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}successive proprietors.

Catherine, b. in 1723, m. to George | rine, daughter of Colonel George Moncrieff, Clephan, esq. of Carslogie.

of Reidie, in Fifeshire, and had issue, Mary, b. in 1727, m. to Sir Robert Gor David, his heir. don, of Gordonstown.

Peter, late a captain of the 18th DraElizabeth, b. in 1729, m. to Sinclair,

goons. esq.

Jane, m. to James Paterson, esq. of The son and successor,

Carpow, and has issue, PETER HAY, esg. of Leys, b. in 1717, Mr. Hay Balfour died in 1790, and was s. was served heir to his father in 1752. He by his elder son, the present DAVID BALm. in 1739, Elizabeth, daughter of David FOUR HAY, esq. of Leys and Randerston. Scott, esq. of Scottstarvit, by Lucy, daughter of Sir Robert Gordon, of Gordonston, and

Arms—Quarterly, first and fourth ermine, had issue,

three escutcheons, gules, for Hay, of Leys, DAVID,

second and third or, on a chevron sa. beЈону,

tween two trefoils in chief, and a garb in Lindsay, b. in 1743, m. to John Dalziel, base vert, banded of the first, an otter's head esq. of Lingo, and had issue.

erased, arg. for Balfour, of Randerston. Catherine, m. to Henry Butter, esq. of Crest— A lowland Scots countryman demiPitlochrie, and had issue.

figure vested grey, waistcoat gu. bonnet Elizabeth, m. to Peter Stewart, esq. of az. and feather ppr. bearing on his right Collarnie, and had issue.

shoulder an ox yoke ppr. broken at one exLucy, m. to Patrick Moncrieff, esq. of tremity.

Reidie, eldest son of Colonel George Supporters—(Granted as the patent states,

Moncrieff, of Reidie, and had issue. in respect of the great antiquity of the Petty, }twins.

family). Two Danish soldiers of the tenth Janet,

century habited in chain mail, on their head In consequence of the death of their

a helmet or skull cap, and holding in their father, previous to their birth, Robert exterior hands javelins all ppr. at the top of Hay, merchant, Dundee, cousin ger- each javelin a peunencle gu. and on their man, became sponsor. They both arms a round shield az. bordered and spiked

or, their tunic or undervest of orange colour The eldest son,

reaching to the knee, their mantles vert, DAVID HAY BALFOUR, esq. of Leys and fastened on each shoulder by a round buckle Randerston, in 1757, was served heir to his gold, and half boots or buskins turned father in the lands of Leys, and to his great down of a buff colour. grandfather, James Balfour, of Randerston. Motto-Primus è stripe, in allusion to this He died without issue, in 1760, and was s. family being the immediate younger branch by his brother,

of the noble House of Hay of Errol. John HAY Balfour, esq. of Leys and Estates-In Perth and Fifeshire. Randerston, who espoused in 1777, Cathe SeatsLeys and Randerston.

died young.


HAY, WILLIAM-EDMUND, esq. 6. 31st January, 1805, lieutenant in the European regiment at Bengal, and major of brigade at Agra, succeeded to the representation of this branch of the family of Hay, on the demise of his relative, John Hay, in 1825.


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and became, subsequently, celebrated as the favorite of that monarch. Sir James was created a baron of England in 1615, as Lord Hay, of Sauley ; advanced in 1618, to the viscounty of Doncaster, and in 1622, to the EarlDOM OF Carlisle. His lordship

wedded Honora, daughter and มา

heiress of Edward, Lord Denny,
and dying in 1636, was s. by his
only son,
JAMES HAY, second earl of

Carlisle, at whose decease
s. p. in 1660, the honors
expired. (See Burke's Ex-

tinct Peerage.)

III. Edmund, professor of Scotch law, EDMUND HAY, of Leys, to whom William, at Douay. Earl of Errol, granted a charter of confir iv. Catherine, m. first, to Robert Monmation in 1451, left issue,

cur, of Balumbie, and secondly, to 1. EDMUND, his successor, who 'carried George Drummond, of Blair.

on the senior line of the family, (see v. Janet, m. to Sir Patrick Murray, of Hay of Leys.)

