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Sir Mauger Vavasor, who d.He was s. by his eldest son,
without issue,

John Vavasor, esq. of Weston, (made William Vavasor, m. and had his will 1st Edward IV.), m. Ellen, daughissue,

ter of Thomas Beckwith, of Clinte, esq. (she Margaret Vavasor, his made her will 2nd Henry VII.), by whom

heir, who d. without he had issue,
issue, about 8th Richard John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, who mar-

ried and had issue,
3. Richard, m. and had two sons, John.
Mauger and William, who re Anastatia, m.

Norton, esq.
leased to Sir Bernard Brocas, Katherine, m. Robert Wood, esq.
knt. and Agnes Vavasor, his Joan, m. Rafe Hutton, esq.
wife, all their right and interest Agnes, m. William Burton, esq. of
in the manor of Denton ; and Ingmanthorpe.
shortly afterwards both d. with- He was succeeded by his only son,
out issue.

John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston and NewII. John, of whom presently.

ton, near Ripley. This gentleman m. ElizaSir Malger Vavasor, of Denton and Askwith, beth, daughter of Henry Thwaytes, esq. by was s. at Askwith by his second son,

whom he had issue, SIR JOHN LE VAVASOR, of Askwith, knt. John. who m. the daughter and heiress of Sir Wil Elizabeth, a nun at Nunmuncton. liam de Stopham, of Weston, knt. by whom Ellen, m. William Exileby, esq. he had issue,

He made his will 1482, and was s. by his JOHN LE VAVASOR, of Askwith, who lived eldest son, about the year 1329, and left issue by Alice, John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston and Newhis wife,

ton, m. Cecily, daughter of Sir John NorJOHN LE VAVASOR, of Askwith, who m. ton, knt. by whom he had issue, Agnes, daughter and heir of

de Benevile,

John. and had issue,

Marmaduke, m. Agnes, daughter of WILLIAM, attorney-general to King Ed

Saltmarshe, esq. and had issue, ward III.

John Vavasor, esq. of Waltham, Јону. .

in Hertfordshire. He was 8. at Weston by his second son,

Elizabeth, a nun. John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston. This Anne, m. Sir William Calverley, knt. gentleman m. Agnes, or Anne, daughter of of Calverley. Sir William Mauleverer, of Wothersome, Joan, m. Walworth, esq. of Raknt. (This Agnes, or Anne, did release to venscroft. John, her son, all her right in the manor of Margaret, m. Christopher Rayne, esq. Weston, in 1400, 2nd Henry IV.) They of Netherdale. left issue,

He was s. by his eldest son,

John VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, who m.

first, Bridget, daughter of Sir Thomas MauThomas.

leverer, kpt. of Allerton, by whom he had He was s. by his eldest son,

issue, JOHN VAVASOR, esq. of Weston, who m. MARMADUKE. Margaret, daughter of Sir Peter Middleton, Elizabeth, m. Johnson, esq. of Stockeld, knt. by whom he had issue, Dorothy, m. Thomas Highley, esq. of John.

Newhall. William, parson of Bursdsall, in Cra- He m. secondly, Agnes, daughter of Sir ven.

William Calverley, knt. of Calverley, by Henry, m. Matilda, daughter of whom he had issue,

Bunnye, esq. from whom descended Isabel, m. John Haythorp, esq. of the extinct BARONETS VAVASOUR, of Chester in the Street.

Coppenthorp, in the county of York. Grace, m. Thomas Sothaby, esq. of
Isabella, a nun, at Smithwayte.

