranulph de Dacre, lord of an only son, Ralph, at whose decease, with- Gillesland, concerning the marriage of Walout issue, the inheritance devolved upon the ter, his son and heir, with Margaret de above Elizabeth Stirkland. Sir Robert was Latham, niece of Ranulph. In four years s. by his son,

after, Sir Thomas made a settlement of Sir WILLIAM DE STRIKELAND, who, in the lands, at Siggeswick and Levens, upon his 4th EDWARD I. was under-sheriff of the younger sons, John, Peter, and Thomas, for county of Westmorland. He confirmed in life, with remainder to his own right heirs. the 20th EDWARD I. the grant made by his Sir Thomas had a fifth son, William, who was great grandfather, to the abbot of St. Mary's, consecrated bishop of Carlisle, 24th August, York, and the monks of Wedeshal, and was 1400, and who d. at Rome in 1419. 8. at his decease by his son,

Sir Thomas d. in 1377, and was s. by his Sir WALTER DE STRICKLAND, who in the eldest son, 28th EDWARD I. was with the king at the SIR WALTER DE STRICKLAND. This gensiege of Carlaverok, and in the 1st and 6th tleman had no issue by his first wife, Marof EDWARD II. was knight of the shire for garet de Latham. He espoused, secondly, Westmorland. In the 15th of the same Isabella, daughter of John de Olney, which reign, he was appointed sheriff of the county John, in the 5th of Richard II., settled upon of Westmorland. In two years afterwards the issue of that marriage a tenement in he was again knight of the same shire. In London, known by the name of Great Place, the 9th of Edward III. Sir Walter obtained situate in the parish of St. Mary-at-Hill. In a grant to inclose his wood and demesne the 14th of RICHARD II. Sir Walter was eslands at Sizergh, and to make a park there, cheater for the king on the inquisition post and to hold the same so inclosed to him and l mortem of Thomas de Ross, and, in four his heirs for ever.

years after, was a knight of the shire for This Sir Walter, on the marriage of his Westmorland. He was s. by his eldest son, Thomas, with Cecilia, daughter of Ro- son, bert de Wells, settled the manor of Hack Sir THOMAS DE STRICKLAND, who in the thorp and his lands in Overwinder, &c. on 5th of HENRY V. conveyed his whole estate the issue of that marriage, with remainder to trustees, that if he should die in his voyto John and Ralph, his other two sons. He age to serve the king, they should enfeoff appears to have had issue,

Mabel his wife therein, during her widowThomas, his successor.

hood; and if she should die before his son John, who was knight of the shire for Walter should come of age, then they were

Westmorland 1st EDWARD III., and to receive the profits during his nonage, to whom Sir Walter granted 7th of the delivering the same to William de Tunstale same reign, all his lands of Whenfell, and John de Weffington. In the 5th of

with remainder to his son Thomas. HENRY VI. Sir Thomas entered into articles Ralph.

of agreement with Nicholas de Crofte, esq. In the 17th EDWARD III. Sir Walter again wherein both parties become bound under represented the county in parliament, and the penalty of £400. for the solemnization was s. upon his demise by his eldest son, of a marriage between Walter Strickland,

Sır Thomas STRICKLAND, who in the 35th Sir Thomas's son and heir, with Douce, of EDWARD III. obtained a patent empower- daughter of the said Nicholas, when he the ing him to iinpark his woods at Helsington, said Nicholas should attain his fourteenth Levesnes, and Hackerthorp, containing three year.

Waltet. hundred acres, for his good services done in In the 7th Henry VI. Sir Thomas repreFrance. In the same year, Katharine de sented the county of Westmorland in parRoss, daughter of Sir Thomas Strickland, liament. and widow of John de Ross, of Kendal Castle, In the 9th of the same reign Sir Thomas assigns over to her father (Sir Thomas) the went to London, and joined the solemn ward and marriage of her daughter, Eliza- cavalcade that was to attend the young king beth de Ross, who was afterwards married, to Paris, in order to his coronation. in the 8th RICHARD II., to Sir William del In the 10th Henry VI. Pope EUGENIUS Parr.

IV. granted to Sir Thomas, and Mabel, his

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