Auchtertyre. 2. PETER.

The eldest son and successor,
The second son,
Peter Hay, designed in authentic writs,

Sir Peter Hay, of Melginch, was in high “second lawful son of Edmund Hay, of esteem with King James VI. He espoused Leys,” lived in the reign of James III. 'and Margaret, daughter of Sir Patrick Ogilvie, was the first baron of Melginch, of the name of Inchmartin, by whom he had three sons, of Hay. He married a lady, of what family 1. PATRICK (Sir), his heir. is not related, and had two sons, viz. ED 11. George, of Kinfauns, a highly acMUND, his heir; and William, of Lochley, complished person, who was introby the elder of whom,

duced at court by his uncle, the earl Sir Edmund Hay, second baron of Mel of Carlisle, and acquired immediginch, he was succeeded. This gentleman, ately the full confidence and favor of who acted a conspicuous part in Scotland, King James. He was, subsequently, temp. James IV. was father of

nominated clerk register of Scotland, Sir Peter Hay, of Melginch, who flou and in 1622, appointed lord chancelrished in the reigns of James V. and Mary. lor of that kingdom. Sir George He wedded Margaret, daughter of Crich was advanced to the peerage by King ton, of Ruthven, and had issue,

Charles I. in the titles of Baron Hay, 1. Peter (Sir), his heir.

of Kinfauns, and Viscount Duplin, II. James (Sir), of Fingask, whose son, with reversion to his heirs general

Sir James Hay, of Pitcorthie, in whatsoever, and created 25th May,

the county of Fife, accompanied 1633, EARL OF KINNOUL, with the King James VI, into England, same reversionary clause in the

Edwares;} both died unmarried.

patent. His lordship died in 1634, sessed of that estate. (See family of
and was s. by his eldest surviving son, Hay, of Seggieden.)
George Hay, second earl, whose The eldest son,

grandson, William, fifth earl, JOHN HAY, esq. of Pitfour, espoused
dying unmarried in 1709, the Mary Hay, heiress of Ross, and had issue,
peerage devolved, according to

James, his heir. the clause of the patent, upon Frances, a major in the service of the his kinsman and heir at law,

empress of Russia, who died unmarThomas Hay, Viscount Duplin.

ried. 111. Peter, of Kirkland, whose great grandson, THOMAS HAY, Viscount Duplin, Louisa. eventually inherited the EARL

DOM of KINNOUL, and was great Lillias, m. 3rd October, 1736, to John
great-grandfather of

Hay, esq. of Seggieden.
THOMAS-ROBERT, present and

The laird of Pitfour died in 1743, and was tenth earl.

s. by his eldest son, Sir Peter Hay died between the years 1593 JAMES HAY, esq. of Pitfour, who m. Eliand 1598, and was s. by eldest son,

zabeth, daughter of George Gordon, esq. of PATRICK HAY, esq. of Melginch, who got Edinglassie, by the heiress of Balledgerno, a charter of the lands of PiTFOUR, from and had, with several daughters, three sons, Peter Cochrane, of that place, dated 25th viz. September, 1593. He married twice ; by his

John, his heir. first wife, he had a son Peter (Sir), his WILLIAM, who purchased the estate of heir. By the second, a daughter of Cheyne,

Newhall, in Mid-Lothian, which he of Elsemont, he had another son, PATRICK

afterwards sold. He m. Helen, (Sir), who carried on the line of the family.

daughter of William Gray, esq. of The laird of Melginch died prior to the year

Balledgerno, by whom he had, with 1606, and was s. by his eldest son,

a daughter, six sons, viz. Sir Peter Hay, of Melginch, who received the honor of knighthood from King

1. William, who died unmarried. CHARLES I. His male line having failed,

11. James, b. 8th April, 1771, who

purchased the lands of Drum, in the representation devolved upon his half

Mid-Lothian ; which afterwards brother,

selling, he bought the estate of Sir PATRICK HAY, designed, during his

Colliepriest, in Devon, and brother's life time,“ of Pitfour.” This

served the office of high sheriff gentleman, who was knighted in 1634, es

for that county. He wedded, poused Helen, daughter of Alexander Lind

13th April, 1801, the Lady Mary say, of Evelick, bishop of Dunkeld, and

Ramsay, third daughter of had, with six daughters, two sons, viz.