Agnes, m. John Beckwith, esq. of

Frances, m. first, Anthony Fawkes,

esq.; secondly, Peter Bainbridge,

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consumed was a very large hall, on the , coronation of King George III. On the pannels of the wainscoting of which was floor of the south side of the communion depicted the various arms and alliances of table is a plate of copper, on which is an the family through all its numerous and far- inscription to the memory of Sir Charles traced descents. The loss has been, in some Dymoke, knt. who was champion at the degree, compensated by the addition which coronation of King James II. At the eastern the late proprietors made to those parts end of the aisle are two tombs, on one of which escaped the ravages of the flames. which is the figure of a knight in chain Against the south wall of the chancel, in the armour, cross-legged, on the other that of a parish church of Scrivelsby, is a very hand- lady with a lion at her feet. By the side of some marble monument, ornamented with a these is the tomb of Sir Robert Dymoke, bust of the Hon. Lewis Dymoke, champion who was champion at the coronations of at the coronation of the two first sovereigns RICHARD III. HENRY VII. and HENRY VIII. of the House of Brunswick. On the north On the floor of the aisle is also a stone which side of the chancel is a marble tablet to the once contained a brass figure, with corner memory of the Hon. John Dymoke, who shields, and an inscription, all of which are performed the duties of champion at the

now gone.


PAYNTER, JOHN, esq. of Boskenna, in the county of Cornwall, b. in 1790; s. to the estates upon the demise of his father.


He espoused Eleanor Wilton, and was s.

by his son,

GEORGE PAYNTER, who m. 29th April, 1565, Anne Anthorne, and was father of

William PAYNTER, esq. This gentleman commenced, in the year 1658, the purchase of the present property in the deanery of Buryan for his second son. He m. Mary Keigwin, and had issue,

1. Arthur, of Trelissick, who m. Sarah
Praed, and was s. by his son,
FRANCIS, who m, his first cousin,

Margaret, daughter of Francis
Paynter, esq. of Boskenna, and
had an only daughter and heiress,
MARY, of Trelissick, who es-

poused John Hearle, esq.
and had three daughters (co-
heiresses), one of whom m.
Captain Wallis, the circum-
navigator ; another, Henry-
Hawkins Tremayne, esq. of
Heligan, and was mother of
the late member for Corn-
wall; and the third, Jane,

This family settled at a remote era at Lithney, in the county of Cornwall, where the monuments of its members are numerous. It afterwards acquired Deverell, in the neighbouring parish of Gwinear; and, subsequently, Trelissick, in the adjoining district of St. Erth.

WILLIAM CAMBORNE, alias PAYNTER, of Deverell, obtained, in 1569, a grant of the armorial ensigns now borne by this family.

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espoused Colonel Francis m. Mary, daughter of Gully, esq. and
Rodd, of Trebartha, and was was s. by his son,
mother of the present Fran JAMES PAYNTER, esq. of Boskenna, who
cis Hearle Rodd, esq. of espoused Betty, daughter of Wether-

head, esq. and had issue,
2. FRANCIS, of whom we are about to John, his heir.

Thomas, who m. Anne, daughter of W. The second son,

Moody, esq. of Kingsdon, SomersetFRANCIS PAYNTER, esq. of Boskenna, m.

shire, and has issue. Margaret, daughter of Pawlett, esq. of Mr. Paynter was s. at his decease by his Kilborn, in Middlesex, and had issue, elder son, the present John PAYNTER, esq. FRANCIS, his successor.

of Boskenna. Margaret, m, to her cousin, Francis

Arms-Az. three blocks arg. each charged Paynter, esq. of Trelissick, and had with an annulet sa. (granted 22nd July, issue.

1569). Mr. Paynter was s. at his decease by his Crest-Three broken broad arrows, or, son,

knit with a lace and mantled gu. doubled Francis Paynter, esq. of Boskenna, who arg. m. Mrs. Mary Hawkey, and was father of Estate-Boskenna, in the deanery of another

Buryan, Cornwall.
FRANCIS PAYNTER, esq. of Boskenna, who Seat-Boskenna, near Penzance.


ALLAN, WILLIAM, esq. of Blackwell Grange, in the county Palatine of Durham, b. 21st May, 1796, s. to the estates upon the demise of his relative, George Allan, esq., 21st July, 1828.


GEORGE Allan, esq. of Yarm, in Yorkshire, (second son of William Allan, esq. of Brock house), m. a daughter of Clifton, and had (with other children, who d. s. p.)