George, eighth Earl of DalPATRICK, his heir.

housie, and d. in 1822, having William, a captain in the army.

had several children, viz. The elder son,

1. WILLIAM-EDMUND, the prePATRICK Hay, esq. of Pitfour, wedded

sent male representative of Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Gray, of

the family. Balledgerno, and had, with a daughter,

2. Elizabeth, d. unmarried. three sons, viz. James, his heir ; Patrick,

3. Helen. provost of Perth, and William ; by the

4. Mary, m. to John Richardeldest of whom,

son, esq. of Pifour. JAMES HAY, esq. of Pitfour, he was suc

5. Anne. ceeded. This gentleman m. first, Jean,

6. Georgina-Christian. daughter of Sir Andrew Hay, of Keillor,

7. Jemima. and sister to John, twelfth earl of Errol, by

8. Catherine. whom he had one son and a daughter, viz.

9. Caroline-Ramsay. John, his heir.

III. John, Elizabeth, m. to Ġordon, of Ward

IV. Charles, all died unm. house.

v. Alexander, He married secondly, Anne, daughter of

VI. Philip, whom. Elizabeth, Sir George Preston, bart. of Valleyfield,

daughter of Brigadier-general and relict of Oliphant, of Gask, by whom

French, and has two sons. he had another son,

Charles, who died unmarried. PATRICK, who wedded Barbara, third The eldest son and heir,

daughter of John Nairn, esq. of JOHN HAY, esq. of Pitfour, m. Agnes, SEGGIEDEN, and became thus pos- daughter of Patrick Ogilvie, esq. of Bal


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four, and had, with two daughters, who married, 14th April, 1825, the representation both died unmarried, as many sons, viz. of this branch of the Hay family devolved ALEXANDER, his heir, and James, a captain on the present William EDWARD HAY, esq. in the 74th regiment, who died unmarried. (refer to issue of William, of Newhall, Mr. Hay, who sold the estate of Pitfour to second son of James Hay, of Pitfour, by John Richardson, esq. grandfather of the ELIZABETH GORDON.) present possessor, died 3rd December, 1809, Arms--Arg.three inescutcheons gu.within and was s. by his elder son,

a bordure chequez, of the second and first. ALEXANDER HAY, esq. a captain in the Crest-A dexter hand, holding an oxen Glasgow regiment of 'foot, who wedded yoke, three ears of wheat between the Elizabeth, daughter of Allen, esq. and fingers. had, with several daughters, an only son, Motto-Diligentia fit ubertas.

John Hay, esq. at whose decease un Residence- In India.


HAY, JAMES, esq. of Seggieden, in the county of Perth, b. 5th May, 1771, m.

first, in 1801, Margaret, daughter of John
Richardson, esq. of Pitfour, by whom (who
died 14th March, 1819) he has
JAMES - RICHARDSON, b. 29th December,

1802, a captain in the army, h. p. un-
attached, a deputy-lieutenant, &c. who
inherited the estate of Aberargie, in
Perthshire, upon the decease of his
mother. He m. 7th February, 1833,
Margaret - Lothian - Douglas, youngest
daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel
Thomas Inglis, of the Edinburgh regi-

ment of militia.
John, lieutenant R.N.
Thomas, M.D. of London.
Patrick, lieutenant 42nd native infantry

regiment, Bengal.
William, of Edinburgh.

Jane. He espoused, secondly, in 1821, Christina-Craigie, daughter of James Stewart, esq. of Urrard. The Laird of Seggieden, who is a deputy-lieutenant of Perthshire, and one of the conveners of the county, was appointed, in 1809, lieutenant-colonel commandant of the eastern batallion of the Royal Perthshire Local Militia.

Lineage. James Hay, esq. of Pitfour, (eighth of Seggieden, by Elizabeth Fowler, his wife. that house, in a direct male line from Peter Barbara Nairn, eventually succeeded her Hay, second son of Edmund Hay of Leys, sister as heiress of Seggieden, and entailed living temp. James III.) married first, Jean, the property on the only son of her marridaughter of Sir Andrew Hay, of Keillor, age, viz. by whom he had with a daughter, a son, John Hay, esq. of Seggieden. This gen

John, who succeeded at PITFOUR. (See tleman wedded Lillias, youngest daughter

of John Hay, esq. of Pitfour, by Mary, the James Hay, m. secondly, Anne, daughter of heiress of Ross, and had, with several other Sir George Preston, bart. of Valleyfield, children, a son and successor, and widow of Oliphant of Gask, by whom James Hay, esq. of Seggieden, b. 17th he had another son,

May, 1739, who m. 15th August, 1770, Jean, PATRICK HAY, esq. who espoused Bar- daughter of the Rev. James Donaldson, bara, third daughter of John Nairn, esq. of minister of Glammis, and ft, at his decease,

23rd March, 1781, an only son and succes- which first appeared in Britain in 120. sor, the present JAMES HAY, esq. of Seggie- Spottiswood has subjoined to “Hopes minor den.

pratiques,” in bis account of hospitals be

longing to the popish clergy, that “these Arms—Quarterly first and fourth, arg. hospitals were erected either for receiving three inescutcheons gu. within a bordure strangers, or for maintaining poor and inchequez of the second and first, for Hay; and firm people, and they were governed by a for difference in the centre of the quarters, superior who was called Magister.” Among a bull's head couped, gu. second and third the hospitals which he enumerates is that of party per pale sa. and arg. on a chaplet four “Seggieden,” and Cardonnel in his picturquartrefoils all counterchanged, in the cen esque antiquities of Scotland gives a list of ter chief a martlet arg. for difference, for twenty nine hospitals, one of which is SegNairn of Seggieden.

gieden. Crest-A demi countryman ppr. holding Seggieden afterwards belonged to George over his shoulders an oxen yoke or, the Hay, first Earl of Kinnoul, Lord High boughs gu.

Chancellor of Scotland, who died in 1631, Motto-Diligentia fit ubertas.

and was succeeded by George, the second Supporters, Dexter. A countryman ppr. Earl, who adhering to the fortunes of King holding over his shoulders an oxen yoke or, Charles I. during the civil wars, contracted boughs gu. SINISTER a Talbot, ppr.

so much debt that he found it necessary to Seat-Seggieden, upon the left bank of execute a deed of division, dated 1647, by the Tay, about four miles below Perth, and which the lands and Barony of Seggieden Killicranky Cottage, in the pass of Killi were assigned, with others, to Sir Thomas cranky. About the time of John Baliol, Blair, of Balthayock. These lands were Seggieden and the hospital there belonged subsequently in 1652, purchased from the to the monks of St. Augustine ; an order, | Blairs, by John NAIRN.


HICKES, FOWLER, esq. A. M. Un. Oxon, of Silton Hall, in the county of York, b. in April

, 1765, barrister-at-law, and deputy-lieutenant for the North Riding of Yorkshire.


held the manor of Nunnington, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, so early as the fourteenth century.

John Hickes, Lord of Nunnington, about the year 1580, had two sons,

2. Robert, who remained at Nunning-

ton. This gentleman, b. in 1586,
married in 1619, Frances Wright,
and had several children. His grand-
son, Marmaduke, was mayor of Leeds

in 1666-1681, and 1694. The elder son,

Hickes, who took up his abode at Nesse, near Nunnington, had two sons, Ralph, who continued at Nesse, and

WILLIAM, who migrated to Newsham Hall, near Kirby Wisk, in the North Riding

of Yorkshire. He married Elizabeth Kaye, The family of Hickes, appears by and had issue, Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis, to have George, b. 20th June, 1640, the cele

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