1. THOMAS, (eldest son) b. in 1651, of

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who amassed
a large fortune in the colleries, and
purchased estates, a part of which
still retains the name of Allan's Flatts,
near Chester le Street. He left four

1. John, who d. unmarried.
2. George, of Newcastle-upon-

Tyne, who d. 5th October, 1729,

leaving four daughters, his coThis is a branch of the ancient family of

heirs, viz. Allan of Buckenhall and Brock house, in

Anne, m, to William Hicks, the county of Stafford.

surgeon of Chatham Hospi

tal, and had a son, George by government contracts, built BlackHicks, M.D. of Stable-yard, well Grange. He d. in 1743, leaving St. James's.

(with a daughter, Hannah, who m. Catherine, m. to Capt. Richard Farrow Eden, esq. of Darlington, and Pidgeon, and d. in 1786.

d. in 1778) an only surviving son, Susan, d. unmarried, 1781.

GEORGE, of Blackwell Grange, who Rachael, d. unmarried.

espoused, in 1717, Thomasine, 3. Lionel, an eminent merchant, at

daughter and co-heiress of ArRotterdam, who m. Susan, eldest

thur Prescott, esq. of Blackwell, daughter of John Colville, esq.

in the county of Durham, and d. of Whitehouse, in the county of

31st July, 1753, leaving three Durham, and sister to Camilla,

daughters, his co-heirs, viz. countess of Tankerville, by whom

1. Dorothy, d. unmarried, in (who d. 11th January, 1782, at

1760. the advanced age of 92) he had

2. Catherine, d. unmarried, in issue,

1753, and buried with great John, who was killed by a fall

funeral pomp, in Darlington from his horse.

Charles, sometime of Rotter-

3. Anne, who eventually bedam, afterwards of the city

came sole heiress. She d. in of Norwich, who left by his

October, 1785, and devised wife, Hannah, daughter of

all her estates in Durham - Brown, two daughters, his

and Yorkshire to her cousin, co-heirs, viz; Susannah, m.

and nearest male relation of to — Littledale, esq. and the

her name, James Allan, esq. younger, m. to M. Jackas,

of Darlington. The memory of Holland.

of this lady, who was long 4. Thomas, of Allan's Flatts, who

distinguished for her benes. to the bulk of his father's pro

volence and extensive chariperty, was one of the principal

ties, is so much and desercoal-owners on the river Wear.

vedly revered at Darlington, Mr. Allan d. universally lament

that her portrait hangs over ed, in 1740, leaving four daugh

the chimney-piece of every ters his co-heirs, (who conveyed

respectable parlour in that the whole of their father's great

place. wealth to their respective hus

III. Robert (seventh son), who d. at Anbands) viz.

tigua, leaving an only daughter and

heiress, Elizabeth, who m. Susan, m. to Ralph Jennison,

Burke, esq. of Walworth Castle, in esq. and had an only daughter and the county of Durham, M.P.

heiress, who espoused John Blake, for Northumberland, and

esq. master of the stag hounds to

iv. Nicholas (eighth son), of whom King George II.

presently. Margaret, m. to Jenison Shasto,

v. James (ninth son), d. young. esq. of Wratting Park, in The eighth son of George Allan, of Yarm, the county of Cambridge, NICHOLAS ALLAN, esq. of Staindrop, in the

M.P. for Leominster. county of Durham, m. in 1691, Elizabeth, Dorothy, m. to James Garland, only dau. of William Sober, esq. of Cocker

esq. of Michael Stow Hall, ton, county of Durham, (son of Robert Sober,

in the county of Essex. esq. of Nestfield, in the latter shire, which Camilla, m. to Robert Shafto, estate descended to the Allans) and had

esq. of Benwell, in the fourteen children, upon the youngest of

county of Northumberland. whom 11. George (sixth son), b. in 1663, who James Allan, esq. of Blackwell Grange,

settled at Darlington, as a general the family estates eventually devolved. This merchant, and making a large fortune gentleman espoused Elizabeth, daughter of

William Pemberton, esq.* by Elizabeth,

Robert-Henry, F.S.A.of Newdaughter of John Killinghall, esq. of Mid

bottle House, and of Durdleton St. George, in the county of Durham,

ham, the author of a history descended from John de Kyllynghall, who

of the city of Durham, &c. d. seised of the manor of Nether Middleton,

b. 22nd January, 1802. in 1417, and whose son and heir, John Kil

John-Edward, b. 25th June, lyngball, m. Beatrice, daughter of John

1803. Clervaux, of Croft, in Yorkshire, esq. re

George-Thomas, 11th Ocpresentative of that ancient Norman family.

tober, 1804. Mr. Allan d. in 1790, seised, (besides leaving

James, b. 2nd December, 1807. a large personal property,) for term of life

Elizabeth-Anne, m. 21st May, and in fee, of estates at Blackwell Grange, Polam Hill Farm, Dodmires, Darlington,

1832, to Benjamin Dunn, Hill House, Nestfield, &c. in the county of

esq. of Harworth, in the Durham, and of the manors or lordships of

county of Durham.

Anne. Nether Worsall, Appleton-upon-Wiske, and

Johanna-Mary. Barton, and estates at Ergholme, and a

Mary-Emma. moiety of the manor of Dalton-upon-Tees,

Caroline-Jane, m. 28th Sepin the North Riding of the county of York,

tember, 1831, to William and left issue,

Hunter Burne, esq. capt. in GEORGE, his successor.

the Durham militia, grandJames, d. unmarried, 26th September,

son of Charles Burne, esq. 1800.

by Philadelphia, daughter Robert, of Sunniside, in the county of

and co-heiress of Thomas Durham, lord of the manor of Barton,

Lambton, esq. of Hardwick, in the county of York, and of the

in the county of Durham, manor of Ingleton, and of estates at

great grandson of Sir WilBishop Wearinouth, Nestfield, &c.,

liam Lambton, of Lambton, Durham. He m. Elizabeth, one of

knt, slain at Marston Moor, the daughters and co-heiresses of

(ancestor of the present Lord Robert Harrison, a wealthy merchant

Durham). at Sunderland, and dying 28th March,

2. John, of Blackwell, in the county 1806, possessed of a large personal

of Durham, M.A. a justice of the property, left issue,

peace for that shire, as well as for 1. Robert, of Newbottle, in the

the North Riding of the county county of Durham, b. 10th April,

of York. This gentleman, who 1769, who m. Hannah, third dau.

is lord of the manor of Barton, of Wm. Havelock, ship-owner,

in Yorkshire, and owner of esand sister of William Havelock,

tates at Blackwell, Nestfield, &c. esq. late of Ingress Park, Kent,

in the County Palatine, was b. (which he sold to government for

29th August, 1778. upwards of £70,000,) and left at

3. Elizabeth, m. to John Maling, his demise, 27th December, 1813,

esq. of Hylton, in the county of William, who s. to Blackwell

Durham, and d. in 1810.
Grange at the demise of his

4. Anne, d. unmarried in 1807. relative George Allan, esq.

5. Mary, m. 13th June, 1802, to 21st July, 1828, and is the

John-Henry Johnson, esq. a capPRESENT REPRESENTATIVE OF

tain in the north York militia. THE FAMILY.

The eldest son,

GEORGE ALLAN, esq. of Blackwell Grange, By this marriage the manor and lordship of F.S.A. who is designated in Sir John PrestBarton, in the county of York, came to the Allans. wick's Respublica, as “ a learned, studious, William Pemberton was great-grandson of John and careful preserver of English antiquities, Pemberton, esq. of Aislaby, and his wife, Isabel and a favourer of literature ;” and by Mr. Grey, grandaughter of Sir Ralph Grey, knt. of Surtees as an eminent antiquary and colChillingham, ancestor of the present Earl Grey. lector, was born 7th June, 1736. Besides

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